Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday, October 30

Trucker did awesome. He is simply an amazing cat. He sailed thru the surgery yesterday. We left at 8:25 yesterday morning and back at the Rescue, I believe, by 1;00.  His surgery was a bit longer and that was due to his leg being backwards. Made it a little difficult to determine where things were at in regards to vessels, tendons, etc.  He has a nice muscle pad on this stump. Quite a few sutures. When he arrived back here, he ws once again in Dodger's Pen with the gel pad for cushiness. He ate supper and a late snack, peed (very important) and pooed (important too!). This morning he was down on the floor for a little over an hour. It looks like the suture line will be a little above the floor level, which is good. Trucker ate on the floor and then he spent the rest of his time zooming everywhere. And when I say zooming, I mean--he was really truckin' it!  What a kitten. Nothing is going to slow this boy down. He still has one more surgery to do. His "boy parts" are well hidden and he will have to have an abdominal look see, which means a bit of an incision. What is the saying---you can run, but you can't hide??  Well, his hidden parts WILL be found eventually! You may ask---why, if they are not down, do we have to go search for them. The answer is---they may still give off some hormones and we don't want that. And another important reason, because they are warmer in the abdominal cavity, it can increase the risk of cancer to these "parts". So, mission will be accomplished!

We are working hard on the Catapalooza.  It's 1;00 on Sunday. Get in a comfy chair, have some snacks, a warm drink and enjoy! I am trying my bestest to get all the stories done by then. Because of the time involved in doing this, I asked Ellen and Pat to do BOXES last night for me. That way, I could get another couple stories done!

BOXES (I watched on ustream while working and am ever so grateful for your generosity). 
Laura/Emmie05--Halloween 3D card, Waltmart gift card and chocolate sardines!!
Rodney O--SIX cases of 32 cans Friskies, 6 cases of 12 packs Friskies (big cans)  Our food cabinet and the cats are smiling!
Austin W from next county--donation to FFRC
Cita/Margreet--packet of Whiskas and a special tiny broom for little Cita
Nona--stickers and Christmas cards to share
Phyllis B/kittiesmom--Halloween card, 2 packets of kitty snackers, 10 appetizers, 16 cans Fancy Feast broth
Faithy MD--box of 4 kitty snackers, 2 cases Fancy Feast, case of 9-Lives can
Elizabeth A/widdletigger--2 cases Friskies
Robotman--note and 60 laser lights to be used for adoptions and FFRC fun!
Mayumi Tokyo Branch of FFRCNation--bix box of bonito snackers!
Donnajb--2 of the 16 lb. bags of Purina One
rg7fan--big bag of Purina One, 2 cases Fancy Feast, box of Whiskas
Vicki/Clark's mom--donation and note!
Connie/warpedmn & Deb11111--24 potato bags, 8 toaster covers, 24 centipede toys, lots of spider toys, and some of those wonderful crate pads!    Do I sense a flash sale coming up?? 
David P from UK--donation to FFRC
Garyth W from UK--donation to FFRC
Alexandra B from Wash. DC--donation in honor of the Paddys!
Neil S--donation to FFRC

We have some exciting news. Megan C, a webcam friend, has a jewelry company (  They would like to help FFRC! If you go to their site and would like to order something, on specific items, they will give FFRC 100% of the proceeds.  They will also send us some sample jewelry to raffle off, or whatever we'd like to do, to help us.  And they will make FFRC an affiliate, so that 20% of ANY order from our supporters will go to FFRC.  Wow!  Here's all you do to make that happen--Make sure you put in the "order comments" box during checkout, that they are FFRC Supporters. That will signify the 20% to us.  Thank you Megan for doing this for us. Her goal is to help as many kitties as possible. 

We are having a little trouble with Merlee Jo. She has a major bladder infection. This is due to the horrible condition of her bum upon arrival. It's "leaking" bacteria into the bladder. Yesterday, I talked to 2 of the vets--different meds are now started to see if we can get more control on this. Cayden just run the equivalent of a 50 yard dash here in the office--that boy can fly! Little NeeMu is beginning to understand the other kittens are fun to play with. She's coming along. Right now, McHoney, Moose, Abner, and Dickens are on my desk. I'm not sure how on earth they think I can see my screen, but truly, they're not worried about it either! 

That's it for today---must get back to Catapalooza stories!  Have an awesome day and enjoy your pets. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nee Mu. That is the name of a new calico kitten that has arrived. At a volunteer's apartment complex, it appears that the people who just left, simply put the kitten out and departed.  Why do people do this?  I'll never understand. Nee Mu is doing wonderful. She is about 11 weeks old and is a white calico. Such a pretty girl. 

We have names!  These are for the Merlee Jo litter.
Merlee Jo--long hair calico, black slip on nose, white tip tail   female
Jenna Joa--long hair calico, white tip tail, more white on nose  female
Beth--medium hair calico, gold tip tail  female
Priya-- short hair torti/tiger  (pronounced Pree-ya)  female
Norton--American short hair, black tiger  short hair  male
Teagan--long hair black tiger, slight ASH  male 

We also had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Esmee went with her new family. I do believe she is going to fit right in with them and be a happy girl with her new mom/dad.  So nice to see!

Jersey loves watching out the windows in Kitty Kabana Room. He will be there for hours, just absorbing all the action. Abner and Dickens again this morning, spent some time fishing out the silverware from the dish drainer. Niffie is a sweetie---she has grown into this very affectionate kitten. 

The Anne Shirley litter is so much fun to watch. Their activity level is sky high. And so very cuddly too. Jambrew is everywhere playing--he's friends with all the cats.

Ada Jane and Jessie, our two oldsters are doing good.  Both have a good appetite. Mr. G hasn't yet adventured again into the Main Area. But he gets excited when he sees us come into the back Thumper's Room. He will jump onto the counter for lots of petting. 

We have thanks to give! We had visitors, BOXES and envelopes. You are aprpeciated!
Michelle & Frank--10 cans of chicken, 2 lysols and 8 Mr. Cleans.
Barb W--our new Defiance resident!  A donation in honor of Pat and Ellen for helping her
Billie K from TX--donation to help with precious Trucker's surgery
Silvia H from TX--a donation in celebration of her birthday, honoring all the wonderful kitties!
Aliece R from Australia--donation to FFRC
Judy and Phil L from OH--donation for medical supplies and/or related bills
Tracy L from OH--donation to FFRC
Wendi B/Wendilin--harbo gummies, 4 bags of Reeses Pieces, case of Friskies--all in honor of her birthday which she shares with paul on 10/24.  Happy Birthday, Wendi!
WarpedMN--4 cases of baby food meat
toofuzzy4u/Kim--awesome items that she sewed--square kitty quilts, kuranda quilts, Halloween quilts, heart table runner, quilts for table tops.  All so pretty and many with kitty themes
Joey3100--6 cans of salmon
Snappy, our sweet boy--a thank you with a note and a donation. Also a wonderful pink flower for the kitties to nap on!
Susan C from Defiance--donation
Elaine and Alan from FL and Little Kat--Halloween card with stickers, stamps, donation and really nice letter!
Melissa L from NY--donation for FFRC

Remember Sunday is our Catapalooza. We are madly working away at this event. can help.  If you are interested in sending in a name story request for $5, please do soon, as it takes a little time to put each story together! It starts at 1:00 pm and ends when we're done!  Thank you.

You know how we keep encouraging people that order thru Amazon, to go thru our website and click on the Amazon button to place your order? This is why: they deposited into our account for the month of September, $532.65.  Just wonderful! 

Tomorrow is Trucker's surgery. We will leave here about 8:20 am.  I am planning on staying with him and bring him home after his surgery. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks for caring about this sweet, ornery, wonderful kitten. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday, October 26

This blog will be full of thank yous!

Wow! Awesome! Hooray! And a huge giant thank you!  Our Raffle last night was simply humbling and fun and so gratefully received! Here's what happened!

Item A--went to Phyllis Waf  afghan ($435)
Item B--went to Amy Tow   pawprint warpededoo ($570)
Item C--went to Phyllis Bar   eagle warpededoo  ($460)
Item D--went to Sherry Bav  tulip stainglass   ($385)
Item E--went to Gusti  kitty stainglass   ($400)
Item F--went to Norma Bea   warped rug   (730)

Total comes to $2,980.  Additional donations from Beth, Joco, Oilsandsgirl and Donnajb which brought the total for a grand amount of $3,200!!  How so very exciting.

This particular Raffle goes towards our meds, tests, disinfectants, etc.  This means we will be able to order two kits of FIV/leukemia/heartworm tests (enough for 30 cats), 2 trays of feline distemper, 1 tray of leukemia vaccinations, 6 gallons of disinfectant, meds for Thomas and Farrah, 1 tray of Bordetella vaccinations, injectable antibiotics and some more flea meds.  I am deeply grateful.

We also drew names for quite a few consolation prizes.  Those winners were--Aunty Fi, Thomas W, Donnajb, Ann F, Gerri O, Karen B, Tammy C, Lucinda, Tina S, Jakesmeowme, Jeanie K, Phyllis W, Kathy M, Joni W, Ju-in-ji, Jan in Hawaii, Pam T, Leggygal.

We also had BOXES from last night. Wonderful!
Rod O from FL--7 (yes 7!!), 32 packs of Friskies variety mix and 3 cases of large can Friskies
Michelle and Frank--day visitors--10 lg cans chicken, 2 lysols, 8 Mr. Clean
Ellen, Pat and Barb--2 dozen Halloween cupcakes, lots of small plates, 2 reams white paper and 5 big Clorox wipes

We also had BOXES Friday night! Gratitude galore!
Wolfpatch--shampoo, flea/tick shampoo, conditioner
Joey3100--12 cans of sardines
plee9--8 of the 4 packs of Temptation snackers
Bagobear/Vixanna--wow!  3 small quilts made from extra material sent for the FFRC quilts--beautiful.  4 quiled table runners, signature quilt, large quilt. 14 crocheted karanda blankies. And a very special pillow with a cover made by Mayumi with a picture of Zelda on the front! Love it
Jan H and her craft group (friend of Beth)--large bag of quilted, knitted and crocheted kitty blankies
Susan T from NV--donation to FFRC
ma;ureen S (classmate of Beth's from nursing school)--donation for FFRC
James H from OH--donation for FFRC
Karla K from CA--Halloween card and donation
Diane D from MI--card and donation
Debra K from AZ--coupons and stamps

Today is the official opening day of Catapalooza! This event is next Sunday, starting at 1;00. If you would like to hear a story about an FFRC cat or kitten, send in $5 to PayPal or a check. We'll add you to the Catapalooza fun day!  We will also keep track of how many requests per cat.  After the event is over, there will be a major big feast for the cats. The top two requested cats will get first dibs on the scrumptous meal!   Let's have some fun with this! I will try my very best to get the stories on any cat that is asked about. 

Yesterday, Gusti and Trucker had their sutures removed.  Both surgical sites look really good.  Gusti acts like she has both eyes plus one more---she doesn't miss a thing! And then there's Trucker--oh my goodness, that boy is totally amazing. He can zip around like he has turbo speed. What a joy!  His surgery is this coming Weds.  I will be going up to sit with him again for this surgery. 

CathyKay's kittens are out quite a bit during the day now. They are so sweet and love to tumble with all the kittens. The 6 kittens of the Merlee Jo group are also doing good. Such a difference in their size but the smaller ones are catching up now that food is aplenty and there are no more fleas. Mr. G is so very good with the kittens. He still comes up to the door to go into the Main Area, but usually he just likes to watch the action from a safe distance! His feet are so so big! 

Yesterday Gustwiler Electric was here to finish the electrical work. We now have the trench and safe wiring in the big red barn.  This is so the Barnies can have a safe heat light for the winter. And also a bowl that we can plug in to keep their water thawed.  The Porchie Haven also has a light! Yeah--no more using flash lights! We also have two plugs so we can now plug in a heat light for them too. I love checking out their beds--it's easy to see that they've been sleeping in there as the blankies are rounded out! As long as this weather holds for us we will keep the Covies in Cat's Cove.  As soon as the weather turns wintery, we will move them to Kitty City. It's all depends on the weather.

Jessie is such a gorgeous cat. She's a happy girl and loves to be petted. She always goes to the kitty's bunkbed for her breakfast! Jersey is wonderful. I see him playing with toys and looking out the windows at the feeders and he just seems so happy. Derecho is on my lap right now and he's so intent on watching the monitor--there's dancing and singing going on.  He's enjoying it! 

Here's the story of Merri this morning. She comes into the purple front office.  Looks at the door that goes into the Kitty Kabana room.  Decides to climb the two sets of Kuranda Towers in the office--that's 7 different layers she climbed. And then went thru the window into the Kabana, on the shelf, wobbled her way to the table, then the chair and onto the floor.  Wow--wouldn't it have been easier to just go thru the door?  She says: Yes, but not as much fun!  So, with that.....enjoy your Sunday! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday, October 24

Oh my, what a busy day. Actually, what a busy week this has been. We've had visitors which we love. We've had treatments going on. We've had adoptions! We have the Raffle going on! We're also starting to get organized for the Catapalooza. This week went way too fast. Cats are happy--they enjoy busy-iness, especially if they get their chicken!

We have lots of thanks to give. I am always so grateful for the help you give us.
Kerswill--donation in honor of her 4 furnieces and furnephews. They sponsored Preakness, Ratchet, Penelope and Tabitha.
Coralie P from Australia--donation in honor of Coralie, also in honor of her upcoming wedding!
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Donnajb--donation to sponsor Trucker
Michele S from MI--donation to FFRC
Vivienne R from WI--donation to FFRC
Kikimycat--4 cases of Friskies pate
Liz G/natureluver from TX--Halloween 3D card, 6 bags kitty snackers. Also Hello Kitty items--for use however FFRC can use them (2 kids life jackets, sunglasses, arm floats, flip flops, water bottles)  Also box of magnet bonder clips, 10 scotch tape rolls, cat coffee mug, pencils
Billie K--5 extra big boxes of Friskies
Anonymous Friend--54 pack of Fritos class mix
Zoolove--12 pack Friskies Treasures, bag of fun size candy (54)
RoBot-Man--large bag of chocolate starlight mints candy
Joni R--visitor for 3 days--pecan pie, 1 Reese PB cup to wash the pie down with!
Eric, Carrie and Jimmy--3 cases of Friskies
SonJa--butterfly note pads, zip lock bags, stickers, appetizers, maple sugar candy, lots and lots of chicken for Trucker and friends, Smarties and coffee crisp bars
Arden & Charmaine--6 of the 40# bags of Precious Cat litter!!
Mayumi--FFRC Nation Tokyo branch--2 boxes of Tullies (chicken and tuna), bag of Crispy Kiss snackers and 2 packages of meat fillets which the cats love!
Jatcat--4 beds for the Covies
Barbara W from Virginia--case of Fancy Feast gravy lovers and 4 cases of Gerber baby food
Tigercat/aunty Julie--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten turkey, 4 boxes of Whiskas Puurfectly Fish and a big bag of Purina One
Ezis--2 cases of Friskies pate and a case of Fancy Feast grill
Pam T--step 2 Up and Down Elephant slide---the cats and kittens LOVE it! 
Rosemary B from South Africa--5 awesome, beautiful afghans  We will have these in a raffle.  Big giant thanks

We've had several adoptions this week. Yesterday Joanne Ellen was adopted. She went to a wonderful family with a young boy that will call Joanne Ellen his own! The next one was Caleb. He went to a teenager girl who already loved him! I love these adoptions! 

We had a special adoption today. Snappy went to his new home! He went with Jenny and Brent who are from Canada and has adopted from us before. I am thrilled for Snappy. As you probably know, he has that desire to go outside. The good thing with Jenny and Brent is they have a beautiful backyard that is 100% cat proof and cat save.  No cats can get out and no cats can get in. It's wonderful! I do believe this is a perfect situation for Snappy. 

Tomorrow we will have BOXES at 5:30 pm and then our Raffle Drawing at 6:00. We have quite a few consolation prizes too that we will be drawing names for! It's time to have fun! 

I'm sorry, but this will be a short blog. Time has just been flying this week. Know that the cats are all doing great! Tomorrow Gusti and Trucker get their sutures removed.  Next Weds., Trucker is scheduled for his next surgery. Hard to believe it'll be 2 weeks already since his first. He's buzzing around here like a speedy boy! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday, October 21

Moose is a kangaroo! That boy can leap straight up in the air! He is one busy boy--all the time. Such a joy! He's a loving kitten, huge drive to play hard and is so very cute! He makes working at the desk a bit difficult at times, because he has to help me so so much, but wow--what a great kitten! And then if you mix Jarvis with Moose, you'd never need any other entertainment but to watch these two in action.! 

Little Merlee Jo is doing better. Her poor little bum is still very sore but each day it's improving. She's down now on the floor enjoying all the toys, things to climb and her new kitty friends. Yesterday we got all the kittens and cats up to date on their vaccinations, wormings, testings, etc. Not too much complaining from them, as I promised to use a little baby neeble, as Derecho calls it! All the kittens have fully recovered from surgeries. 

Another two-some kittens are Dickens and Abner, the beige brothers. What one doesn't think of, the other does. Their morning routine includes sitting in the big sink in the front Thumper's Room, plucking out any of the spoons, forks, dishes that's in the sink. One by one they drop them over the edge. I think they like hearing them clink on the floor. Two wonderful cats that need their permanent homes! 

We have thanks to give. Each day gives us the opportunity to say a big thanks for your support.
Pat & Ellen from Defiance--a big batch of mailing labels for the computer
Kathy H/OrdinaryDiva from NY--a nice note, ointment for kitty eyes. The following were asked for by a starving, skin and bones, Sevaun!  2 big bags of kitty snackers and 2 tubs of Temptation snackers. They will of course, get their yummies today!
Anne B from CT--a card, a very pretty yellow crocheted shawl, owl microfiber towel, 4 bottles Dawn soap, Halloween stickers, Glor in the Dark Paint, mouse pad
Jan from HI--card with a note--kitty hot/cold bag, magnetic note pads, magnetic clip. And a variety of beautiful Hawaii calendars for the volunteers!
Anonymous Friend--stuffed lion for Mr. G, 3 Bob the Cat books, stickers, 2 super soft kitty throws (one for KK), 8 pillow cases, 4 blankies. Flag with picture of Jonah that says The Cove that Jonah Built (will go on a flag pole at Covies!)  Love this!  2 retractable leashes and 2 collars for Janie and Cami. Halloween make up, 4 sets kitty ears/tail/bow tie and 18 Halloween bags! Happy Halloween coming up!
Sherry and David with nurse Chrissy & teacher Tara--Halloween card
Abigail B--donation & Chief tape
Alan C from UT--donation
Susan M/macncheesemom from MA--donation to FFRC
Nona from NY--lots of coupons and itty bitty feathers!
Joanne B/Boudicca--In honor of Sarah, a donation to be used as Sarah would like!
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Erica B from FL--note from WIllard, our sweet boy, with an article about Hollywood Beach Cats where Jackson and August came from.  The Beach Cats there in Fl are getting wonderful, major help! So heartwarming! Also a donation to FFRC
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Diann G from IL--donation for FFRC
Ann F from NJ--donation to FFRC
Karen W from MO--a special book in memory of Magenta and Putter, called Old Cat. Special thanks!
Ann P from PA--donation to FFRC in honor of Pat C, the Thursday volunteer
Brian B--donation to FFRC--very grateful!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of our next raffle. This is known as the Warped raffle and Rosemary's too!  Rosemary's beautiful afghan from S. Africa is simply beautiful. All the other items are from Joe and Warped---awesome pieces! Plus, we have a minimum of 16 consolation prizes and this time we will show you what they are because they are really very nice! The raffle tickets can begin tomorrow, Weds. This ends 10 am on Saturday. BOXES that night will be at 5:30 pm and the Raffle will be held at 6:00. Fun times ahead. The purpose of this particular raffle?  This is the time of year we need to check and replace and restock much of our meds and test kits. This is no small matter and a must. 

Ada Jane is doing pretty good! Her appetite has really picked up this week which is so nice to see. CathyKay's kittens are growing and will be out some today to start exploring a little bit. They've had their first vaccination already. Luige is sporting some mighty big feet and he likes to get into the middle of some mighty big play action! Alma was playing with a crackly leaf that came in the door yesterday--was so nice to see her playing like that. 

We have several families looking at cats for adoptions. More later as details are worked out. Bella is still going outside to visit her doggie friends. She loves to sink down in the middle of the big red poof out there.  Pania loves her routines. Her breakfast must be given on the right side of the bench, on top of the rug! Love this about her. And Ming has his certain spot too for breakfast. Zelda just climbed the hemp wrapped pole to the ceiling---yes, she does exercise! 

Watch out for Halloween! Sounds like we have a very strange visitor coming sometime around Halloween time. I also heard Sevaun saying she was going to pass out sardines to the Covies. They can't wait! I've heard from Tim who adopted Teva and Purrzer--sounds like all is very good and happy. Both cats are happy! Just what we wish for each of these cats! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday October 19

Our surgery day yesterday is over and recoveries went great.  I am thankful to Dr. Darcy, Amber, Lynnette, Sue and Pat for their help. The spays that we did were: Lucy Rhea, Missy Maloo, Anne Shirley, Joanne Ellen, Cathy Kay, Cita and Callie. The boys that were done: Huck, Dashielle and 2 "outside" people's cats. All went well with no complications.I'm so grateful! 

We also did many physicals. Here are those results:
Paddy Purr--will try a different med to help him with his over grooming ways. He also had an abscess on one of his shoulders that we aspirated.  Should be just fine.
August--annual physical, good
Ada Jane--recheck, one kidney, as we already know, is very small, other one is fairly normal
Debut--beginning physical, good
Joyful--annual physical, good
Kiara--annual physical, good
Penelope--annual physical, good
Lorenzo--annual physical, good   As we know, as a chronic URI, will continue nose drops
Lucy Ann--beginning physical, good
Ming--annual physical, good.  If starts to overgroom again, will try a different med
Snappy--annual physical, good
Mr. G--beginning physical, good. She does not think he's overweight--he's just a big boy!
Felicity--annual physical, good
Cozarelii--annual physical, no heart murmur detected

We also had BOXES on Friday evening. Big big gracious thanks to you all!
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--2 bags of Lays & Doritos chips, 2 boxes of Pringle singles, Box of cookie assortment snackers--the volunteers are thankful!
Caren F--3 cases of Friskies, variety
Linda S/mls--6 cases of Friskies, variety
Janet C from VA--big bag Purina One dry, 2 cases Friskies, case of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
David & Christine and fur babies--4 cases of Fancy Feast kitten, 2 cases of Fancy Feast can, rainbow Yeoww toy and a catter totter piece of furniture (will be put together today!)
Aunty Fi from UK--For Jambrew when adopted: laser light, wrestle and scratch mouse, 3 toys
Clark/kitty!---a very nice letter and $5 for his mommy's birthday, for his FFRC kitty friends and a BD card and $5 for Fabio!
Joey3100--3 containers of O'Keefs hand cream---good stuff!
Hallie G from PA--donation for FFRC
Gillian--donation to help with medical expenses, in memory of Tom's birthday & their 41st wedding anniversary
Beth A from IL--paypal in honor of Lynnette's birthday for lunch for everyone!  Happy Birthday to our Lynnette friend!
Michlyn--gingersnaps for the horses, big bath towels, cookies to share and stickers for Hannah
Phil & Judy (last Sunday visit)--4 notebooks, turbo refill, 28 lg cans Friskies cat food, case of Friskies cat food, feather toy, bag of Purina One, paper towels and Tasty Treasure 12 cans
Heather--daughter of Phil & Judy--6 cat snackers, 20 appetizers and 3 cases baby food
Widdletigger--2 bags of Precious kittylitter, 40 lbs.
Donna H from PA--donation for Gusti and Trucker's medical bills

A giant thanks to Michlyn who was here for a two day visit. She was gracious to take on a couple Flash Sales, one even at 2:00 a.m. We went thru alot of inventory--and that is wonderful. 

Gusti's "uneye" looks wonderful--we apply warm compresses daily and then put on ointment in an effort to keep the sutures soft until their removal. Trucker is also doing great. It does appear that the majority of his incision area is up off the floor. That is a good thing! Dr. Darcy says---let him go and play!  We still keep an eye on him constantly though and check that site. He still goes in his pen a few times a day for a nap. I tell him to take it easy, he just runs! Him and Gusti have a good friendship.

Mr. G is doing good.  Every day we leave the door open, in the morning, for the cats to go back and forth from the Main Area to the Thumper's Room. We can do this since the population is low back there. This morning, Mr. G came clear up to the Welcome Room office. He's a bit unsure of all the hubbub the kittens create. But, he's getting braver. 

We took in a new kitten. She's a beautiful long hair calico girl. She arrived on Thursday. This little sweetie is just 8 weeks old and is much underweight from severe diarrhea and extreme overload of fleas. Fleas are gone now and we're making headway on the diarrhea. Her appetite picked up yesterday! Took 3 full baths to get clear water on her (because of the fleas). Her poor bottom area is very sore with much sloughing away of tissue.  Once the diarrhea is under full control, this should start healing.

We have names for CathyKay's kittens!  Finally!  It's taken me way too long, but they resemble each other so much that I wanted names that I could remember.  I think I have it! And there's a trick to each name to help you remember.
Intor  --  bl/wh  Right foot, Inside toe/Outside toes are black.  (name--IN,  TO for Out, R for rt foot)
Tinia  --  bl/wh  tiny white stripe on chin  (name-- Ti for Tiny)
Bounty  --  bla/wh  big white stripe on chin  (name--B for big)
Tenacity  --  black tiger/wh    (name--T for Tiger
Got it?  It'll be easy--you can remember their names now! 

Missy Maloo has now gained 8 ounces since she has arrived--she's working up!  Callie is just not too keen on the other cats, so for her to have a more restful recovery from her spay, she is spending some time in Kitty City. She enjoys people, but the cats....not so much. 

You might have noticed that little Columbus has a new friend. Ichobod is here now at the Rescue Center. He's outgrown his foster mama, Peggy.  That boy is one ornery little fella--he's here, there and everywhere! He and Columbus have so much fun together! 

Our need was great.  Our need was heard.  Our need was met.  We were drastically low on can food. With great pleasure, I can now open the doors and see the shelves are full.  My big gratitude to you. In the middle of our need, there was YOU.  Thank you. 

Have a wonderful, happy Sunday. I love our sign that says: This Rescue Center is a place of JOY! Please....only bring peace, friendship and a good heart within our Rescue Center. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday, October 16

Yesterday is done! Today is now the first full day of recovery for Gusti and Trucker. I'm so grateful  that their surgeries went so well.  Trucker was first. It was decided to do his right leg first. The reason is this leg had the thinnest skin and the worry of his leg developing sores was high. He has a fairly long incision, but this boy is doing awesome. He woke up smoothly and has been raring to go since he came home. He and Gusti spent the night together in Dodger's Pen. He's yowling--he interchanges it between CHICKEN NEEDED to I WANT OUT! His incision is a bit higher than his point of contact on the floor, which is good. This means he will be able to, within reason, be out on the floor.  Now, his "within reason" may be entirely different than what I think! We will have to compromise!

Gusti is doing wonderful too. She was a bit of an ornery girl at the vet's office. She didn't want on the table, didn't want to be poked, didn't want any of the vet world! All she wanted was to be with Trucker. And play.  She is a doll. No surprises removing her bad eye--she did just fine! She and Trucker rode up and back together in the same crate. She is already down on the floor playing her little heart out--I think she completely forgot that she had surgery yesterday!

We had a neat thing happen this week. About 5 days ago, we had a gorgeous gold tiger cat come to the Rescue Center. He was found by the daughter of a volunteer. Unlike most cats that come in, he looked great and was neutered! Here's the great news---he was claimed! Yes, he has a wonderful family that was so so happy to see him and get him back. They brought pictures and videos to show it was indeed the same cat. And before they even saw him, I could hear him meowing and meowing in the next room--he heard them! Out of thousands of cats that have come our way, this is only one of 3 cats that have been claimed! So happy for him and his family.

We had BOXES last night---lots and BOXES!  It was fun and I so so appreciate every single gift that was given!
Widdletigger--3 cases Friskies Variety
Joanne C/Joco--15 copies of Conversation Vol. 3. and 1 working copy of all 3 volumes signed by chatters. We will add our volunteers signatures and then raffle this!
SuzQ/Sue S--bag of Purina One, 12 cans Tiki Cat, 3 tubs Clorox Wipes
Sherry B from KY--20 crocheted kitty toys --really nice, with catnip!
Wendi B --octopus toy, 4 tubs kitty snackers, box of K-Kups Hot Cocoa, variety of flavors
LostGirl--24 kitty cards with envelopes, gift boxes with butterfly cards, book markers with nice sayings
Helen P--16 lb bag Purina One, 24 cans Fancy Feast
SonJa/Sonjamac, visitor from Toronto--8 cases of 32 Friskies can cases, 4 bags and 1 tub kitty snackers, 12 baby food jars, bag of Double Bubble Gum
Betz--18 cases Friskies and baby food jars
Zsa Zsa and mama JustMe--5 cases Friskies 
Adam R from VA--Reeses PB cups!
Kelli J--Reeses PB cups!
Elviscat--3 cases Fancy Feast variety 
Vicki B--6 great bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat
Gusti from Germany--4 cases Fancy Feast variety, 8 bags kitty snackers, 2 cases 9-Lives, 2 containers Bonito Flakes, box of Friskies gravy packets
Lannml--6 cases Appetizers variety
Conii--awesome gifts from The Art Institute of Chicago (4 sm black cat plates), Kitty candy bowl black/white and a beautiful carved wood statue--cat and baby 
Deb11111--15 wonderful awesome cases of Friskies--all flavors/varieties
iPurr from IL--towel, kitty lunch tote, cat poster book. Lots of wonderful books--will share with the volunteers, bathroom lotion dispenser and toothbrush holder. 3 resin kitties--see, speak, hear no evil! A Christmas votive candle holder, The Cats Meow Village tile
Julie & David--get well gifts for Trucker--Senses toy with catnip, Cushie bed sack, Grey leopard print soft sleep.0 mat
Joey3100--1/2 case Fancy Feast Classics, 3 cases of 32 Friskies variety.
David P from UK--donation for chicken for Trucker and Gusti
Virginia/dewbus--donation in memory of Windy, who passed at 12 yrs old
Fran D from FL--donation to help with Gusti and Trucker's surgeries
Gusti--donation to help with surgery/medical needs
Ann F from Canada--donation to help with Trucker and Gusti's surgeries
Margaret/EarthEyes from NC--donation in honor of Seymour

Please, please....check your cats and dogs for fleas. Fleas cause skin irritation, skin infection and can cause anemia which can cause death.  This is not a fun way to die. I have just seen a kitten with over probably 400-500 fleas on it.This little kitten weighs less than 1 1/2 lbs.  This body size can not fight off a flea infestation. Severe anemia is a sad, hard way to die. flea is too many.  Fleas can be prevented and they are a whole lot easier to prevent than to work with an infestation. 

Okay--line up, all you ornery whippersnappers!  I think that would probably be 2/3's of the kittens and a few adults too! Wow--what is going on this week. Super high energy level, getting into everything and then running like they don't know anything about it. They wear me out just watching them!  (don't tell them but this is just how I like them, and cuddly, which they are!!) They must all be wanting to be a part of The Great Race (song by Larissa!). 

Today we start taking things down for the winter. All the rock garden "pretties"  will be stored. Morning Glories will be pulled today. Windchimes will be stored away till spring. Our last load of hay for the winter will arrive today. Leaves are being raked often and put on the burn pile. The beds will be made special for the Barnies so they are toasty warm this winter. Lots to do and it all takes time. We seem to be doing this earlier this year.