Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday, Sept. 1

Happy September Day! It's been very warm and very muggy here the last few days and predicted for the rest of the week. Fabio and Oliver are waiting for cooler fall days.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you.
FaithyMD--can of Fancy Feast
Mary H/vol from Archbold--3 giant sponges, 3 kitty magnets
Cindy H/mnsnowy from MN--2 rolls 2 inch tape, Bee Kind sundry items for Kitty Kastle, lots of ceramic bead necklaces, small purple trinket box with bling. For Catstock--peace necklace and feather hair clip
Joco/JoAnn--6 rolls 2 inch tape with 2 tape dispensers
Vicki B--2 1/2 gal jugs of Tide HE
Judi Sp--40 lb Precious kitty litter
Clark, Jessie & the Family--Happy 13th birthday Queen Bella and the famous $5
V from PA--coupons
Shawn B--a gift from her boyfriend for FFRC, for his birthday!  Great!
Deb11111--donation for the Paddy boys!
Gusti--donation to FFRC, to cover shipping
Michael M--donation for FFRC

We have names! Yes, the latest mama cat and her 4 kittens now are named!
Strawberry--mama cat, brown tiger with 4 white feet, white bib, black tip tail  dob 8/4/14
Charity--female, bl tiger, front white toes, white bib, rear feet white  dob 7/17/15
Hans--male, br/grey tiger, front white toes, white bib, rear toes white
Alphonse-male, br/bl tiger, white muzzle & whole white chest, no neck ring
Bryne (pronounced Burn), male, gr/bl tiger, white muzzle, white neck ring
All names are from the Name a Cat name list.

They are doing great. Won't be long until the 10 kittens from the back will join the group of kittens in the Main Area. Watch out then--bunches of kittens running crazy! 

Sea Turtle is doing good, although in the last week she seems to have aged a bit. She loves the open window in the front Thumper's Room and spends alot of time there just watching things. She gets lots of pettings there too.  Our other oldster, Jessie is also doing good. Jessie is 16 years old, probably has Maine Coon in her and has a beautiful white bib. 

Today is Queen Bella's birthday. She is now 13 years old. That's so hard to believe. She was just 6 weeks when she arrived, all broke up from being hit by a car. Her rear right leg had to be removed. She also has some paralysis in her tail and the left rear leg. But, as you know, she gets along just fine. She's a zippy girl--can zoom and scoot just fine! She so loves spending her days out in the dog pen with Janie and Camie. They are good friends and often share the same cushies.  Also Happy Birthday to our wonderful Porchie Zavatar. Zavie will be 4 years old tomorrow. 

We have a new kitten. He's all black and is 6 weeks old. His birthday is 7/20/15. He was found at the end of our parking lot, alongside the road, on Sunday night by a volunteer. So grateful he wasn't hit by a car. This little guy appears to be another cat with mild CH. He's a friendly little guy and will be down today to play with the group in the back Thumper's Room. His name is Cecil, another Name a Cat name, for being brave and after a very loved big cat. 

Preakness is doing great. Her mid morning nap spot is on my desk, usually with Fredo beside her. Trucker and Magic are also taking their mid morning nap on a foam pad here in the office. Emmitt and Kazumi are razing it up--those two kittens have endless energy and can fly when they're playing! 

Solee is doing wonderful. Her favorite thing is her own plate of RC babycat food in the morning! Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr when to the beauty parlor yesterday---had their nails trimmed, their bottoms trimmed and the fur on their feet trimmed also. So handsome! Merit is such a beautiful calico--one of the sweetest, lovable calicos ever. 

11 more days to Catstock!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday, August 30

Wow--I've missed some days doing the blog--it's been a busy time around here. Friday was spent going to southern Ohio to get our new horse, Maverick. He's a Tennessee Walker, is 9 years old, a gelding and is ever so sweet. While we still miss Wilson terribly, he does fill a sad whole in our hearts. He and Mercy, Millie and Pickles are getting along just great! A well rounded family!

All is good here. The kittens are happy, healthy and so energetic. Such a wonderful group of cats (if I do say so myself! lol).  I'm watching Elise. She is such a beauty. She just bumped into Derecho twice, but is figuring out how to get around him. Her sight is quite impaired--that doesn't slow her up though! She climbs everywhere. She figures out how to accomplish great things! 

Valeta's 5 kittens are simply awesome! They climb, run and tear around. All look good. Little Fawn is right there in the pack with them. Her fur seems to be growing daily--such a beauty. She loves to run up to Bender, grab his tail and then runs off! He looks at her with just a bit of annoyance--he's so tolerant. Emmitt is growing---big, strong and more big! He's going to be a good size boy.

We've had 2 nights of BOXES that we would like to give thanks too:
Wednesday night:
FaithyMD--jingle kitty balls, mylar balls, case of 9 Lives, 2 cases Fancy Feast
Misspixie1/Mary M & her kitties Milo, Jeofry & Pixie--potty bags, coffee mug, cat trophy, Pet Stage soft toy, bonito flakes, book, Purr pillows, Royal Canin kitten dry, toys, big fur rug (they love it!), note pads, 2 purple bowls, 2 Save Our Pets signs, a neat blue bed with cushion (they all love this!)
Pam/zoolove--tent/cozy bed, lots of volunteer snackers--chips, crackers, Rice Krispies, fruity snacks, pringles. For the kitties--tub of kitty snackers, box of Whiskas, 12 pack Friskie pate
BellaBelle/Tammy--1000 of 6 inch paper plates, 24 Sparkle paper towels
Justme/Kathy--For raffle--20 inch Studio M art pole & 3 art pots!

Saturday night:
Jatcat--microsoft cam with cam holder--yeah, no more tape!  4 silicone spatulas
Kiwi-New Zealand--card with Kiwi bird on it, 3 bars New Zealand chocolate, so yummy
Deborah & Woody S--case of Friskies Gravy Sensations
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--a Friday visitor--coupons, 12 pkgs kitty snackers, 80 cans of Sheba!
Thinh T--2 canisters Clorox Wipes
Erin K & Michael L--big bag of ind. bags of chips, Fritos, 2 cases Friskies, 2 cases FF & 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten
Mary H, Fri. vol--15 pkgs Party Mix snackers
Susan C--donation to FFRC
Little Kat & Elaine & Allen--kitty card with stamps & a special whisker! & donation from LK!
Clark, Jessie & Family--Happy 2nd birthday to Milo with the famous $5
Judi Sp--40 lb bag Precious cat litter
Beth/Eaglewatcher from IL--large box of brand new Poopie bags! Whistles for Catstock Duck Beak, Mustache/lips, 3 dozen bandanas for volunteer Catstock bags

Happy Birthday to Thomas who would have been 6 years old on Aug. 26th. He is still missed.

Foster Peggy S. has brought back the last of the 6 kittens. They are Lily Rose, Squeeky, Snookie, Morgan David, Tara and Dutchy. They all look good. Each week that she would bring them for a playtime, we would keep their vaccines, wormings, etc. updated. They are now in the back Thumper's Room. There is now mama her 4 kittens, the 6 kittens and Froggy--11 kittens total. All are wonderful. The really nice thing is that they enjoy playing with Froggy. Sometimes there are 4-5 kittens napping with him. Many thanks to Peggy for being our foster mama---she's terrific!

Pania is doing better. This combination of meds is working! She is happier and relaxed! Sophie is amazing. Her wound is 95% healed--the ability of cats to heal is astounding. We've been working on going up to her without scaring her and it's helping! We can now pick her up and love on her. And she purrs too! Asha loves to be groomed. She will stare a person down (if holding a brush) until she gets her 5 minutes of brushing! 

As you may know, Paul fell from a high shelf about 5 days ago and hurt his back leg--his knee. He spent a couple days resting and now is running like crazy again. Can't keep a good kitten down! Little Gustave is still having trouble with his front leg--due to nerve damage from the bite wound that he arrived with. The wound has healed, but the nerve is damaged. He drags the leg, which isn't good. Dragging it has caused a few sores on the toes. He will soon be scheduled for surgery--an amputation. I'm sure it won't hold this boy down--he's young, active and loves to play. Just think how much faster he will be! 

13 more days to Catstock! We have been working for weeks and weeks on this event. It's going to be fun! I just heard confirmation from Strawberry Hill, the band. They are ready and excited to come. Their music is fantastic! This will be their 3rd year with us. We've been talking to Millie and Pickles about practicing for their part in the Bingo Game! They're ready! dfc

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weds., August 26

Catstock is coming!  It's only 17 more days! We have been working very hard on this wonderful event! It's all about Peace, Love and Cats and Friendship and Fun too! It's also our way of giving our community a fun family afternoon. The Catstock will be live on ustream.tv/ffrc  
Here are some highlights!

Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015  

Carnival is 1:00 to 4:00    Tickets are 50 cents each, 10 tickets for $5. 
A few of the games are: 
Swish in the Toilet
Hula Hoop the Cat
Flag Frisbee
Giant Dice Toss
Floating Duck Pond
Sand Treasure Dig Hunt
Disc Dunk Throw
Ladder Ball Game
Magnetic Darts
Water Splash
Chuck A Duck
Bottle Blast
Lots more!

Goat/Donkey Poo Bingo at 4:15, in the horse corral.  Buy a Bingo square, as many as you'd like. At 4:15, Millie the donkey and Pickles the goat will have access to the Giant Bingo "Board". The first square that is pooed in, is the winner. It will be a 50/50 Bingo.  50% goes to FFRC, 50% is divided between however many people bought that square.  We will have TWO Bingo boards---one for the Webcammers and one here on the day of Catstock for visitors.  

The Webcammer's Bingo Card goes up for your fun on Sunday, Sept. 6 and ends at 9:00 on Weds, Sept. 9.  Each square is $5.  You can pick as many squares as you want.  The board will be 1 thru 25. NO NUMBER 13 though---that one is 100% for FFRC! Can send in a check for this fun participation game or go thru PayPal!   So, at Catstock, we will actually be working two Bingo cards.

Featuring STRAWBERRY HILL BAND, playing 1 to 4:00 pm. This band is awesome and plays the perfect music for Catstock. We love them!

We will also have a 50/50 drawing during the afternoon of Catstock. There will be fresh Movie Popcorn, Mini Tractor Rides, Face Painting, Fingernail art.

We will have our PawMart FFRC Store open. On the yard, we will also have a table with special sale items! The Rescue Center will be open for people to visit as well as The Cove area/LJ Playground. The cats will be all ready with purrs and awaiting their pettings. We will have people watching over things in the Rescue Center and the Playground area. 

A fun time for families, volunteers, friends and webcammers to enjoy the afternoon together! Come dress "normal" or as "hippy" as you want! We will have 2 golf carts working to help transport people from the parking lot to the front. We will have plenty of parking as this year, both corrals will be open for parking. 

Hot beef and chicken sandwiches, lots of side dishes and deserts and much more! All food and drinks are a freewill donation.

For those webcammers that are visiting FFRC for Catstock, we will again have a bonfire down at the backwater both Friday night and Saturday night. There will be pudgy pies, marshmallows, s'mores, hot dogs over the fire and good friends and fun. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday, August 25

Wow--what a storm we had Sunday evening. Trees down, many branches down, a million leaves everywhere. As soon as the rain stopped and before the next outburst, we went outside to check on the cats. A few were damp, but they all were safe and sound. Our electricity was out for hours, but........ our generator kicked in and worked like a pro! Yeah for Jenna Radar! It's kicked on a couple times for short outages, but this was a long one.  It was wonderful not to have that worry--keeping the cats from overheating, having water, having lights, etc. 

We've had 2 BOX times to catch up on! The kitties and I are very grateful!
Last Thursday evening:
Pat, Thurs. night vol--litter, Purina One dry cat, dog food and dry cat food
LJ--4 cans chicken, 5 kitty snackers, 3 Wellness catfood, sponges, one OPEN(!) Starkiss fruit gems, 15 assorted kitty scarfs
Vicki B--2 boxes woolzies dryer balls
Arden & Charmaine--big bag of Purina One kitten
Ronald C--24 awesome VW toy buses perfect for Catstock
June/painteddaisy--for Catstock--visors, animal masks, assorted kids fun items!
Billie K--4 awesome whiskers trail Cube Beds
Joy, Don D & kitties--donation and nice note
Jane D--donation in memory of Wm. R
Patricia M from CA--donation in memory of Grizzle and Wilson

Monday evening:
Karen B, for Trucker & Friends--2 cases of Go canned food--he loves it!
Cessie & Wayne from CA--24 lg. containers of Lysol wipes & a case of yum sardines!
Gwen/patchesmommi and Mike R from FL--pjkmkmkmkmkmkmkmop tabs, box tops/soup labels, kitty whiskers (!), bag of kitty snackers.
Susan G from NH--box tops
Clark, Jessie & gang--birthday card for Hensley with his famous $5.
FJan/farmgirl from IL and kitties--a nice letter from the kitties and a donation
Realty Five, Scott--a donation from commissioned sell--they are awesome in that every sale they do, they ask the new owners who they would like that money donated to! They are truly community-orientated. 
Kelly L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Isn't every day wonderful? Each day can offer something that can bring joy. This coming Friday will be an extra special day for this family. As you know, we lost our Wilson horse 2 weeks ago. He has been so so missed. What a wonderful friend he was. This Friday, we are looking to bring home a new friend to the farmyard. His name is Maverick. He is 9 years old and another Tennessee Walker. We will leave around 11:30 am. It's a 2 1/4 hour drive going there. Hauling the trailer home will take a bit longer. I expect we will arrive home early evening. Maverick sounds like the perfect fit for our family and for the farmyard. Mercy is happy about this decision too!

We had 3 adoptions this weekend, but actually 5 cats left us! First, Corby and Scott were adopted together. Pictures have already been posted on facebook and it sounds like they are doing good. So happy for these 2 boys. Then it was time for Dude and Jupiter to go to their home with Josh. This is Ashlyn's fiance--he finally got to move into his new homes! Grandma's been kittysitting for a while. They also together adopted Rochester. Should be a great group of 3 boys.

Lewes is up in the Main Area now and is doing great. He's making new friends everyday. Fancy is also doing good. Something is on her legs--looks/feels like a glue substance. We just cannot get it off. So, we will be doing a bit of shaving on her legs to get it off. Gentry is also settling in so nicely. A very nice boy. 

Charleston is a love bug.  If you come and visit, be sure to hold him. He will melt in your arms and then drool on your hands! Love this boy. Hensley sure does love his pen #4. When he wants in it and he sees us going there with a bit of food, he gets SO excited--he tries to get up there by himself. He just loves his pen. He eats, takes a naps and then is ready to come back out. It's like his own kingdom. Hensley turned one years old yesterday! He came to us from NC when he was 5 months old. 

The Covies are doing great. It is so wonderful to go out to the Playground and sit there and wait for them to come to you! They love people and visits. The Porchies too are doing great. It's obvious they are not going to enjoy going into the Playground--none that I've tried has worked out. The Covies have made it clear that it's not a Porchie place. So....we will need to get one more shed--we will call it the Porchie Haven. The "old" Porchie Haven is now called Covie Haven. At breakfast, I frequently feed 15 Porchies. That is too many for the sunporch, so the Porchie Haven is a must for this winter and bad weather. We will work on this.

I love this saying--"Nothing compares to the pain of a belly ache from laughing too hard with friends".  I love our friends--it's always so nice to share a laugh! 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday, August 22

Here's a black/white kitten, there's a brown tiger kitten, here comes a calico, there's a couple buffs and golds---they're everywhere! Kittens, kittens. Definitely the time to do the kitten shuffle. All is fine here. The health of the cats and kittens are really very good. What a noticeable difference in the upper respiratory infections, since we started using the cat bordetella vaccine. Every cat that comes in gets this nasal vaccine. 

Pania went to the vets yesterday. My cat Zeke also went but he was brought back, so they could use his time for an emergency that came in. But, Pania stayed and had her bladder ultrasound. It's good! No stones, no tumors. Whew---that's a relief. Her urinalysis showed quite a bit of blood, which we already knew. They are doing a culture/sensitivity now on the urine. In the meantime, her meds have been adjusted a bit. Just hoping to find something that works for this sweet girl. Darcy said she was excellent there (of course!)--no sedation needed.  She cooperated fully with her tests. 

Froggy has been spending part of each day here in the Main Area. You all can help us educate! If someone asks about "that kitten that is rolling all over", just explain to them about Froggy and how he is happy and doing great. A good opportunity to talk about what CH is and the importance of vaccines and spaying/neutering.

The foster babies that Peggy is caring for are here for the morning, same as they were on Thursday. But, this trip, Morgan David will be staying. He's ready for some rough and tumble playing! Won't be long until the whole group will be back to stay at FFRC.  As of today, they all have their first distemper vaccines and their Bordatella vaccine. She will still keep for another week or so: Tara, Dutchy, A

We had BOXES last night. We are very grateful for your support!
Tabbycat--10 gallons of vinegar
Jobo and Mom/Lemon--case of canned Friskies
Plee--a few dozen of wonderful handmade pillowcases
Charlotte from WI--donation in memory of Happy
Jan from HI--For Steve--Hawaiian-salts/spices. A plaque/tile that says: Meow is like Aloha--it has many meanings (hung on the Kitty City Wall), chocolates, 2 bags fish jerky and sweet/salty caramels/prezels
Sarah J from Germany--donation to FFRC
Rebecca/jackersgirl--donation to FFRC
Cavallo's Critter Care--donation to FFRC
Mike D from AZ--donation to FFRC
Julianne B from CA--donation for Miss Coralie

Debonair--that's the real definition of Derecho! It means: suave, confident, charming, gracious, gentlemanly, dashing--Our Debonair, DMan Derecho.

Fancy is doing great. She sometimes is in the back Thumper's Room, sometimes in the Main Area--a real sweetie and is overcoming her initial "grumpiness".  She is also learning that it's fun to play with the other kittens. 

The farmyard is getting a makeover! All the sheds now have their new paint coat on them (all are tan). The odd wood pens out there are now also painted and look like new. Sheds are all cleaned out and are tidied up. The linen shed is wonderful--all organized and so easy to see what's in there now! This is used for all areas, but mainly the Covies, Porchies and Barnies. This morning, Anthony had 2 young boys (grandkids of Mary Brain, our volunteer) trailing him--he was teaching them about farmwork. 

Valeta's kitties are out and about! What a lot of energy they give to the already busy place! We let them out a couple times a day They still need to go back in their room for naps and bedtime. It's amazing the difference from yesterday to today--their confidence level is already building. And they are also starting to eat a bit more by themselves. Their mama, Valeta is truly one of the nicest, sweetest mamas we've ever had. 

Valeta's babies have names!
Rez--Siamese, lightest color, medium length fur, male
Panda--white with grey ears and tail, female
Gandolf--grey tiger, male
Tia--Siamese, darker, female
Tio--Siamese, darker, male

Here's a few ways to make your cat happy! 
Provide windows, sills and bird feeders to watch.
Snuggle on the bed or couch with your cat.
Talk to your cat---really.
Praise your cat gloriously and let him soak it up.
Playtime with you. 
And a soft leggydew/biggeydew to snuggle on! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday, August

Raffle! Raffle! Raffle!  What a wonderful evening! Thank you so much for such a successful Raffle. I so appreciate you all.  717 tickets sold altogether. Isn't that just amazing! The participation was wonderful and the congratulating one another was so touching.  Here's the results:

Item A     59 tickets for $295     Cathy All
Item B    105 tickets for $525     Kimkost
Item C     62 tickets for $310      Barb  (our volunteer from an anonymous giver)
Item D     67 tickets for $335     needtoretire
Item E     73 tickets for $365     Jennifer Will
Item F    156 tickets for $780     joco
Item G    77 tickets for $385      marymort, jacksmom, gusti
Item H   118 tickets for $590     vickeysixkitties

Total $3,585

We then had such a gift of "bump ups". Many thanks to:
Doubley, Joco, Nuthatches, Farmgirl, SonJa, Mich/Vern, Keikocat, Suzq, Dewbus, Kittygirl, Pawlapurr, Eartheyes, Montana & crew, moomagoo, kathie3013, katandbuster for the total boost! 
Their additional donations brought the Total to:   $4,400

This Raffle will go towards our many surgeries last weekend and for the many meds we have been giving to the cats and kittens. 

We also had BOXES last night! What a great evening---many thanks for your support.
Sandra E/straycatlady--natural pet company--toys with feathers/siscel
Joanne Z/jznyc--4 rolls of 2 inch tape, 12 sharpies, 2 glittery notebooks, kitty snackers, potty bags
Ipurr--leopard print cover for my ottoman  (love it and thanks!)
Oldestmanalive--2 of the 40 lb bags of Precious cat litter
Arden & Charmane--2 of the 40 lb bags of Precious litter
Cessie & Wayne--24 containers of Lysol wipes!
Yvonne M, day visitor--blankets, towels & a cat tunnel
Alexandra B from Wash DC--Purina One dry food, 6 packs of kitty snackers
Mary, vol. Friday night--4 packs 9-Lives can food, kitty toys, 3 packs of snackers, 3 bags of Party Mix, bird toy. Then for Joline--10 appetizers, special FF broth
Vicki B--7 bags of Royal Canin baby cat food
Phelbldy--temptations snackers
mkmouse--few day visitors (and Mr. MK)--lg can of tuna, trash bags 13 & 30, 4 rolls 2 inch tape, 5 Lysol wipes, 2 reams of paper, Jacci t-shirt & snacks, syringes

Good news on Anne Shirley, Triumph and Hark---they love their new big house! Sometimes they're together, sometimes they're all over the house separately! Sounds like life is good for them there.

We had two adoptions yesterday. Induna went with a young lady, who seems very devoted to her. Marckel left for his new home too. Two great homes with good people.

We have a new cat--one that arrived Tuesday morning. A long hair grey kitten, female with a birthday of 5/19/15. Her name is Fancy. This little one had fleas and was told to us that she would be dumped at the end of the driveway if we didn't take her. Not a very kind thing to say. She's a beauty and ever so sweet. She's now down on the floor of the back Thumper's Room with Lewes and Froggy. Lewes has forgotten what he was told--to take it easy on his back leg, not to climb too much or run. That went in one ear and right out the other! He is doing wonderful. His leg looks strong, or at least what I can see as he goes zooming by! 

Fawn, the newest, little muted calico kitten, has made friends with Valeta's babies. They spent the day and night together. This morning, for the first time,the door to Cat's Corner Room is open. The babies are slowly coming out. First one to come out was Fawn. She's showing them the way! The little white/black ear,tail girl seems to be brave. They will get their names very soon now. 

It won't be long until Jupiter and Dude will be leaving us. Ashlyn's fiance, Josh can now move into his new house! And he will be taking the boys with him. He will also be taking a new brother with them. It's Rochester! Yes, our little boy will join the boys in their new home. His new name will be Rodchester.  

People have asked how to tell the difference of India and Gentry. Both are about the same size. India has longer ears and a longer muzzle, while Gentry is more "rounded". Also, if you are here--just feel the tip of the tail. India has a crook at the end!

Elsie is doing great. Her eyes are cloudy and probably always will be somewhat. But, that girl can still see some things--she's a climber and a toy player! She's a happy girl! Sindile is one handsome boy. He just melts in your arms. Such a sweet one. We are holding Sophie alot. She tends to be skittish, but once we have her, she relaxes and purrs and will look right at us.  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday PM, August 18

All the surgeries from Saturday are doing wonderful. It's simply amazing how they just bounce back so quickly. Right now in the back room, we only have Froggie, Lewes and Sea Turtle. Froggie has been spending more and more time here in the Main Area. All the kittens that are newly up here in the Main Area are doing real good. Today the kittens of Valeta's had their first vaccine (bordatella) so it won't be long until they will be out for short excursions. 

Lewes had his sutures removed yesterday. Dr. Darcy said his femoral head is healing nicely and that he can now be out on the floor. He sure is a cutie and is doing great. Sea Turtle ventures up into the front Thumper's Room quite often now. 

We had 3 adoptions today! Ann Shirley and her brother Triumph and their friend Hark went to the same home. The home they now have is very good size---lots of running space and a great view of the bird feeding stations. I think they will be quite happy there together! Within the week, we should also have a few more adoptions!

We had BOXES Monday evening. Many, many thanks to you all!
Painteddaisy/June--For Catstock--oodles and oodles of fun stuff including puzzles, note cards, books, light up balls, foam wands and even stuff for the bonfire! For Jacci & Steve--goodies, candy and pretzels! For the Center--4 rugs, 2 bath sponges to play with, kitty cube, 3 kitty notebooks, 4 kitty folders & 2 dry erase folders
Eaglewatcher/Beth--for Catstock--yoyos, hand puppets, Halloween crayons & coloring books
Ordinarydive/Cathy H--100 personalized (FFRC) wristbands--really neat, for Catstock. 3 bags snackers, 2 cans wet can food and a sign that says "I love my computer because my friends live in it"!
Janet B--a really spooooky Halloween cat shirt---I love it!
Susan345--4 lg. bags Party Mix and 10 bags of Temptations
Sara M from OR--donation in memory of WIlliam RUnyan
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes
John B from Defiance--donation
Clark, Jessie & Gang--Birthday cards for Clark and for Joey with each the famous $5
Kathryn from WI--From the Kathryn's Collections, 3 necklaces for Jacci, Dawn & Ashlyn with horse with wings, angel wings heart and  W for Wilson---deeply appreciated and loved
Joco51--80 snacker size puffcorn mix for Volunteers & some for S & J too!
Plee--3 of the 40 lb. bags of Precious Cat!
Mls/Linda S--8 cases of Fancy Feast kitten!
Lostgirl/Debbie--2 bottles of liquid HE Tide and lots of 30 gal trash bags
Gusti--donation in memory of Audra Elaine
Vern & Mich--6 rugs, washcloths, garden cat, snackers and catstock prizes
Peggy K from NH--donation in memory of Audra Elaine
Ju-in-ji from Netherlands--donation to help with medical needs
Pam T from OH--donation in memory of Audra Elaine and Wilson
Cessie & Wayne--12 rolls of Bounty paper towels

Fresh new photo frames are now complete for the Porchies/Fire cats and the Covies! These pictures will be hung up tomorrow. Now when people visit, they may be able to tell who is who!

Our Raffle drawing will be this evening at 6:00 with BOXES at 5:30. This raffle is going to help with our surgeries from our past Saturday and for the many extra medicines we have been using lately. We of course, will also have consolation prizes! Come join the fun. Every penny we received is always 100% appreciated and used wisely. 

Gustave's paw continues to knuckle under, so he again has a splint on it (at least when he doesn't pull it off!). We'll hope for the best for his little paw. Morgan David's wound on his neck is all healed. Charleston has fit right in. He is such a loverbug--he even drools when he is being held. He gets along great with everyone. Coralie has been seen napping with a few kittens lately!

Franklin is doing awesome. He loves to play with the feathery toys! Give Milo a ping pong ball and he'll chase that all over the office. Derecho is doing great also--his back is feeling good. He's such a friend to everyone. Elsie's eyes are healing but will probably always have some scarring. She doesn't mind---she still runs everywhere and plays with all the kittens!

The Covies are doing great. I saw August run from the far corner of the Playground clear up to the front porch without one stumble! Jackson was trying to climb a tree---he didn't get too far, but he looked pretty happy about it! Barkey and Markie are happy, happy cats. They love all their space to play in. Our new boy Victor has settled in nicely. 

Rena is now letting us pet her. It's only taken a couple months, but she's decided that people are fun now. I saw Middy today--he looks good and came to the feeding station. All is well. They are all doing good in this heat.

Here's what our FFRCNation Friends mean: F--fight for you. R--respect you. I--include you. E--encourage you. N--need you. D--deserve you. S--Stand by you. Thanks to our wonderful friends!