Monday, July 15, 2019

Monday, July 15, 2019

Wow--we sent up 51 pets to HumaneOhio today!  This is 50 cats and 1 dog. This includes 6 kittens of FFRC.  The 50 cats break down to 37 females and 13 males. The 1 dog is a female.  This brings our 2019 total to 677 (this is 674 cats and 3 dogs)--400 spays and 277 neuters!  We're keeping on with this project of spaying and neutering!

This Saturday is our FFRC surgery day!  We tentatively have these spays on the list: Prelie, Precious, Tinora and possibly Belle scheduled for this date. The neuters are: Fern, Pierre, Sydney, Gunner, Pepper and Watson.  Physicals already scheduled are for: Elsie, Jessie, Kiara, Magic, Ramsay and Hope.

Hope is doing super great--she's got it--she knows how to eat from a plate now! And she sure does enjoy it. She's doing very good in the house and even knows where the litterboxes are already!

Mama Belle is doing great.  She's a good mama.  Her 4 look-alike kittens are toddling all over the two condos now!  They are just beginning to sample some "real" food.

Tinora's foot continues to heal--she barely has a limp. And she sure knows how to rock and roll! Her laceration on her front arm is almost healed--possibly may have a scar. Such a sweetie.

Yaseen is also doing super. Such a sweetie. And she's so good with the kittens. She is a good auntie cat to all of the kittens. She is now on hold.

We took in 2 new kittens.
Dali--a gorgeous female, grey tiger/white, medium fur. Dali is 12 weeks old, with a birthday of 4/19/19.  She was brought in by a volunteer who saw her cross our main street uptown, going from Meek's Pastry to the Cabin Fever.  And she didn't get hit by a car!  Super friendly and a constant purr-er! She arrived 7/12/19.

Collins--a handsome dark orange and white male, about 11 months old. A volunteer found him in her neighborhood. He's very kind and so friendly. His birthday is 8/9/19.  He arrived 7/13/19.

Both names are from the Name a Cat list.

We have thanks to give!
Pat P--our wonderful friend--2 cases of water
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Family that came in to adopt:  plates, gatorade, garbage bags, Mr. Clean, disinfectant wipes & Dawn soap
Judy & Phil--big batch of paper towels and toilet paper!!  Also a donation to FFRC. And a wonderful visit!
Anonymous Friend--24 cans kitten can, 20 Purely Fancy Feast, 10 Sheba sticks
Monroe's adopted family--12 pack PT, 3 packs wipes
Mom of 2 adoptions-Janelle & Janine--plush toy, scratch refill, 2 storage cubes, mouse toys, band-aids, 3 cases water, 2 pack paper, neosporin oint, 3 hand soaps, wipes, batteries & wipe-out and the most scrumptious cake and bakery items!  YUM!
Reschke Store--donation to FFRC
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Marie C--donation to FFRC

From the Willie Shirt Donations: 3 treat containers, 2-48 Friskies can, 3 tubs litter, 10 clorox wipes, 2 laundry soaps, 30 PT, 200 13 gal. bags, 1 gal. CLorox cleaner, 1 Dawn soap. 

Anonymous Friend--12 count of Bounty paper towels
Brian C--3 big bags of Purina One Kitten!

We've heard from Aladdin's new family. His new name is Oliver. The picture they sent is wonderful--shows a happy kitten. Remember when he was here, he was a bit shy and we worked alot on that. From the mom--"Thank you so much. He is such a love bug and we say every day how blessed we are that he picked us and how blessed that you rescued him and cared for him". 

Another repair bill coming up.  The air conditioner is not working (again) in Paw Mart and the back Thumper's Room.  The kittens are rather "flat", staying low to the floor.  We've just opened the doors from front to back, inviting them to the Main Area where it's cooler.

The Dodger truck also had a repair bill. It had become a bit unsafe to drive. It's all fixed now. We use this truck alot for supplies. Also for recycling our aluminum for FFRC. 

A week from today will begin the floor repair.  The entire Main Area, all rooms connected to that area plus the Welcome Room and bathroom will be completely stripped down and done all over again.  We will have 4 full days of being displaced here at FFRC, but we can do it!

Take care..........stay cool!  Sounds like we have a very hot and humid week coming up. We are also working on dates for our next Flash Sale (by Mich and Vern) and a Fun-Raiser!  As soon as we know these dates, we'll get them to you! 

Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday, July 12, 2019

This is what I feel......we have the bestest kitties and cats!!  Okay, I'm a bit prejudiced!  But, I look around and see healthy, happy kittens and well adjusted cats and it makes me happy. When I hear back from families that have adopted and they say how nicely the cats have adjusted to their new homes and how happy both the cat and family are, it makes me smile.  That's what this is all about....happy cats/kitties finding their new homes. 

And we've had two more adoptions!
GracieRoo went to her new home. An elderly lady wanted her and GracieRoo was so sweet with her!  This happened on 7/8.  I've already heard back and both are enjoying their time together.  GracieRoo loves the couch--she watches TV with her new mama!

Pandora also went to her new home, on 7/10. A couple came in looking for a male kitten. Well, Pandora had something to say about that. She went right to them, climbed up on their shoulders and stayed put. She made it known that she was to be the one to be  adopted!

More adoptions coming up this Saturday--Janelle Eileen and Janine Elise together.  Verity will also be going to his new home! Yaseen also has a hold on her and will be leaving on the 20th. 

We have thanks to give:
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Bragg Shop--donation to FFRC
Reschke Store--donation for FFRC
James R--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation for FFRC

Charlotte T--donation for FFRC
Candy P--donation to FFRC
Donavon S--donation for VIctor and Jackson II and friends

Cliff (porchie) and Mayor Anony (covie) were brought in and given a thorough grooming job. They both look really good.  Nails trimmed, ears cleaned--the whole works!

Hope is doing better.  Still lung congestion but that is very slowly improving too.  Big news yesterday, she figured out how to eat off of a plate!  She's doing her meals about half syringe feeding and half self plate eating!  She's getting it!  Yesterday she was in the house about 4-5 hours. She loves the fluffy blankies that the Z's have. They share with her.  She still likes to come out to the Main Area to rock and roll with the kittens.

Belle and her babies are doing great. Belle is such a sweet cat and an excellent mama.  We have names now for the 4 babies. They have very similar markings.
Tangle--female, black/white
Tingle--female, black/white, wider white stripe under chin
Brrring--male, black/white
Ring--male, black/white, tiny black dog, outside of rear left toe

I believe there's a few kittens that we did not introduce to you:
Watson--arrived 7/2.  Birthdate 4/23/19.  Arrived at 10 weeks of age, long hair grey/white with a white face. This kitten was heard before seen as he was up inside a car and got himself wrapped around the steering column.  The dash had to be disassembled. Such a sweet boy.  He had a ton of dirt and grease on him--took 3 bubble baths to come clean. The owner of the car said he had to have traveled about 20 miles up inside the motor area before going up further to the steering column area. 

Levi--arrived 7/8.  Birthdate 6/3/19.  Arrived at 5 weeks of age, orange tiger. He was found on a country road and had been there for 2 days.  He's a super nice kitty and loves all the other kittens! He was very hungry and very dirty.

Noosma--arrived 7/8.  Birthdate is 5/27/19. Arrived at 6 weeks of age, a siamese kitten. She was brought in after a family had too many kittens. She is a very sweet and kind kitten. Loves attention and enjoys all the other kitties.

We had BOXES on Wednesday!  So many thanks to you!
Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 Cases Fancy Feast
Kathy D - CA  Plush Kitty Blanket
KathyinWVA & Donnie & critters - 12 - Cute Kitty Adoption folders 

AnonyCatLover - A collar flower for Mary Braids' new puppy
Sarah S - Drawing of a Kitty with a Letter and samples of her handmade earrings and bracelet for FFRC.  Very nice!
Burgundy - France  Donna's Baby Kitty Apron--super nice!

Anony - 3-D Amusement Park Puzzle for 2020 Catathon!
Jane 90125 - 16 lb Purina One, Case 32 ct Friskies, Case Fancy Feast Kitten, Case Baby Food, Jacobs Mini Cheddars
Penlope/Robin R - 24 pk Whiskas,  Kickeroo Toy (Spiker loves them), 4 Picnic Food Covers for babies

Ollie the Hooligan & Gene the Monster - Case of 12 rolls Bounty, Can of KMR. Box 24ct Delectables, Box of Whiskas, 2 Cases Appetizers, Case of Baby Food, Case of 12-12oz cans KMR, Case of Chicken, Bag of Iams  Big thanks, kitties!
Judeannlee & Phil - 4 pkgs balls, 6 pkgs springs, Turbo scratcher refills & 3 Lounge scratchers, 4 Cases Baby Food
Deb 11111 - 2 Cases 40ct Friskies, 3 cases 40 ct Friskies

Maria/Snoopybaby & Preakness - 3 Tier Trubo Tracker, Wand Toy, Box of Little Soups, Case of Baby Food, 3 Tubs Clorox Wipes

MaryAnn - Photo of her beautiful Casey - 21 Books mostly about cats: Rescue Ink, Cat Confidential, Cat Deck the Halls, Chicken Soup and many others
Suzanne & Andre with Lorenzo, Freemont & Baby - In honor of Hensley & Cutie - 2 Tubs Blue Buffalo Snackers

Jeanette H - Bonnie Scotland - Kitty Card, For Jacci, Belgian Milk Chocolate Popcorn for the movies, 3 boxes Walkers Shortbread Cookies, Stunning Fantasy Glass Swarovski Crystal Humming Bird--I love it!
Ju in ji - 4 Cases Baby Food
Joey3100 - Epson Printer for Jacci's office  wow, wow, wow!

Cate R with Sharona & Aubry in OK - Kitty Card and 2 Chicken $5 in honor of Kiera's Birthday June 5th
Linda/5Cats2luv  & Bill H - MI  Kitty Card with Chicken $5
Elaine & Alan - FL  Elaines hand colored card with Flat of Stamps and Donation in memory of LittleKat
Dave H - Sponsorship for his Gang
Sarah/Contessa - Paw Points and a beautiful handmade picture with a letter
Sue/Macncheesendoodlesmom - Donation in honor of Marilyn
Johns Manville - Donation (from employees)  $200  Yeah, Defiance Johns-Manville

Dates coming up:
July 15, Monday--HumaneOhio surgery day
July 15, Monday--Board meeting
July 20, Saturday--FFRC surgery day
July 22-25--floor has to be redone
August 5, Monday--HumaneOhio surgery day
August 6, Tuesday--DHS class visit in morning

In case you are wondering about the floor, mentioned above--remember. we had the floor redone when we did the reconstruction.  It's not "right"--has a lot of discoloration to it over the entire area.  So, they will be coming July 22 to strip it all down and start all over.  It'll be a 4 day process. As in the past, the kittens and cats will be put into different rooms.  This time though, some of the volunteers will take a few of the kittens to their homes for a visit!  Fun for the volunteers and fun for the kitties! We can do this and will get thru these 4 days.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Monday, July 8, 2019

Monday, July 8, 2019

Five more adoptions! Love this.........these homes are wonderful.  My goal is loving family, safe environment, good vet care and lots of TLC and attention!  
Toronto was adopted on 7/5.    Ting was adopted 7/6.  And then Rosiland, Reata and Harmony were adopted together on 7/7.  I've heard from several families lately and all are going great! That's what it's all about.....those awesome homes!

Toronto is now called Ramsay and is doing well. "He is a pure lover and straight up lap cat. He has won over everyone's heart including Mack's. (family's resident cat).  Ting has settled in nicely too and has made friends with Ollie, his new brother. 

Just a bit of explanation about our medical care for our kittens and cats that are here.  We tell people that their adoption fee is only $100, although we have a minimum of $350 in each and every kitten and cat that is here.  And that is at our reduced cost!  Here's a breakdown of what we do for them:
They receive a vet physical, their spay or neuter, 2-3 distemper vaccines, bordetella vaccine, possibly 2 leukemia vaccines, multiple layers of different wormings, flea prevention each month, a bath, a capstar, two leukemia/FIV/heartworm tests, ear mite control and any other medical needs that require 

And it's always important to remember the after-care of vet's role in your new pet's life!  Those annual physicals are so important, even if a vaccine is not due yet.  Physicals are the way to hopefully, find out about small problems before they become bigger problems. 

We have thanks to give!
Marie C--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
DashaSL--donation in honor of Toasty's return
Katie, Rob and Max from UK--donation in honor of Jackson, King of the Wheel on his birthday
Jakesmeowmy--donation to help wherever the need is 
Gusti--donation for snackers for August's birthday & drinks for volunteers
Yvonne vdk--donation for a Happy 4th!
Reschke Store--donation to FFRC
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Harm B--donation for FFRC

BillieK--donation to help with all the new babies coming in, especially TInora and Watson
William M--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Vaun--donation in honor of Toasty

Anonymous Friend--16 bounty papertowels, quick size!
Flymom--visitor--case of water, 2 Mr. Clean's, 1 Lysol Clean
Annie G & Debbie M--4 bags of 40# bags of litter
Judianlee--cat toys, biggydews for FFRC kitties, sticky notes, Fancy Feast, pkg of kittywipes
Heather--donation to help with the spay/neuter fund

We also had BOXES on Weds.   Many thanks!
J & J in Pa == 2 Chickie  $5 for Ramsey and buddies, several 4 link catnip toys, bag of mice catnip toys 
Anonymous  == 2 Containers of Friskies Party Mix snacks, 50 Coil Toys 
Jani and Angus M/Jane9125 == 1 Case of 40 Friskies  Canned food   
Karen B == 4 Cases of Gatorade
Pat L / PLEE == 3 Cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
Oopsie PA == 2 Cases of Fancy Feast Kitten
Anonymous == 16 containers of Lysol Wipes  
Beth/Eaglewatcher == 4 Cases of 40 Fancy Feast 

Jackie J & Carl from UK  == 6 Handmade cushions , T-shirt for Jacci, 2 fish toys, 12 Interactive Treat Balls for Adoption Bags ,  10 Coin Purse for volunteers & mods 

Dave & Stripey   == 4 Containers of Lysol Wipes, 2 Cases of Ham Baby Food, Box of Royal Cain Mother & Baby, 2 Cases of Pro Plan Kitty, Modified Turbo Scratcher for CH kitties (have already seen Ramsay, Derecho and Vernon play with it.  Pania too!)

Dawn N == kitten food 
Barbara E == 6 beautiful Adoption Bags,  8  LeggyDews 
Anonymous == 4 Cases of Fancy Feast Kitten, 4 Cases of Whiskas Perfectly Chicken, 6 Cases of Appetizers

Mary D & Randi ==  2 Cases of Appetizers 
Anonymous == 2 Cases of 3 Containers of Clorox Wipes
DarkCat == 3  Angel Ornament---love these!

Kris == Large Donut bed and so pretty!

Peggy/Leggygal ==   2 Large Boxes of  BiggieDews (40 ish )  Will see at a Flash Slae!

Clarke, Jessie and Rest of the Gang == Card & 3 chickie dollars for August, Jackson & Jersey
Clarke, Jessie and Rest of the Gang == Card and Chickie for Elsie
Clarke, Jessie and Rest of the Gang == Card and Chickie for Cutie 

Renee B / Pa == Litter Box Tabs, Coupons 
Reno == donation for FFRC
Maria & Miranda == card for Elsie and Cutie  plus 2 Chickie dollars 
Julie & David == Birthday card for Elsie, 1 Chickie dollar
Kay C & Gail G,  boger, G  == Card & Donation  

Last winter, we spotted a long hair black/white cat, with a jingle bell collar on,  that was eating near the Sunporch, with the Porchies. As soon as we spotted her, she took off.  I have a wonderful neighbor, Deb,  down the road a ways that also feeds the strays. She spays/neuters after trapping them.  I let her know that we had another stray in the area. This cat went to her feeding station and Deb has worked for months to try and trap her. She finally got her in a trap a couple days ago and brought her here to be spayed. We've tested her, vaccinated her, got her up to date so far. Deb has named her Belle because she was able to be alerted to her appearance by the jingle bell.  Belle is awaiting her spay day, a week from today. turns out that Belle was just a very scared stray. Somewhere in her past, she was treated with much kindness as she is ever so sweet. She's a leg rubber and ever so friendly.  We will change her plans of being returned outside to finding her a wonderful indoor home!  

We have several more kittens on hold! More adoptions coming up and we have some families scheduled to come in to look at the kittens.  

The 15 kittens that are in the back Thumper's Room are doing great. Growing, friendly and very active. Won't be long until they join the front kittens for more romping time!  Yaseen, the adult Himalayan has taken over some of their care and is a natural mama to them. She enjoys bathing them and napping with them.  Paw Paw has also visited them!  What a wonderful thing for these orphaned kittens!

I have some explaining to do.  It's actually a happy/sad thing that happened.  Remember I told you about Gracie Roo, the grey and white cat that liked being in the dog run/Bella's Place? Gracie Roo figured a way out of the kennel but we had spotted her a few times.  She was an outside cat before coming here and so I wasn't too worried about her being out.  And remember, I told you about Toasty, the grey and white Porchie, being missing for a month?  And then our neighbor (not the same neighbor as above)  called and said that a stray grey/white cat was on her porch.  We went down to see if it was one of our cats.  As soon as I saw this cat, I called him and he came right over.  Was very happy.  He looked so thin and rough and soooo dirty.  I was ecstatic---Toasty had been found.  We all celebrated.  So, Toasty was back and Gracie Roo was close by, living her outdoor life.  And then, Toasty was a bit growly.  Toasty is not a growly cat.  I was in the back Thumper's Room 2 days after we got him back when it hit me like a brick--that is NOT Toasty, that is Gracie Roo.  Upon checking the bum, it was definitely Gracie Roo (a girl) and not Toasty (a boy).  The weird thing is, we have compared head pictures and the faces are eerily and strangely so very much alike.  The eye liner, the dip down on the left side, the upper right side, the pink nose, the white muzzle. I showed these pictures to people who knew the cats and it was very confusing as to their similarities.  But....the bum doesn't lie--a girl is a girl and a boy is a boy.  So, it's Gracie Roo that is back and Toasty is still missing.  Very sad about Toasty but happy about Gracie Roo as she is an older cat.  She's still resting and napping from her adventure.  The kitty fence in Bella's Place has been fixed and should now not have any escapees. So, welcome back to GracieRoo and we will continue to look for Toasty. 

All else is good here.  Kittens are crazy active.  Adults are happy.  H ad some chickie snackers.  They are alls taying cool, thanks to the air conditioner.  The outside cats are doing great. Fans in the Cove, FIrehouse and even on the shelter house.  Farm animals too are taking this heat and humidity in stride.  

Have a wonderful week! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

We had a great day yesterday with HumaneOhio!  We sent up 47 kittens and cats. This breaks down to 38 spays and 9 neuters.  That also includes 8 of FFRC kittens--7 females and 1 male.  Those kittens were:
Jay Money (male), Janelle, Janine, Harmony, Reata, Pansaroo, Pandora and Discos (females).  They are all doing terrific--acting crazy, eating good, incision areas look good.
Our total now for 2019 is 627--363 spays and 264 neuters!  Onward to our goal of 1200 for this year.

We also acquired another cat to FFRC yesterday.  One of the cats coming in for a spay needed to be placed elsewhere, so we took her in. Her new name is Yaseen. She is a Himalayan. It looks like she had been shaved short at some time and is in the process of growing out her fur. She is a sweetie. She is right now in the front Thumper's Room and will be up soon to the Main Area.

The 3 new tiger kitties have names!
Kenzel and Kaze goes to the two brown tiger girls.
Kristof is now the grey tiger boy.
All 3 are doing super and are very playful. Won't be long until they can be on the floor with the other 11 to rock and roll!

We have almost 100% of Catathon items sent out as of yesterday.  We've been hearing that items are arriving to their homes everyday!

We have thanks to give!
Kris M--donation to FFRC in honor of Cutie's birthday
Yvonne VDK--donation to FFRC in honor of sweet Hatima
Ivy C--donation to FFRC
Konnie B--donation in honor of Cutie's birthday
Maite--donation in honor of Mitz
Lorene B--donation to FFRC

We've heard from Snoopurrs new family. Sounds like things are going good--she is doing well and getting acquainted with their other cat Percy.

Eddie White is here on my desk--he occasionally will visit me and seems so content. All curled up like a comfortable cat does! Lucie is here beside me--just had her snackers and is watching the kittens playing. She would prefer they leave her tail alone and tells them so. Zelda is all happy in her desk bed, taking a nap. Jessie is here also, getting a drink and checking out the activity here. There are 8 kittens running back and forth here in the office--speedy little things! Amber just rolled her brother Fern over and now the race is on!

Check it out:  ResQwalk--it's a free mobile app that lets you raise money for FFRC and all you have to do is walk! It's good for you and good for the kitties!

Also please remember that FFRC is collecting Purina Points. And all we need is a photo copy of your receipt that shows the purchase of your Purina products! On that receipt will be the retailer's name, the date, time and amount of transaction. And then.....FFRC benefits! Email your photo to:    Thanks!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Yesterday morning was a super busy morning here at FFRC.  Lots of visitors, more kittens being looked at and a few more on hold!  A good morning!

We have thanks to give--my heart is always so grateful:
Sakani's family--visitors, 12 cans Kitten, 24 cans Friskies
Nona--another supply of KMR to help us with kitten season

3 ladies from PA--visitors--paper plates, bag of dry food, garbage bags, 3 bottles handsoap, kittywipes, 6 hand towels, spinning ball toy, scratcher, lazer lights

Tammy & Keith--paper towel, 4 pk wipes, 2 bags doggie treats, bag of Purina dry, 2 cases Friskies
Mary, Fri. vol--donation to FFRC, in honor of Beth & LJ and Barb W. 

Michelle & Mary LF--donation in memory of Willie
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Kristin R--donation to FFRC

The new 11 kittens have names!
Tinora--female, br tiger/white.  Crushed foot is slowly healing  Birthday is 5/4/19

This is one litter:--their birthdays are 5/15/19
Gunner--Male, grey tiger, 4 white feet, grey face
Pierre--Male, black tiger, 4 white feet, pink nose, white muzzle
Minerva--Female, muted calico, cream forehead
Sydney--Male, slate grey and white, 4 white feet, big white neck

Another litter:   their birthdays are 6/1/19
Angelo--Male, black/white,  white up nose, rt. whisker pad wh
Angela--Female, black/white white feet, full black face

Another litter:  birthdays are 5/15/19
Pepper--Male, black tiger, 4 white feet, br & wh whisker pads, pink/brown nose
Purrbear--Male, brown tiger, 4 white feet, br & wh whisker pads, white up on shoulders

Another litter:  birthdays are 55/15/19
Precious--Female, medium long fur, black
Preslie--Female, medium long fur, brown tiger
I was asked about a paper I wrote about 5 years ago--if I would repeat it, so here it is!

Just for fun...but in all seriousness too. 

THINGS YOU DON'T SAY TO A CAT RESCUER:  (I truly have heard every single one of these here at Friends of Felines' Rescue Center), by Jacci Moss

Do you have any unspayed cats I can adopt? My kids want to see babies born.

I have mice---I need a cat.

Can I give you my unspayed cat and take one of yours that's already fixed?

Why on earth would you spend money on a health test for a cat? I just put them all together anyway in my barn.

You don't have an adoption process, do you?  That's dumb. 

I want to adopt a cat but want to make sure he will like my cat I have at home. I brought him with me and just put him in your office with those other cats.  (when told to get his cat picked up, he said why?  when asked if his cat has fleas...yes, he does)

My cat is peeing everywhere. Will you take it?  I'll take one of yours that knows how to use the litterbox.

Will you take these kittens that my mama cat had? I still have some of her first litter from spring time.

My cat is really old and not any fun anymore. Will you take it?

My cat has a huge sore on it's stomach and I don't believe in having vet bills. 

All cats are the same. Can I just come in and take one and go without anyone bothering me with questions?

I don't worry about how many litterboxes I have---they can go outside to potty.

I really want a cat but can't afford one.  Will you just give me one?

Why do you want to know about my other cats?  They died---they just died. I don't know why and I didn't take them to the vet.

It's always better to have a litter before spaying a girl cat.

I only want a female cause they won't spray.

I want a cat for my aunt's cousin's friend.  No, they don't know I'm here.  No, I'm not positive they want a cat.  If they don't, I have a friend who might take it. 

I have allergies and can't hardly tolerate them. I don't even like cats. But my girlfriend does. So, if I have a cat, she might like me better. 

I will NOT neuter my tomcat. Then he won't be able to hunt or defend himself.

I want a cat that is orange.  Don't care about anything else, as long as it's orange.  And with a white front paw. 

I have a new boyfriend and he doesn't like cats, so I'm wondering if you'll take my 3 cats. I don't want them anymore. 

I can hide the kitten in the closet upstairs until my daughter's birthday, it's only 3 days away.

So my other cats aren't neutered that I have in the house---what does that have to do with this one that I want to adopt? I promise I will take it to the vet if it gets hurt.

Do you have any 3-4 week old kittens that I can have?  I just want to bond with it when it's tiny. You want a vet reference too?  Why? I don't have a vet. 

You might want to check that grey tiger white cat by the door.  I just hit it with the door when I walked it and he fell over. He's still down. 

Sure I have vet references. I spent $650 on my last cat--it's collar was so tight it needed surgery to fix his neck. 

Yes I have vet references. Last year I paid my vet over $200 to try and save my cat. He died though. Vet said he was so dehydrated and had too many fleas, so he died. 

And yet people still ask me................Why do you have an adoption procedure? I will turn down anyone that questions our adoption procedure. I am a firm believer that adoption application forms are very important to help find homes for our rescued cats and kittens.

Take care and have a wonderful day! 

Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday, June 28, 2019

About 80% of all of Catathon items have now been mailed!  Our mailing crew is phenomenal--Lynnette, Marcia, Beth, LJ, Tammy and Keith--big thanks! We are caught up now on payments and sending out. As soon as the remaining items' payments are received, they will go out the door too! 

We are busily straightening up the buildings where all these items were stored--Kitty City, Sheds 3 and the Golf cart shed.  Getting back to much as normal is around here! 

We have major wonderful thanks to give:
Yaseen--donation to FFRC
Bragg Shop--donation to FFRC
Jeanette R--donation in memory of Aleta who passed a year ago
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Stephanie M--donation to FFRC
Fran D--donation for a Happy Birthday to Elsie!
Reschke Store--donation to FFRC
Barb W, our volunteer--donation to FFRC
Bragg Shop--donation to FFRC
Anne L--donation to help with all the new kittys!
James W--donation to FFRC
Marie C--donation to FFRC
RObert M--donation as a thank you for helping the cats and kittens

VIcky R--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC

I've heard from the family that adopted Velveteen. Her new name is Bella. She has settled into her new home very well. Their other cat Zazzles is also adjusting to Bella's and all the energy a kitten brings! She is getting lots of attention, love and snuggles.

I've also seen Mercury and Madge. They are growing and it's quite obvious that they love their new mom and dad. 

We had BOXES on Weds.  Such wonderful items!💚💙
Jan - 9 Pretty Crocheted Kitty Blankies
Anony - 4 Boxes Whiskas Pkts

Jody -J 6 pkts Kitty Wipes, 2 Bags Purina One Kitten, 3 Bottles Mr Clean, 6 Bottles Lysol Cleaner, Lg & Small PineSol, 8 Gal Bleach. 12 - Collapsable Cubes, 3 Fox, 3 Dog & 6 Kitty, 8 Eco Friendly Shopping Bags, 4 Laurel Burch Kitty Mugs       For CatStock: Fun Raiser Peace Bag with Tie Dye Travel Mug, Beach Towel & Peace Pole: Love Is All You Need
Peace Poles for FFRC Forever Missed

Karen B - Box Delectable Kitten, Box of Fancy Feast Broths, Case of Fancy Feast
Mike & Lorri W - Bag of Purina One, Case of Fancy Feast, Cast 40ct. Friskies, 22 lb Bag Meow Mix, 16 lb Bag Purina One
Ju in Ji - 4 Cases Baby Food 

Anony Friend- 2 Boxes 30ct Little Soups, 5 boxes Appetizers
Alan & Elaine - FL In memory of Little Kat, 2 bags Litter, Box- 32ct Friskies, 3 24ct Friskies, 1 24ct Fancy Feast, 1 Box Appetizers

Mary, Teddys Mom, 24 Jars Baby Food
Anony Friend For Dingie - 2 Cases Ham Baby Food
Britannie M with Boston and Barret - For Hope  Royal Canin Kitten Food, Case 24ct Royal Canin Baby Cat

Friend - 3 12ct Friskies, 2 cases Baby Food
Pania - 9 Boxes 6ct Glass Shaker Jars
Sherri - 1000 6" Plates
NHFurry & Rescue Pride - 3 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 4 Cases Baby Food

J Bond - Necklace with Derecho, Mowgli Book light, Lighted ball light with JanieCat & Derecho, a Magic & Trucker T-Shirt, 4 Bags Coconut Rolls

Burgundy One of our Wonderful Mods - A Kitty carrier Apron for Aunty Peggy.. Tried out by Jacci & Hope.  Pattern was provided by Louise

LJ - Felted Kitties $30 : Paddy Purr - Springtime, Paddy Cakes & Purr - Playtime, Paddy Cakes & Purr - Playtime2, Jessie - Love is in the Air, Paddy Cakes & Purr - The Kids, Paddy Cakes & Purr - You Are So Handsome, Asha - Shiney, Jessie - Bug Hunt, Derecho - Good Morning

And to add to this busy time, we took on 11 new kittens. Most don't have names yet but hopefully today they will. 

Tinora--female, brown tiger & white.  Found by a volunteer at a Tinora ballgame. I feel she obviously was tossed from a car--has multiple abrasions on the face and a laceration on her right front leg. Her little right front paw is also crushed--so very sore. She is on antibiotics and soreness meds. She is 7 1/2 weeks old, arrived on 6/25. Her birthday is 5/4/19.  Such a sweet babe.

These next 11 kittens do not have names yet! 
This is one litter:--their birthdays are 5/15/19
Female, grey tiger, 4 white feet, grey face
Male, black tiger, 4 white feet, pink nose, white muzzle
Female, muted calico, cream forehead
Male, slate grey and white, 4 white feet, big white neck

Another litter:
Male, black/white, wh chin white up nose
Female, black/white white feet, full black face, white chin

Another litter:
Male, black tiger, 4 white feet, br & wh whisker pads
Male, brown tiger, 4 white feet, br & wh whisker pads

Another litter:
Female, medium long fur, black
Female, medium long fur, brown tiger

Today will be to get their medical records updated and get names to these kittens. All are sweet, ornery and active.  The 2 little black/whites are very small yet but are keeping up nicely with the bit older ones!

And we've had 3 more adoptions since noted in blog:
6/24--Tily was adopted. She was one of the 4 Some T's. The family was very excited and had waited for her to be spayed. Such an extra sweet kitten.

6/26--Snoopurrs adopted.  She was one of the Sweetie Kitties. Another super nice kitten going into a great home! 

And Hope wanted me to mention her as an official adoption (again)!  She is still being syringed fed and that is ok.  She's still so tiny.  But mighty--I saw her yesterday doing the "puff up walk" as she tried to grab the tail of an adult.  She wacked it and then had the good sense to run......and run fast!  Hope has been spending a bit of time inside my home but the majority of her time is still in the rescue center. It's good for her to have kittens to play with.  

All is well here. Getting ready for 3 big surgery spay/neuter dates coming up the first half of July.  Lots of treatments to give due to all the kittens--vaccines, worming, flea prevention, etc.  Keeping us kitty hopping busy! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Catathon is done and it was absolutely stunning and awesome, to me! I am so full of thanks to everyone for making this so successful.

Sunday, Catathon day started out just fine, from the beginning!  Cat furniture was moved out of the way, tables put up. All items for bidding were ready and waiting to be tagged with a name!  Phone lines were tested, cams were in place, volunteers and visitors that were helping arrived. Food was abundant and delicious! And we started on time!  

Here's the breakdown of the numbers:
Catribution         $7,330.10 (includes the Ducktribution!)
4-fur                   $13,431.03
FB auction          $770.00
Baskets               $7,270
Big Ticket           $4,930
Big Big Ticket    $2,660
Small Big Ticket $2,140
Fun Raiser           $4,800

Grand Total  $43,331.13   
Totals for 2018 was $39,375    

Here's our 2019 goals for Catathon:

Electric line buried for a light on the FFRC sign in front yard
Vinyl siding to Kitty City       $1940
Spay/Neuter Fund
Bravecto order --- $990 - 60 treatments for 3 months for outside cats 
Liability Insurance is due    $2,800
Operating Funds—utilities, day to day needs
All FFRC sheds need to be painted again for preservation  $760
Driveway—parking lines painted on concrete      $150
Vet bill at the clinic—to have a reserve again                                                                                        Patterson medical supply bill  $2,950                                                             
Annual maintenance on generator   $300
Repairs/maintenance done $2,940   Cat walks, shelves, lights and repairs
Replace surgery autoclave    15”  $6,299      9”  $5393
Load of stones for around people areas        $625
Replacement for 1 of the heavy duty wagons       $225

A super big thanks to all the people who made this Catathon possible by providing all the items that were in the baskets and all the individual items. Without you all, this Catathon would not be possible. You provided 95% of the items in Catathon!

A big thanks to our volunteers. Many of our volunteers have been with us for years. Some are just new in the last year. Each and everyone of them is important to FFRC. They are the ones that help keep this place together. They are not only volunteers of the highest caliber, showing love and compassion but they are our friends. And that is what makes this an easy place to be at.

Our friends and volunteers provided two awesome meals for everyone--absolutely delicious foods! Many thanks.

It truly takes a village of people to make this Rescue Center work: volunteers, mods, admins, chatters, supporters, lurkers, tweeters, family, vets, staff, fb friends, instagram friends.  Thanks for being a part of our village!

I also made an announcement during Catathon.  After much internal thinking and decision thinking, I made up my mind.........I was going to adopt little Hope.  I normally do not do this....believing that these kittens and cats have the right to their very own home and should be adopted.  It dawned on me (after talking to my family), that I too can be an adoptor!  So, little Hope is now Hope Moss.  For now, while she is so little and still being bottle/syringe fed, she is in the Rescue Center where I can keep track of her. She's already made a few visits in the house. But, she needs kitties to play with--her energy level and braveness is high! 

I'd like to pass on the ending of Catathon:
Wow—what an awesome Catathon! Our 10th one!

ALL of this effort today is because of the cats, because we love them and care for them and have the desire to help them and to find them homes. We truly have the greatest volunteers in the world.  We have support systems from our families. And we have friends. YOU make up that awesome wonderful FFRCNation—we are a team, a family that has come together, purely for love of the cats and the desire to help them.  FFRCNation stands for Many Countries, One Heart, One Mission, One Nation.

We’re all in this together. And we’re a pretty good team together! One of the keys to what makes this Rescue Center successful for the cats is YOU.  While we are HERE and you are THERE, we all have our different things we do to keep us going.  WE HERE are the hands-on caretakers, taking care of the physical, medical and emotional needs of this rescue center. The volunteers give their love, compassion and hearts to FFRC.  YOU THERE are important in the role YOU play—you are our emotional supporters, always telling us—YOU can do this, We have your back, to lean on you.  You have told us these wonderful words for years. And that is HUGE to me.  Even though that cam is just a plastic ball, it brings us all together.  And for that, I am grateful.

The purpose of this Catathon is to help us meet some goals and to help us continue on financially.  Isn’t it a bummer to have to think about money!!   But…’s part of life. We DO need your financial support. You have again shown me that FFRC is important to you too.  Always know that I am very respectful of all donations—it’s something YOU don’t HAVE to do, yet you do it! And please don’t ever ever think that I take this support lightly.  It means so much to me. The financial worry of carrying on this Rescue Center is huge for Steve and me. But, time and time again, you have shown that you want us to keep on going. And we do keep on going because we have such a passion for what FFRC stands for.

I always have this worry in my head—how do I possibly and effectively convey my gratitude?  It’s hard to verbalize it big enough. But, please…know my heart is filled with thankfulness for each of you and for every penny donated to FFRC.   I will always give my best,  to provide the best medical care that we can, to make every cent count, to stand by each cat and let them know they are important and to do my best at finding wonderful homes for them.

You know, I see this fairly often on FB—how you thank myself and FFRC for saving this cat or that cat.  BUT, we could not possibly do that saving without YOU.

Remember those Abel babies and how sick they were?  You helped rescue them by supporting their lab work, all their many meds and their eye ointments. They have all been adopted and doing good.

Remember our dear sweet Mowgli?  Oh what a special girl she was. You helped rescue her by supporting her two surgical procedures to place her feeding tube, her antibiotics, her soreness meds and her special tube feeding foods.

Remember Manville?  You helped rescue him too. He had to have his tail amputated. You helped with his antibiotics and his special ear medicines. He is now adopted.

Remember Barin? Such a wonderful boy. You helped rescue him. Barin had to go to a cardiologist for all sorts of tests. He also had tests at Dr. Darcy’s office. He is now adopted.

Remember Boaz, or Bozi as we called him?  He’s the one that fractured his leg here.  You rescued him as well.  He had to go to the vet’s for x-rays and then back again for his FHO—femoral head ostectomy  surgery. Afterwards, you helped with his antibiotics and soreness meds. He is also adopted.

These are just a few examples. Every vaccine we use, every wormer, all the flea meds, the tests that we do, the ointments and supplements—these are things that you help finance for us. YOU are as much a rescuer as what we are. And I am grateful for this.

Quote from Desmond Tutu---Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

We give these cats our rescue center, they give us pure joy.
We give these cats food and nutrition, they give us love and loyalty.
We give these cats hugs and kisses, they give us their deep booming purrs.
We give these cats the love in our hearts, they give it back in unconditional love. start thinking of Catstock, which is September 7th! COme one, come all!