Thursday, June 20, 2019

Thursday, June 20, 2019

We are almost there--3 more days to Catathon!  Yesterday was the end of the Catathon Fun-Raiser! There are 10 items. These 10 item's winners will be drawn during Catathon--2 in each round from 2 thru 6!  Consolation prizes are to be drawn in Round 7!  They have all done very well! 

Today is the last day for the 4-fur!  That's where you can make a donation from $1 to $50 and it will become a 4-furred. Example:  $1 becomes $4.  $50 becomes $200!  All thanks to a wonderful FFRC friend who has made this possible!  These amounts will also be added into the grand total. 

Today Arthur Phone Company will come around 10:00 ish to hook up the 7 lines that we will need for the Catathon! That's always a fun time. We need cam help on this. Once cables are hooked up, we will give a thumbs up--and then YOU can flood the line at 419-393-2400.  It'll only take a couple minutes. This will help us to be sure phones are working properly and the roll-over is doing it's thing. 

We have put the bidding boards together and they are ready! On Monday, we put these boards on their tables and moved the cam to make sure that all works. I must say--that cam has an awesome picture. The numbers on the bidding board were nice and clear!  We also checked the cam that will be on the phone people (at times) and that too is ready. 

Tables were put up just to make sure the phone people's position is accurate.  Things changed for this year due to our renovation! Looks good.  

The big screen TV that will go under the shelter house for visitors to watch will arrive tomorrow, Friday. Rent a Center is donating this rental to FFRC!  Werlor's (our trash picker-uppers) will be here Friday as well to take an extra load from us. 

HEAR YE, HEAR YE---today is the last day to pre-register! It's simple to do--takes less than a minute!  Just go to our website at and click on Pre-Registration.  Tha way, even if you are thinking of bidding, it will shorten your time on the phone! Thanks so much!  Pre-registration ends at 3:00 pm today. 

Catathon Pre-Registration surprise!  As an added incentive to pre-registering, we have a surprise. Afterall, it benefits you and FFRC to do this!  During Catathon, all the names will be in a container and a name will be pulled.  The prize: a cloth FFRC satchel, cat toys, cat crinkle tunnel and a crate pad! 

We have thanks to give: Peggy H, visitor--TP, Wet Ones, gal. bleach, alcohol, kitty snackers, 10 Friskie cans, FF, 2 cans tuna
Ann, Sean, Penn, Teller, Pixell & Morris--donation to FFRC, in honor of LJ for all the crafts she donates to FFRC
Katherine T--donation to FFRC
Robyn F--donation to FFRC
Marie C--donation to FFRC
Deborah S--donation to FFRC

This past Monday we had our HumaneOhio surgery day. We sent up 31 cats!  This broke down to 14 males and 17 females. Many thanks to Lynnette, Donnajb, MaryBraid and Becky M for helping with check ins.  It's a very busy 40 minutes or so, to just get all the cats checked in.  After check ins, we double check paperwork, count cats and double check the count of cats and then load them up on the big Neuter mobile for their transport to HumaneOhio.  

We had several adoptions this week so far!
6/16--Mr. McWiggles went into his new home. Such a gorgeous cat and will have all the attention he wants from his new mama.
6/16--Velveteen went to her new family.  She has kids in this family to love her. I believe they loved her the moment they set their eyes on her!
6/17--Marge & Mercury has their new home! I've seen pictures of them watching out the patio doors. They sure look happy!
6/17--Susie Q & Stetson went to their new home together. This family picked these two kittens out weeks ago and have been patiently waiting to take them. They have visited them often.
6/18--Valiant was adopted to a family where he will have lots of attention. This is one of the sweetest kittens ever.

Manville will be going to his new home today. Gracie O'Malley will be going to her new home tomorrow! Yeah for adults being adopted!

WE have also taken in a few more cats:
PD--grey tiger/white, male. Volunteer Donnajb was coming here Monday morning early and saw him laying on Power Dam road (hence his name). He was ON the road, laying. She thought maybe he wasn't even alive. When she approached him, he got up, came, purred and was fine! He has conquered us all--super nice young cat. His birthday is 7/4/19. PD is a grey tiger/white.  He went up to HumaneOhio to be neutered on the day he arrived.

Squidjie--a Lynx point siamese. He was found in a yard, laying on his side, bleeding from his rear end area. The person didn't know what happened.  He had fleas and very bloody urine. He's on antibiotics and all soft food. Is now eating better. His birthday is 5/14/17.  Such a handsome boy with magnificent blue eyes.

Disco--female, white and gray  tiger with 5 dots on his back. She is about 9 weeks old and was wandering around for a bit, all by himself. She had fleas and was very hungry. Really sweet kitten. Her birthday is 4/16/19.  

And yes, we do have a new mama and 2 babies, but for right now, holding information. Their health isn't the best. Thank you in advance for understanding. 

Today, BOXES are at 1:00. Due to the busy-ness of Catathon, we did not have boxes earlier this week, so there's quite a few! Bring a snack, a drink, prop your feet up and enjoy! 

Onward to Catathon!  Have a terrific day! 

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday, June 16, 2019

7 more days to Catathon!  It's coming very quickly! And this will be a very busy week!

Today and tomorrow, we have possibly 7-8 adoptions now that we had surgeries yesterday! It's always so wonderful to see these kittens and cats go into their new homes even though we miss them.

Yesterday, we did 20 surgeries--11 neuters and 9 spays.  All went well.
Spays: Ginga, Snoopurrs, Snuggzy, Suzzie Q, Rascal, Velveteen, TIly, Marge.
Neuters: Bub, Stetson, Valiant, Verity, Zendaya, Zini, TIng, TObias, Toronto and Mercury.
Our total now for 2019 is 547.

We also did 1 spay and 1 neuter for the public.
We did not spay Maggie--she was just a tiny bit congested and we didn't want to chance it.

We did a few physicals.
Manville--he's ready for his adoption!  Physical good, ears much better
Mr. McWhiskers--good physical
Pania--physical good except slight head congestion.  Long acting antibiotic given.

Enola--physical good but her growth on her neck had indeed grown. was removed and it was the most interesting thing.  It was a "cyst", packed with fur! So, no danger there.

Janie--our Janie has 2 issues.  One--her cataracts have advanced so her sight is diminished somewhat. Also she has a tender spot on her lower back which may be attributing to her stiff rear legs.  We also have to remember she's almost 12.  Her treatment--anti-inflammatories and instructions to stay off the towers and off of the cat walks (she likes the ones here in the purple office room) for at least a week.  I've never seen her fall, but there's no doubt she's not as agile as a cat (even though she thinks so!).

BIg thanks to Gusti for providing the drinks for surgery day and to Joyce D for providing the pizza lunch!  yummmmm

I'd also like to thank Becky M, Dawn E, Mary Braid, Lostgirl, Pablo, Donnajb and Gem for their help yesterday.  Some help with the daily chores here. And some help with the post-op care of the kittens and cats.  When a surgery is over, we put the kitten or cat on a table so we can check them over, make sure respirations are good, remove their endotrach tube, trim toenails, check ears.  Then they are passed over to the ladies in PawMart where the kittens/cats are held, kept warm, respirations are watched. They are our eagle eyes and take such good care of them. It's such a comfort knowing they are in good, trained hands.

We have thanks to give!
Chris S--donation to FFRC
Heather W--donation to FFRC
BillieK--donation to help with Hop and her little friends
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Fran D--donation in honor of Vern's birthday
Pamela C--donation for FFRC
David P from Netherlands--donation to FFRC

I'd like to give another thanks to everyone who helped us with restocking our baby food shelves.  Those jars look mighty nice there, sitting, waiting for the next kitten or cat that needs an extra boost!

Today starts Catathon Fun-Raiser.  There is a video that runs periodically on the cam.  You can also go to our fb pages for info! We have 10 awesome items. This fun-raiser is over on the 19th, Weds. at noon!  The winning tickets will be done during Catathon--2 each in Rounds 2,3,4,5,6.  In Round 7, we will draw the consolation winners!

Catathon Pre-Registration continues on!  But it ends on the 20th, Thursday.  It's simple to do--takes less than a minute!  Just go to our website at and click on Pre-Registration.  Tha way, even if you are thinking of bidding, it will shorten your time on the phone! Thanks so much!

Catathon Pre-Registration surprise!  As an added incentive to pre-registering, we have a surprise. Afterall, it benefits you and FFRC to do this!  During Catathon, all the names will be in a container and a name will be pulled.  The prize: a cloth FFRC satchel, cat toys, cat crinkle tunnel and a crate pad! 

Catathon 4-fur is also still going on until Friday!  Any donations that are sent to FFRC, by a check or thru PayPal that is labeled for the 4-fur, will have your amount (from $1 to $50) quadrupled!  That means your $1 donation is worth $4 and your $50 donation turns into a magical $200!  All this because of a wonderful anonymous,generous friend!  My very deep thanks!

Tomorrow, in addition to a few adoptions, we will be setting up the Main Area for a trial run, complete with the bid boards.  Because of our new room size, we have a different set up. The new setup mostly concerns the phone people though. We will be doing this in the morning.

We also have HumaneOhio surgery tomorrow--early morning check ins and then the late afternoon check outs. Hoping for a full schedule.

This week we will be double checking on the big TV for Catathon--Rent-A-Center is donating it free for this event. This way, people under the shelter house will be able to watch!  Werlor's will also be doing a second pick up for us--that way we have plenty of room in the bin. 

On Thursday, Arthur Phone Company will be here around 10:00 am to set up the 7 lines that we will need for Catathon.  After it's set up, we will have a practice run again. Each year, we ask the viewers to flood the phones so we know that all of the phones are working properly and that the call roll-over is also working properly. So, we will need your help with this. We'll give you the signal, on Thursday when we are ready!

Here's to a catnip high-pawsome 5 for a wonderful week where everything goes smoothly!  lol   You all have a wonderful Sunday.  The kittens are already grooming in anticipation of visitors arriving this week.  They have their nail trim appointments made and their fur-brushers in place!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thursday, June 13, 2019

11 days to Catathon---we're on the countdown! Catathon Auction is over and it was wonderfully successful.  Here's the results:
Kitchen Aid--$190
FF Christmas Ornaments--$100
Cat Furniture 40"--$75
Cat Furniture with IQ box--$100
Cat Furniture with Ladder--$125
These amounts will each be added into one of the rounds of Catathon, to be added to the Totals!
Many thanks to those that made a bid and to those that donated the items.

Next week, Arthur Phone Company will be in to put the temporary 7 new lines in, to cover for Catathon.  While they are here, we will have a test that will involve our viewers calling in. We'll have you flood the phone lines so we can check and make sure all is working properly for the big day! 

I've been asked about our goals for Catathon! Here are some of them:
Electric line to the FFRC sign to provide light (estimate still coming)
Vinyl siding to Kitty City     $1940
Spay/Neuter Fund
Bravecto order---$990 will do 60 txs for the outside cats August-October
Liability Insurance is due    $2,800
Operating Funds—utilities, day to day needs
All FFRC sheds need to be painted again for preservation  $760
Driveway—parking lines painted on the concrete       $150
Vet bill at the clinic—to have a reserve again
Annual maintenance on generator  $300
Repairs/maintenance already done--$2,940 (cat walks, shelves, lights & repairs)
Replace surgery autoclave  15” $6,299      9”  $5393
Load of stones for around people areas   $625

Replacement for 1 of the heavy duty wagons    $225 

By visiting our website at, you'll be able to view the Catathon schedule and the whole catalog (descriptions and pics) of all the items involved!  Lots to see!

**** Remember.we're still doing pre-registration for Catathon!  If you even think you might make a bid, please take one minute to do the pre-registration.  It's easy!  Simply go to our website at    Click on the GOLD BAR that says CATATHON 2019 IS HERE!  You will see the bold letters of PRE-REGISTER HERE.   It will take less than a minute!  Bonus--when/if you call in with a bid, it will reduce the amount of time on the phone! ****

Hear ye, hear ye......there is another Giggle Video! Check it out---FFRC Captures and Captions Giggles Scene #41. Production by FFRC Captures and Captions, Directed by Derecho. Assistant director--JustMe. Special thanks for sonJamac for her silly kitty speak. This is an official video of ©Friends of Felines Rescue Center, Defiance, Ohio 2018Please click the like/thumbs up button on YouTube as it helps generate more $ for FFRC

We had BOXES yesterday!  Wow--on Monday late afternoon, a couple came in and then on Tuesday--bunches came in!!  We are grateful!
Ju in Ji - 3 Cases of Babyfood
Jeanette H - Scotland - Kitty Card For Vols--Mars Bars, Double Chocolate Cookies, bag of  Shortbread cookies & Tin of Walkers Shortbread

MistyKitty & Joe - 3 Tubs Temptation Snackers, 3 Cases Propel Water, can of KMR

K Kris - Grey Plaid House bed, pretty polka dot kitty bed
Sean & Lena - Box of 24 Stroopwaffles fo Vols at Catathon

AprilCat - 5 cases BabyFood, Case of 24 Fancy Feast, Case of 40 ct Friskies
J Bond - 6 Qt Insta Pot for a Fun-Raiser!
Jane - 16 lb bag Purina One Kitten
Anony - 3 Tubs Temptation Snackers, 4 Tubs Party Mix

Paula N - 2 Boxes 24 ct Broths, Special Kitty pckts, 2 bags PupPeroni (Janie) Bag of Temptation Snackers, 3 Push-Ups, Box of Sheba Broths, Case of Baby Food, Can Chicken, 1 cans Friskies , 16 cans Fancy Feast, Doggie Snackers & Feather Toys

Brian C - 2 Cases BabyFood, Case of 48 Sheba, 24 ct Fancy Feast, 2 Boxes Delectable Squeeze-Ups Kitten, 2 Boxes Delectables for Cats, 2 Boxes of Broths, 8 Lg cans Chicken, Tub of Temptations, Tunnel with toys, Coil Toys, Mouse Toys (special one for Hope) 2 laser lights
Case of 500 Kitty Wipes, 8 Tubs Lysol Wipes, 12 Blue Hand Towels, 5 Quarts Dawn Soap, 3 bottles Dial Hand Soap, Lots of Magic Erasers, Box of AA Batteries, 3 Lg tubs of Animal Crackers, Lg. Tub of Folgers Coffee, Box of Combos, 72 Cheez It Snacks, Tub of M&M's 2 Tubs Pretzels, Box of Assorted Grandma's Cookies, 2 Boxes Graham Crackers, 60 pkts Cheddar and Cheese Crackers, Nutter Butter Cookies, 60 Bags Lays Chips, 2 nice stuffed kitties for Marcia, Mowgli's mom mug & Purple Pen & 3 Kitty Towel for Jacci, Kitty Mug for Donna

Gail Fred & BooBoo - 32 cans Tuna, 2 Cases Baby Food, 2 boxes Broths, 4 pk of Lysol Wipes, 
Jody J - 6 Gallons Bleach
Anony - 1000 9" Plates

Mls - 1000 9" Plates
Eric & Carrie - Lots of large styrofoam Plates, Red White and Blue Basket Ball

Ollie the Hooligan and Gene the Monster - 8 rolls Sparkle Paper Towels
Anony - 2  20lb buckets Tidy Scoop
Annie G & Debbie M - 4 bags Litter
Anony --8  12pks of 9-Lives

Nona - 48 Cans KMR
Clark, Jesse & The Rest - Happy 7th B-day Coralie 12 June 2012  & Chickie $5
Clark, Jesse & The Rest - Happy 6thB-Day PB (Porchie) 12 June 2012  & Chickie $5

Saturday is our surgery date.  Our wish for what we want to accomplish is rather large. We'll do as many as we can:
Neuters: Bub, Stetson, Valiant, Verity, Zendaya, Zini, TIng, Tobias, Toronto and Mercury.
Spays: Ginga, Snoopurrs, Snuggzy, Suzzie Q, Rascal, Velveteen, Tily, Maggie, Marge and 1 public spay
We would also like to do a physical on Mr. McWiggles, Enola, Manville, Janie

It's possible there will be a few adoptions on Sunday--Manville, Mr. McWiggles, Marge & Mercury together, Stetson & SuzzieQ together and Velveteen.  Yeah--and all great homes!  Each adoption gets an adoption bag that is filled with information, toys, 3 can food samples, a baggie of our dry food mix, folder with health papers in it, catnip sample, laser light, a blankie of their very own, etc!!

We also have thanks to give!
Yaseen El-Egaizi--donation to FFRC
Fran D--donation in honor of Coralie's birthday
Michelle & Mary LF--donation for beautiful Queen Coralie
Ajpritting--donation in honor of Coralie's birthday
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation to FFRC, use where needed

Little Hope is hanging in there.  Although her body is still very very thin, she is up from her arrival weight of 10 ounces to now..........12 ounces!  And her appetite is picking up.  She's not eating by herself yet so is being syringe fed. Her friend Claire is good for her.  The two like to snuggle up and nap. They are now in the top two condos of the back Thumper's Room.

Here's some FYI:

Take care and have a great day! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tuesday, June 11,19

12 days to Catathon! Oh my! Our Catathon facebook Auction is on right now but is done at noon.  Starting Sunday is the beginning of our Catathon Fun-Raiser. It is over at noon on the 19th.  We have the big 55' TV with sound board reserved for the shelter house so visitors and volunteers and view the Catathon.  Today we will call Arthur phone company and make sure all will be ready for placing the 7 phone lines in.  Pre-Registration is still going on--will be over on the 20th. 

In addition to this, this coming Saturday is our FFRC surgery date. All slots are filled with FFRC spays/neuters. That following Monday, June 17 is another HumaneOhio day.  

Extra busy days right now in preparation of surgeries and Catathon. Plus, most importantly, is the care of the cats and kittens.  RIght now, the doors are open and the kittens are free roaming from the back to the front.  Mama Kayala has decided she's pretty much done nursing the kittens. She spent last night in the Main Area instead of where the smaller kittens are.  

We took in 3 new kittens, all separately. 
Ginga, (pronounced Gin-ja), female, slate gray, 10 weeks old. Her birthday is 4/1/19. She arrived yesterday.  A friend of a volunteer found her all by herself. Appears in fairly good health.

Claire, female, long hair, muted torti, 7 weeks old. Her birthday is 4/29/19. She arrived after being found by herself too, by one of our mod family. She has a slight URI, fleas and earmites.  Earmites are already being worked on. She's on antibiotics for her kitty cold and the fleas are already gone. 
Both of the above are names from Name A Cat list.

Hope, female, looks like a Himalayan.  Emaciated/dehydrated. Only weighs 10 ounces.  Today she weighs 10.10 ounces--a tiny tiny gain, but every little bit is good.  She is being syringe fed often. She arrived with a URI, both eyes pasted shut and bone thin. Hope was found alongside a road, in a ditch.  She's very "fragile" right now but she has a good spirit about her and seems to be a toughie.

The Double J kittens are doing great.  They are eating good now and have rounder tummies. Won't be long until they join the bunch on the floor.  These 3 kittens are very sweet and will add alot of fun to the group.  

We had BOXES yesterday! We are very grateful!  The word got out that we were extremely low on baby food meat. You heard and you sent baby food!!!  We are so very thankful!

Stacy E, Matty, Trevor, Jenna -- 25 Travel Journals 
Rebecca U -- 2 cases of baby food
Mary D & Randi M -- 5 cases of baby food
Plee -- Beautiful handmade pillow cases, 2 blankets
Kathy in WV -- 1 case of baby food
Cait -- 60 Washcloths, 2 cases of baby food
Anonymous -- 2 cases of baby food
Anonymous -- 2 cases of baby food
Donna/Napa -- 2 boxes of l'il soups 
Mr & Mrs Medic -- 2 cases of fancy feast      
Ann in UK  -- 1 case of fancy Feast  kitten pate, 2 boxes of broths
Mary J -- 2 cases of baby food  
Ollie & Gene -- 2 bottles of windex , 1 case of soups, 2 cases of baby food, Lg pack of stryofoam plates

Cathy3103 -- 1 case of baby food, 2 cases of gravy sensation packets
Karen B -- 4 cases of gatorade
Snoopybaby & Preakness -- 2 cases of Sheba Perfect portions, box of l'il soup
LJ -- 8 Fly Catchers Trap Sticks, 6 cases of baby food 
Jennette B/borokitty -- Additions to the 4th of July picnic basket, sm & lg plates, napkins, silverware  cups

Beth/Eaglewatcher -- 4 cases of baby food 
Contessa -- earring display rack 
Patty Pk -- 5 cases of baby food 
Julie P -- Box of 100 exam gloves, box of purple and pink vet wraps, light weight cat quilt --so pretty!

Gidge  -- 4 cases of baby food 
Cait - 10 necklaces for volunteers
Anonymous cat lover -- Red,White, Blue bow for Janie , Hummingbird necklace (special thanks!)
Kim R -- Cat Calendars, 3 beautiful earrings--one of which is Abalone, Kitty Bookmarks, box of 12 hand held fans

Sue,Cris, Craig, Roy & kittys , FFRC kitty fridge magnets -- awesome!
Kris -- Hepper Nest pet bed 
Donia -- 2 cases of baby food
Vicki B -- 3 bags of Royal Canin kitten food 
Anonymous Friend -- Super large bed 
Mark, Dee & Katie M -- 2 round scratcher beds, 1 cat head scratcher bed  

Clarke, Jessie and rest of the Gang -- Birthday cards for Kiara, Cliff with $5 chickie money
Tom & Linda C -- Card and Donation
Clint/NHfurry  -- Letter, Donation  of Leggydo for Marcia and Mowgli 

Julieanne & John E -- Card and Catathon 4FUR donation 
Joanna Z -- Card , Donation in memory of Farrah & Mowgli 
Mellisa L -- Donation for where needed
Jeanne S -- Donation for Feliz Navidad Fund   
Reitzel Tractor -- Donation in memory of Lorette B  
Sue/mac&chesse doodle mom -- Marilyn sponsorship 
Marilyn / Oregon Cat Lady - Card &  5  $5 chickie money 

Diane N/tweeti tweet -- Card, Catathon 4 Fur Donation 
Sharon T -- Card,  Mowgli Moss Gift for Jacci , Donation to ffrc 
Florence L -- Card - Box Tops, coupons  $5 chickie, and Catathon 4Fur Donation 

Plus, more thanks to give!
Jo Connelly--donation to help with Hope
Paul B--donation to FFRC
William K--donation for Hope
James R--donation to FFRC
Charlotte T--donation for FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Marie C--donation for FFRC
Anonymous Friend--donation in honor FFRCNation for the support give!
This past weekend was the Dance Studio Recital.  As in many years past, FFRC has managed the concessions as a fund-raiser. This year, we had a bonus from Shoney's! They donated all the ice we needed, napkins, plates and volunteer help! They also provided shirts for the volunteers that worked it! Many thanks to Elizabeth who organized this event for FFRC. Thanks also to: Bill & Angie L, Edna/Gem, Peggy S, Faithy, Becky M, Patrick, Vicki and Matt.  The Shoney volunteers were Dominic, Aubrey and Erica. Corey B (from Shoney's) brought two large coolers of ice for each time period (4). Big thanks to Jo Ann H (from Shoney's) who facilitated all of this help and donations.  

This Concessions as able to raise $1198.08 for FFRC.  And......we had a bump-up of $51.92 which made our profit $1,200!!  We are very grateful for this.  This money will go towards a new batch of vaccines that we need to order--distemper, bordetella and leukemia!  Great news and lots of great effort. 

All I can say is we have an awesome FFRCNation! 

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Saturday, June 8, 2019

You all simply amaze me beyond anything.  You heard our need for babyfood meat and it is/will be arriving.  Many thank yous for this.  We are conservative in the way we use this babyfood meat but we do have a big need.  We use it in the gruel, in the young kittens food too and for the oldsters and fussy eaters.  A blog on top makes for better appetites!  And we use it for giving meds/supplements--a little mix of baby food makes the medicine go down easier.  I am so thankful.  Truly, our FFRCNation is so generous and giving. 

We've had 2 more adoptions! Ashleigh and Atalia went to their new home. Their new mama has been visiting them (and all the cats) for weeks now. That is so wonderful as these kittens already know who she is.  They were loved by her long ago! All is well in their new home. 

This past Monday was our HumaneOhio day.  A large load of cats were delivered to HumaneOhio--49 total from FFRC.  This was made up of 38 females and 11 males.  Six of the females were from FFRC. We also had 2 voucher surgeries this past week.  Our new total is now 299 spays and 230 neuters--527! Let's keep this going!  We want ALL kittens when born to be able to have a loving h

We did not have BOXES this week but we will on Monday at 2:00! We had quite a few delivered late Friday afternoon!

We have thank yous to give!----
Graeme R--donation to FFRC
Donavon S--donation for the kitties
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation for FFRC

Tracy, our volunteer--8 cans of Friskies and 13 cans Fancy Feast

Fairview Human Growth & Development also presented FFRC with many handmade blankets and handmade pillowcases. These were made by approx. 60 students as a service project to FFRC! We appreciate this!
Our Catribution is in full force--a way of donating for Catathon.  It's called 4-fur!  Become a 4-fur-er simply by making a donation to FFRC, from $1 to $50.  Your amount, from an anonymous friend, will be 4-fured.  Let's say you donate $1--it becomes $4!  If you donate $50--it becomes $200.  It's amazable how this works! This will end on June 21 so we have time to get figures done before Catathon (June 23).  Just mark on your paypal or check that it's a Catribution for 4-fur!  Super big thanks to our Catathon Anonymous Friend!

More Catathon things coming up on Monday and Tuesday.  Actually, I'm going to try and get the info in on Sunday evening.  It's called Catathon FaceBook Auction (CFBA).  It's done at noon on Tuesday and will be on ONE FFRC facebook site--Friends of Felines Rescue Center.  We have to keep to one site so all bids can easily be seen by all.  It's an open auction--starting bid is $25.  Can raise the bid in $10 increments.  There will be 7 items! All you have to do is keep bumping up the bid to get it, right there on the post! Pictures will be posted.  These items will go out next week to the winning bidders!  These 7 items were donated for Catathon!

This week we had a visit by some Defiance High School students. They did some service projects for us and then came in and petted the cats and kittens. They will be back on Thursday to help us again!

Yesterday, today and Sunday, FFRC is doing the concessions for our local Dance Studio for their annual recital! We use this as a fundraiser. And some really great news--Shoneys here in Defiance has provided us with shirts for the volunteers working the concessions and all the ice we need plus the napkins, plates, etc.  We are very grateful to them. This helps alot.

We took in 3 new kittens known as the Double J litter. They had been found outside with no mama and brought to FFRC.  Their birthday is 5/7/19.  They were 4 weeks old upon arrival.  SUch sweet babies. They appear to be medium furred. Their names are from Name a Cat.
Jay Money--male, gray and white
Janine Elise--female, black tiger & white, ASH
Janelle Eileen--female, black tiger, ASH
They are in the back Thumper's Room, top two condos so they have plenty of room to waddle about! 

Each morning, we have been letting the entire kittens have the door open from the back to the Main Area. They sure love to run, jump and fly about! They get all this freedom for a few hours and then the door closes. This is to keep the smaller ones safe from busy feet. 

A week from today is our next FFRC spay/neuter date. Will be a full, busy day. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. Thank you again for what you do for this Rescue Center! You truly do make a difference to us. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tuesday, June 4, 2019, regular blog, catathon & 4-Fer

A rather long blog--lots of things to catch up on!

We had sunshine yesterday and no rain! The yard is slowly drying up a bit.  Temperatures are still a bit chilly in the mornings but the Covies, Porchies, Firecats and Barnies are sure loving the sun and warmth. Good news--since Russ did the excavating in the front yard, we have not flooded in the Purple Office. And all the rain we've had this spring has been a true test--but we passed!

We had an adoption on 6/1.  Gidget was adopted. She had been returned and was only here a few days before she was adopted.  I've already heard from her new family and all is well.  She approves of her new home, loves to sleep on their bed, wraps herself around their legs in appreciation and is happy! The word is that they love her already!

We also had another adoption on 5/30.  Our sweet Boaz went to his new home! His leg continues to heal. Dr. Darcy gave him an "ok" to be adopted. His new family has already sent a couple pictures and he sure looks happy. Such a great cat.

We took in another cat on 5/31.  His name is Mr. McWiggles and appears to be a Balinese which is like a long hair siamese. His blue eyes are gorgeous. He arrived as a lost cat, no microchip and was turned over to FFRC in the hopes of finding him a loving home. His birthday is 4/2/18. He was a bit thin and has already gained a few ounces. Once he got into the Main Area, he acted like he's always been here. Very easy going boy.

Mint, another new arrival is doing great. She too acts like she's always been here. Such a nice young adult. It looks like her hair has been clipped on her back for some reason but it is growing in nicely. 

Yesterday was our HumaneOhio day. A big day of spays/neuters as we sent up 49 cats--a big truckload!  This broke down to 38 spays (wow!) and 11 neuters.  Our total for 2019 is 527--298 females and 229 males. This time last year, we were at 468. Onward ho to our 2019 goal of 1,200 cat spays and neuters! 

We sent 6 cats/kittens to HumaneOhio yesterday.  Normally, I prefer to do all of our spays/neuters right here at FFRC, but we have a a heavy load of kittens already for our surgery day on 6/15, so we lightened the load a bit!  We sent up Ashleigh, Atalia, Rosiland, Sadie, Mint and Kayala. All are doing fine and already been active and eating well. 

We love our trivia nights on Tuesdays on the cam chat.  It's been so popular, that we are adding to it! Here's the scoop: 
Tuesdays--6 pm, the mods will take turn doing Trivia
Thursdays--6 pm, Purple will do a Mystery Game time--each week will be a different game. This coming week is called Songs.  It's not trivia, it's different and will be fun!
Saturdays--6 pm, Purple will do regular Trivia
Come join the fun--it's a great way to interact with your chat friends!

Only 19 more days to Catathon! Today starts the Pre-Registration for this event. It's great if you can pre-register. It's not required but it shortens the phone time during the Catathon! Go to our website to register! It's simple--go to   Click on "Catathon 2019 is Here!"  If you have any trouble, you can email me or ask a mod!  You will also be able to view the many items that are involved in this Catathon. It's amazing! Keep checking though, as not all items are entered yet! Many thanks to our mods Vaun, SonJa and Mk, plus Jen C and Clay for making possible all this info on Catathon.

Catribution! It's our 4-fer catribution! A super wonderful happening for Catathon! We have a very special offer from an anonymous FFRC friend!  It's called---"Everyone can help with Catathon"!  No amount is too small from $1 ato $50. Your amount will be 4-fer'ed, meaning that whatever amount you make from $1 to $50 will be quadrupled. So, your $50 donation becomes $200!  Your $1 donation becomes $4. Isn't that just amazable--it's 4fer-ed!  If you send in a paypal or a check, please make a note that says for "catathon help" so I will know. This starts now and goes to the day before Catathon. These amounts will be added into the Catathon totals! All persons who donate to this 4-fer will have their name mentioned (unless you mark it's to be anonymous) on the day of Catathon, along with all donors!  Many thanks to this Catathon Anonymous Friend! 

We have thanks to give! We had BOXES yesterday! 
Plee -- 2  boxes of Sheba broths
Janet and Susan from UK - Case of 24 fancy feast, case of Royal Canin baby food

Martin from UK -- card for memory of Mowgli - solar hummingbird lighted wind chime 💙

Anonymous Friend -- cat bed for outside cats
A Good Friend -- cat/red,white, blue t-shirt  

Cait -- 12 rolls of 2" tape
Jody J -- 8 gallons of OdoBan
 Krista J from Finland -- Stickers, napkins and pair of kitty gloves 

Leo2cCA -- in memory of Mowgli and cat Ginny , 3 cases of fancy feast kitten
Bailey in the UK -- 2 large bags of Pania flakes, and box of broths

FFRC kitties --   in memory of Farrah & Mowglie - 2 fridge magnets and a key chain  Mowgli , Farrah
Kathy in WV -- 2 treat Launchers, 6 kitty's with hats and bling bling magnets, white kitty lamp

Mark, Dee, & Katie M  - 3 Cards , cat head shape scratcher bed , 2 boxes of Purina One kitten food, 6(12 pk)  Fancy Feast kitten,  3 cases of 24 Fancy Feast kitten, 8 boxes of squeeze ups, 1 box of soups, 4 boxes of broths, 1 case of 40 Friskies, 2 cases of 32 Friskies, 3 cases of 24 Fancy Feast, 2 bags of Purina One Adult, 4 concoction Friskies, 3 large containers of Temptation snacks, 1 box Bone marrow treats for Janie, triangle kitty play scratcher, 2 crinkle tunnels, 3 18 pack assorted chips and stuff, 5 boxes of crackers, 5 boxes of Belvita snacks, 1 box of Oreo cookies,1 box Nutter Butters, cheese shaped bed for Ramsey for his birthday (he already loves it!), 2 Senses Roller Tracks

Connii & Elliot,Alexandria -- 2 pop up Playpens for kittens

From the Outside Cats -- Casio (CTK3500) Electronic Keyboard, Portable keyboard bench, Stereo headphones, universal sustain paddle, Keyboard stand   Will be a fun-raiser item!

Sandra/Tears From A Dream -- 1 case 24 Nine Lives seafood & poultry,1 case 24 Nine Lives surf and turf  
Dawn N -- 24 inch Mowgli Peace Pole --will be in garden today. 

Phylis from Michigan, -- coupons
Pat & David, Deno/Ollie -- Donation  (Ollie is doing good!)
Jeanne S -- Card and Donation for Feliz Navidad fund 
Ellie & Daryl G -- Card and CATATHON donation in memory of Mowgli and Farrah 
Julie & David from UK -- Card for Ramsey, 2 $5 Chickie money

We also need to catch up on these thank-yous!
DonnaB in GA--donation in honor of Coralie, Elsie and Spiker
Jakesmeowmy--donation for all the cats
Shannan W--donation for FFRC
Harm B--donation to FFRC
Denise G--donation in honor of Hatima
Ivy C--donation to FFRC
Lorene B--donation to FFRC
Andreina F--donation to FFRC in celebration of the wedding of Lauren W and David G
Anne L--donation to FFRC, towards the spay and neuter program
MLS--donation to cover Mamma M's spay (mom to our Memorial Day kittens)
David & Christine andkittiess--donation for the care of the cats and kittens

A few of the kittens in the back Thumper's Room had gotten a little cold but they are all doing much better today! They have full round tummies and have been playing like crazy today!  Yesterday, 2 of them went on hold--Marge and Mercury--brother and sister! 

Jessie is doing wonderful. She continues to let us know (many times a day) when she wants a small meal! What an awesome 20 year old girl! Paw Paw has discovered the yumminess of can kitten food. Seems like it makes him act like a kitten too--he has a rather big spring to his step! He sure is enjoying himself. 

Have a great Tuesday.  It's popcorn day........or rather movie day! 

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Kitties everywhere and we're doing the kitty shuffle.  In the early mornings, right after breakfast, all the doors are open--front to back.  That lets the cas get use to one another, starts the journey to stay in the Main Area.  Later in the morning, we still take The Farrah Five, Porch kittens and the 4-SomeT's back to the Back Thumper's Room for the day.  They are all growing and doing well.

The Reservoir kittens are now fully in the Main Area. Their appetites are super! Such fun, happy kittens. 

We took in 5 new cats on this past Sunday.
The Memorial Day Kittens arrived--they are 6 1/2 weeks old.  Mama has since been trapped and is now spayed.  These 3 have just a slight URI and are on antibiotics. They have lots of energy and a big appetite. So very sweet.  Here are their names (from Name a Cat list):
Maggie--female, muted calico, with cream up her nose
Marge--female--black & white, with white up her nose, black nose
Mercury--male--black & white, with white & black up his nose!

Mint--a beautiful slate grey and white cat.  She has white stripes on her upper lip area. When she turns sideways, she looks like she's smiling! She arrived at a friends house, very pregnant. She gave birth to 7 kittens. The 7 kittens will soon be spayed/neutered and family and friends will be taking them. But, Mint came to FFRC!  She is a sweet girl and already in the Main Area. Her birthday is 5/12/18. A young adult with a kind heart.

Bub--a handsome boy, black and white. He arrived here as a 7 week old. His birthday is 4/7/19.  He's already hanging out with the gang that's in the back Thumper's Room kittens. I told him he should be in a condo yet but he didn't agree.  After turning his condo upside down a couple times, we sprung him!  He immediately ran over to the other kittens and started playing. He's a great kitten. A good purr motor and lots of fun ambition! 

We also took back a kitten that was adopted from here in December. Her name is Gidget. She was returned due to family allergies. When she originally arrived here on 10/30/18, she came with her littermates: Becky, Bronco, Griffin, Turbo and Tylor.  Gidget has grown and is doing just fine. I would think she'll be back up to the Main Area in a day or two. 

We had BOXES yesterday.   YOU are super appreciated!
Ju-in-ji - CATATHON - Book Basket:  Huntress novel.

Krista and cat Baby (Finland) - Large Homemade Card with pictures of her kitty, Baby, watching FFRC cam.  Kitty Stickers, Moomin napkins, Pair of Kitty Gloves. 2 black kitty magnets

Plee (Pat L) - Boxtops and lid covers, 4 super plush soft blankets, 2 pink, 1 white and 1 blue.

Jenn (A Dose of Love) - Card and gift for Jacci, A Willow Tree Figurine of a Kitty in memory of Mowgli.

Christoper and Stephanie C. (Al) -  A Thank You card and donation, Lots of kitty toys, Temptations, 9Lives, Party Mix Cat Treats, 1 Large can of Friskies, 3 Small Cans of Friskies.

AprilCatlover - 4 Boxes of 20 each bags of People snacks for Volunteers for energy, as we enter Catathon month!

Sean and Kitty Lena (Germany) - 3 Owl and Bird Banners, Label Stickers and Frames.Thank you Notes.  Boys Basket: Boys Hat.  Girls Basket: Kitty Gloves, Kitty Shoulder Wrap, Kitty PJs , Storm trooper Mug, Star Wars Badges, Socks.  Hello Kitty Puzzle, Jewelry Making Kit.  Gaming Mouse.   A Stone Bead Dog Collar, Pencil Tote, Pug Dog Shopping Bag.  Baby Girl:  Shirt, Bib, Socks.  Baby Boy:  Bib, Socks.  Mickey Mouse Basket:  Mickey Mouse Cards, Socks. Kitten Mug, Sunglasses Kitty T-shirt, Cat Napkins, Cat Postcards, Cat Wallet. Scented Candle.  SNACKS for FFRC kitties and Volunteers including: : Licki Lix, Lime Chocolate, SeaSalt Caramel Fudge, 3 bags of Jerky Treats. Gifts for JACCI: Keychain, 3 magnets, Irish Tile Coaster, Irish Wishing Stone, "Learn from Yesterday Plaque.  Gift for DONNA:  Germany/USA T-shirt.  Playmobil Model, Lion/Cub Puzzle, Children's Bandaids, Christmas ornament, 1 Stone Necklace, 1 Jade Necklace, Coloring/Tracing Book.  

Cita (our wonderful Mod) - Case of 200 Stroopwaffle Minis, Bag of Caramel and
Chocolate Coffee Toppers, Amsterdam Cookies.  For Catathon goodies!

Anonymous - (1) 16lb. Bag of Purina One Salmon Dry Food.

Kris K. - Sturdi Flex Height Butterfly Design Cat Carrier,  Large very soft green kitty bed.

Dave and Pat - 16" x  20" Flower Photograph on Canvas.

Rita (Patricia's Mom) - Gift box for Seymour, 2 Laser Lite Toys, 3 Large Canisters of Temptations, 30 Count Box of Fancy Feas--for his birthday.  Will be delivered to him! 

Yvonne Vdk - Box of 12 Broths, Case of Frito Lay Snacks for Volunteers.

Elaine and Alan (in memory of Little Kat) - 2 - 40 lb. Bags of Litter, 3 - 24 Count, Boxes of Friskies, 1 Box of Appetizers, 1- 24 Count of Fancy Feast.  1- 30 count, Box of Friskies.

Craig M. (daisysoleespipersdad) - 10' Playground slide for the Covies, A very special FFRC Jacket for Jacci with Logo on front and back (Jacci's first), 20 T-shirts for Volunteers with FFRC Logo.

June ( PaintedDaisy) - Big Box of Assorted Goodies to be used for Dance Recital and Volunteers.

Funeral home donations in memory of Laurette P.
Anonymous -  Card in sympathy for loss of Mowgli.
Elaine and Alan - Hand painted Hummingbird Card with Chickie $5 and a donation in memory of Little Kat.
Bonita (JeezerMd) -  Sympathy Card for Mowgli and Farrah.
Sharon (Hawaii) - A Celebratory Card for Jacci's Adoption of Mowgli with a donation.  Jacci will use this donation in memory and honor of Mowgli.
Marilyn,Terry and Jasper - Card with Chickie $5
Cynthia, Polly and Pepper - Rest in Peace Card for Mowgli.

And more wonderful thank yous!
Nicole O--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation for FFRC
Maraco G from Germany--donation to FFRC, use wherever needed
Miranda G from UK--donation to FFRC, in memory of her Pip and Moo
Uwe N--donation in memory of Mowgli
Fran D--donation in honor of Magic and in memory of Trucker's birthday. 💙
Brend R--donation in honor of Magic
Maite--donation in honor of Mitz
Marie & Marley--donation in honor of Mint
Steph M--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation in memory of her father's birthday
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Another special Giggles--and this one is #40!  Check this out:  FFRC Captures and Captions Giggles Scene #40. Production by FFRC Captures and Captions, Directed by Derecho.  Special thanks for sonJamac for her silly kitty speak. This is an official video of ©Friends of Felines Rescue Center, Defiance, Ohio 2018Please click the like/thumbs up button on YouTube as it helps generate more $ for FFRC

The countdown has begun! We are now at 24 days to Catathon.  There will be alot of happenings, come June! I've also been busy working on PetFinders.  We have a whole batch of kittens to get in there. Granted, they can not go until they are spayed/neutered and that will happen soon! 

Take care and enjoy this day. Lots of wonderfulness out there for us!