Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

We had our FFRC surgery day yesterday. All went fine with no problems. Here's the breakdown:

We did 6 males: Henry R Peeps, Declan, Sloan, Bubble Pal, Bubble Buddy and Harry.
We did 7 females: Nyla, Kismit, Sudsy Sue, Sudsy Sis, Goldidots, Odetta & another spay

We now have a new total for overall surgeries:
This is current, including a couple Voucher surgeries.  201 spays, 150 neuters==351 total

Dr. Darcy also gave an exam to Spiker. Last week he took a tumble and severely injured one of his top K9 teeth. It was very sore and very loose. With a sedative yesterday, that tooth was removed and a flap put over the hole. He will feel so much better now.

We also did wellness physicals on Magic, Merri, Pippi, Vernon, Bonnie, Seymour, Camvi. All is good on these cats.
Sea Turtle -- kidneys small, as usual. Will continue to help her with meds when she has her vomiting escapades. 
Pania--eye appears to be healing and refilling.  IF the eye becomes overly swollen, we can have it removed. In the meantime, we will continue to observe it as always.
Cami (my dog)--has a strange lump on her side. Aspiration biopsy done. 
Joline--has had a worrisome growth in her mouth--right now we will observe and help her with medications for this. 

I am so appreciative of all the ladies too who came in and did post-op care to our FFRC cats. They are very good at this and gives us a huge sense of security that the cats and kittens are being watched over. They also help with clean up! 

Big thanks too to Joyce D for the pizza on surgery day and to Gusti for the drinks! We also had an anonymous donor to supply some other goodies to eat during that busy time. Many thanks!

Our Exclusive Warped Sale on Thursday was a grand success. Our total for this sale was $2206! Because of a large increase of vaccination usage and needed supplies for our surgery room, we are able to get some ordering done to restock! Thank you all for the participation, for the Mods that help with this and to all that watched and encouraged! And a super big thanks to Warped for making this possible. 

I've heard from Anayaa's new owner and all is great. I've seen pictures and Anayaa looks very happy and relaxed. 

Our mama duckie is keeping track of her 11 little ducklings. She takes them all over the farmyard exploring and looking for bugs. They also go to the backwater for a couple of swims a day.

Our next event coming up is the concession stand that FFRC does for the annual Dance Recital. It is June 9, 10, 11 and is covered by the FFRC volunteers!  This is a fundraiser for us. It's alot of setting up and taking down but fun and rewarding. Also a great way to be in the community's eye and answer any questions that might come up! 

Walter update:  He is doing fantastic. Walter is checked on 3-4 times a day and all is good. He seems very relaxed. He's always exploring (if he's not napping!).  He loves the grass and is making friends. He has explored every square inch of the entire playground! 

I've received an email from  "Due to tech problems with our "Pet Food Give Away" Contest...we believe its only fair that we "Pause" this contest until we can bring it to you properly and fairly for all involved, without website errors.    We promise to resume this contest and finish it with it's full 30-day run.  We apologize for this inconvenience. We want to "do right" for all of you."

The voting will be back! Just keep an eye on it. They are simply having trouble with their website. is indeed ok with SaveARescue to vote every hour and with different devices.  It is NOT ok to vote more than that though.  We have an average of 3,000 votes daily. Because of the amount of people that we have voting, this is easily accomplished! One way to think of this---if 300 people vote just 10 times daily, that in itself comes to 3,000 votes! There's always going to be someone who says organizations vote wrongly. We have always said that we are an honest organization. 

Here's a "thing' I learned long long ago.  99% of the people are kind and compassionate. I refuse to let that other 1% "get to me". And I've learned not to acknowledge that 1% as it puts me on their level. Every once in a great while I will do a "defend me and FFRC" thing, but on the whole, I let things ride. The people who know us, who participate with us, THEY know the truth. We are an honest organization and I prefer to keep positive rather than do the negative thing.   So......keep on voting as we are allowed and when they reopen the gates! I thank you for each and every single vote. 

Have a great day. We've had quite a bit of rain again in the last few days. The grass sure is green and the trees are all popping out their leaves! Everything is washed clean! 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday, May, 18, 2017

Summer temps have hit us! It's been in the 80's and possibly 90 today with some higher humidity. I'm just glad to get into good weather! I love seeing the cats snoozing in the sunbeams!

Today is our special Exclusive Warped Sale at 11:00. Hope to see you there. The BOXES have not been opened yet--that's to be a surprise for today. We'll open them in order of how they are marked. Guaranteed lots of Warped's variety of things that she makes!

Saturday is our FFRC surgery day. Here's the tentative schedule:
MALES: Henry R Peeps, Declan, Sloan, Bubble Pal, Bubble Buddy, Harry
FEMALES: Nyla, Kismit, Sudsy Sue, Sudsy Sis, Goldiedots, plus a volunteer's cat

And then we have PHYSICALS that we need done:
Joline (mouth), Spiker (mouth/teeth), Pania (eye), Asha, Bonnie, Camvi, Farrah (recheck teeth), Felicity, Sea Turtle, Vernon, Seymour, Pippi, Merri, Majic, Kiara.  No guarantees that we'll get all the physicals done, but the ones with medical needs we for sure will attend to. 

We had BOXES last night! Please know you are appreciated.
Susan B - CATATHON: Kitty Face blankie, 12 pieces of her Noah's Ark collection
 Scripture Keeper, statues, Sugar & Creamer, Salt & Pepper, Music Box
Cat/Doggie bed gifted back to FFRC in memory of Misty. 7 framed "Prayer for the Animals"

Julie P - CD's Pick of the Litter about Seymour & Patricia

Kris M - Happy 5th Birthday Card for Derecho with donation

Plee - 2 boxes Purrrrfectly Chicken

Robot Man - Jayne Shelton fabulous ceramic cat for a Catathon drawing for Vols

Gusti - Germany  Case of 48 TP & Bag of Purina One

Zoolove - 48 rolls TP & 24 rolls paper towels

Seth & Kayla  Visitors  brought lots & lots of Snackers

We're working on something for the cats that like to go out to Bella's Place--the dog's run. We have a pool in there (with holes in the bottom), filled with good dirt and have planted grass seed. Trying to get a little green going in there for summer fun for the cats. Looks like I'll need to put a fence around it for a while though as Pippi thinks it's great fun to roll and dig and throw the dirt everywhere! She's having some good fun. 

I'm very sorry to pass on that little Pettigrew and Siri have passed away. They died within hours of each other. These little kitty deaths are hard. We try and try and try to work with them but sometimes............ it just doesn't work.  These are the times we wish we knew more about the mama--was she healthy? was she vaccinated? did she have leukemia? did she have good nutrition?  Regardless, these two kittens were shown love and had comforts of warmth and a cushie little kitty bed. 

We had an adoption yesterday---our wonderful, sweet Anayaa. I'm absolutely thrilled for her. Her new mama adopted another cat from us previously--Amani. Even after going over all of Anayaa's medical records, her new mama still wanted her! That's what I call real cat love. We will all miss Anayaa's presence here--she was always visible! 

Just a Duckie Update--mama rouen duck hatched out 11, yes 11, ducklings! Yesterday she took them off the nest and headed down to the backwater where they were all happily swimming around! Such a sweet thing to see. They'll be back up to the farmyard but will certainly enjoy the backwater!

We hit 50,000 votes yesterday on savearescue! Thank you for each and every vote!  The site is:


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Weds., May 17, 2017

39 days---that's how many days until Catathon! Now the planning for this kicks up a couple notches! Soon, SonJa will be here to write a description of each and every item--what a huge job. Jen will also be here soon (she's taking a week vacation to do this) to photograph of each basket and every item. To do these two jobs, everything has to be unwrapped and rewrapped. Alot of work for both ladies. 

We are working on labeling each item as to their Round and Name. Then we will get the baskets on separate tables to indicate each round. The nitty gritty details have to be attended too--getting the phones in order, working the cams to have the best advantage sites, testing the mics, working on the food to serve everyone here, getting the phone cards in order to take bids, organizing each round--lots of work but oh so worth it. I look around in Kitty City and am filled with a knowledge that I really already know---our viewers are awesome and so extremely supportive. Each and every item in that building is donated by YOU---YOU are what makes this event so successful. 

We've been working on a list that FFRC needs the financial help from Catathon to accomplish. When we get that complete, I'll post it in a blog!

We had BOXES Monday evening. So many thanks being given to you!
Straycatlady/Sandra E - Canada CATATHON:  Picard Goodies--the list is unbelievable! A great selection of different peanuts, chocolate and chip nuts of many varieties. Also two gift boxes containing these items. There's goodies for Pat P (vol) who loves a specific candy! And a tin and goodies for Jacci.  All of these items were made in her town in Canada and will go in the Canadian Basket! A great addition!

Toktobe/Bianca - Mod CATATHON: 500 piece puzzle Olympic Nat'l Park, Mug Olympic Nat'l Park, 1000 piece puzzle  Mt. Ranier Nat'l Park, Mug Mt. Ranier Nat'l Park

mnsnowy - CATATHON:  1 cans variety Spam, Wildlife place mats for MN basket

LeAnn Canada CATATHON:  Canadian Maple Leaf sympol:  banner, cupcake papers, rain poncho, travel pouch, 2 pencils, note pad, 8 coasters, visor, dog bandana.     Moose toy, Maple syrup, Chocolate creme maple cookies.

Beth/Eaglewatcher Vol CATATHON  Cheap Trick CD, Miss Kitty Sock Monkey Kit

Gorgeous hand painted Birthday Card for Jacci by Rose Gusti.

From Jessie, Clark and the rest:  Happy 6th Birthday Rory 15 May 2011 & Happy 4th Birthday Sarge 15 May 2013  and 2 Chicken $5
Happy 5th Birthday Derecho 16 May 2012  and Chicken $5
Happy 8th Birthday Farrah  16 May 2009 and Chicken $5
Happy 4th Birthday Camvie 17 May 2013 and Chicken $5

Kammie B - IA  Happy Birthday Derecho  Donation

Mothers Day Roses for Mama Jacci from Zelda & Kitties   So beautiful!

Ingrid/ju-in-ji--donation for Siri and Pettigrew and in honor of Derecho and Farrah's birthdays

The 3 Meezers that were adopted from here are doing wonderful. There's a picture on Chatters that shows them together. They look so happy which is what we want for each FFRC cat.

We had another adoption on Monday--our beautiful fun Katharine went to her new home. I've already heard from her new mama. She's a little shy but came out of her traveling crate and explored! Soon she will be zipping about, I'm sure!

Our two little kittens Siri and Pettigrew are struggling. They are simply not growing and really don't want to take their formula. But.......we are trying. 

We've had so many cat birthdays lately so the cats are all enjoying an extra dose of chicken!

Walter is doing wonderful in the Cove. He certainly seems to be enjoying all the space, the grass and doing alot of exploring!

Remember May 18 is the special Exclusive Warped Sale at 11:00. Fun times coming up! Big thanks to Warped.

And then we have another regular FFRC Flash Sale on May 23, Tuesday at 2:30 ish. Mich will be doing this sale!

This Saturday, the 20th is our FFRC surgery date. We will be weighing all the kittens to see who "makes weight" to determine if they will be on the surgery schedule.  I know all 4 of the Bubbles/Sudsy kittens are of weight. And of course we will also have Nyla and Kismit for their spays.

We took on a new kitten 3 days ago. Her name is Isabella Bird, after a 19th century English explorer, writer, photographer and naturalist! She is a very cute American Short Hair and arrived weighing 1.06.  So tiny but so spunky. Her birthday is 4/7/17, making her now 6 weeks old. She had been found on a porch. The family took care of her for 2 weeks and then brought her to FFRC because they will be going on vacation and could not keep her. We will undoubtedly find her an awesome home--she loves to play and to be cuddled. 

The kittens are all doing wonderful. I'm always so grateful for their health. Those Bordetella vaccines that we give have proven to be very helpful in preventing some of the URI's. The bonus on this is that we can give these at 4 weeks of age. 

Take care and enjoy this beautiful day! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The ice cream truck came to FFRC last evening---such a welcome sound--that wonderful music we all recognize as the ice cream truck! Of course we had to have some goodies! A sure sign of spring and summer! He'll be back again. 

Two big dates coming up!
May 18, Thursday--a special flash sale called Exclusive Warped Sale. Our friend Warped has sent 5 magnificent boxes to FFRC. There's enough to have a whole Flash Sale just of her wonderful items! Her items are still in the boxes and will not even be opened until the moment of the Flash Sale! Suspense is fun! This special sale starts at 11:00. Come join us for the fun and enjoyment! Many thanks to Warped for providing her treasures to us!

May 23, Tuesday--a sale of many things from FFRC. This Flash Sale will be done by our Mich friend and will be at 2:30 ish! Lots of different items too! Thanks Mich for your Flash Sale help!

Friday evening we had BOXES.  Super big thanks to you all!
Vicki B - 24 Woolsie Balls, 2 boxes of Broths, 2 boxes Purrfectly Chicken

From the Kitties and Doggies Singing Happy Mothers Day Card
Julie P - 2 bottles of organic cooling spray for kitties   CATATHON:  Kitty Paw door stopper, Laurel Burch hat with scarf around it   Also: Carress Fragrance lotion, Soft Burgundy Throw

Janet B/Scooterkitty w/ Sadie & Gracie  AR - Kitty Card CATATHON: Knitting markers & point protectors, 4 sets of kitty buttons, Needle Roll up for knitting needles, 6 balls for dogs, Doggie frame, Kitty Frame, Cats Color Me book

Dianna B - Eliot Rose Defiance - CATATHON: stuff for the knitting basket

Plee - Box of Delectable Stew, 2 boxes Gravy Sensations pkts & Case of Friskies

Gusti - - 90 13-gal trash bags, 56 30-gal trash bags, 3 tubs of Temptations Snackers, 2 Tubs of Party Mix Snackers

LJ323 - Fruit Gems, 2 soft blankies, 8 felted cat pictures:  I Want:Franklin Tommy,, Hello:Joyful, Winner!:Mayor Anony,  Love You:Jesse, Flutterby: Jolene, Smile: Farrah & Zelda, Spring:Joyful

Ferole CATATHON BASKET:  All items use her own photos:  Flower Pillow, 11x14 Canvas, A Rose & Primrose, 12 Floral Note Cards with envelopes, wrought iron stand with 12 inch Slate Water Lillies, 4 coasters with Water Lillies, 6x6 Magnolia on wood, Tote with Sun Lite Tree, 12 inch acrylic tray with Daffodil Trio   All beautiful and it's own Basket for Catathon!

Craig M & family with Solee & Daisy : CATATHON or Fun Raiser:  2 Black kitty necklaces, Round rainbow rug, 2 round ying/yang black & white kitty rugs

Munchkinljs/Lisa S - NJ  toys for kitties some Giant ones too!
CATATHON Crazy Cat Chef :  2 pkg, kitty napkins, 4 kitty plates, 4 pkg kittie tissues, Kitty Tray, Cat tea infuser, Cooking for Two (you and your cat!), Healthy Cat Cookbook, Kitty Bookmark, Stackable Kitty mugs with holder, 2 Kitty Snackers, toys Kitty Cube, Kitty Egg mold, Spatula, 2 Kitty Cookie Cutters, 2 Hot Pads and one Kitchen Towel Awesome items!

Mary Friday Volunteer  CATATHON:  Sauder Village Pass for 2, Susan Wiggert: gorgeous handpainted Hummingbird Ornament , Fenton Glass opalescent pink basket

Mike/Sopieandlucysdad  MI  Lots of Coupons
Melissa L - NY  Donation
Theresa   - Donation
Colleen MP - CA  Box Tops
Arden & Charmaine--donation to FFRC
Becky J from PA--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
We've heard about Vutomie---she is our sweet kitten that was adopted. She is doing great! 

We also had an adoption yesterday--our wonderful Chester went to his new home. This family so loved him and had to have him in their home! He was already taking baby food from the daughter. He's such a good cat and I'm sure this family is the perfect one for this CH cat! 

At times, all of the kittens are here in the Main Area.  They sure know how to have fun. Right now, Odetta, Goldidots and Luella are trying to climb the pole here in the office. These 5 kittens are slowly but surely coming around to being the friendly kittens we want them to be. Harry is super boy--things he can climb up anything! And they are growing. This morning we let the door to the back Thumper's Room wide open, inviting the Niners to come up on their own. Several of them have already figured out how to get up here! It's a long walk!  The Bubbles/Sudsy kittens are also doing well--so sweet.

We took back a cat that we adopted out 13 years ago. Her name is Brulee. She's a beautiful gold tiger girl. Her whole life was with one person--a man who loved her much. He passed away recently. The family simply could not take on another cat themselves. We were fortunate enough to find a young elderly couple who could take her. I wanted to wait to let you know about this so I could make sure all is happy with her. A phone call yesterday told me that she has fit right in (no other cats!) and enjoys their couch already with them while watching TV. She has a great purr for them.

We also took on some tiny kittens. Four kittens were left in a box. A car had stopped alongside the road and dropped the box on the edge. The car behind them stopped, picked up the box and brought in the 4 kittens.  Two brown tigers and two black/whites.  Unfortunately, the first night, the 2 tigers passed away.  The two black/whites were doing very well but this morning both seem rather sluggish. Will keep you posted.  The little girl is Siri and the boy is Pettigrew---both Name a Cat names. In the meantime, they are getting lots of TLC

Breaking News! Our Walter has become a Covie. I know, I know....this may be a surprise but he is so completely happy!  I have waited a couple of days to let you all know in case it didn't work out. Many of you know that Walter loves Bella's Place--the doggie run and is frequently outside in that fenced in area. The last month we've been having a bit of trouble with him being very picky at some of the cats. If you tell him--Come on, Walter--(you have to point), he runs to the back door to go outside. He loves it. But, we have also had increased spraying from him. Here a squirt, there a squirt, everywhere a squirt squirt---even on a shelf on people. Okay---so something had to change. I took him out to the Cove. He came out of his crate and immediately joined the Covies. I've checked on him often and he is always checking everything out. He's already found the Cove, THTJB and the Covie Haven. And the playground---all that space and grass and fun things---he's in Walter heaven out there! And I'm happy for him. 

Yesterday was Defiance's Lilac Festival! FFRC was present all day long--we were given free booth space! I want to say a special thanks to Mary Braid--she's the one who did the organizing for this. And a thanks to those volunteers who helped run the tables--Elizabeth, Pat & Vicki, Gem, Becky M and Amy, along with Mary Braid. We sold some of our Paw-Mart items, passed out FFRC information, answered lots of questions in regards to cats, had a drawing for 1 free spay/neuter for a cat, passed out fun cat info play cards to kids. It was a successful we made $213! So thankful for this! This came from $83 in donations and $130 in sales.  Many thanks to these volunteers for making this possible. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day......afterall, we're all "mamas" in some way or another! 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Weds., May 11, 2017

Happy birthday to Rowland!  He is one of our Covies and is now 14 years old. Such a great cat as are all of the Covies. Chicken treats for the Covies! And I know the Firecats will also want some. And soon as the Porchies get a whiff of chicken, they're going to have their paws out too! Ok, so really, chickie treats all around! 

We had the Niners up yesterday for a few hours of romp time. They are really doing very well. Nyla doesn't seem to mind the break. She actually came into the front Thumper's Room yesterday and seemed to enjoy it.  More Niners time again today for up front in the main area. 

We had BOXES last night. You all are amazing people and I deeply appreciate the help to FFRC.

Aunty Sonja - Treatsies for Vernie!  2 cases Delectable Squeezes

Miranda - Case 9-Lives 

Billypogo Mod CATATHON - Jamestown Glassworks Jamestown VA. Handblown oil lamp, coaster w/ship & Jamestown Glassworks patch

Rebbeca P  CATATHON - Laurel Burch: Carlotta's Cat, Travel Bag

Billie K/BKarg  CATATHON Grape Escape Snacks basket-- 14 bags of Krimples? variety, Wire Wine Glass Cork holder & Corks, Set of 8 wine tumblers, Wine acessory kit, jug of Pretzels & Jug of Pub Mix, Wineglass nightlight and air freshener

Marilyn S/Madisonpepper - Card:  3 doz cans of variety of cat food

mnsnowy - CATATHON  MN Basket things made in Minnesota--  Pampered Chef Roasting Pan, 24K gold plated collectable coins from the Grand Casino, Wild Rice Soup, Bag of Wild Rice, bag of wildrice, garlic & Herb bread mix, Blueberry Syrup, Bellflower Lavendar Soap, Honey

Sharon H - MI   Jacci:  Kitty Card & 2 pretty hand towels with kitties   CATATHON:  3 Kitty Kitchen towels, 12 Cat Lady Note Cards, Magent Barn Cat/Pottery Barn Cat, Cat Lady White cat figurines 

Minnkitty -CATATHON Made in Minnesota:   2 red Beeswax tapers, Roasted Wild Rice, 2 cans Spam,  2 Native American Angel Ornaments, Red Wing Stoneware Salt & Pepper Shakers, Dreamcatcher, Maple coated mixed nuts, Pottery lunch box

Joco for the MN CATATHON basket--My Pillow! 

Snoopybaby/Maria S - CATATHON:  3 movies, Set of Safari tea lights with tray, Nostalgia Quesadilla Maker

Zoolove - case of Beechnut babyfood

mls/Linda S - Collection of 40 Beanie Babies  to use as needed!

Clark, Jesse & The Rest
  Happy 14th Birthday Roland, 11 May 2003 & Chicken $5
  Happy 4th Birthdays Blake & Grady, 10 May 2013  and 2 Chicken $5

Shawn P ( Sarah P/Romeosmom) CATATHON: Framed Drawing of FFRC logo and kitties done by Shawn, 3 - 1 month Gift Cards to Catlady Box

💔Conii - Kitty card and a framed portrait of Trucker by Wanda.. It's so very beautiful

Deb 11111 - Send Gift Certicate $500 toward traveling costs to FFRC and 3 nights lodging in Defiance.  WOW!
Tom W--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Judeanlee--for CATATHON  diffuser with 3 essential oils, donation. Also a Cat fun pack, Cat lovers magnet & Little Piper Chime for the Vol. Basket

We had a special visitor the other day--Chris M. He arrived here especially for a donation to FFRC, in honor of his mom Suzi M from Ohio! How so very nice. Happy Mother's Day, Suzi!

An FFRC Flash Sale is coming up!  It will be May 23 and Mich will be here!

We will also have a special Flash Sale too coming up! It will be an Exclusive Warped Sale! That in itself promises to be a super duper Flash Sale---all of Warped's items. We're going to come up with a date pretty soon for that! 

For the month of May, we will not have a Fun-Raiser. The reason---because we're getting ready for the Catathon!  Speaking of Catathon.........a million jillion thanks to you all!! I do believe the Baskets are now full!  But....for the incoming items yet coming in, they will be placed in baskets--we are happy about that too! I know there's still things coming in.  We have 45 days left to Catathon Day. It's getting closer. Lots of work ahead! 

Yesterday the Covies so loved being outside. They were out all day, sleeping in the sun and playing on their jungle gym.  All is fine with the Firecats and Porchies and Barnies too. They are very glad winter is over.

I saw Jessie playing yesterday! it was so sweet. She had a catnip toy.  Magic is here at my desk with me--seems to be his usual spot for early morning computer work. He's my good buddy. Chester is strolling thru--he's heading to the Kabana, probably to watch outside. He's a car watcher! 

Pania's eye continues to heal! She is comfortable now. We will have Dr. Darcy look at it though, of course. 

 Next week we will be weighing the babies again to see who can be spayed/neutered on the 20th, here at FFRC.

The Niners are up and already scurrying around! 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

All the cats that had surgery yesterday were picked up and went back to their homes. It was a successful surgery day. We talked to many about when mama cats can be spayed (when kittens are 6 weeks old) and when the kittens can be spayed/neutered (2 pounds, usually 8-9 weeks of age). We also reminded people that the kittens born in the early spring can have babies themselves in the late fall.  Time to spay/neuter!

Soon we will be bringing the Niners up for more socialization. It's time to introduce them to the living in the Main Area. We will continue on working on mama's social skills too! As mentioned before, she is super with people, but her babies cause her to be very protective with the other cats. It's hard to believe the milk capacity that she has produced tokeep these 9 kittens going with only a tiny bit of supplementing help with Breezy.  She's been a wonderful mama. 

This Saturday is the Annual Lilac Festival in Defiance. FFRC will be involved! On this weekend, we celebrate the official flower of Defiance with arts and crafts, free lilacs to the first 500 attendees, a 5K race, the Power of Purple parade, live music, unique food vendors and children's activities. This event is held uptown, right on the streets! Come join the fun and look for the FFRC table! 

Please remember to keep on voting for FFRC on the SaveaRescue site. As of this moment, we have 22,892 votes. First place has 26,000.  The winnings involve free food of good quality to those organizations! Anayaa and the others are hoping for a big win!  Here's the site:

You all know I love this Rescue Center totally. The only hard part of it is the lack of privacy. For the most part, I can deal with it, but when very sad things happen, it's hardest for me. Sometimes I want to go away and just be by myself, but that is so difficult here. I know and can feel your compassion, your love, your caring ways for this Rescue Center though---that is the truth.  Trucker's loss was so very hard. And now we have another loss.  At first, I wanted to keep it private and keep it quiet,  but that is impossible to do.  It's obvious this animal is missing and there's a huge grave to mark the death.

We had to put one of our rescue horses down yesterday--Anna Mae. Upon talking to our ferrier and conversations with our vet--Steve, Dawn, Ashlyn and I knew it was the kindest thing to do for her. Life was very hard for her and it told in her. We made this decision with love. She was put down and buried beside our Wilson. The comforting thought is that Anna Mae had almost 2 wonderful weeks with us. She had clean bedding always, fresh clean water, the filth was brushed off of her body and she had good food to eat whenever she was hungry. She so enjoyed having her neck rubbed. She also received the "special things"--a few sugar cubes, ginger snaps was a favorite and horse snackers. She and Benny had a nice pasture full of grass to graze on--it was pure joy seeing her enjoying this life. But....most important, she was given love and respect. And so the decision had to be made to let her go in a respectful way and always, always with love. 

Benny, the other rescue horse, is doing much better. He is gaining weight. We still have wounds to work on but they are healing.And he still needs even more brushing to get his coat clean. He's receiving vitamins too. The strange thing is he and Mercy has developed a very real bond. It's like they've known each other in the past. From the moment they met, they have been super friends. Benny has now joined the rest of the horses but it's always he and Mercy together. Last night, I put Mercy in her stall for the night but she had a melt-down. And so did Benny. I left him in the barn and he went to her and they were comforted. So.....for the first time ever, Mercy spent the night out in the corral with Benny.   They have two shelters they can walk in and out of, if the weather is bad. They were peacefully grazing side by side.  I keep telling my family they are brother and sister! But, whatever has happened between these two horses, it's very sweet.

Thank you all for caring about our lives here--whether it has to do with the cats, the horses or the activities that goes on here. You are all appreciated. I will pass out many hugs and kisses to the cats today, given to them from you, because you care. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017

 Today is another HumaneOhio day! I love these events. It means more cats being spayed and neutered! Today we sent up 30 more cats--17 females and 13 males.  This gives us a new 2017 total: 336. This breaks down to 194 females and 142 males!  Let's get some more done! As usual, they will return about 5:30ish this evening for check outs to their families that are picking them up. 

We had BOXES Saturday evening--a thousand thanks to you!
Jobear MN - 9 cardboard scratchers for FFRC cats or for adoption, CATATHON: 2 jars Maple Syrup (from Jobear's parents property)--1 for MN basket, 1 for Jacci, Jar of honey for MN basket, 2 Agates from one for Catathon, one for Alberts Garden

Dianna Ramos S America:  CATATHON:  Hello Kitty: Holiday travel cup, Rain or Shine doll play set

James M  - JM41MD  - 2 Purina weight circles    CATATHON or Funraiser in memory of Tiger cat - Coke a Cola personal Frig & warmer

June/Painted Daisy - Card - Donation for CATATHON & sponsorship for Joyful,   15 Bath Scrubbies for kitty toys, Blue Rug, Box 45 of Cheez It snackers,  CATATHON: Soft book and 2 onsies and pants for Boy & Girl babies

Mr. & Mrs Medic - 2 cases Fancy Feast

Jeannette B - TN  Fresh Catnip     CATATHON:  Bubble wand, 4 skeins of yarn, Tote, pins, Kitty Materials,  Doggie snackers & Placemat

Napa/Donna Mod - CATATHON:  National Parks Monopoly

Cheryl L - WA  Bunch of Coupons
Shannon S--donation for the care of Leonard, Victor, Markus, Jackson and their friends!
Michael JW--donation for FFRC

The sun is shining although it frosted this morning.  Sure is nice to see some blue sky and sun today. The rivers are already receding. Now.....let's get on with some good weather!

Sudsy Sue was having fun chasing Pippi's tail. Pippi doesn't mind though---she loves to play. Felicity is on her eagle-high Kuranda shelf, overlooking everyone. She likes to be the observant cat. Azar came in this morning for his daily special breakfast. He comes in, jumps on the front Thumper's Room and awaits us to serve him! He eats it and then wants right back out!

Bubble Buddy has a new toy---the clear pretzel jug! He's figured out how to make it roll it like a hamster wheel. If you're looking for Spiker, you have to really hunt for him! He's made a big deep nest in the pink poof. That's his nap place.

Gavin can spend an hour playing with a bit of dry cat food on the floor. He'll roll, bat it, chase it and keep it tucked into his tummy. Such a fun boy.  Derecho has discovered how to get up on the lower level of the Kuranda Tower by the low window of the parking lot. He enjoys watching the vehicles going in and out and the occasional peacock going by.

The Barnies, Covies, Firecats and Porchies are sure enjoying this nicer weather too. Sometimes they'll be sound asleep in the grass, soaking up some sun rays. Yesterday, Rena thought she could catch a big peahen but found out she was mistaken--it was a no go. 

Have you notcied the supreme clarity of the main cam? It's awesome--crystal clear! Enjoy. Have a wonderful day. We have 48 more days to Catathon! Here we come!!