Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31, Thursday

Happy birthday to the Paddys!  Happy Birthday to these two wonderful boys. They are now 4 years old. Hard to believe.  Where does time go----oh, I know!! In the love of the cats---makes time go fast! 

We have big time thanks to give too since we had BOXES last night.  Thank you!

Anonymous friend from CA--envelope, card, stationary for catstock
Susan345--2 cases Fancy Feast (chicken/fish)
Elaine  J for Bella, Derecho, Jemima and friends--case of Fancy Feast chicken
Caren F--3 cases of Friskies pate, 1 case big cans of Friskies
Cliff B/robotman from CA--25 laser toys, Christmas tape, robot for Jimmy
Haroon A from Australia--pet bed (Derecho loves it), 2 cases Wellness kitty can food, 3 cases Clorox wipes, little brown guy cousin, 2 cases KMR, 2 chocolate snackers for the volunteers
Zelda Belda Moss and friend--Russel Stover chocolates, Blue Diamond Almonds, pistachios, 4 packs of paper plates, beef steak jerky, 5 cat toys, 18 lbs tuna, 16 lbs salmon, 4 lbs clams and 5 lbs chicken. 
Beth/eaglewatcher--12 cans of chicken breasts, 2 cases of Friskies
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--2 lg. bags of Max cault dry food, 2 lg. bags of kitten dry food, 1 case Fancy Feast turkey, case of 6 inch and 0 inch paper plates, case of Clorox Wipes
Mayumi from Japan--bags of food "steaks" for cats (which they love!), 18 boxes of Kleenex
Zsa Zsa and mama--4 cases of kitten can food
Patty Smith--day visitor--Halloween bags (lots), 2 bags of material and yarn, 2 afghans for the cats
Billie K from TX--donation for rotisserie chicken for Trucker and Samara
Gillian A from UK--donation to help with Austin's medical bill
Fran D from FL--donation to help as needed
Eugenia S from Russia--donation to FFRC

Austin is doing great from his surgery on Monday. Samara had her surgery yesterday, Weds. She is doing quite well.  X-rays were taken. She has quite complex fractures of her left elbow. Also both the tibia and fibula on her rear right leg are fractured. Here's the treatment---surgery was done and a pin put in the front leg. It was quite an extended surgery due to so many bone fragments. But, after 2 hours, Dr. P felt like it will be successful. She needs pen rest for weeks. This pen rest will also help with her rear leg. Her rear leg fractures are in alignment, so we will "let them be". Chances are high that they will mend just fine without surgery or a splint if she continues to do bed rest. She is resting comfortably today--sleeping alot. Samara is also getting pain meds on a timed schedule. 

Today we are expecting the arrival of Tiny Tim. He's the 6 week old CH kitten from Staten Island. They should arrive here early afternoon.  We're waiting excitedly for his arrival. Jennifer will be bringing him--she played a big part in Joey and Thomas' rescue. She's very happy to be seeing them again! 

Very possible we will have a surprise auction on two of the birthday boys trivets/coaster--one for each. We're trying to get these up on fb chatters very quickly. It will end at 6:00 this evening. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday, July 29

What a chubby round tummy that Vernon has. He's so absolutely cute.  He gets on his back, paws up and waving.  Then when he starts wiggling that round tummy, a person can't help but laugh! He's doing really good.  Vernon is our newest kitten. He's about 6 weeks old, a grey/light brown tiger and is a mild CH baby. The person that has been caring for him called us and asked if we could take him. He and Trucker like to hang out together.

Trucker's middle name should be chicken. That baby loves chicken. We've now went to rotisserie chicken at our local grocery store--all deboned, deskinned, no fat.  He loves it. We weighed him yesterday and he checked in at a whopping 1.09 pounds.  Since he arrived, he's gained 3 ounces. And he made a milestone! He got into a litterbox by himself!  We are so so hoping for a good connection between his "bottom end" to his brain! I do believe things are looking up in that department. We put him in the litterbox many many times a day to encourage him. Trucker certainly lets us know when he needs something---he has this great big YEOW that comes out of that little mouth!

Our other new cat, Samara is doing good. She's the one that we think has two fractured legs. Now that the swelling has gone down in the front left leg, the fracture can be felt.  Wouldn't it be absolutely wonderful if the fracture can be repaired and the radial nerve isn't severed?  That would mean we could save the leg! Her other fracture is her rear right leg. She's scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning with surgery to follow.  The game plan is to repair only one leg at this time and to schedule another appt then for the second leg. We've been feeding her all she wants. She's had a bath finally and looks so much cleaner. She loves people.

Yesterday was Austin's surgery day. He had 2 surgeries. He is now neutered and the missing "tic tac" found and removed. His tail is about 2/3's a normal length. It looks great--should heal just fine! He came back with a cone on his head, which of course, he doesn't like. He won't have to wear it for long. Austin's a nice boy.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks given to you all for your support.
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--a case of kitty wipes!
Aunty Fi from UK--mat and filter for the new dome litter box
Jacksmom--a back up Pirate Ship----yah!  (Really, it's argggh!)
Judy M from NE--kitty card "Find Your Inner Purr", stone tree for the rock gardens, pop tabs for kellen, tags for sale items, Licorice in varieties, 12 all occasion cards/envelopes
Joni/catlady--purple tshirt--No Such Thing As Just A Cat, done with bleach pen---really neat!  Coasters for a day sale, collage of the CH FFRC cats on a "C" and an "H". 
Kerswill--case Fancy Feast Kitten, case Friskies Pate, big bag of Purina One Adult, Ninja kitty cube and tunnel
Misty/Suzanne F from MI--donation
Walmart--for Pat's volunteer hours
Jean M from CA--card with donation for Penelope and family
Janet M from FL--paw points, donation for Sevaun & Buddies
Donna JD--card with a bobcat on it and a donation
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guiness--birthday card for Lorenzo and $5 for special snackers
Shelby & Katy--Happy Birthday card to Lorenzo and a donation. Also 3 tubs full of goodies--towels, 2 beautiful fleece blankets, Purina One dry, lots of Fancy Feast, Canidae can food, dry cat food, kitty snackers, kitty dome bed, milk rings for Pania & Friends, kitty toys, Danw soap, paper plates, kitty wipes, 13 gal. bags, pink poof, Tasty Kakes (yum!) and 12 stuffed toys for prizes at Catstock
Judy & Phil---Sunday visitor--Nature's Recipe packs, 2 lg kitty snackers, 24 can Sheba variety pack, sticknote pads, scotch tape/dispenser, styrofoam plates, 1 gal. bleach, 1 gal Vinegar
Pam T/zoolove from OHdonation in honor of Samara
Linda C--donation for a KFC chicken treat for Trucker and his pals
Gusti--donation in honor of Lorenzo's Happy Birthday! 

We've heard from Unna's new family. They said that she instantly was comfortable and was cuddly to everyone!  So nice to hear that.

We had our first campfire down at the backwater. Wood will be ready for anyone that comes for Catstock that would like a campfire, along with fire sticks and irons for Marshmallows and Pudgy Pies! Our farm ducks go there to swim around. You may see turtles, fish flipping out of the water and lots of water birds. 

Today we will have a Flash Sale! Joni has made some awesome trivets/coasters.  They have a really nice top finish that is resistant to heat and cold. The designs are really nice--very different than what we've had in the past. They are $18 for a set of 4, includes shipping.  This is going to be a "no big deal" sale--casual. So, no need to dress up for it!  lol   We will just hold up the trivets at random.  The first one who puts down in the chat that you would like it, gets it.  Can do by PayPal or check.  Nice and easy!

We have recently had 2 cats returned. Both are wonderful cats and had to be returned with great saddness by both families. One is Athena--a big black/white female that likes to talk.  She's a little shy so we're taking our time of introducing her to the Main Area. The second is Mahogany who we've talked about before. She is still in the back but getting much more confident.  

The kittens are absolutely crazy this morning. Alot of fun to watch them, but wow--craziness abounds! I think they've been nipping the catnip way too much! Wow--what a lot of energy. Must be this cooler weather. There are 29 cats and kittens in the Kitty Kabana Room---they are either in playmode or "watch the birds" mode.  Some are completely tuned into the bird feeders. And coming along here to me is little Trucker. He is definitely getting stronger and is learning to put his legs to the side so he can get around better. He loves to have Freemont give him his morning bath--so sweet of Freemont. 

Thursday early afternoon is a joyful day. FFRC has been asked tohelp with a little boy kitten called Tiny Tim from Staten Island. He was found on the streets of Brooklyn. Tiny Tim has a rear deformed left foot. Apparently his front legs like to try to cross and he is a mild CH.  He should arrive Thursday early afternoon. Jennifer, a volunteer from the organization where he was taken to will be driving him here. This is a special time as Jennifer is also the person who was one of the people who rescued Joey and Thomas. So excited for her to see these two boys!  

Have a wonderful day, everyone. Remember, be kind to those that come your way today--you'll love how it makes you feel! And I'll bet your pets will sense your happiness and love it too! Know of a cat or dog that needs spayed or neutered? can make a BIG difference---help control the pet overpopulation problem. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

2nd blog for Saturday, July 26

Saturday afternoon, 2nd blog for today:   Hello friends.  I have some updates for you. First, let me start with Penelope and Splendor.  Splendor passed away earlier today. So very sad about this. Our vet has been aware of these happenings. Here's a little insight on what has happened. Penelope came in bone thin. She was very pregnant. And she became very sick.  Babies were born.  Did good for a couple days. Things started happening. We noticed the kittens feet were swollen. This is a result of mama's poor health, causing a protein problem which resulted in fluid overflow in the kittens. This fluid settled in the lungs and feet. Kittens will die from this and did. Penelope is completely dried up and has been for several days. Penelope is now down on the floor and she seems quite comfortable there. I'm positive she is aware that her kittens are gone, but she now will have an opportunity to heal herself. She has quite a ways to go. We'll give her lots of love, attention and food.  We also took in 2 new kittens today. One is about 10 weeks old, a very cute black/white medium hair female. Her name is Brise (Bree-say), a dance name. She was found by the person that owns the dance studio here in Defiance. She's been tested, vaccinated, bathed and is doing great.  The second kitten is about 6 weeks old, a grey/brown tiger (very different coloring), a little boy.  No name yet. He was found by the road in a neighboring town. This kitten definitely appears to be a CH kitten. He is able to get into the litterbox by himself and loves to play.His tummy is nice and round!  He and Brise are bunking together and are enjoying the company. .

Saturday, July 26

Samara is her name. She's a 5 month old, long hair white kitten with a splotch of grey on her forehead. A Defiance person saw her on the road thinking she was killed by a car. When she went to lift her she realized that Samara was still alive. What a sweetie she is. Her left front leg appears to have the radial nerve severed which means an amputation as it renders the leg useless. Her rear right leg has a fracture. She's been on 2 pain beds to help her be comfortable. She's very thin. We have her scheduled for x-rays and surgery hopefully to repair the rear right leg. We'll know more after the x-ray is done. Later, after that recovery, we'll work on the front left leg. And eventually also get her spayed. We waited until today to give her a bath due to her pain level. She was wonderful for it---good thing--little girl was pretty dirty but not anymore. She's squeaky clean and eating really good! 

Monday is Austin's day for surgery. He will be neutered (a little more extensive surgery as one testicle is hiding) and have his tail amputated.  I believe he will end up with a bit more than half of his tail still left.  

Veora's neck wound from the dog bite looks great. She's starting to play alot now and acting more relaxed. Takara's fur is looking better now that she's had two medicated baths to help her feel better from the heavy lice infestation that she had. Wow---she is a beauty and is really starting to play and have fun. Vaun is still in the back spending a little extra time recovering from her URI. But each day she is better and is now eating good. I'll be so glad to see her playing! 

Carol is everywhere playing. She's a real toy-girl. Journey and Jordan also love to run and play. They purr easily now. Both are so very pretty. Murphy likes to play with McHoney---both ornery little girls! Moose, Scott and Tammy--our 3 smallest black kittens must be taking a class in how to be so cute and yet so mischievous all at one time. They love people too! 

We had BOXES last night. A wonderful box night and I'm so very grateful for the gifts/donations.
Jatcat--2 wonderful round beds, easily washed, low side on front
Michaela--card with note and a beautiful kitty & flower teapot for me! Many thanks!
Joco/Joann--120 white washcloths (great for washing kitty faces)
Sonjamac for baby tummies--96 pkts of Whiskas Choice cuts
Lannml--a Pirate Ship---yeah! perfect for our Pirate Kitty Jasmine!
Cogo/Millie C and friend Lois--at least a thousand crocheted kitty coils, variety of colors--great toys!
Janet S from IA with Harley & toby--card with a note. Lots of variety of cards/envelopes, milk rings for Pania, paper for kitty toy and a beautiful afghan--white and teal with kitties and colorful flowers
Wolfpatch/Dave & Prince--cookies!!!!  3 bags of Snickerdoodles, 3 boxes K-Kups, 50 vein sets 25 guage and 6 catnip mice
Beth/eaglewatcher--second popper pan for the popcorn popper!
Kelly R from CA--note. Catstock: bubblegum, 3 pks of candy, jewelry, Cat in the Hat erasers, Kits for making wrist bands, 3 puzzles of baby animals.  Bright yellow towels--bath, finger and wash clothes. Bag of Wellness chicken, Royal Canin baby, 3 lg. cans tuna, 12 jars of babyfood meat, sardines, box of Bounce
Aunty Fi from UK--For Trucker, Bella and Coralie--a large round covered litter box with a ramp--should make it easy access!
Donna B from TN--donation for FFRC and Trucker
Sue M/macncheesemom--donation for FFRC 
Maggie Mae--day visitor--can food, snackers, toys and great drawn pictures that are on the refrig.
Sharon E from FL--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Julie & David P from UK--for Trucker to have some KFC chicken! 
Jan T from HI--for Trucker to have some KFC chicken also for Derecho, Jemima and other kitties that need a little extra something!
Kelly L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Jane & Greg W from TN--donation for FFRC, thru PayPal

Mahogeney is still in the Thumper's Rooms. She is doing much better and is getting braver. She is such a beautiful cat. Rich brown, tan and gold colors. And her fur--it's so long. She has a beautiful long bib and her pantaloons just flows when she walks! A gorgeous cat.

We've heard from Megan, aka Postal. All is going great. She is playing with the other cats already and is quite the snugglebunny. 

Sometimes I'll have people ask me why we do checks on potential adopters and have the adoption process that we do. Always have and always will.  I'll tell you a few reasons--these are true things but not meant to cause you any stress!  I'll always check out potential adopters so no need to worry! Here's a few reasons: I want a mouser cat for my house as I have lots of mice and want them out of there.  Or, I want my friend to like me better.  If she thinks I like cats she'll go out with me on a date.  Or here's one too--I want an unspayed cat so she can have kittens so my kids can experience it (this will get the person saying it a whole educational story of why this is so so wrong). Never question it---an adoption process will always happen! 

I thank you all for your support. You've heard this before from me but it's so true. It takes a whole big village of all of you, to help us run this Rescue Center.  We are all part of each other. Whoever you are that is reading this--a volunteer, a chatter, a lurker, a fb friend, anyone----Your part is important to us and so appreciated. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday July 24

Ming---what a special boy.  His little "oddities" add to his charm.  He has a huge heart of friendliness.  His half closed eyes, his crooked tail, his cute knocked kneed walk--it's all of the wonderful things about Ming that make him Ming. Until he finds his forever home, he has one here.

Coralie's hardest time is in the morning when those whippersnappers get way way too close to her. Most of the time she's pretty tolerant of those little ones. In the morning, when breakfast is in process, it can be a bit overwhelming with the rush of trying to get all mouths fed. Of course, each one thinks they are hungrier than the other. And with Coralie, if you think about it, she doesn't have much protection for herself other than to sound gruff. She's got a bit of a wallop in her front paws.  Most of the kittens haven't figured out yet that she only has one claw (dewclaw which isn't used to whap with) on one foot.  The other foot does have a few toenails but she doesn't really use them on the kittens. She can and does have a nice sweet side that she uses for the kittens......but not in the early morning! 

We had BOXES last night.  So many big thanks to you all.  The cats and I are grateful.
Judiannlee--pkg of spring toys, 2 tunnels, case of Kitten Fancy Feast
Gisa M Zigan--from Germany--2 books (one ENglish, 1 German) "Black Daughter" signed by this author. Already started reading it!
Patty/middiemom--Fancy Feast kitten can food, bag of Purina dry kitten food
Conii and fur babies Elliott  & Izabellah--2 cases of KMR
Sunny & Bacon--7 beautiful crocheted kitty blankies
Vickie B--6 bags Royal Canin mom/baby cat dry food
Nona--14 cans of KMR
Janet C from VA--2 cases Friskies & 2 cases Fancy Feast Grill
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie in IA--2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 4 boxes Purrfectly Chicken, big bag of Purina One dry food
Anonymous Friend sent from cases of baby food meat (chicken/beef)
Alan C from UT--donation
Littlecat/Elaine B from FL--card with note with picture of their TUxie "Little Cat", donation to sponsor Penelope and family for their care.
Becky & Mike S--scratcher, long white enveloopes, Walmart gift card, towels
Don & Sylvia/papanuke & mamanuke from TX, day visitors--a comfy bed and a donation
Anonymous Friend--donation in honor of Penelope and babies
Beth/eaglewatcher--donation for KFC for chicken for Trucker, Ada Jane and friends!
Trende G from KY--donation for FFRC
Hencass--donation in memory of Penelope's babies that we lost, use as needed

We are down to one single baby of Penelope's. Yesterday was a tough day for Penelope and us. Her virus that she has, has taken a toll on her already poor condition. I've been asked if the babies were premature.  This is hard to really know. We know their birth weights were very low. We know their skin is very very thin. Are the babies not surviving because of mama's illness, her very poor arrival condition or because of being premature? Probably all 3 things are a factor. Regardless, we have mama and baby to care for. The remaining baby is a grey tiger.Baby is called Splendor. 

Many thanks to Goss and those who post up BOXES. Our friends who are unable to watch it live appreciate this effort. I was asked to pass this on to you! I thank you too!

Today a large amount of our recent Flash Sale items will be sent out! Always let us know if there are problems with an order please.  I believe I have a final count of how we did for the two Tuesday Flash Sales.  It's $2, 480. Absolutely wonderful!

An update on our little rowboat! Yesterday was Launch Day! We put it in the backwater and..........we didn't sink!  Yeah! The plug did get kicked out accidently and we did take on water until we noticed it and replugged though! We painted the rowboat in camouflage colors! We also made a nice size fire pit at the backwater. So........those that come for ready for a Saturday night bonfire!  Or maybe Friday night and Sunday night and.............! We have lots of chairs!  

Jemima and Smallisha are doing wonderful. Dickens "asked" Jemima if he could nurse yesterday and she pushed him away so fast I think his head was spinning. But, he got the idea, he shook himself off and took off after Missa. Smallisha has been playing like a kitten---every toy is fun for her! 

Katara and Vaun are doing much better.  Both arrived a bit bedraggled but both now are doing better. Because of skin problems, they both required a second bath.  Now they look better! Austin too had a 2nd special bath yesterday and he also looks better. He was down on the floor for a while to stretch his legs. Today he'll be out more but in Thumper's Room.  I do believe Abe is about ready to come to the Main Area.

Life is good.  And enjoyable. How could it not with so many kitties purring and playing. I also heard a thought from dear Putter---he's still pushing for more spays and neuters.  Have you done a spay/neuter yet this summer for a cat or kitten? YOU can truly be a saver of lives by this simple act! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weds., July 23

Mich and Vern---a huge, giant thanks to you both for doing two Flash Sales yesterday for the cats.  I dearly appreciate what you've done for FFRC and the cats. The first sale was all the double packs of leggydews and the mountain of biggydews! The second sale was a variety of items from our store.  I so appreciate what Mich and Vern did and also deeply appreciate the viewers, chatters who participated in the sales! And those that were here just for the fun of it! We do so enjoy the fun part of it! Packages are already being made ready to send to you all!

Many thanks too for the following donations:
Kathy K from IA--donation from herself and from Ro and Mike B who she met in a store while wearing an FFRC shirt! 
David C--donation to FFRC
Janet C from VA--donation to be used as needed
Vern & Mich--rat toy, bird suet cakes, 4 rugs, lysol wipes and also fleece for Angie

We now have two white bunnies.  We found out a little more of the bunny story. It turns out a neighbor had bunnies and decided to let them go.  Bunnies are actually very hardy. When I use to have the Wildlife Orphanage we would take in people's bunnies that they didn't want to keep. At one time, we had 65-75 domesticated bunnies hopping about on the farmyard. These two buns are welcome. There's a good possibility that there may be a few more coming our way. 

We had a big clean day yesterday. We hauled everything out that could be washed, outside to the parking lot. Then Ashlyn (granddaughter) power blasted them with our disinfecting hose system. The hot sun dried everything in no time. We're all squeaky clean!

We're having trouble with Penelope and her babies. I honestly don't know how this is going to end. I do know that Penelope did not feel good yesterday. Today it's obvious what's going on. She has an upper respiratory infection. Now that we know what's going on, we have her on two different meds and I can already see that she's feeling better. But, unfortunately, her kittens aren't doing as good. As you already know, we lost oneearlier. Today we lost two more of them. We have 3 remaining kittens.  These babies had a rocky start but let's hope they can make it thru this. 

We took in two new kittens this week. The first one is a very handsome tiger/American Short Hair Mix, male. He's about 9 weeks old. His name is Abe and was found on Angie, Bill and Elizabeth's porch. A sweetie who loves to be held. He will be in the Main Area soon.

The second cat is about 11 months old. His name is Austin. He's mostly white, with a black patch over one eye and a solid black tail. Very handsome fella. Unfortunately he has met with hard times. He's bone thin and was very wobbly from lack of nutrition. His tail met with an injury and the last half is a "dead tail". We shortened it up already so he wouldn't bump it, but eventually he will need surgery to remove the rest of the necrotic tissue and to cover the bone. Right now he's in no condition for surgery. He also had many maggots inhabiting the wound on his tail. His bubble bath produced lots of brown bubbles. He's eating so his strength is getting better and he's on two antibiotics. Austin is such a really nice cat. All you have to do is to look at him and he wants to be petted. 

Trucker is here on my desk taking a nap. He is now very insistent on coming into the Main Area. He spends the night time in the Thumper's Rooms but when I start the day, he's wailing away at the office door, demanding to come in the Main Area! What a stubborn boy he is!  So, the door is opened and now he, Thomas and Alma come trooping in. Trucker's weight went:  1.07 to 1.06 to 1.08. Today it was 1.08.5, so he gained a half of an ounce. I have no idea what Trucker's future will be. I'm just going day by day right now. We are feeding him anytime he wants food (and he lets us know when he's hungry!) and loving him to pieces.  He absolutely loves to be held. Let's just concentrate on the here and now time with this precious boy.

I've heard from several of our newly adopted cats. Purrgo is doing wonderful! They've decided to keep his name.  He purrs anytime he is petted and when done being petted, he's on the go!  Perfect name!  We've also heard from Yvonne a couple times--so far, so good! I'm thrilled. 

Coz is turning into a marshmallow! Same with August--they're both enjoying more and more being petted. It's wonderful how they are becoming more trusting. I have Trucker, Zelda, Jessie and Corby on my desk snoozing away! Ada Jane is doing pretty good. She sure likes chicken. These cats and kittens--they all have their likes and dislikes.....just like people. We know Pania likes a towel down on the floor to lay on after the floor is mopped. We know that  Derecho and Lorenzo loves their treat of baby food after breakfast. Kerri Kat needs the faucet turned on just so for her morning drink. Milo takes his afternoon nap on the princess bed. Felicity sits on the window sill in the front office for her meals....every time! We treasure their unique personalities! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday, July 20

Rain, Rain, go away!   Wait, it hasn't rained here in a long time. But the cats and kittens are getting wet. What is going on?  It's raining INSIDE the Kitty Kabana!!  Yes, wet, wet, wet.  Our new baby grass needed a drink, so we turned the sprinkler on and moved it without checking where it was all going! Yep--right into the Kitty Kabana! Something exciting for the kittens!

Penelope and babies are doing pretty good.  She does spend some time away from them (in the pen), but that's ok.  As soon as they wiggle or meow, she feeds them! And their tummies are round---just the way we like them. Penelope is doing just fine. When kittens are weaned, it'll be her turn to act like a kitten and play!

We had an adoption this morning. Sweet Purrgo went to his new home. All in all, we had 12 applications for him and at least that many phone calls on him. We chose this particular family because they have adopted from us before, have other cats at home (which Purrgo would like) and between the mom/dad are home often enough and with the dad coming home at lunch. The new mom is even taking the day off of work tomorrow to be home with Purrgo! 

We had BOXES last night! My heartfelt thanks to you all.
Mary H--our Friday volunteer--cases of water and pop to help with Catstock, Kitty and doggie snackers and a case of Fancy Feast
Gusti from Germany--Food for Covies, Porchies and their friends--5 cases Appetizers and 3 cases snackers
Joan CMS from Spain--Pretty kitty blankie and an El Cau del la Cendra Mug, shirt and brochure!
Aunty Fi from UK--in honor of Penelope's kits--case of KMR
Conii with Elliott and Izabellah--2 cases of KMR
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--2 bags Royal Canin mom/baby dry food
Joco/Jo Ann--3 boxes shoe covers XXlg
Anonymous Friend--4 turbo scratch refills, 2 bowl bed scratchers, 5 cat dancers, 4 cases Friskies, 2 cases cat snackers
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--2 soft sided Kitty Carriers in purple, to be used for raffle!
Maggie Mae--a day visitor, 6 yrs old, came with a donation of treats and toys for the kitties
Margaret S from Paulding--donation
Brian & Rosco/Cheryl E--3 packages Clorox wipes, 300 paper plates, 250 styrofoam plates, big bag of kitten dry and big bag of adult dry, 2 boxes Fancy Feast, 2 packages balls with bells and a pack of catnip mice and 2 bags of starburst.  
Joni W from IA--donation thru PayPal--to be used wherever needed
Gusti--donation in memory of Tom from UK who sent the Bondi Licks.

All is fine on the farm grounds. The Covies are out for their day of cruising about today. Doesn't take then long to take off running when their door is opened! Both Mercy and Wilson are getting their stalls redone this week.  Mats are being picked up, new levels of stone put under and leveled and clean mats put back down. Will keep their big feet nice and dry! The goats are already dreaming of Catstock and who is going to poo first for bingo! The chickens are putting their dibs on Butter! Peacocks are dropping their feathers--time for their molt. We collect these and give at adoptions.

We have a new report from Petfinders. The top 15 cats are Purrgo, Camvi, Abner, Archer, Corby, Dexter, Ratchet, Dickens, Byron, Ming, Francis, Preakness, Corduroy, Kerri Kat and Mathew Scott. Remember, we don't put the cats or kittens on Petfinder until they are neutered or spayed.  This past week, our total views was 1,596.  

Sadie and Hamlin/Hope are doing good. Sadie would prefer that she would be the only cat, but hopefully she'll figure out a way to feel comfortable around others. We're keeping her in the Thumper Rooms where it's a bit less cats. Mahogany is becoming more comfortable and is out of her pen. She's starting to cruise about and was even on the desk napping! She is so beautiful. Joyful still calls the office and Thumper Rooms as her home--she's very happy there! And she loves the windows! 

All is fine here. Enjoy your day. Love on your cats and pets!