Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday, September 25

FIVE days is all, folks. Yep, you all have 5 more days to get those recipes in for our FFRC Cat Lovers Cookbook 3rd Edition. We want friends, volunteers, supporters, webcam friends---everyone to participate! Just go to our website: and click on the COOKBOOK tab. Wouldn't it be neat to see your name in our book?! There's so many categories to enter recipes in. I even have a recipe in there----from someone who doesn't cook! But..hurry and get those recipes in. The first of October, the template work begins! What a great Christmas gift this would make too!

Hensley and Elsie are playing together---rough and tumble but truly both are enjoying it. It's nice to see. Dorothy is playing with toys and Polly is all over the office, investigating. Joyful too has been out to see what's going on. Coralie is in her favorite cushie behind my seat, sound asleep--3rd tier up. She asks to be lifted up almost every day to this cushie for her morning nap. Terry is now in on the Elsie/Hensley tumble! 

And now......we have some thank yous to get caught up on. It's very important to me to acknowledge, here we go!

We had BOXES last night. Always know every gift is thoroughly appreciated!
Sandy E/straycatlady--24 count of Friskies Pate
Marlane & Kenny, visitors--36 count Fancy Feast & 2-48 count of Friskies
LavendarCats226 & kittens Snoopy, Annie, Bella & Kitty--2 bags of homegrown, dried catnip from her garden! and 3 lovely purses that she made. Also 2 sets of face clothes for all Persians
From All of Us who Loved You---a memorial stone for The Mighty Quinn.  Deep thanks
Roberta S from OH--donation in memory of her friend Richard
John & Suzanne C from FL--picture of superkitty--will check into copyright for me, instructions on parking improvements for across the road---big thanks!
Elaine, Alan & Littlekat--picture of Little Kat for his 18 1/2 birthday & his allowance!
Beth/eaglewatcher--Turbo AquaBot fish for the kitties fun

And we have more thanks:
Sue H/fergiesguardian & sister Debbie, from Chicago, visitors: jewelry, snackers for vols, snackers for cats, Clorox wipes, turbo scratcher, 2 cases Fancy Feast, paper plates, candy goodies, super scratcher
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Nigel W from UK--donation to FFRC

Gusti--donation to help with Endure's surgery
Olivia E from Lima--Wellness, dry cat food, kitty toys
Kay (NY) who is Nona's friend, brought 2 cases baby food with her when visiting, from Nona
Kelly R/littleonemine--1 bag Precious Litter
Sandy/straycatlady--2 bags Precious litter

And we had BOXES on Weds. evening also---you all are wonderful!
jz_nyc--2 bags snackers, 4 pks assorted cookies/crackers, 3 pk of lysol wipes
Judeanlee & Phil--6 boxes of appetizers
Conii & her 2 fur babies--6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
Don & Joy from NY--critter card with note & donation
Needtoretire from PA_-kitty card with note of sponsorship of Sea Turtle & Jones
Jean & Tom H from OH--donation in memory of Bob Albright
Diane K from ME--donation and 4-$5 chicken
Cheryl L from WA--coupons
Macncheesendoodlesmom--card, donation for S/N, memory of Macaroni & donation for FFRC
Annette, Tues. pm volunteer--donation from her friend

We also received 2 lg jars of catnip, package of sponges & 300+ microwave bowls from our friend Donnawankenobe who passed away. Her friend knew she had been saving these for FFRC and so sent them on their way to us. 

Welcome to Asher. Asher is the tiger white boy that actually arrived last Saturday when we had surgery. FFRC had planned on taking him in. During the day it was noticed that he wasn't feeling well so Dr. Darcy took him back to her office. It turned out he just had a slight reaction to a vaccine and is now back with us. He looks alot like Mandisa, but Asher has a few spotty-dotties on him, while Mandisa is a bit more stripey. His birthday is April 14, 2016 and he's 5 months old. He has alot of energy and thoroughly enjoys playing!

The 10 kittens are up and about in the Main Area during the day for right now. They go back to Thumper's Room for night time sleeping. They are all doing great. A little eye issue yet with Cairys but all are doing much better. Lots of kitty energy there! And they love the palm trees! 

Alice Mary is broadening her horizon and is exploring more. Her appetite is picking up. That cute face of hers.....she could get away with anything and we'd just smile! Phoebe is completely comfortable and super busy playing all of the time. Endure too has ventured out of her room and is slowly exploring a bit. I would love to know more of her past---she always seems to be thinking about something. But she accepts and enjoys TLC.  Tuesday will be suture removal time for Endure, Vienna and Todd.

We've had a few more adoptions! Wolfman Jack and Sarge went to their New Jersey home together! That brought alot of joy having these two friends together. I heard they were exploring their home last night after their long drive home. 

I've heard from Stevie, Winston and Felix. These 3 boys are doing wonderful--they are non-stop explorers in their new home. Not a fuss between them. And as you would expect, they all love their screened in porch, especially Winston! 

It turns out that Orpha will be going to her new home this coming Thursday between 9-10.  Orpha is such a wonderful loverbug. Towner, the new long hair black kitten is doing great. He acts like he's always been here. 

Eddie White has to postpone his trip here. His volunteer/driver has the flu--no fun. Because of my vacation, he will now come after we get back. But....he is doing good and I asked his volunteer to be sure to tell him we will eventually get him here at FFRC.  

Mark your calendar! This Tuesday, about 2:00-2:30 ish we will have a Flash Sale! You'll see some new items too! Mich will be handling this Flash Sale! 

Have a happy Sunday---it's a beautiful day! We can definitely tell that Fall is here.   Pssst--did you vote today yet?!!  FFRC surely appreciates those votes! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weds., September 21

Happy Fall! This summer went so fast. Kitties are still being born and will continue into the fall. Do you know of an unneutered/unspayed cat outside? Maybe you can help--no one will object to you having that surgery done! The cats sure won't---it's a tough life "out there". Grab that cat and make that vet appt---it WILL make a difference! 

What a way to "work"--I have Hensley and Bonnie in my lap, Trucker curled up on the desk, Tiyanni on the other desk cushion, Asha, Orpha and Chloe are directly behind myhead on the Kuranda Tower. Love it! 

We have thanks to give. The generosity of folks is wonderful and much appreciated!
Gusti--provided drinks for our past surgery day
Linda & Keith C from UK--donation for FFRC
Eric & Carrie--donation to FFRC, to be used as needed
Kim S from OH--donation in memory of Might Quinn
Tom W from MI--donation to FFRC, in making sure the cats/kittens are lvoed
David & Julie in UK--donation in memory of the wonderful Quinn
Karla M from IA--donation in memory of the sweet soul of Quinn and all pets that have passed

Wow--awesome news!  On Saturday, we had 2 super adoptions--Stevie and Felix went together to a wonderful home. I went over to check the house out and it's big, clean and perfect for CH cats.  They have lots of places to roam about including a long outside attached porch. And they are experienced CH owners! Here's the new news on this---they were torn whether to adopt Felix or Winston but decided Felix needed to go with Stevie. The new dad has still had thoughts on Winston----well, the call came.......they want Winston too!  This house is perfect for these three boys--lots of room to run, play and explore. And Winston will still have access to being "outside" like he does in our Bella's Place. Winston will go there today. I'm just smiling over this as we couldn't ask for a better place for these boys who are now all brothers!

We took in a new cat on Saturday late afternoon.  He was brought in by an FFRC friend. He's a long hair, black and 14 weeks old. He's been hanging out at a trailer park, getting meals where he could. He came in with a good load of fleas (2/4), earmites and a bit hungry. He's a happy boy and has a terrific purr. He came up to the Main Area just this morning. His name is Towner, a Name a Cat name. His birthday is 6/11/16. He's having fun this morning just exploring all over!

If you see a flash of furry-ness, that would be Phoebe. That girl is 100% a fun-girl. She runs, leaps, flips and climbs. In other words, she is very much enjoying having all this space to play! We haven't had any further bleeding episodes at all. Next month she will have a repeat lab work and then be spayed. Next will be to find her an awesome home!

Our other new Perisan, Alice Mary is gorgeous. That face and eyes---enough to melt your heart. She's so much better--breathing much easier. She isn't real active yet but she sure loves to be held. And she does NOT want in her pen--when we put her in there to monitor her a bit, she sits right next to the pen bars, puts her arms clear thru and then crosses them---we think she's pleading to come out again......which we do as soon as we can!  What a beauty! 

Endure is doing wonderful. She took a couple days to rest and relax but is now up to exploring and walking about. She will make her way up to the Main Area today. Vienna's tail surgery has caused her a bit of soreness but doing better today. She's a bit shy but wow---when you hold her, she just melts. What a dearie. Todd's all better--he's back to being Todd with much energy and orniness! 

Yesterday we had 12 inquiries about our Voucher Spay/Neuter program---so happy about this! We're on a mission--spay and neuter---it's truly the right way to go!

Don't forget about our Script Program.  For more info, email Angie at

I'm so glad about this---we are almost done with the items that we wanted to accomplish from Catathon's goals!  Here's what we've done so far:
Permanent electric line to the Firecat's FireHouse
Permanent heating system/furnace for The House That Jonah Built
Replacement window for Kitty Campus Room & the little window
New shed, Picnic table, freezer, Kuranda Tower 
Paid off (at that time) the vet bill
Load of stones around Shelter house/stone lane
Replacement for 1 of the heavy duty wagons
New FFRC sign!
Cement slab in Bella's Place. 

What we need to do yet:  repair on roof by awning/sunporch, maintenance check on generator (will happen this fall). 

Our new incoming boy, Eddie White will arrive on 9/25. I'm not sure of the time yet. Shelley, who is one of his rescue persons says: "Eddie is a wonderful boy, who has learned to love himself again and shows love to those around him.".  He is a shorthair white cat, born 1/4/13, so he is 3 years old. He's been neutered, examined, vaccinated and treated for fleas. Welcome to our incoming boy.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday, Sept. 18

Surgeries are done and all went well.  Long day but much accomplished. The schedule changed a bit but that seems par for the course. Here is what we accomplished:
The boys that were done:  Tiyani, Zun, Clark Kent, Bradley, Ingy.
The girls that were done: Grishko, MJ.

We also did get in 4 extra cats that volunteers have been working with---2 boys/2 girls.
Plus we had 1 walk in yesterday morning---another male cat.

This makes 12 more spays/neuters.  Our total count now that we have been a part of spaying and neutering is: 416 cats (and 2 dogs).     This breaks down to 244 females and 172 males. 

And then we had more surgeries yesterday. Todd had his eye enucleation. He did real well. He's been napping and resting this morning.  Endure the gray torti had her leg amputation. Much needed and so she will feel much better. She had so much damage to this leg. She has been napping also all morning. Vincen Van Gogh is now Vienna. After cleaning everything real good for surgery, we realized that he is a she. Much swelling there, but now much better. The tail was removed due to degloving. She looks rather sporty with that little nub. She has been playing already today.  We will save the name Vincen Van Gogh for another cat.  These 3 cats are on soreness meds and antibiotics.

We also took in a new kitten. She is 5 months old but only weighs 3 1/2 lbs. She is a pure white Persian and has the most gorgeous eyes. She needed some extra help as she had a bad case of pneumonia. She is much better but bears a close watch. Dr. Darcy examined her yesterday and we will continue our med treatment with her. What a beauty. Her birthday is 4/16/16. Her name is Alice Mary,m a Name a Cat name.

Because of the time involvement for all the surgeries yesterday we were unable to get to our physical list. So....we will put them on for next month. 

This month is now more than half way over---please remember to get those recipes in! Please don't wait till the end!  Just go to our website at: and click on the cookbook tab. All the information is there. We sure would love to have a recipe from you.

We have two bits of sad news to pass on.  We lost the little kitten brown tiger/white that Peggy was fostering. He simply passed away in his sleep with his 2 siblings snuggling close to him.  These are things we simply do not know why---but we carry on because that's the life of rescue. There's always more to care for. Her name was Angel Rose.

The other sad news is the loss of our baby Mighty Quinn.  He passed away later yesterday. He was kissed and held and told it was ok for him to let go.  All I know is that heaven received a mighty sweet little baby that will be much missed.  He tried so hard to be well but was enough. That baby was loved by so many.  Thank you for caring. 

We have some thanks to give---always know that you are appreciated by FFRC.
Diane and Paul B--donation to FFRC
OldestManAlive--2 bags of Precious Litter, in appreciation for care of Quinn
LostGirl--Odo-Ban--has restocked our supply
Zoolove--10 bags of Precious Litter, 1 bag Purina One, 1 bag Purina One Kitten, can food & 2 snackers
Joco--4 cases Fancy Feast, 3 cases Sheba Purfect Portions
BIllie K--2 Royal Canon dry kitten food & 4 cases Fancy Feast kitten
Fran D from FL--donation to FFRC in memory of Baby Quinn. 
Mary H Fri. vol--2 cases Appetizers for Jolene, 15 perfect portions, 3 mini spatulas, 2 Friskies, 3 strainers, Mr. Clean eraser, 5 bags Traer Joes popcorn, 2 toys

Have you voted today yet? Please do as it helps us tremendously.  Just go to:     Can vote daily. This contest goes until Jan. 4th.  Thank you very much. 

We had another adoption! Our little Roberta was adopted.  Two wonderful inkies this week to two great homes! So glad for these two sister inkies.

Take care and have a wonderful Sunday.  Here the air is a bit cooler, lower humidity and the sun is shining. My wish today is that no one gets discouraged in the way of doing rescue work. Yes, it's hard, very hard work, many disappointments and sadness but overall the joy and happiness it brings far outweighs the hard part.  Enjoy the kitties and cats---each are wonderful with unique personalities just waiting to be adopted. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday, September 16

Surgery day is tomorrow.  More cats that won't add to the population overload! These are all FFRC cats, College cats & a volunteer cat.  Here's the list:

First, the physicals:  Livingston, Quinn, Camvi, Jones, Joey, Joyful, Lucy Ann, Merri, Pddy Purr, Polly, Walter and Phoebe.

Tiyani  3.10
Zun   3.00
Clark Kent   3.13
Ramsey   2.01
Ingy   2.01
Male cat--for Ashlyn (Defiance College)
Male cat--for Ashlyn  (Defiance College)

Grishko   6.11
Orpha   4.00
MJ   2.01
Misc. cat for volunteer--female
Female cat--for Ashlyn (Defiance College) 

Other surgeries:
Todd   5.05  (eye enucleation)
Vincen Van Gogh---tail amputation
Endure---leg amputation

Whoa---wait a minute, you say.  Who is VIncen Van Gogh and Endure!  Well, we took in two new kittens yesterday.  Here is their info:

Vincen Van Gogh--a cute brown tiger boy, 8 weeks old, birthday of 7/21/16. He arrived yesterday morning. He was found the day before in a garage, all by himself--no littermates, no mama.  He also has a completely degloved tail--no fur, completely stripped.  This tail will have to be removed as the bones are exposed.  He has a few fleas but generally appears healthy.  A little worried about life but the poor little guy has gone thru a lot in the last few days. He weighs 2.01.  He was hungry upon arrival and has a very good appetite. He is on soreness meds and an antibiotic.

Endure--a sweet grey torti, 6 months old, birthday of 3/14/16. She also arrived yesterday morning. She was found on a front porch-the owner of house had never seen her before.  This sweet girl has a probable trap wound to her front left leg. This probably happened 5-6 days ago, long enough for a major maggot infestation. Every toe bone was completely exposed. This leg cannot be saved as it has also severed the nerves (actually are gone). During all the work on her yesterday, she never complained even once. She had a bath, much maggot removals and the lower foot area was removed (no worries, she felt nothing--had to be done due to the complete sloughing of all tissue there).  Leg is now wrapped and packed with antibiotic ointment for major infection of leg.  She also has an URI. This girl is all heart--what a love she is. She was so so hungry and cleaned up a plate of food before we could even get her water bowl. She is on 2 antibiotics, soreness meds.  We are hoping she will be up to her leg amputation tomorrow but not positive. 

Here's some information on the 3 kittens that Peggy is fostering.  Female--brown tiger with slight tortiness, Male--grey tiger & white, Male--orange tiger.  Their birthday is 8/29/16. So little yet but all are active and already appear ornery! They've had their first worming.

We had an adoption on 9/13--sweet Christine, one of our inky babies. They love her already. She went to a home where we know several generations of this family--wonderful people!.

You probably have heard already that we lost an FFRC friend. Donna H/donnawankenobe.  She has been a part of FFRCNation since 2011 and will be missed. 

We had BOXES on Monday evening---we are grateful for you!
Zoolove--case of baby food
Joco--4 cases Fancy Feast, 5 cases Sheba Purrfect Portions
Jacksmom--3000- 6 in. paper plates, 3000 plastic spoons, 9 containers Clorox Wipes
Bifllie K--2 lg bags Royal Canin dry kitten food, 4 cases Fancy Feast can
Clark, Jessie & the gang--chicken $5 for Pippi, Polly and 7 Covies~
Melissa L from NY--donation for FFRC
Tom from IL--donation in memory of our friend Bob Albright

We also had BOXES on Wedsnesday evening---big big thanks (yes, I've gotten behind!)
Helen N from OH--donation to FFRC
Julie C & her kitties Anna Marie & Miss Mellow--donation for FFRC, 8 gorgeous paw print bracelets for Flash Sales.
Joco--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Conii & her kitties--3 cases KMR, 2 cases FF Medley, 2 cases Appetizers, 2 boxes FF Broths!
Carla M/CJ500--Beautiful crocheted items--4 Kuranda bed blankies, 7 kickaroos. Also lots of crocheted crate blankies for Flash Sale 
PaintedDaisy/June--3 notebooks, paper clips, playpacks & stickers (for kids), tote bag. Then some really gorgeous jewelry--2 kitty watches, many many silver bracelets & necklaces--so pretty. You will see these in a Flash Sale too!

Stephanie S--donation for a commissioned keepsake teddybear
Eugenia S--donation for baby Quinn
MLS--5 cases baby food, 5 cases FF kitten canned food, 3 boxes plastic spoons
Justme--stuff for FFRC & a donation to FFRC in honor of Angie & BIll
Keith G--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC

We also received a donation from Bedheadsdd to cover lots more of the Leggydew blankies that we give out at adoptions--thanks ever so much!  The new families love these. 

More thanks too!
Pablo--visitor last weekend & volunteer--4 gals. vinegar, 2 cases water & donation
Ronda from Tucson, Pablo's friend--2 lg bags Purina Pro, 2 cases Friskies can

We had a nice surprise yesterday.  DeTray Chiropractic Center from Defiance dropped off a basket full of items of gratitude for FFRC helping the community. So very kind of them! 

Updates:  the group of kitties in the back Thumper's Room are doing better. Their activity level and appetites are doing good.  Still a couple that are punky, but we expect full recoveries.  Such an awesome, friendly, pretty kittens!

Quinn update---our sweet boy is with us but is certainly struggling. He has a major battle that he is fighting. We are following the guidance of our vet for his care. This is a very tough situation.  A fellow rescue friend of FFRC wrote this today to me:  He writes his destiny and we only can respect his decision and bring him our love.  That is exactly true and really wrapped my heart. I thank you all for your kindness, prayers and good thoughts for our little boy.  Will keep you all posted as you are very important to him. 

Take care, have a wonderful weekend and I thank you for caring about the cats and kittens here at FFRC--it truly means a lot to me.  This Rescue Center creates it's own huge job but the load is easier with our volunteers and all of our FFRCNation. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 14 Weds.

JOvember.  What?  What is that?!  It's a combo of two things. Joey and November.  Now.....sit down for this most awesome of awesome news!!  Our dear, loved Joey is going to be adopted in November.'s now known as JOvember!  Yes, Joey has done the work all by himself and found himself a home! This idea started months ago. And it has grown. The family that will adopt him is well known to FFRC and has adopted cats from us before. 

When this subject was first approached to me, I was very excited.  They have come a couple times now just to visit him and to make sure that Joey is good with this idea.  And it is......Joey gave his paw shake of approval! His new mom and dad will be Jenny and Brent, our friends from Canada. They are also the family to Montana and the cat crew! 

Remember when Joey first came?  You couldn't even look directly at him or he would quickly flit away.  And then he progressed to cruising about the back Thumper's Room.  Eventually, Elizabeth and I brought him up to Kabana Room. He quickly became comfortable there but would zoom in hiding when visitors would come. He quickly though progressed to using all of the Rescue Center and playing and accepting pets from all of us.  We found a way to his heart---chicken and snackers and ear scratchers. As time went on, he became relaxed and was comfortable. I've seen him also letting complete  strangers pet him and scratch his chin and ears.  We even picked him up today to weigh him without any wariness.  

He is ready for adoption---mentally, emotionally and in his heart!  I am absolutely thrilled with this. And what a fine home---so filled with lots of love.  His new home will sport more Kuranda Towers, as he loves them. And this is awesome---his new mama, Jenny will be taking much time off of work for Joey's introduction to his new home. Her time will be for Joey and their other cats. 

Please join us in our happiness of this future adoption. I know we are thrilled here at FFRC. 

And.........another bit of news.  Remember I said after Catstock there would be two bits of news to pass on.  This one is very exciting too.  Steve and I and almost our whole family will be going on vacation together the first week of October!!  We are all very excited about this and very much looking forward to it.  The volunteers will cover us nicely so there's no worries---they are all seasoned pros! 

So........that's my two bits of exciting news!  More blog info later! 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday, September 11

9/11---a date we all know.  Nearly 3,000 people were killed, 400 were police offers and firefighters, in the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in NYC, at the Pentagon building in Washing, D.C., and in a plane crash near Shanksville, PA.  Let us always remember what our country represents and the words "United We Stand, God Bless America.".

Catstock 2016---it's over and I'm still smiling!  The weather was perfect even with the rain. We can't change these things so we just have to go with the flow.  Actually the weather was indeed good---we had 2 little bouts of rain and then it was over and the beautiful sun came out again! We were prepared with 4 big tents, 2 pop up tents, the shelter house and a good attitude by all the people here! The far back parking area was full, the lower corral was full and the big corral had many cars in it too.  I also saw cars parked all along the road.  A very good turn-out. 

Strawberry Hill was again phenomenal.  We love their music. Not only are they are wonderful band but the band members are really such nice people! We were able to give them a donation check for $530---this was from funds that were given in appreciation of their music! 

Also at Catstock, we had an indoor and outdoor store with our items for sale. We made $383 thru these sales!  The Dunk Tank was a big success. We sure did alot of dunking---such a great sound---kersplash! lol  The Tank arrived at noon and the Fire Dept. arrived to fill up the 500 gallon tank.  So nice of them!And the heat of the pump warmed up the water a little!  I even got to have a quick sit inside the truck! When they left, they turned on their sirens! 

We sold close to 1,100 tickets for the games!  That makes me smile---kids had fun playing the carnival games! Lots of prizes were given---all kids playing received a prize, win or lose for each game! And big thanks to all the people who ran the games---that took alot of people. 

The Yum-FunRaiser was a super success! We love our cookies! Wolfpatch baked up a huge amount and we are so very grateful for him. We ended up with 362 tickets sold for the Yum-Raiser which means $1810.  We had a wonderful person who offered to match this, so now that becomes $3,620.  At Catstock, Dave sold cookie plates which made $250.  So.....the cookie business made $3,870 for FFRC.  Big big thanks, Wolfpatch!  

The food was oh, so delicious! Lots of foods, big variety. Yum! It took  Kathy and Dawnstar kept the cams working--I've heard the video streaming was good and the sound of the band was good. So thankful for this! 

The Cove and inside the Main Area had lots of visitors. The cats surely did enjoy all the holding. I saw lots of cats sleeping away in arms of people! That was nice to see. 

One of the things that always worries me is if I neglect to mention names for thank yous. If I ever forget anyone, don't hesitate to let me know.  This weekend we had many visitors who brought items--we tried to keep track!

Ruffles--snackers & 12 cans of Friskies
LJ--baby wipes, styrofoam plates 9 inch, 16 cans chicken
MLS--6 cans of food and a bunch of box tops
Christy & Steve, Lindsay/Mings family--paper towels, case of can food and cleaning wipes
Craig & family & Daisy--cat scratcher, electric water bowl, feral house keeper, toys, outdoor feeder.  Also office supplies, suckers/tattoos/prizes for Catstock.
Deb/mycatcat--bleach, treats, 12 pk Friskies, 6 baby food, 4 packs spoons, 2 pks 8 inch plates,            20 pencils, 24 cat cup holders
Billy S--donation for FFRC
Heather H & family--vinegar, kitty food, baby food, collar and apples for the horses.
Leslie--donation to FFRC, lg bag cat food & a Pumpkin head felted cat (love it)
Suzanne & John--5 cases Fancy Feast, 1 case Iams and 1 case Friskies
Linda/MLS--5 cases baby food & 5 cases Fancy Feast Kitten
Annie S--donation to FFRC

In our donation banks for Catstock, we also received $1100--we are super appreciative. This will help towards the variety of costs for Catstock.  

All in all, the Catstock was wonderful.  There are literally many dozens of people who helped pull this off. I am so very grateful to each and every one of you. And these folks gave their time and effort with big smiles---means so much to me.  And webcam visitors........we had lots of them from all over the US. It thrills me to have people come to visit and enjoy the cats and the friendships that are here. Many are still here! And of course our webcam viewers---we knew you were there, enjoying the event along with us!  Another thing I really enjoy is just listening....I so love to hear the laughter here by all the people. And when our visitors come,  it's great to hear them calling the cats by name. 

We had BOXES on Thursday evening!   You all are awesome and appreciated! 
Anonymous Friend--200 count Dixie spoons, 300 6 inch plates
Mr. & Mrs. Medic--2 cases Fancy Feast
Eaglewatcher--2 cases canned Royal Canin Baby Cat
Plee from SC--tunnel, 2 crochet blankies, soft comfy bed, Feliway dispensers, 2 doggie snackers, 1 kitty dental snacker, 6 Temptation snackers, bagful of Sheba
Zoolove--kitty & dog Fleece blanket for flash sale, 2 tshirts for Jacci
Barbara E from NC--kitty card, 5 lg kitty blankets
Leggygal--4 boxes of Leggy/biggiedews and blankets for adoption (from Clark & Jessie)
Littleonemine--2 Yeowzzer banana toys, 4 cases Fancy Feast
MJ from MI--coupons
Robotman--pretty pair of Laurel Burch earrings for J
Trudy S from OH--donation
Gusti--special blankie for Cayden
Tom W--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Jeff & Glenda F from OH--donation for Quinn (the folks who helped Quinn)
Vicki B--6 bags RC Baby cat food

Check it out---our website has a new tab! Go to     Look for the About Us tab, scroll down to Birthday Calendar and click!  I think you'll like it!  Many thanks to Vaun for all of the hard work on this. 

We had two wonderful adoptions on 9/8.  Dominic left to go home to his new mama who loves him very much. I've already heard back from her and she is just thrilled with Dominic. He seems comfortable already and is exploring his new house.

Cayden was also adopted! Cayden has been here since a baby of 8 weeks. He arrived here on 7/31/14. Cayden is already adjusting to having his own home and own family. It sounds like he too is doing great. If  you'd like to see more about Cayden, check out his new FB page at Caydens Journey.  I think you'll like it! 

So......who is this new little kitten we have?  His name is Quinn, affectionately called The Mighty Quinn. He's a little gold/white baby, about 5 weeks old. His birthday is 7/28/16 and he weighed 13 ounces when he arrived on 9/7.  He was born in a barn. Somewhere his mama and siblings went missing--maybe mama moved the litter as they often times do and left little Quinn behind. Regardless, the family who owns the barn brought little Quinn to us. He appears to have CH but this has not been for sure diagnosed yet.  Time will help us with this. There could be a number of reasons why Quinn is as he is. Whatever his diagnosis will be, we love him already!  We are syringe feeding him but this next week I do believe he will take off on his own eating. He has spent some time with the group of 11 kittens in the back Thumper's Room. This morning he was in the Main Area for 10-15 minutes and moved around a bit on all 4's, while staying on a rug. He is quite the shaky boy but he sure knows how to soak up the love and to look at people with those eyes that shows he's quite a happy boy. Welcome, little Quinn!

Orpha the new torti kitten is doing wonderful. She's very friendly and absolutely loves attention! Phoebe is doing great as well. She certainly loves people. She's on antibiotics and all seems very good healthwise with her. This week she will go for labwork. With all the extra visitors here lately, she is soaking up the love and so enjoying it! 

Take care everyone and have a wonderful week. Also please pause for a minute and just feel the gratitude that we have for you all.  We have such a wonderful positive group of people here at FFRC and for you all involved "out there" with FFRC---truly is important to us.  Big hugs. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weds., September 7

Can you feel it?  The kitty energy and vibes is very high!  When all the kittens are in the back Thumper's Room, the room vibrates! The 3 little greys--MJ, Sadeka and Ingy have decided they are healthy and want to show everyone that they feel good now! Their little round bellies are coming along!  

I realize that I never officially introduced Bradley.  Bradley is a little gold/white kitten that our volunteer Mary Braid rescued. He's a dandy and ever so sweet.  All he has to do is look up at you with those big eyes and your heart will melt.  He arrived weighing 1.10. He's 6 weeks old and his birthday is 7/23/16.  He was at a country home with no mama or siblings.  He's fit right in and loves his new kitty family.

It's amazing the difference in Cairo and Cairys. Their fur looks so puffy, their eyes are bright and alert and they are growing. Cairys' favorite way to eat is to stand inside the food bowl and swat at the others---he thinks the entire bowl is all his.  He will come to realize soon that he doesn't have to worry---we will always have food for him. 

Zun......his real name must be Zoom Zun as he loves to run. He's here, there and everywhere. And he so loves playing with the other kittens.  His purr motor is always on.  Woodrow is coming along---not as shy as before. We keep holding him. His little wounds are healed now. 

Every cat and kitten that arrives gets to have 5 days of that "delicious" white stuff---it's a broad spectrum wormer.  It is an excellent wormer and assures that our felines are healthy in the no-parasite world (internally). No wormies for our kitties and cats! 

Yesterday was an awesome day. We did 30 more spays/neuters as it was our HumaneOhio Transport Day.  We checked in all 30 cats from 5:30 to 6:10 am.  All were safely "fixed" and returned here at FFRC about 6:10 pm.  What a great thing---one of my favorite activities...being involved in these spays/neuters.  These 30 cats comprised of 21 spays and 9 neuters. 

We also in the last few weeks gave out 8 vouchers for people to take their cats directly to HumaneOhio for their surgeries. That was for 4 females and 4 boys.  The total of these now gives us new numbers.......drumroll please!!!..........     We have now done 404 cats----240 spays and 163 neuters! 

We were asked if we could possibly keep one of the kittens from yesterdays surgeries. We said we would make room for her.......a young beautiful torti.  She is 13 weeks old with a birthday of  June 7, 2016.  Her name is Orpha (a Name a Cat name). She's super friendly and already begging to come out and play.  We told her........bathtime & vaccines first today! 

We have some thanks to give----please know you are appreciated! 
Wanda E--commission from a portrait!!
Michael JW--donation to FFRC
Deb11111--donation to FFRC, in memory of Jacob Wetterling, in support for the missing children and pets
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
James M--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC

THREE more days to Catstock. We already have a few visitors starting to arrive with lots more coming! We're almost ready! Today we will put in the parking lot posts to guide people. Pizza order will be put in. Lots of cleaning is happening on the property. Friday the tents (I believe 4 now) will arrive--that is always exciting.  I know the weather may call for rain---but all is fine! We'll be beaming sunshine of friendship and fun! The tents are huge and we also have the big Shelter House.  We are looking forward to this matter what!!  Come join us for the fun! 

Livingston continues to do good.  He is pottying just fine! And he's so so proud of he should be! Hensley and Vernon have become "silent" friends---they seem to have decided they are brotherly spirits.....haven't seen a cross "purr" between the two for a while! Sea Turtle has lost some weight but she seems to be feeling rather perky. Jones is maintaining and pottying good! Jessie, one of our oldsters is doing great. What a sweet girl she is. Chloe has fully discovered the fun of playing--such a joy to watch her. 

FFRC is on the move! We want to continue to give good quality medical care, tons of love to each cat and kitten, adopt to wonderful loving homes and to continue our spay/neuter programs!