Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday, Dec. 14

On the 8th day of Christmas, the kitties gave to me.....8 kitty kisses! A wonderful gift to receive! The cats are already looking forward to extra chicken for Christmas. 

Our Raffle started yesterday. It consists of 5 beautiful afghans and a Grumpy Basket. Please check out facebook chatters, FFRCNation page or our Twitter page for details. Tickets are $5 a piece. Cn purchase one or how many you'd like. You can go to PayPal and send it to us. Just include a note as to what item(s) you'd like a ticket for. Boxes will be Friday at 5:30 pm and Raffle Drawing will be at 6:00, with consolation prizes too! Just in case you'd like this for a Christmas gift, we will have it in the mail on Monday! Join us for the fun on Friday evening!

We have many thanks to give as we had BOXES last night.
Faithymd--4 delicious boxes from Swiss Colony--pumpkin cake, ham, sausage, pancake mix, jellies, chocolate petit fours and chocolate truffles. Yum!
Julie--volunteer and son Matthew--Christmas card for Derecho & Friends, kitty food cans variety, kitty snackers, 2 doggie snackers and suet for the birds.
Megancummings/sparklepopjewelry with Sparkle, Leo & Jewels--a $1,000 check from SparklePop for sales from Nov. 27 thru Dec. 11.  Wow!  She also sent some jewelry for us to show--beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets   
Michelle M from Alberta with KC kitty--Christmas card, reflective stickers, photo clips for pictures, lots of kitty snackers
Gill A from UK--Christmas card, 6 boxes of Bondi Licks, book mark
Jean M with Molly from WI--Christmas card & note, 2 pretty teal towels, 2 hand soaps, sardines
Christopher & Stephanie C from AL--Christmas card, kitty ball and other toys, Giant Mouse toy, kitty snackers
Gusti from Germany--crinkle tunnel, replacement scratchers for turbo toy, kitty toys, pooper scooper, kitty snackers
Plee with Miss Tortie & Sandi--lots of pads/for the kitties and pillow cases too, soft kitty bed, 2 kitty bowls, 3 crocheted kitty pads, doggie snackers and kitty snackers
Kerswill--2 bags Bowtie kitty toys and a bowl scratcher bed
Ann, Sean, Penn, Teller and Pixel from PA--Christmas card, bag of yarn for Pat C, Nature Valley bars, big kitty snackers, salmon, kitty balls and springs, 6 pk Lysol wipes, Friskie cans. Also a t-shirt for Jacci that says: I Really Do Need All These Cats---I love it!
Fergies Guardian--6 bags of that wonderful Precious kittylitter--thanks! used 3 of them this morning!
Lannml--100 foam plates 9 inch!  Helps so much with time and our hands!
David H/wolfpatch--kitty card with letter.  Cookies, cookies and more cookies! Yum---Wolfpatch cookies. Unbelievable--it already had the tape cut---hmmmmm, now how did that happen?  And there was a few cookies missing............hmmmmmm.  Thanks David for such a wonderful batch of cookies. 4 different kinds--Almond Crescents, Chocolate Chocolate Chip/Cashews, Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal chocolate Chip. Come visit--we share! 

We also have PayPals to thank!
Ingrid/ju-in-ji--donation for Derecho for snackers and chicken to share and a donation for Bounty.
Karen C from KS--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Judith M from NH--donation to FFRC
Eartheyes from NC--donation to help with Trucker's medical bills and a stash of chicken to share! 
P. C. from NJ--donation for FFRC

We have two exciting things happening for FFRC on the internet. One is Trucker and his buddy Freemont all snugged in their cushie bed. All you have to do is vote! The link is:  There is a cash winning for this. Thanks to Aunty for submitting this.  

The second is  Megan has graciously put FFRC as the cat rescue to receive funding. On some items, we get 20%, others 100%.  Be sure to mention FFRC, the cat rescue, on your order! They have beautiful jewelry, all under $40. 

We had a nice gift this morning.....from Ustream! You know all those ads that sometimes cause distress? They pay off! FFRC received a payment of $1,651.04 for 10/1/14 to 10/31/14. So wonderful! Thank you all---this comes from YOU!

Please also our Great Lakes Scrip Program at  The activation code is EB4A132541195     Thank you!

Our Christmas Clock is back! Listen for the music at the hours. It was going to be a 2:00 surprise for you all, but we had a little work to do on the clock to get it to work properly. 

Do you know which cat has that "certain leg rub" that we all recognize?  It's Milo! He's such a love. He enjoys doing figure 8's around legs. Which cat loves feet? That would be Freemont. He so loves to lay on feet. If we stood still long enough, he'd probably nap on them! Which cat likes to hear her name said in a sing-song way?  It's Pania!

Yesterday, we brought up Bobbi and Cricket/Betra to acclimate to the Main Area. In the afternoon, Bobbi started meowing---loudly. She'd had enough of the room and wanted OUT!  So, the door was opened and she walked out like she'd been here forever! It took Betra a little longer but she too is out and about. Wonderful to see. 

Trucker had his surgery yesterday. The first thing Dr. Darcy told me is that his "parts" were not normal. Made me chuckle. Goes along with the rest of that sweet boy! Trucker looked up at me like he was so very pleased! Within a very short time of getting back to the Rescue Center and after a meal of yummy chicken, he was back on the floor running as fast as ever. We will pay special note that his two incision areas are clean. 

Did you know cats generally groom in the same pattern? It's really very interesting. Chek out your cat! Here's the usual order for most cats:
Lick the lips.
Lick the side of 1 paw until it's wet.
Rub the wet paw over the head, including ear, eye, cheek and chin.
Wet the other paw in the same manner.
Rub the wet paw over that side of the head.
Lick front legs and shoulders.
Lick flanks.
Lick hiney-parts.
Lick hind legs.
Lick tail from base to tip. 
Aren't cats just wonderful?!  Have a great day. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday, Dec. 16

On the 10th day of Christmas, my true love brought to me..............ten plates of sardines. Oh yeah--I love them and the cats do too! It's part of the breakfast routine! 

We have so much to be grateful for. We had BOXES last night, paypals received and envelopes. Thanks!
David P from TX--donation thru Paypal, to be used wherever needed.  Pets to their Anya, Yuki and Miyu.
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation for caring for the Derechos and Truckers!
Domingo F from Italy--donation to FFRC
Amy & Jaden with kitty pets--dog Christmas card with note, 15 bell toys for kitties, candle ornaments, poinsettia pins, heart wreaths and holly, icicle ornaments (put an icicle on our tree)
Widdletigger/Elisabeth--4 boxes Kleenex, 72 rolls of PT and 48 rolls of TP--yes, we are very appreciative of paper products!
Scotland/Washing Branch of FFRCNation & Steffi S/buffypotter & Linda C/angelface--kitty card, 4 kitty bag clips, cat dancer, coil toys, bottle caps. 2 bags Reeses PB, 2 bags Chocolates, PB mint fudge. 3 cans chicken, 2 cans clams, 4 cans sardines, kitty snackers, 6 pks kitty stick snackers, 2 magnets of Z kitties
Kerswill--play cube. turbo scratcher refills, case of Friskies
Gusti from Germany--2 of the 40 lb bags of Precious Cat Litter
AB?Anne B--luminarie card, kitty snackers, lots of ribbon, bows, gift boxes, gift bags, glitter glue to share with volunteers.  Ornament, wrapped mug, tape dispenser, box of 20 greeting cards
Pat & Ellen from Defiance--hard hat for Jimmy--let the icicle fun begin!
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--2 nightlights that change colors!  Fun for cats to watch
Jatcat from CA--safety box cutter with extra blades and envelope openers
Elskates with Bridgette, Natasha & Savannah--Christmas card with donation
Diane G from IL--Christmas card with Donation
Lurker from Medina, OH--Christmas card with Donation
Jean K--kitty Christmas card
Anna C from MA--Christmas card

Tomorrow is Trucker's big day---his last surgery! Wow--he's been thru alot, but this one should be at low risk. His lost tic tacs will be found! He will come back in the afternoon. We are having a dickens of a time getting his loose stool under control.  We're working on it with all treatments on the table--hopefully soon it will not be a bother for him. 

Coralie likes to sit in my lap, on a cushie in the early mornings when I start my computer work. The minute she hears Lisa rattle the kitty snacker bag--she leaps off my lap--plop on the floor. She's so quick, I don't even get a chance to help her get down. One second she's up and one second she's on the floor! She loves her snackers!

Noble made his way up to the Main Area this morning. He's back again with his brother, but it's a step in the right direction. Both he and Honor are so very handsome. Floyd and Nelson are doubly cute too. They love to be held and can purr so very loud. 

Sunnie J is another purrer---it must be a requirement as we seem to have so many of them turning on their truck purrs! Such a soothing sound. Ada Jane is holding her own and enjoying things. She is still napping on top of the volunteer pen. Her appetite is good and she so loves her drippy faucet. 

McHoney has been holding class as how to open drawers and doors. She's always opening my top desk drawer. As a matter of fact, she is here right now doing it. She sorts and roots and picks something out to carry away. I just keep picking things up and redepositing them. The last 3 mornings, there's been McHoney and both the twins--Dickens and Abner, and Jarvis all in the cabinet in the front Thumper's Room. Not doing anything but sitting there looking at us when we discovery them. I'm sure that they are in planning stage of something ornery! 

Those wacky, wiggly, twitching tails. They tell a story all by themselves!
If your cat's tail is:
Curved, with the end signifies annoyance or attention.
Hanging down and puffed signifies fright, worry
Down and tucked between his signifies total submission
Is shaped like an signifies relaxation and contentment.
Straight up in the air and swishing signifies a casual greeting
Straight up in the air but curved at the signifies curiosity or excitement.
Cats DO talk---with their ears, whiskers, eyes and tails and stance! Take time to know your cat! 

Do you know what a happy tail is?  It's a cat that is spayed or neutered! 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday, December 14

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree! Our beautiful upside tree is up--or is that down?!--and decorated.  Lights are on and it's so pretty. 

I saw a meeting of some of the cats yesterday--Mayor Anony, Jonah, Austin, Zavatar, Derecho and Asha were in serious discussion. I listened for a bit before I was shooshed away. Sounded like they were planning what special foods they all want for Christmas! Love them--always thinking of their tummies.  I have a frozen turkey in the freezer (from Mary Arch.) for them that Steve and I will cook for them for Christmas. They don't know about it yet! 

We had BOXES and we are grateful! Your kindness and help for FFRC is always aprpeicated.
Kim/coloeagle--a blue and a pink afghan for Molly & Ryan, 4 beautiful afghans for raffle or sale--all different colors and all so beautiful. Thanks Kim!
Helen M/helmin from UK--case of 9-Lives, case of Meow Mix cups, kitty snackers, case of Friskies can
Billy K from TX--2 bags of Science Diet kitten dry food, 4 cases of Sheba for Ada Jane
Susan S/raspbearyjam--potty bags, Christmas card, 4 boxes of Surgicalt ape, Co-Flex, 3 cans of Friskies, butterfly tote, tic tac toe game for neutered kitties! 
Jodi/jobear from MN--Christmas Card, 31 bags of home grown catnip, 2 fish Christmas stockings for kitties, and an engraved rock with a kitty on it!
Kelly R/littleonemine from CA--case of Fancy Feast kitten, case of FF adult and a case of Appetizers
Judi Sp--3 cases of Appetizers, kitty snackers
Susan345--2000 6 inch paper plates
Tom P/xwired2u from NJ--a Breville Juicer for flash sale or wherever can use
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat from IA--kitty snackers, 2 crate pads 1 lg & 1 sm, super soft
LJ323--a beautiful handcrafted white scarf that sure looks like Farrah! Love it!

Joni W--donation to FFRC, in honor of her niece and nephews for Christmas--Chad, Kelsey, Drew, Ross and Ned. 
Olga B from Netherlands--a donation thru PayPal in honor of the kitties and volunteers
A lurker from AZ--donation for FFRC and a special hug for Derecho!
Tracy L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Ellen & Pat from Defiance--baby food jars and mailing labels
Anna S from OH--donation for FFRC
Aleda S from VA--donation for FFRC, in highest honor of Frank and Michele
Deb & Karen from Ft. Wayne, visitors--lots of blankies!
Nona S--nebulizer and meds for it, plus a beautiful pink quilt and a bird blanket
Deb11111--week visitor! lots of wonderful dry cat food--2 of each--Chicken Soup for the Soul, Science Diet , Innova, Wellness,Nature's Recipe, Blue Basics, Iams, dawn soap, Bounce, 13 gal. bags, 3 Tide laundry soap, 600 sm paper plates 6 inch   Big thanks!

We have 2 new kittens. They are about 15 weeks old. Both are males. One is brown tiger/white and a black/white with a white tip tail. They came here after being found on a busy country road. Both had major fleas. The tiger/white is named Noble. The black/white is Honor. Both of these names are Name A Cat names. Such nice kittens. They came in shy and looking "pre-occupied". I'm sure that was from the amount of fleas on board. Fleas are gone (no fleas are allowed here!) and they seem happy. They are now down on the floor in the back Thumper's Room, playing and running. Won't be long until they come to the Main Area. 

Bender is now staying here in the Main Area. He seems quite comfortable. He's walking around quite a bit, so hoping we can slowly help him lose a couple pounds. Slow is the magic word for this though, when it has to do with cats. 

People have asked recently about Slick. He's doing wonderful. His fur is soft, it's growing longer and he loves to eat. He so enjoys his snackers and being on the back of the couch looking out the window. He's a gem!

Things are going good here. The kitties are healthy and happy. Cats are wonderful. Porchies are doing great. They love their warm Porchie Haven and the heated beds in the sunporch. The Covies in Kitty City are also doing good. We have been able to let them out 3 times a week now to run about. They love this. We'll try to continue this as long as the weather holds out. The Barnies are great--they too have a heated light for cold temperatures and of course, they love the high levels of the hay in the barn.  Update on bunnies---babies are growing and hopping about. So so cute. 

We had two adoptions yesterday!  Jenna Jo and Beth who are sisters, went to the same home. The family picked them out a little while ago, but they wanted to wait until they moved into their new home. Mission accomplished. Two beautiful kittens. 

I witnessed something yesterday that was profound to me. Frank and Michele brought Jambrew back to FFRC. This was a very hard decision. They so wanted to give this boy a home with them. They have a resident cat that just will not accept a newcomer. So, in respect to the resident cat and to Jambrew, the hard decision was made---Jambrew needed to come back and find a new home. This was an act of complete unselfishness and one that I am grateful for. The love that this shows is great. Thank you both for caring enough for your resident cat and Jambrew for doing this. The compassion that our FFRCNation displays never ceases to amaze me. 

Someone asked me recently--if our vet recommends getting the distemper vaccination every two years is it still necessary to take in each year. I would love to see all cats and pets examined by a vet each year. Many vets now recommend the distemper vaccination every 2 (and sometimes 3) years. Lots of variables in that decision. BUT, nothing replaces an annual physical (just like humans). Physicals are designed to detect problems before they become a real issue. So....bring on the annual physicals! Take care and have a great Sunday! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 11, Thursday

Who is this cat that looks like Ada Jane and where did the real Ada Jane go?!  Wow--this sweetie is amazing. She has a little prance to her step, is going into all the rooms which is something she normally does not do. She also was splashing and having fun with the water bowl this morning. She truly seemed to be enjoying herself.  Yes, this is our Ada Jane girl doing this! It was so nice watching her. 

Yesterday Bender, Sunnie J and the twins Floyd and Nelson spent the entire day up in the Main Area. They all 4 did wonderful. Sunnie J spent the night up here with everyone. I haven't seen him play yet with the others, but he will, I'm sure. This morning, as soon as the door was opened to the back area, Bender was up and out the door first! He is amazing--so enjoy watching him. Once Floyd and Nelson came up, they've scattered everywhere! We will probably have Bender do one more night in the back area but leave Floyd and Nelson and Sunnie J up front. 

Trucker just buzzed thru the office going 100 mph in kitty speed. He can really truck it! He has now climbed a step several times successfully! He's getting the hang of it. Moose just zipped by too at top speed with Ichabod hot on the trail. Must be fun to just run at high speed for the pure joy of it! Next Weds. is Truckers neutering date with the vet clinic. He will come home de-tic-tac-ed. 

Thanks to Deb11111 and Warped for their Flash Sale yesterday--they sold warped's coasters and Mich's scarves. We are getting all shipments out very quickly since some may be for Christmas gifts. As with any of our sales, don't ever hesitate to let me know if something isn't right. The shipments from last week's Flash Sales should be arriving very soon!

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you for your gifts to FFRC---you are appreciated!
Joanne/Joco51--15 tubs of Lysol wipes
Anonymous Friend--kitty card, sponges, Kong Zoom Grooms, 2 Self Groomers for the wall corners
Billy K--bag of Science Diet Kitten
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54 from IA--case of Fancy Feast
Anne N from UK--kitty card and purse charms!  Yes, this is the 2nd batch she has sent. There are cats, music, owls, peace and butterfly charms. Very very nice!
Anonymous Friend--24 rolls paper towels--Tabitha is doing the Happy Dance!
Vicki B--6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat dry kibbles
Kathy K/Justme--3 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry kibbles
Cathy/svcathy & Scott--4 boxes Appetizers
LeeAnn M from OH with Shadow & Patches--Christmas card
Annie--card with note in regards to a FFRC donation and poof pymt
Judy R from FL--kitty Christmas card with Donation--her and her husband visited FFRC this year--we so enjoyed having them here.
Pam/Zoolove--kitty Christmas card, signed by Princess, Bootsie, Callie, Smokie, Snowie and Blackie!  Cuddle Clone--a real look alike of Sheriff Putter--just really neat! Santa Pants tunnel, paw print drawer pulls, Kitty Christmas plaque, Metal Kitty Welcome statue, 4 votive candles different colors, very pretty, Welcome mat, tabby kitty rug, individual packs chips for volunteers, Christmas candy! and a beautiful kitty throw. 
Renee C from Nova Scotia--a PayPal donation to FFRC
Donna H--PayPal donation to FFRC
Brenda R from CA--PayPal to FFRC, part for wherever needed and part for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Alison V--PayPal donation to FFRC
Neal & Jenni C, in honor of Jo Ann C's birthday--a donation made in her name!
Judy & Phil--Fantastik cleaner, Friskies cans, softsoap, handwarmers and Yeowwww cat ball toys

Two special thanks too! Hailey from Ashland visited here last weekend with her family. She just turned 10. Instead of presents for herself, she asked her friends to donate to FFRC. They brought: litter, big & small bag dry cat food, towels, rugs, lots of toys, scratcher, can food, kitty snackers, Meow mix cups, Dawn soap, Iams cans, washclothes   Thank you so much and special wishes for you from us!
Also a big thanks to Warped and Joe for a special LONG extension ladder. Last summer, Joe did a cat rescue on top of Cat's Cove on a way too short of ladder. Now he can do it again, but safer! Thanks to you both--it's a treasure to have this!

Betra/Cricket and Bobbi continue to do well. Bobbi is actually a cuddlebum and so enjoys being petted. Murphy has turned into an extra sweetie too. She loves to give kisses. Jarvis is so sweet, yet so ornery--makes for a fun kitten. Columbus thinks he's the personal computer assistant--his favorite thing is to sit on the keyboard if it's accidently left out! 

Asha spent the night in Kitty Kastle and enjoyed it. It's nice for the cats to have this opportunity. The birds have been eating heavily at the feeders. The kittens love watching them. Niffie is a lap cat--loves to knead and purr.Cats can always find warmth. In the Kitty Campus room is a shelf above the door. There are 7 cats laying up there, all in a long cat row, enjoying the ceiling warmth! 

Please remember the importance of yearly physicals. Sometimes people think if vaccinations aren't due, they can skip those physicals. But these physicals are designed to find potential problems before they are big problems. Physicals save lives. When we do vet checks, it's important to us here at FFRC to see where pets are taken in for yearly physicals. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday, December 9

Ornery kittens! Cats running crazy! Zipping and zapping and climbing. Tackling, jumping and flying. Yep---someone gave these cats catnip mistletoe. Energy is high here! 

We had BOXES last night! So many grateful thanks given. 
Donnajb---600 6 inch paper plates, box of 30 bags of Lays Kettle Chips
Jennifer M/Jinkies TX--For a raffle--super soft Kitty face blanket
Dewitty from WI--Christmas card, Tower Snowman with kitty toys and kitty snackers!  And info about different rescues
Jean S from WI=--8 boxes Kleenex, 48 rolls of TP and paper towels--yeah!
Trudy S from Bryan OH--Christmas card and donation to FFRC
Melissa L from NY---donation to FFRC
Gemini54--Kitty Christmas card, kitty pin with pink bling collar (thanks!) and for a raffle--very soft Charlie Bear
Anonymous Friend--milk rings for Pania  (she too says thanks!)
Ann F from NJ with Noah & Karla---donation to FFRC
Clark, Jessie & Family--For Anony's birthday--card and $5 for treats
Jill D from MN--Christmas card, letter and gift
KnittinKitten/Donna--box of 36 bags Grandmas Cookies, bag of Reeses variety
Nora S from NY--coupons and stamps
John & Susan T from OH--Christmas card
Don & Katy with Shelby & Dexter--Christmas Card
Tom & LInda C with Happy from IL--Christmas card and donation for FFRC
Debbie C/LostGirl--gift card and poptabs for Kellen
Andrea W--purple Paws tote bag
Roberta L from OH--card with note and 2 Jackson Galaxy Books

We took in a new kitten two days ago. He's a real cutie. Has a short tail and the poor thing has 3 distinct kinks in it. One is close to body, two are towards the end of the tail. He's gold and white and has a sweet personality. His name is Sunnie J. He was found in a neighbors yard of one of our volunteers. He most likely will be up in Main Area tomorrow.

We have names! The two little black/white kittens are named. The boy with the bigger white streak on the back and a black face is Floyd. The boy with the smaller white stripe on the back and the white face is Nelson. They love to rock and roll and provide much entertainment in the back Thumper's Room. They too will be in Main Area soon.

We also took in a young adult. He lived in Minnesota. Guess who our visitors are this week! It's Connie/Warped and Deb11111. They are from Minnesota and graciously, on very short notice, transported this wonderful cat to FFRC. His name is Bender and he's about 3 years old, a beautiful black/white cat. He's a bit of a big boy--shy by a couple ounces of being 20 lbs. For him, he would do better if we can help him lose a couple pounds! Bender is also a cat with mild CH. He does real well. His past owner could no longer keep him, returning him from the rescue where he came from was not an option and he also needed some medical help. He had ruptured anal glands. Things are doing better though in that department already.  I feel he too will do good here in the main Area.

We had adoptions on Sunday! In the morning, Michelle/Callie and Henry/Frank (usually Friday volunteer visitors) adopted Jambrew. They were so happy and so was Jambrew! I do believe this kitten will have lots of spoiling happening, which is good! We also had 2 kittens be adopted by Judy and Phil, our Sunday volunteers. They picked wonderful Gusti and Priya. I've heard already and it sounds like all is happy! 

This weekend, we have two more adoptions. That will be for Beth and Jenna Jo.  This family was moving and wanted to wait to bring them into the new home!

We also had a returned kitten. Caleb is back and he's a happy boy. Playing and running and making up for lost time.  Caleb is the kitten that Dina, my daughter in law found inside the hood of a car. He's happy, has grown and is spending half time in the Main Area and half in the Thumper's Room.

Take care, all! 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday, December 7

I think it's still Thanksgiving, as we have extra much to be thankful for. We had a mini Flash Sale on Thursday and one on Friday, thanks to Lynnette. On Saturday, we had an off and on Flash Sale all afternoon and evening. Giant thanks to Mich and Vern for doing these. Big thanks to the volunteers here that pitched in and helped. And super thanks to all of you---our viewers for the support of these sales that make them so successful. Thanks too for the mods that helped all those hours! These sales truly are important to us and help us tremendously with keeping up with our needs. 

We already have started organizing all the items that will need to be sent out. Our Mail Room has piles everywhere! Rest assured, we will mail these out very quickly. As soon as PayPals or checks/money orders are received, the items go out! We want to strive for 100% accuracy. As always, if there's an error, don't hesitate to let me know. 

We also had BOXES Friday night. Wow--it was wonderful and we're thrilled!
Shawn/happyflame--a really neat laser light for the kitties--we tried it--so fun! Also holiday 3-D glasses. Thank you, Shawn.
Laura/medic101--2 cases Fancy Feast
David & Christine with Yuki, Anya and Miau--Yeoooow cigars, bananas, rainbows, Senses super roller circuit toy, 3 boxes Fancy Feast variety, 5 bags kitty snackers variety, 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten can
FaithyMD & Bobby--box of Meow Mix cups
Lostgirl--2 bags of Science Diet Kitten Food
Donnajb--Yeeeeow bananas, 3 catnip red peppers, 8 bags kitty snackers, Bonito flakes, 4 bags Purina One Kitten dry.  Doggie treats, horse treats, goat treats! Box of Cracker JHacks individual bags, Planters Nuts Variety, Nabisco cookies/crackers, Lindor milk choc truffles, nut/fruit seed bell for birds.  500 Styrofoam plates, 3 bottles Lysol wipes, Kitty wipes for faces, 8 boxes kleenex and TP! Big thanks! And candy canes!
LJ323 with note--3 bags Sunkist Fruit Gems, bag of candy canes, Pringles individuals, 3 bags party Mix snackers.
LJ323 and Larissa--a beautiful, wonderful Harlequin Cat afghan for Jacci.  We have another one of these that will be for possibly a raffle.  The artwork and handiwork is wonderful! Big thanks.
Julie/Tigercats54--3 kitty dry erase white boards with pens, from Zazzle, each with a neat design
Mary's coworker Brent from Archbold--13 appetizers for Jolene, 13 fancy feast broth and 7 of the 4 packs of 9-Lives
Michelle and Freank/Callie and Harry--3 of the 15 pounds of Royal Canin Kitty dry
David W--10 single Kuranda Beds--wonderful! We will divide between the Covies, Porchies and here inside the Rescue! We love these.

We also have other thanks to give:
Marcia S from MI--donation to use where most needed
Roberta L from OH--donation for FFRC
Mark S from UK--donation for the kittens and cats
Carol N--donation for FFRC
Olga B from Netherlands--donation for FFRC
Pat and Ellen of Defiance--donation to sponsor Farrah and also to help FFRC

We also have thanks to give for Thursday BOXES! Your boxes always are a huge help to us!
Lannml--2 of the 16 lb bags of Purina One dry kitten
Ardenandcharmaine--3 of the 16 lb bags of Purina One dry kitten
Joyce from OH--2 of the 16 bags of Purina One kitten dry
Donnajb--Happy Hen treats with meal worms for the chickens! They loved it
Susan345--Bag of Royal Canin Kitten dry and a bag of Royal Canin Bby Cat dry
Nona--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry
Mike/sophieandlucysdad (day visitor)--18 packets of variety of Appetizers, 30 cans of Friskies, 4 whiskers Lickins snackers, 9 Party Mix snackers
Betz--kitty card and donation for chicken for Walter's birthday
Tara/Annieslots9--kitty card and note
Clark, Jessie and family--birthday card for Walter and $5 bill for birthday for Walter
Realty 5 of Defiance Ohio--donation from the sell of a house where the seller donated money to FFRC 
Beth/eaglewatcher--gift checks for KFC for CHICKEN!!

We took in two new young kittens 2 days ago. They were found in a shut box in a ditch by a mailbox. The man who discovered them is a very kind person and brought them here. These 2 boys are gorgeous--long hair black/white with some real pretty markings. No names yet. They are about 14 weeks old. They just had their pen door opened today and are now running around in the back Thumper's Room.  I don't think they're quite ready to come up to the front, but soon. Two real sweetie-pies.

Our other two adults--Betra/Cricket and Bobbi are doing better and better. They are so much more relaxed. I know that transition from losing their mom to coming here is hard. They were loved. But it won't be long until they are ready to come up front too. 

We had 2 adoptions on Friday! TInia and Intor went to their new home. The wish from their new mama is that they like to sit on her lap and to climb up into bed with her and snuggle! I do believe they will be two happy kittens!

Trucker finally climbed one step! He wants inside the house very very very much.  Oh no---I let him in twice for a walk thru and that's all it took.  Now, the notion comes to him quite often---I want in the house NOW.  For right now, he sits at the bottom of the 3 steps and cries and cries until I take him in.  Did I just say that?  I mean, when he's "accidently" lifted up and left into the house for a very short visit. What a boy---he has a heart of determination. I do think he's related to Derecho!

Joey is now everywhere in the Rescue Center. He's opening himself up more and more to letting people pet him. Such a joy to see. Mr. G is also up in the front more. Actually, he has spent a couple nights in the Main Area and is doing better all the time. Can you imagine never being around another cat and then coming here?! He really is doing good. Bella still has been going outside but not as often. She goes out, aims for her poof and jumps right in! 

Ada Jane is amazing to us. She has changed her bed napping place. She now climbs to above the volunteer pen and sleeps in a bed there. To get a drink, she has to climb down, walk over to the steps and climb them, jump onto the yellow table and walk across the washer and dryer to the sink. She seems to be doing this quite well. And her appetite too has picked up. 

Take care and have a wonderful weekend. I'm sorry my blogs are not as frequent. It's been a very busy time here lately for me.  It's always busy...but even more so. I'll try and keep you updated as much as possible. Thanks to you all---your support is wonderful. Your friendship is so important to us. The kitties and cats love you too! Have a wonderful week.  

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday, December 4

Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to Walter!  Happy birthday to our sweet boy.  He's now 2 years old. He had a special plate of turkey/chicken yesterday and will again today, compliments of Betz. He's a happy boy! 

Today Jenna Jo will have her spay at the vet's office. She just seemed a tiny bit off on Saturday when we did all the surgeries. But, by that night, she was running around like crazy already! But,we will always play on the side of caution. She'll be back later in the afternoon.  She and Beth will go to their new home together. Their adoption date is tentatively 12/14.  

Tomorrow, Friday we should have 2 other adoptions--Intor and Tinia. They too will be going together to a lady who has lots of lap time to give to the kitties!  Then on Sunday---our Gusti girl will be leaving with Phil and Judy. Sounds like Gusti may be leaving with another friend too! 

We had BOXES last night! What a wonderful "happening" for FFRC!
SonJa--3 cases of Friskies turkey and cheese dinners
JatCat-4 Quiet Time Kitty pads for the Porchies
Pat L--Plee--4 boxes of Appetizers
Anne--UK--lots of individual bag of charms with their own pouch and tissue.  The different themes are owls, butterflies, peace/love and cats. Really nice pieces!
Tom W--20 FFRC calendars from Zazzle--what an awesome gift
Phlebldy/Barb W--2 cases Friskies pouches, 14 bags kitty snackers, 6 Clorox wipes
Donnajb--12 bags kitty snackers, 4 cases Friskies large cans pate
macncheesemom from MA--note, 2 beautiful glass blocks painted with paw print ribbon and lights inside them--beautiful
svcathy/Cathy & Justme/Kathy--our CathyKay mama was named after these two KCathy's! They sent a beautiful soft blankie, stuffed kitty and 2 extra lg pom poms for CathyKay.  Then they sent lots of toys to split between the Cathy Kay babies
JillR--2 bags Greenies snackers, 2 boxes Fancy Feast, 2 cases 9-Lives
Lisa S/munchkinljs and Peter S--note, 2 Christmas blankets with kitties, 3 bags of kitty snackers, a Grumpy Cat Christmas basket
Warpedinmn/Connie--24 crate pads, 24 warpies, 12 2-pair fleece pillow cases (Warpies), 24 centipede toys, 12 Ming-String toys

I would like to send a special thanks out to everyone who sends such lovely items to us---all for helping FFRC. It's quite astounding to me--seeing this generosity. Warms the heart and I thank you all.

We also have other thanks to give:
Purple_cat--donation for FFRC, in honor of her family, to be used wherever needed
Sevren--donation as a Merry Christmas to all at the Rescue Center and family
Gusti--for little Gusti as a good bye, for a blankie
Janet M--donation for FFRC
Jacksmom/Jennifer--donation for FFRC for Giving Tuesday! 
Jason S from AR--donation for FFRC
Carol N--donation for FFRC

We have a Feather Update.  The feather project is still a go. This wonderful friend underestimated the help that our FFRCNation can deliver. She had LOTS of feathers! Makes me smile! Also, due to the heat there, and using many fans, feathers would fly everywhere! So, the project is delayed just a little bit, but it's still on. 

In the next few days, we will have some mini Flash Sales. We have such lovely, wonderful items that are excellent for Christmas. So, we will slowly but surely, get these out for your viewing. Of course, they will be done on the cam. We don't have an order of things yet, but then, that's the fun of flash sales! 

Triumph loves to run around with the plastic balls in his mouth. So soft too. Murphy is a clown--always playing and being so silly. She's friends with everyone. Ratchet loves the windows and is always watching the birds. August asked for a special breakfast feeding this morning--so brave of her. Cayden has discovered the fun of climbing the Kuranda Towers . I caught her this time---yes, it is indeed McHoney that opens my desk drawer. She opens, sorts thru the "stuff" and takes off with a treasure, head held high! So fun to watch her!