Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday, July 26

Tomorrow morning at 9:00, our Fun-Raiser will be over.  Then tomorrow evening, we will have BOXES at 5:30 with the drawing at 6:00.  Zelda is already getting gussied up for this event!

We had BOXES on Saturday evening. Many thanks being sent your way!
Scott & Cathy/svcathy--for Catstock: 10 pkgs. Hello Kitty pencils, 4 boxes flashing jelly rings
William & Virginia S from OH--donation in memory of Felicia F.
Zoolove--for Catstock: 70 peace kick balls, 100 stamps, 50 goofy springs, 50 rainbow springs
Annette20--Card with Donation 
Zoeysmomma1 from PA--card with Walmart gift card
Rich & Rose/rosesf6cats--3 day visitors-a thank you card and from their kitty cats
Helen N from OH--donation
Sherwood State Bank--donation for Jean day from Mickey S and the Bank
Lannml--2 big bags Purina One Salmon
Littleonemine from CA--bling TY card, kitty snackers, Welness pkts, FF cans, freeze dried chicken, 2 cases Appetizers, doggie treats, 2 books to share, coupons & forever stamps, volunteer snackers, cute cat magnets

We also have thanks to give to:
Zoolove--for sponsoring the Dunk Tank for Catstock (it's a safe tank--no worries!)
Billie K--to help with Spencer's surgeries
Shannon S from IL--donation to use for spay/neuter fund for those that need assistance
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji--donation to help with Djak and Koda
JustMe/Kathy--donation in honor of Jenny, Brent and their kitties for a wonderful memories.

And a special big thanks to Brent and Jenny who sent FFRC items from their store, with JustMe and Beth on their return trip from their visit.  Lots of and lots of wonderful things--laundry soap, volunteer snackers, sponges, kitty wipes, vinegar, juice, granola bars, lysol wipes, Mr. Clean, K-cup coffees, etc.  I'm  so thankful! 

Cool news----oops, I mean WARM news!  Our new furnace is now installed in The House That Jonah Built!  It's tall and narrow and will do the job of keeping that building warm this winter! The gas tank is also filled and ready. Check---one more goal from our Catathon completed!

And another one is getting close to completion. Our 2 sided new sign for the front yard is now in production. We are so excited.  Thanks to Vaun for all her hard work on this project!  It's a 48 x 48 inch sign. They will come and do the installation themselves. The main part will be a giant logo with the phone number at the bottom in 4 inch size. 

We've had 2 more adoptions!  Milly went to her new home. This family had visited 3 times and was so excited about Milly. They had Milly picked out from the beginning as theirs!  The second one was Destiny. She went to her new mama who is JustMe/Kathy, our moderator. Kathy thinks Destiny, now known as Smudjie will get along wonderful with her other cats. So happy for these two kittens.

And we have 2 more cats coming in the door.  BOth are CH cats.  Here is a little about each:
Winston:  He will be arriving July 29 about 1:30 ish. He is a mild CH cat, and is known as a sweetie and staff favorite. He loves to play and "meep" at the other cats. A talker boy! He's all tested, vaccinated and neutered already. They will be transferring him to us.

Stevie (will have to have a name change! lol--I might get confused between my Steve and Stevie!  Stevie is a mild CH cat. He has been growing up in a vets office and is about 7 months old. He is in Southern Ohio and they will transport most of the way. We will meet them in Lima tomorrow. 

We also have a couple worries about 2 of our kittens. Spencer and Livingston.

Livingston first--his bottom took a turn for the worse yesterday. I talked to Dr. Darcy and she wanted him up to the vets that morning. We had the beauty of two awesome vets--Dr. Darcy and Dr. Pettigrew. Little Winston had a bit of surgery on his bum. But, things are not really fixed.  They couldn't find his urethra. The bulging area of his bottom was actually urine filled area and just leaking out of the skin by itself.  He has a cone on right now for a couple days. He really needs a PU/perineal urethrostomy.  This is indicated when the urethral opening is too narrow or obstructed. The urethra is moved to a different area on the cat. Here's our worry--he's so so small and for this surgery, must be catherized.  No catheter small enough yet. Other worry is finding the urethra and another worry is if the present "lost" urethra becomes constricted. And also---a blood count was done on Livingston and his kidney levels are already taxed by this problem and are elevated.  So......we need time for this kitten to grow.

Spencer--his tummy is bulging.  Not with fluid but with poo.  We already know the nerves to his legs are not working. It appears also the nerves for his pottying, are also affected.  He does poo, but I call it "pushover poo" for a lack of another word.  It's when the intestinal track gets so full of poo, it has no choice but to simply empty out on it's own.  We're hoping as time goes by and he grows, this may improve.

And we hit the big 50,000 number for the Eagle Rare Life Contest!  Wow!  Thank you very much!

Other than these issues, all is good.  Kittens are growing, some are on hold for adoptions, the weather is 2 degrees cooler!, the farm animals are doing great, cats are contented. Take care and enjoy this day. See you for BOXES and the Drawing tomorrow evening!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday. July 23

I laughed so hard yesterday, my sides hurt.  I have to confess--Trucker loves the farmyard.  A good friend, a couple weeks ago introduced Trucker to the wonderful world of peacocks out on the farm yard. And now.......he can't get enough! He and I both enjoy this time.  I carry him out by the shelter house, put him down and tell him--come on, let's go!  He races to the gate and can't wait. It's all about the game--Find the Peacock and then Teach Them A Lesson.  Remember this is the cat that wanted to "have it on" with the pitbull dog a couple months ago. Sweet dog, but Trucker didn't know that at first--he was gonna protect his cat friends here in the rescue center! He has no fear. Anyway--he looks around to find the peacocks, then zooms up to them, puffs his chest out, stands up tall and then it happens---he tries to whack them.  Even Shawn and Sean the two big boss peacocks.  He then turns around, goes off, and then charges them again.  Peacocks look down at him like he's such a bother. But in Truckers mind--he's won the battle!  He goes so very fast I cannot keep up with him.  Don't let anyone ever say that this cat has a handicap! He'll puff his chest out at you too and come after you!!  lol

We have thanks to give! 
Mich & Vern--donation to help with Spencer's future surgeries
JustMe, visitor for a day (will be back!)--she just said "stuff" and we say thanks!
David P from Netherlands--donation to FFRC
Alan & Marlene C from NY--day visitor--donation to FFRC
LostGirl/Debbie--replenished our Od-Ban needs
Rose & RIch from Iowa, visitors--PT, paper plates 6 in & 10 in,m Clorox wipes.
Connie/Rose's cousin--kitty color book w/pens, 2 kitty shacks/blankets
Tina--day visitor--bleach, vinegar, laundry sp, paper plates, rug, tuna, windex, Mr. Clean, sponges, baby wipes, toys, snackers, vol snackers

We have a new little kitty boy.  His name is Spencer (a Name a Cat name). A wonderful lady took in a very pregnant cat. She had her kittens in May. One of them (Spencer) was born with deformed back legs. He was brought here two days ago. The mama and kittens already have a neuter/spay date scheduled.   Spencer's birthday is 5/26/16. He's a very cute grey tiger/white. One of his rear legs is completely disengaged at the hip so is 100% useless--no attachment there. And no pain level either meaning there's no nerve receiving messages.  The other leg is completely frozen in a V shape. The toes have no feelings at all but he seems to have pain in the hip area when he plays with the kittens in the back Thumper's Room.  The V leg sticks out at a very bad angle and catches on things.  The other leg can actually get wrapped into things as it's like a lanky string. He will be scheduled for 2 surgeries to remove these legs when he's a tad bit bigger.  He wants to zoom about but it's difficult. He is mobile but I can already envision how fast he'll be when he's streamlined..and no pain.  

Three days ago our sweet Hensley had a very bad seizure. It was a full seizure. We are keeping track. This is the first seizure since he's been on PB's.  It could be a break thru seizure. A few break thrus are ok, not wanted but it doesn't mean things are out of control.  If he continues there's more we can do.  In the meantime, we keep the med close by for immediate additional help. Right now he's sleeping in my lap--part of his normal morning routine.  

Remember tomorrow starts our Fun-raiser for technical needs. And the 8 items are all super awesome!  Check out the video that will be on the cam and the fb information. Thank you!

Please remember to do a daily vote at http://eaglerarelife.com/content/jacci-moss-0
It's free, can do daily, runs to Jan. 4th.  We are currently in second place in the Devotion category and second place overall!  I very much appreciate your support and so do the cats! 

Have a wonderful weekend.  Stay cool---I know many are in the same heat intense days that we are in.  And be sure pets have cool fresh water and shade if they are outside.  

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday, July 21

Flat cats.........yep, that what we have here.  As are many, we are in a Heat Advisory.  90's for a few days with very high humidity.  Fabio is once again laying low on the cement. The sidewalk going from the fence to the Covies had 3 cats all stretched out on it yesterday.  This morning for breakfast, while it was cooler out, I fed the Sunporch cats and the Firehouse cats.  There was a total of 25 cats that came up to eat---some of the Barnies also came forward.  Smart felines---eat while it's cool!

We had an adoption on Tuesday. Our sweet boy Kevin made his travel to his new home. Schinn and Vaun took him with them. Schinn then left by plane and Vaun continued on home and met Laura at an animal shelter to do the passing over of Kevin in a safe room inside. Laura also adopted Friedricka who is now Sophie. The latest is they are already great friends and kept her up all night playing!

We had BOXES last night. We are very thankful to you!
Conii and Elliott & Izabellah--6 bags of RC baby cat, 2 cases KMR. Also 6 wonderful books called "9 Little Kitties", illustrated by our own Wanda "portrait artist" Edwards.  Big thanks!
Annette20--donation to FFRC
Cheryl L from WA--coupons
Gina from OH--donation to FFRC
Joy & Dan D from NY--donation to FFRC for the kitties

You know those ads that pop up on the ustream that sometimes seem annoying? We understand but.........FFRC also gets a revenue from them! For the month of May, we just received today, the amount of $1,095.05--just for those ad pop ups!  It's really a great thing!

We also have a few more thanks to give!
Stephanie S from UK--donation for a commissioned Cat Bear
Brenda R from VA--donation to be used however is needed

We have another update too!  So nice to hear these! This one is on Shawnee, adopted by Kerswill and Tom.  They say she is so sweet and will be accompanying Kerswill on her walks (for ResQwalk) with Shawnee in her stroller which she likes! A fun outing for both. Her weight is the same and she loves to eat! Thanks for giving this great cat such a good home!

We have taken in a new young adult cat 2 days ago. She was found wandering around a volunteer's neighborhood. She's a beauty--a calico/tiger combo with a real sweet personality. She's about a year old. Her name is Sedona (a Name a Cat name).

We will also be taking in a new cat. His current name is Winston. We were contacted by the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. They have a cat with CH and were looking for a rescue to take him. His CH is apparently mild. Winston is said to be a fun cat. He enjoys being with other cats and does well. He's already neutered, tested and vaccinated. They have a volunteer who is willing to bring him to FFRC on July 29 in the early afternoon.  We'll welcome Winston here!

Remember......Sunday starts the new July Fun-Raiser! We're looking forward to it.  The items--A thru H are absolutely wonderful. Drawing will be Weds. at 6:00 with BOXES at 5:30.

Please remember your pets in this extreme heat.  They can die quickly and in a suffering way, inside a vehicle.  Someone called and said their cat was in a box in the back of a truck---this is not good either. The heat builds up quickly and the cat will die. Dying of heat exhaustion is not a pretty thing. Please.....do not let these things happen. Give fresh cool water several times daily. If outside, be sure there is shade. There's so many ways to keep the outside animals comfortable and so many ways though that can be horrible. Think of their safety.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday, July 19

Do you realize it's just a short 7 1/2 weeks from Catstock? Time just goes so quickly.  Paddy Cake is here on my desk and he says to cherish each moment---time is precious.  

Yesterday I finally finished catching up PetFinders. I'm embarrassed when I realized how far behind I was on it.  I will try not to do that again.  Anyway, we have the kittens finally listed with their stories and 3 pictures of each.  Thanks to Schinn and Vaun for catching the last few pictures that I was missing. 

Thanks to Ingrid/ju-in-ji for your donation to help with Koda's neutering. 

I've heard from Kim who adopted Cagney. His new name is Cosmo. He traveled his trip home without a worry and has settled in nicely already!  The picture I saw was wonderful! Thanks, Kim.

I've also heard from Donia about Fatima.  "Saffron (new name) is doing wonderful. She has been playing with Juby. She gets along great with Juby & Shadow. She is very happy and makes biscuits on my bed.Saffron truly enjoys the scratches I give her and she rolls around in joy".  Thanks, Donia.

The surgery cats have all recovered so nicely. It's amazing---they always act like nothing has happened to them.  

Tyger and Lucy are doing good.  Lucy is everywhere now and Tyger is comfortable mainly in the Kitty Kabana Room---I think he likes the windows! Classy is becoming more adventurous and is much of the time in the Kitty Campus Room. She likes to climb. Felix is venturing more too. Such a handsome boy he is.

Volunteer Profile time! This time it's on our wonderful Saturday evening volunteer, Megan. 
How long have you been at FFRC?  3 years
How did you find FFRC? I found a squirrel that was hit on the road and was struggling. I brought him to FFRC to help ease his pain.  From then, I knew I wanted to work here.
Do you have a hobby at home or something you enjoy? I really love to travel and have a goal to go to every country.
What are some of the things you like about FFRC? The amazing cats & volunteers, of course!

Snap, crackle, pop, zoom, zig, run, jump, dash there, hop here---these are all the things going on in the back Thumper's Room.  The 10 kittens back there are in high energy form! It's so fun to go in there, especially when they all seem to wake up from their nap at the same time---watch out!  It's cray in there! 

The best way to work---Vernon napping on the desk, Kevin and Sarge all cuddled together on the other cushie,  Asha right behind me, Trucker on the raised cushie by the desk---what better way to work than this?! And Cutie has already been in the lap this morning too! 

I get asked quite frequently---why don't the cats fight more here?  Why aren't they grumpy?  Why do they keep accepting new cats into their home here?  I don't know why, other than we try and keep them all happy.  I truly wish humans were more like this---why can we not be more accepting of each other, more forgiving and more open to friendships? It sure would make a better human world. 

The health of the kittens is good. The cats are happy. Bellies are nice and round. Clear eyes. Very little sneezing (some sneezes are fine!).  No runny eyes.  I'm so thankful for the cats health. Good health is one of our top goals. Vaccines are wonderful. Good food is a big plus. Cleaning techniques help tremendously. But.......their happiness is also important---keeps the immune systems healthy! 

I'd sure appreciate it if you'd vote for FFRC daily at: 
http://eaglerarelife.com/content/jacci-moss-0          It would be a big help and I thank you! 

Today we will start on our next project--the July Fun-draiser!  This is the one we've been very excited about--it's for the computer systems that we have here---to keep things updated and working properly.  The items for this Fun-draiser is awesome! We'll be taking pictures today and starting to get organized.  This will run from Sunday morning to Weds. AM with the event being Weds. evening! Keep watching---will be a really fun one! 

Then, comes the time to start full force on organizing for Catstock. We already have the wonderful band, Strawberry Hill coming! The big top tents are ordered as are the porta-pots (so important!). We're working on a few new twists to this years event! 

Friends are people who make your problems their problems, just so you don't have to go through them alone.  What a great thing we can do for each other.  Derecho practices this every day! Have a great day! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday, July 17

Happy Sunday to you all!  It's a terrific day.  Kitties are playing. Cats are being silly too. Porchies, Barnies, Covies and FireCats have all checked in this morning and are fine too! Even the farm animals look content.  It helps when the weather is cooler. We have 4 new young chickens (3 hens and 1 rooster). They too are doing good and are growing. Won't be long until they are free roaming with the rest of the chickens! 

We had BOXES last night. I'm ever so grateful for your support.
Kelly R--2 kitty bowl scratchers
Anonymous Friend--Fancy Feast appetizers
Dave/Chris/CD_Cats with Miyu, Yuki & Anya for a Fun-draiser  3 kindle Fire Tablets with cases (orange from Miyu, Blue from Yuki and Pink from Anya)
Robin/pnope--pretty flower rug
Beth/eaglewatcher--squeaky toys & Fun Run Tunnel.  For Catstock: tie dye pencils, light up rings, tattoos, crayons & activity books, tie dye table covers
Pam/zoolove for Catstock: stampers for tattoos, slap bracelets, Mardi Gras Beads, lots of pencils
Mr. & Mrs. Medic 101--2 cases Fancy Feast
Vaun & Chinn, visiting mods--7 bags Purina One, 8 cases appetizers, case of water
Heather--visitor--bleach, litter, vinegar, lysol, soap, canned food, snackers and cookies
Vicki B--6 bags Baby Cat dry food, (rescued from Sevaun!)

We also had BOXES on Thuirsday evening! Many, many thanks!
Butterfly Class from Belgium--Belgium seashell chocolates, kitty cards made by kids to hang up, 2 snackers, 10 dolls made by the 10 students and 2 dolls made of towels/washcloths (very neat!)

Robin H/pnope with her kitties--case of Friskies, 2 cases Fancy Feast, 2 snackers, 3 pkgs coil toys, 12 mylar balls,c at dancer, scratcher bed, fleece bed, 3 tubs Lysol wipes

Beth/eaglewatcher--4 tubes Gooferr paste for giving meds
Kerswill--2 fun tunnels---1 inside/1 for the Covies
Jatcat--for Magic: sparkle balls!  He's a happy boy now!
Pat, Thurs vol--cat food, soap & jingle balls
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy 7th BD Debut, 6th Zelda, 9th SoyBoy & Timothy, 10th Olaf. Each received their $5 chicken dollars1

Big thanks too for these folks that helped us with the surgery food from yesterday: Joyce D (pizza), Gusti (drinks) and Pablo (pies for desert). 

We had our surgery day yesterday and all went super! 
The boys that were neutered were: Arnold, Anthony, Frisky, Koda, Felix and Olle.  We did not do Livingston (will wait another month and let his injured hiney parts heal some more---looking better!)
The girls that were spayed were: Violet, Milly, Blossom, Destiny, Cathy, Bertha, Thelma and Nala (Nala is a new cat for granddaughter Ashlyn--she found her last week and wanted her spayed).  We did not do Christine and Roberta--they are still a bit light-weighters! 

Dr. Darcy did a physical on Tyger, Lucy and Classy.  All were good.  She also thinks Jones is very sweet! Dr. Darcy also looked at Bonnie and also feels she is blind......but, we are not stopping our thinking there. We are still thinking that with time, it's possible for some of her sight to return.  

Here's our grand total so far for 2016 surgeries that FFRC has been a part of:  We are now at 320 surgeries! We have done 180 spays and 140 neuters!  This just thrills me and am hoping to greatly increase these numbers.

Gustwiller's Electric were here yesterday to help us accomplish another part of our Catathon goals! They tapped into the electric box at The House That Jonah Built and then trenched a line from there to the FireHouse for the FireCats.  It was a rather long way to go as they had to go back and around the playground due to all the cement in the front.  We now have a 4-plug in unit for the FireHouse and a real light that we cans witch on and off.  No more flashlights! It was so nice to have this light to use this morning!  The plugs will help immensely with the heated water bowl for winter and the heat source for the FireHouse! So we can now check off another goal done!  I believe this week the furnace will be placed in THTJB!

Felix, the newest CH cat is now in the Main Area. He is one handsome boy and is adjusting nicely.  Chloe's not too sure of him but is doing better today with his "presence".  He is starting to play with Magic and a couple other cats! We also have the 2 new "kitty-sitting' cats --Lucy and Tyger--up in Main Area, although for now they are choosing to stay in the Kitty Kabana.  Lucy is much more relaxed and just cruises about. Tyger is more reserved and is taking things in but sure does love to give head rubs! 

In the back Thumper's Room, we still have Anthony, Olle, Frisky, Koda, Roberta, Cathy, Christine and Destiny. A bit longer and they will be coming up to the Main Area too. 

Remember---everything looks better with cat hair on it...........go hold some cats!  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday. July 14

Happy day---it rained last night.  I saw 3 Porchies walking around in it when it was lightly sprinkling.  And then it poured for a short time.  The ducks and geese are very happy! 

Our new flag pole is up and proudly waving! It has a halo at the top that is uses solar energy to light up the flag---it worked! This morning it was lit up!  This is a telescoping flag pole--we have it about 20 feet in the air. Just love it! Many thanks to Donna for this great idea. 
Here's some fun flag facts:
The U.S. Flag, adopted on June 14, 1777, is the fourth oldest national flag in the world.
A flag expert is called a "vexillologist.
The blue field on the U.S. Flag is called the "union."
Memorial Day is to honor all who died in battle. The flag should be displayed at half-staff until noon only.
The U.S. flag should always be treated with the utmost care and respect. Remember, the flag represents a living country and, as such, is considered a living thing. 

Big thanks to Mich and Vern for coming and doing the wonderful Flash Sale on Tuesday! They come and give their time, energy and themselves to doing this! This Flash Sale raised $1,392 for FFRC!

More thanks too!
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Midwesterngirl was here this week with daughter and niece---she brought a donation to FFRC that she worked on all year to raise money for FFRC.  Many thanks!
Jane W from TN--donation to FFRC, just because!

We took in 3 more cats in the last couple days.
THELMA and BERTHA!  Thelma is white and black with a left black eye.  Bertha is black and white with a white stripe going up the forehead. Their birthdates are 4/27/16. They were found by themselves---no mama or other siblings. They're very sweet!
FELIX!  Felix is an American Short Hair (ASH), brown tabby. His birthday is 7/10/15 and is a year old. A family had found him (sad story--sorry) at the bottom of a pile where his mama and siblings had died. He was the only survivor. He is also a mild CH---has a head bobble and a lower body wobble. The family that found him can no longer keep him and asked if FFRC would provide a home for him.  Another sweetie boy.

Our surgery list is ready. Surgery is this Saturday and will keep us busy. Here is our list:
Livingston 2.01 (not positive yet on him)
Arnold 2.09
Anthony 2.08
Frisky 2.09
Koda 2.10
Olle  2.01
Felix   (our newest CH boy)

Violet 2.08

Millie  3.00
Blossom  (have to get weight yet!)
Destiny 5.05
Roberta 2.00
Cathy  2.02
Christine (lightweight--will reweigh)
Bertha  3.03
Thelma  3.01

We will also do a physical on Tyger and Lucy, Classy, Jones and Joline. 

Trucker says:  Your love has given the kittens and cats here at FFRC great joy!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday, July 12

Hot, humid, no rain and flat cats---that's what summer is here for July so far.  

We had BOXES last night!  YOU are appreciated!
Billie K--8 cans Tuna, 8 cans salmon, 6 cases baby food
Plee9--4 cases Purrfectly chicken
Zoolove--case of baby food
Lostgirl & Linda G--5 beautiful kitty totes made for FFRC--flash sale?  raffle?!
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Trudy S from OH--donation to FFRC
Judy & Phil--Sunday visitors--4 PT, 1 gal. vinegar, Halo dry cat food, 2 boxes fruit bars
Eric & Carrie--Sunday visitors--cloroxwipes, G2 drinks, Gingersnaps (for horses!), bag of syringes, tuna, 44 cans Friskies, 12 meow mix tenders, juice/punch drinks for vols, 400 6 in plates, 180 9 in plates.  Cookies! More cookies ! and even animal crackers!

We've heard from Heather who adopted 3 of our cats. They are doing great and their pictures sure look like happy cats! They are Sambert (now Samuel), Olympia (now Olivia) and Kip (now Mister).  

Also thanks to these folks for their help:
Gusti--donation for summer and surgery water, juice, pop
Midwestern Girl, daughter, niece are visiting this week---brought many items for FFRC!
Sara H from WI--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji from Netherlands--donation in honor of little Koda. 
Olga B & Marno C (& Fred & Sasja) from Netherlands--donation to FFRC
Deb11111--donation in honor of Phil for showing the Paddy Boys on cam!

We took in a new kitten 2 days ago.  His name is Olle (a Name a Cat name).  He has a very torqed / crooked neck. He's a little beige/white kitten, about 7 weeks old.  His birthday is 5/22/16. He was found all by himself and brought here to FFRC.  What a sweet boy. Along with his crooked neck, his rt. eye lid is also extremely raised.  we are working on both issues & he will have a physical on Saturday by Dr. Darcy.

This Saturday is our surgery date for FFRC's kittens. We have quite a few spays and a few neuters for FFRC.  More later after our list is made up!

Yesterday we had the 100 gallon propane tank delivered for the incoming furnace for The House that Jonah Built.  The past way we heated THTJB did not work. The new furnace also arrived yesterday but is not installed yet until next week. This furnace will do the job beautifully for heating THTJB.  A bit pricier than expected, but we will work on that.  After the installation of the furnace, then the gas company comes back to do a gas line safely check.

Cagney is doing so much better---his shyness is leaving him. He's right now chasing a ping pong ball all over the purple office.  Trucker, paddy Purr, Sarge, Hamilton, Zelda and Kiara are all laying around the desk---storing up energy to be active and crazy today!

Felicity is doing her daily "thing"--following Lisa around room to room! Hensley has buried himself under a big blankie for his morning nap! Livingston is streaking by as he just runs room to room, just for the fun of it. 

Remember.........today at 2:30 ish is the Mich and Vern Flash Sale! We have some really nice items to show you! 

Cutie says:  "sometimes talking to your best friend is all the therapy one needs."  Remember if you come and visit--sit, relax and let the cats climb into your lap.  You can tell them anything and they will just love you for talking to them!