Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Weds evening, July 26, 2017

Such a busy week. We had 3 more adoptions.

Clover went to her new home on Tuesday.  She's been a much anticipated kitten for her new family but had to wait for her spay to be done.

Grishko was also adopted by our new Ohioan volunteer and friend, Donna. Donna took her home yesterday. I went over to visit and was so happy to see how quickly Grishko has fit in. She's all over the house, plays with the catnip toys and loves the patio doors. 

And then we had the adoption of Francis.  This one was actually not done on cam as it was a surprise for a teenager by her family!  This family had been here visiting when the teenager fell for Francis. He did his best to work on the heart by playing and being silly and it worked!  He was adopted Tuesday and went home to a surprised young girl! 

I've heard from The Idaho's new mama. Her new name is Asha. The picture sent shows three happy cats together! She looks very happy and has fit right in.

The 7 new kittens are still in the back Thumper's Room.  Mama is spayed and already at her home and the kittens arrived at FFRC.  We do not have names yet, but we do have other info on them!  They are 8 weeks old and their birthday is 5/28/17.  We have 1 female grey tiger, 1 male grey tiger long hair, 2 female brown tigers (yes, they are identical!), 1 male black long hair, 1 male black short hair and 1 white/black female.  Names will be coming soon.

We also took on a new adult. He is a 2 1/2 year old FlamePoint Ragdoll and is as soft as can be. His name is Finn. He came from a wonderful, loving home. Due to a family situation, he needed to be rehomed. He's a great cat, very loving, a loud purrer and so loves people.  He hasn't been around other cats but is learning already that the other cats aren't so bad! His birthday is 1/21/15.  Finn is  a handsome boy with a great personality. 

Many of you already know that we had taken back a past FFRC cat. He arrived with a severe flea infestation, serious dental disease and an injured eye. We were so hoping to help this boy become healthy again but it was not to be. I believe his pain from his dental problem was as bad a problem as was the severe anemia from the flea infestation.  Please..........take this cat's death and do something good with it. Check your cat. Check your family's cats.  If there's fleas, do something about it. Cats can NOT get rid of these bugs by themselves. While allowed to be on a cat (or dog) they feast on the blood of that pet. And if the numbers are great enough, they casue anemia that sometimes cannot be reversed. And remember.....for every 5 fleas seen on your pet, there is a HUNDRED in the home.  Help one deserves to die from a flea infestation.  If even one pet is saved from this preventable death, then this cat's death can be turned into something helpful. 

We had BOXES on Monday evening! Many thanks to you all.
Ros - UK - a pretty, soft kitty bed

Anony - Case of Fancy Feast & case of Fancy Feast Kitten

Butterfly Class in Belgium - Note from: SHBSRSHN & Teacher
Purple crocheted blankie for Derecho, 3 Butterflies on bamboo poles, 3 panel plaque of butterflies and Derecho, Easel and miniature canvas of portraits of our special needs kitties
Treasure box with Derecho, hearts & flowers, Hearts and Flowers Treasure box
Heart with butterflies, it says Follow your heart, Do great things with great love.

Debbie & Woody S - NC - Case of Purrfectly Chicken, Temptation snackers

Zoolove/Pam T - 4 bags Beyond food, case of Fancy Feast, bag of kitty toys

Gusti - Germany - 2 bags Precious Cat Littter

Anony - 10 bags of Snackers

Miranda - Bag of Catnip

Mayumi - Tokyo Branch - Note, Tulle Chicken Steaks, Chicken & fish sausage filled with Tulle

Jobear - Duck Card with 10 weight circles

Clark, Jesse & The Rest  Happy Birthday to Zelda, Debut, Lucas, Soy Boy, Timothy and Victor! 
$5 chicken for each of them to share with their friends!

Annette - MI  Donation

Don & Joy - Donation & weight circles

Macncheesendoodlesmom - Donation

Fritziedr - donation for Catathon Derecho kisses

Julie & David UK - Happy 1st Birthday Spiker  

Kandy S - OH   Donation

Jean A - Case Blue Buffalo Wild, 40 cans Sheba & Bag of Science Diet

And here's a few more!
Gusti--donation to help with David Morgan's surgery
William K--donation to FFRC
Maite (our Spain friend)--donation for the Paddy Boys
Kelly L--donation to FFRC

We also took in another kitten.  His name is David Morgan and he is 8 weeks old. His birthday is 5/30/17. David Morgan is a very handsome deep orange tiger boy.  He obviously was tossed from a car and he has the well-known look of a very droopy lip.  When a kitten is tossed, they don't land on their feet. Normally they land on their face which causes the lower lip to be pulled way down. To prevent this much droopy lip, surgery is required to button it back in place. David Morgan went to the vet's today and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. He more than likely will return with a button on his lip. But....he's not going to mind it. He's a very sweet/loving boy.  Won't take long to get him in the Main Area!

Tomorrow our Covie boy Rowland will also be going up to the vet's for surgery.  He has an ear hematoma.  It started to go down but today it ballooned up again. He will go up tomorrow morning, have his surgery and will return here along with David Morgan. Rowland is 14 years old now and so extra precautions will be made due to his age. He's such a great cat!

Want to know something that I haven't mentioned yet?  We actually have had another adoption! Bonnie has been adopted. She is now Bonnie Moss. You see, that girl has always had me wrapped around her little tail ever since we lost her on the surgery table and revived her. She's a leg hugger and I love that about her. I whispered in her ear on Weds. that she is now known as a Moss! I had to get Zelda's approval first---she said it was ok as long as she (Zelda) still got my lap at the desk! So....a deal was made!  The deal being an extra snacker a day! 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sunday was a great adoption day for FFRC.  We love adoptions! But...before an adoption can happen, many things are usually done first!  Vet references are checked, lots of questions and answers are done, going over the application form, being certain that each family and cat(s) are a good match. And then we have an adoption!  

Little The Idaho "Ida" left yesterday morning. She went with her new mama who had waited for Ida to have her spay day so she could go home.  Such a pretty little girl. Her new name is Asha!

And then Adalaide went to her new home. Her new mama is Mary Braid, our volunteer. Mary actually is the one who found her that dark night on a country road. She too waited a while till Adalaide would be big enough to be spayed. That's been a love connection from the very beginning!

And then Cara and Joanna went to their new home together! I've already seen pictures of these two kittens in their new home and all looks wonderful and happy. The kittens seem to have fit right in from the beginning!

We also have two new holds on babies--Tucker and Brenna. This kitten group is very little and will have to grow and gain weight before we can schedule their spay/neuter.  

We still have DJ, Zadie, Isabella Bird, Clover, Francis and Tyr on hold too.

We have thanks to give!
Jill R from Bryan--donation to FFRC
Jim B--donation to FFRC
Lucy O--donation for Seymour kisses
Kris M from MN--donation to FFRC for Derecho
Alice D and Lou from NJ--donation to be used where needed
Jose A--donation to FFRC
Heather H & kids--5 packs Lysol wipes, 1 big pack Twizzlers, case cat food.
Samanatha H--2 cat toys

I learn something new everyday! The Donate button on Ustream lets people donate $5 and can't be changed. But.....the PayPal link button on the web page can be changed to any amount!  I'd like to say a big thanks for those Donate Buttons--they truly help us.  Sometimes the donation goes towards medications, sometimes vaccines or disinfectants or a surgery. Every donation is important to us and much appreciated. 

Here it is........another giggle video coming up!  It's #9. A special thanks to Warren R (a friend of SonJa's) for the original composition "Swing for Kitteh".  Please check this video out--it's awesome. Click "like" too please if you enjoy it! Thanks so much.

We took in 7 new kittens.  They are in the back Thumper's Room and are just in the beginning stages of their check-ins.  They've been capstarred, wormed and tested. I know there are 4 girls and 3 boys (unless that changes after another look! lol)  These kittens make up one litter. Their mama has already been spayed! 

Keep on purchasing those Amazon items---whether it's for FFRC or for yourselves! Last month we received $409.97 from your orders! That's like free money to help us! Thank you very much. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Another wonderful spay/neuter day! We had our HumaneOhio surgery day yesterday. We sent up 42 cats. The breakdown is 32 females and 10 males! Days like that sure makes me feel happy. We did 32 cats for the public and 10 kittens for FFRC.

This puts our total spays/neuters at 476. Last year this time we were at 320.  It's because of us doing two HumaneOhio events a month that is increasing the numbers.  

We were originally going to send up 8 kittens, but bumped it up to 10. They were: The Idaho, Clover, Jefferson, Jaam, Cara, Della, Braewyn, Olle, Emmasyne and Adalaide. All are doing wonderful and are bouncing around like nothing happened.

This morning, we moved the 13 kittens from the back room up to the Main Area. We will keep an extra watch on them as some of them are really smallish yet. Lucie is still in the back Thumper's Room but will be up to Kitty Campus Room or Cat's Corner Room very soon.  She sure loves those kittens and will nap with them! 

We used our new lights yesterday during check ins for surgery. It's dark yet at 5:30 and the new lights sure light up the area! makes our work easier---we can see better! And it lights up the sidewalk for the cat owners.

We have thanks to give!
Ray S--donation to FFRC
Conii--donation for FFRC and for Derecho
Vicki D--visitor--blankets and doggie charms
Carrie M--2 cases gatorade, case of big Friskies, 200 sm plates, 200 big plates, case of Friskies
Nona--2 cases KMR
Phil & Judy--2 cases baby food
Fulton Co. "Come Together" Group--PT, plates, toys, dry cat food, kitty litter, baby wipes, etc. 
Schinn--donation to be used wherever it is needed

Did you know you can go to our website and get lots of great info?  Our site is
If you go to the yellow bar and click on FFRC PHOTOS, you'll see tons of pictures of our FFRC cats.
If you go the yellow bar and click on OUR VIDEOS, you'll go to youtube and see hundreds of our videos.
If you go to the blue bar, click on ABOUT US, scroll down and you'll even see what goes on out in the farmyard! There's even a floor plan of FFRC there to see!
Lots of good info.

Yesterday we had two groups of young people here visiting FFRC.  It's always nice to know our community cares. 

We've had more adoptions!  On Tuesday, Cinnamon and Tex was adopted by Vaun, our visitor and mod. I've seen pictures and have had updates---both are doing very well and are adjusting quickly to their new home. They're keeping their new mama hopping!  Auntie Schinn helped supervise them part of their way home! 

We also had 2 more adoptions yesterday--Harry and Adare went to their new home with a mama and dad.  Adare picked them out himself when they visited the first time.  And Harry let them know he also wanted to go home with them. I do believe both are going to be very happy! Adare was the last of the Niners to be adopted and Harry was the first of Kismit's kittens to be adopted.

All is well here. We have  a happy, healthy bunch of kittens and cats. The energy level here is high. Lots of new names to learn! And still......more kittens will be coming in. Take care!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The back Thumper's Room is hopping and jittering and bouncing.  Those 13 kittens and Lucie are keeping that room vibrating. Hopefully will be bringing this crew up at the beginning of the week.  We now have the back Thumper's Room cam working again! Now you can watch some of their action. 

Tomorrow is HumaneOhio spay/neuter date. We have a full schedule! We are also going to send 7 kittens up tomorrow.  They are: The Idaho, Clover, Jefferson, Jaam, Cara, Della and Braewyn.  We are always excited about our spay/neuter days!

We have Thanks to give:
Pat D--donation to FFRC, in memory of Ginny, her grandcat
BillieK--donation to FFRC to help with Mama Cat's surgery & for chicken for the outside cats
Janet K--donation to FFRC (and from her Tacky, Max and Knikkie)
Francesca C from Italy--donation to FFRC
Anne L--donation in memory of Trucker

We've had 2 mods here visiting!  Schinn and Vaun. Among their goodies that they've brought to FFRC daily, I'd like to give thanks to Schinn for her Springy toys for Paddy Cakes, Party Mix for Paddy Purr, Bonito Flakes for the Covies and a play cube for Jones.  And to Vaun: 8 cases of 32 packs Friskies, 12 cases of 24 Friskies, 42 baby foods, 1 bag RC Baby Cat.   Many thanks to them for what they do for FFRC.

We've heard from the family that adopted Chester. He is well loved and considered a big asset to the family!

I've also heard from Deb B in regards to Arden, Merlin and Liza. All 3 are doing great and are happy.

Many of you know that our mod and friend, SonJa lost her dad a couple days ago. As always, our FFRCNation feels this loss for SonJa and shows their compassion to her and her family. Our moderators have made a donation for a leaf on our Tree of Giving. Many cam friends have donated to FFRC in honor of SonJa and in memory of her dad.  When she returns, SonJa and I will talk and share this information/names with her. 

We continue to knock off more items on our Goal List from Catathon.  We now have the 2 lights under the walkway between the screened in porch to the Porchie house and an extra light under the shelter house (both of these will benefit us when we do those early morning check ins for HumaneOhio).  Our wall in the dog room is cleared and ready for the incoming window when it arrives.  

The kittens and cats are happy and healthy and forever eating! I've never seen kittens eat as much as these rascals.  It really is quite amazing. 

Mama Cat Calico continues to get her ear meds but she is starting to be watchful of the windows and doors. I'm sure she's starting to miss being with her FireHouse friends.  Little Tyr is doing wonderful with his leg amputation. What a whiz of a fast cat he is.  We were going to send Marilyn up today to Dr. P's for her spay/umbilical hernia repair. But....she's just a lightweight yet and would like to get another couple ounces on her before this extended surgery. 

We had another adoption. Sudsy Sue went to her new home with Pablo, a volunteer. The pictures I've received shows a very happy kitten! She is keeping Keana company!

53 more days to Catstock!  Lots of upcoming info for you all soon!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I've been searching for that hidden button---it's suppose to expand our walls but haven't found it yet!  In the back Thumper's Room, we are now at 1 cat and 13 kittens. It's a full house. 

In a nutsehell--these are the kittens in the back:
ABC kittens:  Arlo, Brenna, Brody, Coco and Clay
Julie's kittens:  Zorro, Dell and Joanna
Lucie--adult, black CH cat (which by the way, she is soooo sweet!)
Misc. kittens:  Tyr, Braewyn, Marily, Cara and Olle

Olle is a new boy. His name is pronounced:  Oh-lee (a Name a Cat name).  He was found inside a roofing company here locally. He's only 6 weeks old with a birthday of 6/1/17. He's a friendly little kitten---a brown tiger. Someone there in the company must've been playing with him as he is very sweet. He appears healthy--was just hungry. 

On Weds., Mama Cat Calico had her ear surgery. There was indeed a growth/polyp in her ear--a significant size.  3/4 of it was removed. The remaining part we are hoping to get dissolved with her ear medication.  She is also in need of a dental. We want to wait a bit of time though to see how her ear does. That way, if further ear surgery is required, both that and her dental can be done at the same time.  She's tolerating being inside but as she is feeling better, we are seeing her at the door more often. Would like to keep her inside for as long as possible to be sure she gets her medication. 

We had BOXES Thursday evening.  YOU are appreciated.
Pam T/Zoolove - Tub of Party Mix Snackers, 6 boxes Quaker Breakfast Cookies

Anony - Box of Fancy Feast Broths, Case of Fancy Feast

Mr. & MRs. Medic-- 2 cases Fancy Feast 

Andrew - Box of Doggie Snackers

LJ323 - 15 tubs Lysol Wipes, 2 cases, 2280 Kitty Wipes!

Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin babycat/mother dry food

More thanks!
Aunt Donna H from PA--a donation in memory of Ginny--BIll and Bonnie's precious cat
Gusti--donation in honor of Helga's adoption

Many of you have seen the Chief register slips come in to FFRC.  We turn those in about twice a year---we get a certain amount as a kick-back to FFRC!  Thanks to Bill & Angie for taking care of organizing this. We just received a check from Chief---$378.34!  This is "free money" to FFRC and much appreciated.  It will be used for our weekly operating expenses. Many thanks to those who collect these for us.

We've heard about a few of our recent adoptions! Helga and Paislie are doing wonderful and has fit right in!  Their pictures look very happy.  
And this from Misty's mom:  "Misty is watching the birds but her truest excitement flares when she watches a squirrel come up to the tree to get the almonds."  Sounds like Misty is a happy girl too! 

One of my favorite sounds---when the cats and kittens are all crunching on their snackers--just a fun, sweet sound!

The Porchies, Barnies and Firecats are all doing wonderful.  They are healthy and happy. Dion was over this week and took measurements for the 2 cement slabs that we'd like--one for the firehouse and one for the junglegym in the playground.  He will get us scheduled soon.

The Covies are also doing great. I visit them every day and give out snackers to them. We have a few in there that are really showing their age. But....they are healthy and happy and that's what is important. 

Zelda Belda girl is here on my desk (happy 7th birthday!) along with Paddy Purr. Of course, Hensley is in my lap and Spiker is at my feet napping. The Idaho, Clover, Jaam, Luella and Sudsy are all zooming around here chasing each other---their energy is endless!  Elsie is grooming on a blankie on the Kuranda, occasionally "watchiing" the kittens--she likes to keep track of them!  Cutie is here too--on a cushie just watching things. Joyful has been on the Princess bed most of the morning. Gia was seen "hiding" in the long tunnel again---she likes to just stick her head into things. And Eddie White has been watching out the window much of this morning. Life is good. Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Weds., July 12, 2017

It’s hard to keep up with everything around here! We have 3 more kittens that love TLC and will be looking for their future homes.  These 3 kittens are from our volunteer Julie. She took in their mama who was pregnant and gave birth at Julie’s home. Their birthdate is 5/4/17. The kittens are now 10 weeks old and here for “their finishing touches”!  Julie and mama did a great job of raising these babies.

We also took in a new little muted calico kitten.  She was found by Arbys parking lot—2 vehicles actually drove over the top of her while she stayed low to the road. A lady saw this happen and stopped to rescue her.  She has a bit of abrasions on her mouth and eye.  Her birthday is 5/27/17.

Here are their names:  (all names are from Name a Cat)
CARA—the muted calico,  female
ZORRO—all black, male
DELLA—black/white, 4 white feet, white/black chin, female
JOANNA—brown tiger/white, 4 white feet, br. face/wh chin, female

These 4 new kittens are now down on the floor in the back Thumper’s Room, playing with Tyr, Braewyn and Marilyn! Lucie (the new CH cat) is also in the back Thumper’s Room. We have harmony in there!

On Monday, we had 2 kittens taken to the vet’s. Tex was neutered! He’s getting ready for his upcoming adoption! His physical was good too. We also sent up Tyr who had his rear right leg removed. Even though he was putting a little weight on this leg, the vets felt that due to the very poor alignment of the bones he would probably have much trouble with it as he grew. He is just amazing—he’s running, hopping, climbing and playing full speed ahead. So cute too with that short little tail of his!

Today, we sent up 2 cats also. One cat, Puma, is staying with us temporarily. He needed some help. He possibly had a brush with a car. X-rays were done. No fractures but very very sore. He’s on cage rest for a bit and is receiving meds to help with his soreness.
We also sent Mama Cat (the calico) to the vets today. While her ear appeared better, we knew it wasn’t “fixed” yet. She is staying at the vets tonight so she’s there bright and early for surgery in the morning. It appears she has a significant growth in her ear. More info after she’s anesthetized—will be able to examine this growth better then.

Another one! Yes---another Giggle Show. This one is Scene 8 and Derecho directed this one too! Have a look---you will thoroughly enjoy this!  

We had BOXES on Monday evening---so many thanks to you!
Mike & Gwen R - FL  Whiskers from Patches & Angel, Kitty milk rings, 4 pkg Dental Care Treats, Pop Tabs, Box Tops, Campbells labels and Coupon

Gemini-Angel our wonderful mod with Harley/Arley & Peanuts
Yard Master - lighted multi outlet for outside, cans of Fancy Feast Kitten (cuz the boys aren't babies anymore)

Zoolove - case Beechnut Baby Food

Judeannlee & Phil - IN  6 pkgs Spring Toys, 2 pkgs Jingle balls, Tub of Temptation Snackers, 3 cases Appetizers, 2 Boxes of Broths, case Fancy Feast Kitten

Justme out wonderful mod from IA - 2 cables for our Thumpers Room Cam

Mls - 72 jars of individually wrapped baby food!

DKweiler and son Steven IL - drove our new CH kitty Lucie from North Chicago Suburbs to FFRC and also brought Salmon & Baby Food

Needtoretire - Card with note - Donation in memory of Mighty Quinn & Frogger

Melissa L - NY  Donation for FFRC

And we have more thanks to give:
Lana H—donation to FFRC
Dr. Patricia U, DVM—donation to FFRC, in memory of Baby Boy for Elvis K
Kelly I—donation to FFRC
Melvin S, jr.—donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji—donation to help Tyr with his medical bills
Megan & Bella—evening visitors—paper plates & 2 paper towels

Steve and I are taking a part of Friday off! I’ll do breakfast for the kittes and cats as usual and then we will be taking off. Connie S will care for my mom. Volunteers are here to care for the cats. Anthony will be here for the farm animals. Lynnette will take care of the office things. So, we are all set!

We had 3 wonderful adoptions today---all 3 were part of the Niners! Vester, Vesta and Sloan were adopted together. The family that adopted them have been visiting them a lot to get to know them before their adoption.  I do believe these kitties are in an awesome home where there will be much TLC!  So happy for them.  More adoptions coming up!

All is fine here. The kittens are healthy and very busy. The cats are happy too.  Lots of playtime for all. This week was nail-trimming time—those kittens sure use us for climbing trees!   

On Tuesday, we will be taking Marilyn to the vet’s for her spay/hernia repair. Because of the size of her umbilical hernia, we are anxious to get this repaired. On Weds., we have another HumaneOhio spay/neuter day. We’ll have a full schedule!

59 days to Catstock (September 9)! 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday, July 9, 2017

New kitties are here! We have taken on 3 new kittens from Dr. P and Dr. Darcy's office.  They are now on the floor in the back Thumper's Room. They sure rock and roll, sleep alot and eat alot! Here's their info:
TYR--pronounced tur.  He's a short tailed grey tiger. He was found on a road, probable hit by car. His right rear leg has a fracture. Tyr is scheduled for an amputation tomorrow, Monday. He arrived here at 8 weeks of age. His birthday is 5/12/17. 

MARILYN--she is a tan and white kitten and arrived here at 7 weeks of age. Her birthday is 5/19/17. She has a substantial size umbilical hernia. If it presents no problems, we will have that repaired at the time of her spay. She also has a 3-4/6 heart murmur. We will see if that becomes a problem (or not) as she grows.  Remember, there are different reasons for heart murmurs. Some are problems, some are not. When she first arrived at the vets office, she was partially splayed and unable to use her back legs well, but is doing much much better now.

BRAEWYN--pronounced Bra-win.  He is a white and tan kitten and arrived here at 6 weeks old. His birthday is 5/26/17. When he first arrived at the vets office, it appeared he had trouble tracking with his eyes. But, he seems much better---something we will continue to watch. He was found on a highway, with blood on his nose/ears. 

These 3 names came from Name a Cat name list. All 3 are good friends. As they continue to grow and heal, we will eventually bring them to the Main Area.

We also took on a new CH cat that needed some  help.  Her owner asked FFRC to take her as she no longer could care for her as needed. Her name is Lucie! Our viewer friend, DKweiler is from the same area that Lucie is from and offered to pick her up and bring her to FFRC yesterday! They spent the night in Defiance and will return home today. So very kind of her and her son to transport Lucie. 

Lucie is 2 years old, black spayed female. Her past mama took good care of her and came here fully vetted. She is right now on the floor in the back Thumper's Room, taking a nap in one of the beds. She doesn't seem to mind the 3 kittens at all! Lucie is considered a moderate CH cat.

We had a extra wonderful adoption yesterday! A lady has been visiting FFRC for a while to figure out which kitten would fit into her home. She had picked Paislie and had been waiting for Paislie to be spayed. Yesterday, she ended up taking her best friend, Helga too! These two kittens sure know how to be so sweet and play hard together! I was very happy these two could go together. 

We have a few thanks to give! You are appreciated---
\Thomas W---donation to FFRC
Jatcat--donation to help with gas $$ for Lucie's transport
BillieK--donation to help with the 3 new kittens medical needs
Melinda from Paulding--cat toys, homemade crinkle toys and birds with jingles in them!

We are definitely doing the kitty shuffle here. The cats are zipping and running and whipping around here. Actually, my purple office is vibrating! Luella, Jefferson, Dandelion, Texas, DJ, Cinnamon, The Ida, Adelaide and Clover are having a wonderful time playing and are blurs as they run by. Zelda, Paddy Purr and Asha are here on my desk watching the kittens.  They have that look on their face like they think the kittens are crazy! 

You may notice another new cat here in the Main Area. That would be Mama Calico, a name given to her many years ago. She first arrived here about 10-11 years ago. She came as an adult and a mama to a litter of 4.  You may know her story---she was a wonderful mama--had her kittens in a neighborhood. Each day as she would go scouting for food, she made sure her kittens were behind a gate. She would go to the edge of the driveway and sit and look back. If her kittens emerged from the gate, she would place them back behind the gate. She would then go hunting for food......from garbage cans. The neighbors all watched out for her and relayed her story to me.  Then one day she was seen trying to drag a corn cob down the road---going backwards while dragging it to where the kittens were. That was it---a neighbor decided she needed some help. She and kittens were brought here. We had our Earth Angel Clinic at the time and spayed/neutered them that same day. They became Barnies and are still around. But....Mama Calico became a Firecat this past year.  She had trouble with her ear in April and went missing for about 2 weeks. When we found her, we treated her and all was good. But then recently she went AWOL for almost a month. When found, her ear was a total mess.  She stayed here in the front Thumper's Room for 2 nights while we treated her again. This time though, she will have to have that ear checked out by our vet. When we let her down to change her pen yesterday, she walked right on into the Main Area like it was very natural for her to do so. So......we retested her for leuk/fiv (which was negative) and let her be in the main area. Her vaccines and worming/flea control were already up to date.  So, until she shows signs of wanting to go back to the great outdoors and after her ear is checked by the vet, she can stay!  She is a beautiful short haired calico sweetie. 

Have a wonderful Sunday!