Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Trill, chirp, purr and meows---lots of that going on this morning! Farrah has been singing and so has Kiarra. And then Forte chimes in too!  Such great cat sounds!

Wow---what a morning! Today was another big HumaneOhio spay/neuter day. I love these opportunities to get cats spayed/neutered that may not otherwise have the opportunity. Today we sent up 38 cats---wow!!!  This broke down to 31 females and 7 males. All of these 31 females qualified for the Beat The Heat program that HumaneOhio is doing for March.  Their spays were only $20!  This now brings our total to 191 spays/neuters done to date--109 females and 82 males. I'm a smiling today about this!

We had BOXES last night! Happy about all this support and so thankful! 
Hencass – CATATHON – 4 boxes full of Troyer Amish food. vegetable soup (3), potato soup (2), bread and butter pickles, peaches, pasta sauce (2), peach pie filling (2), concord grape juice, wedding salsa corn, angel hair noodles, pears, beans and ham, honey, licorice bites, blackberry pie filling, cherry pie fillings (2), mustard Dijon, orange marmalade jam, peach pie fillings (2), pickled baby beets, potato soup, salt water taffy, sweet Gherkins pickles, Troyer beef flavored soup base, vegetable soup.  Wow!
Zoolove – CATATHON - meatloaf pan (mint green), 2 matching cookie sheets & air fryer accessory set
Gina (catlvr) – CATATHON - crochet and knitting basket 12 skeins of yarn (6 different colors), 8 crochet hooks, 2 knitting needles scissors and needles.  
Cinder – CATATHON – black cat desk, black cat tape dispenser, black dot folders.
 Lann – 2 big rolls of bubble wrap
 Anonymous  - 54 bags of chips and Fritos, 32 box of chips and Doritos, peanut and peanut butter mix, M&Ms and snickers, licorice,  2 classic cookie mix, Nutter Butter bites, Milano dark chocolate cookies, 2 bags popcorn variety .
 Donna (knittinkitten2) – book, “I will See You in Heaven” (for the rescue center)
BillieK--2 cases Gerber baby food.

 Mary Dc in CT – donation in memory of Alice Mary
 Halley G in PA – to Staff and Volunteers – donation in memory of Alice Mary and Trucker and to buy Magic a treat (bed, toy, etc.)
 Ellie Sue H in NY – donation in memory of Alice Mary and Adelaide and Trucker
 Susan C in Defiance – donation
 Sandra S (krnk) – donation in memory of Trucker
 Michael (sophieandlucydad) – coupons
 Diane G – donation to Feliz Navidad fund

So, as you can tell we are open to any Catathon donations!  We will be putting together a list of topics for Catathon baskets soon, but folks are welcome to make up their own topics too!  We are asking, please, if any items that are coming could be here by May 15.  It takes a lot of time to put the baskets together and then to type up each basket.  We realize some items will come in later but if we can get the majority in by May 15, that would be so helpful!  Thanks bunches!

The Niners were weighed yesterday.  All are between 5.0 ounces to 6.5 ounces except for one and that one weighed in at 4.5.  This one's tummy though is round, is active and is finding the faucets.  Mama weighed in at 10.04 before birth. She now is 7.12 but is eating really well. Some of the babies appear to have a bit longer fur. Names will be coming soon.
The Porchies, Firecats, Barnies and Covies are sure enjoying this nicer weather. It's nice to see them rolling around on the cement when it is sun-warmed! All look good and had a fairly easy summer. 

Zelda has found out my hiding spot. In my top drawer I always keep an opened bag of snackers. She knows she is allowed 2 snackers a couple times a day. I found her in the opened drawer a couple days ago, scarfing up the snackers with utter glee!  I had to shake my finger at her to get her to stop.  Now I'm worried about next time we weigh her. lol 

No BOXES this evening as we will be doing surgery check outs.  The neuter truck arrives about the same time. Take care and have a great Tuesday! 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tummy check on the Nyla Niners showed all 9 tummies continue to be round and full! And....a new assessment: a few have tiny little eye slits happening! Soon, they will be checking out their new world! Mama Nyla's appetite is picking up which is good. 

We had BOXES last night. And.......we are so very grateful for these gifts to FFRC
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of baby food
Eaglewatcher--2 cases RC baby cat can food (perfect for young kittens & mama)
Julie P from IA--for a fundraiser--Kids Fire Tablet
Kathy/justme--For CATATHON--Brothers sewing machine
Pam/zoolove--For CATATHON--Cook's Companion Ceramic Nonstick air fryer
Billie K--2 cases RC baby cat can food, bag of RC mother/baby dry food
Jodi/jobear--3 cases baby food
Nona--3 cases KMR
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation and support of thekitties
MacnCheesemom and Doodles--card and monthly donation
Rich & Rosesf6 with Marble, Blackie, FLuffy, Brownie & CHeckers--BD card and $5 chicken
Snoopybaby, Preakie & sisters--BD card and $ for chicken
Joco--big box of puffcorn for the volunteers
Faithy--BD card & cake--2 boxes magnets, push pins & paperclips
Hannah & Michelle from MI--4 cat snackers, 3 bags candy, 2 boxes Kleenex, 2 bags Purina One
Sue/Cinder--For CATATHON--(black cat office basket)-metal bookend, over top door hanger, jar paper clip holder & black sticky notes with white pens
ProMedica Gift Shop in Defiance---thanks for the towels, sheets, etc! 
Di/Miau, our wonderful moderator--very cute Paw gloves/different colors---will see at a Flash Sale!  (2 pairs will go for CATATHON!)

Hurry! Hurry!  April 1st is coming up fast and that is the last day we can take the shirt/sweatshirt orders! Please check FB chatters page for info. If you can't get that, email me and I will get you info!  Thank you!

Did you know that FFRC is collecting the Purina's weight Circles? Yes, we are! Specially marked bags of Purina dog and cat food contain the weight circles---cut those out and send them to us! We can then collect them--they will earn us points and can be redeemed for food purchases.  Thanks for any help!

Here's the next 3 surgery dates:
March 28, Tuesday--HumaneOhio (hoping to do 30 some cats, mostly females)
April 1, Saturday--FFRC surgery day--this is an all-boys public day
April 4, Tuesday--HumaneOhio (again, mostly females)
These 3 spay/neuter dates fall within a week---will keep us hopping but wow---very productive in reducing productivity! 

And speaking of dates, remember to mark your calendar for June 25 for Catathon.

Franklin Thomas and Olivia are playing hide and seek. So cute to watch. Olivia looks like a fluff ball flying by!  Olivia will be going to her new home in April!

Giovanna is still in the Main Area and is doing wonderful. A bit shy at first but sure loves to be petted and fussed on.  You can tell the temperatures are nicer because the cats are once again enjoying going out into Bella's Place, the dog run. But not today--it's raining.

TJ has figured out the Kuranda Towers--she can zip up and down them quickly now. Gia has lost a bit of weight and that is good. She's such a great purring cat and loves people. The windows are open in the Kitty Kabana with 5 cats lined up watching the great outdoors. Felicity is in her red poof. She looks so sweet all sunk into the middle. 

I can finally say that Pippi is feeling better. You may know that she took a bad fall and really hurt her neck, back and hips.  Catopractor visited her 3 times which was a huge help. We gave her anti-inflammatories and lots of "we're sorrys". This combination helped and she is able to move easier today. 

Anayaa has us all figured out. A certain meow from her means she's hungry NOW! And of course, we obey. She looks very shiny and sleek. Joyful had her big spa day yesterday. She was brushed, had her eyes cleaned, her ears cleaned and her toenails trimmed. She has forgiven us for this invasion and has already accepted pets today! 

Have a wonderful Sunday. On to a busy week ahead.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017

What a week it's been.  Everything from super highs (spays and neuters done), happiness (adoption of Cairys) to low of lows (losing our 3 precious cats). 

Here is a well known verse changed a bit for cat rescueres:

I am an Animal Rescuer.
My job is to assist God's creatures.
I was born with the drive to fulfill their needs
I take in new kittens and cats without plan, thought or selection.
I have bought cat food with my last dime.
I have petted a cat totally invested with fleas.
I have hugged some cats that are deemed "dangerous".
I have fallen in love a thousand times and I have cried into the fur of a lifeless body.
I am an Animal Rescuer.
I knowingly love those cats that will have a short life.
My work is never done.
My rescue is never quiet but is always peaceful and a place of joy.
We may always struggle to make ends meet....
But my heart is always full.

It's been a difficult week here without Alice Mary, Adelaide and Trucker. Isn't it amazing how we can love so much, yet still have the capabilities to continue loving. And that, my friends, is what we will continue to do. We will continue to rescue, to take in those that are hurt, healthy, sick, abused, lost, "different".  It's truly not just what we do, but it's what we are.....a Rescue. 

We have thanks to give. We have a special friend who happily donated $2,000 to match donations given in memory of Alice Mary and Adelaide. And then another $2,000 to match donations given in memory of Trucker. I am so very grateful. Alice Mary and Adelaide's funds went to our spay/neuter program.  Trucker's funds went to our Feliz Navidad Fund.

I have to apologize.  I started keeping track of each and every donation to put those names here in the blog. But, I made a mess of keeping track and did not properly do it. I must say my brain hasn't been completely intact this week.  But....I did send an email to each person. Please just know that each donation is gratefully received and will used to the fullest. You--our FFRCNation--humbles me with your support and love during this hard time. 

And now.......Nyla's Niner News ! Nyla herself is doing good. She once in a while will take a break from her babes and rest on the floor, but she never leaves her kitties for long. And every once in a while a baby may tumble out of the nest but she retrieves it and returns it to the nest. Her milk production is keeping up, at least for now. I check the babies 2-3 times a day--check each and every one of those 9 tummies to make sure they are nice and round and full.  And they are. They simply rotate their turns to nurse. It's unbelievable how much they have already grown. They have been given the birthday of 3/2/17. If a litter is born during the night when some are before midnight and some after midnight, I give them the "morning of" as their birthday--so it's 3/21. These babies really are so cute. 

Our new kitten that Trucker found has a name. It's TJ, for Trucker Junior. Yes, this brown tiger is a female and Trucker Junior sounds like a boys name, but that doesn't matter. The name stays as TJ and I love to call her that. She's a happy cat and already here in the Main Area. She and Forte will be spayed/neutered on 4/1 here at FFRC.  TJ's birthday is 9/20/16.

Polly is doing great being back. She's right back in her routines that she did before her adoption. Olivia is recovered from her spay and is a fun girl. I love seeing her run with that gorgeous long fur bouncing around. Magic is doing ok. I know he misses his buddy. He no longer stays in the back during the night now but is up in the Main Area. Vernon and Hensley seem to be picking up their appetites a bit. 

Our weather is getting warmer! We've been able to keep the windows open some during the day, which of course the cats love. We have the black wrought iron table and chairs out that we all enjoy sitting at. I believe today the wind chimes will be coming out of their winter shed! I love when this happens. The geese are laying eggs as are the chickens. Spring has sprung!

Katharine too is doing good. Her fur is growing and she is now in the fuzzy stage. She's quite a funny girl--loves to run and play. Those big golden eyes of hers gets lots of snacker offers!  Joyful has decided now it's fun to roam in the entire Main Area--so nice to see her out and about like this. Jessie is doing very well and still likes to nap up high above the sink cabinets. 

All is good. Life here continues and so does the joy. Thanks for being a part of what we do here. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Another day of emotional ups and downs. 

I would like to pass on many thanks to you all for the wonderful birthday cards and surprises.  It meant alot to me. You all are wonderful friends and it's amazing to me how we can connect without actually having met in person, for some of us. 

And then I would like to send a big thanks to Deb11111 and DonnaJB for their generosity in helping us with the loss of Alice Mary and Adelaide.  Deb has been the organizer of this and Donna has made the offer of anyone wanting to donate to FFRC in memory of Alice Mary and Adelaide, their funds will be matched (up to $2,000).  We have been receiving those gifts to FFRC and I am grateful. You all know how dear spaying and neutering is to FFRC. This will be a boost to our spay/neuter program. We are already using some of these funds. On our 4/1 surgery day here at FFRC, we will pay $5 off for each neuter and donate the capstar and worming (most of these cats have never been wormed).  This comes to $10 per cat and is always appreciated by the owners. Many thanks to you all for making this possible.  We will also send up more money to HumaneOhio to cover our Voucher spay/neuter program that we have for people who take their cats themselves to HO for their surgery. We donate $20 per voucher. I do believe Adelaide and Alice Mary would've approved. 

We had BOXES last night. It truly was like Christmas. Every single item will be used and appreciated. Our FFRCNation is built upon kindness and the love for these cats.

Fran D - New Purple Stool
Vickie B - 6 bags of Baby Cat Royal Canin
Anony - 1 case Chicken Soup for the Soul food, 1 case WeRuVa, 2 cases Friskies, 10 bags Sheba Meaty, 2 bags Blue Buffalo Wild

June/Painteddaisy  Card for Joyful with her sponsorship, 180 9" plates, 2 sleeves 9" plates, 2 Purple pillow cases, Kitty Toys, Maple Syrup Taffy, Box of Trail Mix, Oreo & Peanut Butter Cookies, Vanilla Waffer cookies, Milano Cookies, Rice Krispie Treats, 3 boxes Cheese Crackers, Crazy Cat Lady Band Aids, 6 cans sardines, Bunches of Fancy Feast Broths, 4 cases Fancy Feast Kitten,7 cases baby food, 2 Boxes Appetizers

Katie L--2 Tubs Dental Life Treats, Case of Chicken, 6 boxes Meow Mix Cups, 5 cases Whiskas Purrfectly, Fancy Feast Broths, 4 cases baby food, 4 boxes Whiskas Gravy Sensations, 3 bags Pure treats, 1000 6" plates, 2 bowl scratchers, 2 tunnels, 6 Yeowww Cigars (Tabitha was loving hers), 2 pink kitty cubes

pjpanda & Bad Kitty--3 boxes Whiskas,  3 Boxes Planters Peanuts and 3 Boxes Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts,  24 bag of microwave popcorn,  2 Yoga mats

Sam & NM, Lurker Friend--Case of Friskies & 1 Case each of Purffectly Chicken & Fish
Mayumi - Tokyo Branch--  Musical Birthday card with a beautiful purple scarf with kitty & butterflies & Two bags of tea,  2 boxes of Tulle (Bondi Licks)
Anony - 6 2" rolls of Scotch Tape
Widdletigger --  Case of KMR, case of Baby cereal

4 bags Temptation Snackers, Sunkist Gems, 5 boxes quart and 1 box gallon zip loc bags
5 framed felted kitty pictures ( 2 Phoebe fur, 1 Jolene, 1 Jesse, 1 Alice Mary & Walter)--will have at a Flash Sale

Contessa--40 Canvas bags for the Vols
Sev - 5 kitty key covers
Diana C - Stamps & Walmart Gift Card
Vickie & Pat with Clark Jesse and the Rest & HB Card with a gift for dinner with Steve
Elaine & Alan - HB Card Donation for Jones' art work & Donation in memory of LittleKat
Andre & Suzanne - Yeowwww Banana for Hensley
EarthEyes - 3000 6" plates

Nyla is doing great as are the kittens.  I'm checking the babies twice daily to make sure their tummies are full.  If we have to help Nyla with supplemental feeding of the kitties, we can do that. But, for right now, their tummies are full. She's so good with them. Each are clean and toasty warm. Nyla is such a good mama. She has such a deep purr.  A little round up of info on the kitties:  we have 5 boys, 4 girls (subject to change, but I believe this is correct!).  We have 2 that are mostly white with grey tiger markings. There are 3 that are grey tiger with white. The other 4 are brown tiger with white.  There also appears to be 4 that have tiny white tipped tails.  Their names will come from our Name a Cat list.

Our other new kitten Forte, is doing great. He's the new little black/white kitten. He so loves to be cuddled.  He has a nice round tummy already. Love his 3 black pokie dots that are on his back.

And now to Trucker.  Our Trucker is no longer in discomfort and is in his kitty heaven. My heart is so very sad about this. I'm not going to go into the past about what all was done for Trucker.  It doesn't matter now. What does matter is the love he received.  Part of doing rescue work is KNOWING in advance that grief and sadness is part of this rescue world. While knowing that, it doesn't lessen the pain of the loss.  To spare us the grief means that we did not extend our love. And that would be more sad than the loss. To experience these deaths is to also know grief. But this grief is little compared to the joy and love received from every cat that has passed. Death may be the end of a life but it is NOT the end of memories and the joy of having that pet.  

Again I have to say, people think I am strong. Really, that's not true.  I try to show a comfort for others but inside I ache for these losses.

While my heart hurts, Trucker and I had a nice late evening that I have to tell you about. It will always bring me a smile.  He was always my special buddy and we always enjoyed our time outside together. Trucker and I had a connection and it was still there last night.  We went out to where the grass is and he watched the peacocks that he loved to torment. Several of the chickens were on the other side of the fence and he raised his paw up. I know beyond a doubt that he wanted to swat them--he always kept them in line out on the farmyard.  But I was holding him so he couldn't "get those chickens'.  I then put him on the grass. PB went running by and so Trucker did his Trucker thing---he ran right up to him with his chest puffed up. He always thought he was boss outside. I had to laugh at him. And that's when I noticed Trucker's face---he was sniffing the air and walked over to the shed. I could tell he was excited. I went over to pick him up and he got ahead of me, looking very intense. And there it was---Trucker found a stray cat all by himself. I could tell this cat was a bit nervous and told Trucker to stay back, which he did.  After sweet talking, i was able to pick up the cat.  So, Trucker and I then carried the stray into the Front Thumper's Room. She is now in quarantine (normal for all new arrivals). I do think Trucker was quite proud of himself. What did the stray look like?  Well, she is a brown tiger, just like Trucker. 

Trucker passed peacefully.  Even in his discomfort he gave love. Even when his tummy was so upset, he was sweet.  I will never forget this special boy. I feel like I can hear him say---I am with you all in your memories for ever and ever. 

A viewer sent me this---"Grief is the last act of love we have to give those we loved. Where there is deep grief, there was deep love"  Author unknown.      But.......please remember with a smile and with joy, what Trucker was---a happy, ornery, sweet boy. Remember all those memories he has given to us. 

I would also like to say a special thanks to my friend Donnajb. She told me early this morning that she would like to do a special tribute to Trucker. Anyone that would care to donate in his memory, please know that your donation will be matched (up to $2,000). This memorial fund will go towards our Feliz Navidad Fund.  This is our special fund that helps us with our cats that are above the normal need of medical help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Finally...........Nyla had her kittens. We all figured she would have quite a few because of how very large (giant) her tummy was. She started about 8:30 pm last night and (hopefully) is finished this morning as of 8:30 am---12 hours of intense work for our girl.  She had 11 (yes ELEVEN) kittens. She's such a small boned girl--just shows how that skin can stretch!  Can you imagine having that many wiggly babies in there? 9 kittens are alive and doing well.  Number 10 was underdeveloped and was born deceased.  Number 11 was fully developed but arrived as a stillborn.  We tried to stimulate him but he had already passed. These things are not all that uncommon in high birth numbers. I'm thankful that we have 9 healthy babes.

But.......9 is very impressive. Nyla has to feel so much better. The kittens are actually of decent newborn size. I've tried to put her in the big pool so there's more room, but Nyla insists on going back into Thomas's octagon bed.  She's content although utterly exhausted. She is relaxing and enjoying her babies today. 

Nyla will have to produce a tremendous amount of milk to keep up with this many babies. It may be that we will have to supplement them 1-2 times daily after they begin to grow. We will keep up with each of them for how full they are. In the meantime, Nyla is being a very good mama. All are white with tiger markings, some black tiger, some brown tiger, some more white than others, but all have some white on them. And of course, they are as cute as cute can be. 

Dr. Darcy suggested that I give Nyla fluids this morning, which was done. She lost a tremendous amount of fluids with this many kittens. Will check how many boys and girls we have later!  And yes, Nyla and kittens will be on our spay/neuter list eventually!

I want to thank you all for your sincere caring ways in regards to our sweet Alice Mary and Adelaide. Two wonderful cats that will be missed. They both made an impact on us. There is no greater gift to FFRC than your love and support. You are all appreciated.

Trucker had a rough night last night. I kept Nyla company for most of the night and at the same time, kept track of Trucker. He has received extra good lovings and pettings.  He and Magic are napping right here with me at my desk.

We have a new little kitten--12 weeks old. Oh wow--he is a cutie for sure! His name is Forte (Name a Cat name), meaning strong.  Forte is black/white short haired boy.  He only weighs 3.02. His birthday is 12/26/16--kittens are not usually born here in our area in the winter, but......he apparently was!  He was found by himself in someone's garage. They kept him for 5 days and then brought him to FFRC.  Won't be long until Forte is out in the Main Area. 

We had BOXES last night--many thanks for your giving ways.
PJPanda & BadKitty--2 Yoga Mats
Craig M & Family with Daisy & Solee--2 bags Reeses PB cups & a Reeses Candy dish!
Tom P from NJ--2 kitty birthday cards, pics of his kitties Alice, Ashley & Buddy, pop tabs & PawPrints
Phil & Judy--bag of litter, temptations, PB cookies & donation
Eaglewatcher--10 cases baby food
EarthEyes--2 cases appetizers, 18 lg cans chicken
Julie C from IN with Anna Maria & Miss Mellow--150 spring toys, note from Miss Mellow. For Catathon/Fun-Raiser--Precious Moments with cats, Hamilton Collection & with papers

We  also have thanks to give:
Belltime--donation for spay neuter fund in memory of Alice Mary
Andre & Suzanne--cat Craves Chicken Snackers for Hensley
Nona--for spay/neuter fund for Alice Mary
Ju-In-Ji from Netherlands--donation to FFRC, to be used wherever needed
Ruth D--donation to help with spays and neuters
Brenda R from VA--donation in memory of Adelaide and Alice Mary to be used where needed 
Karla from Iowa--donation to be used wherever needed 

We've heard from the family that adopted Cairys. Sure sounds like he's already fit into his new home. The word is that they love him very much!

We have a cat that was returned--our Polly, siamese with mild CH.  Her new mama had thought she did not have the time needed to fulfill Polly's need to have people around her. As her contract states, if she can no longer stay, she has to come back to FFRC. I'm thankful for the love she was given. She's fit right back in and has been wandering around! 

Wow--you did it!  Your votes mattered and made it possible for FFRC to win a prize on the SaveaRescue.org!  After a few weeks of voting, this segment is over and FFRC has come in 4th place with 11,691 votes! Thanks to all of  you who participated. We will receive 3 Walking Palm Cat Caves. They are really nice caves for the cats to sleep in. Check it out at walkingpalm.com    Congrats to Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary for being the top winner! Thanks to you all for your votes!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Where do we start?  Lots happening.

First—our surgery day is done.  We started about 7:15 this morning with check ins and done with that about 8:30.  We had 19 male cats and 1 female cat. The female was our Olivia. She is now spayed and doing just fine. She’s eaten a couple times already after recovery and is napping again right now.

The 19 males did fine. We had one with an abscess on the tail, one with a growth in the mouth and one that we did an umbilical hernia repair on.  But all have recovered and went back to their homes. 

We have another HumaneOhio surgery date this month. In April, we will again have two HumaneOhio surgery dates and another FFRC surgery date.  We want to get as many spayed and neutered as we can.

Todays surgeries brought our total count to 153, which pleases me. This breaks down to 78 females and 75 males.
Many thanks too to Joyce D for providing pizzas for us while we’ve been working today. Also to Gusti for the drinks. And Larry brought his brownies. We also had an anonymous friend donate for a fruit platter and cookies.
We also did some physicals.
Livingston did indeed have a suture deeply imbedded in his tail that was causing some discomfort. We were able to get that removed.
Hensley—need to continue to watch his teeth. He has a couple light fractures of his top K9’s.
Coralie—all is fine, teeth good, physical good
Chester—will continue watching his teeth also but they look improved.  Physical good.
Farrah—physical good.  A little tartar but was removed
Arley—had his physical and he passed with flying colors
Gia—physical good
Alma—physical good
Nyla—all appears fine.  We are just on the wait-and-see-and-let-her deliver-on-her-time!  She appears very happy and is eating, although in smaller amounts. I imagine that is because there simply isn’t room “in there” for much food. I truly do not think she can possibly go much longer.
We had BOXES last night---I am so very grateful
Clark, Jessie & the rest—Happy 6th BD to Katharine, a HB to Brody, Happy BD to Chester—each received their $5 chicken money. Plus a happy 20th birthday to Sea Turtle.  Yes, our sweet girl is now 20.  She received FOUR of the $5 chickens---she said she’s not sharing either!
Zoolove—can opener & multi tool for kitchen CATATHON
Andre & Suzanne with Freemont & Lorenzo—for Hensley—tub of Party Mix, case of wellness
MLS—kitty card & note—2 boxes qt bags, 200 kitchen bags, 360 6 “ plates, 500 spoons, 3 pkgs of postie notes, postie note dispenser, box of 32 individual snacks for vols.
Kittiesmom—St. Paddys card with 2 chicken $5 & coupons
Julie & David from UK—2017 calendar of Cotswold England—beautiful pics!
We also had a special donation to FFRC from the Defiance Eagles Aux 372---it’s much appreciated.

We also had some adoptions today.
LaRue went to her new home.  And yes, I did not show her on the cam. Things were crazy here and I simply didn’t do it. But, she went to a lady that doesn’t mind that LaRue is a bit shy and a little crooked mouthed. I think this was one of those matches that is just perfect.

Gem, our mod and friend adopted Arley (Harley) and Peanuts. She has been eyeing them for quite some time. I’ve already heard from her and it sounds like a peaceful household already! Iknow Artley and Peanuts are two wonderful cats and their new mama is too. I’m grateful they have such a home as this.

Now…………to some much much harder news.
Adelaide—our sweet girl is now in heaven. My plan was to have her as long as possible, give her a good life even though we knew it would be short. I just didn’t realize how short it would be. I noticed this morning that already her cancer had spread. It was hard for her to open her eyes and her forehead was more protruding. Breathing was also more difficult. I talked to Dr. Darcy and we both knew beyond a doubt that we could not ask her to stay longer. I promised her a life here of no pain and that she would be loved.  Both things are true but just way too short.

Alice Mary—with a much broken heart, our little baby is also in heaven. Dr. Darcy and I had a very long talk about her. It was so obvious that she was struggling to breath.  We have tried so so many things to help her life be easier. This morning I weighed her—the last few days she has lost ounces and today she was below her lowest weight of all. It was impossible to tube feed her more as it “didn’t set well with her” and caused even more difficulty breathing. Dr. Darcy believes that her larynx was damaged and was not able to be fixed.  I am crushed at this loss as I had great hopes to help this sweet girl be healthy and happy. I just wanted to see her play.

Cami—my dog.  While not a cat, she is certainly part of this rescue center. Many of you know she has been having troubled times lately. Some days are great, some not so great. I described all the things that Cami has been doing in the recent months. It is believed that she probably has a brain tumor and seizure activity. She is only 12, but an “old 12”. Her first 5 years of life was not good---she was part of a hoarding situation. But her time here has been good and she is so loved. We will keep on going with Cami and see how she does. Hoping she has way more good days than poor days.

Trucker—my boy and sweetie and Magic’s best friend. As you all know, we have tried a zillion things to help with his bowel problems. It has progressed the last few months where almost all stool is liquidy. I know beyond a doubt (cause I know my boy) that life isn’t always good for him. His tummy hurts much of the time---you can see it in his body posture and his eyes. Recently, his anal area is now very thickened and bloody. Dr. Darcy looked at him and feels that our Trucker is dealing with intestinal cancer at this point. When a cat deals with inflamed intestines for as long a time as Trucker has, cancer likes to “come in” and cause even more trouble. We went over the many many many things that we have done for Trucker—I have boxes of items that have been tried---all to no avail. One has to wonder that as disfigured as his legs were (the leg bones, muscles and ligaments were all displaced) if his abdominal cavity is also disfigured. 

Our discussion today was quality of life. I am not a believer in keeping a pet alive for my own wishing and wanting. That would be wrong of me to do so. Every pet has a right to have a good quality of life, to be loved and to know love, to know the joy and fun of living. When a pet is suffering, is beyond treatment, is no longer enjoying life, then sometimes euthanasia is called for. I know some people do not agree with me here. But, I have to do as my heart and soul guide me. I know of someone who made their pets stay alive on their own, to the bitter end, despite being in severe pain and no joy left in life. I do not believe in that. I promise every cat that comes here to be treated for pain if needed, to be loved and to know joy in life. When all resources have been tried and there are no further options, then that very very difficult choice sometimes has to be made.

These things are very  hard for me. I try to be brave for others. But………..I’m not really so brave. I hurt deeply when these things happen.  Trucker is still here with us, but I don’t know for how long. I do know I will NOT let him suffer. So, bear with me during these hard times.
Another part of this that is hard, is telling everyone. Each time I have to say it, repeat it, go over it, it hurts. But, my volunteers will need to know, my mods and admins, the viewers and friends of FFRC.

I guess there isn’t really anything else to say. Life is wonderful and I cherish it. Death is a part of life but it sure does hurt. Thank you all for loving these cats that I cherish.  

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wow--what a fantastic evening FFRC had. The Fun-Raiser was phenomenal, the results were amazing, our FFRCNation is the best of the best folks and we had a whole lot of fun too! 

My heart is full--plain and simple, with much friendship, gratitude and relief to you folks that make up our FFRCNation. Whether you support us, participate in the fun-raisers and flash sales, pray for us, send good thoughts, vote on contests, supporting each other, congratulate others when they win---all different ways to be a part of FFRC.  And I'm very grateful for each and every person.

Let's go over last night!  First, we had BOXES---
PJPanda & Bad Kitty--big bag of Bonito Flakes
Madisonpepper, for Trucker--2 cases of Zewi Peak
Susan345--6 Gerber baby cereal
Rod O--4 cases large cans of Friskies
Anonymous Friend--3 cases FF Kitten, 4 cases Friskies, 2 cases Fancy Feast, 2 boxes Purrfectly Chicken, 1 case NutroCat, 2=16 lb bags Purina Cat Chow, bag of Kitten Chow--many thanks!
Zoo-love--mousecat bed for babies, 2 packs of individual chips, 42 K-Cups Coffee.  For CATATHON--Santa with Kitty Statue, Santa with dog, Mr. & Mrs. Snowman soft statues, cat tote for Flash Sale.  5 cat beds for FFRC

Then we had the Drawing!
Item A--63 tickets--$315 to Phyllis Ba
Item B--87 tickets--$435 to Anonymous Friend
Item C--82 tickets--$410 to Straycatlady
Item D--34 tickets--$170 to Julie P & Calicocat
Item E--94 tickets--$470 to PJPanda
Item F--210 tickets--$1050 to EarthEyes for Moss Kitties!!!!
Item G--92 tickets--$460 to Elizabeth & Kerswill

This total came to $3900!  We had an FFRC matching angel for all the $50 and more donations which came to $3165.  When I let our Angel Friend know, she said she couldn't do that amount.......but she could do $4,000!!!! 

So now our total came to $7900

Then we had some magical wonderful Bump-Ups! Thanks to Mudjie, Bellabelle, Farmgirl, Faithy, Pawlapurr, Shona, Eartheyes, LJ, Nuthatches, Zoolove and Deb11111 for these Bump-Ups!  $400 was made if Steve would come to the cam so I could tell him how well the Fun-Raiser was doing. And of course, he came and was also happy!  He will be paying bills this evening!  This total of Bump-Ups came to $2,180

This then made our total exactly $10,000.  Where else in the world could there be so many wonderful people that supports a cat rescue?  Nope, none could possibly reach the kindness of our FFRCNation. 

This Fun-Raiser allows us to pay our Insurance, Patterson (our medical supplier), Arthur phone, CAT Tax (not a real cat! lol), the electric bill, another luekemia/FIV test kit, 2 vaccine trays. The good news is we have a bit left over as cushie money to tide us over to help with the next set of bills! Truly, my heart is indeed full of thanks. 

And here's a few more thanks to give:
Hope, volunteer--2 kitty wipes & Friskies
Linda S--2 big boxes of Hefty quart size zip bags
Billie K--donation to help with Adelaide's medical needs.
Adela--donation to buy ice cream for Alice Mary and friends. We did get the ice cream but we're waiting on Alice Mary's tube to be removed before we have an ice cream party!

Update on Adelaide.  She was up in the Main Area today for a while and seems quite comfortable. She sure can eat! She downed a whole plate by herself and then munched on Bonito Flakes!  She's had her meds this morning. Saturday we will have Dr. Darcy do a physical on her. She sure is a happy girl and loves the cushie beds and blankies! 

Nyla---Same, same!!!  Still no babies.  She told me to quite checking on her every hour--she was tired of me looking at her! Lol.  Actually, she loves a tummy rub and ear scratch. 

I've heard from all 3 recent adoptions.  Barkey and Markie are doing just fine in the house and seem to enjoy it. They particularly love the sliding glass doors and the bird feeders.  Tiger, the 14 year old is also doing fine. She easily went into her new home without any problems! 

Saturday is our FFRC surgery date. Right now, we have our Olivia scheduled for her spay and then the rest is all public male cats.  At the moment, we have 24 males scheduled. I will also have some physicals that we will have Dr. Darcy do. 

Take care. Again, a giant big thanks for the March Fun-Raiser!  Big smiles here!