Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday, April 28

There are now 7 cats on my desk. Truly, what can the day be but a good day! And also comes Jessie! 

We had BOXES last night. We always love boxes and so appreciate the senders.
Widdletigger--Catathon: Books--5 Skippy John Jones, 2 Cat vs Dogs, 2 How to speak to Cats
Katie L from Canada--Catathon: kitty hiney playing cards
Billie K--Catathon: Vera Bradley-2 zippered Totes Get Carried Away & Grand Traveler
Purple Cat, mod--Catathon: 12 cans CA Diamond Almonds, variety, made in the town she lives
Joco/JoAnn--Catathon: Queen microfiber bed sheets & plush mattress pad
Gem, mod--sheet of International Stamps
Arden & Charmaine--2 lg. bags Purina One dry
Lostgirl--12 cans salmon, 2 boxes appetizers, 4 bags Purina One
Cheryl from WA--coupons
Dianna C from OH--card with donation to Feliz Navidad Fund
Dianna R from S.A.--Catathon: kitty blanket, bird platter, dove garden stone, peacock & garden bookmarks, peacock paperweight, peacock cutting board
From the FFRC kitties with help from Gusti & Priya--Mothers day card signed by kitties and a donation to FFRC.  Thank you. 
Annette, vol--Catathon: 1 weighted cloth cats & a cat pillow

And we have even more thanks to give!
Donna B from GA--donation for Coralie and the Feliz Navidad Fund!
Garland K from Maine--donation for Feliz Navidad Fund in memory of Blanche Merrill
Marcia S from MI--donation to be used where most needed
Christine H--donation for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Sonnykat--donation to help pay postage for raffle items, in memory of her mom

Polly was out almost all day yesterday! And each day she is more and more relaxed. She very carefully steps into the litterboxes and makes it inside just fine! So proud of her! She is slowly but surely investigating each room. So happy for her. 

We are probably going to open up Cat's Cove next weekend. Ashlyn will be giving it a thorough blast of cleaning, top to bottom. Then it'll be dried, beds put out, food/water bowls placed and the doors opened! The beloved Covie will be open soon!

We had noticed a few new cats out on the farmyard and so set traps for 2 nights (before the rains started again). We were successful in trapping the 4 cats that we were hoping for. So grateful they went into the traps. One (grey tiger) was already neutered. The other 3 (white/tiger, dark orange and a buff orange) were not neutered but we made arrangements to have that job done. So, those 4 are now vaccinated, wormed, tested, flea prevention applied, antibiotic injection given and ears cleaned. They all looked healthy and are now back on the farmyard. They are welcome to be there. We just want to make sure they are all neutered/spayed that are out there. All 4 have been seen since their "event" and are eating at the food stations.

We took in a new cat yesterday. She had been hanging out at a family's barn for the last month. They were concerned because her fur looked like it was "draping down".  So, she was brought in. It turned out her fur was just so matted, that the mats were hanging down. We removed all the mats right away, vaccinated, wormed and tested her and realized that she was also spayed. The family wanted to take her back which we were agreeable with. And then we noticed that she was declawed all 4. So....this girlie could not be outside and they decided she should stay here. She's a beautiful long hair black/white female that is ever so sweet. She has fairly large areas of fur missing where the mats were but that will soon grow back. I imagine she feels so much better and spent quite a bit of time afterwards just grooming---it must've felt so good! 

The Porchies are all doing great. Cliff loves the sunshine (when it's here!). Ceasar loves to nap with his Porchie buds. I don't believe he goes back to the big red barn at all anymore. Azar has been here many mornings lately--loves to eat. He is one large size cat. And then during the day he must go back to his second home! Whiskers is a friendly boy--loves his chin rubbed. He's told quite often that he is very handsome.

I've been asked by several people if I would post the different baskets and big ticket items that we have going for the Catathon. We deeply appreciate the help to fill these baskets. We'd love to have everything in by the 3rd week of May as Jenni will be taking pics of everything then to get them "out there" for you to view. They will then go in our website.  We normally have aprox. 42 Baskets and approx. 16 or so Big Ticket Items. I will list them here: (and thank you for asking!)  The ones with *** means are in extra need of filling.

Adult Coloring
Baby Boy ***
Baby Girl  ***
Bird   ***
Board Games   ***
Books   ***
Boy Fun   ***
Camping Fun #1
Camping FUn #2
Cat Desk Accessories
Cat items for Cat
Cat items for Owner
Christmas   ***
Craft Items   ***
Crochet/Knitting   ***
Disney   ***
Dog   ***
Ferole Arts
Girl Fun   ***
Hello Kitty   ***
Hitty Hiney
Laurel Burch #1
Laurel Burch #2
Mickey Mouse
Mod Fun
Movie Night & Goodies
Peacock   ***
Puzzle   ***
Relaxation/Spa   ***
Sewing   ***
Troyer Country Basket
Vera Bradley
Volunteer Basket
William Sonoma
Wizard of Oz

BIG Ticket Items
"Stray Cats" Picture
Warped Rugs
Lodge Cast Iron Cookware
Wind Chimes (pawprints)
Tiffany Type stain glass kitty
Frozen Ice Castle
LJ afghan
Andrea F afghan
Travel to FFRC

Please realize......things are subject to change a bit as time goes on! 
Remember too, we will have a Catathon Raffle the week before the Catathon with 7-8 items.

All is good here. Today is the last day (ended at 9 this morning) for the Raffle for Feliz Navidad Fund. We will do that drawing during the afternoon of Operation: Feliz Navidad. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday, April 26

Guess who is in the window sill in the Kitty Kabana! It's Polly and she got there all by herself! Yesterday we had her up in the Main Area for most of the morning and afternoon. She still spends her night time in her pen where she can sleep soundly and undisturbed. She's a little shy but each day is better. I do believe she will fit into this cushie life very nicely! 

We had BOXES last night! I am just so grateful for your support.
Katie L from Canada--Catathon: a really cute cat hiney tote! What a great basket!
Tabbycat & Tween--Catathon: Mickey Mouse album with 36 page protectors
David & Sherry/neuromom--card and chicken $5 in memory of Bella
Donna B--variety of postage stamps
Susan G--box tops for Caryn and girls
Clark, Jesse & the rest--Happy BD card-Pania & chicken $5  (this was thought to be lost!)
Billie K--4 bags RC baby cat. Catathon: Easter 4 napkins, lantern for a votive light, 2 pretty orange containers & matching tray for bathroom, gold rim basket--beautiful
Mary S & Elsie--card with note. Catathon: hand stitched pillow humming bird & flowers, books, audio books, tapestry cat puzzle
Zoolove/Pam--Catathon: lots of great items: cat bed, 2 thermal pet beds, cat art book, cat throw pillow, cat fan, kitten eyeglass holder, butterflies & flower garage door magnet sets, pet cat throw quilt, cat welcome door mat, cat welcome garden lawn stake, Holiday cat garden stake, a cat/butterfly braided rug
Kelly L--donation to FFRC

The Operation Feliz Navidad Raffle is on! Check out the FFRCNation site, the FB pages or see the video on the cam (shown periodically each day). I am extra thankful for this raffle to help us replenish this special fund. It closes at 9 am on Thursday. The drawing will be sometime Saturday afternoon at the special event!

Where can you see 2-five foot cats, watch a neuter, get more cat facts, hear stories of long ago cats that needed the Feliz Fund, see some really neat parasite pics, witness a 6 inch tooth pulled from a cat--the list goes on and on! Just come and watch our cam at 2:00 on Saturday! It's all a part of having fun and to raise funds for our Feliz Navidad fund!

It has begun! The escaping of little kittens! The newest little black/white kitten that is a foster for Veronica has discovered it's great fun to climb out of his pool. Frequently the long hair grey/white kitten joins him! Mama picks them up and puts them back in the pool.  I still find it amazing to see all 3 mamas contentedly nursing their own kittens in their own pool. No fuss, no grumbling! Every once in a while, mama Poppy will lift a kitten out of her pool and place on the floor to nurse that one. This always results in an uproar of the other 4 kittens. Then Veronica has to come over. She just gazes at the squealing 4 kittens, looks at Poppy, then returns to her own pool! Mama Chloe is content to stay put in her pool almost the entire time!  Poppy's babies still appear to be all white. We'll see very soon what they will be.

Lucy Ann is here on my desk this morning enjoying head rub and ear scratches. Such a sweet girl. Mittens of course is looking for trouble again. He loves to shove his legs into the printer when it is working. I've pulled his legs out dozens of times. Coralie has enjoyed napping inside Tonio's cupboards int he mornings. She even shares with the kittens!

Helen and Kieffer and Dakota are zipping around like crazy. They have energy galore and are eating good. They are becoming wheel runners! Mama Shawnee sure enjoys her "out of room" time. They are out almost all day but still go back in their rooms for night time. 

We have the extra palm tree over by Alma's area. She so enjoys that there and will frequently scratch her claws on it all by herself! Yesterday she actually climbed up it. That girl amazes me. She never has a potty accident--she is 100% litterbox user. I'm sure she gives great  encouragement to the other CH cats! 

Elsie is still our climber girl. She truly has been everywhere, on everything! She and Tryphosa are good friends.

Take care, everyone. Have a great day. We had a terrific story during the early morning. The birds are singing and the grass is green! 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday, April 23

Hola Amiga!  Hello friend, to Polly! She is here, safe and sound. Her travel from Puerto Rico to here was pretty much uneventful, other than a 1/2 delay in Chicago. We arrived back about 2:00 am and got her tucked in a pen with fluffy blankets, food and water and a kiss good night. Yesterday, her first full day was a quiet day for her. We had her on the floor 3 different times--just a short bit to stretch her legs. Starting today she will be out much more, in the front Thumper's Room. Her appetite has picked up --she ate a good breakfast this morning. She's a real sweetie. She appears to be a moderate CH, similar to how Merri walks. And she has used her litterbox everytime! She seems a real gentle soul. 

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thanks from us to you!
Diana C & Amy H from OH--potty bags, Mr. Clean erasers, kitty snackers, case of FF chicken
Clark, Jessie & the rest--HB to Pania and Jessie--they love their cards & the 2 chicken $5's
Ann at Dr. P's office--thank you card for finding a home for Bobbi and a donation
Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Don & Joy from NY & their kitties--book: I Knead my Mommy & Other Poems 
Katie L from Canada--for Catathon: handmade kitty coasters for the Hiney/Butt Basket!
Beth/eaglewatcher--18 hand towels, 4 big bags Purina One Dry food
BIllie K--for Catathon: bath tissue holder, kleenex holder & bird house feeder
Joco--For Catathon: 2 My pillow travel & 2 My pillow regular size for Bed Basket
Eric & Carrie M--6" & 9" plates, 10 cans Friskies, Fancy Feast Broths, treats for vols
Jatcat--shirts for Flash Sale
Deb11111--6 bags Purina One dry cat food
Merlys R & Charles & Wendy B both from NH--donation in memory of Blanche M for the Feliz Navidad fund

We have more thanks to give!
BIllie K--donation to help get Polly all settled in!
Gusti--donation to cover gas & parking fees to get Polly

We had an adoption this morning! Beautiful KinneyKat was adopted by Deb11111. She will join a family of other Persians. What a wonderful cat she is. She has blossomed so much since she's been here and I imagine she will turn into a very social, extra sweet cat under Deb's care. 

We took in another little baby yesterday--about 4 weeks old. A little boy, black and white. He had fallen into the wall of a barn. After retrieving him, he was brought here to FFRC. We tested him, wormed & capstarred him and gave him a bath. He was then placed in with Veronica's kittens. Mama took right to him and is giving him love and attention.

We've heard from the lady who adopted Janessa. All is good. She also sent a picture of her napping in the window sill, in the sunshine.  She says that Janessa has adjusted well, is very playful and follows her everywhere!

Since Bella's Place (the dog kennel) is all fixed up, we have been slowly trying a few cats out there. Trucker and Magic have now both been out numerous times and they love it. Very busy cats out there! And today, we let Walter go out. He was quite amazed at this new place--very curious and gave it a good check over. We'll continue to try some of the resident cats out there, especially when that sun is shining! 

Monday starts the Operation: Feliz Navidad Raffle. All monies donated will go towards the Feliz Navidad Fund. The Raffle has 3 awesome items--A--XBox One, B--iPadAir, C--Kindle
This drawing will be during the afternoon of the event! It starts at 2:00 pm! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday, April 21

Hi folks! Twelve hours from now we should be back with Polly. She is in good hands. The group of volunteers that are sending her off are very experienced at working with cat travel! Steve will be going with me to Fort Wayne. All will be just fine!

We had BOXES last night. You all are appreciated!
Zoolove/Pam--an awesome laptop with a great warranty on it, for Operation Feliz Navidad
Beth/eaglewatcher--Catathon: Lodge Cast Iron--4 qt pot, 5qt pot, 10 1/2 pan, 10 1/2 skillet, 2 glass lids, Purple silicone hot handle holder
Billie K--Catathon: Bath & BOdy Works: 3 bottles spray body mist, 2 lg. candles, 2 infusers
JoAnn/JZ_NY--2 cases baby food
Pckrbckr--3 bottles detergent, 60 big plates, TP, 2 boxes q-tips, 12 lysol wipes, 20 Sheba, 
10 bags snackers.
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin BabyCat dry
Joco--2 wonderful 30 x 60 faux sheep bed pads for mamas/babies, 4 bags Purina Pro Plan
Widdletigger--2 big bags Good Life dry cat
Judy & Phil--Catathon: yarn.  Also fleece for Warped
Donnajb--4 boxes 3 cc syringes, 8 boxes capstar, and Advantage Plus flea prevention
Vickie & Pat--Catathon: puzzle, Hello Kitty, Disney, Frozen, & a whole basket for Wizard of OZ.  Lg. Home Interior picture for flash sale
Eric W--day visitor--Friskies cans & kitty snackers
Lois/Lann--2 bags Purina One dry cat food
Deb11111--12 boxes appetizers

Many thanks too to Warped for providing us with items for our PawMart Store: 18 trivet mats, 8 walker totes, 24 zippered nip pads, 36 kickeroos, 18 water/soda holders, 8 awesome monkey in blankie, 18 pillowcases pairs. Plus she is donating 7 of her warped rugs for the Catathon.

More thanks to give!
Janet A--donation for the Feliz Navidad fund, in honor of Bella & in honor of Pania's birthday
Jane W from TN--donation, just to help!
Tracy L from OH--donation to FFRC

Oliver and Fabio got their summer groom yesterday. They are all fluffy and handsome! They still have their fur but their underbellies were shaved. Fabio was laying flat on his back and sunning his tummy yesterday! Sevaun ended up having to have her hiney shaved and her back end is now all combed. She didn't like it too well but we all think she is so pretty now. We have weekly been grooming many of the cats to remove their winter fur.

We have some dates for you! 
April 25-28--Operation: Feliz Navidad Raffle  (Kindle, iPad Air, Xbox One)
April 30th--Operation: Feliz Navidad, at 2:00   Fun times ahead!
June 12-15--Catathon Raffle We already know a few things that will be in the Raffle, which are:  50 inch Smart TV, iPad Air, Laptop, 2 afghans
June 19th--Catathon

The new 3 mamas and their 10 babies are all doing wonderful. Babies have nice, round tummies.  Mamas are all agreeable with each other and do not bother the babies that are not theirs.

Shawnee has been coming out more and more. Her kitten Dakota is a zoomer! And his two new friends, Helen and Kieffer are so sweet. They are quite the 3-some now. 

We had an adoption yesterday! Janessa went to her new home. She has her own mom now that has lots of time to pet and be with her. Her grandchildren already love Janessa and enjoyed playing with her here at FFRC. What a great cat!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Weds., April 20

Miau, Miau.  That's Meow in Spanish. Why do we need to know that? Because a wonderful cat is coming here to FFRC from Peurto Rico. So, what's the story?

There is a group of ladies who do TNR in Peurto Rico. They Trap, Neuter and then Release back in the cat's own territory. A while ago, they trapped a beautiful Siamese cat that was living in a cat colony. Initially, they thought they would just TNR her, but she was so sweet, they didn't want to return her out to the wild. She is a very nice and friendly cat. She loves people and gets along with other cats. She is also a CH cat--moderate level and uses the litterbox like a nice lady cat. 

We were asked if we could possibly find a spot for her in our Rescue Center. Her name is Polly. I wrote back to the lady and said Polly just so happens to be one of my favorite names for a cat so of course we would take her! lol.  

I learned more of her story. She was put in a foster home in Puerto Rico. They had tried and tried to place her there on their island with zero luck. This was their first encounter with a CH cat. "You can imagine nobody here wants to work with special needs cats. It is truly incredible. The island's euthanasia rate is 95%. It's practically impossible to adopt out a healthy adult, even less a cat with some sort of issue, so we reach out to the shelters in the USA to see if they get lucky there. So, I'm very grateful to FFRC for giving Polly this opportunity."

Our emails back and forth started a week ago. Polly has been spayed, vaccinated, tested for Leukemia/FIV, dewormed and is now flea-free. She looks to be a Lynx Siamese with beautiful blue eyes. Polly is 5 years old.

Then we needed to work on what flight to get her here and what airport. I told the TNR lady that Fort Wayne is our closest airport to FFRC. She has made all the plans for the travel. And this TNR organization is paying for her fare and all of her medical needs up to the point of which she arrives at FFRC. 

She will arrive at 11:50 tomorrow night, Thursday. She will travel American Airlines. All of her medical papers will accompany her, of course. The TNR lady will take her to the airport and be sure all is accountable on her end. I will be there to pick her up. Big thanks to Connie D for covering me for breakfast Friday morning so I can get a bit of sleep! 

We will love and care for Polly and give her a good life.  Depending on her mobility and use of litterbox, we may be able to find a home for her at some point (remember how happy Solee, Bender, Lorenzo, Charleston, Milo, Freemont, Cecil, Wrigley are!)

And why do we feel the need to do this? The answer to this is simple---because we want to, because Polly matters, because we have love to give her. She is a cat in need and we would like to help. It's as easy as that.  Welcome to Polly! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday, April 19

Our new mamas have arrived. And they are extra sweet cats. Never have we been able to have 3 mamas that have never seen each other before, be comfortable in the same room together. Not only that, they each have their own swimming pools on the floor and can be out and about in the room! Their new names are from the Name a Cat list! They are homed in the Back Thumper's Room for now.  A new nickname for them: SOS (Southern Ohio Squad)! 

Here's the new mamas and babies:
Chloe, formally known as Curly. She has a nasty kinked up tail--poor baby. The injury to her tail must've been an awful thing to deal with. She's a short hair black/white girl. She ended up having to have a c-section and was spayed at the same time. She has 2 babies that were born on 4/13: a grey female and a black male. She's a nice girl and very contented with her little ones.

Veronica, formally known as the Jessie L cat. She had given birth in a random garage. The owner was going to put her on FB but the Rescue took her in. She is a beautiful medium-long black/white girl. She has 3 kittens that were born on 4/6. She has a grey tiger female, a grey/white male (who has a white stripe on the tail) and a brown tiger/wh, ASH that is a male. 

Poppy is the Lynx point siamese. Someone found her on a farm that really did not want any of the upcoming kittens, as she was obviously pregnant. The Rescue took her in on 4/8 and on 4/11 she gave birth to 5 kittens. These kittens are thought to be all siameses, but time will tell!  Poppy has 3 girls and 2 boys.

Siamese kittens are born totally white in color. This color change is caused by a genetic abnormality that is related to albinism. While a siamese litter remains in mama's womb, it remains warm, hence the lighter fur color. Once the kittens are born, they slowly but surely start to develop color.  After a siamese kitten is born, they tend to stay pure white for a few weeks.  The only thing that makes me wonder if they are for sure siamese babies is because of a few suspicious dark grey marks on the top of the foreheads, which so many white cats  have-- bits and pieces of grey on their foreheads. Whatever they are---we know two things--time will tell and whatever they end up being, they are already well loved! 

It's done!  Thanks to Pat/bedheadsdad. He and Vicki spent the weekend with us helping us in many different ways. Pat has the protective, strong bottom wire on the dog's outside kennel. It goes up on the fence about 20 inches and then about 15 inches under the stone and cement pavers---no digging out! The new strong gate is also in place---no more doggies getting thru the old gate. He also put up the hinged arms at the top of the fence with the Purrfect Fence. It's all done and ready. We will be selective as to which cats can go outside--we really don't want any cats going outside that are up for adoption. Magic and Trucker have already declared it to be a really fun place! The new name for the dog's kennel will be Bella's Place. The new plaque is already ordered.

Shawnee and Dakota are now in the Cat's Corner Room. So are Dakota's new friends Kiefer and Helen. We've been opening the door some during the day for them to be out and about. They are so fun to watch--their energy level is high!

We had BOXES last night! We are blessed to have such a wonderful support system as you all.
Tabbycatkid and Tween--Catathon: Great Wolf Lodge awesome gift card--an indoor waterpark
Anita/anitabs1--card,  lots of note cards and stickers & pom poms for Magic
Katie L Canada--Catathon: kitty hiney necklace & kitty coin purse both for Hiney Basket!
Whobe, Cita's Poppy, Amber & her Skye in memory of Bella--case of Fancy Feast
Maureen C from WA--art cards, bookmarks, Book Watership Down, licorice treats, tuna, green T-shirt with "I See You". For Catathon: cat cookie cutters, comfort carrier.
Sally M/eaglespirti--donation for 1 outdoor & 2 indoor spays/neuters/1 nail trim & 1 vacc!
Macncheesemom--card with donation
Pauline/deptford--lg glass yellow ducky for Jacci, 4 small duckies for PawMart
Mike from CA---article from the ASPCA
Donnajb--5 more cases FF kitten, 2 bags Royal Canin BabyCat
Nona--donation for our Spay/Neuter program
Little Kat & Elaine & Alan--3 great photos, card with note from Little Kat & her allowance!
Donna R from TX--bag of feathers for the cats. Catathon: 2 kitty Christmas pins, 1 kitty Christmas earrings, a beautiful cross stitch afghan with snowflakes--all different! A cross stitch pillow that is so colorful called Midnight Cats.

Big thanks to Diana S from Columbia--she got together with many of you and put together a wonderful book of our chatter's cats watching the FFRC cam. I love it! 

Our Mods............I am so grateful. At Boxes, a portrait of Bella in 3 different poses was given to FFRC from the Mods. This portrait was done by our friend Wanda who does such beautiful work. This portrait is superb and she has totally captured Bella's look.  Also included is another picture of Bella donated by Wanda herself. I just would like to say a special thanks---these pictures truly touched my heart. I grieve for each cat and kitten that we lose, but Bella was an extra tough one. Thank you Mods and Wanda.My brother in law, Dave will put these in beautiful frames and then they will be hung on the ceiling in Kitty Kabana.  I think so highly of our mods--they make a huge difference to FFRC and are also such good friends to me and FFRC. 


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday, April 17

Another spay/neuter event done! Because of the large amount of physicals we also had to do, we had to keep our surgery numbers down.  However, were able to do 5 spays (3 for the public--all in heat) and 6 big tom cats. That makes 11 more.

To date, we have now done 86 females and 83 males making a grand total of 169. Our next surgery date is May 2, a Monday which is a Transport Day with HumaneOhio. We will be able to do 35 cats--20 females and 15 boys, approximately. 

We have many people involved to help make these surgery events possible. I thank each and every one of you---you make a huge difference to FFRC and the cats that are spayed and neutered. 

Other upcoming dates: May16, a Monday for our next FFRC spay/neuter date. Normally it's the 3rd Saturday of each month, but that date is not available for our vet tech. The number of public cats we can do on that date will depend on how many FFRC cats we need to do first.

Also, May 14, a Saturday--important date for our outside cats! Dr. Darcy will be coming and we will do as many physicals as we can for the Firecats, Porchies, Barnies and Covies. A very busy day that will be. 

And don't forget April 30th, a Saturday at 2:00!  This will be Operation: Feliz Navidad event! Guaranteed to be fun!

Yesterday our mama Shawnee and KinneyKat were both spayed. Their physicals were good and they both recovered nicely.

Our 2 new kittens have names! Their mama will be spayed on May 2nd at our Transport Day. These kittens were brought in several days ago. A male, grey tiger/white and a female, grey tiger.  The boy is now named Keifer.  The girl is Helen These are both from Name a Cat name list. They are about 8 weeks old. So.........Dakota has new friends and is he ever happy! These 3 kittens played for hours together yesterday and then collapsed in sheer exhaustion for a couple hour nap! They are now in Cat's Corner Room along with Shawnee. They will be getting more run-around-time very soon! 

We had BOXES on Friday night. We are thankful for you!
Mary H, Fri. vol--telescoping lighted mirror to see up high, 20 FF broths for Jolene
Anonymous Friend--Catathon: knee protectors, hand tools and apron for the Garden Basket
Zoolove/Pam--Dell wireless mouse for laptop for raffle for Operation: Feliz Navidad!
Kimkost--Catathon: 3 cat books, framed kitty print, 7 outfits for baby boy
Billie K--solar LED Rock & LED Peacock for FFRC gardens

We had visitors here 2 days ago that adopted Jarvis and Floyd. Both cats are doing great. Jarvis is about 15-16 pounds! Thanks for the towels and cat scratchers!

We also have these thanks to give:
Joyce D--provided pizzas for lunch on surgery day
Poppanuke--provided a mid afternoon pizza treat yesterday
Gusti--provided drinks for our surgery day
Beth/eaglewatcher--donation in memory of Elizabeth's Domino and Megan's Moses 
Pilvi12 from FInland--donation to FFRC, to be used wherever is needed
Shannon S from IL--donation to be used for the spay/neuter program (we were also then able to provide free flea prevention for each cat yesterday along with a wormer and capstar)

Tomorrow Steve and I will be heading to mid Ohio to meet a person from a rescue group from southern Ohio.  They have been overwhelmed with very pregnant cats and reached out for help. I can give you a little info, but things may change once we receive the cats. We were planning on taking 2 pregnant cats & a new mama, but the 2 pregnant cats delivered their kittens once they were in a safe environment. Here's how I understand it for right now:
Curly: arrived very pregnant. Has a crook in her tail. Ended up having a c-section approximately 4/13. She was also spayed at time of c-section. She had 2 kittens--an all black and an all grey. Mama has been tested for fiv/leukemia and is negative.
LH black/white: A person found mama and kittens in her garage and was trying to give them away on Facebook. The rescue group took them in. Mam is very pretty with her long fur. She has 3 kittens, apparently just a couple weeks old. One is brown tiger, a grey tiger and a grey and white.  Mama has been tested for fiv/leukemia and is negative
3rd mama:   This is a cat that someone found on property, very pregnant and called the rescue. She is a siamese cat and delivered her kittens almost immediately upon being rescued.  She has 5 siamese kittens. She too has been tested and is negative.

That's how I understand it for now---just keep in mind things may change tomorrow. Steve and I will be leaving about 7:30 in the morning and hope to be back around 1:30-2:00.  I will keep our mods posted as to how things are going.