Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday, April 2, 2020

Happy Friday! That sun is going to be shining here in Defiance! I can imagine the Covies and Barnies rolling and rolling in the sunbeams!

We've had 2 adoptions!
Zyny was adopted on 4/1. The first of the Siamese babies. He went into a great home and will have a cat friend!

Pinkerton was adopted 4/2. He's the last of the P litter kittens. He went into a home with other FFRC cats! He arrived in his new home last night after a bit of a drive. I'm told he was a good traveler!

We also took on a new mama with 6 newborn kittens. She arrived yesterday along with her 6 kittens, just hours old. Mama is grey and white and all of the kittens are either all grey tiger or grey/whites! They all look good.  She was found in a neighborhood that normally doesn't see any cats.
Minnie--the mama, grey & white, white whiskers, chin and toes
Tango--male, grey, white tip tail
Vasil--male, all grey
Arvo--male, grey & white, white up nose, grey body
Gypsy--female, all grey
Davena--female, grey & white, grey face, white chin
Leeta--female, grey & white, legs all white, almost full white collar
All names are from the Name a List names.

We have thanks to give!
Harm B--donation to FFRC
Kittiesmom--donation in memory of Merri, Minerva and Rory
Shannan W--donation to FFC
Pro Gear Boat Rentals--donation in memory of Minerva
Jean Alt--donation to FFRC
DonnaBinGA--donation in honor of Oliver, Coralie and Spiker
SchleeNC--donation to be used where needed
BillieK--donation in memory of Minerva, Merri and Rory
Patricia R--donation for FFRC
KM T--donation from Lark, Lilly and Mama Emmy (former FFRC cats!)
Cindy & Tammy R--donation to FFRC
Pat P--donation for FFRC

How many ways can you think of that cats show they love you?  Here's a few---that deep wonderful purr, grooming you, slowly blinking their eyes at you, flipping over and showing you their tummy, rubbing their cheek on your cheek, bumping their head on your head and simply wanting to be in your presence!

Spring is officially here!  We are bringing out the tables, benches, gliders and chairs--it's springtime!  This is where we gather as friends when visitors come.  During this covid-19 time, that is greatly reduced but it's still nice to know we will be ready for visitors once this is all over. And the Porchies like it too--more places to sit in the sun!

Cutie continues to gobble up all lap space---which we willingly do. She absolutely loves laps! Asha's left eye is better. She is a good about getting her drops.  Marilyn and Kiara continue to be good friends (along with Vernon of course!), Jessi has found a new place to take her naps--in the round flower on the counter, Janie and Camvie continue to be besties--even bathing each others faces. All is well here. Their happiness gives us all happiness here.

Folks--with a very heavy heart, we are going to have to postpone Catathon for right now. Catathon takes a lot of items to pull it off. I do not feel "right" about pushing Catathon during this health crisis. Everyone is dealing with financial difficulties. The people I depend on to help with the inventory of this cannot come---travel restrictions prevent this.  On the day of Catathon, it takes minimum of 35 people here inside the Rescue Center to make that day happen. We simply cannot do that. Even if there's a quicker end to this than anticipated, it is still not wise to have that many people together yet. As you know, Catathon is our main fund-raiser of the year. For now, we will simply not add to the financial burden by doing improvements. And who knows....maybe we can figure out a way to do this later in the year!  Some day........we will be back in full force!

I thank you all for helping us with our mini FB flash sales.  They do add up and help us tackle those bills.  Take care, everyone. Stay healthy.  We care about you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Weds., April 1, 2020

YOU are cared about and sincere wishes for good health for you.  And that is no April Fool's!  We love our FFRCNation!

It's only Weds. but seems like such a long week.  The cats and kittens are all doing great. Today we have 2 adoptions--Zyny and Zyvan will go to seperate (and wonderful!) homes.  Tomorrow, our Pinkerton will be also going to his new home.

Basani and her 3 kittens are doing great.  Won't be long until they start tumbling out of their big bed on the floor.  A toe abscess was discovered on Basani's foot. It's been drained, scrubbed and already looks better. She is on antibiotics.

Kimmie and her 5 kittens are also doing great. Those kittens are already wobbling towards the edge of their big bed. Won't be long until they are toddling about.

We "lost" Winston for 2 full, very long days. Couldn't find him anywhere. We searched the usual places he likes and inside all the sheds.  No Winston.  This so upset us.......not knowing is so hard and worrisome.  I went out this morning to feed the Porchies and there he was--soaking up the heat from the red light. He looks a bit roughed up but nothing that petting won't fix!  Gave that boy a super big hug!

I'm sorry to also tell you one of our Porchies has past away. Our sweet Rory has had a bad respiratory problem but that was manageable. But then he became plugged and couldn't urinate. Unfortunately he was 100% plugged.  After much discussion with Dr. Darcy, it was decided to let our Rory go. The PU surgery, the treatment, the prognosis, the long term health plan wasn't to his advantage.

Rory arrived 2/24/12 at 9 months of age. He was trapped behind the police station by a couple volunteers. What a dear cat he always was. He has always been a loved Covie. He sure is missed.

We had BOXES last night.
Sue & Socks in Australia -- Lg (15 lbs) Hershey container of assorted candy 🍬💚
Steph in UK -- case of FF Gravy Lovers, case of 24 FF Seafood Grill , case of 24 Gourmet Naturals 

Mary & Michelle -- bag of assorted pretzels,  box of assorted (30) cookie snack bags, case of Sheba Pate
Mike & Lorrie W -- case of (24) FF, 1 container of Snacks, lg bag of RC mother and baby cat food 
Karen & Gilbert G/WY -- 2 boxes of FF entries, container of Party Mix, 5 boxes of tuna appetizers 

Janna/Jbond -- Spa Gift Basket, bag of Goat Treats, meow mix(24), box of Blue Diamond Almonds, 1 bag of apple nugget horse treats,  2 cases of 24 Nine Lives SeaFood and Turkey 

Anonymous -- 2 boxes of purely  FF appetizers
Denise & Elizabeth / SC -- 2 containers of party mix snacks, 4 boxes tuna  of appetizers
Mary/crazy old bat -- 3 cases of appetizers, 5 Flats of Stamps 
MLS -- 10 cases of Gerber Baby Food 
PiperJo -- Whiskas tender bits
Plee -- 2 cases of 32 Friskies shreds, bag of Starburst candy 
Christopher & Stephanie C /Al -- Card, Donation, 2 meowel bananas , pack of kleenex wipes, snacks, lots and lots of toys, catnip spray,  blanket, towels, rug, chura sticks 

Allen & Elaine -- Card and Donation in memory of Little Kat , Stamps
Tom & Linda C/ IL -- Donation
Janice C & Randi P/Fl -- Card & Donation 
Mary & Sharon -- Card & Donation 
Marie/jabberwockysmom -- Card & donation in honor of Walter Payton , memory of PawPaw 
Robyn & Dale P -- Donation  
Pam/NoosMa --  Card for Donna, BD card for Jacci & Donation 

We also have more thanks to give:
Fran D--donation in memory of Elizabeth's precious Merri
Timsprincess--donation to help where needed
Anonymous Friend--donation to help us keep our box of goodies full for our delivery people
Joan S--donation for FFRC
Anonymous Friend--donation in memory of Minerva & Merri
Loreen B--donation for FFRC
Kathy M--donation in memory of Merri and in honor of Elizabeth
Katie L--donation to be used wherever needed
Marco G--donation for sweet Lucie
Lu-Little--donation in memory of Minerva and Merri
Deborah F--donation to be used where needed
Julie B--donation to help FFRC (she adopted our Chaps)
Heather B--donation in honor of her mom's birthday on 4/4--her mom is our sweet Elskates friend!

Remember our kitten, Rosalind that was adopted? Her mom sent a note saying that they are completely in love with her. Her name is Dorothea. She loves to play, sit in a sunny window and curl up with them for a nap! So nice to hear this. 

Many thanks to the mods for the Trivia from last night. There's another one on Thursday! Tonight, Billypogo will be having storytime at 9 pm.  Come join the fun!

Monday we had a SOCK fb flash sale. It was wonderful and the socks have been sold!  This went towards another utility bill!  We will continue to have these small but so helpful fb flash sales! 

Did you know that everytime you purchase anything from Amazon, whether it's for yourself, FFRC or anyone, that you can benefit FFRC?  It's true!  When you order, if you go to our website at you can click on AMAZON  (on the gold bar) and it'll take you to Amazon. Anything you order, gives a bit of a donation to FFRC!  We just received our January donation--it came to $264.65.  That's like free money! Many thanks.

I want to acknowledge that I realize these times, for the whole world, are very difficult right now.  Each day holds so many different emotions. We hear the sad stories and then we hear the wonderful stories of what people do for each other. And that is key. There are many ways to help others while still keeping that social distance. Here at FFRC, we have dealt with the death of 3 wonderful cats (Minerva, Rory and Merri). We lost and then found Winston. We have had our utility bills covered. We worry--can we keep on having our volunteers come? We don't want any of the volunteers getting sick. I see BOXES arrive and envelopes arrive and it gives me encouragement.  I see our chatters enjoying each other on the cam. I see our fb friends lifting each other up. I'm just so grateful to be a part of this FFRCNation.  

Like I've said before...........when this is out!  FFRC will be back in full force!  In the meantime, wash your hands lots (and remember to lotion up too!).  Keep that social very important. And get outside for a bit of fresh air everyday.  And also important--give your pets lots of TLC! 

Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday, March 30, 2020

Good morning, friends.  I know this coronavirus is amongst all of us. What a huge change in all of our lives.  Each of us have had hardships in dealing with it. But.......please..........keep that socialization distance upfront.  It's very important.  We've been asked to make changes in our lives and we CAN do this.  It's also the best protection we can give to others.

And it's ok to talk about it.  There's several things I find hard----not hugging.  I, along with many of us, is a "huggy" person.  Somehow elbow bumps don't quite cut it.  But, it's a must. I also miss not taking in kittens and cats during this time.  But, I keep reminding myself....if at sometime we have to cut back further on our volunteers, than we can't be too overloaded that it's too hard to take care of every cat and kitten here at FFRC.  And I miss the visitors......this place LOVES visitors. But, that too is important to be closed to public. My biggest concern is to keep the volunteers safe, here at FFRC. And it hurts deeply that we have no spay/neuter programs going on right now, except for a few here at FFRC.  But, once again, when we are able to, we will be full speed ahead!

I've heard again from Tuffy's new mom. All is fine. They are becoming good friends. Tuffy is eating good too!

And we've had 3 adoptions!
Giovannah and Alyssndra were adopted together on 3/29. Yeah--the "sisters" got to go together.  I checked in last night with the family and both cats were sound asleep on the couch.

Panthy was also adopted yesterday. Her new family had been waiting quite a while for her. She is going into a home with 4 other cat friends. Her mama has today off too so Panthy will have time to adjust with her being there.

We had our FFRC surgery day on Saturday. Where we are use to very full schedules, we only had 5 kittens to do. We had made the decision that we could not do the public cats in order of safety and health for everyone.
Spayed were: Kiowa and Panthy
Neutered were: Pinkerton, Zyny and Zyvan
I want to thank GUsti for providing drinks for our surgery day and to Joyce D for providing our lunch!
The 3 siamese sisters were not of weight yet which was a disappointment. I've contacted all of those new families and they are all very willing to wait for them to be spayed. They still want them!  And that is good. Better to be safe than to hurry the process. In the meantime, we get to enjoy them longer!

We have now done 291 surgeries for 2020.  160 females and 131 males.

We do have some kitten adoptions that will happen sometime soon. Possibly Kiowa too. But, as with everything else, adoptions are handled very differently now--much reduced interaction.

Dr. Darcy was able to do some physicals on Saturday:
Alma, Camvi, Derecho, my Bonnie, Vernon, Zelda--all good. Extra diagnosis of being sweet!

Asha--we have always had to help keep her eyes clean. This time, Dr. Darcy noticed that her meibomian glands were irritated. Diagnosis--Meibomitis. These are special secreting glands at the edge of the eyelids on dogs and cats.  Now we know how to treat them. In the past, antibiotic ointments never really helped. Now, she will be getting anti-inflammatory drops.

Cutie--we love our girl so much. We all know that Cutie is very very thin. Her appetite is light although she is still eating. We need to treasure this precious girl as her time with us may be short.  She truly has been given the most loving soul.  Her greatest joy we can give her is simple...a lap.

Minerva---her physical was not so good. And I need to let you know that Minerva passed away Sunday, yesterday. Her respiratory issues was overwhelming. Dr. Darcy felt strongly that cancer was the problem. The slightest exertion caused her to have great difficulty breathing. It became extremely hard for her to get back to that good feeling of having enough air. And that's not a good feeling. It was decided to help her pass on to Kitty Heaven to relieve her of the stress.  She was onlyhere a short time but she was so loved and comfortable. I don't know what her life was before coming but I do know she was distressed upon arrival. I feel we gave her a few weeks of comfort and love.

We have thanks to give:
Janet K--donation for FFRC
Michelle U--donation to FFRC, in memory of her Mr. G, a cat she rescued in AZ in 2017.
Janet M--donation to FFRC
MLS--10 cases of baby food!
Anna A from VA--chickie for Ramsay and donation for all the cats
CyllW--donation for all the cats and kittens
Gail W--donation to FFRC for the fur babies
Chiefted & Jennifer D--donation to use where needed
BillieK--donation in memory of PawPaw & for the care of the kitties
Brian B from NY--donation for FFRC
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Stephanie M--donation for FFRC
Davszy--donation to use where needed--well wishes to family, mods and kitties
Cait KOT--donation for BD--to use for kitties

Kiowa is doing wonderful. Such a pretty girl.  She is relaxing and learning that people are full of giving pets! Such a beauty.

We took on another mama cat and kittens.  This is a cat that I had talked to the person close to my vacation and had promised her a spot here at FFRC. We just took her in on 3/26.  Her name is Basani--pronounced Buh-sani. She's all white except for a grey forehead.  She came with 3 kittens. Their birthday is 3/16/20 (just a day difference than Kimmie's).  Basani's birthday is 12/14/18. Here's the kittens info:
Cobo--male--brown tiger 8 ounces
Dalia--female--white with grey forehead (mama's twin!)  9 ounces
Dreamy--female, brown tiger with just a sprinkle of tortiness 7 ounces
These are all Name a Cat names.  They are in the back Thumper's Room. Today, we will put one of the giant beds on the floor for Basani to be able to stretch and walk about in the room. One day hers and Kimmie's kitties will be friends.

I think we are all caught up. This week will be the mod's Trivia, Billypogo's storytime (Weds at 9 pm), BOXES (to be announced) and a storytime by me (to be announced).

Because I feel strongly we should not do a fun-raiser at this time, you will see a few FB flash sales that we will do.  These flash sales are a "for sure thing" whereas the fun-raisers ae a chance.  We need to be conservative with our asking for help and not it be a chance "thing".  Hope that makes sense!  We still have bills to pay but these FB flash sales will help. 

You all take great care. FFRC cares about each of you. Stay healthy. Help our new folks out on the chat--make them feel welcome! Have fun on the fb pages--a great way to stay connected. Above all, wash your hands often and watch the social distancing. It's truly important.

You can still enjoy this Stay at Home time--exercise, read books, have family movie time (with popcorn), explore your backyard and look for the signs of spring, play tic tac toe, learn a new craft, color your sidewalk/driveway with art designs, play game/card games, watch the Zoo cameras, watch those FFRC cats!!, go for a walk, cook a new meal, have legos--build some designs!  There's fun things to do!  This will all be over at some point. In the meantime, the cats are wishing you a good safe, healthy day.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday, March 26, 2020

As of Tuesday, Ohio has a Stay at Home order.  But, animal care is an acceptable reason to be driving for. We are down to fewer volunteers. Because of wonderful adoptions in December, January and February, our numbers are low. Things are calm here and the cats are being well cared for.

I've heard from Tuffy's new mama.  Sounds like things are good there and they are becoming good friends!

I've also heard from the new mama of Gracie G. She likes the bed and is starting to follow her around.She is blossoming!

We have eyes! Sweet Kimmie's kittens eye are starting to show--wee cracks that are opening the world up to them! They are all doing great. All have nice round tummies. Won't be long until they start wiggling about a little. Kimmie and kittens are in the Kitty Kabana.

We took on a new kitten. Her name is Kiowa--a Name a Cat name. She's a beautiful calico--white, gold and black. She is 9 months old with a birthday of 6-21-19.  Without going into details, she simply was in need of a new home. She's almost ready to come up to the Main Area---is very curious. A real sweet girl that loves to be petted.

At this moment, Dr. Darcy and Amber will be here Saturday morning for our FFRC spay/neuter day. We are so focused on that as that will allow us to get our 7 kittens into their new homes.  Those scheduled are:
Spays---Zuri, Zayn, Siamy, Panthy and Kiowa.
Neuters--Zyny, Zyvan and Pinkerton.

Azreal is doing pretty good in the Main Area.  Sometimes she goes to the windows and doors but I feel like she's starting to adjust some to being inside.  She's a beautiful cat with a very sweet personality.

Many thanks to Angie L, our volunteer, who donated some of her Goat Milk Soaps, Facials and Shampoos.  We, in turn, have been selling them each for $6.  Her business is called Garden Thyme here in Defiance. She makes so many natural items--all done with love!

We have thanks to give!
Flymom--yoga mat, dog snackers, FF gravy can-case
Janet S--donation for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Anthony M--donation in honor of Derecho
Uwe N--donation for where it's needed
Eric, Carrie M--donation to be used where needed
Denise & Elizabeth--donation to go towards our electric bill
Randi M & Mary--donation to use where needed
Sylvia H--donation for our electric bill
Kelly L--donation for FFC
Anne L--donation to FFRC
Chris R from MI--donation for FFRC
Ruth D--donation to use wherever needed
Chris W--disinfecting wipes, Purina One, sponges, kitty wipes & batteries
Fran D--donation in honor of Magic & in memory of Trucker
OrdinaryDiva--donation to be used where needed

And then, we had wonderful BOXES yesterday!
Carla /CJ500-2 yoga mats, RC Momma & Baby dry food, 1 case Appetizers, 1 case FF, 1 case kitten FF
Anonymous Friend--2 cases baby Food
Mr. Meow--card from Paw Paw with coupon, 4 snackers, 6 packets of food, 3 Friskies, 2 bags Kitten Food, Microfiber washcloths, 5 bags dry cat food, 24 cans of can

Karen B--Janie snackers, 5 boxes Lil Soups, 3 boxes of FF Broths
Anonymous Friend--case of baby food
KathyWV--2 boxes Mother & Baby cat food
Jean C--Crave Popcorn--huge bucket of the "good stuff"!
Ju-in-ji--2 cases of FF gourmet naturals

Karen & Gilbert--150 jars baby food
Annette20--4 purple mamas, catnip fish
Beth--2 cases of Shamballi Food
Brian C--case of kitten can food, box of Broths, Grandma's mini cookies (yum!), 2 Yeowl bananas, 12 pk Delectble Bisque, 12 FF Broths

Janna/JBond--Nutrish cat food, case of Friskies Pate, Biscolata cookies 2 Starz--3 Tira.  18 baby blankets, 6 jewelry display racks, 6 pairs socks, 4 monkey photo boards. For our shelter house lunches--hummingbird plates, napkins and tablecovers.    For Jacci birthday--2 hummingbird figurines, Lenox Hummingbird "Trail of Painted Ponies--horse with butterflys and hummingbirds".  Meltaway cookies, 3 butterfly memo pads/Pen, Toblerone candy, Godiva chocolaes and a beautiful water color painting with hummingbirds and the FFRC Logo flower--created by Janna. 

We also had Envelopes!
Pablo--note with donation
Nekomom 52 & Neko 37--BD card, donation thru paypal
Melissa L/NY--donation for FFRC
Mr. & Mrs. James T--donation in memory of Paul Bosleman
Sue/mac&cheese & doodle's mom--donation in honor of Marilyn & donation

Many thanks to the Mods for doing TWO Trivias this week, during this time of turmoil--they love to keep the viewers happy.   Also thanks to Billypogo for his Storytime last night. 

Magic is doing wonderful--he so loves his two slant ramps and will even run from one to another.  Ramsay so loves his brown box--frequently all you can see is his rump sticking up while his head is inside the box playing with a kitten! Spiker has learned if he waits for kittens to be done eating, he can have a few yummy licks!  Coralie's neck sore is much better. She so loves to sleep inside the round aqua dome bed.  Cutie loves the Lap on the floor bed! It's so cute to see her on it, napping away. 

I said before, that during this Coronavirus time, FFRC will not hold any Fun-Raisers.  These Fun-Raisers were a huge help to us in helping us to meet our monthly bills. But, I do not feel it's right to do these---I know many people are in financial woes.  So.....we will do our FB posts of different things we have for sale.  These items are "for sure things", not a "chance thing" like Fun-Raisers are.  If you want to purchase, wonderful.  If you cannot or simply don't want to.....that is fine too!  Keep an eye on pictures and write ups of what we are promoting!  Thanks. 

This Stay at Home time won't last forever. In the meantime, we continue to do no Public visits. But, as soon as we can, we will be back in business.....doors open for kittens and cats and spay/neuter events. It's particularly hard for me not doing the spays/neuters as this is the best way to curb that overpopulation problem.  But....this is temporary! 

You all take good care of yourselves.  Don't dwell on what we cannot do........let's all focus on what we CAN do to bring happiness to someone else.  And remember.......wash those hands a lot!  

Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday, March 23, 2020

Things have been hopping busy here and many things changing. Let's do some catching up!

To start, all 5 of the Siamese kittens now have a family that they will be adopted by.  This Saturday, we are still hoping to have our spay/neuter day but ONLY for our 7 kittens so they can then get into their new homes.  As this time, we are still planning on doing this 3/28 date but with bare minimum of people--only 4 of us. 

Kimmie and her 5 kittens are doing great. They are now in the Kitty Kabana room and can be viewed on one of the cams. Kimmie is such a nice cat. Her kittens have wonderfully round tummies!

We had a very special adoption this past Saturday. Tuffy, our wonderful 11 1/2 year old lynx point snowshoe siamese was adopted by an elderly lady.  She had just lost her cat of 20 years and very much needed a new cat friend. When she saw him earlier in the week, she was quite smitten by him! What sealed the deal is when Tuffy jumped up on the seat of her walker and stared at her. So sweet.  He went to his new home with his special foods, his feathers, his "girlfriend" toy, his bed and toys that we knew he would like. We will be keeping track of Tuffy as I told his previous family we would keep a connection with him. They too are glad that Tuffy found a new mama.

We had another adoption on 3/20--Gracie Goldmine.  A wonderful lady came in and thought Gracie G was just beautiful! Gracie welcomed her attention. Such a great cat and going to a great home! She can be the diva cat there--exactly what she is meant to be!

We also took on another adult cat. She had been hanging out at a volunteer's house. Because she is a female it was feared she would get pregnant. As it turns out, she is already spayed. Her birthday is 3/15/19 and is black and white. Her name is Azreal (a Name a Cat name). You can tell she has been an outside cat--she meows at the windows and doors. Today she is a bit better today. She's very people friendly and we're hoping she will acclimate to inside living where she is safer.

We have thanks to give:
Ann, Kevin & Baileyb in the UK--donation to use where needed
Hans Z/kater fluffy--donation to help with medicines or other needs
Julie & David P from UK--donation to FFRC, in memory of Trucker
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Special thanks for these donors because of my BD--so kind of you! Flymom, Yvonnevdk, Maureen M, Kittiesmom, Michelle and Mary LF,Susan345. 


It's astounding how our lives have changed and what we can and can not do in such a short amount of time.
As you already know, our governor DeWine has put Ohio on a Stay At Home order. This is for the good of ourselves and others. 
However, an exception to this, is caretakers of animals, which is us. I have called many of the volunteers to talk directly to them about our volunteer time here at FFRC.
On our weekly work schedule, we have trimmed it down to the very basics. We do not want much contact! That's the whole key.
A few bits of info:
Public will no longer be here. I have the CLOSED sign up--with 3 large, colorful CLOSED signs on it. And there are also 3 signs on the door going into the Main Area, just in case.  Public should not be here. 
We will be washing knobs, cabinet pulls, anything that is touched alot at least twice daily. 
We do have a few volunteers who have elected to stay home and not come to FFRC. And that is absolutely 100% fine. Some of our volunteers have obligations to others that they do not want to take a chance with or they themselves have immune system problems.
WE ARE GOING TO BE WORKING WITH MINIMUM VOLUNTEERS---We are minimizing how many volunteers are here. 
Our goal, we hope is that the afternoon volunteer is done before the evening volunteer comes, so there is no overlap. And if by chance there is an overlap, we will watch our distance--it's important. 
At this moment, we have the Front and Back Thumper's Rooms closed down. We also have Kitty Kampus closed.  This will help minimize some of the cleaning.
All will use the hand sanitizer upon arrival, when we leave and even several times in between!
Above all, if anyone is sick.........that person will stay home!!
I am so thankful that we had such great adoptions during December, January and February. Our numbers are at an all time low. We actually only have 4 adult cats available for adoption--Lena, Azreal, Gyo and Alssandrah--we are in no hurry with these four.
Because of not being allowed to have public come in, it makes it difficult to arrange adoptions. Because of that, we will hold off taking in kittens and adults to the best of our ability. It wouldn't be fair to overload our reduced number of volunteers. 
This has all been hard for us. We aren't use to these limits. I cannot wait for this to be over so we can continue our spay/neuter program and to take in the kittens and cats that need us. We WILL be full force. This is just a big bump in the road, but we can do it. The main what it takes to stay healthy.
Also at this time, we will also not be doing  fun-raisers. The reason, I don't feel we should ask for help as many people are financially struggling thru this time. But.....that also means less funds at FFRC. I am trying to cut down on things to conserve our bank balance as much as possible. We may throw in a few flash sales here and there but nothing major.

Take care, each of you----you are important to FFRC.  Stay strong, stay healthy and try and find something fun to do each day! 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Who would've thought so much could happen in 2 weeks since my last blog.  My family and I went on a wonderful week vacation at the Outer Banks--one of our very favorite places to be! It was a super great time spent with family. Little did we know we would be some of the last visitors to the island as a couple days after we returned, the island closed to visitors due to the corona virus

Sunday of our return was spent doing a bit of catch-up and visiting and loving on all of the cats and kittens. 
Monday morning was spent checking our meds/drugs for FFRC use. Our medical supplier told us they were low on some meds already and so we put in an order in what we hope will last us for weeks ahead.
Monday afternoon we spent going over our disinfectants. With the help of friends we were able to get enough bleach gallons in to last awhile.  Our main cleaner is limited--there was 1 gallon left in the warehouses and that, hopefully, will arrive here today. A friend was also able to locate 6 containers of lysol wipes for us as that supply was very low.
Tuesday morning was spent getting supplies for the farm animals--feed, grain and hay.

On Monday, we had 42 cats that we sent up to HumaneOhio---17 males and 25 females.  This included two of our males--Pueblo and Pepe. This brings our new total for 2020 to 158 females and 127 males=285 plus 1 dog! 

We were informed by HumaneOhio this week that they are closing due to the coronavirus. They normally, each day, have a large amount of people who come to HumaneOhio for spays/neuters. In wanting to protect their staff, it was decided to close. This means we had to cancel all of our April scheduled appointments. This is very disheartening to me---although I understand 100% the reasoning for this.  We work so hard to curb the population as much as possible. This will definitely affect the population of the cats. As soon as possible, they will be up and running and we will be scheduling again.

We had 2 adoptions! Pueblo and Pepe were adopted together on 3/17. Their new family already told us that they are doing great. New names are Oliver and Vader!

We took on a new black/white mama with 5 two day old kittens. They are in the back Thumper's Room door.  They arrived 3/17.  The birthday for the babies is 3/15/20.  Here's the scoop on them:
Kimmie---mama, black/white.  Has an URI and is on antibiotics
Lynnie--female, black/white with full white collar
Marin--female, grey tiger
Navara--female, grey tiger and white
Orion--male, black/white, partial white collar
Pepper--male, brown tiger/white
All names are from the Name a Cat name list. Mama was found on 3/15, obviously very pregnant.  After checking with many neighbors, the people who found her, brought her inside where, within a couple hours, she gave birth to these 5 kittens. They arrived here on 3/17.  Kittens are healthy and have that round FFRC tummy already!

We also took on the 5 siamese kittens that we knew were coming after my vacation. They were 7 weeks old this past Tuesday. Their names also come from the Name a Cat list. Their papa is a seal point siamese who is now neutered.  Mama is a lavender point siamese and will be spayed soon. 
Zuri, female, lavender
Zyny, male, lavender
Zyvan, male, lavender
Zayn, female, lavender
Siamy, female, seal
All are doing great. We were able to get their vaccines started before my vacation. They are already up in the Main Area now and running like crazy kittens should be! Pinkerton and Panthy are great friends with them. Three of them already have firm holds on them.

On March 28, Dr. Darcy and Amber are planning on being here for a spay/neuter day for FFRC. We are hoping to get all the Siamese, Pinkerton and Panthy done on that day. We also have a few males coming in for their neuters. 

We had BOXES yesterday!  I am very grateful for this support--you truly make a difference for FFRC.
Jeannette H / Bonnie Scotland = Pop up  Easter Card  with Donation , Tape , Bag Clips , Jumbo Sticky Notes, for Jacci Pop UP Birthday card &  Belgium toffee popcorn ,  Peanut Butter and chocolate Caramel, Butter Short Bread cookies,

Pat D = 4  Folding Foot Stools to help the vols , box of purple pens with refills 
Anonymous Friend = 6 containers of Lysol wipes !!!!!!!!
Lynda D = Case of mother and baby Royal Canin food, 12 cans of  KMR , 6 containers or Gerber Rice Cereal 

Dim = 2 cases of FF Adult(24) , 2 cases of FF kitten (24)
April Catlover = case of 30 FF seafood , 3 boxes of appetizers 
Jane 90125 = 1 bag of Purina Kitten food  
Anonymous = Case of Lil Soups (30) 

Carrie and Eric M = 2 packs of snacks, 1 pack snacks for Janie, (12) Sheba Pouches Broths , box of Friskies gravy, (12) cans of Tuna, (8) large cans of cat food, box of 12 Friskies meaty bits , (24) cans of indoor Friskies ,   Case of 100 Breakfast Blend Coffee, 5000 - 6 inch foam plates, 2000 - 9 inch foam plates 

CJ L = 6 Cans of KMR , 1 case of tender bites , 2 cases of (24) 9 lives, 1 box of  appetizers, 1 box of 120 13 gal garbage bags, case of friskies, Easy Hand Syringes feeders.   

Marilyn Cw= Blue Yoga Mat & case of babyfood
JBond = Biscolata Raspberry Cookies,box of bath bombs (for Jacci) 
Jody J = 2 boxes of Lil Soups  
Mr & Mrs. Medic = 1 case of FF Gravy Lovers,  1 case of FF Seafood  
Plee = 3 Boxes of Squeeze Ups 
Anonymous Friend = 8 boxes of Lil Soups, 3 boxes of Broths   
Stinky Grey Kitty = For Vernon =  Red Sheriff Hat  
Jean T = 2  Yoga Mats  
Kathy IN WV = 3 pairs of socks 2 for catathon 1 for Jacci  
Jatcat = 4 Purple Momma's  


Beth = 2 bags of Purina One Adult food  
Yvonne vdk = 2 bags of Purina One salmon natural dry adult food , bag of Iams kitten food  
Cait O = Purple Momma;s & Blue Kitten can food
Anonymous = 1 case of chicken baby food 

David H = Sponsorship for his gang!
Amanda & Dave H / Nova Scotia  = card & 3 $5 chickie dollars
Betty J / LA, = donation
Joy B / VA = note & donation
Elizabeth S / NY =  donation for medical
Anonymous=card and donation for medical 
Anne N/ OH = card & donation 
John & Pat K / GA = card 
Mr. Meow/ PA = card and & donation for medical 
Diana H / NC = card and donation for medical 
Linda D/   = card & donation
Phyllis B / kittiesmom = card & $5 chickie dollar 
Phil & Judy = donation
Marilyn & Terri B = card & donation for medical 
Clarke, Jessie and the rest of the gang--birthday card for Oliver $5 chickie dollars 
Sherri W & Dave/ NY = St. Patrick's day card  & 2 $5 chickie dollars  

And we have even more thanks to give:  (alot of catching up to do from vacation!!)
Deborah S--donation to FFRC
Michelle & Mary LF--donation in memory of Paw Paw and for needed supplies
Chris S--donation for FFC
Bill M--donation to help us feel better!
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Faithy--donation for spay / neuter
Lynne JW--donation to FFRC
Brenda, Screech, Icky, Olle, Gene--donation for medical needs
James R--donation to FFRC
Lu-Little, donation in memory of Paw Paw
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Judy & Phil--donation to use for medicine
Charlotte T--donation to FFRC
Cait OT--donation to be used as needed
Burgundy--donation in memory of Paw Paw and also for chickie for the cats
Gusti--donation to help with medical needs & Feliz Navidad Fund
Eartheyes--donation to FFRC and also for Minerva & medical needs
David C--donation to FFRC, use as needed
Mary D & Randi M--donation to be used as needed
Katie L--donation for medical needs & supplies

I received a message from the family of Pansaroo and Kaz. They are doing great and sound very happy. Pansaroo loves the window. They both play like crazy kittens. They have two kids that the cats love!

We've also heard from Brooke's family and also the family that adopted Cary and Kinsley--all are doing well and have adjusted to their homes very nicely and quickly.

We have been making hard decisions here at FFRC.  This coronavirus has been difficult for USA and the whole world.  No one really knows what is going to happen or for how long this will be. FFRC is trying to be prepared as best as we can.

FFRC will also need to curb how many cats/kittens we take on, for a while. The reason---IF we have volunteers sick, cannot come, not comfortable with coming, etc., it will be easier for a skeleton crew with a lighter load. This too is very difficult as it puts the brakes on for how many we can help. This goes against everything we do----but in the safety of our volunteers, our time and for the unknown, it is important that we do not overload our intake.

This will be on our sign for FFRC, starting today:

Due to the Covid-19 situation, Friends of Feline Rescue Center is taking VISITORS ONLY BY APPOINTMENT.
If interested in ADOPTING, we must also do this by appointment.
Due to the circumstances, we have to be careful of how many kittens/cats we can take in.
Please call 419-769-1010 or 419-393-2400 to schedule your time with FFRC.

Our volunteers are awesome. So far, we have had coverage on every day. But, if this Covid-19 situation escalates, we may be low on volunteers and have to work with skeletal numbers. That is another reason we cannot overload our intake. 

As it states above, we are still having visitors for adoptions, but it must be by appointments as we want to be responsible and not go beyond the "10 people limit" suggestion.  We are asking visitors that want to come and pet/play/visit/brush cats, etc. to wait until the situation is better. 

Know that things have been a bit hectic here and if I get behind on e-mails and messages, please be patient! 

You all take good care of yourself.  Stay to home, wash your hands, don't take all of the TP (!) and stay healthy!  I look at our facebook pages and see people are coping with things with a sense of humor. And this is wonderful. We all cope with hard things better with a sense of humor.  We will still be here when this is all over, going strong, taking care of as many cats and kittens as we can, scheduling spays and neuters and adopting our wonderful FFRC cats and kittens.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Thursday, March 5, 2020

This is a blog of gratefulness!
We had BOXES on Weds!  A wonderful fun time.  We love BOXES!

But before that, we had storytime.  The first story was called Vernon and the Old West, by Cindy G.  A wonderful story where Vernon dreamt he was a rootin' tootin' cowboy!  Some of the rescue cats were also involved in the story!
The second story was a wonderful book called "My Name is Bob", by James Bowen.  Another good story.  More stories coming up in our future! 

Jacqueline - Purple Postie Nots, Greeting Cards, and she made Rosary's for those interested please send Jacci an e-mail

Jodi J - Box 48ct Friskies, Friskies warm & serve (nice!)
Anony - 2 Boxes Lil Soups
Marilyn C Box 24ct Friskies
CindyG - 3 T-Shirts and 4 Books of the Splash Park Adventure

Karen B - 3 pretty Yoga Mats
JBond - Itty Bitty Kitty Climbing Pole--Paw shaped scratcher with ball toy
Minerva & Napping Kitties in memory of Faith & Mr Kennedy - 2 Boxes Lil Soups
JZinFL - Case 24ct Friskies Pouches

Anony - Box of Broths
Sarah H & Family- - 2 cases 24ct Fancy Feast, gravy lover's
Mike & Lorrie W - 6 Jumbo Tubs of Lysol Wipes
Jaxx - Box of Delectables, Box Friskies Broths, Case 24ct Fancy Feast

Barbara M - 2 Boxes Lil Soups, Case 40ct Friskies
Elaine & Alan B - FL  in Memory of LittleKat - Case 32ct Friskies, 2 Cases 24ct Friskies, 4 Cases 24ct Fancy Feast, Box Fancy Feast Appetizers, 2 Bags Dr Elsies Litter & Donation and Flat of Stamps
Marilyn C - 3 Boxes Friskies

Kathy & John - Sr Lil Soups
Anony - Box of LIl Soups, 2 Cases 24ct Friskies
Patty Pk - 2 Boxes 24ct Friskies, 1 box of LIl Soups
Christom3 - Happy Birthday Mom (Chris) from Lacey, Darby & Boo Nibblet - 3 Bags Purina One Sent 

Mr Meow - Soft Blanket with Deer Stag, Camo Blankie, Grey Blankie, Variety of Toys, 3 Throws,Yeowwww Crayons, Box 12ct Cups Meow Mix, 5 Bags Temptations, Licky Licks, 8 cans Friskies, 2 bags 9-Lives Treats, 2 beds one is a Catnip Bed, Catnip & Catnip Mist, 3 Kitty Food Bowls, Plush Mat Pet Bed, 2 Caticorn Pillows, Peace & Love VW Bus
Anony 2 Boxes Broths
Eaglewatcher - Food for Shamballie

Clark, Jessie and The Rest - Happy 10th Birthday Beautiful Asha and Chicken $5
Renee B - PA   Tabs with Code for free Fresh Step Litter
Tom C - IL Donation
Amelia - Valentine Card for the FFRC Kitties
Sue M/macncheesendoodlesmom - Donation

Minerva, Jessie, Cutie, Lucie and all the FFRC kitties send you all headbutts & sandpaper kisses.  You all are awesome.  You heard a plea for help with the Medicinal Monday event (which was a spontaneous fun-raiser that took on a life of it's own!).  The latest 5 cats that came to FFRC meant alot of meds and foods that our specialty cats would eat.  Any donations above the cost for these 5 cats will go into our Feliz Navidad Fund for future needs.  We put the special foods in one of our condos with it marked --for Minerva, Jessie, Cutie and Lucie.  They and I are thankful.

And this Medicinal Monday brought in a wonderful amount of donations--totally blew me away.  It was even hard to absorb all of this kindness---the cats had to help by absorbing lots of that kindness too!!  Are you ready for this...............better sit down!!!  The total is $5765.  wow, wow, wow--and the cats say purr, purr, purr!!  We are sincerely and enormously thankful!

We have more thanks to give too!
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation for FFRC
Stella A Rose--donation for FFRC
Linda M--donation for FFRC
Sheyne M--donation to FFRC
Donavon S--donation for VIctor & Jackson II
Lisa W--donation for FFRC
Katherine E--donation to FFRC
Jo603--donation to FFRC
Shira, Lexy & Misha--donation to FFRC

We did something we don't usually do here today.  We opened a few boxes off cam.  Since I am leaving tomorrow and we knew these boxes were food items, we thought it would be ok to open them!  
Rob & Michelle B--12 pk. bisque treats, 24 cans Gerber baby food
Anonymous Friend--4 of 24 pk Friskies with extra Gravy
Eaglewatcher--4 of 8 pks Lil' Soups
JBond--a wonderful bunch of lotions, bath bombs, etc. (I get to take on vacation with me!!)

We had a quickie Flash Sale on Tuesday--all leggydews and biggydews!  It was wonderful. 100% of them sold--15 leggys and 15 biggys!  This brought in $405!!!  Many thanks to our blankie maker and to all those that purchased them and to the flash mods!

We had 3 adoptions yesterday!  I had expected these adoptions later today but "time and things" made a change and it happened earlier.

Brooke--our spay from Saturday.  She went to a home that was very eager to have her. She will return once more for a few more treatments. I heard from the new mama this morning and all is well. And that Brooke has a booming purr!

Cary and Kinsley--they went together to a person that had asked us to help find a couple kitten siblings--this was perfect.  Cary and Kinsley had a host of URI symptoms when they arrived. They responded quickly to the antibiotics which were sent home for their continued care,.  I received pictures of them in their new homes--lounging on the wide window seat bench and watching some squirrels out the patio door! 

Steve and I will be leaving tomorrow morning and returning late 3/14 or 15.  During this time off, my phone use will be very limited (for emails, messages, etc.)  As many of you know, on the 15th, we will be taking in a litter of kittens.  We have already been working on this litter--they have already received 2 wormers and their Bordatella.  They are healthy, sweet and of course...........cute! 

Everything is all set for our vacation--all volunteers are on deck and extra chores have been given out!  All is good, cats are looking forward to this week too (they usually get extra spoiled!!)  

Minerva update..........We have to remember this is a very old cat and all of her complications have most definitely taken a toll on her.  She is eating some better. She loves her soft beds and her purple mama.  Her appetite isn't the greatest but she keeps at it.  She's what we call a "social eater"--likes to have us humans there while she eats (and which we do!).  She has given us so much joy already.

Take care, see you all on the 15th!