Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weds., June 22

We have blossomed!  Our Grand Total for the 2016 Catathon is now at $37,692!! Isn't that just amazing and ever so wonderful!  We are already working on our goals. The new shed is now paid for. The picnic table is here and is being enjoyed by visitors. The load of stones is in place and now paid for. We're working on the replacement sign for the front yard. The new heavy duty yard wagon is put together and is in use. More things will be accomplished as we have time! 

We are keeping Goin' Postal mighty busy. As promised, we started on Monday with packing things up and getting them sent out to the correct homes! Keep an eye on the mail--things are going out the door quickly!

We are still soaking in the wonderfulness of Catathon! It was an absolutely wonderful day, filled with much friendship and great people, both here and you folks "out there"! 

I understand we may have some rough weather coming in this evening. No worries---we have our wonderful Jena Radar/generator ready to kick in! We've also spent some of today making sure things are secure and that the Barnies, Porchies, Firecats and Covies are extra safe. 

Today, we have two cats at the vets for their dentals. Both Mew (a Porchie) and Rowland (a Covie) are there right now. Mew is done and Rowland soon will be. And then we'll bring them home to spend a night inside before returning them to their home areas. 

Saturday is our big spay/neuter day here at FFRC. When these kittens are neutered/spayed, we will then be able to get some of them into their new homes that are waiting for them! We have one public spay coming in, but otherwise we have kept it to FFRC as we have many to do ourselves.  Here is the list along with their weights:: 
Boys: Djak (2.02), Sanford (2.02), Wendell (2.03), Ozzie (2.05), Terry (2.09), Dominic (3.07), Thumper (2.08), Frilly (2.06), Keanu (3.04), Reeves (3.01) Thandi (2.07), Hamilton (2.10), Sarge (3.00), Kevin (3.05).

Girls: Vivienne (6.01), Bonnie (2.03), Milly (2.02), Keana (3.01), Belissima (2.10) and Friedricha (2.02).   We also have two more waiting "in the wings" because of their weight.  They are Violet who weighed 1.14 and Blossom who weighed 1.15.  We will reweigh them Friday.  Keana will also have her tail removed where it is severely fractured at.  Dr. Darcy will make a decision on Friedricha's tail. 

We also will have Dr. Darcy do a few physicals: Vivienne, Jones, Soy Boy, Gustave, Hensley, Jessie, Paddy Cake, Polly and Sea Turtle. Some of these are because they are due for their yearly physicals.  

Soy Boy has had a bit of a rough time. He is a Covie. This is his second incident of having Nystagmus--this is an involuntary, rapid and repetitive movement of the eyes. He also has had trouble standing on his feet but that has much improved. There can be many reasons for this. Right now he is doing better and back in the Cove with daily meds being given.

We have several new cats! We'll do a refresher on the last few and 2 introductions! 
Livingston arrived on 6/13 with that very awful swollen hiney where he couldn't potty.  He has gained weight, is a super playful boy and can potty just fine now--the swelling is gone! His birthday is 5/12/16. He is even done with all his medications.

Chuckie and Woody--these two wee babies also arrived on 6/13. They were under a pool in a tunnel that was dug by a woodchuck (hence their names!). Their birthday is 5/20/16. Both are ASH brown tigers--so sweet and both purr so big. Woody is a bit bigger than Chuckie. 

Cagney arrived 6/20/16. His birthday is 4/25/16. This little guy was found 5 days before coming here all alone. A person picked him up and cared for him before bringing him here. He's a black tiger/white. A little shy but likes to purr! He is making friends with Livingston, Chuckie and Woody.  

And then there is Jones. Remember that cat that we were to get a week or so ago that didn't come on that Monday? He's here. Connie D, our vol, went and picked him up on Tuesday.  Well, this boy has us wrapped right around his bushy tail. He's a year old, his birthday is 5/26/15 and he's a long hair gold boy, already neutered. We have him current on his vaccines, tests, etc.  But, he definitely is "different".  I say that in all kindness, but not quite sure how to describe him. He was given to a kind lady when he was 6 months old, being told he was "special". And he is! She had him for 6 months and then relinquished him to FFRC because she knew he needed some medical help. He was thought to be a CH cat, but I don't believe that is true. He possibly may have seizures? We're not sure. He is not an FIP cat. But he definitely has some neurological issues. He sometimes wobbles on his back end. He sometimes flips over and waves his paws in the air. He sometimes stretches way way out and then topples over. He's very unique. Dr. Darcy has seen him already. We have him on meds in case there's a cranial infection or toxo or ???  He does actually seem to be a bit better--time will tell. In the meantime, if you need a cat to hold and hug, he's your boy! He's crazy about being loved on! Such a super sweet cat. 

All of the above mentioned will soon be in the Main Area, including Jones. And, with all this, I think we are caught up!  Steve and I will be gone for the whole day tomorrow--he will have some procedures done. Good thoughts and prayers are welcome.  My daughter Caryn will come and be here to care for my mom the whole day! Sure appreciate this! Have a happy day to you all! 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday, June 20

Catathon 2016--our 6th Catathon is now over.  What a whole lot of fun, much friendship, and funds raised for the Rescue Center. This blog is about my thankfulness.

This event took many people to pull it together. I thank all those who were here physically to help make yesterday run smoothly!     

Round 1:  This is a much family affair to me today! I have my husband Steve here, my mom, sister, all 3 daughters and son and many grandchildren. It does my heart good to know I have their support. For Round 1: $2,185

Round 2: We have over 40 people who are volunteering their time to make the Catathon possible. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.     For Round 2: Grand total--$6,835

Round 3: Big thanks to all the people that have beeninvolved in promoting the Catathon to all our viewers. From Jenni taking the pictures and organizing them, to MK and SonJa doing the descriptions, to Dawnstar for all his awesome Catathon videos, to Canton for helping with the Raffle and promoting in FB, to VRS1cats and Clay for all the major hard work coordinating the website, to Dawnstar, Jim & JustMe for making sure all the computer systems work perfectly, to Pat P and Jocelyn for doing the Raffle tickets and to all the mods and admins for promoting it to our web friends.  Grand total:   $9,655

Round 4: On friendship: "When you come to another with love in your heart, asking nothing, only offering that love, you create miraculous relationships!"  Just think of the friendships we have formed thru our webcam with one another---it's just amazing!   Grand total:  $16,575

Round 5: A super special thanks to all the people who made this Catathon possible by providing all the items that are in the Baskets, Big Ticket Items, the Big Big Ticket items and for the Catathon Raffle.  95% of the items were provided by you folks out there in camland. YOU are appreicated! 
Grand total: $22,190

Round 6: Mother Teresa said: "It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing".  Grand total:  $30,240

Round 7:  This is what we are:   FFRCNation/Many Countries/One Heart/One Mission/One Nation. And big thanks for all hte Catribution donations!  Grand total: $34,442

Updates this morning went to $36,822 and then to $37,522 !!!!!

Our goals for the 2016 Catathon---
A permanent electric line for the FireCat’s  FireHouse    $800
A permanent heating system for THTJB                        $4,000
     (includes the new tank, line into THTJB, the furnace)
Replacement window for Kitty Campus Room & little window    $ 1,200
New shed for FFRC                                                                         $2,000
Repair on roof by awning and sunporch                                   $1,250
Picnic Table                                                                                $150
Freezer (ours is 25 yrs old & is thawing)                                   $800
A Kuranda Tower for Bella’s Place                                           $215
Maintenance check on generator                                               $255
Our current vet bill $3,664  (we don’t want to drain Feliz Navidad Fund all the way.
Load of stones for around Shelter House/stone lane            $625
Replacement for 1 of the heavy duty wagons             $225
a replacement FFRC yard sign                                    $700
Cement slab in Bella’s Place, outside of door             $400
 TOTAL   $16,284

IF we are able to meet these needs and have excess funds, we truly need to apply it to our operational weekly needs. Our week to week needs normally amount to $4800.  This covers a huge assortment of needs.    

We had a lot of fun with the Pie in the Face---all good, clean (or not so clean!!) fun. The winning participants were Catopractor, BillyPogo and Connie D. Thanks for being such good sports!  And who was that very strange older lady who kept coming in???!!  And then we had visits from an Antonio too!  All fun times!

These were my thoughts:
To my family, chatters, lurkers, viewers, supporters, friends, mods, admins---all who are involved with FFRC.  This has been the hardest part of this Catathon---knowing how to thank you all properly.  I am a big believer in making sure folks know how grateful we are for the support shown to this Rescue Center.  My parents taught me that long ago and I shall always honor that.

But, how to fully say thanks is difficult. There are not enough words. When we first started our 24/7 cam, people were numbers to us at first, as we didn't know you. As time went on and we could communicate thru the chat and audio, we were able to really talk to you and become friends. Wow--those numbers out there turned into real people who really love our cats. We have now become attached--we know each other even though many we have not met. We hear your voices in your chat and on fb.  We feel the love you give--yes, it comes right thru that cam. I know it may seem weird, but we can"feel" you--your friendship, your love, your compassion. It's quite amazable.

You share your time with us, your boxes, your gifts, your votes, your thoughts, your friendships---your very selves. And we love it. While we do the work-part here at FFRC and can physically be here in person, we know that you too KNOW these cats and kittens and the volunteers. We have become woven together in this great FFRCNation that we have. We truly have become a Nation that not only shares the love of cats but have encompassed so many friendships. It does my heart good when I see the closeness so many of you have with one another and here with us. We have become like a family.

This is so important to this Rescue Center. You have helped us accomplish things I never thought was possible. It relieves me of the great worry of how can we do this, how can we financially do that, how can we afford to feed these cats---the list goes on and on. Your help and support is superb and so very gratefully received.

I know I may be partial, but I doubt there's another rescue out there with the bestest friends like yourselves, our great mods and admins. And I KNOW the cats here are loved so much, not only by us that are here but by you.....our friends. Never ever doubt that one person can make a difference, as each one of you is important to me and the cats of FFRC.  You and the volunteers are my heroes.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of what we do here.  We are indeed all FFRCNation, interwoven with love, compassion and friendship and I am so blessed to be a part of this.  Thank you. 


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday, June 16

Hensley is having his morning nap on my desk. Magic is curled up here too and Kiara  and Paddy Purr are on other cushies on the far part of the desk. Very peaceful!

The Catathon Raffle is now over! You folks are awesome and really made us work, which is wonderful!! I am grateful for each and every vote. We will do the drawings for each item during the Catathon. During Round 6 we will announce the winners of the pie people which will then happen after Round 7 while we are waiting for totals. So......stick around for the fun! 

We had BOXES last night---ever so grateful for your help!
Nona S from NY--silvadine ointment, l-lysine, 2 cans clams, 3 cans salmon, 4 cans chicken, Human vitamins for vols. 
Anonymous Friend--case of Friskies
Anne-in-UK--card made by Anne with Trucker!  4-37 x 74 cat scarves--so beautiful. A bunch of her wonderful key chains!
Eaglewatcher--6 mega tubs of Lysol Wipes
Victoria & Carlos with Abbey, their 19 yr. old cat--32 case of Friskies and a 24 case of Fancy Feast
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry
Nancy S from Defiance--donation in memory of Becky M's mom
Alan, Elaine & LittleKat--card with photo of pretty LittleKat & 2 chicken $5's. From Little Kat--her allowance given as a donation to FFRC
MLS--4 pairs of good sharp sissors!
Taylor, Jessie & Shawn--visitors, PT, plates, washcloths, toys, cat bed, kitty food, clorox wipes
JustMe/Kathy, mod--stuff opened off cam as requested! 

We also need to catch up on our thanks from Monday's BOXES! 
Mary from Arch, vol--5 bags Trader Joe's popcorn, 4 rugs, 4 cans 9-Lives, 10 cans Sheba
Joco--12 lg. cans salmon
Napa/Donna, our mod--CCTV Solar Indoor/Outdoor cam
Julie & David from UK--Happy 2nd Birthday to Vernon with his chicken $5
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Eaglewater/Beth--3 filters for shop vacs
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy 4th BD to Coral, HB to Vern & Bruno and HB to PB--all with their $5 to spend on chicken! 

And we're not done yet! Many thanks--
Shannon S  from IL--donation to be used for the spay/neuter program to cover costs that owners may not be able to!
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Kathy/justme--good "stuff"!
SonJa M/mod--donation to the Chickie Fund in honor of Vern's birthday! (he has to share!)
Alan & Elaine--visitors here from FL for Catathon--they brought a trunk load of "stuff"--many different categories of goodies for us! 

Yesterday we had 3 cats go to the vet's for the day. Oliver, our Covie, had a dental. We had his teeth checked a few weeks ago and knew that he needed some attention. Oliver had 10 teeth pulled and is he ever happy! I can see a difference already! He spent the night inside but will rejoin his friends today. He has a long acting antibiotic in him and this morning was given a 24 hour soreness meds.  Come and visit and he will smile for you!

Then we had little Friedricha had some work done. We were aware that she didn't weigh enough and still didn't yesterday morning, but we wanted Dr. Darcy to see her so she went too! They clipped more of the "dead" tail off. The stub that is left is bandaged temporarily. We've got a plan! We will alternate treatment meds for her tail in hopes of achieving more healthy tissue.  We'll keep track of her weight too.

Charles also went up for a visit. He's a bit worrisome.  His lymph glands are very swollen. His growth in his mouth doesn't look good.  His lab work does not indicate FIP, which is a huge relief.  We want to run a second FIV/Leuk test even though it hasn't been 4 weeks yet.  Will keep you posted.

You still have time to pre-register! You can go to our website  for the directions! It's easy and will make bidding at the Catathon faster!

The kittens have now spent a few nights in the Main Area and they've passed with flying colors. They are all doing super good. And yes....Chloe is sporting a sock.  Those kittens just will not stop nursing so once again I had to raid Steve's sock drawer! That Pippi--wow, she is a little firecracker. She and Elsie have no bounds on their energy level! Two very busy cats.

Oliver just went back to his beloved Cove.  He gladly walked out of the crate and joined his friends! The Covies are doing great. This morning, we had quite a few of the grey barn cats come up for breakfast. It's interesting how they are migrating up for a meal. Annabelle was there, along with Bibby and Middy. And Blake let me do a back scratch on him!

Come join us for the fun of Catathon. This is our main fundraiser for FFRC. This year we will not take on a large building project.  For 2016, we will focus on repairs and maintenance and other needs. 
Here are a few things we hope to raise funds for:

A permanent electric line for the FireCat's FireHouse     $800
A permanent heating system for THTJB. (a gas tank, l;ine into THTJB, the furnace)     $4,000
Replacement windows for Kitty Campus Room & another window in Main Area     $1,200
New shed for FFRC     $2,000
Repair of roof by awning and sunporch     $1250
Picnic Table     $150
Freezer  (ours is at least 25 years old)     $800
A Kuranda Tower for Bella's Place  $215
Maintenance check on generator     $255
Our current vet bill      $3,664  (we don't want to drain our Feliz Navidad Fund all the way)
Load of stones for around Shelter House/stone lane  $625
Replacement for heavy duty wagon   $225

This comes to a total of $15,184. 

If we are able to meet these needs and have excess funds, we truly need to apply it to our operational weekly needs.  Our week to week needs normally amount to $3,000.  This covers a huge assortment of needs. 

You all have a wonderful day!  The cats and I are grateful for your support and friendship!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday, June 13

We are now in Catathon Week! 6 more days!  The Catathon Raffle started yesterday and will end on Weds. morning at 9:00 am.  Check out the cam for the video, FB FFRC pages or FFRCNation for info! It's an exciting Raffle! The drawings will be during the Cathon. Here's the schedule for that:
Round 1     Item A and B
Round 2     Item C and D
Round 3     Item E and F
Round 4     Item G and H
Round 5     Item I and J
Round 6     Item K--announce names of 3 pie people! (the people selected are excited!)
Round 7     Consolation Prizes
After Round 7--Pie Time!

The past 3 days we have been involved with the Concessions for the Defiance Dance Recital. It's now over and we are happy with the results. We profited approximately $800!!! Wonderful!  Many thanks to the following for giving hours of their time to make this successful:  Steve, Tabby, Tween, Gem, Bill, Angie, Kathy R, Jocie, Anthony and Dawn E. A good weekend!

Many thanks too to Tabby and Tween for their donation this weekend (they stayed the whole weekend to help with the concessions!!)--15 gal. vinegar, 15 broths, 1 ream paper, Blue Buffalo dog food, 3 litters. 
Alex and Heidi--Alex donated some service hours for 4-H--snackers, case of 9-Lives.

I would like to let you know, with a very heavy heart, that our Nathaniel has passed away. I knew he wasn't the best on Friday night. Saturday during the day showed that he was failing. He passed away late Saturday night while being held and given kisses.  I know beyond a doubt that he knew he was loved. I just miss this little one. I had such high hopes for his future here. Thank you all for caring about him.  He will be greatly missed. Sadly too, all 4 kittens in that litter has passed. 

If you're ever here and need a pick-me-up---just reach for a cat. Their purring will soothe you and cause good feelings again.  

We have a "new" kitten! Friedrich is now Friedricha.  Yes, he is a she. I can hear it now---oh no---a mistake!!  lol  In my defense, his, er.....I mean, her hiney was so utterly swollen from his accident, that "parts" looked different than now. The swelling is much better and parts are now visible. And besides, she likes that name--makes her smile and meow!  Friedricha it is!  Her surgery is scheduled for Weds. I will admit I have some worry. The injury extends above the base of the tail. To do a tail amputation, it's important to go beyond the injury site. I'm thankful we have such awesome vets to work on her. Keep her in your good thoughts and prayers for her surgery please. 

We have kitties on hold! As you know, they have to wait until after their spays/neuters to go to their new homes. The kittens that are spoken for already are: Wendell, Ozzie, Thumper, Theron, Thandi, Helen and Bellissima.  Happy, loving homes coming up!

Here's two of our sayings that we have on one of our doors:

"There are potentially wonderful friends all over the world, just waiting to be met".

"This Rescue Center is a place of JOY!  Please..only bring peace, friendship and a good heart within our Rescue Center". 

Take care, everyone! Remember the Raffle! And please add your vote today at    We surely do appreciate that! Have a wonderful day! 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday, July 11

Wow---lots of "stuff" going on!  Last night, today (twice) and tomorrow afternoon we have our concessions going on for the annual Dance Recital. Lots of work but it's a fundraiser which we are grateful to have! We'll go thru probably 30 cases of bottled water and many candy bars, sandwiches, chips, cheese, crackers, peanuts, etc!  

Here's a few of the happenings for this week:
Saturday--2 concession times at the Dance Recital
Sunday--1 concession time at the Dance Recital and Catathon Raffle begins!
Weds.--Catathon Raffle ends, 2 dental surgeries & 1 tail amputation
Thurs.--Arthur phone company comes and works on phone lines for Catathon,
Friday--Werlor comes to do an extra pick up, double check pizza order for Sunday PM, 
Saturday--big TV comes for Catathon, rearranging of furniture begins, set up for Catathon

And during all of this, treatments for the cats continue, visitors arrive, people coming to look at the cats, making sure the farmyard is tidy, etc.---lots of things happening! 

Big thanks to give:
Gusti--donation to help with Brayer's neutering & meds.
Kris M from MN--donation for Derecho, Nathaniel and Bruno
Kelly I--donation for FFRC
Nikki M--visitor --3-48 pk paper plates, PT, 3 pk Lysol wipes, 2 vinegars, 2 bleach, case of kitty wipes, dz. can cat food, 44 cans cat food, kitchen bags
Lostgirl/Debbie--3 bags lg. foam plates and 4 cases Arnold Palmer Tea

We have also had more donations made in memory of our friend, Betz--Twitch Account, Louise C from IL, Lynda S from MN and Kikimycat.  Thank you. 

Tomorrow morning the Catathon Raffle begins. Wow--the items are just fantastic. All it takes is ONE ticket to win! You can go thru PayPal or if you'd like to send a check, that is fine---we just need to have it here by or on Weds.  You can also email if mailing in a check! We will also have 6 really nice consolation prizes: 2 Bago bear cat pads & spider toy, Larissa Treasure Box, LJ's flat cat Yawn, Oxford Purple Cat Carrier (Beth), Biggiedew/leggydew/pillowcase set and  Coffee/cream Afghan by Rosemary. These consolation prizes will be announced in Round 7. 

Brayer is doing better. His bite wounds are healing. It's amazing how antibiotics can make such a huge difference. Charles also continues his treatments--seems to be a gentle boy. We are continuing our watch on his mouth growth.

The routine for the babies is now "in their head". They know they spend the night in the back Thumper's Room and then after breakfast, they come spilling out!Such smart kitties. Coralie is right now here by my desk, up on a Kuranda Tower overlooking 5 kittens playing below her!

We got the flea prevention applied to all the Covies, Porchies and Barnies over the last 2 days. Still working on the FireCats. It's quite a "job" getting them all done---takes lots of coaxing, chicken and snackers. The second we open the packet of flea prevention---they know and off they go! 

Have a terrific weekend.  Blogs may be fewer/shorter next week! Catathon preparation  in full gear now! 


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday, June 9

The herd of kittens are now in the front Main Area!  Have to do the "kitty shuffle" once again. No picking feet up high!  These 17 kittens (with Nathaniel) and the 3 greys are super sweet--very active and all have nice round tummies! Have to love those FFRC tummies!  We have a few of them on hold but they will have to wait until after their spay/neuter date which is June 25. They still go back in the Thumper's Room for their night time sleep.

We had BOXES last night! So many thanks are given to YOU!
Donna--Coralie's Friend & her kitties--For Coralie & friends--3 cases of appetizers, Friskies Party mix, pet bed for Coralie
Scottycat\mod--For Catathon - Mod basket--note pad and cards, Scotland souvenir plate, tea bag holder, handker chief  Scottydog" gift set
Joco---10 cans of Bumble Bee tuna
Nona-- 4 shop vac dust collection filters & 4 shop vac filter sleeves
Carla C--- bag of K-cups--cider, teas, hot chocolate and coffee packets
Jatcat--snuggle kitty warmer with heartbeat for Nathaniel
Barbara & sister anita\anitabs1--to be used where needed --lots of beautiful Jewlery --made with Swarovski crytal beads, seed beads, sterling silver and gold filled findings--bracelets, earrings, necklaces--all so beautiful!
Justme\Kathy--- Stone for Cleo, cable for sound  system
MLS--- 4 cases of baby food
Eaglewatcher\Beth--- 5 cases of BFF tuna and chicken kitty food
Zoolove-- case of baby food
lannml---4 16# bags of adult Purina One
Plee--- 34 24 packs of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken
Slight Family (visitors) --dry cat food, - 2 cases of Friskies Pate, 8 hand towles
Pat P\Volunteer---brought in donation of stuff
Smiley and husband Gregg from FL (visitors)--Friskies, cat nip chasers, snackers, milk bones for the doggies, 6 appetizers
Lostgirl---3 packets of micro fiber wash clothes
Seth and Kayla (visitors)- laundry soap, bleach, coupons
Anony--- 2 hand sanitizers, 6 Kleenex, 9 Clorox wipes
Helen N from OH-- onation
Trudi S from Bryant---donation
Tom C from IL---donation
Clark Jessie & The Rest--- Happy Birthday card to Cliff and Kiara and the famous $5 for chicken

Thank you too for these folks--
Michael JW--donation to FFRC
Brendan D--donation to FFRC
Thomas W--donation to FFRC

As most of you already know, our dear friend Betz has passed away on the 7th, in the morning. She was a real treasure to FFRC and will be greatly missed. Always a kind soul who loved the cats and her FFRC friends. We have had some donations made in her memory and to sponsor her to favorite cats Walter, Walter, Walter and Cutie. We will have a leaf for the Tree of Giving made for Betz. 
Many thanks to these folks for your donation for Betz--Fran D frin FL, Kittiesmom, Kikinanz, Snoopymom, Kimkost, Gusti, Jacksmom, Pilvi, lannml, ju-in-ji.

I've heard from the mom that adopted Jinkee, now known as Jinx. She says--Jinx is the perfect fit for the family, loves the kids, belly rubs and the windows to watch the birds! 

Please remember to vote daily
This gives us an opportunity to win funds for FFRC!  A vote a day is appreciated!  We are at 5,431 this morning. 

It's been 2 weeks since Hensley has had a seizure! Hoping this means his medication is working! He's napping here beside me right now, along with Paddy Purr and Gustave.  Nathaniel is right by me on the floor with Shawnee hovering over him! 

We took in a new cat. His name is Brayer, a Name a Cat name. He's a brown tiger boy about 1 1/2 years old. He's a lucky boy---he is at the top of the statistics for having leukemia---an outside, unneutered male with bite wounds. But..his tests show negative. He will be neutered very soon and probably put in the Big Red Barn to have those Barnies as his friends. Brayer will be a nice addition to the farmyard---a real sweetie.  He's on antibiotics for his wounds, which are already healing. He also came in fairly dehydrated--drank, drank and drank some more! 

10 more days to Catathon! Please remember to pre-register--simply go to our website at and follow the link! It will help a lot on the day of the Catathon. As of today, we have 149 pre-registered people!  Check out the information on all the items that will be in for the Catathon--pictures and descriptions in our website! 

And don't forget---this Sunday starts the Catathon Raffle!  Awesome items!  This info will be seen soon on our cam video and the fb pages! The items are really wonderful and Item K is very very interesting! 

Take care, enjoy this beautiful day!  

Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday, June 6

Ohhhh, what a beautiful day.......a great big beautiful day!  And the's a spay/neuter Transport Day!  I am thrilled to be a part of this! We had 27 cats that were loaded up ont he Transport Bus early this morning--22 females and 5 boys. Our total numbers are growing! We are now at 136 females and 109 males making that a total of 245 that FFRC has been involved with. We were hoping for a few more today but sometimes the owners have a difficult time catching the ferals. We understand that. 

Because our next FFRC surgery date (June 25) will be completely full with our own FFRC needs, we won't be able to open that up to the public for this month. With all of our kittens closing in on 2 pounds, we will have plenty of our own to do. 

We are very grateful for these folks and their donations--
Tracy L--donation for FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Susan G--donation in memory of Adrian & Malcolm's Princess Patch to be used where needed

Cliff, our Porchie is 8 years old today! He arrived when he was just 1 year old. Cliff is our orangie boy with the cleft lip. He is a bit shy but once you start petting him, he loves it! 

The kittens are up in the Main Area! All 16 of them! We have to keep special track of Nathaniel. The rest of them are already exploring every nook and cranny that they can find. We even have Chloe, the protective mama, out. So far, so good.  We will probably take them back to the Back Thumper's Room for bedtime though. It's much bigger than the Cat's Corner Room and that will give them a peaceful night of sleep. Dominick, Reeves and Thumper are definately the big boys running around. We weighed all the kittens this morning and I'm happy to say that they've all gained weight.  A real good recovery for them from when they were under the weather earlier.

Charles is doing great. He's taking his meds like a good boy. He's right now down exploring a bit. Such a very handsome boy---he seems to have some spotty dotties on him!

All is going well with Hensley and his meds. No new seizures. He takes his meds nicely too. Alsie has been retrieved from way up high about 4 times already today. I think she just enjoys seeing us worrying about her!  She's one of those extra sensory girls!

The Covies are doing wonderful. They get their Cove blasted weekly for cleanliness. And The House that Jonah Built is scrubbed several times a week.  Their yard was just mowed and so it looks extra nice! They love to sprawl out on the cement when the sun is there. 

The Barnies are also doing good. They willingly share some of their sleep beds with the chickens. Such a funny site! Maverick and Mercy are out in the large yard today, mowing the grass!

Joey is climbing all around my desk! He's such a doubly handsome boy. Farrah is sound asleep on my desk. Reeves is climbing up my back.....again!  Shawnee is watching the kittens playing here in the office. Vernon seems to be enjoying the kitty commotion from his favorite chair.  All is good.  

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