Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday, August 31

Surgeries are over.  Wow---what a very long, bit stressful, day. I have full confidence in our surgery team, but always a part of me sighs a big breathe when each surgery is completed and done. All in all, we did 9 male surgeries (1 belonged to a volunteer) and 12 spays (including a hernia repair).  We also did 18 physicals.  A very busy day. Our next surgery is scheduled for September 27 in the afternoon. 

We have already had one adoption today! Sweet Jasmine is on her way with her new family, to Florida. She's been a much waited for kitten. More adoptions coming today yet.  

We have some thanks to be given!  
Faithy & Bobby--school album, book with 3-D pictures, coupons and a book on shoes for a volunteer!
Jennifer P from NV--donation to FFRC
Ladydoc--a generous donation to be made for the incoming new washer! How so very kind
Chris/dewitty--a wonderful donation, partly for her bracelet from Hannah and the remainder to go in our Feliz Navidad Medical Fund.  This is a bonus for our fund. 

Yeah!  FFRC received a PayPal from Amazon for $446.19.  This is for July to signify the Amazon sales made using our FFRC name for Amazon. Wonderful! Thank you. 

Goat Poo Bingo is on the go!  We'll keep updating and showing it to you as the PayPals come in! How fun and exciting. 

We have a new kitten that just arrived. She's only 5 weeks old and has met with much hardship for being so young. Her name is Gusti--a Name a Cat name.  Gusti is a grey tiger/white, but there's a bit of brown intermixed in with the grey stripes. Very pretty! Her ears were occluded with ear mite debris.  This will be an ongoing clean out job on these little ears. She also was loaded with fleas--way way too many for such a baby. Her tummy was loaded with worms which we've already started work on that. Unfortunately she also has severe scaring of her right eye, yet her left eye is worse. When she "makes weight", her left eye will need to be removed as it is completely unusable. Gusti is a purr-er already and a loverbug.  From yesterday on, her life will be better---we promised her. 

Dr. Darcy also looked at Cayden yesterday. As you know his one back leg is only a partial leg. After watching him so much and keeping in mind he is a CH kitten, we've decided to do a "wait and see" with his leg.  Right now, it's not hindering him.  It's actually a bit of a help, as he touches it down once in a while to stabilize himself. As long as there's no sore developing, he's doing fine, just as he is. 

We also talked about Trucker quite a bit. He weighs 2.11 pounds.  Big enough for surgery, but we are shooting for when he's 3 1/2 to 4 pounds.  Both back legs are completely non-usable and a hindrance to him. One rear leg will be removed first, followed by the other one a few weeks later. But, if a sore develops on his legs, plans will change. We are already keeping an eye on one area. He's so zippy fast, he puts a lot of wear on his leg skin. He's such a happy boy!

Have a wonderful Sunday. Vernon is sitting here on my desk, tucked in a little basket. Such a sweetheart. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday August 29

The Raffle last night was beyond words for me. You all blew me away with your kindness.  Thank you are such two simple words, but I say them with much sincerity. I am very grateful. 

Here's the wonderful breakdown of our Raffle. 
Item A,  FFRC cat book -- winner Linda/roostergirl -- 145 tickets sold
Item B, FFRC CH cat book -- winner Piperjo -- 183 tickets sold
Item C, Pink Butterfly Afghan -- winner Romeomom -- 44 tickets sold
Item D, Laurel Burch Tote -- winner Sandra Hes/momcatt9 -- 113 tickets sold
Item E, White popcorn Afghan -- winner patcat -- 111 tickets sold
Item F, Kitty Afghan -- winner knittinkitten -- 91 tickets sold

Wow--this cam to a total of $3,435.  Then we had generous people contribute to the total! They are:
LJ323, Romeomom, Eaglewatcher, Joco, Aunty Fi, Donnajb, ColoEagle and Eartheyes.  This really helped our total. The Grand Total bumped to $4070. I am grateful. 

We had consolation prizes too---that's always fun!
Patcat---kitty butterfly mug
Sandra De--Bob's boxes with kitties
Stanley Eck--butterfly puzzle
Hannah S--rescue leggydew
Littleonemine--rescue leggydew
Gillian Ri--flower/butterfly tote
Ellen, volunteer--Hello Kitty Bed
Stanley Eck, Paintedaisy, Quinceysmom and Geremy Kec--catstock t-shirt
CNH, Madisonpepper, Plee--bracelets by Hannah

Then we had an extra wonderful gift given.  As many of you know, our washer has been giving us fits. Sometimes it clicks & grinds, sometimes not. Sometimes it leaks, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it works, many times it doesn't. So aggravating. We have it working again right now, but having to use much smaller loads which then takes most of the entire day to do the laundry, even with doing many loads inside the house. Our friend, Deb11111 has generously given us a gift to be able to purchase a new washer. I'm so very thankful. 

We also had BOXES last night. This FFRCNation rocks!
Dawn T--purple bubble wrap, coupons, 2 rolls duct tape, snackers for the cats, case of Appetizers, case of Fancy Feast, post it note holder, cat key rings with bling!, pens, big clips, eagle statues
Linda C/angelface--6 boxes of Kleenex--opened and used right away for grateful tears!
Pat C, Thursday vol--lots of cat & dog food and litter from Walmart, 3 pairs handwarmers, dishcloth and a gorgeous Cat on a Fence Afghan
Wanda E--donation for 2 portraits--you do beautiful work, Wanda!
Stephanie S from UK--donation of the money raised in August for the keyrings she sold!
Sarah P/romeomom from MO--donation "just cuz"!
Sean & Ann from PA--this week's visitors--individual pretzel bags, 2 dz. baby food jars, case of Friskies, 3 bags Rachel Ray dry cat food, 3 dz. Meow Mix cups, cat toys, jumbo Mr. Clean, Dawn soap, HE Tide, 15 Clorox wipes, big bag Precious litter, lots of cat treats, juicy juice, 3 dz sheba cans, 3 dz Cheezits, 2 boxes dryer sheets, TP
Beverly H from PA--bag of towels and bag of can food
Brian & Kim W. from PA--2 cases Weruve can cat food

I've made two phone calls now to check on Snow-King and Athena.  The first call told us that Athena was looking out the patio doors while Snow-King was still glued to the couch. But, things have now progressed--they both are enjoying the birds at the patio doors!  We will have quite a few adoptions on Sunday and Monday. These will be kittens that have been on hold, waiting for their spay/neuter. We always want a night here after their surgeries to be able to check them the next morning. 

Slick is doing wonderful. He's eating, purring like a diesel motor and loves his tummy rubbed. Sadie continues to improve. What a joy to see her relaxed and in a cat bed. The Covies have been out of the Cove three days already this week and still have Sunday to be out. They love it and always come back for supper, like good kitties. The Barnies are also doing great--they love the hay bale piles. Snappy has been in now for 24 hours. We're trying our very bestest to encourage him wanting to stay inside. Aubie is flat out laying on top of Camvie. Both are purring so loudly and napping. Sweet dreams to these two cats. 

Get's almost Goat Poo Bingo time!  You say what?????  Yes, that's right.  Goat Poo Bingo. This is a Catstock fun event. We have a board just for our webcam friends, whether you are a lurker or a chatter! If you'd like to participate, just go thru PayPal or send a check out now to FFRC.  Buy a Bingo square or as many as you'd like.  The Bingo squares are $5. The numbers are 1 thru 25, but NOT number 13.  #13 is reserved 100% for Derecho and the other cats at FFRC.  The Determinator Derecho said so! At 4:15 on the day of Catstock, Butter and Pickles, the goats, will have access to the Giant Bingo "Board". The first square that is pooed in, is the winner! It will be a 50/50 Bingo.  50% goes to FFRC, 50% is divided between however many people bought that square. The fun begins now! I will frequently show the board to the cam so you can see the numbers and participants.  Get ready, get set, go.....let the poo begin! 


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday, August 28

Integrity gets the cuteness award today.  His eye is improving every day. This little fella came in with such a bad upper respiratory infection but is on his way to recovery. He's just an all around good kitten. He will be on the surgery list for Saturday.

Joey did something amazing today. I was sitting at my desk early this morning and he climbed up the kuranda tower beside the desk and halfway came on my desk. He stayed there for a good ten minutes. It was amazing to me. When I think back about how he was when he first arrived. I remember saying that I wish for him to be comfortable enough that he would cruise about someday.  I do believe he's achieved this! Makes me very happy for him.
We had BOXES last night! You all are so appreciated.
Julie P/tigercats from IA-car charm for Dodger, milk rings, sticky notes, kitty nail art, 4 sock coin purses, dinosaur sandwich cutters, PB cups, 8 cases of Friskies can food, 2 butterfly glow sticks---some of these things we can use for Catstock!
nona--2 cases KMR
Donnajb--Bounce, baby food, 12 big cans canned chicken, 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten
Helen M/helman--box of 24 Whiskas, Box of Meow Mix bowls, 2 cases Fancy Feast, case of 9-Lives
Mayumi from Tokyo Branch--48 packets fish snackers, 12 packets chicken snackers, bear belly ice pack for kitties
Linda C/angelface--case of Fancy Feast kitten, case of baby food, 400 spoons
Anonymous Lurker--2 cases Fancy Feast
JoAnn Z/jznyc from NY--4 boxes appetizers
Great Aunt Julie/Tigercat from IA--8 cases Friskies, box of Friskies packets
Leggygal from CA--4 cases baby food
Sean and Ann from PA with Penn, Teller and Pixel. 4-day visitors!
Julie B from CA--donation to FFRC
terwil/Theresa W from PA--donation to FFRC, to use anyway needed
Carol D from VA--donation to FFRC
Lannml--donation to FFRC for medical expenses
Barbara W from WA--donation "just because", probably will put towards medical needs
SonJamac--donation for FFRC, above Hannah's bracelet!

Little Miss Samara has a new name--Miss Bouncy, JungleJane girl. This morning she decided her Dodger's Pen was no longer a pen to stay quiet in. She was jogging circles in it, going up the sides and onto the hammock. Made me gasp. It was one of those times I needed to wiggle my finger at her and tell her that that was not allowed---only slow motion is allowed for her while recovering! I don't think she's listening though!

We finally were able to complete the adoption for Athena.  We've known for a few days that she was going to a home. New mom/dad have a fairly quiet house, has 2 teenager kids that love cats. The hold up was that they were undecided about which second cat to choose. It dawned on me yesterday that she and Snow-King are great together. They've been together for a month and have always been nice to each other.  I made the first phone call this late morning. Actually, Athena is doing awesome--already watching out the patio doors.  Snow-King is not quite so brave--hasn't left the couch yet.  But, he will. His friend Athena will work for him!

The boys--Cayden, Trucker and Vernon--are doing great. They hang out together a lot. Nap together, eat together, play together! Such a joy to see this! All 3 are growing.

Remember BOXES are at 5:30 this evening and the Raffle Drawing is at 6:00!  Let's have some fun!

Displaying Holding hands.jpg

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday, August 26

Jackson's saucy walk. Bella's talk to go outside. Emma Jo constantly putting her feet in food dishes and smirking at me. Cutie always watchful for a lap to crawl in. Trucker's watchful eye on the refrigerator for chicken. Kiara loves to watch the empty syringes being tossed in the sink. Moose enjoys flinging himself at legs---without using his claws. Abner going up to his mama and headbutting her---he still loves his mama. Seymour being stationed on the ramp watching the birds. Jatcat in her favorite "serve me breakfast here" spot. Mahogany plainly letting us know when she wants petting.  All these wonderful cats.....all with their own distinct personalities. Come, visit, get to know these cats!

We had BOXES last night. We are always so appreciative of these items.  You truly make a BIG difference to FFRC.
Melvin S--donation thru PayPal to FFRC
Kelly L--donation thru PayPal to FFRC
Gusti--donation to help with beverages for surgery day
Kelli/timbr--sunchips for the volunteers
Phil & Judy, Sunday volunteers--suet, crackers, colored paper, bleach, vinegar, clorox wipes, styroplates, case of water
Heather & kids (Phil and Judy's family)--snackers for the cats, Friskies can
Beth/eaglewatcher--10 bottles of Odo-Ban
Irene/ladydoc--lots of medical items--syringes, sterile water, sulvidene ointment, antiseptic towelettes, tape, ear instrument. Also phone message books, shoe covers, chuck pads, office items
Barb W from WA--40 lb bag of Precious Cat Litter
Carrie & Eric and family--bix box of chips for volunteers, labels, pens, juice jugs, tablets, candy, Friskies, Clams, Sardines, lysol wipes, cookies, flavored water, paper plates--lots of things for Catstock, the cats and the volunteers. Big thanks.
Joyce D from CA--Amazon gift card, James Harriot kitty book, Cat Tales Stories, 10 skeins of yarn
SVCathy--Reeses PB cup note book, 2 packages Reeses PB cups, ceramic Reeses Travel mug--awesome theme!! and LOTS of shirts for Catstock. 
Cindy H/mnsnowy--cat bed, flotable ducks, cat toys, mens tie dye shirt, feathers, bracelets and anklets that are so pretty
David & Christine and Mew, Nukie and Anya--2 boxes snackers, case of Fancy Feast, case of Friskies, 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten
Anonymous Friend--4 nice size blankets, 4 kitty beds, pillow cases, 2 rolls duct tape, potty bags, 2 big colorful blankets, bolt of Tulle fabric, rescue magazines, cat stock shirt, wash cloths, several sets of sheets for Kitty Kastle and 2 new towel sets for Kitty Kastle. So appreciate this.
Shannon, volunteer---coupons
Dexter and Katie--letter from Dexter. 2 ags of milkrings, new toys and snackers  Enjoy your new home, Dexter!
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation
Jean M/Annette20 from CA--donation for ffrc
Melissa & Paul R and kitty Sam--feathers
Donnajb--for Trucker--sponsorship
Mary L from OH--donation
Alan C from UT--donation
Marilyn V/Mayreee-milk rings, donation to help with Zertyle's medical bills
Shauna F from NY--donation
Mayumi from Japan--feathers
David P from Netherlands---donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Samara went to the vet's yesterday. Dr. P ended up not sedating her, but just looking at her. He thinks all is fine so far. She does have a certain amount of pain level when her toes on left foot are pinched a bit.  That's a good thing--shows the nerves are working.  Her back right leg that has two fractures is healing nicely as you can see she is now putting some weight on it. So far, she's been contented to stay in her pen, like a good girl, resting and healing. She is in her hammock right now watching everything going on.

Today is a special day. There's a birthday---Thomas is 5 years old. He came here on 2/25/14.  He came from Staten Island. We sure do love this boy. Happy 5th birthday, Thomas!

Just heard from Vaun's new family.  All is well and happy. Vaun loves her family, loves to be with them and enjoys the family dog!

Surgery day is coming up---this Saturday. This is simply a tentative list:
Boys that need neutered are: Abe, Moose, Scott, Cayden (?), Cameron, Jarvis, Forst, Integrity
Girls that need spayed are: Anna Josephine, Aubie, Brise, Carol (and hernia repair), Jasmine, McHoney, Murphy, Penelope, Samara (?), Shelby, Takara, Veora, Mich.
We also have many that need physicals. Some are new and arrived here already neutered/spayed. But, we need a physical on them. Some need their yearly check ups. 

I'm so happy about Sadie. Her one pill a day is making a huge difference in her. She is coming out from under the Kuranda Tower and napping in the open on a rug. Yesterday she accepted belly rubs. What a joy to do this for her! Good news---Debut is now in the Thumper Rooms and doing great. Very sweet.

You all are wonderful people and I'm so very grateful to our FFRCNation. A webcam friend sent this to me:
Together we hurt.
Together we hope.
Together we heal.

It's true--it really does take a group effort to do what we do. No one section of work is complete without all the other parts. I thank you. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday, August 24

What's white and grey and loves being on top of a mountain?  Why, it's Seymour!  He loves being at the top of the ramp in Kitty Kabana--he will spend hours there looking out the window! Two weeks from today is his adoption day. This is on extra awesome (and cute) boy!

We had an adoption this morning. Dexter went to his new home with Katie, to Pennsylvania. Dexter developed a possible food allergies which caused sores around his neck. After treatment, it has 99% cleared up. Katie will keep him on a non-fish food diet. Dexter is in for an awesome home---lots of love being given! So happy for him.

This coming Saturday is our next surgery day. This will a very busy day---many surgeries lined up already. Will weigh cats and kittens this week and make up the surgery list. Guaranteed it'll be a heavy duty list. 

Tomorrow is a big day---it's the beginning of our next Raffle.  Why do we do these raffles?  One, it's a fundraiser for FFRC.  These Raffles are the main things that keep us going. They help with our utility bills, with our people that work here, with insurance bills, test kits, surgical needs, medications (one bottle of fungus meds are $660.60 and we usually need 3 of these to complete treatment on everyone), even things like paint, wood needs, screws/bolts, there's a zillion needs! Second, we are given awesome, beautiful items that are meant to be used for a Raffle! 

This Raffle includes 5 items--2 of the wonderful books that Pat donated.  One is on some of the FFRC cats, the other is on the CH cats of FFRC. These are extra awesome books. The pictures are those taken by Pat. We also have a Laurel Burch bag and 2 beautiful afghans. The Raffle starts tomorrow, Monday and ends at 8:00 am on Thursday.  BOXES will be 5:30 pm on Thursday and the Raffle will be at 6:00 pm.  Don't forget--there's nice consolation prizes too!  Raffle tickets, as always, are $5 each. Can purchase one or how ever many you'd like. Just send a PayPal or a check. If sending a check, be sure it's here Weds or before. I thank you for your support of our past Raffles.

We had BOXES on Friday night. I am so grateful for the gifts given.
Tom (day visitor)--potty bags, cat snackers, sardines, salmon, canned cat food and fancy feast
Denise & Christopher--2 night/day visitors--2 bottles of laundry soap HE, bag of Purina One adult and one of kitten dry
Joanna H from Findland--PayPal donation for FFRC
Wanda E--donation for sale of 2 portraits
PSW--donation for the medical fund
Mary  H, volunteer, from Archbold--2 mesh sink strainers, 3 flash drives, band aids, packing team, copy paper, 5 bags of Trader Joe's Popcorn!
June K/paintedaisy--peace card with note, folkders with kitties on them, bunches of felt flower power and peace signs, flowers for Catstock, 2 large jars of L-Lysine
Myrna A/mommymyrna--2 cans chicken and lots of macaw feathers
Beth/eaglewatcher--for Catstock--inflatable serving bar and clips for table cloths
David P--a yellow house that's really neat, for Trucker.  I've seen him napping in it!
Anonymous Friend--bag of individual chips for the volunteers
Joey3100--5 boxes of dry sheets
Debra C--2000 paper plates, 6 inch
Barb W--3 pack of Clorox wipes
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby dry food
Peggy/leggygal from CA_--3 boxes of Biggie/Leggy Dews!  Wonderful! 

Samara will go tomorrow morning back to the vet's office to get another x-ray and an update on her fractures. There's a possibility that her pin will also be pulled. She still has much healing ahead of her, but so far, she's doing really good relaxing and resting in her big pen. She loves the hammock!

Zertyle is doing good. Her complicated spay went very well on Friday. It was confirmed that she needed some teeth pulled, which was also done. She's a typical sphinx cat--loves to be covered up with a blankie. When she came back from the vet's office, we just covered her up and she slept for hours! She's feeling much better. 

Are you coming to Catstock?  Maybe you can help me. If you are interested in helping to run a Catstock game please let me know. I'll get your name on the list now so we're more organized before 9/6.  Don't feel you have to do this, as I'm sure there will be enough people. We want everyone to have fun!

Here's some info about the Catstock, including the games that will be here!
Featuring STRAWBERRY HILL BAND, playing 1:00 to 4:00

A fun time for families, volunteers, friends and webcammers to enjoy 
the afternoon together! We’re all about Peace, Love and Cats!

Carnival- 1:00 to 4:00pm       Goat Poo Bingo- 4:15pm

Carnival - 10 tickets for $5.00 (1 ticket for each game or snack)
Hot beef and chicken sandwiches, side dishes and more! (freewill donation)

Carnival Games Misc. Events
Swish in the Toilet Removable Tattoos
Star Ring Toss                   Face Painting
Sack Hop w/ traffic signs Mini Tractor Rides
Table Tennis 50/50 drawing
Lawn Darts Horse Rides
Hula Hoop the Cat Cotton Candy
Jumbo Ring Toss Fresh Movie Popcorn
Target Bean Bag Rug Have Fun Coloring Contest
Flag Frisbee
Giant Dice Toss MORE GAMES 
Milk/Jug Ring Toss Water Splash
Washer Toss Slam Dunk
Floating Duck Pond Chuck A Duck
Sand Treasure Dig Hunt Cat Bean Toss
Carnival Can Bean Bag Ladder Ball Game
Disc Dunk Throw                                   Horse Shoe Game

Goat Poo Bingo ($5 a square) is at 4:15pm. Buy a Bingo square, as many as you’d like. At 4:15, Butter and Pickles, the goats, will have access to the Giant Bingo “Board”. The first square that is pooed in, is the winner! It will be a 50/50 Bingo. 50% goes to FFRC, 50% is divided between however many people bought that square. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday, August 21

The votes are in and our sweet Derecho is now the Leader of the Kitty Condo Association. I'm sure if he needs help, Coralie and Asha will be happy to assist him in this grand and at times difficult job. Thanks for joining in the fun and for casting your votes. If you have any questions, Derecho is on duty!

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you all. 
Billie K--7 tier Kuranda bed
Adrian--key chain holders so we can make more of the keychains with some of the cats pictures!
Anonymous Friend--Royal Canin Cat Encyclopedia
Pat & Ellen from Defiance--megaphone for Catstock!, case of Friskies, Iams & Fancy Feast, new cat trap and a very loud Cow Bell to be able to holler for help! 
Aunty Fi--gift for Clayton
Nancy L from WI--feathers
Caren F--catnip, 3 cases Friskies and a big pkg of AA batteries
Jo Ann--loads of cat snackers and a multitude of snackers for the volunteers---chips, popcorn, nuts, Nature Valley barsGreat Aunt Julie/tigercat from IA--toys and case of Fancy Feast, big bag of Purina One, 4 boxes Purrfectly Fish
Joey3100--2000 6 inch paper plates
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--we finally got the replacement popcorn popper and it works!!, Beth sent lots of prepackaged popcorn ready to make in the popper!, 12 cans Clorox wipes, 6 boxes Bounce
Jacksmom--4 jugs Tide HE, 3 cans Clorox wipes, 4 boxes dryer sheets
Timbrwolfpup--2 bags Welches snacks, 40 bags of chippies for Volunteers and crackers, rice krispie treats, cookies, etc.
Susan345--30 bags snackers for volunteers
Donnajb1951--2 cases 9-Lives, 500 six inch paper plates, 6 cans Clorox wipes, 200 paper snack trays
Gillian from UK--6 boxes Bondi Licks
Nona S from NY---feathers
Mark & Rhonda S from IL--feathers
Anonymous Friend--coupons
Macncheese/Susan M from MA---ty note and donation
Charlotte & Brutus--card and note--raffle pymt & donation

We took in a new cat two days ago. She's 6 years old and a grey Sphinx--a real beauty.  The past owner is moving. Also she requires major medical care and the owner could not afford it. Her name is Zertyle (rhythms with Myrtle). Unfortunately, she has not been spayed which has caused her her medical problems. She has a pyometra which is an infected uterus. There are two kinds--a closed and an open. A closed pyo is cause for an emergency spay or they may die. An open pyo at least means it can drain. She is on full antibiotics and will have her spay tomorrow. It's a bit more complicated so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She's a sweetie and loves to give head butts.

Let's talk about Alma! I know it's hard to watch Alma bounce at times. It is for me too. BUT.....when this girl first came in, she couldn't/wouldn't even walk. Then she figured out she was no longer in a cage. We tried using a strap around her tummy to help her--she did NOT want that help. We tried putting her in a walking frame--that was a no go and she would NOT use it. We tried protecting her--she went beyond the bounds we made safe for her. We tried keeping her in Thumper's Room where things may be a bit softer. She soon was at the door that goes into the Main Area. It was a miracle, to me, the day she wanted to come in the Main Area. And she's never gone back. She LOVES it up here. Yes, she bounces and thuds. Yes, she bangs and makes noises. Yes, she fumbles. But, we're talking about a cat that sets no limits on her abilities--she CHOOSES to go where she goes. She loves her freedom. I know we could go around and pad this, pad that, pad everything. But that is a bit impossible. Cleaning would be a nightmare. And besides---think about it. How many times have you seen this wonderful girl bounce? Has she seriously hurt herself? No. I swear she has rubber bones! She is very calculating as to what she is doing. Might she get hurt sometime? Yes, but we'll fix her up! Does it take much determination to get into that ship? You bet it does---she has to carefully aim her body to get in there. Does she do it--yes. I would never take that joy away from her. So.....let's let Alma be who she is....a very determined cat that has made huge strides in her world. She's gone from a cat with much fear and very little movement to a cat that sets no limits on herself. I so appreciate that you care about Alma. She has a lot of aunties and uncles out there that care! 

Mich, Vernon and Cayden are spending more time in the rescue center.  They are doing great. Trucker was again yowling his head off at 4:30 this morning. He wanted in the Main Area and he wanted up NOW!  This little kitten totally cracks me up. So demanding....and we do it because it makes him happy. He zooms in like a streak of lightening and immediately starts playing! 

Jarvis is a funny boy!  He has such a small neck and a gigantic tummy. Plus he still has a thousand nits sticking to him--makes for an odd look. Don't worry---the lice nits are all dead--it just takes forever to get them all off. He eats and eats and eats. Poor fella came in so thirsty and hungry. 

We took in a new boy last night. He was found at a car dealership. He was very dirty, hungry, thirsty, has a bad eye and so very tired. He's white and orange, about 9 weeks old. His name is Integrity. He has slept a great deal already. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday, August 19

Little Mathew Scott has found his own home! He is such a handsome fella. His name is Maxwell Scott. He was already loved big time even before he left.  More adoptions coming up too!

We took in a new cat yesterday. She's an adult torti seal point. Our neighbor will be going into a nursing home and can no longer keep her. The twist to this is that she is in my house. The arrival happened thru my front door and Debut was put on the floor. She is fully vetted--spayed, wormed, vaccinated, tested.  Well, she's having so much fun with my cats, she won't let me catch her. The little rascal. She's playing, in the windowsills, out on the sunporch--just thoroughly enjoying herself. Eventually I'll get this pretty girl and bring her to the rescue center! I told her we can't get her adopted if she keeps playing games....but I think that's what she's planning. What a sweetie. 

I wanted to give you an update on Sadie. I talked about it to our webcam friends last night. She is having "episodes" where she seems to be completely disconnected with herself.  I mentioned that she's had two episodes, but now find out there have been three. She had one on Friday when I was gone. They last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. I've talked to our vets and as of today have started her on a medication that I really hope will help.

Just an FYI--our volunteer Clemm is doing much better after a night at the hospital. Her heart is now stabilized, regular rhythm and no damage done to her heart. She was helping us yesterday when she felt ill.  

Another FYI---Lynnette's mom is also in the hospital, now in Fort Wayne. We're all hoping for a productive finding of what is going on with her. 

I want to send out a big thanks to Beth/eaglewatcher for the 6 inch plates that she sent---1,000 of them. Sure do appreciate this, Beth!  Thanks too to Dawnstar for the USB repeater cable! We will be using this for the Catstock event. Thanks to knittinkitten2.  She has made it possible for us to put together five baskets for older cat adoptions! They will consist of a bag of quality dry cat food, some can cat food, toys, leggydew, etc. 

We have 2 new FFRC friends! One is Feather and will be taking over the Thursday and Friday 4:30 to 7:45 ish morning slot to clean.  We also have Denise who is learning the protocol for the 8:00 to 11:30 ish mid morning slot to clean. Thanks to Sarah and Elizabeth for training these two ladies. Welcome Feather and Denise! 

Shelby is now on hold. She will be making her home with Anna Josephine. They will go shortly after they are spayed. Our next spay/neuter date is August 30th, a Saturday. 

Be ready to vote! Tomorrow is our election day! Get that voting finger ready!  You will have from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. to vote. Go to the Chatters page on FB to vote. We'll let you know the results during BOXES on Wednesday! It will be between Derecho, Coralie and Asha. Ohhhhh, this will prove to be very interesting. Good luck to all three candidates!  This race will be for the being the Leader of the Kitty Condo Association!