Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Before we do the update on surgeries, I'd love to give thanks for our BOXES from Thursday afternoon. I have always been taught to give thanks. Our FFRCNation always blows me away with the generosity shown. Sometimes it's hard to fully express my sincere thoughts on this. Please know,  I am very grateful for your support.

Love3cats--- Blue and Purple Runner Rug
Patty PK - 2 tubs Party Mix, Case of Wellness
SvCathy Our Mod - Hello Kitty Chocolate filled Marshmallows for Vols

jz_nyc - FL - 4 spiral notebooks, Roll of 2" packing tape, Box of Advantage II for Kitties, 3 bags Temptations   This was given in memory of her beloved cat, Annie

Dim/Robert D - lots of Peacock Feathers to use for adoptions!

Mr. Whiskers for Spiker  6 Boxes of 16 Creamy Broths, a Kitty egg shaper for Miss Eldora's breakfast.

Elaine & Alan - 4 Cases Fancy Feast Variety, 2 Boxes Appetizers, 2 Cases Sheba Cups, 105 bottles of water, 2 pkg Velveeta, 4 boxes Biscotti, 9 12pks of pop 

Bailey Ann & Kevin - UK - 3 bags of Snack Pockets Variety, 6 of 6 each Chicken & Liver Rolls
Victoria S/Pentecostal Church of KY - Donation in memory of Barbara Hull

Mike/sophieandlucysdad - MI - Donation in memory of Lucy
Jane W/Calico17 - Happy Mothers Day Card with Donation

IowaCatLadyMarie & The Magnificent 7 - IA  Happy 1st Birthday Ramsay  (Robby is 10 yrs older than you!)

SvCathy Food of the Mods: Starbucks Coffee Mug and 2 Bags of Starbucks Coffee Hello Kitty: Choclolate filled Hello Kitty Marshmallows

Sheila J/Sunnie J - Tea Time:  Tea infused Jam
Hankygrapvine - Horsin Around: Mini toy horses, Make It& Bake It Horse Sun Catcher, Stickers & Redmans Horse figures to Paint Kit

Scotty our Scotland Mod - Kitty Card  Food of the Mods: Scotland & UK Treats: Chocolate & Caramel Wafers, Chocolate Tea Cakes, Snowballs, Edinburgh Castle Rock Candy, Fredo Faces, Cadbury Heroes, Caramel Wafers, Mint Chocolate Candy Bars & a Gift for Shawn/HappyFlame

Gracie - Ty  2-Monkies (one for Lynnette), Leopard & Gorilla Ty Sketch Pad
Jayne M - 5 Piece Hello Kitty: Back Pack, Pencil Case, Water Bottle, Carbiner, Lunch Bag

Debbie & Annie - Texas: Chocolate Cow Patties, Texas Postcard, Big D (Dallas) Mug, Oven Mit, Hot Pad & Kitchen Towel, Texas Boot Mug

Joco - Minnesota Basket: 2 'My Pillows' & a travel pillow, Birch Canoe made by Pat Cruise, Red Wing Pottery Utensil Jar, Watkins Vanilla, 8oz jar Raw Minnesota Honey, 3 Piersons Nut Rolls, 4 melamine plates: Paul Bunyan with Babe the Blue Ox, White Tail Deer, Loons & MN Farm Scene, Spam Lunch Box: 2 Hot Pads, Roasted Wild Rice, Sandra Sams Dakota Tribe, Running Painted Pony, art medallion, Butter Almond Toffee, Book - Highway 61 Re-Visited, Prince card, Can of Spam

Jody626 - Coffee: Mini Moos, 2- Duncan Hines Cup of Coffee Cake, Bareggio set of Coffee Mugs w/4 stir spoons

Mudjie - Food of the Mods: Kitty apron & Texas Bluebonnet, plus a Horse shoe  Horsin Around: Bandanna Horse Shoe

Now that we are at the place where the majority of the Catathon items are in, I'd like to say a special thanks to our Catetary, Mudjie.  You are wonderful.  Many thanks. those fingers! We've kept them busy!

We have even more thanks to give too!  It's wonderful that saying thanks is a constant renewable thing!!
Dawn N--20 boxes Whiskas chicken packets!
Karen K--donation in honor of Ramsay's 1st birthday!
Billie K--donation in memory of Mama Calico Cat & Swizzle
Wendy C--donation to help with meds for Nyota
JanefromTN--donation to FFRC

The kitten crew is now out and about much of the day time.  For night time, we still put them back in Kitty Kabana.  They are all doing good. Such energy, big appetites, great flying abilities and super cuddliness! 

We took on two new young adults.
Charlie--she's a gray/white female, weight of 6 lbs.  Her birthday is 3/19/17, arriving at 14 months of age.  She was found alongside a road, barely moving. A neighbor and her friend went back to check on her, especially due to the very heavy rains and brought her inside.  A real possibility of being bumped bvy a car. She has a mark on her left hip. She's friendly, no microchip and is of good weight.  A rel pretty girl. 

Mandela--she's a grey tawny torti female, weight of 7.3 lbs.   She was found by herself by a friend of FFRC's.  She is about a year old with a birthday of 5/7/17.  This is a Name a Cat name.  More on her below. 

Surgery update!
We did 16 surgeries. This breaks down to 6 females and 10 males.  This brings our grand total to 431----243 females and 188 males. This time last year, we were at 351.  

The spays done were:  Gisela, Zoie, Grace O'Malley, Jillian, Mandela and Charlie
The FFRC neuters done were: Thane, Mars, Wellington, Wells, Zino and Zeke
The public neuters were: 4

We then did 11 physicals:
Derecho--a little gingivitis, no more than before, physical good
Marilyn--heart sounds great! Heart murmur--2/6.  Dr. Darcy does not feel her heart will be an issue with her at all!!
Spiker--good physical, still has a dental scheduled
Alma--good physical, she then got to climb her tree!
Annetta--good physical--no advancement of her cancer--super news!  Dr. Darcy got to see how silly she is when she plays!
Paddy Cake--Needs a dental--probably several teeth removal, otherwise good
Paddy Purr--good physical.  heart murmur still 3-4/6, nose is stable
Hilary--good physical
Mitz--needs a dental, otherwise good
Eddie White--needs a dental, otherwise good. He was such a good boy--the best he's been for a physical--wasn't scared!  He has come such a long way!
Nyota--all is good! Dr. Darcy is pleased with her healing process.  She continues to get two soaks a day (will be one soon) and her special ointment applied.  Two of her feet are now pale pink, as the pads continue to heal. She's an awesome cat! 

Many thanks to Joyce D for the pizza/breadstick lunch and to Gusti for the drinks for surgery day.  So very kind of you both. 

And then we had a bit of a surprise yesterday.  Our spay of Mandela actually turned into a C-section.  While we thought perhaps she was in heat, we did not realize that she was actually pregnant.  Her tummy was barely roundish.  Her spay began and it soon was apparent that she had a single baby that was full term.  Mandela received, for a sedation, a "cocktail" of meds. All normal for an adult. But one of the meds is never given to little kittens as it can depress the respiratory system. There is a reversal to this but we've never had the experience (and don't want to again!) of having a baby receive this med.  We had nothing to lose--so a very small dose of the reversal was given.  Very quickly, the baby took a better, deeper respiration, then meowed!  It truly was a miracle.  And then the respirations kicked in! We weighed him--most newborns are 3 to 4 ounces--he weighed 3.7 ounces!  A full term kitten! It gave us great joy to have this little one survive.  His name is appropriate--he is called Miracle.  
Miracle was given to his mama, Mandela. At first, she gave him a lick or two. It took a while but then he did nurse.....once.  After that, Mandela made the decision she was not up to motherhood and reacted poorly with him. We were very concerned for his safety. So, Miracle was given to Callisynne.  She took him in, gave him a good bath and let him nurse. We are supplementing him too as the other kittens are a few weeks older.  This morning though, his tummy was full but we still supplemented.  He fits right in with the rest of the kittens, now made up of 3 different litters.  
You may wonder---if a mama cat is spayed, can they still nurse?  The answer is yes.  Many times when a c-section is done, the spay is completed also at that time.  The problem here is that Mandela simply didn't want the kitten. And that is ok--all is taken care of.

Sometimes I wish I could hide the sad things. But....I have always promised to be honest with you all. You deserve that and I respect you all too much not to be honest, even when sad things happen. We have lost all 4 kittens of Tina's litter.  They have never been thrifty. They have had severe diarrhea and have lost weight. None of the treatments we have done have helped. Over a matter of 3 days, all 4 have passed away.  I've talked to Dr. Darcy and we simply do not have an answer as to why.  These are one of those things that we just don't know.  Now.........Tina needs some special TLC and a decision for her future. Tina is not an indoor cat, really prefers us not to hardly pet her. She was originally found in the big outdoors.  Remember my friend from Toledo--she agrees every year to help me with hard to place cats and will do this a couple times a year.  She accesses them too and helps to find the perfect home, whether it be inside or outside.  Tina will be spayed within the next two weeks. I have asked her to take on Tina for us as this is like a big scary place for her---too many people, too much noise, too much action. I feel in my heart that things will be good for Tina.

Farm Update:  we have acquired a few new farm animals.  Last week we took on 3 adult Road Island Reds (one of my favorite breeds).  And on Friday, we took on 2 more adult Road Island Reds.  Mr. Rooster is so very pleased!  He now has these 7 plus Checkers, the Barred Rock hen. Plus we took on a new goat--Onyx. She is a Nubian goal. And Pickles (the Alpine goat) is thrilled to have a friend. It's been so sweet to see this friendship! 

Got some Jacci and Steve news!  We are going to take off for 3 days this week--Tuesday, Weds., Thursday.  Need a little break. I use to never ever do this, but sometimes a break is much needed.  It's also our anniversary. We enjoy going to Shipshewana and just spend our time, with no rushing, at the flea market, the auction and the downtown quaint little stores. I leave the Rescue Center in very capable hands---the volunteers. 

We have two awesome people starting the Description of Catathon Items!  They are SonJa and MK.  We knew SonJa was coming and was soooo surprised that MK could come too!  This 2-some team will take care of this huge job!  Later this week, Jen C will be coming to take pictures of all the Baskets and Items--another huge job.  Once this is all done, all this info is sent to Vaun and Clay--they organize it into our website at  You will then be able to view and read about all the magnificent items for Catathon.  Many thanks to Jen, SonJa, MK, Vaun and Clay for this big task. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday, May 17, 2018

FFRC's surgery day is this Saturday.  We have our tentative list.  Remember, thigs can change at the last minute due to weights.  Here is our hope-to-do-list:
Gisela, Zoie, Grace O'Malley, Jillian, Tina

Thane, Mars, Wellington, Wels, Zino, Zeke

Plus, we have a handful of public male cats coming in.  

We also have quite a few physicals to do: Marilyn, Spiker, Alma, Annetta, Derech, Eddie White, Hilary, Mitz, Paddy Purr, Paddy Cake & Pipkin.  Most of these are for their annual physicals. Remember.....those physicals are so important, just like your cats--that's where problems may be resolved while still a small problem. 

We had an awesome Warped Flash Sale yesterday.  Many thanks to Warped for her wonderful boxes--they were just full of all her famous things. We saw warpedeedoos, kleenex pouches, table toppers, crate pad, coasters, neck coolers just to name a few items.  These items are superb in quality. We are always so so grateful to Warped for sharing her items.  And thanks to Mich and Vern for coming to do the Sale. They even got to squeeze in kitten-holding-time! The money from this Flash Sale will help us with our operational needs. These needs have mounted with the increase of kittens--but we'll get those bills widdled down! 

Box #4 was not opened--we just simply ran out of time. will have the pleasure of that fourth box sometime soon. We'll keep you posted!  

We have many thanks to give!
Andrea W--a Happy Birthday donation to FFRC, to Camvie, from her best friend Janie!
William P from FL--donation in honor of Lucie
Melvin S Jr.--donation to FFRC
Sara F--donation in honor of Farrah and Derecho's birthdays!
Fran D--donation in honor of King Derecho & Pretty Farrah's birthdays
Adrian, Malcolm, Spook & Dusky--donation for treats for sweet Nyota
Ju-in-ji--donation for Derecho's Birthday & for Nyota and Thane
Christopher S--donation to FFRC

It happened!  The floor kittens of the back Thumper's Room spent the entire day and night time in the Kitty Kabana room.They are now the Kabana crew! Their door was opened this morning and they are free to investigate and run about.  We will occasionally put them back in the Kabana to make sure they continue to eat good.

We had 2 cats returned yesterday.  They were both about 3 1/2 months old when adopted. They just recently turned 1 years old. Just as a refresher:
Paislie: her mama was killed by a dog. This dog then grabbed Paislie when my friend saw what was happening. She got the kitten away from the dog and brought here to FFRC.

Helga: found on a porch, all alone, no mama, was dehydrated.
They were adopted together and returned yesterday. Remember, our policy is that we will take back any cat or kitten, for any reason, without question.  They are doing good. Both cats are now in the back Thumper's Room, on the floor. Helga is out and about already. Paislie is a little shyer.  When they are comfortable we will see if they are ready to come to the Main Area. 

Vusiko is such a clown. She loves to whap a person when they go by her. Just for the fun of the reaction.  She's a little rascal--sure love her! Eddie White was on top of the refrigerator this morning, just watching things happening. What a difference in his life since he decided to join us. Pipkin too is remarkable. Remember when she was so very shy.  Now she likes to nose-kiss!

Things really start happening now for Catathon!  Baskets are in order of rounds now. Tags are on most of the items--others will be complete soon.  The special tags for each (of who the winners will be) will also be placed on each item soon.  Descriptions and pictures of each basket and item will start next week.  Volunteer slots will be filled for where help is needed. Talking to the telephone company to work on setting up the 7 phones will happen. Food will be planned for the big day. Discussions on the cams and microphones has to happen. Lots of things going on!   There are only 38 days left until Catathon!

Today we will have BOXES at 3:00.  See you then!  Have a wonderful day! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Weds., May 16, 2018

Oh boy---this is going to be fun!  Today all the kittens that are on the floor of the back Thumper's Room will be going into the Kitty Kabana Room for a short time and then they will have the freedom of the main area. Watch the walking---this is when we have to do the kitty shuffle!

I'm sad to have to pass on that we lost one of the black kittens in the back Thumper's Room. Swizzle has gone on to The Rainbow Bridge.  When he came in, he weighed significantly less than his two sisters and just never caught up.  He then caught a kitty-cold and never required, despite treatment.  Never underestimate the force of those kitty-colds. 

We've heard from the mama that adopted Erica, Eula and Emma Jane.  All are doing well.  Emma Jane continues to take wonderful care of her kitties. Eula and Erica (now known as Lark and Lilly) are growing and love to play!

We've also heard from Congo's family. They absolutely love him. He's grown so much already and so loves his family. He's thoroughly enjoyed by his family.

These Giggle Productions are wonderful!  We're up to: FFRC Giggles Scene #24!  Production by FFRC Captures and Captions, directed by Derecho.  Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps general more $$ for FFRC. 

We had BOXES on Monday afternoon!  Many, many thanks to you all! 
Gracie - 42 pk crackers & cookies for Vols
FFRC Kitties - Happy Mothers Day Card--toy, horse pencils, lighted cat ball & bird whistle
FFRC Kitties - Happy Mothers Day Card - Burt's Bees Foot Creme, Hand Creme, Balm for lips cuticles, and hands
Anony - 2 lg bags of Friskies
David & Pat - 16x20 Photo Canvas of Beautiful Tortie Kitty named Monkey
Anony - 2 bags of Assorted Cat Toys, 6 Tubs Clorox Wipes
Rebekah - For Ramsay Red Feather cat toy & Banana Bed
Eaglewatcher/Beth - Happy Birthday Derecho Box of Fancy Feast Chicken Filets
David & JUlie from UK--2 happy birthday toys for Ramsay
Pat L from Ontario--Weruva boxes for the cats

Barbara W/KKat44 - IA - Poptabs, Washcloths, 2 wall hangings 'Family: Where life begins and Love never ends" Do All Things Withe Love"
Kris M - Happy Birthday Card for  Derecho w/Donation & Lion King Couch
Vol Julie & Glen - Donation in honor of their marriage for Nyota's care
Susan G - Box Tops & Donation
Maria & Miranda - Sweden - Happy Birthday Card for Derecho & Ramsay  w/ 2 chicken $5
David & Julie - UK  Happy Birthday Card for Derecho & Ramsay w/ 2 chicken $5
Avery FFRC Neighbor Donation
Gift from Gusti, Art by Wanda - Portrait of Miss Eldora

Warped/Connie - MN - 2 Biggie Blankets, 2 Warpie blankets, Warped Rug, Set of Coasters, Table Topper, Crate Pad, Bowl Holders, 2 Tissue Covers, 2 Hot Pads, Potato Bag, Ming String, Kickeroo, Worm & Bug Catnip Toys, Catnip Pad, Jar of Warped's Special Homegrown Catnip

Gracie - Ty Monkey/Coconut & Kitty KiKi,  Book: Hey Baby (animals) 
Anony - Tea Time: 4 Butterfly Teacups w/4 saucers and 4 metal stirrers

Annie & Debbie - Texas: 16 pouches of Yaupon Tea, Braunfels Brittle, Squittle: Brittle with a squeal, 2-Slow Pokes, Salsa Verde, Bacon Salsa, Jerky & LoneStar Cavier

KathyinWV - Bird: Book: Backyard Bird Lovers Guide
Kizzymom - Horsin Around: 2 Horse Color Books with 2 pks colored pencils, 
Kitty Satchel, Star Trek & Star Trek Next Generation Kitty pins, 3 Star Trek Tote Bags

MKmouse/Mod - Food of the Mods: Popcorn: Maple, Kettlecorn & Caramel, Disney Gummies, Goofy Pops, Minnie Krispie Treats, Goofy Cotton Candy, Mickey Salted Caramel, Cinnamon & Chocolate Fudge Cocoa, Mickey Shortbread Rounds, 2 bags Mickey Goldfish, Mickaroni & Cheese

Barbara W/KKat44 - IA - Baby Boy & Girl: 2 soft blankies, 4 Sippy cups Bird: Natural Fiber Nesting House, 2 pr of shoes 

Elmira - GA   Donation for Catathon

We also announced the winner of a special drawing for our Instagram joiners!  To push up numbers, a drawing was done!  The winner is:  Mitzi Fl       Congrats!

And we have more thanks to give!
Phil & Judy--donation to FFRC, plus PT, TP, Clorox wipes, soft soap refills, baby food, posties, crochet hooks, sock.

Eugenia S--donation for Nyota
Lynne W--donation for FFRC
Burgundy from France--donation for Nyota for comfort
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Zorro---donation for Nyota, for her care
Mary S--donation to FFRC
Boud--donation for Nota's care or where needed
Fran D--donation to help towards Nyota's medical needs
Caitlin O'T from OK--donaion for Nyota, treats for Magic & friends
Melvin S Jr--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Colleen P--donation to use as needed
Madisonpepper--to help with Nyota's care
Kerralee S from NZ--donation for FFRC

Today is Derecho's and Farrah's birthday.  Chicken was dispersed this morning, even before breakfast, for everyone to share, in honor of these birthdays!

For those that keep track of names, we have a name-change.  Callisynne's Kubu is now Kadu.  Sorry for that error.  Also we've had an update--the 2 fire kittens Wonder and Brinn are totally FFRC kittens now and will not be going back to the original family. 

Update on Nyota. She is healing everyday. We have started to fill the big tub with warm water and have her stand in that. Yesterday we did that 3 times--it helps to keep her feet clean and it's also soothing to her. She, of course, is still on pain meds and antibiotics.  Her appetite is good. After her bath, she likes to be held for a bit. 

Be ready!  2:26 pm today (FFRC time!) is our super wonderful Warped Flash Sale.  This is a Flash Sale made up entirely of those wonderful items that Warp makes!  We don't know what's in the boxes--they will be open right there on cam during the Sale! But.......we guarantee, you'll love all the items! 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day to all of our 4-legged and 2-legged moms out there!  That feeling of giving and receiving love is just the bestest! Have a wonderful day.

What is the definition of a moderator?  According to the dictionary it means "the person who is in charge of the discussion and makes sure that it is conducted in a fair and organized way".  We have many moderators of our webcam. To me, moderators are much more than that.  They are there too to protect FFRC, they are always protecting me, they protect the viewers and chatters. They keep those trolls at bay. All in all, they do alot for FFRC. And they do it because they love FFRC and believe in what we do here. 

Do you know that our moderators give hours and hours of their time each week, let alone each day for FFRC?  You may not see them all--some are behind the scenes, but they are there. Our webcam chat would literally be non-existent without them. We would simply NOT have our chat if they were not there.  

In saying this, my wish is that everyone would be thankful for them and to them. Listen to them when they say something in regards to our policies and rules for our chat.  

For those newbies, did you know that having sound was not always here?  And then when we did get sound, we had it turned on for only a couple days of the week?  We now have sound all the time. That's wonderful but it also means that sometimes it makes it difficult for us to having any sort of private conversations here in the main area.  To do that may mean to actually leave the building since some people use "extra hearing powers" and even moving to a different room we can be heard. Many times it is not feasible for us to leave the building to talk. So, I am asking---out of respect and common sense--if you hear conversations that maybe are not intended for all to hear, do not repeat these conversations on chat or to each other in other ways.  It's disrespectful. 

These moderators are everything to our chat. Please, even if you do not agree, listen to what they say. They have all been around for a long time here and they know what is good for FFRC.  I dearly would appreciate that.

We have a "Code of Conduct" for our chat. I would really appreciate too if you all would take the time to re-read this--oldster chatters & newbie chatters.  We want chatting to be enjoyable.

**This is a fully moderated chat that is strictly G rated for the benefit of children and adult members. We want you to feel welcome to chat while remembering that posting is a privilege, not a right.
**Potential adopters, visitors and volunteers in the Rescue Center can see the cam view and chat on a monitor just as you are seeing them so your chat should be as polite and respectful of them as it is to fellow posters.
**If you see something on chat that is inappropriate or if you view actions by a visitor that are inappropriate, send a Private Message (PM) to a moderator (mod). Do not post any negative comments on the chat about what you read or see. If the mod feels a phone call to the Rescue Center is needed, the mod will make that phone call. Let the mods do their job. Please respect the mods who are volunteering here. They are here to make sure all viewers have a good experience. Mods will delete inappropriate posts and ban chat abusers as they deem necessary.
**Please do not use capital letters except for abbreviations. Your comment may be removed. Also, links or images deemed by to be offensive will be removed. If you wish to post an appropriate link, please ask a mod to accept a Private Message (PM) and PM a request to them to let you post the link. There are times that mods use capitals to get my attention.
**Use of language that is deemed inappropriate, including inappropriate words with characters replacing letters, will be removed. Do not use profanity, personal insults or other inappropriate comments. Continuously posting the same word, phrase, icon, etc., in rapid succession is not permitted. While good natured ribbing from established friends is acceptable when appropriate, behavior that makes other chat members uncomfortable is not acceptable.
**Please realize we are an international group of friends and words you deem suitable may be removed, due to cultural meanings. Please do not be offended by this.
**Do not use multiple user names. This is masquerading and the names will be removed. Mods are allowed to have a mod name and a chat only name.
**Please help protect mods a little! The moderators are human and do make mistakes that may not have been intentional. Please send a polite PM to the Mod if you feel their action was unfair. It is possible a simple explanation can resolve the issue.
**This is a safe, cool site, so let’s protect its environment. Please avoid all comments regarding animal abuse, declawing, alcohol or drugs and politics or your comment may be removed.
**For your safety, don’t post your email address or your Facebook name in chat as they can be viewed by the general public and non-members of FFRC chat. This could result in unwanted e-mails on contacts. As in all internet activities, be conscious of what personal information you post.
**Do not solicit donations to private parties or to other organizations. This chat is for Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center only! Please do not make posts in regards to personal need of funds. These types of posts should be put on your own personal FB page.
I thank you for your help with these matters.
Nyota continues to heal a bit each day. She gets twice daily treatments and tolerates them very well.  She continues to be on antibiotics and pain meds.  Two of her feet appear to be healing. The other two are still very sore, puffy and red.  She is a wonderful patient!
I have a loss to let you about. Our wonderful beautiful Mama Calico Cat (Firehouse Cat) has gone to kitty heaven. She is our cat that was diagnosed with cancer in her ear. We had been able to delay the end results with meds but no longer.  Mama lived an awesome life here--was always present to us.  Her beautiful self is missed.
We had an adoption yesterday. Our mild CH Charmaine was adopted! And the really good news too---she went to the same home as Gavin, our other CH cat! They went to PA. She did good on the trip and was acclimating well last night to her new home, with Gavin following her around. Let the fun and games of brotherness/sisterness begin!  I'm very happy for Charmaine.
Next Saturday is our FFRC surgery day. I believe alot of the kittens in the back Thumper's Room will be able to meet that 2 lb mark.  That means those who are on hold will be able to get into their new homes that have been waiting! 
Mark your calendar---this Weds. at 2:26 in the afternoon is a special super duper Flash Sale! It's a Warped Super Sale! No pictures will be taken of the items to show ahead of time. It's all a surprise! Lots of great items--4 big boxes! Mich will be here for the sale!  We are very excited. Many thanks to Warp for these Flash Sale Items!
Just in case you are new, here are some of our FFRC links!
Take care, enjoy this wonderful day.   

Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018

The concrete was poured today! And what a great job, despite the morning rain. All areas are roped off for a couple days. The peacocks initiated the sidewalk out on the farmyard---ran right down the middle of it! Made me chuckle. The guys rebroomed it, but if you look close, bits of their long toes can still be seen! 

We have lots of new names for the latest incoming. Most names are from the Name a Cat List.

The Slick litter:  
Pogo--black/white, male weighed 10 ounces upon arrival
Batman--black, male, weighed 12 ounces upon arrival
Rowdy--brown tiger, weighed 11 ounces upon arrival
This litter is being fostered by Auntie Peggy.  They were here Thursday and are doing good. Their birthday is 4/10/18.  They arrived 5/8/18.

Grace O'Malley--calico mama, arrived 5/7  The Grace O'Malley Litter:
Bris--black tiger, 4 white feet, male
Tristan--brown tiger, 4 white feet, male
Purrduff--gold tiger, 4 white feet, male

Callisynne--black/white mama, her babies were born here 4/29
Livia--white with grey tail, female
Kubu--all grey/silver, male
Dot--white & grey, male  (2 dots)
Sabu--white & grey, male (no dots, stripe at neck)
Teg--white & grey, male (white neck, white splotch on back)

Callisynne's fosters kittens (were in a house fire)
Brinn--grey & white, female
Wonder--grey, female

Tina--brown tiger mama, arrived 5/4.  Known as the Bush Litter:
Max--black, male
Maxine--black, female
Raydek--brown tiger, male
Rayann--brown tiger, female

Nyota is the burned cat.  Nyota means star.  Her name is pronounced nye-oh-ta.  She is doing better and is now eating on her own. She's very thin but no longer dehydrated.  Her burns are being treated twice daily--they are washed and burn ointment applied. She is being given antibiotics and also twice a day she receives pain meds.  Today she seemed a bit depressed and it was realized that she might be missing her babies. We know nothing of their whereabouts. Tina, the brown tiger mama, is sharing one baby part time during the day. (Kitten still needs to nurse from Tina.)  This seems to bring much joy to Nyota and a bit of joy seems to be in her eyes.  

I've heard from the family that adopted Jeff Bob and JB--both are doing super. They are very happy they kept the brothers together. Their pictures look wonderful--two happy kittens!

We have thanks to give:
Dave & Stripey--donation to FFRC to help with Nyota, so she knows humans can be nice
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
William M--donation to FFRC
Helen C--donation to FFRC
Michael R--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation to help with Nyota
James R--donation to FFRC
Lynda S--donation to help with all the new arrivals
Davszy--donation to FFRC to help toward Nyota's treatments
Lee Ann E--donation to help with Nyota
Piperjo99--donation in memory of my brother-in-law, Larry
Mark S--donation to help with Nyota
BillieK--donation to help with all the new kitties & Nyota

Bits of Info--Dollop is doing great as a Covie cat. No more tearing out neighbor's window screens! He seems to be contented there.  We saw Mally/Marshmellow, the persian kitten born here. We trimmed her nails & trimmed up her fur.  She looks wonderful and is so loved.  You will see Callisynne in the Main Area sometimes--she comes out of the "baby ward" for walkabouts.  

Catathon is now 44 days away. It's coming up fast! I am so very pleased and happy to say that each and every basket is awesome for Catathon and all slots of Big Big Ticket Items, Big Ticket Items, Small Big Items and the Catathon's Fun-Raiser are now wonderful!! But.....we still have another week before the end of item's arrivals. As the possibility of more boxes arrive, we will happily receive them and continue to place in the Catathon! we come!

We had BOXES this afternoon.  Because we were unable to open BOXES for a few days, we got piled up! What a wonderful thing to have happen! We started opening at 2:00 today instead of 4:00! I am deeply grateful for your support.  The list is long but our gratitude is even longer and bigger! 

Anony - 12 pouches WeRuVa 2 cases WeRuVa & 2 squeaky mouse toys
Jody626 -  6 boxes Belvita variety,2 bags Werthers popcorn, 4 bags Werthers Coffee Candy

Sean G - 24 Meow Mix Cups, 2 cases Fancy Feast
Dawn - 10 Bolster Kitty Beds one especially for Magic
Anony - 2 boxes 13 Gal Glad Trash Bags

Ferole - OH - Blankie for Kitties
Shirley S - UK  in honor of Ramsays 1st Birthday 6 Kitty & Dog Greeting cards for Flash Sale proceeds to buy chickie for the Kitties.

Anony - 6 Boxes of Fancy Feast Broths
Michlynn & Vern - MI -  couple of cans of food that Cheddar doesn't like

Anony - 960 9" plates
Anony - For Ramsey - 4 suction cup mice with feathers & spring
Gail, Fred & BooBoo - 4 cases Gerber baby food Chicken & turkey

Leggygal - 9 little purses made from little skirts, Treasure Bags with kitty portraits, 6 satchels with Kitty motifs

Tammy G/Merlotcat - Card with Chickie $5, Pipe cleaners
Josette M/Burgundy - France - Aspen Kitty Bed
Dewitty - 128 oz Fountain Drinkwell Watering bowl 
Jobear22 - 6 Roll and Play scratcher w/Catnip Sign for Alberts garden "Delight"
Kris M - Bowl Scratcher
Anony - 600 6" plates
Justin & Ivy For Spiker & Friends: Card Case 24ct Friskies, Box of Fancy Feast
Jonathan O - Happy Birthday Ramsay - Kong Teddy Bear toys
Lollymop - Cats 10 Commandments
Judy Cleves Family - Donation  in her memory on her birthday
Jan A - FL  Kitty Card & note from Tinkybell with Chicken $5
Kelly S - MD - Weight Circles
Melissa L - NY Donation in memory of TinyToes
Colleen P - Coupons & Box Tops
Anony - Weight Circles & Box Tops
Sheila J/SunnieJ - WA a nice Note
David H - PA  Donation in honor of Coralie, Hensley, Kiara, Magic & Vern
Linda D - NY - Donation
Marilyn & Terry - Kitty Card & Chicken $5

Dianna A - OH - Kitty Card from Frisky & Sparky - 5-Chicken $5  in honor of Frisky's Birthday & Donation

Anony - Fun Raiser: Cool Pix B500 Nikon with: carrying case, tripod, travel charger, deluxe starter kit, memory card, lens pen, Lens cover

Jody626-- Coffee:2 trays Chocolate Tea Biscuits, Entenmanns Coffee, Starbucks Coffee, Coffee Filters,  Kruztez Cake Mix, Coffeemate, 2 bags Werthers Coffee Candy,Castillo Coffee, Coffee Books: Coffee Recipes, Coffee Lovers Travel Edition, Coffee Lovers Coloring Book, Coffee Gives Me Super Powers, French Coffee Press, Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker, Folgers Coffee, 50 pkts Coffeemate,  Baby Boy: Best Buddy Onsie

Sean G - Tea Time: Barry's Irish Tea
TearsFromADream - Onsies for Baby Girl & Boy: 2-Batman, Kitty, and Cutie. Star Wars: Tub Mat

Ferole - OH - These items are created by Ferole using her own photographs
Sheet of Stickers, Zippered Pouch with Sparrow photo, Sq Photo of Cleveland Botanical Gardens Arches, 10-5x7  Flower Note Cards Blank, 4 acrylic flower photos with stands, 11x14 Owl garden flag or wall hanging (Barred Owl), Metal Photo of Cana Lily, 12x12 acrylic of Exotic Hibiscus

Nuthatches - Bird: Eagle Windchimes & Birdfeeder

Lostgirl - Bird: 2 sets of Sienna Sky earrings Bluebirds in cage and silhouette of birds in tree, Hummingbird Vase, 4 Peacock Placemats, 4 Decorative Bird Plates

Kimkost - Boy/Girl - Wash Cloths, sweatshirt, onsie short set, Black & White dress
Beautiful kitty quilt made by her mom and her quilters guild.. First time they made one for a kitty rescue.

Michlynn & Vern - MI  White porcelain Dachshund book ends
Annie & Debbie - Tea Time: Pretty White Kitty Teapot, 6 Boxes of Herbal Tea Variety

KathyinWV - Bird: Window Bird Feeder, Natural Fiber Nesting Box, deck mounted Bird Bath

Leggygal - One of a Kind purses 10 purses with kitty and other designs beautifully & Little girls purse made from little skirts! made by Leggy   so cute

Tammy G/Merlotcat - Tea Time: Stickers, Cat tea mug & Tea Candy, Cat Lovers: Magents: Love meow Purr, Fur Real, Paw shaped,  Doll: 18" Doll: Her mom made two very nice outfits, Angel: 2 books

Marie M - NM  Crochet & Knitting: 9 skeins of soft white yarn, Angel: Book Littlest Angel, Movie: DVD's 2- Donald Duck, Pluto, Disney Rarities, Symphonies, Grumpy Old Men, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, Willie Wonka, Mrs. Doubtfire, Serfs Up, Walking with the Dinosaurs, Narnia, Daniels Big Feelings, Smurfs, Charlotte's Web, Ice Age Melt Down

Anony - Horsin Around: Horse Windchimes
Dewitty - 128 oz Fountain Drinkwell Watering bowl 
Jobear22 - Roll and Play scratcher w/Catnip
Rebecca & Pepper - Bird: Birth Bath/Feeder with a stake
Justin & Ivy - Books: Curious Kitty, Pet Rescue Adventures, Kitten Nobody Wanted, Sammy the Shy Kitty, Five Black Cats, Cats Activity Book, Thumpy Feet, Kittens to Color

Hazel I, Colin & Rodney the Cat - Manchester, UK - Baby Boy: Beautiful Green & blue baby boy afghan 
MLS - Bird: Copper with Glass bead, Hummingbird swing
Anony - Bird: Book: Bird Puzzles & Brain Teasers, Crosswords for Bird Lovers A-Z

I am completely in awe of all the folks who are helping us with Catathon and that help us with our every day needs. I look at the Baskets and all the Items--it fills me with jy and gratitude.  And it makes me want to be the best that I can for this Rescue Center.  Isn't it something what this FFRCNaion has done---made us friends, gave us people to share cat-love with and get support in our own personal lives from our FFRC friends. I heard one of my favorite songs the other day--Lean on Me.  Always means so much to me.  Thank you, friends. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Weds., May 9, 2018

Between Buck and LJ, we have the "walls" for the shelter house 95% done.  Just have to do a bit of fine-tuning.  I am grateful to LJ and Beth for this awesome idea.  This will help so much when it's windy, rainy, snowy or cold.  It's wonderful!

Turns out the concrete hasn't been poured yet--they've gotten very busy. But....we are on the schedule for early Friday morning.  They will pour the extension for the parking lot, the sidewalk to the grey barn and to fix an area on the driveway around one of the drains.

I will not be here much today and Thursday for our family's remembrance time of Larry. But, the volunteers have things under control.  They and the mods know they can reach me, if needed, anytime. Mom is covered too for her care.  Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers.

The Bush Babies and mama are doing good.  They all have nice round tummies. Cute little babies. They are in the top 2 pens of the back Thumper's Room.  So little yet.

The Callisynne's litter is also doing super. They are definitely round too! Mama comes out for a bit of stretching her legs.  The 2 kittens from the fire are looking good---no trouble with their legs.  It's getting harder to tell the difference in their sizes!

New kittens---we also took on 3 wee ones--they are tested negative. A bit sick, were found by themselves with 2 other ones that were dead. The people have no idea what happened to the babies. They are thin, but much better today. 1 brown tiger, 1 black, 1 black/white  All 3 are being treated with antibiotics.

We also have a new mama. She is a calico cat--simply found in someone's yard with her litter. The people there had no idea how/why they were there. She has 3 babies. These babies are 5 weeks old.  We have 1 black, 1 brown tiger and 1 gold tiger--all sweet and all boys.  They are doing very well and will be on the floor in the back Thumper's Room soon.

We had awesome BOXES Monday late afternoon!  Big giant thanks!
Anony - case 24ct Tuna, case 12 ct chicken
Anony - 3 boxes of Damp Rid
Mr & Mrs Medic 2 cases Fancy Feast

Hope366 - 2 Cases 24ct Fancy Feast, Box of Fancy Feast Broth, Tub of Party Mix Snackers
Jo603 - Snackers & Coupons

Avoncat - 3 cases 24ct Fancy Feast 2 Tubs Party Mix Snackers
Yvonne - VDK - Tub Party Mix Snackers, Case of Fancy Feast Broths, Case of Purina One, Box of Variety Lays Chips

Dimwit/Robert D - 8 pkts of toy batteries
Donny & KathyinWV - with Kitties: Junior, Bean, Pork, Double Stuff, Stripe,  Marvin, Sandy Pikachu, Meeko, Sweet Pea & Peanut  Doggies: Chloe Bell & Red Kitty Bouquet Mothers Day Card for Jacci 

Donna R - Handmade Cross stitching made by Donna: Walling for Friends of Felines Rescue Center with a Kitty & a Mouse--love it, so beautiful.
Anony 4 Boxes 48 ct Hefty 33 gal. Trash Bags

TearsFromaDream - Tea Time: box of Celestial Season Tea,

Katie S - Bird Basket: Bird Puzzle, Metal Welcome sign with Birds, Baby: 3 long sleeve Onsies, 3 short sleeve Onsies

Annie & Debbie - Texas Basket: Texas ChowChow, Candied Jalapeno's, Pecan Shells for smoking on the grill, Dang Good Coffee, Southern Pecan Coffee, Pickled Okra, Candy: Texas Crude in an Oil Barrel, Texas Fire Water, Habanero BBQ sauce, 6 jars of Bairds spices a variety.  Container of Teas River Rocks, Soap: Bluebonnet & Sage, Book: Texas Road Trip, TCR Dallas hat, 4 TCR DVD's, Apron Everythings Better in Texas, TRC Recipe Book

mnsnowy - Camping: 2 Paracord Bracelets, Jar with 4 different spice, Survival Kit, LED Headlamp, 4 LED outdoor battery lights, Cook out sticks for marshmallows/hotdogs

Jo603 -- 4 Onsies, Dog: Bag of Dental Bones, Dog Grooming Mat, Angel: Angel Doll, Hand Pressed Glass suncatcher, Angel wing earrings, Holiday Angel Throw, Boy: Hotwheels Big Monster Truck, StarWars: Photo Mosaic Puzzle, Cat: 750 pc Cat Puzzle, Bird: Hummingbird Earrings, Bird in Egg Figurine,  Socks: 4 pr crew socks Girls: Hair Chalk

Pennysmomhawaii/Janice & Randy P in memory of Gingersnap - Star Wars Monopoly, Hello Kitty as a Hula Dancer

Sandra A Horsin Around: Horse Tote Bag from England

Sara/Romeosmom - For a Weekend Getaway Maybe to FFRC  $25 Shell Card, $25 McDonalds Card, 2 - $100 GC to stay in local hotel, Thermos water bottle, Womans Travel Kit, Mens Travel Kit, Blankie & Pillow, 32" Rolling Duffle Bag

Sunnie J - WA  Kitty TY Card  Tea Time: 3 cat shaped teabag holders, White Teapot, Owl Tea Cozie, Tea Infuser, 3 types of English Organic Tea Chai Spice, Lemon & Earl Grey, 3 Tea Books, Kitty measuring spoon, Walkers Animal Shortbreads, Salted Caramel Scone Mix, Teas Strainer, Dark Chocolate Biscuits, Cat Lady Mug, Lemon Wafers

Jody626 - Keurig K-Classic Coffeemaker with drawer for 35 pods, Thermo Mug & 5 different Coffees

nhfurry - Star Wars 31 pc Wall Decals

Nuthatches - Tripod for projector
Deb F - CT  Angel: Daily Guidance Cards and Book, Coloring Book, Angel Stone, Magnet

Donna R - 3 sheets of Scrapbook Stickers,  Handmade Cross stitching by Donna: 4 Seasons wall hangings, Grey Kitty in Profile Wall Hanging, Santa Paws Wall Hanging

And some extra thanks:
Andrea B--a rake and a hoe for Garden Catathon basket!
Jakesmeowmy--donation for FFRC
Gill H from UK--donation for FFRC toward Catathon
Josette M from France--donation in memory of Larry
Kittiesmom--donation in memory of Larry

Gutherie's new owner has already called. She so loves her new cat and Gutherie sure loves her already. Gutherie is already sleeping on the bed and taking laps in her new mom's lap!

Many of you already know we are missing Rena--our black/white Porchie. We have followed up all leads given to us, but none has led us to Rena. I just want her back here, safe and sound. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She has been missing now for a week.

Dollop is doing good as a Covie. No problems there for him.  Three new hens have arrived--all are Rhode Island Reds and have made the rooster very happy.  He keeps good track of them.

We received a call from the Sheriff's late yesterday. A cat was seen in very poor condition under a car and appeared to be burned.  Steve, Donna and I went over.  She ran out from under the car limping badly and scooted under a big shed.  After much finagling around, we were able to get her out from under the shed.  She is indeed burned--much of her body has been singed. This cat breaks my heart. Her face has been burned--her ears, mouth, left eye, chin are involved. Her chest also has a burn. But the feet are the worse--all four feet are very burned. She's so thin, very dehydrated.  Last night she was sedated, had lots of the singed fur brushed out, had her feet and whole body soaked in a warm bath and cleaned up. She is on pain meds, antibiotics, fluids. This morning she ate her breakfast. She is very shy but workable. She is negative for her tests for FIV and Leukemia.  You will ask how this happened--this is unknown but I highly doubt this cat walked by herself into a fire situation. No matter---she is here now and we will protect her and help her heal. Please keep her in your good thoughts and prayers.

We are asking alot of you folks out there to help us with many situations. I thank you for being the kind of friends that I can ask this of.  Please take good care.