Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thurday July 2

We have wonderful news! Rena is now inside the Rescue Center, safe and sound! Rena is one of the 8 cats that was dropped off here a couple weeks ago. Six were in cages and boxes but 2 were dumped over into the farmyard. It's taken lots of patience and time from many people, but we got her last night! She looks like she could be Lena's twin! I've been petting her and she is relaxing. We have her wormed already and will be calling the vets this morning to see about a spay for her. I'm so thankful that she is now safe. Now, to find that last one...........

Packages and boxes are just flying out of here! More than half of the Catathon Baskets, Raffle items and Big Ticket Items have now been mailed! As soon as paypments are received, we are getting them packed, taped and sent! Still feeling much joy, gratitude and excitement of the Catathon!

Shep had a very rough day yesterday. He wasn't feeling good at all. This morning he seems much better and is meowing to join his friends. I think we will keep a close eye on him today and have him nap and relax while in a pen so we know where he's at. Derecho today walked into the front purple office and did quite well! Bender too seems to be doing good and is cruising about.

Our mama brown tiger and her 2 black kittens will be making a trip to Fort Wayne. We have a vet office there that gives us several free spays/neuters a year......just because they like what we do! Isn't that wonderful? We are appreciative.

We had BOXES last night--as always, I so enjoy this and am amazed by the generosity of you folks.
A friend from Japan---donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Shannan W--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Jean K--a friend who visits FFRC--a big bag of Purina One dry adult
Conii & kitties--a donation to FFRC
Deb11111--a donation to FFRC, for showing Seymour to the viewers! & to sponsor the Paddys
Sean & Ann with Penn, Teller and Pixel from PA-Catathon visitors--Ceramic Ada Jane cat, Ceramic Z kitty and her friend Cindy P made an outside ceramic green calico kitty! Love these. Also many items, such as, chips, goldfish treats, Cheez-Its, baby food, tuna, clams, sardines, salmon, can food, toys, Tide HE, Lysol/Clorox wipes, Dawn TP, Fancy Feast can, kitty & doggie snackers, juice boxes, Meow mix cups
Kaylee & Emma M--bag of toys
Shari & Ann--Catathon visitors--pop tabs/boxtops for Caryn & girls, Pania rings, decorated adoption bags, bubble wrap, grooming razer and things for adoption bags--catnip toys & feather toys
Amy who adopted Pookie--TP, PT and kitty snackers
Danae W--baby food, cat scratcher, PT, sardines, dog bones, kitty snackers, apples, carrots & parsley
Jo603, visitor-2 bags Purina dry food, Royal Canin kitten food, kitty snackers, licorice for volunteers, 6 inch plates, kitty toys
Marymort--visitor--3 bags Purina dry cat, baby food, lysol wipes, dawn soap, 10 inch plates, baby wipes, cans of cat food.
Nona--2 replacement cans of KMR that were damaged
EagleSpirit/Sally H from WI--pop tabs, Fancy Feast, ribbon/yarn for Pat, yummy cookies, popcorn, crocheted baby ballet slipper booties, and her first crochet project--blankies for Cats Corner Room!
D'Lee from WA--zebra print/pink PJ's and PJ super soft bottoms
Aunty SonJa from Canada--For Tabith--box of 6 bags of snackers
Kelly R/littleonemine--lots and lots of wonderful 2" Scotch tape for Catathon packing!!
Clark & Jessie with family--Happy 12th Birthday to Muffin card with the famous $5
Linda S from NJ--catathon donation in honor of Mrs. Bender and kitty/pop tabs for Kellen, 2 Visa Gift cards
Susan C from Defiance--donation to FFRC
Myrna/mommymyrna from IN--a beautiful Afghan Cat on a Fence!
Eclectra/Nadine H--4 beautiful metal art photos of Alma, Kiara, Merri & Joey

Please, if I ever forget something or do incorrectly, never hesitate to email me and let me know. 

Asha is doing wonderful--she absolutely loves to be groomed. Franklin is learning how to make friends. It's so nice to see him playing with others. Ahimsa was out on the floor yesterday playing! Walter let us trim him toenails this morning fairly easily--that was a big accomplishment. Jersey so loves the windows in Kitty Kabana. Remember when Joey was afraid to even move? Now he's in every room and goes everywhere! Debut really loves to nap on top of the desk.

The Barnies are doing good. All appear healthy and happy. The farm animals too are doing good. It's so nice, with all this rain, to have such green grass. The backwater island is no longer covered by flood waters. Now, the clean up begins.....again. 

We had an adoption of Tuesday! Radiance was adopted by our volunteer Sherri and is now named Boo.  Sounds like Princess Sophie and Boo are becoming friends already. More adoptions this weekend!

This Fourth of July, we might find ourselves barbecuing, congregating with loved ones and friends and enjoying our precious free time. But July Fourth is also a time to step back, take stock and appreciate the deep freedoms we enjoy every day. Enjoy the upcoming weekend! Be extra watchful of your pets. I know here at FFRC, we will make sure Kiara has her cabinet to go into when those loud booms happen. Shamballie will also be coming inside so those loud fireworks don't scare him so much. 

From Jessie, our oldster, who is wise and wonderful---Remember....real friends don't deliberately try to cause chaos in your lives. Real friends always try to bring out the best in each person.  

Tuesday, June 30

This is what happened in the wee hours after Catathon, when all people had left and the cats were by themselves: There was a party!

Even the Porchies, Barnies and Covies were here! A giant tuna/chicken cake that said "Cats are important". Sparklers that little paws could hold and wave in the air. Yes, they had a bucket of water handy for safety. Balloons were everywhere that said "Way to go, Catathon"! Sevaun ordered those ahead of time. There was Confetti everywhere--even on the sleeping cats. I was told by Mayor Anony that they used scissors (very carefully) and cut up the paper for their confetti (which was the colored paper that I had thought I misplaced). Soft sirens were blaring---but don't worry. It wasn't loud enough to startle the kittens. And the party disco lights were out shining all over the place. They actually used both of the lights. And then the felt pens came out. They made a big giant banner that said----THANK YOU TO OUR FRIENDS FOR THE SUCCESSFUL CATATHON #5.

 And that, my friends, is exactly what happened! I peeked out and watched a bit but they were having so much fun that I didn't want to intrude. So, I took my tired and very grateful self to bed!

 Now, it's my turn though to do a big thanks! This past week, before Catathon,I put alot of thought into what possible outcome we may have. I was hoping to meet our needs. For the magnitude of what you have given to FFRC, there just doesn't seem to be adequate words to express myself. In case you missed the very end of Catathon, here is what I had said:

 "Some of our wonderful volunteers have been with us for many, many years. They all are what makes this place work. Without them, this work that we do would be impossible. They give with their hearts the love and compassion that we see here every day. We also need the financial support. You have once again shown to me and FFRC that you are here for us. Don’t ever ever think that I take this support lightly. It means so much to me. The financial worry of carrying on this Rescue Center is huge for me. But, time and time again, you have shown that you want us to keep on going, doing what we do. We love this rescue center with a passion and it has become a part of all of us. You, our viewers, our volunteers—we’re all in this together. We’re a good team and I am deeply grateful. We have weaved ourselves into a great FFRCNation. Many Countries, One Heart, One Mission, One Nation. And the very neat thing is, we have become friends. Even if we haven’t met you in person, the webcam has opened the door for us to form a friendship that is powerful.

 We have met a goal that I did not think was possible. Sometimes it’s hard for me because I worry that I’m not able to say how utterly grateful I am. Please know my heart…….you are so appreciated. You all allow us to carry on here for the cats and kittens. In exchange, I promise to always do my best, to look after the residents, the Porchies, The Covies, The Barnies, and all the adoptable cats and kittens and give them my very best care. I will stand by them and protect them and do my best to find them homes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Here's a bit of a breakdown from Catathon:
Round 1 $1,175
Round 2 $5,105
Round 3 $7,320
Round 4 $10,895
Round 5 $12,980
Round 6 $24,740
Round 7 $33,968

After the initial ten minute Catribution: $41,201 (wow, wow, wow!!!)
As of this morning, our Grand Total is: $43,200 (super big big thanks)

This also includes the PawMart sales for Fri., Sat., Sun. and the Catathon Raffle tickets.

We are already working on packing and shipping Baskets, Big Ticket Items and Raffle winnings! It will probably take us all of two weeks to get that many items out to you. Remember, you can pay by PayPal, check, money order or cash. 

Our goals for the 2015 Catathon:
The House that Jonah Built   $16,800
The Epoxy Floor                     $3,900
Electrical Work                       $2,800
Awning over front of THTJB $3,200 (metal)

 The remainder of this will be put onto our week to week operational costs, which will be a huge help.!

 What a very exciting day our Catathon 5 was. I felt so wrapped in joy and friendship. We had many visitors here which added to the great weekend! And my mom, sister, daughters, son and several granddaughters were here too and of course, Steve! It was a great day!

It took many, many people to make this event happen. I am very grateful for the support and willingness of these folks to help us make this an awesome event!

We even had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet kitten, Rourke was adopted by Romeosmom! His new name is now Jasper, a very fine name indeed!

We have some other thanks to give too! Thank you for your help!
Jo603--2 bags Purina adult dry food, 2 bags Royal Canin Kitten food, kitty snackers, licorice for volunteers, 6 " plates and some kitty toys
Marymort--3 bags Purina adult dry, 2 cases baby food, 3 lysol wipes, 4 dawn liquid soap, 10 " plates, baby wipes and can can food
Kerswill & Tom--Friskies can, bag of Royal Canin kitten, 2 dz. baby food, scratch pad bed, turbo refills, cat cards, cat thank you card, kitty wet pads, 3 calendars, wand toy, 5 Purely devine treats, pillow case, plastie notes & 1 lg tote bag
Joey1300--2 bags Purina cat dry food
Sarah/romeomom--long envelopes, posties, kitty snackers, can food, pens

Little Rios is doing great and is with Peggy's other 2 foster babies. They all 3 are growing. The kittens here are growing and doing great. Little Induna and Shep are doing good too--these two little ones had a bit of a rocky start here, but both are now going strong.

Again, please know how grateful I am for the whole Catathon "doings"! It was wonderful, so good to see our visitors, so nice to have the support and to have many volunteers participating. It truly was a Grand day!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday, June 27

Tomorrow is the day---Catathon Day! How so exciting. We have the BIG TV here that will go under the Shelter House for all our visitors to watch. We have the Porta-Pot in place. The Werlor trashbin has been emptied. Cookies and Pies are here! The Shelter House is clean and ready. All Baskets and Big Ticket Items are smiling and ready too! Volunteers are ready and waiting to go! The Raffles items are busting to know who will win them! We are a go for a very exciting day!

It is pouring buckets outside. I don't think I've seen it rain this much ever all in one day. It's suppose to rain the entire day and then no rain, that is good.

I've talked to Terri and Evad and Mary Kay are doing good and already becoming friends. Terri's "normal" amount of cats that she always had in the past was 5. She would like a sibling to Mary Kay to help her feel more secure. I do believe Hark will be joining her soon! But 3 will be her limit!

We have thanks to give, as we had BOXES last night. I am so grateful.
Suzanne, Andre and sweet Freemont--lots of Babywipes  for those kitty faces!
Julie, volunteer--2 bottles of vinegar, Can Friskies, assorted kitty toys, cat nip, doggie treats
Lynn B--donation to FFRC
Jennifer B from CA--donation to FFRC
Jan from Hawaii--a donation for Catathon!
Carole R/zen--donation for FFRC, just because!
Ashley F--donation for FFRC
Lucy/lu-little & Benny--donation for Catathon!
Susan S/raspbearyjan--flag for yard, lots of sheets, syringes/alcohol preps, Snow cone maker with cups, straws and lots of flabors, Clever Mop
Lostgirl--snackers, 2-16 lb bags of Purina One & Pro Plan
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat from IA--4 boxes Purrfectly fish
Plee--3-40 lb bags of Precious Litter

The kittens are all doing great. The cats are wonderful. Friends are arriving for the weekend. Possible adoption(s) this weekend? What a lot going on!

This is a short blog, but I wanted to touch bases with you before the Catathon. Be ready for a couple fun things tomorrow!

Rescued Cat

Once I was a lonely cat, just looking for a home.
I had no place to go, no one to call my own.
I wandered up and down the streets, in rain, in heat, and snow.
I ate whatever I could find; I was always on the go.

My skin would itch, my feet were sore, my body ached with pain.
And no one stopped to give a pat or gently say my name.
I never saw a loving glance; I was always on the run.
For people thought that hurting me was really lots of fun.

And then one day I heard a gentle, kind and sweet,
And arms so soft reached down to me and took me off my feet.
"No one again will hurt you," was whispered in my ear.
"You'll have a home to call your own where you will know no fear.
You will be dry, you will be warm, you'll have enough to eat.
And rest assured that when you sleep, your dreams will all be sweet."

I was afraid, I must admit; I've lived so long in fear.
I can't remember when I let a human come so near.
And as she tended to my wounds and bathed and brushed my fur,
She told me about the rescue group and what it meant to her.

She said, "We are a circle, a line that never ends.
And in the center, there is you, protected by new friends.
And all around you are the ones who check the pounds,
And those that share their home after you've been found.

And all the other folk are searching near and far.
To find the perfect home for you, where you can be a star".
She  said, "There is a family who's waiting patiently,
and pretty soon we'll find them, just you wait and see."

And then they'll join our circle; they'll help to make it grow,
so there'll be room for more like you, who have no place to go."
I waited very patiently; the days they came and went.
Today's the day, I always thought, my family will be sent.

Then just when I began to think it wasn't meant to be,
there were  people standing there, just gazing down at me.
I knew them in a heartbeat; I could tell they felt it too.
They said, "We have been waiting for a special cat like you."

Now every night, I say a prayer to all the gods that be,
"Thank you for the life I live and for all you've given me.
But most of all, protect the cats in the pound and on the street.
And send a Rescue Person to lift them off their feet."

-- Arlene Pace,  September 18, 1998 --

As you read this poem, please know that these cats here are "our" cats. You are as much a rescurer as we are. The things we do are because of your support. The things we have already accomplished are because of your interest and donations. It's sheer relief to know "you have our back" here at FFRC. YOU all have become a huge part of this Rescue Center. And I thank you for this.

Now........on to Catathon! Let's have a fun time at this very exciting event!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 25 Thursday

THREE days to Catathon! The cats and I are super excited. We have much excitement, along with the tummy tumbles and butterflies! This is a "big deal" for the Rescue Center. As you know it's our main fundraiser and it's a lot of fun. Lots of friends too will be here! The cats and kitties have already caught wind of lots of visitors---they love it as that means even more petting and loving. And you never know, maybe an adoption or two!

The Catathon Raffle is now over. I do not have a total yet, but that will be announced during the catathon. We will draw winners throughout the entire Catathon. I deeply appreciate the support of the Raffle. This Raffle amount will be added into our Catathon totals!

Pre-registration is still on until noon Friday. Just go to our website and look for the link. By doing this, it will save time on the phone during the Catathon!

Yesterday we had our phone test. It worked beautifully! All 8 lines were hooked up and turned on. Many of our viewers then called the FFRC number to make all the phones ring and ring and ring. All phones are good and all connections were great. This year we have that added benefit of the fiber optic line!

Our wish is that you all enjoy the Catathon! It's meant as a fundraiser but also for a nice time for you all. So many people helping us, it's very very awesome to me. I'm amazed and so grateful.

We had BOXES so I would like to say a big thanks!
Earlier this week:
Alan C from UT--donation to FFRC
Sue M/macncheesemom from MA--doantion to FFRC
Jean & Tom L from Defiance--Chief Tapes
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Sandie E--big bag of Purina One Adult
Donavon S from OH--donation for Leonard and his buddies
Shirley M from Canada--donation to FFRC
Jill S from OH--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Teresa T--donation for FFRC

From last night, Weds--
Joyce D--for pizza for our hungry tummies on surgery day!
Katie L--Lurker from Canada--4 boxes appetizers, 2 bags Purina One kitten, kitty snackers, 6 real cute containers of kitty snackers, Purina One adult, 10 bags coil toys, lots of catnip toys, 4 sm. microwave snuggies, 30 canisters Lysol wipes
Susan, Andre & Freemont--Royal Canin kitten food & bag of Purina One adult
Floppyjan--bag of Purina One
DeEtte P--4 big bags of Purina One Adult
Donnajb--4 bags Purina One
Eartheyes--2 bags Purina One, 2 cases FF kitten, 2 cases Wellness, 2 boxes TP
Shoo_lvr--900 baby wipes (!), 4 bags Royal Canin adult
Jatcat from CA--new bed for Camie, my doggie (she loves it!), case of Fancy Feast
Vickie B--6 bags Royal Canin Baby cat dry kibbles
Conii with Elliott & Iszabella--4 bags Iams dry adult
Straycatlady--20 lb bag Precious Litter
MacnCheese & Family--Westinghouse microwave!!!!  We were running room to room to heat things!
Linda S--2 bags Purina Cat Chow
LJ323--4 cans chicken, 4 memory foam mats, 5 cleaning mitts, Book: Who Pooped in the Park!!!, box of tic tac mints (to remind us of surgery days!!), Sunkist Fruit Chews, 4 cave kitty beds

Derecho, Derecho--the cat we all love! Many of you have noticed that he's having a bit more mobility problems lately. And yes, that is true. These cats with CH, they sometimes put a tremendous strain on their bodies, with all the bumping, balancing and falling that they do. Derecho too. While he can get to where he wants to (because he's super determined!), sometimes he has a harder time. Sometimes those vertebrae get a bit out of alignment with all that wiggling. Right now, he's on an anti-inflammatory. Dr. Bill has been working on his back and keeping things in alignment. The bottom line though is.........Derecho will be Derecho. While it may be worrisome to US, just take a look at him! He thinks he's as fine as ever! So, try not to worry. He's not!

Little Rios is doing awesome! He's walking better and better without tipping over much at all! And he's starting to eat by himself. We took in 3 new little babes 2 days ago. Two orangies and 1 buff, all boys. They are about 12 days old. Wow--they were screaming hungry when they arrived. I thought people would hear them downtown Defiance. To be so hungry that your tummy hurts so bad, hurts us. They had went 3 days without any food, had fleas and maggot eggs on them. But, now, they are clean, no fleas, no eggs and their tummies are already happy! We are syringe feeding these 3. Foster Peggy S still has her 2 little tiger boys. They are doing great.

Yeah--Mary Kay (one of the 5) finally got to her new home! Her mama is Terri, the same person that has Evad. I believe Mary Kay, just like Evad, will come around and open her heart to Terri. She's a very patient mama!

Since it's been a few days since the last blog, I should also mention that we had 4 kitty adoptions! Kenny & Emery went to their new home with MaryMort! I don't know who was happier---mama or kittens! Also, Artimiss and McKaela went to their new home together where they too will be much loved. These adoptions brought much joy to me. We have more kittens on hold and they will get to their new homes too soon.

This morning was nuts-ville! The cats were hyper, the kittens were crazy. Pure, high energy this morning. Some of it got the kittens into "trouble". It made me do some thinking. When the kittens are a bit snide with each other, we forgive them. When they pick and pick on each other, we just seperate and comfort. When they are downright mean (rarely happens), we easily overlook it. When they may snarl or grumble at us, we try to understand and help them. I even heard a Covie speaking ill of a Porchie the other day......and you know---that Porchie just sat there and smiled and gave that Covie a snacker! It's quite amazing--we lay our hearts open to them and accept them unconditionally. It got me thinking......wouldn't it be absolutely awesome if we would all do that with people as well?!!  How exciting to think of that! Instead of being impatient, critical, short tempered or maybe wanting to be negative about others, that we opened our hearts a bit more. That would allow us to forgive, and understand and possibly making a friend! It is far better to say something kind, than to say things that can hurt and sometimes that hurt is far deeper than we know. And THAT is what I love about our FFRCNation---the friendships we have, the "togetherness".

Take care, friends! THREE more days to Catathon!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday, June 21

Seven more days to go to our 5th Catathon! Fast approaching. We are still full speed ahead for preparations! Today is the kick-off day for our Catathon Raffle. Check out our chatters fb page, the FFRC fb page and FFRCNation page along with Twitter---it's all there! There are 16 wonderful items. Tickets are just $5. Get as many tickets as you'd like! Afterall, it only takes one ticket to win! We will close this raffle at 9 am on Weds and do the drawing for these items during the Catathon. 

We had BOXES Friday evening. Our big thanks to you for your help to FFRC.
Mary, our Friday vol. from Archbold--Sheba, kitty snackers, broth pkts and appetizers
Julie C from IN with Anna Marie & Miss Mellow--donation to FFRC, 5 cans Fancy Feast, 12 sm red bags that say "You Had Me At Meow"
Plee/PatL from SC with Sandie, Miss Tortie & Lucy--21 handmade pillow cases!
tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie from IA--2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 16 lb bag Purina One
AJpritting/Audrey & Gary--Happy Birthday to Coralie--a new soft bed just forher!
Napa--donation to sponsor Pania
Michele & Frank--3 big bags Purina One cat food
Deb11111--6 wonderful bags of dry cat food (Purina One) & a case of Fancy Feast.

Many thanks to Warped and Joe for bringing a bunch of items for our PawMart FFRC Store! Warped and Deb also held a Flash Sale yesterday for which I am thankful. Warped spends much time and material to make these excellent items and then donates them to FFRC. Many thanks.

Surgery Day was yesterday--it's over and all is great! All in all, we did 22 surgerys--11 boys, 11 girls. 

Boys were: AJ, Emmitt, Macaroni, Cheese, Emery, Kenny, Major, Jete, Rourke, Jahzara, Ozwald
Girls were: Towanda, Anmarie, Jerusha, Ahimsa, Rapture, Radiance, Posie, Lena, Dorothy, Artemiss, McKaela

The surgeries have all recovered nicely. Ahimsa has been a bit slow but she's doing much better this morning. The kittens bounced right back. We had lots of post-op kitty holders, which is so important. Each person takes 1 or 2 and holds them--to keep them warm and to be sure their respirations and color is good. Then when they start really waking up, they are placed in a pen where they can start moving about. The next step is to put them in a room, where they can nap or walk about and eat. When fully on their feet, then they were allowed back out in the Main Room.

We ended up not doing the surgery for India and Induna. Induna was still a bit small and India is just now bouncing back from a little set-back this past week. We also cancelled Valeta's surgery (the siamese adult) as it does indeed appear that she is pregnant. It was a thought when she arrived, but I wanted Dr. Darcy's opinion on it. Now we play the waiting game with her. We also did not do Evad's surgery. The best thing happened for her--her foster mama is a foster failure!!  Yeah--that means she will officially adopt Evad. She's comfortable with her new mama and purrs and seems so happy. She is also considering adopting Mary Kay and possibly Hark as well. Terri is a friend and has always had cats until recently. Fostering Evad has made her realize it was time to have cats again in her home! We win, she wins, the cats win!!

Dr. Darcy also did a few physicals. Solee had her past heart murmur rechecked. This time it was not heard! Way to go, Solee! She also checked Seymour as his lymph glands were quite swollen last month--this time, all is good. Lymph glands are normal! Bender was also checked because of his troubles with his rear legs. We will now start him on a different medicine. He doesn't seem to be bothered too much by this, but we would like to see him walking better. Hopefully this different med will help. Cayden was also checked. You may already know, I've been concerned about his 1/2 rear leg. It continually gets a scab cap on it. Underneath it is not healthy. Beings he has a long stump, he tries to use it for balance, which is also not good for his hips. But it also compromises the stub end.  Due to a high risk of getting an infection in this, it was decided that he will have that leg amputated mid femur. This will keep the remaining bone healthy and help his hips. 

We took in a new kitten yesterday that came from Dr. P's office. Dr. Darcy brought him with her for us. His name is Cyrus (a Name a Cat name). He is about 3 months old and a grey tiger/white. They have already neutered him. He was found alongside a road, pretty banged up. His bottom lip was down to the chin so it required button surgery (where a button is sewed in to hold the lip in place during surgery). He also had a nasty abscess under his eye that needed surgical help. His rear leg had a large tear in it that required a good cleaning and sutures. We'll take those sutures out later. He is feisty, fun and sweet! 

We also lost one of the kittens that Peggy is fostering. Little Peter did not make it, but passed away peacefully in his sleep. He sure had a last week of major loving though and we are thankful that we have had them in their care. The other 2 are doing great. Hugs to Peggy.

Our other new itty bitty now has a name. It is Rios (another Name a Cat name). This little guy arrived about 4 days ago, in terrible condition. He was found alongside a very busy road, hit by a car. He was actually brought in for euthanasia, but upon arrival, we thought we could help him. He's doing much better. Rios is about 3 weeks old, a brown tiger/white. He must've landed in a terrible position because his whole body was kinked up. Dr. Bill has already adjusted Rios. This morning he's able to sit up and is taking his gruel better now, with a syringe.  I have him in the house with me! 

Whew--okay, I think we have you all caught up! Happy Summer.  And remember--7 days away!! Just as a reminder--my return emails may be rather slow this week and the blogs may be a bit sparse due to time. Have a great day! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday, June 19

It's always interesting to me how the kitties "clump" together. Here in the purple, front office, the kittens of Jerusha (and all of her fosters) have stationed this as their area. High action and energy abound here! Then there's Clarissa and her 4 kitties plus a handful of extras that she watches over, have taken over in the Kitty Campus Room. This works very nicely for all! We weighed many of the kittens yesterday. All but one has gained a good amount of ounces in the last week. 

Tomorrow, Dr. Darcy will be here around 8:30 and we will begin right away with physicals. As usual, we will do the boys first, followed by the little girls and finish with adult girls. Somewhere in there, we will mix in a few physicals! By tomorrow evening, the place should be hopping with kitties again--it doesn't take them long to recoup! 

We have thanks to give from BOXES on Weds. evening. You are appreciated!
Tabbycat & Tween--4 bags of kitty snackers, bottle of GooGone, Zap Hand Cleaner and a new shower liner for Kitty Kastle
Pupacatowl--Mischief Box Kitty that grabs your penny while peeking out of the box! Fun!
Dib--Mouse toy to dispense snackers, kitty snackers, 2 purple kickeroos (approved by Zelda!) and other handmade very nice toys for the kitties--all laced with catnip!
Canton for Sevaun--10 lb roll of sisal (wouldn't it be neat to make a sisal wall?!
Jaquelin M from AZ--donations to FFRC for little Bows
Emma M--donation to FFRC
Hamilton, Niffie & Tootsie with mama Justme--Danglie Leg toys! These will help add to our "collection" of leggy legged stuffed toys that baby kittens like to snuggle in! Cow, Frog, Duck and 2 Platypus
Oldestmanalive--9 containers Clorox wipes
Kat & Laura from MI--day visitors--donation for FFRC
Margaret S from Pld--donation to FFRC
Anonymous Friend--8 rolls of Bounty paper towels
Warpedinmn/Connie--8,000 of 6 inch paper plates
Mary J--bag of 144 ping pong balls  (it's a ping-pong day!)
Anonymous Friend--Snuggle kitty with heat pads/heart beat with extra heating pads

Anyone have time to kittysit?!  As I'm trying to do this blog, sometimes I have 4 kittens, sometimes 5 of them on my desk. They just finished a nap and are rearing to go. This isn't like the adults who come up and stay quiet while I work. Nope, they are busy, ornery and into everything kitties! Hmmm, that's actually how I like them!

I once would feel awful when people on the cam would see a behavior from one of our cats or kittens here that may be regarded as "off" or naughty. But, I've long gotten over that. These are kittens and cats that have a mind of their own! 95% of the time, their behavior is sweet, friendly and so loving. But as is the way with any pet (or human), we all have our grumpy, bad days. Or maybe 1-2 resident cats like to mark their territory (no worries --everything is washable here!)  The other quality of living is forgiveness! When we see a little tiff between cats, one being a bit of a bully or one just having a grumpy day or maybe one is extra marking....we just try to soothe and we forgive. So, the next time something is seen on cam--have no worries. It all works out. Things are cleaned, little faces are kissed and made to feel better, calm is restored. It's all a part of having a Rescue Center--relax and enjoy the cats and kittens for who they are! 

Armstrong and Dot are doing wonderful. Their URI is doing much better. So active and ornery too. Won't be long until they are also here in the Main Area. They are super friendly.

Markie, Barky and Cubby are here in the Main Area and doing great. Very sweet. They will come right up and ask for petting. Mary Kay and Harp are a bit shyer. But we're working on them! Right now, there's 6 kittens on my desk. All of my papers are now on the floor. Those rascally kittens. 

The Catathon Raffle starts Sunday! How exciting. We have 15 items in this Raffle. Remember, for this one, the winners will be drawn during the Catathon. 

By now, you may heard of the flooding Defiance is experiencing. My heart goes out to those who are flooded. The Rescue Center is safe here.Even though we have river in front and back of us, we are high enough to stay clear of flooding. Our road going towards town was closed quite a while yesterday but has now receded enough to be cleared. Everything is very soggy. I believe today is a low chance of rain--sure hope so. Tomorrow more rain is predicted. But....the grass is very green! 

Have a wonderful day and a great upcoming weekend. We'll keep you posted about the surgeries tomorrow! And by the way, there are now 6 1/2 kittens on my desk!  (One is hanging way way over the edge!) 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weds. June 17

My blogs are getting a bit sparse right now. This week and next week are going to be extremely busy getting details done for the Catahon. I am also a bit light on my emails so please have patience with responses. I sure appreciate that. This Catathon is our main Fundraiser of the year and we put our all in it. 

First, I'd like to say thanks. We had BOXES Monday evening. No matter how busy we all are, it's very important to always express our gratitude.
Tabbycat & Tween--4 wonderful colorful 2 1/2 gal. buckets! 
Eartheyes/Margaret--2-40 lb bags of Precious Litter, a great cat scratcher lounge
Anonymous Friend--case of Sparkle paper towels (already being used!)
Julie & David from UK--Happy 1st B-Day card for Vernon & the famous $5
Clark, Jessie & Family from OH--Happy B-Day cards for Vernon &  PB and two famous $5
Donna W from FL--Happy Flag Day & the famous $5  (this is Clark & Jessie's Aunt!)
Aunty Donna--card
Neil & Jean--donation for FFRC
Elskates--donation to FFRC for all the new cats & kittens
Geremy & Gloria K from WI--donation in honor of Carolie & Vern's BD! 
Gusti--donation for drinks for surgery day for everyone

We have a very busy surgery schedule for this Saturday. 
The girls we hope to get spayed are: Towanda, Anmarie, Jerusha, Ahimsa, Rapture, Radiance, Posie, Lena, Dorothy, Veleta, Artemis, Evad and McKalae.
The boys we hope to do are: AJ, Emmitt, Macaroni, Cheese, Emery, Oswald, Kenny, Major, Jete, Rourke, India, Induna and Jahzara. 
Physicals we would like to do: Bender (check legs), Cayden (check short leg), Hensley, Trucker, Pania, Seymour (recheck lymph glads), Solee (recheck heart murmur, Preakness.

So....a very busy day ahead of us on Saturday. 

The 5 returned cats are doing wonderful. Markie and Barky are already looking in thru the screen door. They're thinking they'd like to join in the Main Area's fun. Hark is coming along also. Cubby was shy at first, but now he comes and meets and greets us. MaryKay is still rather shy. We're lavishing on the attention to all 5 in hopes of helping them acclimate to us quickly. They're already all up to date on everything from their owner. 

The two new kittens are also doing great. The boy (beige/white) is now named Armstrong, after our Mayor Bob. The grey/white girl is now named Bows. Both are rambunctious kittens. They sure know how to flip and run and play! Their appetites are good. They are now caught up on their vaccines and worming. The slight URI they arrived with is so much better. And they're clean---wow, were they dirty. They were found in a wheel well of a car at a Defiance factory. The owner of the car heard and then saw them. He called us and then his wife brought them in. 

Big thanks to Joni and Derck for their Flash Sale on Saturday night--sure appreciated their help and your support! We try, as soon as PayPals or checks arrive, to get those items out very quickly! 

This Sunday is the beginning of the Catathon Raffle. It starts anytime on Sunday! It ends on Weds. at 9:00. Tickets are $5, as usual. Because this is for the Catathon, we have A thru O items. That makes 15 items!  Wow! These items are all things that have been donated for the Catathon! 

Take care everyone. Have a glorious day. Maiden Heaven sent this note to me long ago. It's from Albert Schweitzer and I've always enjoyed it:
In everyone's life at sometime, our inner fire goes out.
It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.
We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle our inner spirit.

YOU all are friends to FFRC and constantly rekindle us here. Friendships are so wonderful!