Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday, Feb. 5

What a wonderful Puzzle Raffle we had last night! I'm so so grateful. Here's what happened:

A/Alma     15 tickets--$75    won by Ju-in-ju for FFRC!
B/August x3    10 tickets--$50     won by KimKost, Gusti & Martha (vol). (had 3 puzzzles)
C/Cayden x3     15 tickets--$75     won by Plee for Damian, Missmic & Tom Woo
D/Coralie     27 tickets--$135     won by Clarksmom
E/Derecho     62 tickets--$310     won by Kris Math
F/Fabio x 3     15 tickets--$75     won by kathie3103, minnkitty & Gillian Ham
G/Farrah     11 tickets--$55     won by SVCathy
H/Lorenzo     16 tickets--$80     won by MacnCheese who donated this to Sharon S
I/Jackson     10 tickets--$50     won by Tom Woo
J/Jersey x2     17 tickets--$85     won by Anonymous & Tom Woo
K/Magic     15 tickets--$75     won by Clarksmom
L/Sevaun x2     35 tickets--$175     won by Gregg (vol) & Christine Hop
M/Seymour     31 tickets--$155     won by Tom Woo
N/Solee x 3     38 tickets--$190     won by Donna Ma, Missmic & Daisysdad
O/Tabitha x 4     17 tickets--$75   won by SVCathy, Missmic, Kerswill & Kimkost
P/Magic & Trucker x3     32 tickets--$160    won by Orcawhale, Susan345 for Hannah S
Q/Trucker     12 tickets--$60     won by Billy K
R/Vernon     19 tickets--$95     won by Tom Woo
S/Walter x 2     35 tickets--$175     won by Louiexiv & Anita for Betz

Just amazing!  A big thanks to Jacksmom for providing these puzzles to FFRC!  
The total of the above is $2,160.
We had an additional $110 to add for just consolation prize drawing.
That new total then was  $2,270

And then came the Bump Ups, for which total astound me. Deep gratitude to: Deb11111, Zoolove, Snoopydogmom, Lannml, Joco, jo603, farmgirl, Judeanlee, nuthatches, eaglewatcher,   Wow--this added another $2,065 which made our GRAND TOTAL AT $4,035!!!!

Many congrats to all the consolation winners too!

Big thanks to Pat P and Lynnette for doing the tickets for us--that's lots of work! This Puzzle Raffle was designated to help with the FFRC's property tax, to pay for 2 of our main medical companies and to pay for our disinfectant cleaners. Steve was already writing the checks out last night to get that in todays mail!  You, our FFRCNation, totally blow me away. My simple "thank you" never seems enough but please know it comes from deep in my heart.

We also had BOXES last night--more wonderful things!
Pat, our Thurs vol.--2 pr handwarmers, kitty blankie & a blankie for FFRC
Sue M/macncheesemom--donation for S/N in memory of Macaroni & photo of Mac
Clark, Jessie & The Rest--Happy 4th Birthday Gallant with a chicken $5
JustMe/Kathy--a mounting accessory for our cam (more info later!)

And even more thanks!
David P from Netherlands--donation to FFRC
Pawlapurr--donation to help our spay/neuter program & for reading stories!
Deb11111--donation for the Paddy Boys

And wow--more thanks--we had BOXES on Weds. evening!
Barbara E from NC--card with note & 4 fleece blankies
Jatcat from CA--2 refills for printer ink
Rascalboots/Heather & family from OH--10 pkgs spring toys, 35 variety of snackers
Miss Meyers 2nd grade class--2 cases of baby food
Deb11111--12 boxes appetizers
Anonymous Friend--new collar for Solee & a new purple bed for purple office
Dottie C from NB--yeah, the box finally arrived!! calendars, 6 red solar lights, Gum, Belvita snackers for vols, 2 bags Instinct dry food, bag of 30 kitty toys, kitty wipes, 100 ultra fine needles & insulin pens
Pat our Thursday vol--2 boxes trash bags, Mr. Clean & PT
Jane & Leeann B--Senses toy, towels, PT
Cessna & Wayne B--45 rolls TP
Jane H from OH--donation to FFRC
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation to FFRC
Susan C from OH--donation to FFRC
Anne B from CT--kitty card & note
Laura & George C from OH--donation in memory of Jack Palmer
Suzanne C from FL--kitty card with donation
Pam % & Peverly from CO--card, note, donation & a Valentine card
Bob & Marty M from OH--donation
Barbara B/frenchsilk & Kiki from NY--card, note & donation

Simply put--wow!  What a lot of wonderufl, compassionate people to help this Rescue Center

I have heard from Jennifer who adopted Rios, Elvis & Amaryllis.  They are all doing really well. Elvis is happy to play and eat and eat! He enjoys the dogs. Rios loves to play in the middle of the night & watch the birds. Amaryllis who is now Lucy Lu is a little shy but is enjoying her new home. She likes to sleep upstairs with the family. They are loved and a part of their family.

Beethoven is now here at FFRC. We took him in on Weds. so we could keep track of his eyes. They really seem to be doing good. He has a new name though, to start his new life here. His new name is Beaumont--a Name a Cat name. A handsome name for a very handsome cat. He is 1 1/2 years old, full buff/white Persian and has completed his Championship points and has earned half or his points for Grand Champion. Due to an eye condition, he can no longer be showed. That's quite alright with us! We love him for being a cat! He is in the back Thumper's Room, relaxing and enjoying a pen-free time. I do feel this is a bit overwhelming to him but he will soon know that life is good and he can do what he wants, when he wants! He simply melts in your arms. He truly has the biggest gold eyes I've ever seen. Welcome, Beaumont!

This afternoon we are expecting 2 adoptions to happen! Both Liesl and Everly will be leaving for their very own home together! That was our goal--a loving home and that they can stay together.

We also have another special adoption---Solee! She is going to an awesome home on Saturday afternoon about 2:30.  Craig and his family (who adopted our Daisy dog) would love to give her a home where she will be spoiled and happy! Solee has been here for over 2 years but I believe she will do just awesome and be a happy girl! 

We received much info yesterday from HumaneOhio! This is the organization that we will be using to continue our desire to spay/neuter more cats. Lots of plans in the works. We are determined to reduce that overpopulation cat problem which also will reduce homelessness for cats and neglect and abuse that results from too many cats and not enough homes. It's very important for us to step up and start making a dent. But, we want to make a BIG dent! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Weds., Feb. 3

This weather is so crazy. It's 52 degrees. This winter has seen many warm temps for Ohio and very little snow. Makes it easier for all the outside cats and the farm animals though!  46 more days till spring! 

We had BOXES Monday evening! We love boxtime and am always so appreciative!
Vicki B--6 wonderful bags of Royal Canin Babycat (Solee says thanks too!) & 6 cases of KMR!
Conii with Izabella & Elliott--6 cases babyfood
Kelly R/Littleonemine--M&M's for Lynnette & mailroom, animal crackers, 8 cans tuna, freeze dried chicken, case babyfood, ping pong balls
Gina/Catlvr--8 beautiful crocheted scarves 20 x 62  (great for a Flash Sale!)
Linda S--wonderful 2 crocheted scarves and 9 hats--so pretty!  (Flash Sale coming up!)
Tracy R from WI--note and package of pom poms for Magic--he says a big thanks!
Connie/Warped--a box of awesome items arrived--10 valentine heart toys, 12 spider toys, 36 catnip kit toys, 12 warpies and 36 carrier pads. Wow--look for these at a Flash Sale! Many thanks.

We also have PayPal thanks to give!
Beth/lurkerBea--donation to help with our spay/neuter program (vouchers)
Tracy L from OH--donation for FFRC
Knittinkitten--donation to FFRC in celebration of the reunion of Lorenzo & Freemont

I've heard from the family that adopted Wigglez and Alfonz. All is good! Wigglez is now called Meowfoy and Alfonz is now called Sketcher. The kids and cats are enjoying each other. They are both growing and are healthy. Love these wonderful homes!

Wow--$1,107.67 was put in our account from Ustream! That is for our share of the ads that you all see while viewing our cam. I sure do thank you for your patience with those ads! 

Our Puzzle Raffle is going on right now. It's over at 9 am tomorrow morning. BOXES will be at 5:30 tomorrow evening with the Raffle at 6:00. We also have some great consolation prizes to give away! It's our way to say thanks! 

January and February are always a bit slower paced for us. This is when we take a deep breath and get caught up! We have updated many things--phone call lists, files, record keeping, our website, petfinders. The list is many and we are accomplishing it. I'd like to say a big thanks to Clay and Vaun (our mod) who is helping to update the website. That's important. 

Vern is feeling a bit better. I do believe his energy is a little better. We continue to give him his medication and feedings throughout the day and evening. Cleo, Rooney and Kit are now back to "snuff" are are feeling good! Cleo and Coralie are at this moment, sharing a cushie bed together! Bender is on the 9th high level of the Kuranda Tower. I told him to be very very careful when he comes down! Jessie is moseying around the office--it's so nice to see her out and about.

Things are coming along for Lorenzo and Freemont. I've seen pictures and have had reports! Every day brings they are more content with sharing their lives together and with their mom and dad. It's a real joy to see this.

I think one of the nicest things about cats is that (for the most part) they get along so sweetly and beautifully, despite their differences.  Life is so short--I wish people were more like this. I think I myself and everyone can take a lesson from them. 

Pania is doing good. No recent UTIs! That is good. She's also been exploring a bit further than normal and seems to enjoy that. Seymour has also been coming into the Main Area more in the mornings when we leave the door open. He comes in to check things out but he always goes back for the day. He and Joyful have to rule over the office together! Poo report:  Alma is doing great! Samson Wolf's diarrhea is much better. Now we shall see where this all goes. He's such a sweet boy. Walter is in sparkle/glitter pom pom heaven! And Bella had her half jar of baby food today and so enjoyed each pawful.  Hopeyou all have a great day! 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jan. 31, Sunday

Wow---one of the bestest days ever yesterday! Between Lorenzo going to his new home and our Neuter Day, it was truly wonderful!

First, Lorenzo made it to his new home safe and sound. Kelley and husband Chris took him to NJ. From the looks of the first pictures and videos, it was a great reunion between Freemont and Lorenzo. This brings me much joy. I know Andre and Suzaane will keep us up on pictures! You know, we try and provide a homelike atmosphere here for all the cats and give them much love. But to have their very very own home is the ultimate! Kelley and Chris will return today. Huge thanks to them for doing this trip.

Next we had our Neuter Day. We did 33 neuters yesterday. I was thrilled. The 10 missing are accounted for in "couldn't catch them" to "almost caught them but couldn't". Plus we have one loose on the farm property.He slipped out of his carrier enroute to the door. We are determined to catch him. We also have traps set. We've seen him so there's hope to get him caught and returned to his family. 

Here's a bit of low-down on the event: Check ins went from 7:20 to 8:30.  It went pretty smooth. We've already thought of a few changes for next time that will make things flow even better.  All physicals were done by 9:15. Dr. Darcy started on those right away. Surgeries started at 9:25. We did them in groups of 6. We have it designed where each cat/crate/paperwork was marked to keep everything straight. Last surgery was done at 11:50.  Not bad at all! Then it was a process of continuing to check the cats for color, respirations, turning them over and then feeding them. We started check outs about 1;00.  The last cat left at 3:00.  We had pizza lunch provided by Joyce D and surgery drinks supplied by Gusti--thank you both!

While the neutering was free to the cats, if the owner wanted extras, that did have a cost.  We ended up doing: 12 leukemia/FIV tests, giving 18 distemper vaccines, 13 rabie vaccines and 8 flea preventions.  We also dispensed antibiotics to go home, eye ointments and ear medications.

YOU have helped make this event successful and I am deeply grateful. FFRC offered a free Capstar and worming to each cat. And each family received a Cat Comfort Bag. 

Many thanks to so many people who helped: Dr. Darcy, Amber, Megan, Bailey, Lynnette, Sue, Mary Braid, Jackie S., Pat P, Pat & Vickie, Becky M, Dawn E, Pablo, Martha L.  Anthony also helped carry crates in and out and with parking. Denise kept the cats happy in the Main Area. A big effort with such wonderful people. 

Dr. Darcy also did a physical on Bruno since he is new here. All is good and he passed with flying colors. She likes his green eyes!  Dr. Darcy also looked at Vernon. Poor boy has pneumonia.  We already had him on an antibiotic but she suggested we start him on an injectable one also. So, we started that right away. He did eat pretty good late last night. He also ate breakfast. We will keep up with our every 2 hour offerings of food since he's lost a bit of weight. 

I've heard from the mom of our two cats Lucy and Basil. All is good and happy. I've also seen a picture of Bosley and his little boy---they sure look like they are enjoying each other! 

We have had BOXES twice recently! Many thanks given to you---we are appreciative.
Zoolove/Pam--2 boxes of Frontline Plus (6 in each box) & 2 bags of RC BabyCat
MLS--8 cases of baby food
Kris M--three beds for Derecho--soft, cuddly, so nice! He said he will share!
Pat, Thurs vol--2 more handwarmers, small crocheted blankie
Deb C/Lostgirl--8 gallons Odo-Ban
Ann Newberry--visitor--syringes, material for toys
Dave W, our NY friend--donation to FFRC
Needtoretire/Charlotte--donation for our Spay/Neuter program

We also have PayPal thanks to give!
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Dakota O from Canada--donation to FFRC
Shannon S from IL--donation for care of Victor, Leonard, Jackson and friends
Gusti--donation to help with gas for Lorenzo's trip!

I'd also like to say a special thanks to a special friend--Eaglewatcher/Beth. She provided wonderful pictures--2 different sets--that we are using as thank yous to send to people. They are wonderful and Beth is so appreciated. 

Do you order items from Amazon for yourself, FFRC or others?  If you go to our website and click on the Amazon button, FFRC gets a bit of a kick back from that! It's so easy and doesn't cost you anything! We just received a payment of $759.56 today for the month of November! Wow--just wonderful!

Dortohy was seen bathing her kittens on the yellow table. Yes.....those kittens are now young adults and still love their mama! Hensley is playing with Liesl and Everly--so nice to see.  Asha is sitting in my lap rubbing her chin on my chin! A great way to work.  Lucy Ann is napping close by. It's so nice to see her being more "present" with us. And there goes Jester followed by Emmit--two fun boys.Joyful is also doing good. She let people pet her gently yesterday for a couple pets. Sea Turtle demands everyday to go into the PawMart! No, she's not spoiled! Walter loves Tabitha's paper towel nesting cupboard. And she will share it with him too! I so enjoy seeing the friendships that these cats make.   

Tomorrow starts our special Puzzle Raffle! We are so excited about this. There are 19 FFRC cat pictures/puzzles! Check out the fb pages for info! The Raffle will be at 6:00 Thursday evening with the BOXES at 5:30! A very fun Raffle. 

Take care, all and have a great day.  It's a wonderful Sunday! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Jan. 28

Yeah for Soyboy! He's feeling so much better now and was returned to his Cove with the rest of the Covies. His buddies were glad to see him. 

We are getting ready for several things here at FFRC.  We have our annual Volunteer Meeting here at FFRC on 2/21 at 2:00.  This is where we get together, go over policies, what's been happening, our goals, go over safety items, ask for suggestions in regards to FFRC, etc.  

This Saturday is our Neuter Day! We are pumped and so excited! Paperwork is ready, neck tags are made, crate tags are made, all are on board and we are ready! Max that we would expect (if all show up) is 42. We took on an extra 5 in case 5 were no shows. And we have 2 FFRC male cats that need neutered. Check in is from 7:30 am to 8:30. 

We've also been in touch now with HumaneOhio. We are continuing our commitment to make available more spays and neuters for our area. Tomorrow we should receive the voucher information so we can get started on that. And we have our very first date for the Transport for Spays/Neuters. I believe the first Transport will be the first Tuesday of March. We will sign up 30 spay/neuters for cats. More information coming on this!

We had BOXES last night and they were wonderful!  Thanks so much!
Ann/KeikoKat & Sea with Penn, Teller & Pixel--pictures of the kitties!  3 donations in memory of John P (Ann's dad), 36 Meow Mix cups, 18 cans tuna, 36 bags Cheeze Its, 10 canisters Clorox wipes, 16 sponges
Billie K--7 cases appetizers, 7 cases baby food
Judy R from FL--48 cans Sheba & Fancy Feast
Sandy E--case of Alpo dog food (bark, bark says the dogs!!)
ColoEagle--5 beautiful afghans to help with our spay/neuter program.
Gwen & Mike R from FL--6 whiskers from Patches & Angel, donation, box tops, soup labels, pop tabs for Caryn, milk rings for all the kitties!
jatcat--1 " sparkle pom poms for Magic
Vixanna/Bagobear--card with a note and donation
Pam/zoolove from OH--coupons
Dorothy C from MD--donation
Connie from OH--chief tapes 

We also have PayPal donations that we are grateful to:
Ellen H from NY--donation for our spay/neuter program
Lynda S from MN--donation to use where needed
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Niall M from Ireland--donation to FFRC
Jane W from TN--donation to FFRC
Victoria R from AL--donation to help with Alma and Samson Wolf
Deb11111--donation for reading Dollianna's story

We had three cats returned a few days ago. Pellen (calico), Fatima (torti) and Jester (white/grey tiger). They had all went to the same home. Life styles change sometimes and so they needed to come back. They have only been gone 5 weeks and have rejoined their friends very smoothly. Three wonderful cats. Jester is a clown--plays with everything. Pellen is the loverbug--wants lots of petting. Fatima just enjoys everything!

Big news today! Alma again pooed by herself. No enemas need for over a week! Our medicine is helping! What joy! While we have not exactly seen Samson Wolf going poo, we're pretty sure he is. His sides are not all ballooned out like before and he's happy and playing. Such a sweetie! Meds must be doing the trick with him too!

Who likes to be kissed on the nose? (hint...he's a brown tiger)  Emmitt
Who likes to play with the strings on sweatshirts?   Kiara
Who is the cat that sits on the plates for Judy every single Tuesday morning?  Camvie
Who loves the RC baby cat food the best?  Solee
Who bats at the spinning clothes in the dryer? Walter
Who likes the spring toys the best? Paddy Cake, Farrah & Emily
Who likes to jump on shoulders?  Lena
Who climbs one step at a time of the Kuranda Towers and is so proud?  Bender

You ready for some really wonderful news?  Lorenzo has a home! Yes, Lorenzo! And he couldn't be going to a better home in the world. You all know that Andre and Suzanne adopted Freemont (another CH cat). They were here about a year ago and so wanted Lorenzo too. The time is right for this adoption! We have all the plans worked out. Lorenzo will be leaving Friday morning to go to NJ. Kelley (a volunteer) and her husband will be leaving Saturday about 7:30 am and will arrive at their destination about 6;00 pm. Andre and Suzanne are so excited.They've already told Freemont that he will have a brother to play with! This just brings much joy to me, knowing that another special FFRC cat has a truly special home. Iknow you all will be seeing lots of pictures and videos of Freemont and Lorenzo!  

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday, Jan. 24

FFRC received no snow. But, we have been watching and keeping track of that eastern blizzard. Stay safe and warm.  Spring will come!

I want to thank you very much for a successful Flash Sale. Mich was, of course, awesome. But so were you all---our mderators, people who received the items, those joining in for the fun---all of you are important! Thank you!

Here's the big news-----Alma pooed all by herself! Not once, but twice yesterday.  Both she and Samson Wolf had to have an enema on Friday though. I decided to bring Samson Wolf up here to the Main Area although it's not as easy to observe what he does in the litterbox.  But, it's important that he have the company of friends to play with.  We can partly guage his poo success by how round his tummy is. I have to let you know though that Dr. Darcy is a bit concerned about this little guy. It's probably the worse megacolon she has seen, especially in a kitten. There's different options we have and all are being explored. We have high hopes for this boy.

Bruno is doing wonderful. Wow---what a wonderful cat he is. It's amazing to see his fur condition. The very first time I saw him he was a mess--lots of patchy icky sections of fur and skin. And so thin. He's not so thin any more and his coat is becoming much softer and is filling in. He's also a purr-boy galore!

We have some thanks to give!
Mudjie, our moderator--donation to our spay/neuter program
LostGirl--troys and springs for our next set of Cat Comfort Bags
Jennifer O from OR--donation to FFRC
Kittiesmom--donation to our spay/neute program
Judy L--donation to FFRC
Anna-melsmom--donation to FFRC in honor of Anna Marie's 6th birthday. She loves her 2 FFRC cats!

We have Soyboy here in the back Thumper's Room. It appears he picked up a cold. So, he's on twice daily antibiotics. He's eating good today and appears to be much better. The temps this week are to be in the upper 30's, so we will wait another 1-2 days and then let him back out to be with his Covie friends. He's such a good boy!

Felicity has become a big leg-rubber! She's out and about so much these days! Joey is here, there and everywhere now. It's wonderful to see him cruising about. Seymour is also doing good. He's had very good manners! I've also noticed that Walter has drastically decreased his circling! That's nice to see! 

Have you really thought about your cat's litterboxes?  
**Is the litter box big enough? Litterboxes should be huge. Cats like to get in, scratch the litter, turn around and around. So a box that is about 1 and 1/2 the length of your cat, would be great. 
**Is the litterbox clean?  None of us like to smell a stinky litterbox. A cats nose is far superior than ours so think about how your cat must feel if the box is not nice smelling. Cats are very particular to their boxes--they like clean things. A litterbox needs to be kept scooped enough to keep it clean.
**Use litter that is not strong smelling. That "extra fragrance" put in is for people but not really beneficial to the cats. 
**Do you have enough litterboxes? The rule of thumb is 2 boxes for 1 cat, 3 boxes for 3 cats and so on. Keep the boxes not all clumped together. And it's also important to have a litterbox on every level of the house. 
**Is the location good? Pottying is "one of their most vulnerable moments, so they need to feel safe and secure". The litterbox should not be near noisy appliances, in kids playrooms. Pick a quiet, private area. 
**We also recommend a good quality of litter. One that clumps hard and one that is not dusty. 

Lorenzo, Paddy Cake, Bella and Derecho had their special dollop of baby food. Sea Turtle had her tour of the mailroom office---something she likes to do every day. Solee had her extra snacker this morning already. Liesl and Everly found each other for their morning nap. Magic is carrying around his special little sparkly ball. Jersey is napping on top of my desk, as usual. Cutie is sunk down deep in her poof. Kiara and Emily "caught" all the syringes that were tossed into the sink. Elsie has done her morning batting of Coralie. And Coralie was gentle with her! Scooper and Peydon did their laps around the main area. Tabitha has already jumped into June's Room for her morning nap. These are all part of our regular routines--isn't it wonderful how they each have their own personalities! Love these cats. 

Teamwork! We ALL are part of this team. If you are reading this, you are part of our FFRC team. And we appreciate you!
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  Helen Keller
You are all champions to me! Take care and have a great day! 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday, Jan. 21

It's Flash Day Thursday! Mich is coming! I believe it will be close to 2:30 for the sale. She will be showing a variety of things! Come join the fun. No Vern today but if we need any modeling done, Derecho said he would help! 

Sleepy cats on this cold morning. Breakfast done, tummies full and now it's nap time for most of them. Of course, Elsie, Everly, Liesl and Scooper are zooming around. Janessa was her usual chewer this morning. She also loves to take the sink stoppers and carry them around. This morning she was trying to pull off the rubber parts of the stoppers. And wow, she did a number on the cardboard box. She leaves her signature on them--lots of holes chewed!

We had BOXES last night. Much gratitude to you.
Zoolove--Nellies powdered laundry soap, lamb dryerballs, stuffed lamb, Earth Bright natural cleaner and polish. 
Jatcat from CA--Mylar balls, spring toys, 2 weasel & ball toys, glitter pom poms for Magic
Judeanlee--multi color copy paper, 4 rolls 2 inch tape, Sharpies, white out stripes, postie notes
Anonymous Friend--2 cases Alpo for the doggies, 9 bags Old Mother Hubbard doggie snackers
Mayumi--FFRC Tokyo Branch--2 pakgs Bonito Flakes, 2 cases Tullie, gift for Jocey, Waffle snacks for Vols.
Macncheesesmom--card with donation
Sandra E/straycatlady--all kinds of treats for vols, cat!  chips, crackers, K-cups, cookies, tea, Quaker Chews, q-tips, Magic Erasers, Chicken cuts, case of Fancy Feast
Dottie & Nate--for Magic--bag of glitter balls
Caren--bag of glitter balls for Magic
Elaine, Alan & Little Kat--Hobbit Birthday for Elaine--5 chicken $5!! Will get chicken today!
Sara K from OH--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to provide drinks for our upcoming surgery day.

That Magic--he is obsessed with those glitter balls. We simply cannot resist those big round eyes staring at us--he knows how to work us and what he wants to tell us! He and Trucker are such good best buds.

Today is the big day. We need to see some action from Alma and Samson Wolf in the poo department! If not, it's the big E day (enema), but we're not telling them that! Hopefully this won't be necessary. I know you're all concerned so will keep you posted!

The first of Feb. we will have a very special Raffle! This will be our PUZZLE Raffle--all those lovely puzzles that was donated by Jacksmom.  As that date gets closer, we will show you pictures of the cats that are on the puzzles. Each also includes a photo of that cat. This will be a special fun Raffle! 

Do you realize how close Spring really is?! How exciting. Snow melting, new life, longer daylight, buds on the trees, flowers blooming. But, please, no more kitties being born. Of course we love those sweet little puffs of fur but there simply is not enough homes. NOW is the time, folks. Make those spay and neuter appointments. Please don't wait. Each of us can be a part of the solution--reach out and help. If each one of us did just one more spay/neuter, it would make a huge difference.Or if you can financially do it, offer help to a family that has a cat in need of their "fix it" surgery. Thank you.

Putter has been on my mind. Wasn't he just the sweetest and bestest hugger boy?! And then it makes me reflect on our cats of FFRC. And then I read these wonderful quotes in a magazine. 

"Every time you feel the need to blame someone for a painful experience, but you choose consciously not to act on that need, you take a step toward love."   By Gary Zukav   When you think about that quote, it sure says alot, doesn't it. 

Here's another one I like:  "I don't know a perfect person. I only know flawed people who are still worth loving."  By John Green.  Love that one too! 

Have a great day, everyone. There's so much out there to do! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weds., Jan. 20

Peymon is playing! And not only playing, he's running and joining in the fun with Liesl and Everly. The three of them are good friends! I feel such a sense of relief--he's acting like a healthy kitten! And ohhhh, does he love to be held. He can turn his purrer on very quickly!

We took in a new kitten. David/Wolfpatch from IN helps a rescue center. Wolfpatch fostered a little orange tiger a few days ago. But, it was confirmed by two vets that this little guy has megacolon (just like Alma). Wolf asked if we would take him and proceed with his medical help. So, little Samson arrived yesterday. His full name is Samson Wolf! We have him in the back Thumper's Room on the floor. We will be monitoring his results in the litterbox. He also is receiving medications twice daily for his condition. Simple line is.......we need him to poo on his own! In the meantime he's playing and running around and having fun! 

There are two things about Megacolon. One is from birth  (congenital) and the other is acquired. Samson Solf has been since birth while Alma is acquired. In most cases it is called idiopathic megacolon--meaning the cause is not known. This condition causes a constipation problem, causing the stool to become dry and hard.  It's a condition in which too much stool accumulates and causes the bowel to enlarge well beyond its normal diameter.  This stool then has difficulty passing through to the large intestine.  X-rays have been done on both Samson Wolf and Alma to confirm this. 

Treatments for Megacolon varies. Severe cases require fluids to keep well hydrated, enemas to completely clear out the intestinal track. Both severe and milder cases may be helped simply by giving Miralax, a laxative gel to soften the stool, a change of diet possibly and encourage drinking of fluids. We will give both of these cats our very best care!

We had BOXES Monday night! Every item is always appreciated!
Ahmed M--note and a case of Fancy Feast
Eaglewatcher/Beth--3 pet carriers for Raffle--pink, blue & purple
Judi Sp--3 of the 40 lb bags of Precious Litter
Pat C, our wonderful Thurs. vol--donation for spay/neuter program
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy 13th Birthday to Sevaun with a chicken $5, plus Jessie donated a fiver for the spay/neuter program
Alan, Elaine B & Little Kat from FL--kitty card with note & Little Kat's allowance as donation!
Tiese T--donation to FFRC for a cat named Hannah
Kenna N from CA--donation to FFRC for a cat named Hannah
Diana W from OK--donation to FFRC
Jim & Roberta from Hicksville--dry Friskies food and mouse toys   day visitor
Linda S--donation for our spay/neuter program

Many of you know that Charleston has revisited us this week for 3 days in the mornings. Unfortunately, he picked up the cold that Cleo has. We've treated him and today he is much better. He's eating now and drinking for his new mama. He obviously loves her, and she loves him and Milo both. What a love he is! So happy for him and Milo. 

Cecil also went back to his new home. He had a little bit of a wet eye and his new dad was worried he would scratch it. So Cecil came and stayed with us a few days. Much better on Sunday and went back home. He and Charity are doing great.

Elsie has now graduated to a new height. She has discovered there's cat walks at the very top of the purple office. She so cleverly climbs up. She is still having difficulty getting down but, knowing Elsie, she will figure it out. That girl is one courageous kitten! 

Sea Turtle is doing good. She loves to spend time in the mail Room each day helping Lynnette. For the very most part, Vernon is doing great. Rarely are we seeing his aggression these days. He's so thin so we are working on feeding him more. His quieter state makes Hensley also more relaxed.  Walter, Walter, Walter is also doing a bit better about his circling. Every once in a while he still does this but usually redirecting him helps. Joyful received her annual vaccines today. She was such a good girl!

How's your walking boots doing?! We are still collecting miles for FFRC. Currently we have earned $270.39. Isn't that just wonderful! At this moment, we are in 5th place.  4th place isn't too far ahead of us---can we catch up?!

Camvie is running full speed ahead, chasing Emmitt--they are a good match! Felicity is here in the office playing with a catnip mouse toy. Bruno is settling is just fine. He's been sleeping alot---seems like he has a lot of sleep to catch up on. Pania is doing great--no recent UTI's--that's a good thing! And here comes Merri--aiming for the blue poof. She is so courageous! 

Take care to everyone. Lots of weather stuff going on--stay safe. We will have BOXES this evening at 6:00!