Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 4, 2016 Sunday

Grab a snack and a chair and join us for this long Blog! Kitty Christmas was an awesome event. I simply cannot express how much it meant to me. This Rescue Center would not be what it is today without what you do for us. You not only help us with supplies, but you give us your compassion, your friendship, your support---these things mean so very much to me.

Before we started yesterday, I went and did a survey (again) of our "holding" areas--Kitty City, shed #1 and shed #2.  Kitty City holds the can food, vinegar, bleach, Mr. Clean and other things that would freeze.  Shed #1 holds all the dry food and kitty litter.  Shed #2 holds paper products, etc.--things that are ok to freeze for wintertime. 

What I saw was a big worry.  Our can food was almost non-existent. Dry adult food was very very low. Many paper products were wiped out.

But........then came Kitty Christmas and we are bulging with your generosity! It makes me feel "safe". I know first hand how quickly we use supplies and to have these items makes me feel like we are ok again. 

It was the most thrilling thing to see that big big red truck on Power Dam and when that big horn blared---wow, that was wonderful! And when the back truck door opened and revealed all the boxes---it was breath-taking.  

Big thanks to Hornish Brothers Trucking for the use of their truck. Thanks to Brian who drove it and helped load and unload all the boxes. And we had Santa Claus in the truck too--a right jovial fella! I understand we had over 10,000 pounds of box weight and approximately 480 boxes--just amazable! 

And a super big thanks to Angie and Bill who handled this Kitty Christmas and let their home be flooded with all the boxes.  Truly appreciated by me and the cats. We had so much fun during this whole event yesterday--unloading, opening up and seeing the wonderful gifts, sharing a supper together.  We even had a surprise visit from Agnus, our oldster lady who sometimes forgets her manners but we love her dearly!!  LOL

A super high-5 to all the volunteers, family and friends that came yesterday to unload the truck (and to those that helped to load it on Friday night)! Many hands do indeed make for fast work. There were so many "parts" of this event to keep it organized and it all went smoothly.  All due to the Awesome People that helped! 

Agnus, after being unwrapped from a huge box, presented FFRC with information about an awesome washer.  It's an amazing B & C INDUSTRIAL OPL washer--and it's paid in full by some generous friends of FFRC--a value of $6,534.  I understand a representative from the company will be here tomorrow to go over all the ins and outs of this washer! I was also told that there's already $2,000 raised to go towards an INDUSTRIAL dryer, which is approximately $4900! With hope, we can raise the rest of the money so we can dry as well as we can wash.  Now....we have to hope the old washer will hold out another couple of weeks! 

I've been given a gift that it's okay to do a blanket acknowledgement of thanks to all those that helped us with Kitty Christmas by sending boxes. I truly am beyond words with my gratitude. The feeling of being cared for by you all is a wonderful feeling.  

You know, it takes a village to keep this FFRC running as it is. We have our volunteers, Steve and my family, the chatters, the mods, the lurkers, the admins, our vets, our voters,  the tweeters, FB friends, our prayer givers/good thought people and our community---so so many people involved and all very appreciated! 

I just would like our FFRCNation to know that none of you are alone---you have friends here amongst us! It's a wonderful thought to know that you can each reach out and ask for friendship and/or help.  

We had BOXES on Friday evening!  Many thanks---
Mary vol. on Friday--plates, sink strainers, 10 laser lights, 2 turbo tracks, cat balls, crinkle bags, crinkle tunnel, snackers, 32 cans of food, 17 pks of Sheba
VRS, our wonderful mod--2 framed beautiful cross stitch Black Kitty surrounded by Pansys. 
Clark, Jessie & Tthe rest--happy 4th birthday to Walter, Walter, Walter  and happy 2nd birthday to Magic--both received their chicken $5
CJ?Carla M--crocheted items--25 bags kickeroo & 2 spirals in each bag, 10 kitty blankets
Zoolove--horse & Kitty card with donation for FFRC
Alan & Elaine--2 tubs snackers, 4 cases Friskies, case Fancy Feast

And more thanks!
Gusti--donation in memory of Betz & Walter's birthday and in memory of Delight for Feliz Navidad Fund
William W from IA--doantion to be used for our veterinarian bill!
LostGirl--13 cans of Salmon for the outside cats
Renee/jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Melvin S Jr.--donation to FFRC

Big thanks to the family of Bridgette, a little 14 month old girl (Russ, Mary, Dave, Vickie, Sherri, David, Carrie).  They wanted to help FFRC and brought--litter, vinegar, sponges, tuna, juice, plates, PT, can food, snackers, toys, Mr. Clean, trashbags, glass cleaner, wash cloths!

As happy as the day was yesterday, in the evening we had a tragedy happen.  We couldn't find little Delight. After much looking for her, she was discovered. Sometime she encountered an accident and passed away.  While I would like to "soften" this, I cannot. She passed away. It was purely accidental.  Even knowing that, I am totally crushed that this happened.  We work hard on keeping these kittens and cats alive and well. To have this happen has shaken me deeply. I wish for her back, but cannot. This particular death has been hard.  With every death, I try and learn something from it---what can we do to help future cats, what could we do different---I always search for that answer. This particular death will take me a while to figure out.  Thank you for caring about her.

On a happier note, we had an adoption this morning.  Cheri and Bob from PA adopted our sweet Prance who is now known as Maggie Mae. This has been an exciting anticipated adoption. Maggie Mae is an exceptionally wonderful cat and will be so happy in her new home. 

Oh......and we had two other adoptions.  Rosemary and Endure are now Rosemary Moss and Endure Moss and are in our home. They will be given much love and the comforts of a cushie home. I'm thankful for both of them. 

I wish for you all peace, laughter and many friendships. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Kitty Christmas Day! 12/3/16

Today is a wonderful day--it's Kitty Christmas Day! The cats and I have been eagerly awaiting this day! I understand Santa will appear a bit after 2:00 this afternoon!  Grab a snack, enjoy this event with us and have fun with us! After it's over, please hang out for a while yet---we have a few other things to show you! 

While we're waiting, here's a wonderful poem that JustMe, one of our awesome mods, created! Enjoy! 

2016 Kitty Christmas Son by JustMe

 'Twas the Night Before Kitty Christmas, when all through FFRC
not a kitty was stirring, not even an Elsie
The stockings were hung from the karanda with care,
in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

The kitties were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of snackers danced in their heads.
And Jacci in her 'kerchief, and Steve in his cap,
had just settled down to watch tv and maybe some popcorn

When out in the parking lot there arose such a clatter,
The kitties sprang from their bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the kabana they flew like a flash,

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
gave the lustre of midday to objects below,
when, what to did the kitties' wondering eyes should appear,
but a semi and many volunteers.

With a little old driver, so lively and quick,
they knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
More rapid than eagles, his coursers they came,
and he whistled and shouted and called them by name:

"Now Bill! Now Angie!
Now, Elizabeth and Beth!
On, Dawn! On, Becky!
On, Mary and Connie!
To the top of Porchie Haven!
To the top of the Cove!
Now dash away! Dash away!
Dash away all!"

As peacock fly on the barnyard,
so carefully he back
not to hurt a volunteer
with the semi full of boxes, and St. Nicholas too.

And then, in a twinkling, the kitties heard
the prancing and giggling of each volunteer.
As they peeked thru the screen,
Into the Center came boxes a glore

He was dressed all in red, from his head to his foot,
and his clothes were all covered with fur and litter
A bundle of snackers was flung on his back,
the smell of catnip was present in the air

His eyes--how they twinkled! His dimples, how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a catnip banana
and the beard looked perfect for biscuit making.

He had a broad face and a little round belly,
that shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of gruel.

He was fluffy and plump, a right jolly old elf,
and  Sevaun laughed when she saw him, in spite of herself,

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
soon gave us to know we had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
Filling the shelves to the brim.

As he sprang to his semi you could here him exclaim
"Happy Kitty Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

Friday, December 2, 2016

December 2, Friday

We had BOXES on Weds. evening---YOU are appreciated!

Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby cat dry food
Erin K from GA--2 tubs snackers, big bag of PUrina One
Judeannlee & Phil--8 turbo scratcher replacements
Billie K--2 - 7 lb bags of Pro Plan Kitten & 2 big bags Pro Plan Adult
Sara S from NC--3 kitty necklaces for FFRC
Connie & John H from OH--chief tapes
Elaine & Alan B from FL--Christmas card

Donna B--donation to FFRC for Coralie 
Janet K & Tacky, Max, Knikkie--donation to FFRC

Midwest Community Federal Credit Union came to FFRC as part of their Do Good Now promotion for Giving Tuesday. They brought cat toys, cash donation & check donations from their employees. It's wonderful to be a part of a town that has a community that cares. 

Did you walk anywhere today?  Run, perhaps?  Please remember you can help FFRC by connecting with ResQwalk!  The app is free--just download and then every time you walk, run and bike, turn it on and help FFRC!  We benefit from every mile done.  For September, FFRC just received $27.37.'s good for FFRC and good for you!  We have made a total of $582.30--and this is all by doing something healthy!  Thanks for your help! 

Lucy, Ethel and Betsy are now on the floor in the back Thumper's Room all the time now. They are doing good.  We're just giving Ethel a little more "relax time" before bringing them to the Main Area.  She's better each day! They are the zooming bunch--I think they must have little wings on each leg---so fast and so fun to watch. 

Update on our next Fun-Raiser. We have postponed it a bit. It will now start on Friday, the 9th and be done on the 12th, Monday at 9 am. This will be a Fun-Raiser with many wonderful things that would be great for Christmas! This will be our last Christmas orientated event. Want to know what's  in it?!!  Ok---a 50" TV,  iPad (64 gb), 2 Kindle Fires (with additional 32 gb that can be added), 2 Rosemary afghans, 2 Pet Cot beds with Canopys,  Bago's Hello Kitty Quilt with matching pillowcase, Mr. Kerswill's handmade cat bed, Canon Selphy Compact Photo Printer and a Warpedeedoo.  More info coming. This will also be posted on Chatters and a slide show will be on the cam for viewing! 

I would like to let you know that we lost Keryn yesterday. What a sweet gentle soul. We have a diagnosis which she could not have survived with. She is now in peace. I'm glad she was here and had all the comforts she wanted these few days. 

Our CH population has been upped.  Here is what has happened the last few days:

Chester arrived 11/30. He's a brown tiger. I do not yet have his birthdate but he is approx. 7 months old. He's been shuffled around quite a bit and has had some rough spots in his young life. He came from Ohio. He's a sweetie and so friendly. If one word would describe him it would be--inquisitive. He's always checking things out, flipping in the air to play, running in his own way and wants all the toys! He's been using the litterbox 100%! He is a mild/moderate Ch boy. Chester is already on the floor in the back Thumper's Room.

Gavin arrived 12/1.  He's also a brown tiger and about 6 months old. His birthday is 5/30/16. Gavin came from the Humane Society of Greater Dayton area.  He is also a sweetie but is rather shy.  He is in the double condo lower pen in the back Thumper's Room while he gains his confidence. He can see what's going on. Hoping he will want to join in the fun soon.  He is a mild/moderate CH and is also using the litterbox.

Spiker arrived 12/1. He's an orange tiger and is about 4 months old. His birthday is 7/28/16. He came from Fat Cat Rescue in N. Chicago. Spider is a mod/severe CH boy. He loves all the action and is trying his best to keep up! What a sweetheart he is. We've been placing him in the litterbox and he's been using it! He gets around by doing some of the flip/flops and he does put a bit of weight on his rear legs. He gets all excited with the toys!

It'll be a little while till these 3 cats come up to the Main Area---we want them to bond and feel at ease which appears to be happening fast.  Then we'll have a quiz on all these names!  lol  

I understand we have a super wonderful day tomorrow---Kitty Christmas! We are soooo excited. The cats know something is up---it's all about the cats and they are excited as well. During this event---don't worry! We will have all kitties and most of the cats tucked away for safety.  We'll use Kitty Kabana, Kitty Campus, back Thumper's Room, front Thumper's Room and the Cat's Corner Room for safety. I've already been dreaming of Santa's jingle bells coming down Power Dam Road!! 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 30, Weds.

Wow--what a Magnificent, Mega, Massive Flash Sale we had Monday afternoon!  Such Monumental thanks to Mich and Lynnette for doing the sale, to the Mods for their help, to all the people who provided the items and to those that purchased the items. You all deserve a Mountainous  pat on the back! And you have made a Mighty difference to this Rescue Center! This Flash Sale is a Mammoth help to us and will go towards our general operational needs and our ever incurring vet bills. Hang onto your seat---this sale made a Miraculous amount  of $2,874!  So to you all, Many thanks!  

And we have more thanks to give!
Shelley M--donation to FFRC
Robin H & hubby & 2 cats--2 bags of Purina 1
Christian J from OH--donation to FFRC
Lisa P--donation in honor of an internet friend, Lana
Janet M--doantion to FFRC
Jacksmom--donation to FFRC for GIving TUesday!

And more thanks!
Jatcat--4 green great beds for the new Feeding/Sleeping station for the outside cats
Judy & Phil--lysol wipes, dixie bowls, 6 inch paper plates
Bob B--bag of kidney care cat food
Mich--packets of tuna for Sea Turtle, wash clothes

Just a reminder---if you ever have a question or concern or "wonderment", please never hesitate to ask.  Sometimes things can be fixed quickly or concerns calmed.  It's always ok to email me. 

Keryn, the new cat, is doing better. She's clean, has no fleas now, is on antibiotics and soreness meds. Her respirations are still a concern as is her gimpy leg. We will have Dr. Darcy check her but in the meantime rest is needed and food.  Keryn is so sweet--just absolutely loves to be petted.

We took on 3 new kittens. And of course, they are soooo cute!
Betsy--brown tiger.  Once there were 3 kittens, a family found homes for 2 but couldn't plae Betsy so brought to FFRC. She is a sweetie and has a motor like a semi truck already! Her birthday is 10/10/16.

Ethel & Lucy--found together, brought to FFRC.  These 2 girls are obviously sisters. Ethel is a grey tiger with super thick fur--so soft. Lucy is a very long hair grey and white with the cutest face. We put these two girls as 7 weeks also and with the same birthday--10/10/16. 

These 3 kittens have had their tests, baths, worming, capstar and their Bordatella vaccine.  Their names are from the Name a Cat list. They are in the back Thumper's Room with short visits on the floor until we get their first distemper vaccines in them, which will be today. Won't be long until they are here in the Main Area.  

Little Breanna is doing good. While some days she is extra slow, most days she gets herself to the water bowl and food dishes. She sure enjoys eating. I will be thrilled when I see her play. It's so sweet when one of the cats, especially Derecho, lays beside her. We put her frequently into the litterbox and most times she does potty! 

Woodrow just zoomed by with a piece of old mouse fur toy in his mouth---his look on his face was---don't anyone dare to take this from me!  Little Delight is napping here on the desk, along with PaddyPurr and Vernon and Hensley---one big bunch of furriness!  Elsie and Magic are playing like crazy--so fun to watch. Coralie's watching them with an expression that she thinks napping is much better! 

Check out the new Christmas banner for Chatters!  Thanks, Adrian! 

All is good here. Cats are healthy and happy. The volunteers are awesome. And there goes Harvey zooming by too in hot pursuit by Hoover. The fun of being a kitten! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 27, Sunday

The cats should look like turkeys, as much turkey as they got to eat! Every once in a while, I do think I hear a gobble, gooble!  Now, on to Christmas.

We have had 3 adoptions this weekend!
Ramsey left Friday morning with Mary Braid, our vol. I know beyond a doubt this kitten will be loved to pieces! 
Bertha also left Friday. She went to a family that was very excited to adopt her! Such a sweet kitten.
MJ was adopted on Saturday---I can imagine that she has fit in right away and will be so happy.

We had BOXES on Friday night---so very grateful to you!
Patchesmommi/Angel & Patches--coupons, box tops, pop tabs & milk rings, 2 bags of snackers
Anne-in-UK--Purse charms, keychains & bookmarks all made by Anne.  THemes: horses, owls, pawprints, kitties, dolphins & music
Kiwi from NZ--Christmas card with note, BIrds of New Zealand calendar--it's beautiful
Jane W/calico from ME--kitty card with note
June/painteddaisy--kitty card and sponsorhsip of Joyful
Charlotte/needtoretire--Thanksgiving card
CherylAnn--Thanksgiving card
Sophieandlucysdad/Mike---coupons for FFRC
Elaine & Alan from FL--Bear & Lighthouse card & 2 bags of Purina One Cat
Joyce A from CA--donation to FFRC
Dorothy C from MD--donation to FFRC
Shelly M from NC--Eddie White info! 
Katie L from Canada--lots and lots of volunteer snackers & teas, coffees--our shelf looks great!

And more thanks!
Sue M/Mac&Cheese&Doodles mom--donation for FFRC and donation for spay/neuter fund.
Ryan S from Romania--donation to FFRC
JanefromTN--donation to FFRC
David & Christine and Miyu, Yuki & Anya--donation to FFRC & for Trucker & friends for chicken!
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Ingrid from Netherlands--donation for Koda

Cookbooks! We have sold over half already! They are $18 and make a fabulous gift for Christmas. They are just filled with wonderful recipes! If you'd like to order, please go to our website at and click onto PawMart.  Or simply send a paypal to FFRC with cookbook in the message box. 

Tomorrow is a special day---we have our Christmas Flash Sale. Many items are Christmas related or would make great gifts! Mich will start about noonish! Check out the video of the items that will show up on our cam periodically today and tomorrow morning. Fun times ahead!

We took in a new cat yesterday. This sweetie sure needs some TLC.  She showed up at someone's house, absolutely so dirty, major fleas, super thin and with a very sore front leg. She also shows some respiratory distress that we are watching carefully. We have named her Keryn which is pronounced care-RIN--it's a Name  Cat name. Her heart is so gentle and she just purrs and purrs. She had a much needed bath. Most of her time has been spent napping or eating and purring. 

All is good out on the farmyard. The cats certainly are enjoying their red heat lights. Right now we turn them on at night and off during the day. When it's colder weather, they will stay on 24/7.  It's interesting, some of the grey barn cats have decided they love the Porchie Haven. And that is all fine. Markus, the newest Covie acts like he's been there forever. He's fit in perfectly. The new boy, Nikka is also doing well. While he won't let us touch him, he knows we are his food people and so allows us to get somewhat close. 

Terry is an absolute nut--he's crazy about his early morning snackers. Magic too. He could be sleeping and when he hears Lisa starting the treat routine, he zooms to her like a speedy boy. Some of the cats are still going out in Bella's Place---the outdoor enclosure. They certainly let us know when they want to come in---their meow-er is loud!

Mandisa is doing great. What a sweet girl. She's almost like a Asher look alike but much different personality! Asher is a busy boy, also sweet but loves the action. Mandisa is a slower pace girl who enjoys quiet times with people and kitty friends!

Great news---Jones and Sea Turtle continue to do well. They are both amazing and perfect for our PawMart store. Dodger's Pen door is open and the purple spiral furniture is beside it---it gives the kittens a perfect ladder to zip in and out and up and down. Such busy kittens---all 6 of them are growing and have nice round tummies! Their new friend Delight fits right in with them.

Take care all and have a wonderful, peaceful Sunday! 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, 11/24/16

Happy Thanksgiving to our entire FFRCNation.  It's a day of feeling a gratitude for the things in our lives. I am grateful for my family and home and for each of you. Our FFRCNation is a wonderful group of caring people who, in my opinion, have hearts of gold. Enjoy this day in joy and peace.

We had BOXES last night! YOU are appreciated! 
Carla M/cj500--10 cat toy gift bags--1 kickaroo/2 coils each, 30 crocheted kitty crate blankies
Stinkygreykitty--blue "Paddy Cap" from Ireland, Merry Kissmouse note with adopt stickers & 7 adopt pins.
Laura S with Sophie, Kevin & Fosters--photos of her kitties-12 days of Christmas Cats towel, 9 cases Whiskas
Mary H/Fri vol--5 boxes appetizers, some are special ones for Jolene
Butterfly Class -Belgium--8 yarn angels, 2 framed pictures with kitties/duck/roosters and 5 printed pillows--kitties, sheep, chickens, kitties & horses--all made by the students!
Zoolove/Pam--lg. lighted ceramic Christmas tree with timer, 2 ceramic snowmen, silicone lighted kitty--really neat!, 2 amazon fire tablets for fun-raiser!
Trudy from OH--donation to FFRC
Susan F from CA--Christmas donation in honor of Barbara W
Hannah, our sweet IN friend, her parents Jenny & Andy--Kitty Thanksgiving card
Elaine & Alan B from FL--still giftingh Little Kat's allowance to FFRC (& with a raise!)
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Thanksgiving card with 4 Turkey $5 (will get them a turkey to share!)
Shannon S--donation for the spay/neuter program!
Sharon Y from UK--donation to FFRC
Jeanette B--2 bags of Precious cat litter

Our wonderful Cookbook Vol 3 is doing great. We've sold alot but still have many on the shelves....just for you!  They make great gifts for Christmas and birthdays! Check out PawMart on our website purchase them this way. They are $18. 

Please keep up the voting for our Eagle Rare Life contest. Voting goes to Jan. 4th. Nothing is guaranteed yet in this contest, so every vote is important. The cats and I deeply appreciate this. The site is:

Want to have some fun on Monday?  That's our next Flash Sale. It's at noon this time, by Mich. We are trying to "shake up the time" a bit so we reach all of our FFRC friends! This sale has many things that are for Christmas and for gifts. Plus, of course, some leggydews and biggiedews!  

The 6 kittens and Delight are now out all the time except for nighttime. They still go into Cat's Corner Room along with Breanna.  Breanna had a couple rough days last week--just could tell the world wasn't quite right with her. The last few days have been better with her walking about more and eating good. 

Prance, aka Maggie Mae, another new cat, is doing wonderful. She went to Dr. P's office on Monday and got a clean bill of health! She is a loverbug! Rosemary also went for her physical and did just fine. She has a bacterial ear infection but that should be easy to get control of.  She is awesome---she climbs the 3 steps that we have here in the Main Area--up and down with ease! And she so loves to be loved on! 

We have a few more adoptions coming up--they will happen on Friday and Saturday. The cats that will be going to their new homes are Ramsey, Bertha and MJ.  So happy for these 3 great cats. 

Phoebe will be going to the vet's office on 12/7.  She will have a thorough looking over of her nasal passageway and throat area.  She continues to have very thick nasal drainage and such a snoring sound she can make! We just want to make sure that there's no polyps or anything there obstructing her airway. She will have her sinuses flushed, x-rays will be done and a very good look at her soft palate. 

Eddie White is here in the office with me, playing with a ping pong ball. He's loving it--batting it and then chasing it. He visits me alot on the desk to "help" me! 

Bits and pieces:  The 6 new outdoor cat houses are being used! Once a week they will receive fresh soft blankets. I'm very happy at how quick they discovered them.  Matimba, the mama to the 6 kittens, is doing great. We always knew she was people friendly, just not cat friendly. She's happy and after Thanksgiving, I will be able to look for a permanent home for her. Temporarily, she is in a foster home with no other cats.    I've heard from the family that has Stevie, Vincent and Felix--the last 3 CH cats that were adopted. All is well and all are happy!  Oh--and Vienna and Dorothy are fine! Vienna is enjoying the lap now and Dorothy is comfortable enough to join her family on the couch. 

You might see a calico with a bushy tail flitting by on the cam---that would be Annabelle! She is now comfortable and loves to play. Her favorite thing is to climb the palm trees--she just enjoys playing! Trill too is now comfortable. He has been playing with Eddie White. 

Have you noticed Joyful? She's turning into Miss Socialite! She is letting visitors rub her tummy and pet her head. She's even been enjoying her grooming more and more. It's so wonderful to see her enjoying life. She loves the Kitty Kabana. 

You all enjoy your Thanksgiving Day. Willie Nelson once said: "When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around"  Wishing you a day filled with those realizations of blessings. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday, November 20

What a crazy week it's been. Lots of happenings!  Let's see if we can get everyone caught up! 

Our new cats:
Delight--long hair black/tiger kitten, female, 11 weeks old. She was found outside on Friday at someone's porch, right before that storm. She's a sweetie and is already playing with the group of 6 kittens here in the Main Area.

Rosemary--once known as Bones. She is one of the cats rescued from a hoarding problem at TCP of Michigan. She and the others have been taking refuge at a shelter for 3 months while the court proceedings were taking place. As of last week, all kittens were 100% relinquished and now homes can be found! We have had "dibbies" on Rosemary for a long time and now she is here. Many of the cats are already finding their new home. I'm so happy for them. Rosemary was a youngster when she was found in a field, probably injured from farming equipment. Her legs were severed. She now is a 2 legged cat and is doing wonderful. She's a marshmallow and loves to be loved on. Rosemary is 6 years old. She does fine with the litterbox and gets around just fine. She is in Cat's Corner Room and will be in the Main Area soon enough! I'm thankful to Joni and Michele for working so hard to help these cats go from a sad place to being able to find homes. She is a white calico.

Prance--a beautiful black/white cat. We've already mentioned Prance in the previous blog....but wow--what a gem! She obviously knows what a home is as she has slipped inside my house several times. She goes inside and wanders around. When she sees a person--plop--over she goes for a tummy rub! And what a purr engine she has! She is already on hold for Cheri and Bob who have adopted from us before. Her new name will be Maggie Mae. 

Trill, another new cat is doing awesome. He seems to be comfortable now and is enjoying all the new friends. Peggy is fostering a kitten for FFRC. Her name is Treanna. She's a little brown tiger, about 5 weeks old now. She will be here soon to stay---already knows the group of 6 kittens.  

We have thanks to give---we had BOXES on Weds. evening.
Jatcat--2 cat dancers, 4 replacement pks for the turbo scratchers
Katie L--tub of Temptations & Party Mix, 4 boxes Appetizers, 2 cases Purrfectly Fish
Stephanie & Christopher--Christmas card with donation, comfy Cabana full of toys, balls, giant coils, catnip critters, crinkle owl & snackers
Madisonpepper--2 Christmas houses for kitties to play--Castle & Winter Wonderland
Dottie C--case of 9-Lives, snackers, Color your own Puzzle, 8 pretty boxes with earrings for flash sale, her kitty Ann's blankie for an adoption kitty, special dry food. For the vols: 4 boxes Belvita biscuits. a 40 x 42 afghan called Calamity Jane for Fun Raiser
KZNCO--kitty card, cards for FFRC's use & postage stamps, 3 kitty potholders made by the weavers guild--so beautiful
Wanda, our Portrait friend--a check for $400 for commissions she has had and NYCBird donated 3 gift certificates of $200 each for a Portrait by Wanda (fun-raiser!)
SissyP--donation to FFRC
Neuromom & David--donation to FFRC
Ollie the Hooligan--coupons
Tracy L from OH--coupons
Dan & Joy D--Thanksgiving card & donation to FFRC
Ruffles/Diane--Thanksgiving card
Jeanette B--2 bags of Precious cat litter

Have you still been voting for FFRC?  Hope so! Time is getting down to the finish. Please help us by voting daily! As of this moment, we have  122,774.  Wow.  The site is:   I appreciate the votes for FFRC.

We've heard from the mama of Sparkey and Friskey! The boys are doing great and are much loved! Sounds like both are ornery and so sweet. They have found a wonderful home! The pictures show 2 happy, healthy boys.

And we have more thanks to give!
Melvin S--donation to FFRC
Purple/Nancy--donation to be used for postage for the cookbooks
Vaun--donation to be used for shipping the cookbooks
David T from OH--donation for FFRC

Yes! The cookbooks are in and they are fantastic. There are 594 recipes and many categories. The pictures of FFRC cats that are in the book are super. The entire set up of the cookbook is great. And so so many thanks to give that I'm afraid I'll miss some names. So, on pp-3 of the cookbook, please make note of all the people who helped. But, I would like to extend a special thanks to Svcathy and Purple who put in many hours of work on this project.  It was truly a monumental job and so many people helped make this possible. I thank each and every one of you! 

The cookbooks are for sale at $18. You can simply go to paypal and send the $18 to FFRC. Or you can go to our website and go into our PawMart store and order it that way. I believe you'll enjoy all the recipes. And they would make great Christmas gifts too! 

We have had 4 adoptions! 
Vienna and Dorothy went to the same home! A lady came here two weeks ago and made a softie out of Vienna! She had come with the hopes of adopting 2--a kitten and an adult. She chose Dorothy to go home with her too. I talked to her 2 days ago and the cats were curled up together on the couch. 

Djak went to her new home yesterday! Her new mama wanted a cat that would be a lap kitty and that certainly is Djak. The other one that left yesterday was Dancer. She wasn't here very long and had fit in so quickly due to her great personality! Both kittens went to wonderful homes. 

Matima is now at a foster home---probably not a permanent home......yet. This is the mama to the 6 kittens. There is no way that she can be in the Main Area. She is definitely not a "cat" cat. Rather, she prefers humans. But, that presents a problem in that we simply could not bring her in the Main Area. I'm working on a permanent home for her. She's quite happy where she is and seems to have settled in nicely already.

Iams is wonderful! They completed their service project for us! Yesterday they delivered the 6 outdoor cat houses for us. They are wonderful.  24 inch x 24 inch and high enough to have 2 levels in them. The roof raises for easy cleaning. Nice and comfy for winter sleeping and feeling secure. 2 went into the new Feeding Station area, 2 behind that Feeding Station and 2 behind the shed near the firepit.  This is the area where we have so many cats outside.  Between these houses, the Feeding Station and the FireHouse, I feel we have the needs of these cats covered now. As of right now, 100% of these cats are spayed and neutered!

Take care and have a peaceful Sunday.