Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday, Jan. 27

Drool and Purr---do your cats do this?! Some cats like to purr and some cats, when they become relaxed and happy, let's the drool happen! We have some of the droolers here. Jonah is King of the Drool Cats! He just let's it flow when he's being petted! 

Addison is fully intuned with the other cats now! He prances, runs, plays and eats with all of the cats. His self confidence is building! This morning I saw the 3 siblings napping together---Anne Shirley, Triumph and Mogo. A very sweet picture. Rebecca is feeling better. She even ate a bit of breakfast by herself today but she was still syringed fed. I think she kinda enjoys that! 

We had an adoption yesterday. Star went to his new home. He actually hand picked this new mama. Met her close to the door and didn't give up. She picked him up, sat down to visit with him and he laid his head on her and took a bit of a nap! That's all it took---Star was picked!

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you all.
Faithy & Bobby--12 pack of Meow Mix cups, case of Friskies pate
Rebecca & Willow from UK--6 boxes of Bondi Licks and some real cute kitty key covers
Nokittymama/Linda S--large bag of pop tabs for Kellen
Mike & Gwen/patchesmommi from FL and Patches (15 yrs) and Angel (12 yrs)--Whiskers for Jacci from Patches, 8 bags of kitty snackers, large bag of pop tabs for Kellen, milk rings and coupons
Mimibren--2 cases Fancy Feast and 2 large bags of Purina One
Dorothy C/Angec from NE--Box FULL of toys made by Dorothy!  Different holiday pins, very cute and pill bottle toys with bell inside. They're already playing with these!
Dewittycdw--a cat plush toy--so cute! 2 Laurel Burch wall art, one of cats (for a raffle, etc) and a cat/butterfly picture which will go in our Butterfly Room and a purple cat infinity scarf for Jacci (love it!)
George & Dory/Kona and Alex & Mona from IL--donation in honor of their adoption of Dory & George a year ago. Both Dory and George sent wonderful notes and pictures!
Cheri B from TN--kitty card with 2 donations--one for Magic and one for Addison
Margaret H from OH--donation from her grandchildren. They sold lemonade & cookies at a garage sale. I thought this was extra wonderful!
Susan CT--donation for FFRC
Karen B from OH--Chief tapes
Linda C/Angelface--sent a box of fitted pillow cases and pet bed covers--so very cute! Will go in our Paw-Mart FFRC Store!  

I counted them---there are 8 cats here in the purple office with me that are black/white cats. Cuteness overload for sure! They are Bender, Honor, Bounty, Nelson, Floyd, Columbus, Jackson and Jersey. Talk about a cute room of cats!

It sounds like some of our pending adoptions will take place fairly soon. Mr. G will go this Saturday. Two kittens will probably leave on Thursday, depending on the weather. Not positive which two kittens yet! We have a confirmed date of 2/8 for Addison. Her new mama will be bringing her brother and mom and dad to visit FFRC for the adoption! 

I have this post right on my desk---it's one of my favorites and a good guideline! I would like to share it with you all.
"There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it.
You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad and focus on the good.
Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't.
Life is too short to be anything but happy.
Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living."

You all "out there" make me laugh and help me focus on the good. You give this rescue a "bounce" and the love shows. Life is indeed too short--let's love it and embrace it! And also embrace as many cats as we can! 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday, Jan. 25

Truck, truck, trucking along. That's what Trucker is doing---putting around in his little truck. He likes to sit in his toy truck and then have someone pull him around. He just sits there, looking about so intently!  Just hook up a leash to the front of the truck and pull!

Many thanks to Joni, Pat, Megan and Ellen (volunteers) for helping with the Sparkle Pop Jewelry & other jewelry for the Flash Sale last night. We even had Megan from Sparkle Pop joining us to give us guidance on some of the jewelry pieces.  Many thanks for the participation! We'll be working on packing and shipping tomorrow.

We were asked why we picked last night at 9 pm to have a Flash Sale. The beauty of having friends from all around the world means we'd like to spread the times for these sales around, so it gives different people an opportunity to have fun with our Flash Sales. It's nice to do things for different time zones!

What a beauty Felicity is. She may not "present" herself very much when visitors are here, but she sure loves us and loves to be petted. Bender asked to be cuddled this morning.  He is a lap cat, even with his size. He'll curl right up and lean his head on your shoulder. Anne Shirley, Triumph and Mogo had the experience of spending the night in Kitty Kastle last night. It's such a good experience for these cats to get to do this--builds their confidence.

We have thanks to give---you all are wonderful!
Pat P--Tide HE laundry soap, 16 Appetizers. And food for the farmyard critters--grapes, carrots, apples, oranges. And gummy worms for the volunteers!
Coralie P--donation for Coralie and friends for extra treats
Kelly L--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Angel/Dottie--a nice pen for us to use as needed
Mareike M from Germany--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Susan G from NH--letter with picture of her kitty--pop tabs & Box tops, Turbo toy, lots of potty bags
Kelly R/littleonemine--coupons, Irish Shamrock socks for Megan, 3 informational books on cats, kitty wipes, 6 large cans of Tuna and bag of Purina One
Madisonpepper--box from Spoiled Rotten--filled with great toys and different kinds of snackers
David & Christine with Miau, Yuki and Anya--2 boxes of packets of Salmon, 18 cans clams and 24 cans sardines
Great Aunty Julie/tigercat from IA--4 boxes Whiskas Purrfectly Fish, big bag of Purina One
Megan A--Mardi Gras King Cake from Julie Anne's Bakery in LA---super delicious!
Aunty Fi--2 Gund Pusheen Plush cats, both purple, one for Jacci/one for Magic

Yesterday when I went by the Power Dam, which is about 1/4 mile from here, there were thousands of seagulls flying around and diving into the waters. Amongst the seagulls flying, I saw 2 adult Eagles and 3 immature Eagles. Such a very beautiful sight to see. 

A cat can jump about 7 times as high as he is tall. 
Remember to bang on the hood of your car before driving away.
A cat's whisker is called a Vibrissae. It's about twice as thick as the hair on their coat and are 3 times deeper than hair roots.

Mr. G's adoption will be next weekend, due to his new mama-to-be having the flu. Kate, who will be adopting Addison will be returning on Feb. 7 and staying with us, to leave on the 8th. Addison is happy! 

Marmalade is such a good mama. She's becoming more use to people and being petted. She is such a beautiful cat. Today the Covies have their Out and About Day. They were eagerly waiting for the day to be opened. Jonah and Charlie though came inside to the back Thumper's Room for the day--don't want them out yet! Ada Jane is holding her own--she seems to have a big appetite in the mornings. Spends much of her time napping. 

Just wanted to send out an extra thanks to you all. Your support is phenomenal and much appreciated. You show your support in so many different ways and each way is important to us. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Jan. 23

An awesome book! The title is: The Story of Us--FFRC.  The back of the book says it all:  FFRC Nation.  Many Countries.  One Heart.  One Mission.  One Nation.  Pat & Ellen presented me with this wonderful book last night. It's all about our cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. It has the stories of Alma, August, Jackson, Merri, Jersey, Lorenzo, Milo, Solee, Felicity, Freemont, Cozarelii, Vernon, Walter and Derecho. There's also a story told by Zelda. Many thanks too to Megan who typed it, Larissa who was the technical advisor and Marilyn who designed the cover photo and to all of our FFRC Nation.  FFRC is Where Life Begins....and Love Never Ends.

This lovely book is so gratefully received. They also presented me with a second book of these stories. This second book will be included in our next Raffle!

We had ENVELOPES last night! Many thanks!
Pat & Ellen--5 big cans of chicken and a notebook to help keep things organized.
Pat C, Thursday volunteer--paper towels, kitty blankie and 3 more handwarmers
Barbara R from Bryan--donation from Rosalie Sanders family (was mama to Cricket & Bobbi), in honor of these 2 wonderful cats
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
Debra S from New ORleans--in honor of Susan and Bo-Bae
Susan M/macncheesemom from MA--donation to FFRC
Connie H from Cecil OH--chief tapes
LittleKat and Elaine & Alan B from FL--Valentine card, sheet of stamps, donation from Little Kat (who saved her allowance) and also picture of Little Kat on her own notecards. She is 16 yrs. old!

I've talked to Dr. Darcy about Trucker and his poo problems....again. His stool sample has come back good. So, she's going at this in full fighting mode. We have a rather extensive treatment program we are trying on him. So.....keep your fingers crossed.

Sunnie J just ran by me at 100 MPH--chasing Star and Caleb. Leopold and Rebecca have been very busy this morning also--the feathery toy is taking a beating between the two of them! Little Addison is doing awesome. He's here, there and everywhere playing. He also loves to climb the Kuranda Towers. So so nice to see him in play-mode.

We've been working hard on getting the Paw-Mart items in the website. Spent almost the whole day on this yesterday. We are also getting the website current in all the other categories. Lots to do!

We have some inquiries about our kitties and cats! It's possible that Mr. G will be adopted. Also one of our cats with CH is possibly going to find a home. We also have 3 kittens being looked at. As soon as I have more facts, I'll keep you posted!

Magic is doing good. When she arrived, she was 15 ounces, Sunday.  On Monday she was 1.01.   On Wednesday she was 1.02 and today Friday she was 1.03.  She certainly knows how to eat!

Today about 1:00 or 1:15, we would like to take the cam over to Paw-Mart, our FFRC store, and show you around! We'll show you the new items and old items and the new construction. This will be recorded to youtube for those that may miss it. 

Cats have special scent glands at their temples, on their face and at the root of the tail. When a cat rubs against humans, it is atually making its mark on them---a good thing!

Cats are capable of 3 distinct types of sound: purring (mouth closed), meows (vowel sounds made with mouth open and closing) and hissing (mouth open in one position). 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weds. Jan. 21

The newbie kittens are doing wonderful! Little Magic is quite an interesting little kitten. She knows what she wants, when she wants it and wants it NOW!  I get such a kick out of her! Her little back legs are quite bent, backwards and atrophied. But, not her spirit! That kitten has gumption! And she's using the litterbox--both for poo and peeing! We were so excited about this! Little Magic is a wonder.

And then there's Addison. I brought him up to the front to be held this morning, which he wanted for all of 3 minutes. And during those 3 minutes, he kept watching the cats playing. Wiggle, wiggle---he wanted down! So, down he went. He didn't hide. Addison went right to the business of the day--play and play and play! What a joy to see this. Right now he's playing with 2 other kittens on the ramp. His CH is definitely mild and he's using the litterbox just fine.

We have some thanks to give! This Rescue Center is always very grateful for the help received.
Amy H/mommaamy--a case of Whiskas Variety pack of Fish
Val, Shelley and Elvira--lots of awesome mouse pads to go into our store---all with pictures by Pat, of the FFRC cats. Different varieties. Thanks so much!
Midwestergirl/Mary C from IL--note and 50 scarves for our Paw-Mart store or raffle. Just beautiful!
Ferole--one awesome artist! Ferole has sent numerous pieces of her artwork for FFRC to use for raffle or for Paw-Mart. There's birds, flowers, trees in design. Just beautiful!
RoseSF6cats--Walter card for FFRC!
Michael R from WI--donation for FFRC, for caring about the kitties and cats
Keiko S from CA--donation to be used where needed
Contessa/Laura--Christmas stocking and a bag of bows (put back for next Christmas!). Also a Hero Cat book by Eileen Spinelli. Contessa knows that I like II Divo, so she sent 2 concert signed programs, one for me and one for my sister Patti, also a certificate of congressional honor that Contessa presented to II Divo, Also a Barbra Streisand CD with special performance by II Divo. Thanks ever so much! What a treasure.

We had our Raffle on Monday night! It was absolutely wonderful! Here's the info about the LJ cat scarves. And also....a huge thanks to LJ for those scarves--very unique!
A-Calico...sold 38 tickets   Winner Penny M/jamiecat
B-Farrah...sold 16 tickets    Winner Pat P/patcat
C-Dark Tiger...sold 17 tickets   Winner Karen Ta
D-Light Tortie...sold 35 tickets   Winner Gusti's friend
E-Farrah...sold 13 tickets   Winner Linda Mar
F-Dark Tortie Tiger...15 tickets   Winner nyckitty
G-Farrah...sold 19 tickets   Winner Glenn Ra
H-Grey...sold 28 tickets   Winner Pat P/Patcat
I-Black...sold 52 tickets   Winner Pamela Tay
J-Tortie & Gold...sold 64 tickets   Winner Ann Dav
K-Farrah...sold 16 tickets   Winner Romeo Mom
L-Black/white...sold 53 tickets   Winner Oldgreymary

Total was $1940---wow! Absolutely wonderful! We also had 4 people who bumped up the total. They were Deb11111, electraNJ, Joco, Gusti.  Thanks ever so much! This made our total bump to $2,225. A very happy Scraffle!

We drew names for consolation prizes. The people who won those were: oldgreymary, bellabelle, clarksmom, Ferole, knittinkitten, missmic. Wolfpatch donated 8 dozen cookies to 2 people--they were knittinkitten and straycatlady.  Thanks, Wolfpatch--we know how delicious they are! Soon, we will have an Afghan Raffle! These are always exciting too.

The money made from the Scraffle will go towards a special medical event. As you know, we had a kitty cold arrive here in the last two weeks. We're doing great now---all appear healthy and definitely ornery and active! But, there were many days we were giving meds to 18-20 cats. This added up and took a toll on our inventory. This Scraffle has allowed us to reorder those items. And all has ended well for the kitties!

I wanted to give you the dates of our two big events for 2015. Please mark your calendars---we'd love to have you come! The Catathon will be June 28 and the Catstock is September 12. Both are very fun events and we surely do enjoy having visitors. The Catathon is an on-line (right on our kitty cam) and is our biggest fundariser of the year. The Catstock is a huge carnival afternoon, complete with a live band. It's all about peace, love and cats! 

Who is one of the cutest black/white cats ever (other than Zelda)? It has to be Bender. Oh my goodness, that boy is wonderful! He is so gentle, so sweet and ready to be adopted. His CH is mild and his heart is huge! We love him lots. Jarvis ranks up with the orneriest of the cats. But there's something else about him---his heart too is huge and he has lots of love to give. He's an all around fun cat! 

All cats seem to purr at the same frequency of 25 vibrations per second.
Normal body temp of a cat is between 100.5 to 102.5 F. Cozy warm cats!
Siamese kittens are born with a white coat which changes as they mature.
The clouded leopard has the longest canine teeth of any cat.

We are working on the cat's collars here inside the Rescue Center. This is no easy job! Each has to be measured to be sure the fit is good. The name tag is added. Then if there is much of a double loop in the collar, those need to be zip stripped so no little toesies can get in there. Also the quick release latch needs to be tested a couple times. It's all about safety. Then we will start on the Covies and Porchies.

Coralie makes me laugh in the mornings at breakfast. She is in the "second go around" for special breakfast plates. She patiently waits in Kitty Campus Room, in the closet with the cat hole door. When I call for her, she puts her leg out the door and meows---it's like she's waving---here I am! Come feed me. So, her plate is put on the cushie with her. 

Sounds like there's a few adoptions coming up! We'll keep you posted! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday, Jan. 19

Our two new arrivals are here. Yesterday, Steve and I drove to eastern Ohio to pick up Snoopy and Storm. Here are their stories:

Snoopy is now known as Addison. He is 5 months old, a handsome black/white kitten. His mama and siblings were trapped and neutered/spayed. All have now found a home. He originally was taken to a rescue at 7 weeks old. Addison is a little shy but so so loves being held and petted. He appears to be a kitten with mild CH. He enjoys being cuddled. A very sweet boy.

Storm is now known as Magic. She is 6 weeks old, an all grey kitten. She was found in a yard after being abandoned by her mama, but she did continue to care for the rest of the litter. Storm is a doozy of a kitten--very vocal, very active. She loves people. She also has both of her rear legs severely deformed. They are already stiff and atrophied. Dr. Darcy has already seen a video of her. This little baby has made great friends already with Bella and Trucker. Magic is also a speedy wheel girl--she can zip around quite easily. The problem is that it's difficult to potty because of the way the legs are formed. Time will help us with whatever future decisions are made for her--right now she needs to grow and stay healthy.

Yeah for Ustream! We received our November PayPal from them.  Get ready for this....it's for $1,672.61.  This is why we tolerate the ads---it's to our benefit! Thank you, viewers!

We have thanks to give:
Donavon S from OH--a donation for Leonard and his friends
Pat, Thursday volunteer--handwarmers for the store
Jatcat--3 dirt bags to cover up the computers--protects them from kitty hair!
Katy L, a Canada Lurker--5-3 pks of Lysol/Clorox wipes, 16 boxes of Kleenex, 12 bottles Hand Sanitizer and 12 bottles Dial soap--we're ready to keep the flu bug away!
Anonymous Friend--2 cases Friskies
Lannml--1000 styrofoam plates
Pat & Ellen from Defiance--1000 6 inch plates and also of 9 inch plates
Arden & Charmaine from IN--a donation to FFRC, to help with the 2 new kitties
Vicki & Pat--Jessie's family--donation to sponsor Jessie's siblings

I've heard from the family that has Purrgo. He is now 8 months old and weighs 10.2 pounds. His pictures show how very handsome he is. We've also heard from Abner and Dickens new dad. All is well. It took Dickens an extra day to adjust. Abner was right at home from the beginning. Both are doing wonderful and are so happy!

Yesterday we had our annual volunteer info meeting. Lots of volunteers showed up and for that, I'm grateful. We went over many topics, including goals for 2015, cat health, CH info, fundraisers, info about Kitty Kastle, events for 2015, just to name a few topics. 

Who is the cat who loves to chomp on our hair?  Bobbi
Who are 2 cats with kinky tails?  Merri and Sunnie J
Who loves to come in the house the most? Trucker and Camvi
Who likes to bury herself in the warm laundry?  Kiara
Who loves the pink poof on the Princess Bed?   Cozarelii

Our new store has a name! Finally! And we love it. Our store is now forever to be known as Paw-Mart. We will be working on updating Paw-Mart in the website!

We love those cute cat ears! A cat can turn its outer ear toward a sound about 10 times faster than a dog. A cat's ears are a lot more sensitive than human ears. A cat can hear sounds up to two octaves higher than the highest note a human can hear.

This evening, we will have BOXES at 5:30 and the raffle for the wonderful cat scarves at 6:00. Come join the fun! Of course, there will be consolation prizes too! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday, Jan. 15

Coralie has pronounced herself Boss of the Kitty Campus Room.  There was a ruckus in the room yesterday morning and she took it upon herself to chase out the cat that was causing it. Down the hallway they both went, with her in hot pursuit! That girl can move! Swish, swish, swish! I caught her in mid swish and she was not happy! Sure made me smile.  What a cat!

We had two adoptions yesterday! Happy news---the twin brothers were adopted together. Abner and Dickens found their home with a wonderful person. He doesn't even care if they get on his counters (which they will!). He loves the fact that they are ornery. I'm so happy for these two brothers.

Our kitty cold that was brought into the Rescue Center is getting better. Our sickest kitten was McHoney. She started eating last night and is really doing much better. Columbus was 2nd sickest, but he's now eating with gusto! It's like a kindergarten class---one brings in a cold, and presto....they all pick it up. But, as mentioned before, viruses can help boost their immune systems. We have tough cats and they will be just fine! 

We had BOXES last night.
Annette--case of Sheba Variety cuts
Laura/medic--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Nicole B from NY--case of Fancy Feast
Becky M/piperjo--big bag of Purina One Hair ball formula
Ann from UK--card and purse charms for the store
Warped/Connie--boxes of awesome items for the store
Leggygal/Peggy--boxes for the store--wonderful things!
Joco--green fastening tape for computer cords
Henry R Peeps and Ohmyguiness--birthday card for Sevaun and $5
Clark & Jessie & rest of the family--birthday card for Sevaun and $5
Melissa from NY--donation for FFRC
Trudy S from Bryan--donation and coupon
Hannah P from Indiana, our special friend--a donation to FFRC, in memory of her friend Clara's cat Kitty Cat. Thank you, Hannah.  Thanks too for loving tigers!
Butterfly Class from Belguim--thank you so much! Your box finally arrived! Yeah! It was full of Christmas items--ornaments, angels, snow globes, 3 CD snowmen with lite up noses. And paper plate baskets with snackers for all white kitties, Derecho and Pania.  We will show all the volunteers these items!
Simon S from MA--donation to FFRC, as a birthday gift to a friend who is a cam viewer
Roberta L from OH--donation to FFRC
Nancy Z from NC--donation to FFRC. She cares for a cat colony & does TNR

A special thanks to an anonymous donor. Last night, our last box to be open was something I never expected. It's a portable animal ICU unit. It's a water-lined warmer with a dome unit. It also has a canister nebulizer for medications. I was completely blown away by this wonderful gift. I am so so grateful. I'll be reading all about it to learn how to properly use it and care for it. It has so many different ways of providing help to us. I'm just thrilled. Thank you so much to our anonymous donor. 

Today is Sevaun's birthday. With her birthday money received (mentioned above), we will, as always, purchase hamburger and turkey. We'll brown it, drain it  and share it out! The cats love this! Sevaun came to us from Dr. P's office way back on 1/10/04. She was born 1/15/03, which makes her 12 years old. Hard to believe we've had her for 11 years! She loves to play with the tracker toys.

Monna, our long hair gold kitten, is coming along. She was not use to lots of handling before she arrived, but every day is easier for her. She's a beauty! Jersey loves his morning snackers. Star is doing great---feeling better. And I do believe I've seen him moving his tail a little better the last few days. We're keeping an eye on that. He's a happy cat! Kiara so loves her warm laundry in the mornings---curls right up in the middle of the pile to take her nap.

Norton and Teagan---what two good friends and brothers. They love to play together! Scott loves to follow us around when scooping is being done---he's the scooper assistant. Corby is becoming the pro at the Cat Go Round Wheel--he sure can make it zip. Honor is a sweetie--so loves to be cuddled.

Our scarf raffle starts tomorrow, Friday. There are 12 scarves that LJ made--all colors of different cats! Have a cat to wrap around your neck!  Check out the info on chatters facebook and our Tweet page and on FFRCNation.  It begins tomorrow and ends Monday morning at 9:00.  Drawing will be that evening. Boxes will be at 5:30 pm and the raffle at 6:00 on Monday.  Thanks for your help. These scarves are ever so cute!

A cat's skeleton is composed of about 250 bones.
A group of cats, when not a litter, is called a clowder.
A group of such kittens is called a kyndyl.
The first cats to occupy the White House belonged to Willy Lincoln, Abe's son. 

A year ago, this Rescue Center made an increased commitment to help special needs cats and kittens. We have been doing this.and with much joy. This week we were asked to take on 2 kittens---from different foster mamas, but both from TN. We said yes.  One is Snoopy, a young kitten, with mild CH, a black/white boy. The second is Storm, a little kitten, female, that it sounds like has legs similar to Trucker. These two kittens will be transported to Ohio with a group of puppies that are going to a different rescue. We will be picking up the kittens early Sunday morning and bringing them to FFRC. More info as I get it. I thank you in advance for your support of what we do here at FFRC---means a lot to me. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday, Jan. 13

Did you see that long hair gold puff go trotting by the cam?  And here, I was thinking she was in the back Thumper's Room and she decided to make her entrance already to the Main Area, all by herself! So....meet Monna, a Name A Cat name!  She has been living outside at a home of a volunteer. After bringing her here to be spayed on Saturday, she just looked so so comfortable that we decided to have her stay here and hopefully find a home. Monna is about 8 months old--just a real beauty. Right now she is nestled down deep in the middle of the big red poof! Quite comfortable already!

Unelma is out and about much more now. More relaxed! She's a nice girl. Mr. G is watching the birds at the Kitty Kabana windows--he's actually trembling with excitement! Bella came up to the Main Area for about 15 minutes yesterday, then wanted to go back to the Thumper's Room. She went straight to her cushie bed--I think she wants to make sure no one takes it!

As you know, we have a slight kitty cold here in the Rescue Center. All will be just fine.  It's like a kindergarten class---a new one comes in and sneezes and there it goes.....germs! The good thing, it will build their immune systems. Already today I can tell things are better.  Murphy who felt punky for a couple days is now very ornery---running all over the place! These are tough cats--they're going to be ok.

Many thanks to you!  I am very grateful for your help!
Phil & Judy--Sunday volunteers---6 bath towels, 8 washcloths, box tops, pop can tabs, bag of Purina One, soft soap refill container
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Joyce K from PA--donation to FFRC, in honor of Lettie Bradley's 80th birthday!
Coralie P--donation to FFRC, in honor of Coralie.
Deb11111--safety cutters that can hook onto clothing---no more accidently tossing them out in boxes!
LJ--2 bags Sunkist Gems, 8 wonderful memory foam bath mats.  And then....the wonderful kitty scarves for raffle!  SIX more to add to the bunch (which will happen soon)
Megancummins/Sparklepop with Leo, Sparkle & Jewels--a wonderful gift from SparklePop jewelry--a check for $1,318.22. This is just fantastic and very very much appreciated!  Thanks, Megan and Sparkle Team!  This covers from Dec. 7 thru Jan. 7.  Just amazing!
Donna/Napa--a special thank you, Napa for remembering.  A donation made to FFRC, in memory of my Dad who passed away 3 years ago tomorrow. Thank too for the donation made In Honor of Sevren.

We now have 7 bunnies here in the Rescue Center! They are from the farmyard. They are about 3 weeks old and mama isn't feeding them anymore. Because of the severe cold, we brought them in to keep warm and to feed them. They are doing great. My goal is still to spay/neuter these rabbits too!
The first original litter is doing fine---we have two of them in a pen. They are growing and eating very good.

So far, I have had 5 different people tell me that they have double checked their outside cats, since they saw Coralie's frostbite info ad in the paper. Yeah, Coralie! 

We will soon have a raffle for LJ's awesome kitty scarves!  Keep an eye on facebook and a slideshow for them! This is will just like how we do an afghan raffle.

*What do cats and gorillas have in common?  They both purr!
*Siamese kittens' eyes cross at about six to eight weeks.
*The cat does not chew. It swallows its food and relies upon its stomach's gastric juices to digest the food. These juices can break down bones, feathers and hair.
*Cats cannot live on a meatless diet. They must have taurine (an amino acid), animal fats and vitamins that only come in animal foods.