Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday, November 30

Are you ready? Tonight is a wonderful Flash Sale, by Mich and Vern. There are so many many items. This is the one we've been wanting to get in--many Christmas items. We'd like to get them out to you as quickly as possible, in case you need them for presents to others! Thanks in advance to Mich and Vern, the mods, the viewers and all the makers/donators of the items that you will see. It starts at 8:00 pm (FFRC time). Grab a big drink, a comfy chair, a cat and relax and enjoy! 

Acadia is amazing. What a beautiful girl she is. I had 2 people ask me last week who that pretty cat is. When I said Acadia, neither could believe that it was the same cat that was so sickly thin weeks ago. She has certainly filled out---her bones no longer crack when you hold her, her fur is shiny and she loves life! What a sweet girl. 

Paddy Purr's nose is a tiny bit better.  He's on antibiotics right now. We will see what happens over more time--hopefully can get his nose/growth under control. He's a happy boy and has a great Purr, of course!

Towanda's eye is so much better but of course, has deep scarring. Dr. Darcy will look at it and decide if it should be removed or not. Towanda is so shiny--her fur is slickery! We have our next surgery date scheduled for 12/12. A very busy first two weeks for FFRC.

Farm news:  Remember when Milly, the donkey had a rough time this past summer?  I saw something yesterday that pleased me so much. Maverick and Mercy were flat out running in the big yard and right behind them was Milly---doing a great job of keeping up with those that have longer legs! It was a great thing to watch. The chickens are guinea hens are doing great--all plump now for the winter. Egg laying is still happening but not as many as in the warm weather. The ducks and geese look good too. Pickles, the goat, is a happy girl--she doesn't even bother trying to keep up with the other 3! She knows to take it easy and her Martha will come out and give her a few special snackers. 

We had BOXES Saturday evening! A big call of Thanksgiving to you all!
Elsie & her Mom Annette B from NC--For FFRC's Elsie--when adopted, she will take a Kong teddy bear and a leggydew with her!
ElectraNJ--metal image of dear Froggy
Kathie3103 & John--baby sling for Trucker, box tops for Caryn, vet meds no longer needed
Mary--Fri. night vol--pop tabs for Kellen, dog snackers, kitty snackers
Deptfordenmans from UK--card & glass hearts & Christmas tree ornaments--all beautiful (flash)
Joco/Jo Ann--lots of Old Dutchy Puffcorn caramel corn for all!  Yumm
MLS/Linda--memorial stone for Fancy--extra thanks
Lurker from Medine OH--Christmas card & gift card to Walmart
Auntie Donna W (Clark & Jessie) --card and 2 famous chicken $5's
Susan C from Defiance--donation

And more thanks to give!
Alan A from CO--donation to FFRC
Bashar A from OH--donation to FFRC
Joanne L/jomarli--donation to FFRC
Beth C--donation to FFRC
ABQcat from NM--donation for a Merry kitty Christmas!

This morning I checked the EagleRareLife site. We are at 42,000 votes!  Wow! I believe this continues to Jan.  Can you help us add that up a bit more?  It's free!  Here's the site:      Thanks!

How's your heart doing?  I know it's a compassionate heart, but is it healthy?  Remember you can walk, jog or bike for FFRC!  It's free too!  And the app is also free.  It's called ResQwalk.  Check it out!  Can get that heart of yours in top form and help FFRC at the same time. It's exercising and fun to total up your steps! Have to have a smart phone though or can borrow someone's if you're going out for a walk. If everyone could get just one more person to do this for us, we'd be so grateful.  It's rated as to how many miles are given to your organization for the prize money! Last week we were in 3rd place most of the time! And this morning, it looks like we earned $46.88 for that!  Right now we have 86 followers--let's double that! Thanks so much.

Sevaun came up and banged, banged, banged on the front door last night. So, I invited her in for warm milk and a cookie. She ate the cookies but let it be known she'd rather have pizza!  She's asked a favor, which I will gladly do. Sevaun anted to pass her thanks to everyone who wanted to receive or send a special Christmas card from her.  She is in cat-heaven with all the cards she needs to do! So....a big Sevaun thanks! 

The 6 kittens in the back Thumper's Room are doing so much better! Their energy level is good and they can really rock the room! Jahzara is now feeling well enough to be out and about with them too. He's eating good and on the good road of recovery. We're still struggling with Sherlock and will be talking to the vet again today about him. In the meantime, he's enjoying watching all the action from his doublepen, where he has lots of room to rest and relax.  

Lucy Ann is doing great. Love that "smile" of hers. I always tell her she has a very special smile because of her cleft lip.  Sindile is full of energy and has a good appetite! Cecil is full of orniness, which we all love to watch. He gets such a kick out of playing with the other kitties' tails! Even Coralie's short one, which she tolerates pretty good! 

Won't be long until we get our upside down Christmas tree up! We're all looking forward to the Christmas season. The cats definitely are too---they know there will be ham bones, turkey, extra catnip and bonita flakes and music to purr to. Take care to everyone! Surely do appreciate all of our FFRNation friends! 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday, November 27

Thanksgiving is over and boy, was I full!  Full of delicious food and full of thanks for so so many things, including family, friends, volunteers, FFRC and our wonderful FFRCNation friends!  Christmas is now only 4 weeks away. I've already heard the cats talking about Christmas stockings, a Christmas party and wondering if Santa will visit them!  They're going to try and be on their bestest behaviors!

We had BOXES Weds. evening! YOU are appreciated.
Rosesf6cats from IA--knitted gift holders for the volunteers
ElectraNJ_PA--4 metal imaging pictures for Raffles/Flash sale (cats on a ledge, Joene, Trucker/Magic/Thomas and then Sevaun)
CherylAnn in WA--friend cards & 30 sets of 100% cotton dishcloths (2/set) 
Littleonemine/Kelly from CA--Precious cat litter coupons, box tops for Caryn, Purrfectly chicken packets, Sheba perfect portions, Purina Meow, sardines, clams, tuna and chicken!!
Jessie, Clark and family along with leggygal--19 blankies for adoptions!
MunchkinsLJS/Lisa from NJ & kitties--an awesome Grumpy Cat Basket filled with lots of Grumpy Cat Items---this will be in the next Raffle!
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes
Sonja/sonJamac--Thanksgiving card & donation
Billie K--2-40# bags of Precious Cat litter

We have these thanks to give too!
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Billie K--donation for the kitties Thanksgiving yummies!
Ju-in-ji--donation to help with the medical costs.
Daryl O--donation to FFRC
James G from OH--donation to FFRC in memory of Bofur

We've heard from the gentleman that adopted Purrdelurps. All is good--happy owner, happy cat! We also know that Snookie and Squeeky are doing terrific and are much loved. 

We had 2 adoptions this morning. Gandolf and Rios left---two of the most sweetest of kitties found a new home, together! They went to a family of 5 with lots of room and much love for cats.

Oh my---we have some dates for you! We are wanting to get some of these wonderful items out for you all to see, so a Flash Sale will be this coming Monday at 8pm. Mich and Vern will host this. So, grab a seat, a drink and snack and enjoy the fun! There are lots and lots of items that I think you will like! Many different things, some traditional items, many that are Christmas gift appropriate! So....let's have some fun. This Flash Sale will go to our major laboratory/bloodwork/necropsy bills.  

Another date is the upcoming Raffle! And what a Raffle this will be! there are NINE items:
50 inch LED 2015 Samsung TV
Brothers Sewing Machine that can almost sew by itself! And a sewing basket
Pet Stroller
Aghan--Christmas design
Quilt--lots of cats on it!
Grumpy Cat Basket
Mink big blanket
This Raffle starts on Thursday, 12/3 and ends Monday at 9 am. That night we will have BOXES at 5:30 with the Raffle at 6 pm.  We were afraid we were going to have to have the top 4 items just in the continental USA due to big international shipping charges. BUT..........we have received wonderful news. If the person's name that is drawn is outside the USA, we now have an anonymous donor to cover the shipping costs!  Hooray......everyone can participate!  Thank you so so much, Anonymous Friend!  This Raffle will go towards our December fuel propane bill, our 2 major medical companies and our cat litter bill.  Whatever we make, will be divided between these 4 companies! Let's have some fun here! Plus there's close to 25 consolation! 

Zeke--my inside cat. His mouth biopsy has come back no cancer! But high bacteria count, so he's now on antibiotics and has begun to eat a little better!

We now have 6 kittens in the back Thumper's Room (Squigglez, Wigglez, Scoop, Marja, Joop and Jun.  3 of these had a cold but all are on antibiotics. All are now eating better and playing like crazy!

Jahzara--doing better! He's now eating better and is feeling better. Still in quarantine. Such a wonderful kitten. Still on all his meds.

Sherwood--doing a little bit better. It's the first I've been able to say this! He's eating somewhat--sometimes yes, sometimes no. But, he has a better "look about him" and we're hoping for a full recovery. If he's not a LOT better by Monday, we will do another blood panel on him for comparison. Still on all of his meds. 

Sindile--what a nut! He's one busy boy now. Yes, he still stumbles, but his energy level is good, his appetite is good and he's a happy, energetic boy! He is now off all of his meds. 

Enjoy this weekend! It's actually warm here! The weather has been surprising. The cats and kittens are doing great. Kittens are so fun and silly and playful. Love these cats! Take care.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 24, Tuesday

It's hambone time!  My sister Judy brought in the traditional Thanksgiving hambone for the cats. They will chew, gnaw, bite, and lick it for days! They love it. It's safe and they sure do love it.

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you!
David & Christine & kitties Miyu, Yuki and Anya--7 trays of Beyond can cat food (delicious!), 3 of 40 lbs. Precious Cat litter
littleonemine/Kelly from CA--vol. box--2 calendars, wrapping paper, 3 bags bubble gum, Ghirardlli mints, lg. bag of M & M's. For consolation prizes: tin of Christmas cards, scarf, package of cat magnets, 2 meow frames
Aleda--For Mich & Vern to use for flash sales--a pricing and tagging gun, with all the parts!
Billie K--petstage fold away scratching tunnel
mls/Linda S--memorial stone for Froggy (ty)
Merri_Marvin from CA--holistic dry cat food, exam gloves, 2 rolls duct tape, purple pouch with pens/notes, candy for vols, kitty snackers, 10 cans cat food, broth packet, ziwi Peak venison cat food, hairball aide tablets
CherylAnn275 in WA--34 wonderful pillowcases for flash sales--so pretty!  Wild Huckaberry salt water taffy/peace ornament, Thanksgiving card
Emily & Aiden from IN--instead of receiving BD gifts, they asked their friends to bring items for FFRC--can food, dry food, toys, bleach, paper plates, catnip, glass cleaner, trash bags, cash donation
Connie D's sister, Diana & family--dry cat food bag, 1 1/2 cases of Friskies canned
Jatcat--lg. container of snackers. For the FireHouse--a motion sensor ceiling light and night light
Leanne & Jacqui from Candad--donation, bleach, 10 gals. vinegar, snackers for kitties & humans
Janet B and Alleycat from FL--Thanksgiving card and the famous $5
Mark S/oldestmanalive--donation to FFRC, in appreciation
Twitch from MI--donation to FFRC

We weighed the cats yesterday. We found 3 that were a bit on the plump side--we don't dare say that awful 3 letter F word!  lol  The cats would be offended. So, we have a course of action!  We have removed the extra bowls of food that are on benches/countertops.  There's food bowls in almost every room for them to eat. We can also have people play with them, with the laser light or stick toys. Also reduce the amount of snackers given to them---they can't count--two snackers may seem like 5 to them (we hope!). Also we will be taking them out to the Kitty Kabana room a few times a day to encourage more activity. We can do this!!!!  Give them encouragement!

We have also learned a few things from lab work this week. Following will be an update on some of our "problems" we are working on.  I will try and explain.

Zeke--had a biopsy of a skin growth in his mouth--all is well, it is not cancerous. But it does show a bacterial granuloma. So, he is now on antibiotics. Have to get him eating again.

Paddy Purr--his nose is growing again--same problem we had last year, when we had a biopsy done. He's done the traditional treatment (3 injections, 2 weeks apart). It's helped a little bit, but he will be started on a different kind of med soon.

Paddy Cake--he had a dental yesterday. Only 1 tooth needed to be removed.  That is good. But a 3/4 out of 6 heart murmur was detected as well as noticing his kidneys are of different size. So....this will be watched too.

Jazara--started 2 days ago not feeling good.  Has a temperature and is just "off".  Dr. Darcy has him on 3 different/compatible antibiotics. No interest in food.  He's in quarantine.  We're working on him.

Sherlock--he has been "off" for about 10 days now.  We  sent him up to the vets yesterday for lab work. He also is running a temperature. Lab shows an elevated WBC count. No anemia. Is probably viral. He's on 3 antibiotics also and 1 anti-inflammatory. He's also in quarantine. Not eating and is being syringe fed.

Sindile--as you know, Sindile has had many problems. He has had 2 lab draws done. The first was for toxoplasmosis.  I'm so thankful that that was negative. The lab from yesterday shows a normal WBC and high lymphocytes. He probably has something viral. He can now come out of quarantine and is in the Main Area. About 5 minutes after returning him this morning, it was noticed he has a major limp front left paw. This is being treated.

The 4 girls--Scooper, Marja, Jun and Joop---they have a virus too---different than Sherlock and Jazara. Actually, it's only Scooper that is showing signs. But, all 4 are in quarantine and are being treated with antibiotics. Scooper is better today and finally started eating.

So, as you can see, it's been a busy place here, treating everyone. And this is in addition to the regular morning medicines. We are persistent and determined, just like Derecho, to help these cats/kittens to get better!

We also found out information about Fancy from her necropsy. The diagnosis is FIP--the dry form. We are much more familiar with the wet form of FIP. FIP is Feline Infectious Peritonitis. It's difficult to diagnose, not treatable and almost always fatal.  No 3 letters have more power to strike fear into the hearts of cat lovers than F, I and P. It's the most dreaded disease in veterinary medicine and a threat to the cat's survival.  It frequently strikes young cats. It usually progresses and causes weight loss, poor appetite and deterioration of body condition. There are no proven treatments for the condition. It's caused by certain strains of a virus called the feline coronavirus. An intense inflammatory reaction occurs around vessels in the tissues where these infected cells locate, often in the abdomen, kidney or brain. Fancy had this thruought her body.

FIP can be difficult to diagnose because each cat can display different symptoms that are similar to those of many other diseases. The FIP virus appears to be a mutant form of the enteric coronavirus--it goes under a transformation all by itself in the cat's body. Some cats appear to be able to suppress FIP if they mount a rapid immune response, others are not able to suppress the virus. There is one and only one bit of a silver lining on the dark cloud of FIP.  The disease does not frequently spread from cat to cat. The disease appears to develop most frequently as a unique mutation of the enteric coronavirus in individual cats. Also, the mutated virus that causes FIP usually is not shed by infected cats in significant quantities.

So........with that all being said, it's been a hard couple of weeks. As long as we have a cat willing (and able) to fight and get better, we will be there for them.  When the time comes that there is no more fight left, we can help them cross over peacefully and with much love.

Thank you all for being the kind of people who really care. Knowing that you have this compassion for these FFRC cats, means a great deal to me.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday, November 22

It's snowed! Enough to cover the grass a little bit. The farm fence and trees are sparkly/crystally this morning--so beautiful.  Winter weather is certainly upon us this weekend. By the end of the week, it's suppose to be in the 50's.  Crazy weather!

As you probably know, Mycroft was adopted yesterday. By the looks of the facebook pictures, he sure looks like a happy boy! We now also have a few holds on kittens. That would be Joop, Fatima, Lily Rose and Little Bit! We also have a few families that will be visiting soon to find their new pet.

You probably won't see Purrdelerps kitties for a couple days. One of them seems to have a little cold, so they've been placed in the Back Thumper's Room for a few days so I can watch them. They are on medication. But, their energy level is very high--they are zooming about the room like crazy kitties should! Won't be long until they are once again in the Main Area.

We had BOXES last night. Big time thanks to you all
Randi & Mary D--case of KMR as a thank you for giving them a tour of FFRC in October
Diana/NancyErin--medical supplies--Vitamin B and medication in syringes
Yarnlover and Wendi B--14 scarves in beautiful colors!
Kerswill--10 kitty/dog neckwarmers, 5 two sided table toppers, Christmas pot holders, kitty placemats, 2 tiny kitty beds with little blankies, box of herbal eye pillow, soap petals, bath scents
Clark, Jesse & the Rest--Thanksgiving card with 4 Chicken $5's
Dorothy C from MD--donation to FFRC
Debbie/lostgirl--coupons & card
Diane D/ruffles from MI--Thanksgiving card with note & box tops for Caryn
Janet B with kitties from AR--Thanksgiving card & 3 sheets of stamps
LJ323--6 cat scarves (so pretty!), 100 Trucker Trail Santa Poos, pokie dot/blue blankie/lots of cleaning sponges, 2 kitty beds & 2 warming/cooling kitty mats
Billie K--2 boxes Whiskas, 2 boxes Friskies pkts, 1 big bag Purina Pro Plan
Leanne & Jaqui from Canada--weekend visitors--licorice, friendship cards from her kindergarten class, & dill/cheese popcorn--delicious!
Leggygal from CA--many many biggeydews and leggydews.--look for these soon at a Flash Sale! 

We'd like to extend a welcome to our 3 new volunteers.  Jean & Jim are recent movers from Florida. They now live in Defiance and have 2 cats. They have been helping on Saturday evenings with Megan. Also welcome to Penny. She will be coming on Friday afternoons to help with brushing/combing of the cats, dishes, laundry, etc. We are so glad to have these 3 new volunteers! 

If you hear a distressed meowing, don't worry!  It's Farrah. She likes to walk around with a spring toy in her teeth, making sure all the cats know that it's HER toy! Earlier this morning, five cats were playing spring toy fun in the litterbox.  Oh my goodness, where are their manners?!  Jessie has been asking for attention. So sweet. She takes her paw and pats, pats, pats to get a person's attention. Alphonz and Cyrus have been little rascals. They have the closing of the door just right, going into the Welcome Room.  When people walk thru it, they look innocent, then at the last minute, zoom thru the door and race to the front Thumper's Room.  Over and over again!

Here's some fun things to know:
Today, cats are generally living twice as long as they did 40-50 years ago.
The furry tufts on the inside of cats' ears are called "ear furnishings". 
Cats can't see directly below their noses due to the placement of their eyes/nose
Kittens sleep a lot because their bodies release a growth hormone only when they sleep.
Cats have a 3rd eyelid called a "haw"--generally only visible when they're unwell.
A cat usually has about 12 whiskers on each side of its face.

Have a great Sunday! 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday, November 21

E     is for Exceptionally big thanks to you, our FFRC friends!
L     is for Love--the love for the cats where every cat matters.
E     is for Excellent Flash Sale
C     is for Compassion and Caring that we feel here at FFRC
T     is for Thanks to Warped, Mich, volunteers, mods, admins, chatters, lurkers, fb friends
R     is for Real gratitude--given from FFRC to you
I      is for Inspired--we are inspired by our cats with their awesome personalities
C     is for Committment--we are committed to giving the best care and love to the FFRC cats

This spells ELECTRIC! Yeah, hooray, awesome---because of yesterday's Flash Sale, we are able to pay our current electric bill--$1200.  And even more good news---we can pay for part of our propane gas bill! Our big thanks to all of you for your support.  And a big thanks to Warped for making all the items for yesterdays sale. And to Mich for doing the sale, along with Warped.  While the sale was going on, Joe and Vern (their hubbies) worked on a project for the Rescue Center! What a great day!

And to top it off, we had 3 more adoptions! Byrne and Fredo were adopted together into a home that has a 14 year old cat that was adopted from FFRC! They will be well loved.  Mycroft just left this morning, to a young lady who is very happy to have her very own cat. Mycroft melted in her arms and purred and purred. 

We also had 3 other adoptions---3 more peacocks were caught and taken to their new home! That now makes 7 peacocks we have been able to place in new country homes.  4 in one, 3 in another. It's still an ongoing project.

We had BOXES on Thursday evening. The cats send their thanks too!
Pat, our Thurs. vol.--3 more hand warmers
Pam/zoolove with her kitty crew--kitty card, pretzels with peanuts, Reeses treats, variety of tea/coffee K-cups, Friends cards, 5 lighted angel ornaments, Holiday kitty yard stake, 6 paperweight kitty stones, 4 pairs of kitty socks, crystal red apple, garden cat suncatcher, metal kitty wall art, 10 kitty tote bags
Judi Sp--2 of 40 lbs bags Precious litter
Billie K--2 red hanging beautiful pendant lights--so so pretty (raffle time!)
Joanna P/joey3103--18, yes 18 juice boxes! Thanks for helping us restock
MacnCheesemom--donation to FFRC

More thanks too to these folks:
Philip N--donation to FFRC
Debbie/lostgirl--4 cases of baby food plus a whole bunch of Belvita boxes (yummmm)
Linda S/mls--donation to cover memorial stone for Fancy and Froggy
Gusti--a donation, in honor of her mother in law's 100th birthday, that she will celebrate with Fancy in heaven. 

Sindile is holding his own. He yo-yos back and forth with his symptoms, but always in the same margin of what he's been doing. We have a bit of lab work back. The test for toxoplasmosis is negative. That is good, even though it's treatable. We're still waiting for further tests, but that was the big one we were waiting on. Our sweet Fancy is now at Michigan State where a thorough necropsy is being done. While this is very costly, I feel it's very important for us to know more of what happened to her. (Remember Minto and the wealth of information we received from that necropsy).  Sherlock is hanging in there and is out of his pen most of the day. He's eating a bit better and has a better "look" about him. He is still on antibiotics also, same as Sindile.

Felicity is playing like a kitten this morning! So nice to see. She's buzzing in and out of one of the play tunnels. We have "rescued" Elsie from up high about 6 times already this morning--such a climber! Jinkee has blossomed! She is meeting and greeting people now and asking for attention--so nice to see. 

Our happenings:
We're still voting at:  We are currently at 37,373 votes--remember you can vote daily. Keep 'em coming! No cost to you.
We are also collecting miles at ResQWalk. It's free and helps you be healthier by walking, running or biking! Our miles are building up--today we are in 7th place--wow--we're walking for health and for the cats!
Our next surgery date is 12/12. 

Peggy S is here today and has brought the 3 greys (Leisl, Stormy & Everyly) and the bro/sis two--Squigglez and Wigglez.  She had quite a thing getting here this morning.  Kitties were all over the car while she thought they were safely tucked into their carrier.  Apparently one of them figured out the zipper wasn't closed all the way and opened it up enough for all to scramble out! Needless to say, she had to pull over and put all escapees back in their carrier! 

Bender is doing great--his walking is strong--wobbly, but good. Jun and Joop are two extra ornery girls--they're here, there and everywhere playing with all the other kitties. Charity loves to climb up the rope poles and run along top of the cat walks. Franklin has a new "thing" he likes to do. He enjoys hiding behind a bed or big toy. Then when a kitten goes by, he ambushes! Doesn't hurt them, but the chase is on! They all sure know how to have fun. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday, November 19

Hello FFRCNation. I talked to our viewers last night about what is going on here with Sindile, Sherlock and Fancy. We have been dealing with medical issues from all three. Sindile has been ongoing for weeks.  Fancy for 1 ½ weeks and Sherlock for a week.  It is with great sadness to let you know that Fancy has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was much loved and we so enjoyed her. It’s no mystery that we are as perplexed by what is going on as are our vets.  All 3 cases has been presented to all 4 vets of ours. It has also been placed on a vet board for open discussion. So far, no luck in knowing what has happened. Please know, we do not even know IF THESE ARE RELATED.  Please, let’s not jump to any conclusions.  Blood work on Sindile will be back soon.  All 3 have been on treatments for weeks or days per our vets.  I want to stress to not jump to any conclusions or to read more into this than what is necessary. It’s being cared for, it’s being looked after by our vets. We have quarantined and cleaned and cleaned. I feel “safe” in knowing we are doing what is appropriate. As we know more, you will also be told.  In the meantime, thank you for loving our Fancy. She was special and so so beautiful and is missed. We don’t give up easy here and are pursuing what is going on.

This blog will not be very long as it is a very busy day for me.

We have thanks to give. We are never too busy to be sure our appreciation is given. We had BOXES last night.
Warped/Connie & Joe from MN (and are visiting now till this weekend!)—many many items of beautiful handmade items that we love. I appreciate your time and care. You’ll see these items soon!
Barb W for Raffle—a wonderful rolling back pack pet carrier
Mayumi & Choco from Tokyo FFRC branch—magazines about Tokyo, 2 boxes of Chicken Tulle, 48 bonito steaks, bag of sardine flakes, human snackers too!
Faithy from Defiance—dental CET snackers for the kitties
Andrea F from CA—the $5 chicken donation and a donation for flowers for mom, lots of kitty toys, volunteer candy, yarn, 2 packs of wash cloths, 2 crocheted kitty blankies, a cat on a fence scarf, Christmas scarf.  For a raffle:  a purple & white cat on a fence afghan and a red/green Christmas afghan with a matching pet blankie!

We also had BOXES on Monday evening---big big thanks!
Niffie & her mama Justme—sweatshirt for Jacci (I love it!)
Laura/Emmie, Emmie Lou, Jake & Bosley—note, 2 boxes chocolate sardines, Reeses lip gloss, Haribo pkts of gummie bears, book of stamps and a gift card for Walmart!
Jane & Leslie from TN—pictures of their kitties and a beautiful quilt that has 35 cats on it (raffle time!)
Kathie3103 & John from FL—cat beds & kitty hammock, mouse scratch & rub, crinkle bag, 3 singing kitties on a pillow, cat eye necklaces, kitty shepherds hook with a bird cage
Schinn—8 appetizers
Auntie Annette B from NC—kitty card—donation to the Feliz Navidad Fund in honor of Jeannette , in memory of BWS
Alice T from OH—donation in memory of Verlin, a cat lover
Penny, our new vol—Mr. Clean erasers and kitty food
Dan & Joy D from NY—card with donation
Neuromom & Dave from NY—card and a donation in memory of Froggy
Gwen & Mike from FL—Thanksgiving card, pop tabs for Kellen, coupons, box tops
Mikalea/Gem54—note, 2 kitty tea towel, 2016 kitty calendar, 2 bottles body lotions—love it!

More thanks---hooray!
Northmn—donation to FFRC
Jo603—donation in memory of her mom’s cat, Emma
BJR1958—donation to be used where needed
Joanne H—donation to FFRC
Joni W from IA—donation to be used however is needed
Brendan D—donation to FFRC
Jz-nyc—donation in memory of Froggy
Anonymous Friend—donation for a Thanksgiving turkey to the outside kitties!
Jan/farmgirl—donation to FFRC
Marsha F from NC—donation to FFRC

How about an update!  Sherri, our volunteer recently adopted Lewes. He is doing wonderful and he and Boo have become good friends. They love to play together!

You know how those ads from Ustream are a bit of a botheration? I so appreciate that you tolerate them as they are indeed “helpers” to FFRC.  For September, our revenue share for the broadcasts amounted to $1,615.12.  That’s just terrific and so appreciated!

Did you know that we recently went over 16 MILLION total views on our webcam? Simply amazing. I remember well when the number ticked to 100!  We were amazed. We here at FFRC continue to be appreciative of YOU—you are who makes this webcam successful.  Someone asked me the other day if it was hard to talk to you all. The answer---not at all!  I told him that even though that globe is all plastic and glass, there’s real people on “the other side”!

Have you walked any miles yet for FFRC? Try that Resqwalk app—it’s a lot of fun! Even if we are not top walkers, just think how much healthier we will be!

Big day on Friday! Warped and Mich will be having a Flash Sale at 3:00, with all the items that Warped just brought here for FFRC. Lots of wonderful items---the selection is big! Join the fun—whether you purchase or not, come join the fun! It’ll be a good get-together! Some of the items that you will see are: catnip pads, catnip bags, bowl holders, pairs of pillow cases, crate pads, and Warpies (like biggie/leggy dews).

All is fine here. Kitties are healthy. Lots of lounging around and playing going on. Such wonderful cats. Little Alphonz is here, rubbing all over my shoulder and pestering my fingers. He loves everything in life! He will make a great kitten for a family.  Purrdelerp’s kittens are equally wonderful—so sweet. They purr just looking at them! Jester is a play-cat. Anything that moves becomes a new toy for him—even tails that may be swishing! Hoot is awesome---a sweet, friendly girl that knows how to stare at a person until you feel those eyes on you! Then it’s time to pick her up and hold her!  Cyrus is the kitten that gets the ornery award for the week. It’s been so nice that we’ve opened the tilt down window in the Welcome Room. He’s forever “sneaking” up there, hopping in between the glass and screen and snoozing! He loves it. 

Take care, everyone. Please know that this Rescue Center is so appreciative of each of you. Thanksgiving is one week ahead of us! A wonderful time to remember to thank someone extra each day this next week. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday, November 16 ResQwalk!

Want to be healthy? 
Do you like to bike ride? 
Do you like to walk?
Maybe jogging/running is your thing?
Do you have a smart phone?
Want to help with an FFRC fundraiser and it doesn't cost you a penny?

It's called ResQwalk! Created by the team at ResQthreads, ResQwalk is an iOS mobile app that enables animal lovers to raise money for animal rescues and shelters in the United States and Canada every time they go for a walk. Each week ResQwalk announces a donation pool (e.g. $2,500) and in order for a rescue to receive donations from the pool, its supporters simply need to check-in to the app when they go for a walk (with a dog, alone, or with a friend). Each walker's distance is recorded and added to the rescue's weekly sum. At the end of the week donations are paid out to the rescues proportionally to the total distance walked.

ResQwalk enables animal lovers to raise money for animal rescues every time you go for a walk/run.  Anyone in the USA or Canada may participate. Each time you go for a walk, jog, run or bike ride you can help raise money for FFRC!

It costs nothing!  Just download the free app to your iphone or android. Go to  to download the free app.  Set Friends of Felines as your rescue. Start walking! When done, click on finish. It's really as simple as that!

How does ResQwalk work?  Each week ResQwalk announces a donation pool.  The donation pools are funded by corporate sponsors. At the end of the week, donations are paid out to the various rescues proportinally to the total distance walked!

It's really a neat "thing"! ResQwalk tracks both miles and kilometers walked. Even just walking around your home is helpful! Take it to work! Use it while walking thru the mall! It's Christmas shopping time---use it while getting your shopping done! Going for even a short bike ride?  Use the ap!  It all is fun, is healthy and adds up! 

Each time you use it, keep yourself in mind---be healthy! Have to stay healthy for those pets of yours! If you don't have an iphone or android, ask a friend who does. Spread the word around. It's great for FFRC, for your health and it's fun to see the miles add up! Is there a bike club in your community?  A walking club?  Let's spread the word! Download the app and start the fun! 

Sevaun and Derecho each have their own phones.  They asked if 4 feet walkers count twice as much as 2 feet walkers. Hmmmmmmmmm......we'll have to check on that! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday, November 15

Two wonderful adoptions yesterday! Pitter and Patter went to their new home, to a mama that is excited to have them. And I'm happy--a good loving home and the sisters get to stay together! I've already seen pictures on facebook and they all look happy! 

The two little Snookie and Squeeky are also doing terrific in their new home together. It's so nice to see these cats in their new homes. That's what this is all about. Daisy, our dog that we adopted, is also doing great. She is much loved and has a big yard to run around in. I've also heard from Tara's new family. Her new name is Lucy Mae and she too is doing great.We also saw Tio and Tia this past week. They came in for nailtrims. They both are growing and look so happy! More adoptions coming up! 

We had BOXES on Thursday evening. Many thanks of appreciation!
Ruth D from NC--set of 3 handcraftedwood kitties--very pretty. A flash sale item for sure!
Susan345--new pirate ship! It's put together and already in use.
Angelface--22  beautiful pillowcases, various patterns (in flash sale today)
Dave & Sherri/neuromom from NY--Thanksgiving card. For vols: Wether candies, Nabisco cookies and another box of a variety of cookies.  For Flash: Charles Wysocki  needlepoint kit. 26 bags of kitty snackers
Teresa H from IN--donation to FFRC
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy 5th birthday to Whiskers! 6 $5 chicken bills!  Also some leggygals to give away at adoptions (this is from Jessie)
Painteddaisy/June--an awesome box, full of "stuff", as June says! A few items were: milano cookies, kitty snackers, 2 kitty cubes, rugs, volunteer snacks
Twitch acct from MI--donation in memory of Froggy
Knittinkitten--donation in memory of Froggy
Katie L from Canada--2 awesome purple carriers (for a raffle), 4 boxes Fancy Feast and a BIG box of doggie snackers

Little Squigglez and Wigglez are now out and about. Their energy level is very high. Won't be long until they are out all the time. The Purrdelurps kitties--Scooper, marja, Jun and Joop--are super sweet kitties. So sweet and friendly. Purrs instantly when held. 

Peggy S was here yesterday and brought her 3 latest charges: Leisl, Stormy and Everly. They are looking good and very round FFRC bellies! THeir latest weights were 13 oz, 14 oz and 15 oz.  Little Leisl, the girl, was 13 ounces.  One of these days they will be back to stay. They are eating good by themselves but still need Auntie Peggy's loving.

Fluffernutter is getting fluffier. That face is so cute--fur in all directions!  He is getting braver and is now playing with the other kittens. Marta too! When she first came in, she was so very hungry, she wanted ALL the food for herself. She is now sharing a plate nicely with her kitty friends. 

Today we will have a Mich Flash Sale. And not only's alot of Christmas items! Many items, all Christmas related! Come join the fun. She will do one sale today and that is at 2:00. Come join the fun. We have a medicine that we use, that cost us $666 a bottle last year. Price has went up now to $780. When this is needed, it takes TWO bottles to treat the Rescue Center. Any Flash Sale monies today will go towards this goal. Pull up a chair, have a hot cocoa and enjoy this afternoon! 

Grab your shoes!  Or hop on your bike!  Something healthy and fun coming up for FFRC. More info real soon. 

Would you like to receive a holiday letter from Sevaun?! A fun idea! Donate $5.00 to Paypal and just send an email to Sevaun at:   The first week of December or after that, she will send an email to your email address with her picture (an awesome Christmas picture!) and a really neat letter. She'll write something fun to that person (if it's going to a child, state something in the email geared towards that child, etc.). It's in the spirit of the holidays and Sevaun! The donation will be on the "honor" system. If you send an email to the above, Sevaun will trust you!  Have some fun! Sevaun is waiting, pen in hand.

Farm news: Yesterday we sent 4 of the peacocks to a new home. After much questioning, I knew this would be a good home. Very happy for this. We also got our 125 bales of hay yesterday to help us get thru the winter--that makes about 200 bales to help to spring time, just in case of a heavy winter. We haven't turned on the electric water bowls or heaters yet (in the barns), but it probably won't be much longer. All the birds and the horses, donkey and goat look real good and ready for the winter. We are also working on getting enough grain/seed in to get us thru the winter too. That way, if we do get alot of snow, we don't have to worry. No fun unloading in cold or snow. We have the snow plow guy all lined up too!

Felicity is such a happy girl. She loves to sit up high and watch those rascally kitties play. She must enjoy it as she does this alot. Jessie Sr. also is doing great. She's a good eater and sure knows how to find the cozy blankies. Sea Turtle is sure doing good too. She is a young oldster and enjoys her spot on the window shelf in the front Thumper's Room.   The Porchies are snug as a bug in a rug. Their sunporch is all battened down--windows closed and the heavy door keeps the wind out. Their Porchie Haven has the heater plugged in now. It didn't take them long to figure that out! 

Eleven more days to Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for. Have a wonderful Sunday! 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday, November 12

This blog is a thanks blog!

Wow---what an absolutely awesome, spectacular Raffle we had! The feeling of support is very much appreciated. Thank you!  Here's the scoop:

Item A:  Owl blanket & Owl house     won by TokTuB   66 tickets ($330)
Item B:   iPadAir                                  won by Timberwolfpup     455 tickets  ($2,275--wow!)
Item C:   Navy Blue Afghan                won by Anonymous      34 tickets   ($170)
Item D:   Laurel Burch Cat Carrier      won by Susan Gar     70 tickets  ($350)
Item E:   Bella on metal picture           won by Billie K     45 tickets   ($225)
Item F:   Afghan Mitered Square         won by KB     37 tickets   ($185)
Item G:   Peace3 Box and Mat             won by Gusti (gave back to FFRC!)  63 tickets ($315)
Item H:   Purrcasso Scarf & Box          won by Debbiedear   88 tickets   ($440)

This came to a grand whopping amount of:   $4,290

And then our angel BUMP helpers arrived on the scene! They are Earth Eyes, Keiko, Jacksmom, Kiki, Jo603, Nuthatch, Lewbeth, Painteddaisy, Eaglewatcher, Pawlapurr, Farmgirl, Brooke, Gusti, Squeekymom, Needtoretire, Faithy, KnittenKitten, Littleonemine, Nancyerin, Dewbus, Zoolove, RoseSF6cats, Angelface, SuzieQ and Joco.  This BUMP UP total equals $1,305. Simply amazing.

This brought our Grand Total to $5,595.  We made history here! This is our largest Raffle yet. We are able to pay for the spay/neuters from our last surgery date, 3 eye surgeries, meds that we have heavily been using, a tray of Leukemia vaccines and another box of Leuk/FIV/Heartworm test kit! Wow! 

Our consolation prizes were won by: WyoEaglefan, Ferole, Sharon Tol, Autumnchild, Jacksmom, Cantoncat, Ladydoc, Cathy Ca, Ruth Dr.  Congrats.  

And a big thanks to all who provided the items for this sale, to the buyers of tickets, to Dawnstar & Cantoncat who helped promote it, the mods that put up links on the chat and to all those encouraging people! 

This Raffle was in memory and dedicated to Froggy. And also in honor of our nation's veterans--thank you for being of service to our USA.

Here are my thoughts:  YOU have made an impact on FFRC. Look around this Rescue Center. Think from the front of the property to the backwater---so many, many things we have been able to do, beacause of YOU. You are a lifesaver....literally, to this Rescue Center. Thank you for believing in what we do. It's amazing how two words that mean so much can seem so little. If it were possible to show you how much your support means to me, the simple words of "thank you" would shout from the skies and go around the world, so each of our FFRCNation friends would know how sincere I am in my gratitude.  Remember Bella's collar that says: "I'm kinda a big deal"?  Well, YOU are all a HUGE big deal to FFRC. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

We also had BOXES last night! Super big appreciations to you!
Katie L from Canada--Peace, Love and Paws door mat for FFRC, 3 boxes of MeowMix Cups, 2 boxes kitty snackers, box of Party Mix snackers, 12 boxes Appetizers!
Anonymous Friend--big jug of Mr. Clean
Anonymous Friend--3 cases Appetizers, 5 cases Friskies
Deb11111--24 cases of Appetizers!
Wonderful---we now have extra yummy Appetizers for those picky eaters, the Oldsters and those that aren't feeling up to snuff!  Big thanks!

PayPal friends also need a big thanks!
Charlotte W from PA--donation to FFRC in memory of her cat, KC (hugs)
Conni G--donation in memory of Froggy
Josef & Daniela G from Germany--donation for FFRC, for Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 
Janet--donation in honor of Pania FFRC
Donnajb--donation in memory of Froggy
EarthEyes--donation in memory of Froggy
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
David P from Netherlands--donation in memory of Froggy
Zoolove--donation in memory of Froggy
RoseSF6cats--donation in memory of Froggy
Angelface--donation in memory of Froggy

Have a great day, friends. Each day is a treasure to be able to give love and help to others! Do you have cats outside? Please be sure they have proper shelter, food and fresh water. And are they spayed/neutered? A very important way of helping with the pet overpopulation problem. 

Thank you all for the support of our loss of Froggy. I kept busy yesterday to keep going. Then it was time for BOXES and Raffle. When I saw all the support on chat, I was a bit overwhelmed. Your kindness, compassion is beyond matching. Froggy has indeed left us with a huge hole. I think that part of it is, that we gave total care to him. But this I know--that hole will fill in and that's because of the love of all the kitties and cats here and the friendships "out there". Thank you for caring.  Our FFRCNation is indeed a great group of people.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Weds., November 11

Hello to our FFRC friends. I would like to tell you about Froggy.  Our Froggy boy has passed away. So so sad about this. This morning at 4:15, he was fairly responsive.  By 4:30, he was not—rather in an unconscious state. We are all aware that Froggy has been having some bad days in the last 2 weeks. I’ve talked to Dr, Darcy and she also realized that things have not been going so good for Froggy. Mid morning, Froggy semi-woke up, but quickly slipped back in another unresponsive state. We could not ask anymore of him. His time here was filled with love. I truly felt he gave his all and that’s all that could be asked. It’s a hard decision, but one that sometimes has to be made. It’s having the heart to choose what is best for this special boy, rather than what our needs are of him.  He taught us how to pay attention to his needs—we understood him. He responded to us because he loved us and I know that he knew we all loved him. We knew taking him in, that due to his severity of CH, that other things may be “off” with his brain. But, it didn’t matter. We wanted to care for him, wanted to show him he mattered.  I thank you all for caring about him. You helped us make his life good.  These deaths are so hard on all of us. There’s no denying that it hurts the heart….and in a very big way. The beauty about our hearts is that we can continue to love again. Love is a renewable resource. I believe with my whole heart that Froggy was meant to be here. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was 1 day or 10 years, we would’ve taken him with a glad heart. He needed us and we were ready to love him. That’s what this Rescue Center does. So, please, it’s ok to mourn this loss, but it’s ok to love again too. Love all those that come here. Love them and know that we will do our bestest to make their lives happy.  Thank you for being a part of Froggy’s life here.

It’s official. Pania is now known as Pania FFRC. There is no way I would feel comfortable adopting her out. Her one “eye” that is left is always a problem---we watch it and check on it always. It’s quite possible some day that one too will have to be removed. And her UTI’s are something that we watch daily. There’s many “levels” of what we do to help her with this. So…..Pania girl is staying here at FFRC.

The two new kitties have names. The little brown tiger boy is now known as Wigglez. The little girl brown tiger/torti is now known as Squigglez.  These two young’uns spend the nights in Dodger’s Pen and now out during the day. Their energy level is very high and so playful. It’s so cute—when it’s nap time, they find each other and sleep away!

We had BOXES Monday evening. We appreciate you!
Anonymous Friend—case of Fancy Feast Kitten, case of FF adult, big bag of Purina One
Priscilla G—2 cases appetizers, 2 cases baby food
Trudy S from Bryan, OH—donation to FFRC
Melissa L from NY—donation to FFRC
Betz from PA—Bangees for arm to hold cell phone and money!
Roberta Lykins—donation to FFRC
Timbodur from England—donation to FFRC
Domingo FIvoli—donation to FFRC
Bdogmm58 from MN—donation to FFRC, in honor of friends & family!
Anonymous Friend—donation in memory of Telli
Debbie C/lostgirl—donation for Butterfly Class to send Derecho pins!
Eaglewatcher—donation for Butterfly Class to send a toy to their school cat!
Andrew H from TX—donation in memory of Virlynn R

We will have a Flash Sale on Thursday. Be ready to have some fun! It’s at 8:00 pm, with Ellen, Megan and Gina doing the sale. We will focus a lot on all the different kinds of scarves we have and the handwarmers! Think Christmas.  We will also have another Flash Sale on Sunday at 2:00.  This one will be done by Mich. She will show a lot of our different Christmas items.  TONIGHT we will have BOXES at 5:30 with the FLASH SALE at 6:00. Thank you for all your support! Busy, fun times ahead.

I would also like to let you know that we had two cats returned this week. Many of you will remember them—Aubie and Hillsborough. The family could no longer keep them. They have already been re-adopted to a different family and they get to stay together! They spent 3 days in the back Thumper’s Room. They were well taken care of and I believe they will be happy in this new home!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday, November 8

Another TWO adoptions yesterday! Tara went to her new home. She will have children there to play with! Keesha also went to her new home. But first, she had to have a tooth extracted--her upper right K9 tooth on Friday. She did great. And now she is in her home--her very own home! Very happy for these two cats!

Our 3 little grey tigers that Beth fed last week are now in the care of Peggy. Little Bit and FlufferNutter are now back at the Rescue Center. Little Bit is here, there and everywhere! FlufferNutter is just soooo cute! Their names are Stormy, Everly (the two boys) and Liesl (little girl).  

We also had a loss this week. Our sweet Telli has passed away. She had originally arrived here on 1/3/04 and was only 3 months old. She was adopted 1/14/04. On 9/4/15 she was returned to us (with her sister Tazer who has been adopted). She arrived to us with a host of medical issues. We knew her time with us wasn't long. She was so loved and had decided to take up her spot on the counter by the door going to the Welcome Room. It was easy to reach out and pet and kiss her there. She loved it. She is greatly missed. I'm glad she was here for her short time with us. 

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you!
Dottie & Nate and Kittie--16 Christmas Stockings, handmade by Dottie---so very beautiful! You will see them again at a flash sale!
Kerswill & kitty Domino from MI--box tops, pillow cases, nail clippers, 2 tiny kitty beds, mylar balls, packets of Wellness, bag of RC baby cat,. Also a kitty backpack full of good stuff that a child would love! Also 4 turbo track scratch refills, 2016 calendars and planner for volunteers
Butterfly Class of 2015-2016 from Belgium. We love our Butterfly Class! A playhouse for Derecho! Also 3 finger print kitty/butterfly pictures for Butterfly room, 9 jointed kitties, colored by the class. Thank you!  Hugs to each child!

We also had BOXES on Friday evening! We appreciate you!
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--24 votives to go with the Christmas mats made by RoseSF
LJ323--100 Santa/Trucker poos! Yes, we still have more!
Jeannette B/furhavenkitty--Donation to Feliz Navidad Fund in memory of her BW.  Can/dry food and some meds from BW
Billie K--case of Meow Mix tubs, 3 tubs kitty snackers
Kathie3103--tent playhouse--it's been getting good use!
Nona--box of goodies for Eldora/my mom!
Peggy/leggygal from CA---pillowcases, pillow cases with blankies, 60 scarves with pockets, lots of leggydews! 
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation to FFRC
MyKatKat--Halloween kitty card with $5 for chicken!
Miau--Our wonderful mod--marker/pencil drawings of kitties, flowers, mountain views. Great talent!
Jessie the cat--BIggydew for Tara to go home with!

We also have PayPal thanks!
Judy & Phil--donation to help with Elsie and Lily Rose's eye surgeries
Brian B--donation to FFRC
Renee/jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC, to be used where needed
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Pat & Ellen--donation to sponsor Farrah!

Many thanks too to Fran for her un-birthday pizza that was delivered here for all of us to enjoy!

Our Raffle started today! Awesome items! Remember Christmas gifts! Check out the facebook pages for more info. BOXES will be Weds night at 5:30 and the Raffle will be at 6:00.  I thank you deeply for this support. This Raffle will go towards our surgery day that we had last Saturday and for the many meds that we have been using these last few weeks. Thank you so much. 

I'd like to also pass on an apology. If I've missed any info that I should not have or if I've missed an email or any other correspondence, I'm sorry. I have also not been able to chat on the cam as much as I like to (it's truly something I enjoy). I feel I have not given enough time to many different things. Life has been extremely busy for me, with the cats and family issues. But, that's life and we will go on. It will just take a little "catch up power" and I'll be up to speed. Just be patient! I'm following Derecho's lead---determination will get me caught up! Just be kind to one another and always always give love to your family, friends and your pets. You all are important to me and this Rescue Center!

Froggy is here beside me. He is playing with a Yeooow banana toy! His days seem to have a few more episodes lately. But..........whatever shall happen, he knows we love him fiercely. And I know he so loves us---he gets so excited when he sees us! Towanda is laying with him and so is Emmitt.

Kiara went hiding yesterday! And there she was......all tucked under at the very bottom of the laundry pile....again! Snookie is once again on my desk, slurping away on her purple toy. When she gets adopted, that toy must go with her. Today is that day! Yes, Snookie will be going to her new home today! 

Bryne, Charity and Alphons still like to "group up" for a nap. It's always amazing to me when these litters find each other for nap time. It's so sweet. Purrdelurps is up in the Main Area and she's being wonderful! She was a bit of a fierce protector of her litter in the back Thumper's Room, but upon coming up here, she is doing great! And her 4 little girls are too. They are happy, healthy and energetic kitties.

Jester and Panda look so much alike. Remember, Jester has tiger ears while Panda has grey ears! Two awesome kitties looking for homes! That little rascal Cyrus is a dickens. He has decided (but not approved of!) to go up to the Welcome Room. If the slant window is open, he proceeds to go between the glass and the screen and there he stays. He watches over all the going ons and outs from his window perch. He's a people watcher! 

Please remember to vote for FFRC. We surely would appreciate your support in this way! The site is:    You can vote daily! And thank you. 

This morning Sergei and Gustav were running neck to neck beside each other. That was such a wonderful thing to see. These cats are quite an inspiration! Have a good day and enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday, November 5

Another beautiful day in NW Ohio. It's been beautiful! I even saw a kid running barefoot yesterday down the parking lot of FFRC! Loved that. The Barnies have their heat lamps in position and ready! We even had a cat house painted yesterday, it was so nice! Fabio was all stretched out in the sunshine. Oliver had his fall grooming done---no knots, all brushed/combed out, ears cleaned and nails trimmed. He's a handsome boy! A wall shelf has been put in the FireHouse so the cats can snooze in front of one of the windows. We also put up 2 really nice "cuddle shelves" in the Porchie Haven, which were donated. 

We had BOXES last night. We give you thanks for these gifts.
Donnajb--12 cases Fancy Feast kitten food, boxes of 3 cc & 6 cc syringes, 8 boxes of needles, 4 boxes of Advantage II flea meds
Nona--a Hurrican Spin mop, a glider for it and 4 replacement heads
Brookb--9 Yeooow Bananas (3 for inside, 3 for Covies, 1 for FireCats & 2 for Porchies)
Michelle & Frank--6 each of water, bleach, vinegar. 8 bags kitty snackers, a doggie snacker, Halloween cookies & cupcakes!
Laura/Medic--2 cases Fancy Feast
Billie K--case of sardines, 2 cases Fancy Feast, 6 cans chicken
Ms Bekkahs Corner--VA--spiral toys & other toy variety
Vicki B--12 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat---soooooooo grateful, was out and cats were sad
Helen N from area--donation to FFRC
Angelface--4 sheets of stamps
Jeff H from OH--donation in memory of Virlynn R

Raffle time is here again! Yep, it's gonna happen! We have so many awesome items that we'd like to "get out there", especially since Christmas is in 7 weeks! Hard to believe. This Raffle starts Sunday and ends at 9 am Weds. There again will be 8 items, including an iPadAir! Many thanks to Dawnstar and CantonCat for helping us with the pics and videos to spread the news. Keep your eyes open!

I've heard from the family that adopted Fawn. She said that Fawn is wonderful and is much loved. She's playing with the other cat already!  I've also heard from Tio and Tia's family. All is great and they are having a lot of fun zooming around in the house....their home!

We had 2 adoptions yesterday. Our 2 sweet kitties Morgan David and Karma went to their new home, together. These 2 kittens have a wonderful young boy to love them. A great family.

Paden has a home and will be leaving today. He's our little bit shy boy, all black. There was a family that had visited here last week that was smitten with him. He's shy, but I think they can win him over! 

Farrah gave us a scare this morning. We simply could not find her. She never misses breakfast and always "helps" me serve up the food. She simply was gone. After much looking, we finally found her, way up top, at the far back of the loft of Kitty Campus Room---just an ear visible. She's fine and extra cuddly now---I think she's sorry to have worried us! 

Felicity is here in the office with me. She's playing like a kitten! Jahzara is sitting watching her and appears to be taking lessons. Jinkee is also playing, tossing up a toy mouse and catching it. Love to watch cats play.

FYI--all cats that are adopted from FFRC, go home with their own health record. This will include the dates for all vaccines, leukemia/FIV/heartworm tests dates, wormings, flea prevention, spay/neuter, vet physical and any other medical treatments each individual cat has received while in our care. It will also tell you when your new pet arrived at the Rescue Center and give you a birth date. Remember....if you make a copy of this record and send it to your veterinarian, they can enter it into their files and send reminders to you. 

Please remember this----even if your pet is not due for a vaccine, it's important to take your pet to the veterinarian yearly for a check up. The purpose of a yearly check up is to verify your pet's health and to troubleshoot before a problem becomes big.  

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday, Nov. 2

Who are those two big black/white long haired cats that are out cruising about? That's Pitter and Patter! They have finally left the security of Cat's Corner Room and are getting braver! A few grumbles and swats here and there, but for the most part, they are doing terrific! We still have the door to the Cat's Corner Room open, just in case they feel the need to go back in though. The goal is they will be fine in the Main Area, then close that room and put Purrdelurps & her 4 kittens in there. The 4 kittens have already been cruising about part-time in the Main Area, but Purrdelurps is not so sure about coming in. We'll help her as she goes along though to be more comfortable. 

We had two adoptions yesterday! Our wonderful kitties Tio and Tia went to their new home. The best thing about this is that they got to go together! Joyous news. Their new home is wonderful and has a lot of love to give.

I've heard from our 2 oldsters (called Little One and Cow) that were adopted 10/30. They are adjusting well and seem quite comfortable. Never again will they be placed outdoors. 

We took in 3 new kitties. They were on a dock, over the river and were in fear of falling over the edge. Mama hadn't been seen for a couple days. The man that brought him in though, is trying to catch her and will get her spayed. They are all identical--grey tigers, so very cute! They are about 3 1/2 weeks old. Just yesterday, they started half pottying in their little litterbox. Such smart babies! We have 2 boys and 1 girl. They will be named soon. 

We had BOXES last night! You are so appreciated by us!
LJ323--2 of her awesome cat scarves! And a wonderful Afghan for a Raffle--it's soooo pretty!
Jan in Hawaii--vairety of k-cups, stuffed frog wearing U of H shirt, for Froggy
Courtney T--case of Fancy Feast, case of 32 Friskies
Phil & Judy--Sunday--4 lg tubs kitty snackers, 6 bags of Temptation snackers
Donnajb--2 cases of baby food meat, 3 variety of flavors
Sue/macncheesemom--orthopedic bed for Derecho. He likes it! He likes it! Was napping on it.
Ann H, neighbor of Bagobear--14 crocheted blankies for FFRC kitties
BagoBear--12 survival blankies to pad the Covies, Porchies, Barnies & Firecat's beds, 10 Christmas crocheted blankies & 20 blankies variety, all for FFRC kitties
GoodSearch--donation for using their search engine
Donna W, aunt to Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Halloween card & 2 famous $5's
Elizabeth A from RI--coupons
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy 5th birthday to Whiskers FOUR of the famous $5's!
Neuromom/Sherry & David from NY--Halloween Card with 2 of the famous $5
Rose & RIch, weekend visitors-case of Friskies, case of Fancy Feast, TP, kleenex, washcloths, hand towels, cat toys, 6 holiday placemats, Santa hat/matching scarf, variety of beautiful scarves
Beth/eaglewatcher--donation to cover for another heater for the outside cats

We also have PayPal donations that we are thankful for:
Eric B--donation to FFRC
Barry P--donation to FFRC
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Shannan W--donation to FFRC

Yesterday we worked at getting the Barnes all set for winter, in the big red barn and the grey barn. Both now have their electric water bowls in place and heated areas for napping. 

A big thanks too, to Craig, Marianne and Daria M (who adopted Daisy). They gifted to FFRC, 2 weather alert radios! We have one in the house and one in June's Room. Craig even drove to Defiance to set them up and program them! Really nice of this family. This will assure that we are weather-aware and give us time, in the event of bad weather, to have things readied inside and also outside for the Porchies, Covies, FireCats, Barnies and the farm animals. Very kind of this family to do this for FFRC. 

Both Lilly Rose and Elsie are here fast asleep on my desk. You can bet when they wake up, they will make their way down to the floor quite gracefully. Cats are truly amazing. They do not spend time feeling sorry for themselves. They have such a "thing" about themselves--they just take life as it is and enjoy and keep on a-going! The other day someone said he felt sorry for our handicapped cats. I had to stop a second and figure out what he meant. It dawned on me, that we truly do not believe these cats are handicapped. Just ask them---they will tell you that they are quite capable and truly enjoy their lives! What great attitudes they carry.

Froggy had a bit of a rough time this morning--grumbly and just unrestful. He finally fell into a nice deep sleep and awoke much better. When he does this, we put him in his pool which has his extra soft froggy blankies in it and his toys and let him just quiet down. He so loves to be petted and can really get a good purr going.

Quiz time!
What cat came in as a small kitten that had been stuck between two walls?   Zelda
Which kitten was found at the end of the driveway and has CH?      Cecil
Which kitten came from Nasville, TN and the name means storm?    Magic
Who had the cuterebra in the neck?    Morgan David
Who is our siamese cat that arrived blind?         Pania
Which cat is half persian?     Seymour
Who was brought here sick and has black dots on his back?        Shep
Which cat (ch) was found on a road in Napoleon, a neighboring town?   Vernon

If you got these all correct, you should come to FFRC and adopt a cat!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday, November 1

What kitten is it that is up high on the tall Kuranda Tower? That had surgery yesterday, that should (for our peace of mind) stay on low ground today? That is already running and playing and jumping around. That would be Elsie. That kitten knows no fear whatsoever! Her surgery yesterday went with no trouble. It was good that the decision was made to remove both of her eyes. She was not able to see anyway, but both eyes were only a quarter of the size (the orbit) that is normal. Sometimes unusual "things" like this with eyes can later cause cancer. Anyway......Elsie is fine and running around like nothing happened to her!

Paden and Jester were neutered--both physicals were good. We also did an extra male neuter for a volunteer.The spays that were done were: Purrdelurps, Fatima, Acadia, Karma and Lily Rose. Lily Rose also had her bad eye removed. A very good thing we did--much "debris" in the back of that eye. All physicals with the girls were also good. 

Dr. Darcy did quite a few physicals too.
Keesha--has a front right fracture K9--probably happened on her 4 month outdoor adventure. We will make this appointment this week to have it removed. 
Charleston--check neck rash, will start on antibiotics
Joyful--good (and she behaved too!)
Paddy Cake--good
Paddy Purr--needs his 2nd injection (out of 3) for his enlarged nose again.
Ponia--good, including teeth

Dr. Darcy also did a physical on Telli. We already knew that she has a host of medical problems that she arrived with. Her kidneys are not good and possibly has a growth in the abdomen. She continues to lose weight. But, she seems happy yet. We will treasure these days with her and be constantly aware of "where she is at" in regards to her health. 

Froggy had a very rough day yesterday. It's felt that he has more than just CH going on with him. It's hard to describe. It's like he goes into these "zones" where we cannot reach him. It just takes time, darkness and quietness and he comes out of it. Sometimes it takes hours. We want his life to be happy. We already know that as time goes on, he may have more of these events. The bottom line is that he is greatly loved and cared for and we will treasure each day with him too. 

Many thanks to Joyce D for providing our lunch for us yesterday for our surgery day! Also big thanks to Gusti, who provided pop, water and juice for our surgery day!

We had BOXES on Thursday evening.More thank yous to give! We are so appreciative.
WarpedMN--11 biggie warps, 8 little warps, 24 crate pads (in flash sale on Friday)
Jeannette B/furhavenkitties--card, very fresh catnip!, PB butterfingers, 13 kitty snacker bags
JillR27--4 kitty snacker bags, 4 cases Fancy Feast, 2 cases Friskies
Dottie & Nate--potty bags, 4 boxes Belvita snacks (we love these!), 3 6 packs sugarfree shakes, baby ceral, bag of dry cat food, case of 9-Lives, syringes of insulin (we use with our ointments for healing)
Zoolove--3 pretty rugs--purple, green & blue
Shelly S & 5 kitties--Marilyn Monroe bag full of products for Jacci. 4 bags of beauty products for a flash or raffle!
Pat & Ellen--for a consolation prize, a Kitty in a Cup plush blankie
Pat our Thurs. volunteer- 7 handwarmers (will soon be up for a flash sale!)
Tose & Rich--3 day visitors--a donation for FFRC
Mary H from Arch, vol--paper plates, Mr. Clean, vinegar, cat food
Shannon S from IL--donation for Victor, Leonard and Jackson--will get special snackers
Mike D--donation to FFRC
Billie K from TX--donation to purchase needed heated water bowls for the Firecats/where needed

Many thanks too to Mich and Vern for doing 2 Flash Sales on Friday. We appreciate your time and Flash Sale Talent!  We have received so many of the PayPals already. This means Monday we can start packing up orders! 

We've been letting Scooper, Marja, Jun and Joop up in the Main Area a bit more. They are actually doing very good with this. And have you seen Pitter out?! Yep, she's becoming braver--out and about. Now to get her sister Patter to come out and join the fun. It will happen! 

Dorothy is here in the office playing with a stuffed toy. So cute. And Clarissa is playing too--she loves to zip in and out of the crinkle tunnels. And of course, I have my desk friend here. Snookie is here slurping away on her purple toy. I told her today it will have to be washed soon! She just looks up at me with her dreamy eyes and continues her work on the toy! 

Hensley has a new "thing" he likes to do. He enjoys burrowing into pillow cases. So, if you come and see a lumpy pillowcase, it's either Hensley or Kiara. Sherlock and Mycroft are having fun rolling one of those mylar balls around on the floor. These two brothers are so wonderful and so sweet. 

Good news! The two oldster cats that arrived last week (the ones that were locked out of their home when their owner went into extended care) have a home! We had this already prearranged, as we knew they were coming. But once we heard the story from the owner of how old they were, etc. I needed to be sure the possible new owner was still good with this. It was just fine and welcomed with open arms! 

We also had a couple other adoptions. Lewes went to his new home--with Sherry, our volunteer. He is such a beauty. The older he gets, he appeared to get more silvery. A really nice boy into an awesome home. Fawn also went to her new home. A great home--she was well loved too before they even took her home! I love these two kinds of adoptions!  

All is good here. We have a few more kitties on hold. The overall health of the rescue remains good, for which I am always very thankful for. Next week is suppose to be nice weather which will give us time to finish preparing for winter. We try and get everything ready before it's needed. We're getting there! Take care all and enjoy this beautiful Sunday.