Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday, November 29

Where has this month gone to? It's been a very fast month. On to the most blessed of holidays--Christmas! Won't be long until we put up our upside Christmas tree with the cat's ornaments on it! If possible, we'll try to hang it where it can be seen from the cam. 

I've been asked several times lately about Zelda. Yes, she is still limping. This is something that will always plague her. Remember when she first came here, she was bone thin and stuck between a store wall and a cement block wall. She tried so hard to get out by herself, to the point where she made sores on her hips. She was also seen "waving" her front legs, trying to get herself out. It has left her with a permanent soreness in her front shoulder/elbow area--poor baby. this her way, that she thinks I will feel extra sorry for her so that I adopt her?!! I do love her so, but would still like to see her have her very own home.

Don't forget to vote today! It's a very important day for the Covies! They are all so hyped up--they've been awake all night long trying to say who is going to be the Mayor of the Covies. I saw their light on in the Cove and could hear them yakking away all night. Such excitement. They're expecting me to put on a big banquet for them too! It's simple to vote--go to the facebook chatter's page and put your vote in! The poles are open!

We had a report from Petfinder's yesterday. The 12 cats that had the most views were: Badu, Coca-Cola, Engelina, Cyrilla, Octavia, Frith, Audrey, Weber, Christopher, Boulder, Kiwi, Roadinia. Badu consistently is in the top views--who knows, maybe we'll find the perfect home for her yet!

We had BOXES last night--lots of boxes and lots of fun. Thank you ever so much for your support. It truly means a lot to me and this rescue center. 
Wendi B from WI--2 trays of Temptation cat snackers
Bonnie P--sent a Paypal donation in memory of Tyna
Sonja--bag of Iams for Jaina, Fifi & friends, bag of Royal Canin Kitten for the Pushies and friends
Anonymous Friend--3 bags of Purina One Dry adult
June K/Painteddaisy--case of Gravy sensations, Whiskas, fancy feast medleys. Sardines, appetizers, stickers, sponges, lysol wipes, plastic folders, a big tray of AAA & AA batteries, tape. For Kitty Kastle: variety of body wash, soap, bandaids, first aid kit
Ann N--2 boxes of Vita Gravy pouches (use these with breakfast)
Our friend Hannah and her mom Jennifer--Halloween & Thanksgiving cards, 4 suet blocks, 2 Temptation snackers, Gravy sensations, baby food, kitty wipes and 4 dry erase pens
Deb B/solitarydancer--kitty scratch & shape toy (great for kittens to climb), Bonito flakes, case of Wellness can food, KMR Peek & Prize toy for Kitty City cats
PhilipCleonNJ--more of those beautiful ceramic photo ornaments of the kitties and cats of FFRC
Anonymous friend--2 big bags of Purina One Salmon and Tuna dry
Anonymous friend--3 pack of Lysol wipes, case of Purrfectly Fish packets
Lucy/Lu-Little--a really cute black plaid dome shaped bed
Debra N--Purina One Indoor Advantage dry food
Heather R from FL--a case of potty bags (yeah! can always use these!)
Jeanette B from TN--Bravo & Pizazz stuffed kitties (with ID collars) in a basket with a memorial letter just from them--so sweet and I will treasure this
From Octavia--a Christmas card and a letter about her friend Bravo, Reeses PB cups, Almonds, sugar free candy for & snackers for volunteers, lots of big & small paper plates,many cans of sardines & salmon, 3 cans of cheese, batteries for lazer lights, ferret toys and other fun toys, combo pretzels, energy bars for volunteers. So, this is why Octavia used her shopping cart--she went to Chief's Supermarket again!
Tippy & Traylor & Ashley too--For Kitty Kastle: warm winter wishes sign, metal snowman, Christmas placemats, napkins, towels, window decals, dark chocolate K-Cups, Christmas candy, popcorn, pop tarts, snowman flag, snowmen statues, snowman doll, kitty treats, toys and hand soap & body wash. For FFRC: cat in the bag toy, cat on a bike yard decoration, trash bags, mop handle 4 mop heads, q-tips, sardines, treats for Barnies and residents, popcorn, Einie toy, kitty toy and bunches of office supplies.

We have an appointment for Dove tomorrow at the vet's office, with a probable surgery time slot saved for her. One toe and 2 partial toes are having some trouble healing and not looking very good on her front right foot. We will see what the vets say tomorrow. She's not feeling too good yesterday which was the indicator that her toes were bothering her. We'll keep you posted. Her sutures from her left leg amputation will come out on Sunday. 

Betz, Frith and Tizzie are all following Liberty who is dragging around a feather toy. They all certainly know how to have fun. One of the biggest compliments I love to hear from visitors is how they notice (for the most part) the friendship among the cats. Christopher and Pants are bopping each other right now on the leopard bed--each wanting to lay on it. Drake and Court are playing with the turbo track ball toy. There's 4 cats on the red shelf overlooking the bird feeders--a favorite spot. Christopher and Pants are both laying on the leopard bed! 

Our beautiful Audrey--it's hardly possible to tell that she had been burned. Such a healthy kitty now!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 28

Mike has made it back to his home safely. I'm so thankful for his coming to FFRC. It amazes me that he offered to come clear across the US, just for the Rescue Center--simply amazing! Thanks, Mike! The sale of the FFRC CD's are going great. If you're interested in purchasing a CD, just go to our website Click on Shop Now and order. All 7 songs are just for FFRC. Even Putter, Paddys, Derecho, Chambo are mentioned in different songs!

Engelina is walking towards me--what a sweet girl. Even with her crooked leg and crooked tail--she can run like the wind. Her heart is big and so is her purr. This is so funny--Spruce is on the INSIDE of a litterbox, digging forever in a corner. Then Puurdue is on the OUTSIDE, same corner, digging like crazy! I think they want to meet in the middle! Those crazy tiger cats!

Pania is cruising about more and more. She hangs out in June's Room, with the door open. She occasionally will come out on her own. Sometimes we put her in different locatins, but always close to June's Room and she'll wander a little bit, and then finds her way back to her room. She shares this with the Pushtwins. She is so sweet--easy to purr and loves to be held.

I believe today is the day that we will top 5 million views on our kittycam. This is just astounding to me. It does my heart good to know so many love our rescue center, volunteers and of course, the cats and kitties! I'm constantly in awe of how well you all really truly know these cats. Thank you for your support.

The Mayor Election is going to be held on the Chatters FB page on Thursday. There has been much hub-bub going on out there in the Cat's Cove. Some bickering and lots of table talk, along with high-five paw shakes--I'm hearing the words--election, I'm the best, voting, candidate, bribery--all kinds of phrases coming from the Cove. They are sooooooooo excited. I told them there will be a special pre-election banquet for them tonight! The top 4 vote-getters will then have the Main election on Friday on Chatters. Election time is 7:00 am EST to 7:00 pm EST. There will be instrucitons on how to vote that morning. Then the winner will be announced Friday night! My vote will be for..........  oops, I better not say here. I'll have the other cats here knocking at the door, demanding an explanation!

Steve and I did go to the movies last night, which usually means no boxes. But, we already had Mondays boxes in the office and upon our return, there were some boxes for Tuesday. So....we decided to open a few of them! What fun! Thanks ever so much for your support!
Arden & Charmaine from IN--big bags of Purina Adult cat food/chicken & rice--this helps our food cabinet immensely  Also a donation made for the general fund--a big thank you

Anonymous friend--2 boxes of 13 gallon trash bags, super soft plush fleece blankets (purple & zebra)
Anonymous friend--2 trays of Temptation chicken flavor & 2 trays of Salmon Temptation treats
Anonymous friend--2 cases of Friskies Pate'
Terri & Patches from CA--(delivered by friend Teddi)--baby food and kitty snackers
Teddi from OH--donation for the Rescue Center
Christine/Kiwi--New Zealand calendar for 2013 and a Christmas card
James & Kathy T--Christmas card and donation for their sponsored Emaline
Michelle B/crittercat from CT--card and donation
Jean G from VA--card, stams and a donation
Sherry & David W from NY--Christmas card and donation (special thanks to Dave!)
Carol O from CA--coupons for the volunteers
Pat L from KS--coupons for the volunteers
Tom & Betty W from VA--card and donation for general fund
Cleon & Minnie from Defiance--donation for FRRC, in memory of Dean

Many thanks to those that donated thru PayPal:
Janet S from IA--donation in memory of Tyna
Melissa M/hettie's meowmy from OH--donation in memory of Tyna and Dean
Lisa K from MN--donation for "give back tuesday"
Gusti--donation for Rudy, for food, from his Godmother from Germany
Patricia K from NY--donation in memory of Tyna
CaSandra H from IL--donation for the kitties in memory of Tyna

I talked to Skittles' mama from Reno yesterday. Skittles is doing great and loved her Lick-e-Licks. I told her there were more on the way for Skittles. I asked her to give our Skittles girl a big hug!

Also heard from Hannah's mom, Jennifer. Hannah is doing great! Also asked Jennifer to give Hannah a hug from us. Hannah enjoys watching the kittycam and is a frequent-watcher. Many hugs to you, Hannah!

Boulder--a wonderful, cuddle boy.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday, November 27

We had our wonderful concert last night by Mike C. Normally I do the blog, but today, Mike would like to be the guest, here's Mike!

I just want to thank all of your for supporting the Catstock CD project.  It was a labor of love on many different levels. I want you to know that all the proceeds from the CD go to FFRC.   As I wrote on the back of the CD...I believe in love at first sight, 'cause I fell in love with FFRC the first time I turned on the kitty cam.  I'd also like to thank Goss (Linda) for designing the CD graphics. well done Goss!  And I think I speak for everyone of us ''webbers'' and volunteers when I thank Jacci for having the most pure heart on earth and caring for these wonderful animals.  More than that, I thank Jacci for creating the family we have all become.
It's an honor to be a part of this family of friends and felines.  May I be one of the first to wish all of you a Happy Holiday and Meowrry Christmas.  You are all special.  And now, as always, Jacci needs to have the final word.......Love, Mike

Thanks, Mike! I am honored that Mike came for this introduction of the FFRC CD. To think he did this for US, is a wonderment to me. Many thanks to Mike and to Goss for making this possible. If you are interested in purchasing the FFRC CD, go to our website and look for Shop Now. It's a wonderful CD!

We had such a fun time last night. Many of the volunteers came, Mike sang, we even sang Happy Birthday to Amy (our volunteer) and had pizza (thanks to TippyNTraylor & Ashley too) and then ended it with Christmas songs. It was a great evening. When Mike went to Kitty Kastle for the night, he took Webber and Pants with him--big mistake. Those two rascals were hyper and into exploring everywhere all night. Fun for the kittens, but no sleep for Mike!

We are shooting for Sunday to move the Cat's Cove to Kitty City. This is definitely the latest we've ever moved the cats to their winter home. The weather has, for the most part, been nice enough for them to stay in the Cove. This move always depends on the weather. 

I'll be taking Mike back to the airport this morning, so this will be a short blog. All is fine here. Cats are doing great. Dove looks good and is coming out of her shyness. This morning she came out to join in for breakfast. Pania is slowly but surely, expending her comfort zone. What a beauty she is. 

Badu taking her morning bath--her morning ritual.
Badu in the sink

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday, November 26

Mike is here! Mike is here! The Concert is on! Come join the fun--6:30 pm EST, right here at the rescue center, on the cam. We also have pizza, wings and pop coming tonight! Mike will be singing the songs on his new CD--all songs for FFRC! Plus, he'll sing some Christmas songs! What fun. At the time of the concert, this CD will then go up for sale. Simply go to our website at and click on Shop Now. The CD's are $15, plus $3 for mailing in the US, $5 for mailing outside the US.

Many thanks to the following:
Neil  & Anna Marie M from MO--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna & in honor of Paul
Eleanor F/elskates from CT--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna
Donna M/mkmouse from NJ--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna and for the Earth Angel's Feliz Navidad medical fund
Herta B from IN--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna
Laura H/Felinetoyz--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna and Dean

Remember, if you are watching our webcam and if you see an ad that is interesting to you--click it! For each click, we receive a little bit of money. Those clicks ad up and helps the Rescue Center tremendously. These ads don't show up on the Bobcat site, so we sure appreciate you watching FFRC thru our Ustream site.

We had an adoption today! Galway went to his new home today. The home that Galway has gone into has had other cats adopted from FFRC. Okay, so I made a HUGE mistake today--I'll fess up! Rudy was sent home initially, instead of Galway. I wasn't paying enough attention to WHO I sent out the door--will never ever do that again. I felt terrible, others thought it was way too funny! Yes, I DO indeed make mistakes, but I don't often make them where so many people sees it! I think Galway's mama has forgiven me, Rudy had a bunch of fun and no harm was done, except my pride was very bruised! But, that's ok!  All is well.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday, November 25

Today is the day that Mike will arrive. I will pick him up at the airport this evening. Tomorrow the fun begins!  Please join us at Box Time at 6:30 pm Monday for the first showing/singing of his FFRC CD. How exciting!

I know many of you have sent good thoughts and prayers to Paul in this difficult time of losing his wife, Tyna. Please be assured, I will relay these messages on to Paul. I am also thankful of your support of Paul. Paul has been with us a number of years and he has become extremely important to FFRC, first as a friend. I also went to the viewing of our other volunteer Dean yesterday. They had many pictures of Dean posted, many of him with the FFRC cats and building our Earth Angels Clinic. He sure loved being here and we so much appreciated what he did for us. Prayers for Paul and family and Dean's family.

Kiwi made his way to Uncle Eric's yesterday. Gossamer and he definitely remembered each other. A joyous reunion. I could tell a difference in Gossamer--a bit more relaxed with humans. It's sometimes hard for us to accept the fact, that sometimes, depending on when human interaction starts with a kitten, they just are not comfortable with us. Gossamer is beautiful and is happy in the world that has been provided for her. Kiwi is also quite shy. We have to just accept that we can offer love, food, shelter, but that doesn't mean they have to accept the human touch as something they want. It's called "unconditional love"--we can love them, but on their terms. FFRC is just fortunate that Uncle Eric's sister probably will take both of these kittens and love them for what they are. This is a wonderful gift!

We will have another adoption tomorrow morning--Galway gets to go to his new home. He is going to be so loved! A wonderful home. I also heard from Cyrilla's family--she is becoming quite the sweetie for them--just what we wanted.

We had BOXES last night--wonderful, wonderful boxes!
Roger & Kate C--2 cases of baby food, 1 case of salmon and 1 case of tuna
Eaglespirit/Sally H from WI--a letter, bunches of fancy feast kitty food and baby food, a kitten cradle for the Pushtwins
Lyninvt/Lynda G from VT--lots of kitty toys including orange ping pong balls, mylar crunchy balls, 4 sided balls, wackie toys, 3 sheets of stamps, lots of stickers and a Christmas welcome rug. We can use the toys for adoptions and for the rescue cats
Lizmol from MI--card, Detroit towel for Steve, cereal for Jacci, 3 bags of candy for the volunteers, baby food, tuna, sardines, Friskies can cat food, box of Starbucks single serving packets, Keurig hot chocolate, 2 boxes of crackers
Kelly R--KMR and 3 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers, variety of flavors (in appreciation of the FFRC volunteers and their dedication)
Phil/philluv and his cat Cleo--6 boxes of Keurig coffees--different flavors
Karena/KSLinPA (and her cats Precious, Sweetart and Miss Kitty)--white chocolate bar, feather toy for Derecho, Temptation snackers, Party Mix snackers, lots of Sheba & Fancy Feast can food, treat bar for Einie, scratching pad for kitties, post-it notes, card stock & assorted colored paper, dark chocolate hot chocolate for the Keurig
Connie S & family (visitors/they adopted Tookie)--case of Gravy Sensations, baby blankets with polka dots, reading material from Cornell University vet meds, towels/assorted sizes and note cards

We also had some PayPal donations. Many thanks to you also.
Glynette M from CA--donation in memory of Tyna
Lorna G from Australia--donation for FFRC
Kathleen E from UK--donation in memory of Tyna
Lois L from IA--donation in memory of Tyna and Dean
Judith M--donation in memory of Tyna
Elizabeth F from OH--donation in memory of Tyna
Ann F/newfiedogmom from Canada--in memory of Tyna
Mary K from PA--donation in memory of Tyna
Aunty Fi--donation in memory of Tyna
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation in memory of Tyna

Dove is awesome--she's doing great. It's amazing how much better she feels. She can even jump up to her shelf by the window to watch the birds. Such a joy! Christopher is so interesting.His fur grows daily--especially the fur around his neck--he's so handsome. Pania loves catnip toys and will drool on them and then nap on them! Octavia has been busy at night and continues her thievery ways--she has no shame!

Keena, Basil, Willard and Joe Bob are a family unit and love to nap together. All 4 are out 100% of the time now. Pushkins and Pushkiss still go back in June's Room for night time. I love watching Graciela with the dogs. She loves them, especially Jainie. She will twine herself all over Jainie and seems to love it too. Graciela has figured out how to climb up on a cat furniture, then climb over the open dog's door window and into their room. She'll curl right up with the two dogs and nap.

Emaline is doing awesome--oh my, she just amazes me! She is definitely a lap-girl! Putter too is doing wonderful. When he wants something, he makes it known by a big deep MEOW--you must pay attention to him! Big Al and Bondi are having a contest--who can spend the most time in the heated bed that is on the office chair in the Welcome Room! If Big Al gets in HER bed, she sits and stares so that he must move! He has his own heated bed on the table. They are so fun to watch.

Engelina--what a beauty! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday, November 24

We've had highs and lows from yesterday. 

Our dear friend and volunteer, Paul has had a very sad happening. His wife, Tyna, passed away in her sleep yesterday. Tyna has been here a few times with Paul and always loves the cats. They have 6 wonderful cats themselves. Our hearts are heavy for Paul, for his loss. Please keep Paul close in your thoughts and prayers. He is indeed special to FFRC and we care very much for him. Paul has requested that if anyone wishes to make a donation in memory of Tyna, to do so for either the Cancer Society or to Friends of Felines' Rescue Center.

We also send our thoughts and prayers to the family of Dean Rittenhouse. Dean passed away in the last week. His viewing is today. When I talked to Dean many years ago about my dream of starting a spay/neuter clinic, Dean jumped right on board and said he would build it. And he did! This was a huge undertaking and completed with help from other volunteers also. He is in our hearts also. 

It was necessary yesterday to make an early morning call to our vet's office about Dove. Her left front leg started escalating in problems on Wednesday night. They were able to get her in yesterday, for surgery to remove that leg. She came home yesterday afternoon. Dove is doing awesome! What a wonder girl. They shaved her right front foot very closely, so we can keep track of those toes--whether they are healing or becoming necrotic. If necrotic, surgery will be needed on 2, maybe 3 toes. Hopefully, they will heal, so she will have a "whole foot". And....all of this because of leg traps. It breaks my heart, to know she innocently walked onto that trap and then her whole life changed. She is a joy.

Steve and I also took Pania with us yesterday for a check on her eyes. The mystery continues--we will never really know what happened to her eyes. In all probability, the damage to her eyes are from many herpes eye infections. Upon exam, it was thought that she is completely blind. But, we'd like to think she can see some dark/light variations. Regardless, this is Pania--and she says, she's going tobe just fine! This morning, we had her in the front office with the door shut and she finally walked around a little bit. Her heart is big with joy--she just soaks in all the attention she can get! 

How exciting--tomorrow we will pick Mike C (our concert friend) up at the airport! So exciting! He will arrive in the early evening. On Monday, in the day at various times, he will probably sing some Christmas songs for our viewers, on the cam. Then at 6:30, instead of boxes, Mike will do a mini-concert for all of us. He will be singing each of the songs that are on his new CD--and it's all about FFRC and our cats! It's a wonderful CD. ANyone is invited to be here Monday night, including all of our wonderful volunteers. Pizza, wings, drinks will be here. If you are a viewer, please join us for the fun--right there, on the cam!

Nikka is our visitor in Kitty Kastle right now. She has been taking 2 different cats every night. What fun. This is so good for the visiting cats--gives them more self confidence, for when they are adopted. 

Yesterday we had an adoption. Roadinia went to her new home! She is going to be one pampered kitten, just how we like it! We had also taken in a kitten that Angie and Bill found on their property. She came here as an FFRC kitten and then has been adopted by Angie and Bill! So, we had two adoptions yesterday. Today, there is a big chance that Kiwi will be joining Gossamer. Uncle Eric feels that Gossamer now needs the companion of another kitten to play with. He's had Gossamer for a little over a week. She is much calmer in his presence, but needs another kitten to play with. Kiwi was her best friend here, and she herself is also very shy. This will be a win/win experience for both cats. Two years ago, Uncle Eric's sister had adopted a cat from us and she is looking to adopt again. Over Thanksgiving, she met Gossamer and spent much time with her and is very interested in her and a friend. So.......we will see what happens! 

Many thanks to:
Donna S from MA--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna
Margaret H from NC--PayPal donation for Dove, to help with her medical needs
Renee C--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna
Carol N/cn--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna
Sandra DE from Canada--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna
Catherine H from NY--PayPal donation for the Earth Angel/Feliz Navidad fund
Gusti from Germany--PayPal donation for the care of Dove
PSW from CA--PayPal donation for the TEAM of FFRC


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your family and friends. What a wonderful day! We have the gift of having generous, caring and compassionate supporters. This Rescue Center is indeed blessed. Thank you for sharing YOU with US! My gratitude comes with a giant hug and smile!

We had BOXES last night! LOTS of boxes--it was fun and greatly appreciated.
Lann/Lois L--6 Yeeoww catnip Bananas for the Covies, appetizers, Fancy Feast, 2 sheets of stamps, kitty note cards and an awesome rock paper weight (painted siamese on it) & 3 bags of dry Iams adult food
Sylvester/Terri M--Aroma therapy sleep dream bath lavendar & chamomile (smells wonderful!)
Dewitt & Leggygal--holiday bundle of cat nip yeeoww toys, 2 cases of Pate Friskies can
Tom P from NJ and Ashley & Buddy, his kitties--pop tabs for Kellen and a Christmas card
iphiluv & Cleo/Phil--Christmas ceramic ornaments with FFRC kitty pictures and names on them--they are beautiful!
FurHaven Kitties & Jeanette--Thanksgiviing card, 12 cans of Thanksgiving Day dinners for the cats and a bag of Taste of the Wild dry food
Roger & Kate C--2 cases of baby food
Julie--case of baby food, 2 cases of Max kitten can food
Ann/Kiko & Sean from (lurkers)--Thanksgiving card, Birthday card for Penn & Teller & friends, case of Friskies, 4 cat snackers, Appetizers and a really cute Santa Claus Hat bed
Christine P/Raven from CA--q-tips, comb/brush, bag of kitty toys, paper plates, pet wipes, drying towels, training pads, pens, plastic gloves, sardines, mackeral and Kipper snacks, ribbon toy
Anonymous Friend--6 Clorox wipes
Kelly R--kitty litter, bag of Purina One dry cat food, 2 cases of baby food, case of Friskies Pate
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Fancy Feast variety
Anonymous Friend--16 lb bag of Purina One Kitty & 16 lb bag of Purina One indoor adults
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of baby food
Aunty Julie--a card and gift card for Magenta--to be used for special Magenta goodies!, 2 sheets of stamps, 9 bags of cat snackers, 2 greens to grow, dog snacks, pop tabs for Kellen, sardines, banana walnut homemade bread and homemade cowboy cookies (oh, so delicious!) Magenta says a special thanks!
Linda & Gloria from GA--Thanksgiving card with donation from each of them and paw print points
Cheryl L from WA--Thanksgiving card for Jacci and one for the Center, mods, vols, chatters, lurkers, admins, kitties
JBR--an awesome Christmas tree!  Yes, this is really neat. I've always said we can't leave a tree up for long, because the cats would destroy in 1 minute and 15 seconds. So, JBR sent a HANGING tree! It's 3 feet long, er, I mean hanging and it has lights! We will definitely put this beautiful tree up!

Please, if anyone would like to tell me who the anonymous friends are, I will gladly repost in the next blog! I always like to give proper thank yous--it's important to me. Feel free to e-mail me! Or if there's ever an error, please feel free to e-mail me in regards to that too!

Our friends, Ann & Sean who donated (above) items to Penn & Teller for their birthday, also had some news they wanted me to share with you all. They are adopting Penn & Teller!  Yes, these brothers get to stay forever together! Isn't that just wonderful! They will be coming to FFRC on 1/17 and staying in Kitty Kastle. They will have the brothers stay with them to get to know them before they journey home (a 10 hour drive). I am thrilled they get to stay together. Another thing to be thankful for!

We also have PayPal donors to be thankful for (each made a donation to FFRC thru PayPal):
mbstarr/Mindy S from VA--she appreciates volunteers who help pets who cannot help themselves.
Jo F from WI--special hug to Frith, Christopher & Roadinia delivered for her
Susan G--in honor of Splash, the beloved cat of Janet/Janak who recently crossesd the bridge
Caren F from CA--a Thanksgiving gift
timsprincess/Peggy S from MN--for the Feliz Navidad fund for Dove's care

This Sunday, I will be picking up Mike C, our concert friend, at the airport, in the evening. He's staying two nights with us here at FFRC. Please mark your calendar:  Monday night, instead of boxes, Mike will be singing each of his songs that are on the FFRC CD. This is the introduction of this awesome CD to all of you. It's a special CD, just for FFRC! You will then have the opportunity to purchase this, either thru PayPal (go to our website) or by sending a check/money order thru the mail. The CD is $15, plus $3 for shipping in the USA, $5 for shipping outside the USA. I'm so excited and can't wait for you to hear these special songs. During the time here, Mike will also sing some Christmas songs for us! Thank you, Mike!

Have a special day today with your family and friends!

Harlow & Galway says Thanks to you for being their friends!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday, November 20

Cyrilla has her new home! I do believe this is going to be just perfect for her. She was delivered to her new family! At first, she was a bit worried--not sure where all her FFRC buddies were. But, with lots of talking and petting, the investigating of her new home started! I love being able to "hand deliver" cats, especially those that are a bit shy. It gives them some confidence to stay there with them for a while. Yeah for Cyrilla!

Things are going good with Gossamer. She is a brave little girl and has much character. She loves the other cats, but is now willing to stay in Uncle Eric's lap without jumping right off. Yesterday, she even took a nap on his lap! Big improvement. I don't believe she's ever going to be the kind of kitten that will welcome with open paws, the full human contact. What we are working on, is her happiness and confidence in knowing people won't hurt her. We just want her to be contented. 

I also just checked in with Tweets foster family yesterday as well. She is 100% using the box and has the full use of the house now. I asked if they were ready to let her come back so we could possibly get her adopted. Their answer: she has already been adopted and is staying! Exactly what I was hoping for. So, Tweets is happy and her family is happy!

We had BOXES last night!You all bring so much goodness to the life of FFRC--a big thanks to you.
Mary K--Kong kickeroo catnip toy, 5 Loopa cat toys and spring toys
Tiggercat--case of Salmon Friskies & 2 packages of Greenies
Jason C from CO--chocolate Twizzlers, 6 bags of cat snackers, bottle of X-tra Virgin Olive Oil for Steve. 3 wonderful books to share with the volunteers
Judy R from FL--letter and a card, 10 Appetizers, 18 cans of Fancy Feast, 2 sheets of stamps, kitty note cards and an awesome rock paper weight (painted siamese on it) from IA--3 bags of dry Iams Adult food
Rose SF & Rich--our Kitty Kastle visitors--toilet paper, kitty toys, cat snackers, clorox/lysol wipes, dryer sheets, windex, volunteer snacks, kleenex tissues, beautiful shells from Florida, note cards, 2 handmade Christmas stockings, That was Easy Button!, 2 gift boxes with body lion/gel for Jacci & mom!
Pat K from NY--coupons
Warpedinmn/Connie--coupons and 100 beautiful woven coasters to be sold by FFRC in our upcoming store! a check for $75.47 for our profit from sales for FFRC

Yesterday, Dove was out and about for very short excursions in the front office again. She seems to be comfortable with the other cats. We give her legs warm soaks twice daily. We're playing a game with time--how much healing we can get in before a decision is made on her legs. She gets lots of kisses and hugs daily!

Our new Siamese cat that we took in now has a name. Her name is Pania (pronounced pon-e-a;  short O sound, long E sound, short A sound).  Pania is a figure of mythology and a symbol of the New Zealand city of Napier. Pania will be moved to pen #3 today, so she's close to the main area. We want her to "feel" the atmosphere of the rescue center and where she will have lots of attention. She is still so hungry--we feed her often and she still gobbles her food up.

Possibly today, Keena, Basil, Willard and JoeBob will have their room door opened. Let the fun begin for them! They like to rock and roll. 

I would like to explain a couple things that's been happening with Steve and me. Normally, I don't discuss too much personally, but some things are known, and I'd rather the truth be said straight from me, than speculations. Yes, Steve lost his job. He worked for Interstate/Hostess. They have closed their doors. There's a possibility of renewed talks today, but it's felt these will be non-producitive. People have wondered how this will affect FFRC also. While Steve and I have had to contribute financially ourselves for FFRC, we will be unable to do this now. But, all in all, it won't affect FFRC too much. FFRC will continue. He and I will have our own personal life changes to deal with. 

 You may also be aware that I had some heart tests done last week. The results are in. My heart itself is great. High Blood pressure has just recently (in the last 6 months) become a problem. So, drat it, I'm now one of the pill-pushers. I come from a whole long family of high blood pressure, but had escaped it until recently. In doing the heart test, it was discovered that I had multiple lung nodules. In the last week, several lung tests have been done and yesterday a pulmonary specialist gave me the results--all is fine! My lungs are good, nodules shouldn't be a problem. Will repeat tests in one year. 

So, all in all, Steve and I are CHOOSING to be optimistic in our lives. With much prayer and guidance, things will work out all the way around. I am utterly grateful for my family, friends and this rescue center and all that goes with it. Life is indeed wonderful.

If you like ornery cats--here he is--GIB!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday, November 19

This is Thanksgiving week. What a special time to be extra thankful for family and friends and our pets. I give thanks to YOU for caring, for the support that is given and for kind words. I give thanks for the "we got your back", which I can truly tell. I am grateful for your prayers. You may wonder sometimes if you make a difference. The answer to that is YES, most definitely. Today, I give thanks for what is going right in the world of FFRC and YOU are at the top of the list!

Our new cat, Dove, is just simply wonderful. She purrs like a truck and she loves to be petted. Just a bit ago, I had her on the floor and she chose to lay down on a cushie. Two cats came up to sniff her and she didn't mind it at all. Then, she jumped into Dodger's Pen all by herself! What a wonder she is. Her front left leg continues to be useless and is "hardening" around the trap wound. It's clean--no infection--but is indicative of a leg that isn't usable. Her right front leg is definitely a bit less swollen, but she is showing some nerve damage and circulatory damage in the foot. This week will be a big week to see how much healing we can get. She's a joy and a privilege to have here.

Anna Marie and Neil made it home safely with their new kitty, Kimshi. It sounds like Kimshi is already doing well and has bonded big time with Anna Marie. 

RoseSF and her husband are now here visiting and staying in Kitty Kastle. They are a joy to have. They came yesterday afternoon and are here until Tuesday. Our next visitor in Kitty Kastle will then be Nikkaross, followed by Mike C on Sunday! We love our visitors!

Steve, Dawn and I are going to Fort Wayne this morning.  Sometime this morning, we will also be delivering Cyrilla to her new home in Fort Wayne. This is wonderful and I believe, a perfect house for Cyrilla. She has been with us for quite a while and just needs that "just right home". I think we've found it! I'm so excited for her. More later.

Many thanks to Lucy Poole from the U.K. and to Vickie M from TX for your donations thru PayPal for FFRC. I truly appreciate it. Your donations will help us with our general fund--extra thanks! 

Betz is on my lap. She has this special way of sitting--she sits upright, with her head laid on me and her eyes looking up at me. Melts my heart! Kiara is also on the desk--she's becoming my desk buddy. Court is sleeping on the red marshmallow beside the desk--almost completely enveloped in the center! When I came out this morning, Bella was in her brown marshmallow  She got out to eat breakfast and then returned to it. She's been napping in the marshmallow ever since. What a hard life she leads! 

The weather forecast continues to show good weather for us. No rain and mid 50's during the day. So, for now, the cats stay in Cat's Cove. This weekend, I "decorated" the Kitty City--put out most of their bedding! We still have to hook up their electric beds and pads yet and the electric water bowls. 

Big Al is still considering himself an Office Cat. I don't think we're going to get him to budge on this decision. He looks so very comfortable in his heated bed. Maybe I should tell him that the Porchies will have heated beds too! Gib is another wonderful cat. He thrives on action! He and Court make a good pair. 

Galway and Pants-- two ornery boys!
Galway & Pants

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday, November 25

What a very busy day we had yesterday! It was our Volunteer Wellness Vet Day. This is where Dr. Darcy gave free physicals to our volunteer's cats and dogs. We also offered reduced costs on vaccinations, worming, flea prevention, heartworm prevention, leukemia/FIV tests and heartworm tests. We saw 18 volunteer cats and 8 dogs. In addition, Dr. Darcy checked out 4 of my personal cats and both of my dogs. Dr. Darcy also examined several of our FFRC cats.

Emaline--we will continue on with treatment as needed. She is doing quite well right now!
Penn & Teller--physicals were both good
Bondi--she has gained a little bit of weight. Kidneys are about the same as a month ago.
Telo--physical good
Georgia--physical good

Dr. Darcy also looked at our new cat Dove. Dove is our newest arrival. She came on Friday morning. Unfortunately, she stepped on a leg-hold trap and both of her front legs were caught in the trap. Nasty wounds. Her name is Dove, she is a grey tiger white, female, about 2 years old. We have her on high end doses of two antibiotics and two different pain meds. Her front left leg is at this point, useless. Her front right paw is hugely swollen, but she can use it. We are hoping and praying that her front right paw can heal. Actually, we're still hoping for some healing in the front left too!! This is an awesome cat--so very grateful for pets, kisses and food. A lovely young adult that craves attention. She is already loved!

Thanks to Joyce S/D for the wonderful pizza lunch that was delivered. It's amazing how much pizza we can put away on these extra busy days! 

We had an adoption yesterday! Anna Marie and Neil arrived on Friday and will head home, with Kimshi with them! They've spent quite a bit of time bonding with her, which will make her trip easier. I'm so happy for Kimshi. Tweets, our kitten that is visiting a home, is doing superb! She's happy, healthy and using the box 100%.

We had BOXES last night. Thank you ever so much for this support--it truly means a lot to me and FFRC. The following gifts are from last night and Friday night.
Joanne D from MI--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
iphilluv/Phil & Cleo from NJ--letter & picture from CLeo!, snackers for Derecho. For Einie: natural pellets, seed sticks. For the cats: ProPlan pouches, 4 bags of Iams dry food
Sophie & Lucy's Dad/Mike from MI--card with a look-alike JoeBob on the front! Lots of snackers for Covies, Barnies, Porchies and center cats, Reeses PB cups, treats for the volunteers, snacks for the dogs
JatCat from CA--3 nice BIG bath towels, for Jacci & family: a box of assorted Blue Diamond Almonds which came from JatCat's home state
AnnaMarie & Neil--a wonderful letter from Neil with a donation, fun things for the grandkids (how so very nice of you!), Friskies gravy sensations, Fancy Feast variety, case of baby food, dog snackers, 3 HUGE reeses Peanut butter cups (does someone around here like these??!!!), snackers for the volunteers--a huge variety, paper plates, wash cloths, bowls, paper towels, napkins, plastic silverware, WarHorse Movie (fun!), a huge bottle of Miscato wine (I told the cats their ID's WILL be checked), peanut butter pretzels. 
Kimkost & her sister Ann and Kelly and their mom Ann (came for a day visit!)--towels, rugs, carrots/apples/gingersnaps (for the horses & donkey & goats), Friskies, volunteer snackers, Paper towels, Fancy Feast, bleach, vinegar, baby food, dog snackers, Lysol wipes, dry cat food, wash cloths, cat snackers
Diegokitty/Mechele--a wonderful handtruck/dolly to haul things, big container of litter and a case of Friskies. Mechele is here from Toledo for the weekend and is our Kitty Kastle guest! 
Kay/KZNCO from CO--card with a donation
Norma B from IA--card and a donation for Fall For a Rescue Cat--she donated for each cat that was adopted in October!
Sally/Eaglespirt--2 collages of FFRC cats. "The Eyes Have It" and the Rainbow Bridge group
Priscilla G--4 cases of baby food (2 chicken/2 turkey)
Tom and Gillian from UK--8 Bondi Licks (which is why she's gained a little weight!)
Janet/Janak from New Zealand--4 cases of Fancy Feast (one especially for Magenta),  LOTS of Temptation treats (varieties of flavors), case of Gravy Sensation packets

Did you know that we recently posted our 500th video to our fofrescue video site? That's simply amazing! 

A week from today is when Mike, our concert friend, will be here! I'm so excited as he will be introducing the wonderful FFRC CD to all of you thru the webcam! How exciting. 

Keep an eye for our upcoming new STORE--it will be an on-line store for FFRC thru our Website! We are so very excited. It'll be up and running very soon. 

Enjoy the stories about our Covies on our facebook pages! Something is definitely brewing out there in the Cove. I've been asked by several of the head-boss-cats for supplies for all the Covies. But, what they're asking for is rather strange. They now have a supply of tape, pencils, pens, colored markers, poster board and stickers. Oh dear, I'm afraid this is going into some kind of competition between the Covies. I've tried peeking in the Cove when they're not looking, but they have watch-cats posted on all corners. Something is definitely happening out there. When I find out, I'll let you in on it!

Here's where all the big meetings are taking place for the Covies!

Rolland has his poster made and he's NOT sharing it yet with anyone! What are all these secrets about?!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday, November 16

The move is done. Keena, Basil and Willard are now in Cat's Corner Room and they love it. They've even been climbing way up on the cat walks. I tried to tell them to stay on the lower levels, but they won't have it. They think they're big shots and can climb high. Such nice kittens.

Pushkins and Pushkiss were out quite a bit yesterday. I will have to weigh them soon, as I believe Pushkiss is now a tad bigger than Pushkins--that's remarkable. We periodically put them back in their room for a nap. It's so cute--they go in and run over to their hooded bed and plop right into it!

We had a wonderful birthday party for Penn and Teller yesterday. Our webcam friends from Denver, Christine and Sandy, were here to help celebrate the boys' birthday. We had cake (human) and gifts for the boys. It was also Christine's birthday and she also had birthday cards! It was a beautiful cake. As we were admiring it, PLOP--it happened. Yes, a cat jumped from the floor right on the cake. Before we were done laughing, PLOP, another cat. While we were cleaning those paws up, yes, you guessed it, we had a third PLOP. But, we didn't care--we ate it anyway! We have some of it left, to share with our volunteers.

After we were done eating cake, the cats all had a special treat, in honor of Penn and Teller's birthday and made possible by Betz. Their menu consisted of a big Ham Bone (compliments of sister Judy) and 3 plates of pet-friendly ice cream and plates that were a mix of hamburger and steak. The meat was cooked, cut up, any grease drained off and served up! Not a crumb was missed. They LOVED it. It was the funniest thing to see Pushkiss sitting on top of the ham bone, gnawing away on it. He not only was knawing, but was growing at top voice!

Remember to save the dates, November 25, 26 and 27. Mike, our concert friend, will be here. He'll arrive Sunday early evening. He will be introducing his new CD--and it's all about FFRC and cat friends! In addition to singing some of the CD's songs, he'll be singing Christmas songs for us too. This will all be done on the cam! What fun. At that time then, his FFRC CD will go up for sale.

I just got a phone call from Neil and Anna Marie who live in Minnesota. They are now officially "on the road" and heading to Defiance! They are coming to adopt Kimshi! I am so happy for them and for Kimshi.

Interested in our 2013 FFRC calendars?  Check out:
How about our Cause Page? Check out:
Two Loons FFRC site is:
To enter a recipe for the FFRC COOKBOOK II:
Wanda's portraits (she donates a % to FFRC):
Our Zazzle account is:
Our Goodsearch account is:

We had BOXES last night. We are thankful!
Arden & Charmaine from IN--a whole case of sardines!
Aunty Fi--Bondi Licks for Skittles (we'll now be sending Skittles box out to her)
Phylis B from MI--case of liquid KMR
Anonymous Friend--big package of Scotch Brite sponges, 2 bottles of Dawn soap & a bag of Eukanuba adult dry
Betz from PA--card with a donation for Cutie & friends
Mary W/Nuki Slave & Godmother to Penn & Teller--card, letter & gifts for the birthday boys, 3 bags of cat snackers, can of Tiki food, can of Blue Wilderness food (which they had for breakfast), can of KMR and Cosmic catnip banana & cigar
Kelly S/Westerncool from TN--Christmas card
Pat L (mom to Sophie & Lucy's Dad) a donation for FFRC, much appreciated
Jean & Neil S from OH--a donation thru Paypal for FFRC
Domingo F from BZ, Italy--a donation thru Paypal for FFRC
Margaret H from NC--a donation thru Paypal for FFRC

Tomorrow is our Vet Visit Day for Volunteer's Pets! It's from 8:45 am to 2:00 ish pm. Unfortunately, I have a meeting in Fort Wayne, very early that morning, so I won't be here for the beginning of this event. But, as soon as I return (mid morning), I'll jump right in and help! This is an opportunity for our volunteers to have their cats and dogs checked out and caught up on vaccinations, physicals, etc. 

Drake--just love his face!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday, November 15

Awww--the sound of peacefulness! The cats and kittens were on their best behavior for breakfast today. No fighting over the sardines either! Lots of napping going on right now. They kept their word--it'd be a quiet breakfast! Zelda Belda requested a special talk-time with me. She was mortified of her behavior yesterday and is very very sorry. I told her she was already forgiven! 

Right now, Pushkins and Pushkiss are sitting inside one of the track ball toys. They're batting the ball around, while they are walking INSIDE the track! They are so small and so cute. Faleena is bouncing around inside the green tent. She loves this. I think it's because she can hide in it and pounce out at passer-bys. 

It's working--Whiskers has decided he'd rather stay close to the Porch, rather than the Barnes. The Porchies haven't officially recognized him as a Porchie, but the grumblings are more subdued. When Whiskers run towards me, I always have to laugh. He's such a big boy and he's so happy. He can also down 2 cans of Fancy Feast in no time flat. 

We received a weekly report from Petfinder today. The top 12 cats that were viewed are: Raza, Badu, Boulder, Octavia, Christopher, Georgia, Canton, Farrah, Teller, Buckeye, Weber and Graciela. I know for sure we'll have one adoption this weekend. I believe it'll be on Saturday. 

Today will be a big day for Keena, Basil and Willard. They will be moved into Cat's Corner Room. They'll love it as they're really into running, climbing and playing. Such wonderful spirited kittens. They've had their special fungal meds for 2 weeks now, with 1 more week to go. That will leave JoeBob yet in Thumper's Room. He's had his second lice bath, so he's now considered "safe". But, due to his upper respiratory infection, he'll be staying in Thumper's Room for a bit yet. He is a big time sweetie-pie. He loves people and cats. He's looking and feeling much better already. His appetite is still off, so we're syringe feeding him yet.

Serephina is on my desk. I love her and she loves to be petted. Just looking at her produces a purr and lift off on her toes! I thought I'd experiment and see what she would do if I didn't pet her. So, she looks at me, I make eye contact, she purrs and does her lift-off. As I don't respond, she tries harder, the tail goes straight up, she looks me in the eye. Still no response from me, she then comes over and rubs her nose and mouth all over me, which gets her bunches of hugs and kisses then! Success!

Farrah is playing with Galway. They're flipping a ball around. Farrah is so sweet with little Galway. Kiara is laying on a cushie bed with Miau and Zora. Alot of nice cats today!

Remember, today, is Penn and Teller's 1st birthday. We are planning on a cake and extra special kitty treat about 11:45-noon. Please join us!

Check out this site:   You can order lots of things thru here and FFRC gets some of the money credit for it. Thanks!

We had BOXES last night. You are so appreciated. 
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too--for Jacci-kitty socks, knit cap with pawprints on it, a PURPLE vest!8 breakaway collars for adoption families, but a special one for Magenta and Farrah
Mimi from FL and Buddy her cat--recipe for peanut butter cup martinie's (!), 3 mouse toys and baby wipes and a letter from Buddy
Jennifer/Jacksmom--2 bags of assorted toys, 2 big bags of Purina One adult dry food, 2 bags of Royal Canin Kitten dry food
Carol, Corky & Tammy--2 cases of Fancy Feast kitten
Anonymous friend for Cutie--a case of Purrfectly Chicken pouches
Arden & Charmaine from IN--3 cases of Friskies can food
Leggygal/Peggy H and Spike & Taft--21 beautiful handmade cat blankies (all of them with a different design) and stickers for Hannah & pictures of Spike and Taft
Elizabeth A/widdletiger--bonito flakes, 3 pkgs of Looney Loops toys, and lots of food for Octavia & friends: 4 cases of Wellness healthy Indulgance packets (I checked with Octavia and she said she'd share!)
Middimom/Patty--5 boxes of BOndi Licks
Patricia M from IL--donation for FFRC for general fund  (she also made a matching donation to her local shelter!) and a Thanksgiving Card
Mary K/mckane from PA--2 giant squeaker play balls
Teresa H from Ft. Wayne, IN--a conation for FFRC, general fund
John H from OH--Chief register tapes

See you at the birthday party today!

Penn and Teller are ONE year old. This is their baby picture.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Weds., November 14

My oh my--what a morning! The cats and kittens must've been partying all night long. What a messy Rescue Center we had this morning.  The first thing I noticed was a whole roll of paper towels were unrolled, crinkled up and all over the floor. We have evidence that it was the artwork of Gib and friends. Then when I washed my hands, the other roll of paper towels by the sink, was also emptied and a pile of paper towels, ever so neatly, on the floor. There was high evidence of feline fur on them--a nice place to sleep at. 

Then I noticed that we had hyper cats--running, zooming and acting quite crazy. When I heard a strange sound in the office, I looked and thought there must've been a green carpet put down over night. The cats (I heard thru the cat-vine that Octavia started it), opened a soft package that was delivered yesterday by donnawan/Donna H. It had multiple bags of catnip in it. Many of the bags were completely emptied out and literally everywhere in the office. I can just imagine all the sliding on the nip that was going on all night. There was catnip under and on every piece of furniture, including the tent, in the water bowl and on TOP of some of the furniture. There was still catnip dust on many of the cats. We're talking serious catnip overload here. But, I do want to thank our friend Donnawan for this gift--the cats loved it!!

:CRASH--what was that? Oh no, now one of the cats knocked over a bowl of dry food--all of it on the floor. Why is it that they think that's fun? The reason is this--they can run and slippy slide on the food--makes for a run, dive, knock cats over that's in the way and end up on the other side of the room. I swear they did this on purpose. 

To add to all the chaos, I dumped a plate of food upside down, barely missing poor County's head. He looked at me like, it's okay--it's that kind of morning. What a sweetie he is. Then Farrah fell from a high perch--I do believe she is catnip intoxicated. Next, we heard a true cat fight on the catwalks. I'm embarrassed to say that my dear Zelda Belda girl was being mean. Yes, downright mean and was chasing 3 cats on the catwalk. They did NOT like that at all, which stirred up all the cats. 

The fragrance of the catnip must've carried over into the Welcome Office, as the 4 cats in there were kicking up their heels--they were hopping from one cat shelf to the other (not Bondi though--she says she's innocent  and then knocked over their cat food dish--wet food on the floor. Ick.  Zavatar was trying to get INSIDE the rescue center while Teller was trying to get INSIDE the office--makes for tricky door opening.

Then, another CRASH. No, they didn't do it again, did they?  After checking, we realized they dumped over a whole big bowl of water--all over the floor and petal furniture. Well, why not--that way, they can walk thru the water, with catnip paws and spread it even further throughout the rescue center. What clever cats!

Never give Badu too much catnip--it really brings out her, shall we say, her personality. But, this time, I think she was overloaded. She was on the refrigerator, with glazed eyes. She was actually quiet this morning! 

A loud truck went by on the road out front, and startled the cats. All it took was for one cat to run amuck and they all followed suit. Cats took off in 10 different directions. Sure did clear out that room in about one second!

In the midst of all this, while I was trying to dispense medications to certain cats, Farrah jumps down and gobbles up a whole pill. Just as pretty as you please--and here, sometimes I have to "argue" with her to take her PB seizure meds. Oh well, it wasn't anything that would hurt her.  I told her though that it would make her turn pink. She just ignored me. 

To add to all of this, we also found 5 empty cat pouches of food. I'm sure that Octavia is teaching the kittens her thievery trick. This time, we found the pouches in water bowls, litter boxes and in the sink. What on earth are they thinking?! 

So, that's how our morning started out today. Have I told you that I sure love these cats? I do, I truly do! 
We took in a new kitten yesterday. When Judy S went home, she saw a poor wee black/white kitten on the road, just sitting there, not moving. When she picked him up, she found out why he didn't move. His eyes were caked completely shut--couldn't see. He's been tested this morning and is negative! Hooray! We've cleaned his eyes several times--I'm thrilled to see there are no scars on his eyes! He's had his bath and is on antibiotics.THis kitten is a lovebug--he actually jumped out of his pen right onto my shoulder. He's a baby, a boy and his name is JoeBob. He also has a case of lice--but this is easy to fix. But, his URI will keep him in quarantine for a few days.

After much discussion with a few volunteers, I decided to let Uncle Eric take Gossamer for a while and work his charm on her. She's such a beautiful girl, but is so so scared. We're not making much progress on her sociability, so Uncle Eric will try and work his magic. I was also going to send Kiwi with Gossamer, as Goss loves cats. But Uncle Eric asked me to not send Kiwi at this time. He wants her to bond with HIM, instead of cat-friends. Makes sense to me. I am so appreciative that he is willing to help us again. I've said a few times, if we could've only gotten Gossamer earlier in her kittenhood, it would've made a huge difference. But, we didn't, so we have to think of what is best for Gossamer. We have to consider her comfort zone. 

Change is good! Life is not meant to stand still. If everything stayed the same, we wouldn't grow in experience. "If everything stayed the same, there would be no weeping...but no laughter. No failings...but no dreams come true. No breaking down...but no building up. No passing of life...but no babies born into it". (unknown author). I'm sure glad life changes! Life is fun, exciting and meant to be explored. Look at the changes we've had at the Rescue Center in these 12 years. We've grown tremendously...and this is good. Just to name a few--we've expanded, we've adopted out thousands of cats and kittens, we've made friends with our volunteers, viewers and supporters, we've spayed/neutered thousands of cats. Change is good--life is good. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday, November 13

That Purrby has to be one of the most playful cats ever. He's here, there and everywhere! Such a very happy cat. Hopefully, he'll find a home soon where there's kids to keep him busy! Kimshi is out of her pen right now. She has been coming out on her own the last couple days. Her leg is almost 100% now. Such a lovely girl--she loves to be held close and fussed over. She will be leaving soon for her new home. 

The green camping tent that the cats play with is so much fun. They can climb on the outside of it easily, which they love. There's a square hole in the bottom of it, so they can slip in and out of it, which creates a whole new action game! Sometimes we put a rug in it, then Derecho likes to camp in it!

I watched Engelina playing this morning. She has learned how to take her crooked front paw and use it to "gather toys". It's very smart of her--she just scoops them up closer to her. Galway and Rudy spent a good deal of the afternoon yesterday cuddled together, sleeping in the big red poof--looked so sweet. Then when Obadiah crawled in there with them, we had a sea of gold. 

Yeah! Jaina was actually running, well, maybe trotting after the laser light yesterday. Come to think of it, it was probably a fast walk. But, she was playing and moving. That's good! She's such a great cat. Penn and Teller will be turning one year old this Thursday. We have 2 kittens on hold--Kimshi and Harlow with a couple others that might be on hold soon!

We had BOXES last night. I LOVE this saying: "Gratitude draws people together. Taking time out to give thanks to those who have blessed our lives nurtures relationships, strengthens the bonds between and encourages kindness and generosity. Let blessings stand counted--including the gift of a grateful heart!" FFRC thanks you for your support.
Anniecat/Joanne H--Oreo cookies, 7 packages of cat snackers, case of Fancy Feast, 200 paper plates, Clorox Wipes, sardines, 4 Fancy Feast Appetizers
Weedletiger--for Octavia's evening breakins: a case of Wellness Packets (we'll be sure to let her do her thievery!)
Medic101/Laura from IN--case of Fancy Feasta can
Middiemom04/Patty--donatin for kitty shopping, bag of Royal Canin Dry baby cat, case of Friskies, 3 cases of Fancy Feast, 5 packages of snackers, bag of Purina One kitten, bag of Purina One cat
Susan G/susan345 from NH--a nice, thick pink rug
Tigercat--5 Mr. Clean Magic Sponges

Be sure to catch Cantoncat's stories about the Porchies and Covies in the facebook pages--I do believe it looks like an election is coming up! Prepare yourself! 

The Pushtwins are out more and more. They are so very brave. I love it when they run--their tiny legs pumping along, tails straight up and bellies way out! These are such very sweet kitties. Paddy Cake was even playing with them very nicely. 

Yesterday, I realized that I had 4 phone calls about information regarding litterboxes in the last 2 days. So, here goes some of our info we give out: 
A litterbox should be accessible at all times.
If you have more than 1 floor, make sure you have a litterbox for each level.
One box per each cat, plus one is a good guideline to follow.
Cats do not like messy, smelly litterboxes and tend to not use them unless they are cleaned often.
Be sure litterboxes are not too small. They need room to get in and turn around. Rubbermaid totes make excellent litterboxes.
Keep litterboxes in quiet, low traffic areas. Cats like privacy!
Many cats do not like lids on their litterboxes or heavily perfumed litter.

Have a wonderful day--enjoy your family, your friends and your pets!

Roadinia with her puffy tail. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday, November 12

It's a rainy morning here today. Sounds like rain for most of the morning, but still mild temperatures. I just checked the week-long forecast and sounds like mild temperatures and no rain after today. So, for now, we'll keep the Covies in the Cove!

Recently, I've been asked what does our adoption fee, I thought we'd mention that in the blog. When a cat or ktten first comes in, they get a Capstar (a 24-hour quick flea kill pill), their first FIV/leukemia test, a wormer and a bath. This is followed by their first distemper vaccination and topical flea prevention is applied. They end up getting a series of 3 wormers, each 2 weeks apart. Each cat or kitten receives 2-3 distemper vaccinations, each 3 weeks apart (depends on their age as to how many distemper vaccinations they get). When they are 10 weeks old (or older), they get their first leukemia vaccination, followed by a second one in 3 weeks. When they've been here for 4 weeks, they get a repeat FIV/leukemia test (ALWAYS want to double check this). Every month they are here, each and every cat gets a topical flea prevention (Frontline or Advantage). We then also work in their neuter/spay surgery. At the time of surgery, they also get a vet physical. If they have earmites--we work on that vigorously, as those little bugs are hard to get rid of. Any cat or kitten that comes in with a medical problem (upper respiratory infection, fractures, ringworm, etc.) is also treated. 

We have a minimum of $300 in each and every cat that comes into the Rescue Center, but the adoption fee is only $90. We are very careful where these FFRC cats go to. We want them going to INDOOR homes only, where they can financially be taken care of, age appropriate cats/kittens with age appropriate kids, vet references and where they are big time loved. I ask LOTS of questions! 

I am grateful for these Pay Pal donations--
Jennifer P from NV--donation to go for Earth Angel's Feliz Navidad fund
Kevin M from Defiance--doantion to go for Earth Angel's Feliz Navidad fund

I am also grateful for our volunteers! They do so many many different things here to help keep this place running. Just to mention a few jobs: scoop boxes, brush cats, feed the babies, feed the cats, scoop again, wash windows, sweep the sidewalk, sweep the floor and mop, sweep the furniture, restock food cabinets, refill litterboxes, wash dishes, do many loads of laundry, reset the rescue rooms, help with bathing cats, help with treatments, clean the outdoor enclosure, keep the Welcome Room office tidy, wipe off counters, empty the trash, clean the bathroom, reheat bed warmers, clean the rescue rooms, wash down walls, restock the refrig, keep the storage room organized.....whew!!!  They do this over and over again, and with love and dedication! They are indeed an awesome bunch of people!

Gossamer is so beautiful. We are working on her daily--lots of holding and talking to her. There's a possibility that we'll have Uncle Eric also work his magic with her, but undecided yet. Uncle Eric is a friend to FFRC, who is home a lot and has major time to spend with our "scaredy cats". We'll keep you posted.

How well do you know the cats?
Do you know who one of the most cuddliest cats here is? Serephina! Do you know the cat that is into everything and always playing? Gib.  Do you know the cat that meows but rarely anything comes out? Ada Jane.  Do you know the cat that has a scar on the right eye? Liberty, but it's itty bity! Which cat walks around with a coil in the mouth, meowing loudly? Farrah. Which cat LOVES to take a very wet faucet bath every morning? Badu. Which cat zooms on the catwalks that are up high and makes us shudder? Purrby!  Do you know the cat that loves to carry around a clean q-tip? Linden

We had a wonderful visit from Brad B and his wife yesterday. Brad is one awesome carpenter. He makes cat furniture for our FFRC cats. Usually twice a year, he comes with his newest creation. Last night Brad arrived with a beautiful piece that has 9 wide paddles and covered in the hemp rope that the cats love to scratch. Thanks, Brad!

Here's the new piece of furniture!
New Furniture

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday, November 10

I think we've created "attention-hogging" cats! It's impossible to sit at the desk and actually work! No less tan 3-4 on the desk at any time--sometimes sitti1ng on my hands while I, o. on the chair,0 or blocking the screen/!/\\-000000000000 --okay--r5t  that is from Harlow,skfd without me correctinssg the type.  Okay, get the idea?!!! Gotta love them though!

Galway is on the cushie here in the office, giving a thorough bath to Serephina! I love seeing cats do this. Yesterday, Derecho was sleeping on the leopard chair with a Pushkitten on top of him! So cute. They stayed like that for quite some time. Zora is zipping around here with a feather toy in her mouth, with 3 kittens trailing her! She is NOT going to give up her toy! 

Yesterday, we made great progress on cleaning Kitty City! The walls are clean, the litterboxes are all dumped and refilled with clean litter, the floor is swept and mopped, shelves washed and windows clean. All we have to do is put the warming beds in, lay out the blankets and put down the water/food bowls. We're all set for the Covies for when the weather turns bad. It looks good in there! Thanks to Martha L, Judy S, Kerstyn, Jimmy and Anthony for helping!

We had BOXES last night. Such huge thanks to give!!
Lyla Jane/Maureen from WA--Seattle tour guide, postcards of Seattle and Coupville and a wonderful book called "Wheedle and the Noodle".
Anonymous--case of Gravy Sensations
Medic101/Laura H from IN--case of Fancy Feast
Painteddailsy/June K--14 lb bag of Iams, and 2 20 lb bags of Iams
Cheryl L/CherylAnn from WA--as Cheryl says, LOTS of stuff, just a box of love!! Cheryl sent many wonderful items, some of which are posties, handmade jammies, t-shirt, cards with some of the resident pics on them, peace sign, feather toys for Derecho, other toys for the cats,snacks for Einie, dogs, cats, volunteers, 6 handmade kitty bed pads, cat puzzle, handmade beautiful pillowcases and lots more! Cheryl--you are so talented and appreciated!

Please remember, if you are one of the anonymous donors and would like to let me know your name, please e-mail. Or if I've made a mistake in any of the listings, please let me know. 

Have you seen Bella since yesterday? She's sporting her new beautiful green collar from her mama FelineToyz. Bella looks so pretty with it on. It even has a green jewel on it! She's very proud of it!

You all must have been helping us with your "ad clicking finger". Last month, thru AdSense, FFRC received  $1,024.18!! This is purely from you folks being interested in the ads and clicking on them, thru the ustream site. I thank you for this. We will use it for our general account--it will help us immensely. 

Have you been able to view the 2013 calendars that Shelley H is making for FFRC? They are absolutely beautiful and made with much time and effort involved. The site to see them and order them is:   Each page shows many pictures of FFRC cats and kittens!

Next weekend is our special weekend for the volunteers. One of our vets will be here, Dr. Darcy, from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm. The volunteer's pets will receive free physicals and discounts on their vaccinations, heartworm tests, wormings, etc. At this time, any of our FFRC cats or kittens that need extra tending too, will also be seen. I was fortunate to be able to meet the new vet, Dr. Erica Lewis at Dr. Pettigrew's office. She is wonderful. 

It's suppose to be in the 60's today, so we will be opening up the outdoor enclosure for the cats and kittens today. They'll love that. The birds have been heavy at the feeders lately, so this will provide great entertainment for them.

Our new cat, Whiskers, has decided he'd rather not be a Barnie, but prefers to be a Porchie. He's quite handsome. A big black/white boy who loves to be petted. He is now sticking around nicely. We've enticed him with food, which is his second favorite thing, next to being fussed over!

Dahnay--such an awesome cat. She loves to be petted. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday, November 9

I'm having a hard time getting started with the blog today! The cats and kittens keep jumping on the desk so I have to take time out to pet and play! What a hard job, but someone's gotta do it! Serephina seems to be the most constant today--she is a super lovebug. All you have to do is halfway look at her and her tail goes up, the purring starts and she rolls over. What a love.

This morning early, while doing breakfast, I got a very strange, but funny phone call. The first thing I notice is that the caller ID says United State Government. I'm thinking--uh oh, now what? So I answer it and this gentleman asks if I'm the one that was feeding breakfast to the cats. I asked who it was of course, just got a first name. Then I said, yes, I was feeding breakfast. He asked, so, did you just really eat cat food? At first I was mortified, thinking he must think I'm a real nutcase. But, then had to laugh, as I realized what he must be seeing on the cam. Here's this person, sampling the cat's breakfast and then tossing some to the cats. It was the morning ritual of 2 cans of SARDINES! I had to laugh then. Has given me quite a chuckle all morning! Yes, the cats and I share the sardines!! I get a bite, then they get the rest of the can! 

We had a near catastrophe this morning. Little Pushkins was on the cat-go-round wheel. And he was actually walking on it, making it go! How amazing. I thought the viewers would love to see this, so I started recording it on the cat's iPad. Gib comes in for some attention, then quick as can be, he steps on the wheel too and makes it zip very fast. Poor baby Pushkins went for a ride. It was going so fast, that he actually went around the wheel 1 1/2 times before flying off. Sarah and my heart just stopped--it was quite scary. Needless to say, he got lots of hugs, kisses and holding. His heart was pounding but he's ok. Both Pushkins and Pushkiss had to have lots of hugs after that. Gib is very very sorry.

Kimshi is doing better. She sure loves her heater pad. She's eating real good and will probably go into June's Room today with the Pushtwins so she has more room to cruise about. Her leg is still very tender, but the swelling is much less.

We had BOXES last night! We love boxes!
Susan G--an awesome microfiber absorbent bath rug--the cats approve and love it!
Anonymous (box from HBK Direct in NH)--6 bags of Temptation snackers--variety of flavors
Bev M--jumbo box of 24 count Hot Apple Cider and a Tea Gift Set Sampler for Keurig

I have an early Christmas present today from my sister Patty. Late afternoon, at Parkview Hospital in Indiana, I will have a refined heart test done, then will be returning home. My dad, sister and daughter has had heart attacks, so this will be a good thing for me to do. I believe I will get back home around 7:00. We WILL have BOXES at this time, although it may be a shortened version of it! 

The birds are very active today at the bird feeders. We have some of the fun things that David sent to the rescue center out at the feeders for the birds. Right now, there are SEVEN cats on a shelf that is about 3 feet long. They're double-stacked!                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Asha LOVES to be groomed. She will actually come running when the grooming begins. We take her collar off and give long strokes with the brush. She's in heaven. It's amazing how many of the cats really enjoy their daily grooming. 

The Covies were out yesterday. They had an all day run-about. They sure love it. They all came back in again, of course, for supper. We're trying to get them out as much as possible while we still have fairly decent weather. Today the cleaning of Kitty City begins--we want it spic and span before moving the Covies in. The weather forecast will determine when we make the move.

Pants--what a handsome kitten.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

THursday, November 8

There was no blog yesterday, but I posted 4-5 videos on the facebook for your enjoyment! 

Kimshi and I made a trip to the vet's yesterday. She apparently injured her right rear leg. It was swollen and she wasn't putting any weight on it, so an x-ray was warranted. The x-ray showed no fracture, but she does have soft tissue bruising. So, we will continue her antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and soreness meds. She's in Dodger's Pen for a couple days, but is feeling better. She's also eating real good. She was such a sweetie in the vet's office--wanted me to hold and pet her. Such a love. 

Pushkiss and Pushkins are doing great. They are getting short excursions in the main area. They both now have the chubby belly look! Keena,, Basil and Willard are also doing great. They are amazing. Each day, they fill out, feel better and play more! Won't be too much longer until we move them up into a room in the main area.

I've gotten an update on our cam friend, Conii. "She is at home for now, but will be relocating temporarily to MN, as she awaits kidney transplant surgery. She is of good spirits and so thankful for your prayers. She wants to thank everyone for their continued prayers."  Take care Conii--lots of prayers going up for you!

The temperature was mild yesterday, so the cats got to go out in their outdoor enclosure. They loved it,  but was ready to come back in as the air became chillier in the afternoon. Frith has decided that every cat and kitten here is his friend! I love it. He's so playful and loves everyone. FiFi is laying on her side, batting the ball in the track toy, watching it go around and around, over and over again. When Betz gets adopted, she's going to have to go to a home with a desk! She loves being my helper. She simply sits in front of the keyboard, between my arms, just purring. Derecho is now in my lap, sound asleep. What better way to work, than surrounded by our FFRC cats!

WE had BOXES last night! Always fun, we're always grateful and it's awesome how our needs are met.
Anonymous--3 pack of Lysol wipes, Royal Canin Baby cat dry, Royal Canin Kitten dry, Royal Canin baby can food, Fancy Feast appetizers
Tigercat--angle locks for Octavia's cabinet
Kayton19--case if Fancy Feast ocean fish
Sharon T--4 varied cases of Appetizers. For Bondi--a tuna flavored lickety stick
Nicki M--2 packages of Pure Bites snackers, Box of 6 inch paper plates, case Fancy Feast Grilled, case of Whiskas Pouches, bag of 100 assorted candy, bag of Natural Balance dry cat food
 Bev M --hot cups and lids!
Debbie B--16 cans of Special Diet for oldsters
Meezer Boys from TX--very organized groups of coupons
Selkie, Blue & Misty too & mama from Canada--3 "fivers" for the 3 kittens Keena, Basil & Willard & a card
Mary K--L-Lysine (1 big bottle, 3 little bottles)  (we use this every morning)
Cantoncat/Rita-5 cases of Purina ProPlan cans--variety of flavors (cats love this)
Tom & Gillian from UK--stickers and 6 packages of Bondi licks (chicken and salmon flavors) and a card that sure does look like Derecho
Bonnie, Dave & Michael--pillow cases and shams, Office Supplies, 2 wonderful books (yes, they'll go in the treasured little bathroom!!), giant can of extra large peanuts, case of Fancy Feast Kitten and cat toys
Penny V from OH--3 bags of Iams dry food, Whiskas treats, Meow Mix containers and a card
Robert & Marilyn S from FL--Amazon Gift Card and a box of wonderful shells from the Florida beach!

We also received the box of the FFRC  CD's from Mike, our concert guy. The CD cover was designed by Gossamer which is phenomenal. Absolutely a beautiful cover. We are so pleased that Mike has made this CD, just for FFRC. It has 7 songs in it, especially for the Rescue Center. More on the sale of these later!

Jaina is climbing! Yes, actually climbing up more on the furniture--such a good exercise for her. Maybe between that and trying to get her to play with the laser light more, we'll get her to lose a little weight. That Penn and Teller are 2 awesome cats--so very sweet and absolutely loverbugs. Cutie is eating pretty good and has a little round tummy! 

I've heard from Tweets family and she is doing great--no potty problems at all! So happy for her. The family loves her. We've also heard from Filbert's family again--all is well and peaceful there. 

Can you tell the difference between the 5 brown/black tigers that we have? Purrdue: brown tiger, male, tawny brown on neck. Miler: black/brown tiger, male, striped on top of head. Spruce: black tiger, male, solid on top of head. Goodness: brown tiger, female, roundish head.  Treesa: black tiger, female, extra cute! There....hope that helps!

Goodness--such a beautiful tiger.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday, November 6

If you are an American citizen, please remember to vote today--it's important!

We have a new Barnie. This is a cat that's been hanging out at one of our volunteer's house most of the summer. He's neutered, strictly an outdoor boy and super sweet. He's BIG, black/white and loves to purr. We showed him his new home in the Barn. But, after a couple of days, I didn't see him. Six days after his arrival, a neighbor called me and said she found a big, black/white boy. They brought him down, and sure enough, it's Whiskers. He is now in Kitty City--maybe he'd prefer to be a Porchie instead of a Barnie??! So, he's adjusting to the back area of the Rescue Center & Porch area. Probably tomorrow, we'll let him out and see if he'll "anchor" himself here.

Remember to check out another site that supports FFRC. It's   She and her sister visited here last month. One is from Michigan, the other from Wisconsin. Wanda showed us her pencil art and it's utterly astounding. Such a beautiful gift she has. For every portrait (person or pet) she does for a person that is linked to FFRC, she will donate $50 to us! Check out her site--she does beautiful work!

Also remember our Two Loons Jewelry friends! They make jewelry with some of our resident cat's pictures on them. Their site is:  They also make a donation to FFRC with each piece sold!

Audrey and Serephina have become good friends. They love to nap and play together. I always find it interesting how they get their "best friends" picked out! Penn gave Purrkiss a thorough bathing this morning--so nice to see. Purrkiss enjoyed the attention. Telo is sitting on my desk--he's a very content cat. Two days ago, I pulled out the refrigerator and dryer to clean under them and found many of Telo's plastic rings--he kept an eye on what I was doing and would chase the rings that I threw! He's a great cat.

Badu, continues almost every morning, to take a bath in the sink. She loves it when we have a steady run of water. She gets under it, lets the water fall all over her and starts grooming. Sometimes she'll be quite wet by the time she is done! Miau is growing so fast. She and Roadinia are good friends and about the same size.

We had another adoption yesterday. Shari/Sillysticks adopted Dave. Are we surprised? No! The whole weekend she was here, it was obvious that she loved Dave and Dave certainly loves her! They made it home safely last night. I wonder who will next be adopted! One of my favorite things is hearing back from the newly adopted families and seeing how quickly they've adapted to their new homes, how much they are loved and the whole success story of them!

We had BOXES last night! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Beth A/Eaglewatcher--2 cases of Royal Canin Baby kitten can food & 3 boxes of Whiska's packets
Kerswill--2 large boxes of litter
Nicki M--4 big bags of large styrofoam plates
Shari/Sillysticks: Royal Canin baby can food, Styrofoam plates, treats for Einstein and paper plates, snackers for cats
Gemini & family--2 cases of Friskie can cat food
Autumn Kitty--3 pack of Lysol wipes, 7 bags of Iams adult dry food (variety)
Janet/Janak--beautiful panoramic card from Arthur's Pass National Park in NZ
Richard N from Ohio--donation to FFRC
Patricia K from NY--coupons
Phyliss B from MI--coupons
Trudie S from Ohio--donation to FFRC for cat articles
Thomas S from RI--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal for the Earth Angel/Feliz Navidad fund

Wow! The 2013 calendars that Shelley has designed and made are awesome. We've already sold 53 of them! If interested, check out the site: 

Hank's eye sutures will be removed today. Hopefully he'll let us do this without a sedation. He looks awesome and it's obvious that the soreness associated with that bad eye is gone. He's a happy Porchie! We are starting to put together Kitty City. We're cleaning it and organizing it so when it's time to move the Covies up, Kitty City will be ready.

Here's Linden--he's really come a long way from his babyhood in the woodpile! He's a happy boy and ready to find his own home now.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday, November 5

We had a wonderful weekend. The sun was shining and the cats loved laying in the sun that would come into the windows. It charged them up and made them super ornery. We had received a package from Nicki M on Saturday. I put it on the desk so we could open it on the next Box Time. Well, the cats decided THEY needed to open it. Sunday morning, I found the bubble envelope chewed to shreds and the contents gone. Nicki had sent 2 plastic sealed containers of Bonito Flakes. One container was found, intact which was quickly put into the refrigerator for safe keeping. The second container was riddled with bite, the cats got a big Bonito treat surprise! Just what they intended to do. I'm pretty sure that Octavia had a part in this!

We had FOUR adoptions on Saturday. This in itself was terrific. Sam and her family drove all the way from Wisconsin during the night to arrive here early Saturday morning. They stayed a couple hours visiting, then made the adoption of Campion and Avens official and drove back to Wisconsin. They had a safe journey and the cats slept most of the way. I've heard from Sam already. Campion is known as Campy and Evans has the new name of Alphie. Sounds like they've made a fast adjustment to their new home and the resident cats there. Just what we like!

Next, Chambo was adopted. This was a planned adoption from a couple of weeks ago. Chambo went to Indiana to Bev, who had previously adopted Leotie from here. Chambo has a wonderful home! Chambo was named after Mike Chamberlin, our concert singer.

Later in the afternoon, Steve and I took Filbert to his new home. He now lives close to where my mom lives! We stayed with Filbert for a while, to make sure this transition was okay with him. This family has 2 other cats--both quiet, laid back adult cats. While we were there, Filbert made himself at home and visited almost every room in the house--just wandering around. It's wonderful when I can actually take a cat to their new home. I get to help with the transition, which makes me feel better and hopefully is less stressful for the adoptive cat. All is well there!

Nikka, one of the webcam viewers, left yesterday and arrived home safely. Nikka takes many pictures for FFRC and now videos. We have had the pleasure of Silly Sticks/Shari being here since Friday. She will make her way home today. We love having visitors! Gem & her mom, John & his 2 kids were also here to visit yesterday. I believe every single cat and kitten here got some extra TLC!

Our 2 babies--Pushkins and Pushkiss are doing super! It's such a pleasure to see them gobble up their meals! Pushkiss is quickly catching up with his twin. We've left them out a few times to scurry about. Cannot believe how fast those tiny legs can go! They are in June's Room.

In Thumper's Room, we still have the other 3 newbies. They now have names. The little girl (white with tiger tail) is Keena. Keena is an Irish word for Brave.  The black/white boy is Basel. Basel is an Indian name for Brave. The white/black boy is Willard, a German name for Brave. So, it's Keena, Basel and Willard. These 3 kittens came in with 5 problems--flea infestation, major load of roundworms, slight upper respiratory infection, slight case of Ringworm/Fungus and very thin. They are really coming along well and responding to treatment. Three sweeties!

Many grateful thanks to:
Nigel W from United Kingdom--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Renee C--a donation thru PayPal to be used where needed the most, to be delivered with hugs and kisses to all the cats, but especially Putter boy!\
Many thanks too to Jenni C who takes the pictures for us for PetFinders. We almost have the last "batch" of pictures/entires in from the previous surgery date!

Putter loved having Steve home last week--was on the couch with him quite a bit. Emaline just loves to have me be on the couch. Last night, I went to the couch and before I even got settled in, she was in my lap. She can appear out of no-where and instantly be on the couch with people! She shares the couch blanket with all of my inside cats, including the Z's. They snuggle up together just fine!

Remember to check out Zazzle--we have FFRC items there, at:   You can continue to submit recipes for the Cat Lover's Cookbook II at

We will have Boxes tonight...that is, if the cats don't open them first!

Betz--what a beauty. She always takes over the desk and chair!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday, November 3

It's the weekend! The cats are already lining up their entertainment for the weekend. Catnip, Bonito flakes, toys, snackers and lots of people to pet them. Oh wait, that's like every day here!! We sure do love these cats! We want to make sure they go into wonderful, loving homes. More adoptions coming up!

Telo just jumped on the desk, walked on the keyboard and sat down beside me. He's fully back "into the groove" of being here again. Georgia is also doing great. She's quieter, but relaxed now. Telo has had some fun with his plastic rings. He didn't forget these at all.

We took in 3 kittens several days ago. Took a couple days to "pump them up enough" to get some blood for their tests. They are negative for leukemia and FIV. Gregg, our volunteer, found them on a road, close to his home. They were eating something flat on the road, believed to be a food package?? They've ever so cute. One is white & black, one is black & white and one is white with a black tail. They also arrived with major flea infestation, a slight cold, a major load of roundworms and a bit of ringworm/fungus. So, another bath is in their schedule for today. They'll be in Thumper's Room for a bit longer than normal.

We had BOXES last night. The cats and I are thankful for these items.
Tippyntraylor & Ashley too--box for Judy S, box for Connie D, 3 bright yellow signs that say "Smile, You're on Camera". For Octavia--different locks that can be put on the food cabinet! I'm sure she won't appreciate this, but it'll help with the food supply! We'll be sure to still let her thieve a few a week. Don't want her to be sad!
Julie P/Tigercat--butterfly windchimes--they are beautiful
Sheila H--3 packages of Lysol wipes, case of Whiskas Purrfectly chicken, case of Appetizers and a case of Fancy Feast kitten food
Aunty Bantry--case of Wellness cans (large size) & 3 (8 ct) Merrick Gourmet Entrees can food
Richard N from OH--donation in thanks of taking care of Sugar
David S from OH (Sunoco's dad)--donatin for general account, Chief grocery receipts
Gusti from Germany--donation thru PayPal for Rudy's vet and food costs
Arden & Charmaine from IN--donation thru PayPal for Audrey
Vaunita S/vrs1cats from PA--donation thru PayPal, in memory of all her past kittens, with hugs to Octavia and Derecho

We received our Petfinder's weekly report. We had 2,056 total pet views this past week. The top eleven cats that were viewed:  Badu, Farrah, Graciela, Oban, Weber, FIlbert, Canton, Avens, Campion, Roadinia, Octavia. 

Cutie is doing great. She's gained some weight back, her fur has returned on her legs and she's eating better! Dave & Linden are all scrunched up together in a puff, taking a nap. Asha is in my lap--right where I like her to be. The PushTwins were out a couple times yesterday--they can zip right along. Pushkins was snacking on the Big Cat food yesterday. Roadinia and Tizzie are good friends--they like to play and nap together. Tabitha found a play-stick with feathers. She was running with it with Harlow, Liberty and Shirley in hot pursuit. Never a dull moment here.

Sheriff Putter's Rule: Be Kind, Be Compassionate, Be Helpful, Be Thankful and above all--Be Honest and Be Nice. I have to agree with Putter. We have a sign out in the office, it says: "Be nice, or go away". Now, if Putter could only teach Octavia about not thieving quite so much! 

Serephina--looking so cute, but watch out--she can sure be ornery!