Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday, November 6

If you are an American citizen, please remember to vote today--it's important!

We have a new Barnie. This is a cat that's been hanging out at one of our volunteer's house most of the summer. He's neutered, strictly an outdoor boy and super sweet. He's BIG, black/white and loves to purr. We showed him his new home in the Barn. But, after a couple of days, I didn't see him. Six days after his arrival, a neighbor called me and said she found a big, black/white boy. They brought him down, and sure enough, it's Whiskers. He is now in Kitty City--maybe he'd prefer to be a Porchie instead of a Barnie??! So, he's adjusting to the back area of the Rescue Center & Porch area. Probably tomorrow, we'll let him out and see if he'll "anchor" himself here.

Remember to check out another site that supports FFRC. It's portraitsbywanda.com   She and her sister visited here last month. One is from Michigan, the other from Wisconsin. Wanda showed us her pencil art and it's utterly astounding. Such a beautiful gift she has. For every portrait (person or pet) she does for a person that is linked to FFRC, she will donate $50 to us! Check out her site--she does beautiful work!

Also remember our Two Loons Jewelry friends! They make jewelry with some of our resident cat's pictures on them. Their site is: twoloonsjewelry.com  They also make a donation to FFRC with each piece sold!

Audrey and Serephina have become good friends. They love to nap and play together. I always find it interesting how they get their "best friends" picked out! Penn gave Purrkiss a thorough bathing this morning--so nice to see. Purrkiss enjoyed the attention. Telo is sitting on my desk--he's a very content cat. Two days ago, I pulled out the refrigerator and dryer to clean under them and found many of Telo's plastic rings--he kept an eye on what I was doing and would chase the rings that I threw! He's a great cat.

Badu, continues almost every morning, to take a bath in the sink. She loves it when we have a steady run of water. She gets under it, lets the water fall all over her and starts grooming. Sometimes she'll be quite wet by the time she is done! Miau is growing so fast. She and Roadinia are good friends and about the same size.

We had another adoption yesterday. Shari/Sillysticks adopted Dave. Are we surprised? No! The whole weekend she was here, it was obvious that she loved Dave and Dave certainly loves her! They made it home safely last night. I wonder who will next be adopted! One of my favorite things is hearing back from the newly adopted families and seeing how quickly they've adapted to their new homes, how much they are loved and the whole success story of them!

We had BOXES last night! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Beth A/Eaglewatcher--2 cases of Royal Canin Baby kitten can food & 3 boxes of Whiska's packets
Kerswill--2 large boxes of litter
Nicki M--4 big bags of large styrofoam plates
Shari/Sillysticks: Royal Canin baby can food, Styrofoam plates, treats for Einstein and paper plates, snackers for cats
Gemini & family--2 cases of Friskie can cat food
Autumn Kitty--3 pack of Lysol wipes, 7 bags of Iams adult dry food (variety)
Janet/Janak--beautiful panoramic card from Arthur's Pass National Park in NZ
Richard N from Ohio--donation to FFRC
Patricia K from NY--coupons
Phyliss B from MI--coupons
Trudie S from Ohio--donation to FFRC for cat articles
Thomas S from RI--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal for the Earth Angel/Feliz Navidad fund

Wow! The 2013 calendars that Shelley has designed and made are awesome. We've already sold 53 of them! If interested, check out the site: geminisystems.net/calendar 

Hank's eye sutures will be removed today. Hopefully he'll let us do this without a sedation. He looks awesome and it's obvious that the soreness associated with that bad eye is gone. He's a happy Porchie! We are starting to put together Kitty City. We're cleaning it and organizing it so when it's time to move the Covies up, Kitty City will be ready.

Here's Linden--he's really come a long way from his babyhood in the woodpile! He's a happy boy and ready to find his own home now.