Thursday, November 8, 2012

THursday, November 8

There was no blog yesterday, but I posted 4-5 videos on the facebook for your enjoyment! 

Kimshi and I made a trip to the vet's yesterday. She apparently injured her right rear leg. It was swollen and she wasn't putting any weight on it, so an x-ray was warranted. The x-ray showed no fracture, but she does have soft tissue bruising. So, we will continue her antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and soreness meds. She's in Dodger's Pen for a couple days, but is feeling better. She's also eating real good. She was such a sweetie in the vet's office--wanted me to hold and pet her. Such a love. 

Pushkiss and Pushkins are doing great. They are getting short excursions in the main area. They both now have the chubby belly look! Keena,, Basil and Willard are also doing great. They are amazing. Each day, they fill out, feel better and play more! Won't be too much longer until we move them up into a room in the main area.

I've gotten an update on our cam friend, Conii. "She is at home for now, but will be relocating temporarily to MN, as she awaits kidney transplant surgery. She is of good spirits and so thankful for your prayers. She wants to thank everyone for their continued prayers."  Take care Conii--lots of prayers going up for you!

The temperature was mild yesterday, so the cats got to go out in their outdoor enclosure. They loved it,  but was ready to come back in as the air became chillier in the afternoon. Frith has decided that every cat and kitten here is his friend! I love it. He's so playful and loves everyone. FiFi is laying on her side, batting the ball in the track toy, watching it go around and around, over and over again. When Betz gets adopted, she's going to have to go to a home with a desk! She loves being my helper. She simply sits in front of the keyboard, between my arms, just purring. Derecho is now in my lap, sound asleep. What better way to work, than surrounded by our FFRC cats!

WE had BOXES last night! Always fun, we're always grateful and it's awesome how our needs are met.
Anonymous--3 pack of Lysol wipes, Royal Canin Baby cat dry, Royal Canin Kitten dry, Royal Canin baby can food, Fancy Feast appetizers
Tigercat--angle locks for Octavia's cabinet
Kayton19--case if Fancy Feast ocean fish
Sharon T--4 varied cases of Appetizers. For Bondi--a tuna flavored lickety stick
Nicki M--2 packages of Pure Bites snackers, Box of 6 inch paper plates, case Fancy Feast Grilled, case of Whiskas Pouches, bag of 100 assorted candy, bag of Natural Balance dry cat food
 Bev M --hot cups and lids!
Debbie B--16 cans of Special Diet for oldsters
Meezer Boys from TX--very organized groups of coupons
Selkie, Blue & Misty too & mama from Canada--3 "fivers" for the 3 kittens Keena, Basil & Willard & a card
Mary K--L-Lysine (1 big bottle, 3 little bottles)  (we use this every morning)
Cantoncat/Rita-5 cases of Purina ProPlan cans--variety of flavors (cats love this)
Tom & Gillian from UK--stickers and 6 packages of Bondi licks (chicken and salmon flavors) and a card that sure does look like Derecho
Bonnie, Dave & Michael--pillow cases and shams, Office Supplies, 2 wonderful books (yes, they'll go in the treasured little bathroom!!), giant can of extra large peanuts, case of Fancy Feast Kitten and cat toys
Penny V from OH--3 bags of Iams dry food, Whiskas treats, Meow Mix containers and a card
Robert & Marilyn S from FL--Amazon Gift Card and a box of wonderful shells from the Florida beach!

We also received the box of the FFRC  CD's from Mike, our concert guy. The CD cover was designed by Gossamer which is phenomenal. Absolutely a beautiful cover. We are so pleased that Mike has made this CD, just for FFRC. It has 7 songs in it, especially for the Rescue Center. More on the sale of these later!

Jaina is climbing! Yes, actually climbing up more on the furniture--such a good exercise for her. Maybe between that and trying to get her to play with the laser light more, we'll get her to lose a little weight. That Penn and Teller are 2 awesome cats--so very sweet and absolutely loverbugs. Cutie is eating pretty good and has a little round tummy! 

I've heard from Tweets family and she is doing great--no potty problems at all! So happy for her. The family loves her. We've also heard from Filbert's family again--all is well and peaceful there. 

Can you tell the difference between the 5 brown/black tigers that we have? Purrdue: brown tiger, male, tawny brown on neck. Miler: black/brown tiger, male, striped on top of head. Spruce: black tiger, male, solid on top of head. Goodness: brown tiger, female, roundish head.  Treesa: black tiger, female, extra cute! There....hope that helps!

Goodness--such a beautiful tiger.