Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday, November 29

Where has this month gone to? It's been a very fast month. On to the most blessed of holidays--Christmas! Won't be long until we put up our upside Christmas tree with the cat's ornaments on it! If possible, we'll try to hang it where it can be seen from the cam. 

I've been asked several times lately about Zelda. Yes, she is still limping. This is something that will always plague her. Remember when she first came here, she was bone thin and stuck between a store wall and a cement block wall. She tried so hard to get out by herself, to the point where she made sores on her hips. She was also seen "waving" her front legs, trying to get herself out. It has left her with a permanent soreness in her front shoulder/elbow area--poor baby. this her way, that she thinks I will feel extra sorry for her so that I adopt her?!! I do love her so, but would still like to see her have her very own home.

Don't forget to vote today! It's a very important day for the Covies! They are all so hyped up--they've been awake all night long trying to say who is going to be the Mayor of the Covies. I saw their light on in the Cove and could hear them yakking away all night. Such excitement. They're expecting me to put on a big banquet for them too! It's simple to vote--go to the facebook chatter's page and put your vote in! The poles are open!

We had a report from Petfinder's yesterday. The 12 cats that had the most views were: Badu, Coca-Cola, Engelina, Cyrilla, Octavia, Frith, Audrey, Weber, Christopher, Boulder, Kiwi, Roadinia. Badu consistently is in the top views--who knows, maybe we'll find the perfect home for her yet!

We had BOXES last night--lots of boxes and lots of fun. Thank you ever so much for your support. It truly means a lot to me and this rescue center. 
Wendi B from WI--2 trays of Temptation cat snackers
Bonnie P--sent a Paypal donation in memory of Tyna
Sonja--bag of Iams for Jaina, Fifi & friends, bag of Royal Canin Kitten for the Pushies and friends
Anonymous Friend--3 bags of Purina One Dry adult
June K/Painteddaisy--case of Gravy sensations, Whiskas, fancy feast medleys. Sardines, appetizers, stickers, sponges, lysol wipes, plastic folders, a big tray of AAA & AA batteries, tape. For Kitty Kastle: variety of body wash, soap, bandaids, first aid kit
Ann N--2 boxes of Vita Gravy pouches (use these with breakfast)
Our friend Hannah and her mom Jennifer--Halloween & Thanksgiving cards, 4 suet blocks, 2 Temptation snackers, Gravy sensations, baby food, kitty wipes and 4 dry erase pens
Deb B/solitarydancer--kitty scratch & shape toy (great for kittens to climb), Bonito flakes, case of Wellness can food, KMR Peek & Prize toy for Kitty City cats
PhilipCleonNJ--more of those beautiful ceramic photo ornaments of the kitties and cats of FFRC
Anonymous friend--2 big bags of Purina One Salmon and Tuna dry
Anonymous friend--3 pack of Lysol wipes, case of Purrfectly Fish packets
Lucy/Lu-Little--a really cute black plaid dome shaped bed
Debra N--Purina One Indoor Advantage dry food
Heather R from FL--a case of potty bags (yeah! can always use these!)
Jeanette B from TN--Bravo & Pizazz stuffed kitties (with ID collars) in a basket with a memorial letter just from them--so sweet and I will treasure this
From Octavia--a Christmas card and a letter about her friend Bravo, Reeses PB cups, Almonds, sugar free candy for & snackers for volunteers, lots of big & small paper plates,many cans of sardines & salmon, 3 cans of cheese, batteries for lazer lights, ferret toys and other fun toys, combo pretzels, energy bars for volunteers. So, this is why Octavia used her shopping cart--she went to Chief's Supermarket again!
Tippy & Traylor & Ashley too--For Kitty Kastle: warm winter wishes sign, metal snowman, Christmas placemats, napkins, towels, window decals, dark chocolate K-Cups, Christmas candy, popcorn, pop tarts, snowman flag, snowmen statues, snowman doll, kitty treats, toys and hand soap & body wash. For FFRC: cat in the bag toy, cat on a bike yard decoration, trash bags, mop handle 4 mop heads, q-tips, sardines, treats for Barnies and residents, popcorn, Einie toy, kitty toy and bunches of office supplies.

We have an appointment for Dove tomorrow at the vet's office, with a probable surgery time slot saved for her. One toe and 2 partial toes are having some trouble healing and not looking very good on her front right foot. We will see what the vets say tomorrow. She's not feeling too good yesterday which was the indicator that her toes were bothering her. We'll keep you posted. Her sutures from her left leg amputation will come out on Sunday. 

Betz, Frith and Tizzie are all following Liberty who is dragging around a feather toy. They all certainly know how to have fun. One of the biggest compliments I love to hear from visitors is how they notice (for the most part) the friendship among the cats. Christopher and Pants are bopping each other right now on the leopard bed--each wanting to lay on it. Drake and Court are playing with the turbo track ball toy. There's 4 cats on the red shelf overlooking the bird feeders--a favorite spot. Christopher and Pants are both laying on the leopard bed! 

Our beautiful Audrey--it's hardly possible to tell that she had been burned. Such a healthy kitty now!