Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your family and friends. What a wonderful day! We have the gift of having generous, caring and compassionate supporters. This Rescue Center is indeed blessed. Thank you for sharing YOU with US! My gratitude comes with a giant hug and smile!

We had BOXES last night! LOTS of boxes--it was fun and greatly appreciated.
Lann/Lois L--6 Yeeoww catnip Bananas for the Covies, appetizers, Fancy Feast, 2 sheets of stamps, kitty note cards and an awesome rock paper weight (painted siamese on it) & 3 bags of dry Iams adult food
Sylvester/Terri M--Aroma therapy sleep dream bath lavendar & chamomile (smells wonderful!)
Dewitt & Leggygal--holiday bundle of cat nip yeeoww toys, 2 cases of Pate Friskies can
Tom P from NJ and Ashley & Buddy, his kitties--pop tabs for Kellen and a Christmas card
iphiluv & Cleo/Phil--Christmas ceramic ornaments with FFRC kitty pictures and names on them--they are beautiful!
FurHaven Kitties & Jeanette--Thanksgiviing card, 12 cans of Thanksgiving Day dinners for the cats and a bag of Taste of the Wild dry food
Roger & Kate C--2 cases of baby food
Julie--case of baby food, 2 cases of Max kitten can food
Ann/Kiko & Sean from (lurkers)--Thanksgiving card, Birthday card for Penn & Teller & friends, case of Friskies, 4 cat snackers, Appetizers and a really cute Santa Claus Hat bed
Christine P/Raven from CA--q-tips, comb/brush, bag of kitty toys, paper plates, pet wipes, drying towels, training pads, pens, plastic gloves, sardines, mackeral and Kipper snacks, ribbon toy
Anonymous Friend--6 Clorox wipes
Kelly R--kitty litter, bag of Purina One dry cat food, 2 cases of baby food, case of Friskies Pate
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Fancy Feast variety
Anonymous Friend--16 lb bag of Purina One Kitty & 16 lb bag of Purina One indoor adults
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of baby food
Aunty Julie--a card and gift card for Magenta--to be used for special Magenta goodies!, 2 sheets of stamps, 9 bags of cat snackers, 2 greens to grow, dog snacks, pop tabs for Kellen, sardines, banana walnut homemade bread and homemade cowboy cookies (oh, so delicious!) Magenta says a special thanks!
Linda & Gloria from GA--Thanksgiving card with donation from each of them and paw print points
Cheryl L from WA--Thanksgiving card for Jacci and one for the Center, mods, vols, chatters, lurkers, admins, kitties
JBR--an awesome Christmas tree!  Yes, this is really neat. I've always said we can't leave a tree up for long, because the cats would destroy in 1 minute and 15 seconds. So, JBR sent a HANGING tree! It's 3 feet long, er, I mean hanging and it has lights! We will definitely put this beautiful tree up!

Please, if anyone would like to tell me who the anonymous friends are, I will gladly repost in the next blog! I always like to give proper thank yous--it's important to me. Feel free to e-mail me! Or if there's ever an error, please feel free to e-mail me in regards to that too!

Our friends, Ann & Sean who donated (above) items to Penn & Teller for their birthday, also had some news they wanted me to share with you all. They are adopting Penn & Teller!  Yes, these brothers get to stay forever together! Isn't that just wonderful! They will be coming to FFRC on 1/17 and staying in Kitty Kastle. They will have the brothers stay with them to get to know them before they journey home (a 10 hour drive). I am thrilled they get to stay together. Another thing to be thankful for!

We also have PayPal donors to be thankful for (each made a donation to FFRC thru PayPal):
mbstarr/Mindy S from VA--she appreciates volunteers who help pets who cannot help themselves.
Jo F from WI--special hug to Frith, Christopher & Roadinia delivered for her
Susan G--in honor of Splash, the beloved cat of Janet/Janak who recently crossesd the bridge
Caren F from CA--a Thanksgiving gift
timsprincess/Peggy S from MN--for the Feliz Navidad fund for Dove's care

This Sunday, I will be picking up Mike C, our concert friend, at the airport, in the evening. He's staying two nights with us here at FFRC. Please mark your calendar:  Monday night, instead of boxes, Mike will be singing each of his songs that are on the FFRC CD. This is the introduction of this awesome CD to all of you. It's a special CD, just for FFRC! You will then have the opportunity to purchase this, either thru PayPal (go to our website) or by sending a check/money order thru the mail. The CD is $15, plus $3 for shipping in the USA, $5 for shipping outside the USA. I'm so excited and can't wait for you to hear these special songs. During the time here, Mike will also sing some Christmas songs for us! Thank you, Mike!

Have a special day today with your family and friends!

Harlow & Galway says Thanks to you for being their friends!