Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday, November 13

That Purrby has to be one of the most playful cats ever. He's here, there and everywhere! Such a very happy cat. Hopefully, he'll find a home soon where there's kids to keep him busy! Kimshi is out of her pen right now. She has been coming out on her own the last couple days. Her leg is almost 100% now. Such a lovely girl--she loves to be held close and fussed over. She will be leaving soon for her new home. 

The green camping tent that the cats play with is so much fun. They can climb on the outside of it easily, which they love. There's a square hole in the bottom of it, so they can slip in and out of it, which creates a whole new action game! Sometimes we put a rug in it, then Derecho likes to camp in it!

I watched Engelina playing this morning. She has learned how to take her crooked front paw and use it to "gather toys". It's very smart of her--she just scoops them up closer to her. Galway and Rudy spent a good deal of the afternoon yesterday cuddled together, sleeping in the big red poof--looked so sweet. Then when Obadiah crawled in there with them, we had a sea of gold. 

Yeah! Jaina was actually running, well, maybe trotting after the laser light yesterday. Come to think of it, it was probably a fast walk. But, she was playing and moving. That's good! She's such a great cat. Penn and Teller will be turning one year old this Thursday. We have 2 kittens on hold--Kimshi and Harlow with a couple others that might be on hold soon!

We had BOXES last night. I LOVE this saying: "Gratitude draws people together. Taking time out to give thanks to those who have blessed our lives nurtures relationships, strengthens the bonds between and encourages kindness and generosity. Let blessings stand counted--including the gift of a grateful heart!" FFRC thanks you for your support.
Anniecat/Joanne H--Oreo cookies, 7 packages of cat snackers, case of Fancy Feast, 200 paper plates, Clorox Wipes, sardines, 4 Fancy Feast Appetizers
Weedletiger--for Octavia's evening breakins: a case of Wellness Packets (we'll be sure to let her do her thievery!)
Medic101/Laura from IN--case of Fancy Feasta can
Middiemom04/Patty--donatin for kitty shopping, bag of Royal Canin Dry baby cat, case of Friskies, 3 cases of Fancy Feast, 5 packages of snackers, bag of Purina One kitten, bag of Purina One cat
Susan G/susan345 from NH--a nice, thick pink rug
Tigercat--5 Mr. Clean Magic Sponges

Be sure to catch Cantoncat's stories about the Porchies and Covies in the facebook pages--I do believe it looks like an election is coming up! Prepare yourself! 

The Pushtwins are out more and more. They are so very brave. I love it when they run--their tiny legs pumping along, tails straight up and bellies way out! These are such very sweet kitties. Paddy Cake was even playing with them very nicely. 

Yesterday, I realized that I had 4 phone calls about information regarding litterboxes in the last 2 days. So, here goes some of our info we give out: 
A litterbox should be accessible at all times.
If you have more than 1 floor, make sure you have a litterbox for each level.
One box per each cat, plus one is a good guideline to follow.
Cats do not like messy, smelly litterboxes and tend to not use them unless they are cleaned often.
Be sure litterboxes are not too small. They need room to get in and turn around. Rubbermaid totes make excellent litterboxes.
Keep litterboxes in quiet, low traffic areas. Cats like privacy!
Many cats do not like lids on their litterboxes or heavily perfumed litter.

Have a wonderful day--enjoy your family, your friends and your pets!

Roadinia with her puffy tail.