Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday, November 27

We had our wonderful concert last night by Mike C. Normally I do the blog, but today, Mike would like to be the guest blogger............so, here's Mike!

I just want to thank all of your for supporting the Catstock CD project.  It was a labor of love on many different levels. I want you to know that all the proceeds from the CD go to FFRC.   As I wrote on the back of the CD...I believe in love at first sight, 'cause I fell in love with FFRC the first time I turned on the kitty cam.  I'd also like to thank Goss (Linda) for designing the CD graphics. well done Goss!  And I think I speak for everyone of us ''webbers'' and volunteers when I thank Jacci for having the most pure heart on earth and caring for these wonderful animals.  More than that, I thank Jacci for creating the family we have all become.
It's an honor to be a part of this family of friends and felines.  May I be one of the first to wish all of you a Happy Holiday and Meowrry Christmas.  You are all special.  And now, as always, Jacci needs to have the final word.......Love, Mike

Thanks, Mike! I am honored that Mike came for this introduction of the FFRC CD. To think he did this for US, is a wonderment to me. Many thanks to Mike and to Goss for making this possible. If you are interested in purchasing the FFRC CD, go to our website fofrescue.org and look for Shop Now. It's a wonderful CD!

We had such a fun time last night. Many of the volunteers came, Mike sang, we even sang Happy Birthday to Amy (our volunteer) and had pizza (thanks to TippyNTraylor & Ashley too) and then ended it with Christmas songs. It was a great evening. When Mike went to Kitty Kastle for the night, he took Webber and Pants with him--big mistake. Those two rascals were hyper and into exploring everywhere all night. Fun for the kittens, but no sleep for Mike!

We are shooting for Sunday to move the Cat's Cove to Kitty City. This is definitely the latest we've ever moved the cats to their winter home. The weather has, for the most part, been nice enough for them to stay in the Cove. This move always depends on the weather. 

I'll be taking Mike back to the airport this morning, so this will be a short blog. All is fine here. Cats are doing great. Dove looks good and is coming out of her shyness. This morning she came out to join in for breakfast. Pania is slowly but surely, expending her comfort zone. What a beauty she is. 

Badu taking her morning bath--her morning ritual.
Badu in the sink