Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday, November 10

I think we've created "attention-hogging" cats! It's impossible to sit at the desk and actually work! No less tan 3-4 on the desk at any time--sometimes sitti1ng on my hands while I, o. on the chair,0 or blocking the screen/!/\\-000000000000 --okay--r5t  that is from Harlow,skfd without me correctinssg the type.  Okay, get the idea?!!! Gotta love them though!

Galway is on the cushie here in the office, giving a thorough bath to Serephina! I love seeing cats do this. Yesterday, Derecho was sleeping on the leopard chair with a Pushkitten on top of him! So cute. They stayed like that for quite some time. Zora is zipping around here with a feather toy in her mouth, with 3 kittens trailing her! She is NOT going to give up her toy! 

Yesterday, we made great progress on cleaning Kitty City! The walls are clean, the litterboxes are all dumped and refilled with clean litter, the floor is swept and mopped, shelves washed and windows clean. All we have to do is put the warming beds in, lay out the blankets and put down the water/food bowls. We're all set for the Covies for when the weather turns bad. It looks good in there! Thanks to Martha L, Judy S, Kerstyn, Jimmy and Anthony for helping!

We had BOXES last night. Such huge thanks to give!!
Lyla Jane/Maureen from WA--Seattle tour guide, postcards of Seattle and Coupville and a wonderful book called "Wheedle and the Noodle".
Anonymous--case of Gravy Sensations
Medic101/Laura H from IN--case of Fancy Feast
Painteddailsy/June K--14 lb bag of Iams, and 2 20 lb bags of Iams
Cheryl L/CherylAnn from WA--as Cheryl says, LOTS of stuff, just a box of love!! Cheryl sent many wonderful items, some of which are posties, handmade jammies, t-shirt, cards with some of the resident pics on them, peace sign, feather toys for Derecho, other toys for the cats,snacks for Einie, dogs, cats, volunteers, 6 handmade kitty bed pads, cat puzzle, handmade beautiful pillowcases and lots more! Cheryl--you are so talented and appreciated!

Please remember, if you are one of the anonymous donors and would like to let me know your name, please e-mail. Or if I've made a mistake in any of the listings, please let me know. 

Have you seen Bella since yesterday? She's sporting her new beautiful green collar from her mama FelineToyz. Bella looks so pretty with it on. It even has a green jewel on it! She's very proud of it!

You all must have been helping us with your "ad clicking finger". Last month, thru AdSense, FFRC received  $1,024.18!! This is purely from you folks being interested in the ads and clicking on them, thru the ustream site. I thank you for this. We will use it for our general account--it will help us immensely. 

Have you been able to view the 2013 calendars that Shelley H is making for FFRC? They are absolutely beautiful and made with much time and effort involved. The site to see them and order them is:   Each page shows many pictures of FFRC cats and kittens!

Next weekend is our special weekend for the volunteers. One of our vets will be here, Dr. Darcy, from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm. The volunteer's pets will receive free physicals and discounts on their vaccinations, heartworm tests, wormings, etc. At this time, any of our FFRC cats or kittens that need extra tending too, will also be seen. I was fortunate to be able to meet the new vet, Dr. Erica Lewis at Dr. Pettigrew's office. She is wonderful. 

It's suppose to be in the 60's today, so we will be opening up the outdoor enclosure for the cats and kittens today. They'll love that. The birds have been heavy at the feeders lately, so this will provide great entertainment for them.

Our new cat, Whiskers, has decided he'd rather not be a Barnie, but prefers to be a Porchie. He's quite handsome. A big black/white boy who loves to be petted. He is now sticking around nicely. We've enticed him with food, which is his second favorite thing, next to being fussed over!

Dahnay--such an awesome cat. She loves to be petted.