Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Jordy--a cat with great love inside him that still showed, even after such a tragedy that he suffered.  A cat that we shall miss. He passed yesterday afternoon, peacefully while being told he was loved.  This is what I love about cats---even those that have been abused, tossed, starved and neglected have that capacity to still love. And that's what Jordy did.  He chirped at us, purred and loved to push his head into our hands for some good petting.  Jordy's pancreatitis was being treated when he then went into liver failure. We will all remember him by his sweetness, his gentleness and the way he showed love to us. 

"The risk of love is loss, and the price of loss is grief. But the pain of grief is only a shadow when compared with the pain of never risking love."--Hilary Stanton Zunin.  Such very very wise words. I will remember these words.

Mama Calico Cat is back at her much loved Firehouse and is happy! She is doing good and is in a stable spot right now. She ate a good breakfast today.

The mama Persians, Julianne and Nsuku loves playing with the laser light. They skitter and run after it! So cute. They are doing so good together now and feel a sisterhood between them! Joyful even whacked the red light as it went by.

Mark your calendar for Thursday at 2:30 ish. We are having a Mich Flash Sale. Many of the items are those not seen before.  We are working on trying to get a different time zone Sale so we can reach everyone!

Many thanks to you all:
Timbodut--donation in memory of Jordan and in honor of Annetta
Todd B from FL--donation for Jordy and Ramsay
Nicola J from Australia--donation in memory of Jordy & to help others
Marilyn/madisonpepper--In memory of Jordy & blankies for Annetta & Esta
Amy C--donation in memory of Jordy

And many thanks too for BOXES from yesterday.
Becky/Snickers&Inkysmom -25 Adoption Folders, 2 feather kitty toys, 15 pkg. Sheba sticks
Lannml - 2 Yoga Mats
Wilma & Marco Magneti? - Sending Greetings from Italy
Barb E - Kitty Card 8 Kitty Blankets for FFRC Kitties
Mandy T - UK 3 pk of Lysol, 1100 9" plates
Lurkey Lou -  6 Boxes Fancy Feast Broth
John B - TX - 6 Lavendar Bath Sheets
Cathy B/MissKittysmom & Miss Kitty - TN  Kitty Card w/note  
Susan C - OH  Donation
Elliesue/Ellen H - NY   Card & Donation for Jordy's medical
Dianna C - OH  Donation
PennysmumHawaii/Randy P - HI   Donation for FFRC
Barb - Sponsorship for Spiker
 Tom her husband - OH - Donations in memory of Barb Kajfafz  
Robyn P - 2 beautiful Afghans for a Fun Raiser
Judy & Dave W  3 containers of Litter, Box of Revolution & canned food
Jordan & Jude B - Christmas Card
Laura - PA & Kitties Kitty Card  w/Note   Weight Circles, 2 sheets of stamps
Clark, Jesse and The Rest - Happy 15th Birthday Jan 15, 2003 Sevaun Chicken $5
Elaine & Alan - FL   Beautiful hand colored card by Elaine - Donation in memory of Little Kat
Rausch Family - TX  Kitty Card 

Patty & Floyd C & Miss Cookie, Little Bit, Scottie, Reeses Cup and all our feral kitties - TN  
Kitty Card w/note Donation for Jordy 

Bank of America Employees donation thru their Giving Campaign  $49.92 and Mich will donate 8 cents to $50.00!!

IowaCatladyMarie w/ Jabberwocky, Phoenix, Zeba, Robi, Walter Payton, Singer & Yoga
A Miss Pete Card Donation in memory of Vincent

Our two new girls are doing good.  Esta Sparkles enjoys roaming around and is eating good. She welcomes petting and sweet talk.  Annetta is trying to adjust. It's hard for her since she cannot see anything. But she is strong and determined and is happy. We are treating both eyes for infection. They are both down on the floor in the front Thumper's Room.

For those that enjoy Cat Shows, there's the TICA one February 10-11 at the Lucas County Recreation Center in Maumee, OH.  They have a 500 cat limit, so there will be lots of cats to see. Normally, there's many vendors there too showing their cat items for sale. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday, January 29,2018

Yesterday, we had our Annual Volunteer Meeting. We had good attendance and went over many things in relation to the functions of FFRC.  Plus, everyone brought yummy goodies to share! That's always nice. The volunteers of FFRC always amaze me with their time that they give, their compassion and their friendship to both cats and the other volunteers. 

Mama Calico Cat is back outside--just where she wants to be. We are checking on her everyday to make sure she is feeling good.  It wasn't fair of us to insist she stay inside, when her heart belongs outside. She loves her Firehouse and friends. We're keeping a good eye on her.

Here's Giggle #18.  Production by FFRC Captures and Captions. Directed by  Derecho.  Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for FFRC.    https://youtu.be/tRGmrSErAlQ

We have great thanks to give!
Ehpower--to help with Jordys care
BillieK--to help with medical expenses for Mama Calico Cat and Jordy & in memory of Marcus
Michael W--donation to FFRC
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Sandra C--donation to FFRC 
Joe & Martha from Bryan--15 suet cakes for bird feeding
Josette from France--donation in memory of Marcus, to be used to help Jordy & any others
Nan K--donation to FFRC 
Sara F--donation for whatever FFRC needs & in honor of Jordy & Jones & in memory of Zoolove, VIncent, Marcus, Sea Turtle and others

The Cat Show on Saturday was very nice. Many different breeds to see. We watched some of the judging and really enjoyed looking at all the cats. I have to say though---these FFRC cats are still the best!

Update on Jordy. I need to let you know that our Jordy is not doing well at all.  In addition to his pancreas being affected, he is now in liver failure. He's comfortable and is enjoying being loved on. Our vet has said that they do not believe there is anything further they can do to turn him around that hasn't been done already.  This is a real heartbreak for us all.  Jordy is so loved and has had such an injustice done to him. When these things happen, we want ever so much for things to go well. We will care for him and still hope for a miracle. 

We have taken on two new cats.
ANNETTA--this sweetheart is an old girl--a calico. Right now, I do not have a birthday on her as once they are progressed in age, it's hard to tell.  We will get her a birthday though sometime. She was brought in on 1/28, simply found on her own by a lady. She is blind. Her left eye is punctured and needs to be removed. Her left eye is severely scarred and has no sight. She was so very hungry. And there were active fleas on her. Annetta also has barely any teeth left. But she sure can eat. She's a doll who just loves to be loved on and told she is beautiful.

ESTA SPARKLES--this flamepoint cat was brought here to FFRC. She's been outside since at least Christmas. We have her at 2 1/2 years. with her birthday as 7/12/15.  She was so dirty--did two bubble baths on her. Esta had many mats but they are now combed out. What another sweetie--friendly and a purr-er.  We added the name Sparkles because a little girl that knows Esta liked that name. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday, January 26, 2018

This blog is mostly an update.   

Mama Calico Cat.  We have her again in the back Thumper's Room.  So far she seems content.  Her lymph nodes were checked yesterday and they are indeed enlarged. At this point, there is nothing else we can do for our sweet Mama. But, she is comfortable, eating and we will continue on, just loving her.

Marcus.  Our dear Marcus passed away early this morning.  Last night his respirations were much increased and early this morning, the respirations were very high. He went downhill very quickly after that and passed away. I told him he was so loved and thanked him for being our boy. The last few days, even though he received all of his medications, he did not like taking them anymore. Maybe he knew? Regardless, he was loved, he was comfortable and enjoyed a short life with us.  He will be greatly missed. He so loved his Covie life. 

Jordy.  He was released from the vet clinic late morning yesterday. He had eaten, was rolling on his back and was interested in what was going on. When he got back home, he seemed perky and welcomed hugs and pets. Slowly over the afternoon, things went downhill again for him. I do believe our Jordy has concerned all 3 vets that know him. I've talked extensively to Dr. Darcy. We are continuing his antibiotics, his anti-inflammatories, his soreness meds and giving him fluids. X-rays have been reviewed again and while the intestinal track and abdomen shows some gas, it shows no bullet fragments in that area.  Jordy has certainly grabbed our hearts. Please send him good thoughts and prayers. He's fighting a battle that we all want him to win. Several have expressed concern about lead poisoning--please know that is not a concern in this case.  

These things are hard to bear. I understand all of your feelings--the glory and happiness of a cat recovering from an illness or injury.  The trepidation we feel when things are a bit "off" for a cat that may be one of the favorites of favorites.  The worry that happens because you cannot swoop in and hug a particular cat. The heartbreak with a death. Sometimes the highs are so high and we are so very thrilled with an outcome for a cat. And then, there are those lows that just make us ache with sadness.  And what about that cat that you were really hoping could stay at FFRC. As you know, we all experience this. But, what pure joy it is to see and know how the cat has adjusted so quickly to it's very own home---this is the ultimate gift we can give them. Most of the cats and kittens come here to FFRC not in the greatest of condition. That's what cat rescue is also all about--helping them, knowing some do not make it. I'm so thankful that love is a constant renewable source--we can love all of them and still have more love to give. It's a wonderful thing. So......while we may hurt, we may cry, we may have disappointments, there's always more cats and kittens that need our care and so we will continue on. And with you all "out there" in camland, you help this be possible. 

We have some thanks to give:
Timbodut--donation for Jordy and a tickle under his chin
Liz W from CA--donation to FFRC
Jill D from M--donation to help with Jordy
Hencass--a donation in Jordy's honor, to help where needed
William & Patricia P from England--donation to FFRC
Louise H from OK--Fancy Feast packes, Friskes cans, 2 snuggle safe heaters, 2 tubs of snackers (Zelda says thanks!), mylar toys for Magic

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Is it winter or spring?! Yesterday we had rain, sleet and snow which produced slippery roads. The next 3-4 days the temps should reach in the low 50's. Guaranteed if there's even a tiny bit of sunshine the outside cats will be rolling on the pavement and sidewalks!

Update on Jordy. Tuesday started a rough time for Jordy. He ate a bit but promptly threw that up. All day he was curled up sleeping, eating only a small amount. In the evening, he threw up again. Weds. morning he wanted to eat but couldn't keep that down either. He was given fluids Tuesday PM and Weds. AM.  Giving Dr. Darcy an update, she wanted him back at the clinic. She double checked his x-rays and there showed no bullet fragments in the abdomen, so that was good.  He had lab work done which showed he has Pancreatitis and anemia  While it's rare, trauma can sometimes put a cat into a pancreatitis crisis, which has happened to Jordy.  He is on IV therapy with meds being given to him thru his IV.  Will get an update on him this morning. Hoping his red blood cells will start regenerating and that his pancreas level is lower. Will keep you all posted. He's such a love. 

We also received a report on Mama Calico Cat. The mass that is in her ear is Adenocarcinoma. It is the primary malignant tumor of the sweat glands found in the external auditory canal. Though rare, it is one of the most common malignant tumors of the ear canal in cats. Biopsy also shows it has likely spread locally.  One of the things we will watch for are her lymph glands. If they become enlarged, that will be a sign that things are coming to a close.  She is such an awesome cat. She has been here 11-12 years. Originally she was a Barnie and ruled the red barn. In the last 2 years, she and some of her babies (which are older adults too!) have migrated to being a Firehouse cat. She will even come up to the porch area for snacks. 

We had BOXES yesterday! A thousand million thanks!
Susan - 4 boxes Appetizers, bag of snackers
Walter L - muffler for the Shop Vac, 12 Cans Dry KMR

Judeannlee & Phil - IN - 2 bottles of Mr. Clean, 3 Tubs Clorox Wipes, 6 dish brushes, Twizzlers
Case of Babyfood,  3 Cases Halo Catfood, 2-382 ct. boxes Kitty Wipes, 2 Pink Yoga Mats plus a donation

LJ323 - Bag of Fruit Gems, 4 Tie Dye cat toys, 4 Crocheted Hats
Ken & Karrie -Donation for Vincent & Marcus
Lollymop - 1,000 6in Plates, Box of Copy Paper
Auntie Justme - For Vern 2 boxes Delectable Squeeze-ups & computer cables
Jo and Huffy--2 replacement butterfly sets for the butterfly spin toy

DebbieM & AnnieG - 2 Jackson Galaxy Cat Crawl Tunnels,  Several Cat Trees (Treehouse) for Fun Raiser, Case of Friskies 24 ct

Anonymous Friend--3 Snuggle warming plates, 2 Tubs Temptation Snackers. Case pf 24 Friskies Broths
Jamie M - NY  - 2 XL Tubs Temptation Snackers, 24 Meow Mix Cups, Bag with 13 toys
Plee - 2 Collapsible Kennels with instructions
Gina - 5 Pretty Crocheted Shawls: Lavendar, White, Yellow Mint Green & Baby Pink
Linda S - handmade grey Pancho, 4 pretty scarves and 6 hats 
Sandy P - Day Visitor - Case 32 ct. Friskies
Lucy Ann's Parents Visitors - Litter & Case of Fancy Feast
Heather H (Phil & Jude's daughter) Box of Candy
Stephanie T  Day Visitor - 2 Cases Friskies
Barb & Mike Scott - MI  Donation in memory of Charmaine

Jordys rescuers: Tori & Chris - 2 big Throws, 2 bags Snackers, Friskies, Bag of Purina One
2 toys & Scratcher

Sun Area County Republican Women  Sun ACRW - PA  Donation in memory of Bob Little
Susan/Macncheesendoodlesmom - MA  Donation
Suzette Yost (daughter of Keith) - OH  Donation in memory of Keith Rychener
Velma T - Canada--Christmas Card Donation to Feliz Navidad in memory of her Goldie 
Marilyn & Terry B  Kitty Card with Chicken $5

And here's a few more thanks!
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Ronnie & Marie--donation in honor of Donna's birthday & to Name a Cat JB Tennessee
Ruth D--donation to help with Jordy's medical bills
Lu-Little & Benny--donation in honour of Jordy--use where needed
Karla M--for Jordy!
Davszy--donation for Jordy
Fran D--donation towards Jordy's vet bill

A special thanks to Aleda who has re-designed our Health Record that goes home with each cat and also our Adoption Application form. They both are so very nice. Some changes were done and the layouts have changed. She did an awesome job on this.  

This Sunday is our Annual Volunteer Meeting in the afternoon.  Lots of items to cover and plans for 2018!

The OVMA (Ohio Veterinary Medical Association) conference is coming up. This one is called the Midwest Veterinary Conference. Tons of education is offered! So far we have 5 people going--Lynnette, Angie L, Mary Braid, Donna and myself. We each can attend whatever classes we want from morning to evening. We will be leaving Feb. 22, Thursday in the late afternoon so we are ready to start the 8 am classes on Friday. Will be back Sunday afternoon. This will give us 2 1/2 days to attend as many classes as we can.  We will be staying in a hotel connected to the conference center.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Our surgery day on Saturday went great. The boys that were neutered: Gene, Trey and Cas. We also did two public male cats. The girls that was spayed: Purrlissa, Lynnz, Paris, Rita, Suka and Ntima.  All have recovered just fine.  This now makes 67 spays/neuters we've done so far, for 2017!  More coming up!

We also did quite a few physicals.
Paddy Cake--physical good but heart murmur at 4/6. Shows no signs of this.
Paddy Purr--physical good but heart murmur is 3/6.  Also shows no signs of this.
Zelda--good (was noted that her weight is a-ok!
John--good, will take sutures from his eye out soon
Farrah--good, neck rash is healing and will be able to have her collar back on soon.
Geovanna--stomatitis. Injection given to help her. Will check this again next week
Binker--good, no tartar noted

A big thanks to Joyce D for providing pizza for surgery day and to GUsti for providing the drinks!

Mama Calico Cat's ear looks so much better!  We've been giving her medications daily. HEr heart belongs to the outdoors and she's been wanting to go back to the FireHouse. This morning, after treating her ears again, we let her back out to go to her FireHouse.  We can continue treatments there.

Shirley Mae's ear also looks better but things are not "fixed" all the way yet. Time will tell but in the meantime she is happy! 

Marcus is here in the Main Area.  He's doing "ok".  His respirations are at a fairly good number. It's truly a fine line between keeping hydrated to becoming dehydrated. He has a significant heart murmur and his heart walls are still very thickened.  But, he seems happy and is eating and loves the windows in the Kitty Kabana.

We've had adoptions! 
Lucy Ann was adopted 1/19. Lucy Ann had arrived here from MN 9/20/14, so she's been with us quite a while. But....there was indeed a special home waiting for her! Her new mama has sent us a message: "We struggled to find a toy she'd play with--until we washed the bedsheets and she became enamored with a loose thread on the mattress. So, we dug out the yarn and now she's unstoppable. Lucy will also knead anything she can get her paws on and lves chirping at the birds in the window. She's so chatty and never fails to call me , running when she hears her name. She's eating very well. We can't wait to discover more of her quirks. "  This is one of those adoptions that just thrills my heart.

 Pilvi was adopted 1/19. Pilvi was one of the cats that came from the hoarding problem. She was hand--picked by a family! They have a dog at home too that loves cats. 

Felicity was adopted 1/20.  Felicity had arrived here from MN on 3/12/14 . She is a mild CH cat and also had been with us quite a while. And yes, there is a home for her too!  Her new mama came and visited her and knew she was the one! Here's the update from her new family: "We are having a lot of fun. I believe she is a Daddy's girl. She gave me 120% loving and rolling all around. Then she went looking for her Daddy--she sat in front of his office door and asked for him to open the door. She follows both of us around. She loves to play. Thanks for letting us bring this bundle of joy home with us".  I'm grinning ear to ear on this adoption!

Purrlissa--went to her home 1/21.  Her new mama had visited her many times before the adoption. Here is the response from her mama: "Words can't describe how much she is loved! Just seeing her and my grandson melts my heart and knowing he will have a fur buddy to grow with. We laughed so hard watching KiKi tackle our upstairs. She shocked us all when she jumped on the downstairs bathroom trash can, to the toilet up to the sink and back down. She is such a joy watching her explore her new home."  Purrlissa/KiKi is the last of the persian babies to be adopted---all have super homes!

Rita & Snowy--adopted 1/21.  These two kittens were adopted together. Their new dad picked them out weeks ago but had to wait for Rita to be spayed.  Two wonderful kittens going to a very nice man.

Eclair--adopted 1/22. Eclair had arrived after her dad became very ill and could no longer care for her. He had adopted her as a kitten from FFRC and had her for 7 years. She adjusted good, being back but always was looking for something. She now has a new home, complete with 2 laps that want to hold her and make her feel special again. And they have big windows for one of her favorite activities--watching outside!

We have lots of thanks to give! I'm sorry, I've gotten behind on these but will get this caught up now.  You all make a huge difference to FFRC and we are grateful for this.
Barbara A--donation to FFRC
Yarnlover2013--donation to FFRC to help with Jordy's medical bills
Newfiedogmom--donation to help with Jordy's meds/veterinary bill
Gusti--donation to help with Jordy's healing
Oopsiepa--to help FFRC where needed
David F from UK--donation for FFRC
Ju-in-ji--donation for Jordy
BillieK--donation for Jordy
William K--donation to FFRC
Anne L--donation for Jordy

Pamela C--donation for FFRC
Josette M from France--donation for FFRC, in memory of Vincent
BillieK--donation in memory of Vincent
Barbara F from CA--donation in loving memory of Barb Kajfasz
Lynne W--donation for FFRC
David & Sripey--donation to help with Marcus's meds and in memory of Vincent
Judy & Phil L--donation to FFRC
Pamela H from OH--donation in memory of Barbara Kajfasz

Want to enjoy a giggle?  We all love to do that!  Enjoy the FFRC Giggle show Scene #17, production by FFRC Captures & Captions, directed by Derecho! CLick the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for FFRC.   https://youtu.be/X6tcx1pLOCg

More good news!  We've heard from the family that adopted Kota and KaeKae. Pictures included that shows 2 very happy kittens. "The girls are doing wonderful!  Kota was settled in about 3 minutes after we got home and is running the show. She's fiesty and adorable! KaeKae is more reserved. She loves to curl up and cuddle. They love to chase each other clear from one end of the house to another".  Sounds like these two sisters have found a wonderful home!

And here's two more! Nairobi and Liris--"The boys are doing very well. The purring is so loud! They are so active and play so much. The peacock feathers are almost destroyed. They love to race up and down the stairs, especially at 3 in the morning!"  Two happy brothers!

Remember Jericho who was adopted not too long ago? His new name is Hampton. "I can't begin to express how much of a wonderful addition to the family that this kitty has been. We are all very fond of him and he fits in perfectly".  So happy for Jericho/Hampton!

We took in a new cat.  We named him Jordy (a Name a Cat name). He was quite a mess--his face was terribly hurt with his eye protruding and two big holes in his neck and head. All 4 legs hurt which caused him to limp badly. But....he purred and purred and ate like a champ.  We thought he had been attacked by a dog. Saturday, while Dr. Darcy was here, she removed his eye. We realized that the bone that forms around the eye socket was shattered. Bits of the bone was removed. We cleaned up his wounds and upon waking up, he was purring again. Jordy was part of a colony of cats that had been TNR'd 4-5 years ago. They have a caretaker and well cared for.  Yesterday, Jordy went to the vet's for x-rays. We realized that he had actually been gunshot.  His far upper jar was fractured. This cannot be repaired surgically so his jaws will not be aligned.  And he has two fractures in his pelvis area. Probably from the blow of the gunshot.  All in all, this cat has sustained a fractured jaw, fractured eye socket, lost an eye, pelvis fractures and his left shoulder also has many fragments of the bullet which has caused tremendous swelling and soreness. In one of our vet's opinion, this gunshot to this cat was intentional--by the angles of the holes, someone stood right over him and shot him.  And do you know what this cat wants?? All he wants is to be loved. He purrs like a champ, rubs his hurt face all over our faces and puts his head into your palm for more pets. He is one of the sweetest cats ever.  We will do everything in our power to help him heal and be happy. 

I'm asking for prayers and good thoughts for Jordy and for our volunteer Donna.  Donna is in the hospital for tests. And for those that know Donna, she won't be happy until she's out and is with her cats or with FFRC cats.  Thank you all for caring for what happens here at FFRC.  

Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018

Wow--what a very busy week.  I've gotten behind on the blog but we will play catch-up today!

FFRC surgeries are tomorrow. Love these days!  Right now, we have 11 surgeries scheduled. There is the possibility of 2 more coming in from the public.  Of this 11, 2 of those are also public.  
FFRC boys: Gene, Trey, Cas
FFRC girls: Purrlissa, Lynnz, Paris, Rita, Suka, Ntima

We also have quite a few physicals to work in. Also a couple volunteer's cats will be coming in for their physicals too. 

Tuesday was our HumaneOhio surgery day. We sent 10 males and 21 females up to Toledo. This was made up by 30 cats and 1 dog. All went well. This now brings us to 56 spays/neuters for 2018. 

This past Monday we also had our monthly Advisory meeting. It's always a good thing--we get regrouped and inspired by ideas.  This board is made up of myself, Lynnette, Connie D, Mary Braid, Megan, Angie L, Barb W, Becky M, Dawn E. Jenny C will still help us with the Catathon! 

Yesterday we had our Fun-Raiser drawing! First, we had BOXES. Many thanks to Nancepants for your catetary skills.
Beth (Eaglewatcher) --6 new colorful e-collars, different sizes.

Anonymous -  bag of Kitty Milar balls
BillieK - 1 box of Appetizer Broths, 1 container of Temptations, 3 containers of Party Mix,  2 cases of Fancy Feast Medley. 

Contessa - 2 - Purina One weight circles, 2 Large boxes of dog biscuits and snacks,  24 washcloths,   1 container of Party Mix,  1 - case Sheba Perfect Portions, 3 - J Crew bags.

Charlotte -  5 large Lock N'Lock Containers
Pnlope - 1 bag of Mylar balls, 3 food tents for kitties, Purina One weight circles, Camera for Sherri    This camera is an extra special gift to Sherri so that she can continue to take FFRC pics to share with folks.      The card sent had a dog on the front that is her nephew's dog, Governor

And then came the Fun-Raiser. Thanks to Mudjie for the great notes on this!
A  2 Pet Carriers w/wheels                    5x51                $205           Joco & FaithyMD

B - Dooney & Bourke Handbag              5x94                 $470          Patty B

C 1930's Dresden Plate Quilt                 5x59                $295           Nuthatches

D - Purple Velvet Kitty Bed                     5x92                 $460            LJ for FFRC

E Rosemary Afghan                                 5x58                 $290    Sarah Ow-gifted to Donnajb

F  Sprocket Printer                                   5x80                $400          Francine Da
G  Karunda Tower 7                                 5x209              $1045        Nana Sh

H  iPad Pro 128                                        5x251              $1255        nyckkitty45

The total of this came to:    $4420 and then.......we had our awesome bumper-uppers                 which came to $1080.   This made our Grand Total to $5500  

I am so utterly grateful for this. I swear my legs to turn jelly when I hear the totals of these events!  This made it possible for Steve to pay the Electric bill and the Propane Gas bill. And we can apply a bit to the veterinary bill.  

Many thanks to Dawnstar for making the video to show on cam. Canton gets a big thanks too for putting the information in different areas. And to our mods who helped us publicize this fun-raiser and answering people's question. And more thanks...........every item was donated--you are greatly appreciated!  Those 884 tickets that were sold came from our FFRC supporters---big hugs and many thanks! Whether you won a prize or not, your ticket will help FFRC. And another thanks to Marcia who did all the ticket marking! 

We also had consolation prizes--those went to: Ron Rob, Beth (who donated her item to the B-liter), Gill H, Craig M, Brenda Los, Sophieandlucysdad, VIckie & Patrick (volunteers), Mary Sel, Madisonpepper, Emmville, Lindasb1

Our bumper-uppers are: Donnajb, Beth/eaglewatcher, kittiesmom, Dewbus, Lannml, Nuthatches, Knittinkitten, Crazycatladies

Just look at that---lots of thanks all around!! 

We took 3 cats over to Dr. Pettigrew's office yesterday.  They were very busy and so had to reschedule Lucie for today for her dental.   She will be back today. They made sure she had a comfy pen, complete with a rubberized pad so she wouldn't slip. 

Mama Calico Cat--went in for her ear. They were able to remove most of the mass in her right ear. Her x-ray shows great thickness in the middle ear. Her left hear actually has a plug in it--also in the middle ear but her ear drum is intact.  Upon her return, she received Convenia (long acting antibiotic). She will also need her special ear drops to both ears twice daily plus an injection for inflammation for a couple weeks.  For right now, we will keep her here in the back Thumper's Room for treatment.

Shirley Mae--went in for her ear (right) also.  She's our cat that has the head tilt, due to her ear problems. The entire time she's been here, we've been working on that ear. She has multiple things wrong in her middle ear canal. Her ear drum could not be seen due to severe inflammation. Her ear condition cannot be fixed by surgery, so we have special meds for her ears, Convenia, steroids to help with that inflammation. 

We have an initial report about Vincent. He is negative for Herpes and Chlamydia. He had a super severe viral pneumonia, hemorrhagic in nature. The problem is his condition was resistant to almost 100% of antibiotics. Remember, this is viral, so antibiotics do not help---just with secondary infections. He had been on antibiotics but to no avail.  More results still to come. What have we learned so far though?  This reinforces to us the way cats are--they "hide" their symptoms. The day before he passed, he was playing and eating. I feel like I watch these cats like a hawk, yet the very nature of a cat, complicates us finding out that they are sick sometimes. This also reinforces why we clean so much--to get rid of germs that cats do harbor. I know sometimes people think we are excessive in cleaning, but no--these are cats and one of the best ways to protect them is cleanliness, vaccines, low stress, good food. Will keep you posted. 

A week from Sunday (28th) is our Annual Volunteer Meeting. We are already preparing for this.  



Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Just a very quick blog to give you an update on a couple kittens.

We had two adoptions yesterday!  Nairobi and Liris who are siblings were adopted together. Their new mama is super patient and will further bring out the confidence in them. They enjoy being held and have great purrers.  

I've heard from the family that adopted Nyla.  She is doing great and has explored.  She and Aimee are working on being friends. But, it sounds like Nyla is quite comfortable.

Vincent.  I'm very sorry to let you know that Vincent has passed away.  He was with us approximately 4 weeks.  Remember....he arrived with a poo-ball on his bum and tummy that was like nothing I've seen before.  Once that was off, he had major healing to do to all of his skin in that area. He's been progressing on this healing very nicely.  However, he always appeared to be "slow" to me. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but he wasn't as active as most kittens are.  Thursday he ate very well and I saw him playing.  Friday morning he was in trouble---that quick. I wrapped him in a towel and took him inside.  We have emergency meds we can give in these situations, but he collapsed and passed very quickly.  I have a feeling his problem was respiratory but not sure. We are having a necropsy done and will learn lots. I'm just so very sorry this happened. He was a happy little boy. We will retire his Vincent name and always remember him with love. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Back to cold temps.  We had plummeting temps yesterday. First rain, then sleet followed by snow. We only have a couple inches of snow though.  The Porchies, Firecats, Barnies and Covies are all doing great.  Most of the snow in the playground for the Covies is untouched. They are basically staying in their The House that Jonah Built and the Covie Haven.  The furnace is set at 55 degrees.  Every cat outside knows where every heat lamp is! 

We had BOXES last night--love those boxes! Many thanks to you all.
Scott W - Beanie Baby TY phone holders Owl & Fox  very cute!

Janice & Randy P  for Ramsay--lounge scratcher, Case of Royal Canin 4-12 mos. Kitten Food
Nice Winter hat for Donna & Jacci to share!

Jo & Huffy - Losts of spoons, Pretty Purple Rug, 8 lg cans of Tuna

Jan - TX  18 hand crocheted blankies, lots of assorted soft blankies all for FFRC Kitties

Mary G/Mollybobo - VA00 Note, Crocheted Kitty Toys, Potty Bags, Freeze Dried: Chicken, White Fish, Tuna & Sardines, 6 Very nice Cat Spot Bed for Kitties

Vicki B - 4 boxes of 6  Dryer Balls

Nona - 5 Medium heated pet bowls, 2 Hurricane Spin Mops

It's happened.  Two of my favorite kittens have been adopted (ok, ok, so I tell ALL that cats and kittens that, but these two really had my heart). Clay and Brenna were adopted together--that's the only way they could go, together, as they are certainly a bonded sister/brother twosome. The family that adopted them fell in love and took them home! I'm quite sure all involved in this home will be happy. 

And we had two other adoptions too.  Another sister/sister twosome.  KaeKae and Kota.  The family that adopted them was very excited about having them in their home. Two great cats.

And we have more thanks!
Ronnie & Marie--donation as a congrats for Clay And Brenna being adopted & in honor of the feline friends still at FFRC
John B--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Gill H from England--donatin to FFRC, happy about the UK radio talk
Nancy A from NY--donation to help with veterinary bills
Shanna H from TN--donation for chicken for the kitties!

We've had two public events that have been fun.  The first one was having our kitties and cats streamed on KSDK NewsChannel 5 in St. Louis Missiouri.  They came in this past week and streamed the morning time on their facebook page!  Welcome to those folks!

Yes, Coralie did a bit of vomiting last night.  She had finally stopped doing this but has now stated again.  I've been in contact with Dr. Darcy about this a couple weeks ago.  It's time to see what is going on.  She will go to the vet this coming week for lab work.  She is trying to tell me--no pokies, no pokies.  But I told her she will be just fine--maybe just one pokie from Dr. Darcy. 

The second event was a UK Radio station found our cam.  They did a talk show and they sure did their homework by reading up on our website! It was wonderful.  You can check it out at:

Marcus continues to improve.  While he still has severe heart disease, his condition is being monitored nicely with his 3 medications.  He's feeling better and is starting to be back to Marcus.  We will see if he feels comfortable enough to come up in the Main Area.

Our first 2018 Fun-Raiser is coming up and we are excited!  It starts this Monday and ends on the 18th, Thursday at 9:00 am.  BOXES will be Thursday at 4:00 and the FunRaiser will be at 4:30 (FFRC time).  Check out the fb pages to see the items and also there will be a video in the corner soon, of the kitty cam. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday, January 11, 2018

We've gone from very cold temps to a moderate 50 degrees. Our windows are actually open in the Rescue Center today and it feels quite nice! The snow has melted tremendously--rivers will be full. The farmyard is rather soggy.  We have towels down in the buildings that belong to the cats to help keep their tootsies dry. What a change. But.not for long--back to the cold temps soon.

We had BOXES last night. I am forever grateful for the help you give to us. 
Susan G - NH  6 Claptor Fruitcakes made in the Deep South
PackerBacker--Box Tops, Pop Tabs, Kitty Rings, Doggie Christmas stocking,  2 cans Sardines
Annie & Debbie - 4 - Mewingtons Kitty Watches for Flash Sale
Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 Cases Fancy Feast
Pat L - Case of Fancy Feast Broth
KathyB/Kathy831 - Mylar balls and 2 boxes 200ct. Potty Bags
Franky & the Girls from New York - for Ramsay a pop up Cat Cave (he can share!)
Pat L - 4 Pks 36 ct. Spoons
Nona - 3 Large Heated Pet Bowls, 4 microwavable pet bed heaters
Stephanie W/Lollymop - Long handled pooper scooper, 2 boxes 768 ct. Kitty Wipes
Fran B - OH  Thank You Card
Diane K/LadyDi6060 - Christmas Card with 4 chicken $5
Purrmich6 - Thank You Card with Donation to buy FFRC a Leggydew
Rich & Rose/RoseSF6cats - IA  Kitty Chirstmas Card with Donation
Sheila G - CT  - Donation
Joy & Don - NY  Card with Note & Donation
Meggie318 - NY - Sponsorships for Cutie, Coralie, Ramsay & Spiker
Melissa - NY  Donation
Martha & Grover, TX  For Spiker - Paw Prints, Donation & From Mr. Whiskers a Chicken $5
Friday Mary from Archabold - Lots of Kitty toys--they will love them! 
Brent T - Friend of Friday Mary - Donation

Alan & Elaine B - FL  in Memory of Little Kat, 40lb Precious Litter, Case of Fancy Feast, Case of Appetizers, 3 cases 24ct. Friskies, 1 case 32 ct. Friskies

Becky W/SnickersandInkysmom - Potty Bags, 5 pkgs Sheba Sticks, Mew Mix Soft Snackers, Bag of Purina One, Pkg of 3 Scotch Brite Sponges

Madisonpepper & Kitties-monthly Cat Lady Box - Kitty Toys: snowman & ??, 3 Winking Kitty Pens, Cat Mug, Zippered Kitty Hoodie

Francis S - ME, with Headlight, Daylight, Buglight & Starlight - Donation in memory of our Mod Schinns kitty Cleo

Markus is hanging in there! His respirations are almost where the vet wants them to be! At that time, once he is stabilized, there's a possibility of decreasing one of the meds.  He's eating and seems quite happy. 

Remember..if there's ever a mistake or an omission, please feel free to email me!

Just an FYI about John.  Many of you have noticed his one eye is very red.  Yes, you are seeing that correctly.  We are on the healing side of this now. He's eating, playing like crazy and is everyone's friend! The eye orbit appears to be intact so hoping that eye will continue to heal. He's a good sport and is so very happy. He's got a great purr. He's been on meds for this for over 2 1/2 weeks.

A week from this Saturday is our surgery day. I believe we will have all those not already spayed and neutered done that day, except perhaps for Bloom, Brielle and Bambi.  They are still a mite small.  Next week we will do a weight on all those having surgery.

An adoption! Don't you just love those big ole boy cats with the big feet?!!  That would be Adrikk.  And he has found a home!  He was adopted because he's so very much a big guy! He clicked with the family and off they went. He's going to be spending alot of time at their slider, watching the birds and squirrels that the family feeds!

We have more thanks to give! 
Phyllis B--donation to FFRC, just because!
Gusti--for Rita, when she gets adopted, a leggydew or biggydew and some toys
Helen C--donation to FFRC
Tsakani's new family--donationed blankets, pillowcases and towels
Carol B--for FFRC with Happy New Year wishes
Charlotte T--donation for Ramsay
Yvonne from Germany--donation for FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Karen C from CA--donatin to FFRC

Good update! Tracker is doing great in his new home!  It's always nice to hear how our cats and kittens are doing.

Here's some things going on for next week.
Jan. 15, Monday--our Advisory Board meeting
Jan. 17, Weds.--HumaneOhio surgery transport 
Jan. 18, Thurs.--Lucie (dental) and Shirley Mae (ear) are scheduled for surgery at Dr. P's
Jan. 20, Sat.--FFRC surgery day

Have a wonderful day! 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018

Markus is a miracle for sure. He has beat the odds for right now. His heart condition is very serious but he obviously is responding to his medicines.  He is receiving a diuretic 3 times daily to keep the fluid out of his lungs and heart. A new medication is also being used with great success. In the past, it was only used for dogs with cardiomyopathy. But recently is being tried on cats. It helps to regulate his heart--to help a diseased heart to work better.  And it's working! And he's a good pill taker. Here's what he is doing--he is ea-[[5tting fairly good, pottying often (which is very good) and he's up walking about. This morning I actually saw him bat a ball and watch it roll! Markus was not expected to survive Friday night---I asked for prayers and good thoughts from you all and I thank you for this. We don't know what his future will be but for right now, we are encouraged. He will always have this severe heart disease but if we can keep the complications of this at a minimum, he can enjoy life again. For now, we are enjoying every minute with him. 

We have thanks to give--know that you are very appreciated!
Melvin S--donation to FFRC
Maribel from Zaragoza, Spain--donation for FFRC
BillieK--donation to help with Marcus 

Adrikk is doing good. He seems to be thinking of coming up to the Main Area. We will let him decide when he's ready.  Natima and Cas are coming along--both are a little shy but we're working on that!  

We have lots of places other than the cameras which can be set up to give you alerts to coming events.  If you subscribe to them it is totally free and all you do is choose to follow us. 
  Facebook chatters. For this,  please send an email to Jacci asking to be added, with your FB name and chat name.  A description of your fb picture is helpful too. 
All set correctly and they will even send alerts to your Mobile. Adoption about to happen! Get alerts. New videos. 

And in case you are new to FFRC, we have other sites too that give lots of info---
Website: fofrescue.org

Petfinder: www.petfinder.com/member/us/oh/defiance/friends-of-felines-rescue-center-oh572/     Our cats and kittens do not go into Petfinders until they are spayed or neutered. So if you are looking for a pet, remember there are many more here that 

It's happened! Nyla has a home! She was adopted on Saturday. She already has an FFRC cat in the home--Aimee Crocker. Such a great home! We even sent her special bed that she loves with her. Nyla was begging for a home. And it's finally happened! 

The temperature is warmer today and to remain above freezing for a couple days. Now we have rain on top of the snow--great slushy mess.  But....it's nice to have the better temps.  Our propane company had to come yesterday and will return today to fill the tanks again--these frigid temps have caused a huge amount of propane usage. 

Eclair is wonderful. She is comfortable here now and would love a home. Her ideal home is where she could be in a lap and be loved on. She is a meeter-greeter type cat---loves people. 

Coralie is going to have her picture in the newspaper again. It's to remind people what can happen to animals that are outside in this very cold weather. For those that don't know about Coralie, she was severely frostbitten upon arrival. She lost both of her back legs, her ear tips, her tail and a few toes on her front feet. But...she is a survivor and is so very happy. She goes wherever she wants. And yes, sometimes she doesn't make it to the litterbox--she prefers those nice warm towels or rugs right out of the dryer to potty on. And that is ok with us. Our washer and dryer are meant to take care of this! She loves her cushie beds and especially the bed that is under Dodger's Pen--it belongs to her! So when you don't see her on the cam, just think of her in that cozy bed! 

Yesterday, I had a big chuckle. Elsie, Bonnie and Pania were in a circle of sorts. All three were sitting on their haunches, batting in the air at each other! It was so cute. They are of the opinion--we're soul sisters together but we like to swat at each other too! 

Today is Sevaun's birthday. I'm quite sure we see the pizza delivery guy coming with pizzas, all designated for the Covies! 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018

There's alot of zooming going on here. Sometimes it's best just to stand still while they zooming cats race by you---it's safer that way! Energy level is high and appetites are good.  

We had an adoption yesterday! Tracker went to his new home. His sole purpose---to be a companion to this couple and be loved on. He's such a good kitten. 

We took on 3 new cats (1 adult/2 kittens). 
Siblings Natima and Cas--These two kittens came in due to the ill health of their dad. Their birthday is 10/20/17, which makes them 11 weeks old. Cas is a light grey tiger and Ntima 
(n-TEE-ma) is all black.  They have a tiny bit of a cold but is responding quickly to antibiotics. They are so having fun playing---they are in the top two pens in the back Thumper's Room.

Adrikk--a big boy, beige and white with a white face. He was hanging around in Defiance, outside in the cold. A man had been keeping track of him and didn't want him outside another night in our frigid temps, so he was brought to FFRC.  He's 21 months old with a birthday of March 6, 2016.  HE's a great cat---seems very happy to be inside and warm. Eating good. A big handsome boy! 

We had BOXES yesterday.  We've been doing BOXES frequently at 4:00.  This time seems to suit my schedule better so I can get my mom's supper at the time that works for her. We will try and post the "4:00" sign to let you know the scoop on those days.
Gerri (Barb W's) sister - 5 Pretty Pillow Covers for Flash Sale
Walter L - Batteries  2 boxes C's, 2 boxes AA's, 2 boxes of D's and a box of AAA's
Snoopybaby with Preakness & Sisters - 18 Single pks of Pringles
Beth/Eaglewatcher - 2 cases of Tuna, and a Huge box of Spoons
Anony - S scratcher for kitties--already being used!
Carri-Bags of:  Nulo Freestyle food, Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, & Snuggle Pet,  Probiotics 
Judy W - OH - Chief Tapes
Tom C - IL  Donation for FFRC
Mariann - Donation from her friend Allison C, for Name a Cat Name 
Craig & Shirley T - OH Donation in memory of Keith R
Nancy L - MA  with Sugi, Pika, & Timo - Christmas Card  
Eleanor S/elskates - CT  8 Purina Weight Circles
Gary & Audrey P - WA  Christmas Card with a note  Donation in Honor of the Moine Family
Susan C - OH - Donation for FFRC
Jeanne S - FL  Donation for FFRC

Debbie & Annie - Flash Sale - 3 Pretty Cat Scarves, Mandala Cat Beach Towel, Kitty Shower Curtain,  3 bags of Elsies Litter, Box of Weruva Variety, Box of Sheba pkts, Case of Fancy Feast & 12 cans Blue Wilderness

Art & Charlotte J - 200 6" environmentally friendly plates, Bag of Temptation Snackers,  case of Meow Mix cups, Box of Arm & Hammer Litter, AAA Batteries, 110 13-gal Glad trash bags, 50 30-gal Glad trash bags

Alexandra B-Washington DC - 2 bags Purina One, 4 pkts Broth, 8 bags of Temptation Snackers, Homemade Cookies!  Yummmm

Vixanna/Bagobear - Kitty Chirstmas Card - Donation in memory of Ming, Sea Turtle & Camie
and also in Honor of Pam/Belltime & Beth/Eaglewatcher

Suzanne Dr - OH  New Year Card & Donation with Bobby, Davey, Eddie, Fergus, Gabby, Little Boy, Rufus & Orangie

Eddie & Rita M - Scotland - Christmas Card for FFRC, a gorgeous card for the Vols and one for Jacci & Steve  and a Kitty Calendar

Plus, we have more thank yous!
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Kris M--donation for Eddie White's birthday
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Andrew G--donation to FFRC

We need some prayers and good thoughts for our Covie boy, Marcus. He is having some health troubles right now. We noticed on Weds. that he didn't want to eat his breakfast. He's the kitty that would zoom onto "his" shelf and request his breakfast---actually he would get two helpings.  He didn't want to eat on Thursday either which then sent up red flags. His breathing was accelerated. We brought him up to the rescue center and put in a pen for monitoring. His respirations were very high.  I talked to Dr. Darcy about him and she, another vet and I was very concerned with the possibility of heart trouble.  He went to the vets yesterday for an x-ray which confirmed this. It's called cardiomyopathy. It simply means a diseased heart. His heart is very very large and filled with fluid as are his lungs. This is a condition that strikes especially young male cats. The muscular heart walls are thickened which decreases his heart's efficiency. You may have heard of a young male cat dying suddenly for no apparent reason. Those are many times cardiomyopathy. The heart can send out embolisms/clots to the brain or lungs which can cause a fast death.  Or can settle in the pelvic region, called a saddle clot. This causes paralysis of the hind legs.  I just want you all to understand what is going on.  This is a very serious condition. His respirations are still extremely fast this morning. The lasix helped remove some of the fluid, but not enough. We will do another round of that this morning. But.....the outcome to this is not promising.  The dreadfully horrible part of this is that he is so young and so full of love. The cause for cardiomyopathy remains unknown in many cases. Sometimes it's a genetic mutation and predisposition. We are keeping a sharp eye on him as we do not want him to go into respiratory distress.  He has a treatment plan by our vet. There is no cure for this--we are just hoping to give him some more good quality of time and support to where he can function somewhat normally.  All cats are important to us but Marcus is so young. He arrived on 10/9/16. He's just 2 1/2 years old.  

Purrlissa is doing awesome from her eye surgery. She's running around, making up for lost time.  If you see a blur of fluffy colors running by, that would be her!  Her suture area looks good, her appetite is great. Her mama-to-be ha visited her several times. 

Jones update--he is doing good. I know he missed Sea Turtle. He's doing much better now though. His appetite is good and for right now, his urinary woes are at a minimum. He's a constant "watch" for his urinary tract problems. If you come for a visit, be sure to stop in at PawMart and spend some time with him---he loves it. 

Bambi, Brielle and Bloom continue to feel good.  Each day they improve. They sure love to play. 

Take care, stay warm and enjoy this wonderful weekend. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wednesday, Jan 3, 2017

Brrrrry cold.  Icicles.  Snow.  See your breath.  Frozen river.  Below zero.  Shivery.  Yep---it's that cold out! On next Monday, the temps are suppose to start warming up.  We'll have had 2 weeks of this frigid temps.  The farm animals are doing good.  We make sure they have water and good food. The Barnies, Covies, Firecats, Porchies---all are eating good, have warm dry beds, furnace is working in THTJB, the heat lamps are all shiny red and warm. I'm betting they are dreaming of spring!

A good way to start the year--a spay/neuter day!  We sent 25 cats up to HumaneOhio.  This included 20 public cats, 3 from FFRC and 2 from Fort Defiance Humane Society.  The breakdown is 9 males and 16 females. We have two more surgery dates for January.  

Our 3 kittens that FFRC sent to HumaneOhio were Liris (spay), Nairobi (neuter) and Annet (spay). All 3 are doing super this morning and are playing like nothing happened! 

We have big thanks to give! You are truly appreciated by FFRC! 
Ju-in-ji--donation to help with Liris' and Nairobi's spay/neuter
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Derek G--donation to FFRC, in honor of Nona S! 
Satoshi & Christina O--donation to FFRC, because they enjoy the cams!
LJ--donation to FFRC for Happy New YEar
Mauren M--donation to FFRC--best wishes for 2018
Josette M from France--donation to celebrate New Year for the kittens
Thomas W--donation to FFRC
Teresa R--donation to FFRC for sharing the New Years
Nancy L--donation to FFRC
Jodi M from MI--donation to FFRC
Joni W from IA and kittens--donation to FFRC
Michael S--donation to FFRC

The pain relief is tremendous. Our sweet Purrlissa went to the vet's yesterday for a left enucleation (removal of eye orbit). We've been trying to save that eye but a few days ago, it became damaged beyond repair. Our vets were wonderful in getting her in right away, especially due to the pain level. She is the sweetest kitten, but even with soreness meds, she must've had a horrible eyeache. We were still hoping to save the eye, but because of the smallness of the eye, a flap could not be done and the amount of damage that quickly happened, made it necessary to remove the eye. Her surgery was less than 24 hours ago and she's feeling so very good. She's eating, playing, running, chasing toys. She's back to her sweet, playful self!  Her sutures come out in 10 days.

The 3 kittens have been released! We had Bambi, Brielle and Bloom in the new condo pen when they weren't feeling well, to monitor their eating, give their meds and make sure they were snug and warm. Today they started banging on the door to their pen---a sure sign they are ready to join the rest of the kittens in the Main Area. 

I have a message from Vernon for you all.  He would like to apologize for his, ummm, behavior that he shows sometimes towards Marilyn.  And he wants to apologize in advance too in case it happens again.  You see, he's never had a true best friend before and Marilyn has decided that Vernon is her best friend. They bathe each other, nap together and generally enjoy each other's friendship. I've even seen them whisper secrets to each other. However, once in a while, yes, Vernon gets carried away with his "actions". No harm done, except it should be off-cam. So, while we will try and monitor this from our end, please know that it's wonderful that these two have become friends. Vernon is so happy to have a true good friend. 

Squeak, squeak, squeak!  Yep--that's our door doing that big rat-size squeak! I purposely haven't lubricated those hinges.  It's like a doorbell--I hear it and can tell someone is opening the door.

It's wonderful---we have so many new friends visiting our kitty-cam!  If you are one of the new folks--welcome to FFRC! We truly enjoy sharing the cats and kittens with everyone. If you have a question or concern, feel free to get in touch with me or a mod, as we are always happy to answer your questions. It's far better to ask and get a correct answer than to speculate! 

Thanks so much, to Goss! She has created two awesome 2018 calendars for FFRC.  They are now available on Zazzle. One is a collage of FFRC kitties, the other celebrates the Persian kittens. Take your choice or choose both! 

Next time you see a moderator or an admin--take a second a say a big thanks to them!  They spend countless hours taking care of FFRC! 

Wow--do we have the white cats now! Can you name them all?  There's Snowy, Snowball, Annet, Mitz, Farrah, Eddie White, Julianne, Nsuku, Joyful.  And they are all wonderful! 

Satori was just running the orange wheel--had it going so fast, he almost spun himself off! 

Have a great day.  By the way, Purrlissa is now on the high catwalks here in the purple office where I am. She has been running around the entire top part of the room--must feel so good to not have that eyeache today! Keep a-goin', Purrlissa!