Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wednesday, Jan 3, 2017

Brrrrry cold.  Icicles.  Snow.  See your breath.  Frozen river.  Below zero.  Shivery.  Yep---it's that cold out! On next Monday, the temps are suppose to start warming up.  We'll have had 2 weeks of this frigid temps.  The farm animals are doing good.  We make sure they have water and good food. The Barnies, Covies, Firecats, Porchies---all are eating good, have warm dry beds, furnace is working in THTJB, the heat lamps are all shiny red and warm. I'm betting they are dreaming of spring!

A good way to start the year--a spay/neuter day!  We sent 25 cats up to HumaneOhio.  This included 20 public cats, 3 from FFRC and 2 from Fort Defiance Humane Society.  The breakdown is 9 males and 16 females. We have two more surgery dates for January.  

Our 3 kittens that FFRC sent to HumaneOhio were Liris (spay), Nairobi (neuter) and Annet (spay). All 3 are doing super this morning and are playing like nothing happened! 

We have big thanks to give! You are truly appreciated by FFRC! 
Ju-in-ji--donation to help with Liris' and Nairobi's spay/neuter
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Derek G--donation to FFRC, in honor of Nona S! 
Satoshi & Christina O--donation to FFRC, because they enjoy the cams!
LJ--donation to FFRC for Happy New YEar
Mauren M--donation to FFRC--best wishes for 2018
Josette M from France--donation to celebrate New Year for the kittens
Thomas W--donation to FFRC
Teresa R--donation to FFRC for sharing the New Years
Nancy L--donation to FFRC
Jodi M from MI--donation to FFRC
Joni W from IA and kittens--donation to FFRC
Michael S--donation to FFRC

The pain relief is tremendous. Our sweet Purrlissa went to the vet's yesterday for a left enucleation (removal of eye orbit). We've been trying to save that eye but a few days ago, it became damaged beyond repair. Our vets were wonderful in getting her in right away, especially due to the pain level. She is the sweetest kitten, but even with soreness meds, she must've had a horrible eyeache. We were still hoping to save the eye, but because of the smallness of the eye, a flap could not be done and the amount of damage that quickly happened, made it necessary to remove the eye. Her surgery was less than 24 hours ago and she's feeling so very good. She's eating, playing, running, chasing toys. She's back to her sweet, playful self!  Her sutures come out in 10 days.

The 3 kittens have been released! We had Bambi, Brielle and Bloom in the new condo pen when they weren't feeling well, to monitor their eating, give their meds and make sure they were snug and warm. Today they started banging on the door to their pen---a sure sign they are ready to join the rest of the kittens in the Main Area. 

I have a message from Vernon for you all.  He would like to apologize for his, ummm, behavior that he shows sometimes towards Marilyn.  And he wants to apologize in advance too in case it happens again.  You see, he's never had a true best friend before and Marilyn has decided that Vernon is her best friend. They bathe each other, nap together and generally enjoy each other's friendship. I've even seen them whisper secrets to each other. However, once in a while, yes, Vernon gets carried away with his "actions". No harm done, except it should be off-cam. So, while we will try and monitor this from our end, please know that it's wonderful that these two have become friends. Vernon is so happy to have a true good friend. 

Squeak, squeak, squeak!  Yep--that's our door doing that big rat-size squeak! I purposely haven't lubricated those hinges.  It's like a doorbell--I hear it and can tell someone is opening the door.

It's wonderful---we have so many new friends visiting our kitty-cam!  If you are one of the new folks--welcome to FFRC! We truly enjoy sharing the cats and kittens with everyone. If you have a question or concern, feel free to get in touch with me or a mod, as we are always happy to answer your questions. It's far better to ask and get a correct answer than to speculate! 

Thanks so much, to Goss! She has created two awesome 2018 calendars for FFRC.  They are now available on Zazzle. One is a collage of FFRC kitties, the other celebrates the Persian kittens. Take your choice or choose both! 

Next time you see a moderator or an admin--take a second a say a big thanks to them!  They spend countless hours taking care of FFRC! 

Wow--do we have the white cats now! Can you name them all?  There's Snowy, Snowball, Annet, Mitz, Farrah, Eddie White, Julianne, Nsuku, Joyful.  And they are all wonderful! 

Satori was just running the orange wheel--had it going so fast, he almost spun himself off! 

Have a great day.  By the way, Purrlissa is now on the high catwalks here in the purple office where I am. She has been running around the entire top part of the room--must feel so good to not have that eyeache today! Keep a-goin', Purrlissa!