Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday, January 11, 2018

We've gone from very cold temps to a moderate 50 degrees. Our windows are actually open in the Rescue Center today and it feels quite nice! The snow has melted tremendously--rivers will be full. The farmyard is rather soggy.  We have towels down in the buildings that belong to the cats to help keep their tootsies dry. What a change. But.not for long--back to the cold temps soon.

We had BOXES last night. I am forever grateful for the help you give to us. 
Susan G - NH  6 Claptor Fruitcakes made in the Deep South
PackerBacker--Box Tops, Pop Tabs, Kitty Rings, Doggie Christmas stocking,  2 cans Sardines
Annie & Debbie - 4 - Mewingtons Kitty Watches for Flash Sale
Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 Cases Fancy Feast
Pat L - Case of Fancy Feast Broth
KathyB/Kathy831 - Mylar balls and 2 boxes 200ct. Potty Bags
Franky & the Girls from New York - for Ramsay a pop up Cat Cave (he can share!)
Pat L - 4 Pks 36 ct. Spoons
Nona - 3 Large Heated Pet Bowls, 4 microwavable pet bed heaters
Stephanie W/Lollymop - Long handled pooper scooper, 2 boxes 768 ct. Kitty Wipes
Fran B - OH  Thank You Card
Diane K/LadyDi6060 - Christmas Card with 4 chicken $5
Purrmich6 - Thank You Card with Donation to buy FFRC a Leggydew
Rich & Rose/RoseSF6cats - IA  Kitty Chirstmas Card with Donation
Sheila G - CT  - Donation
Joy & Don - NY  Card with Note & Donation
Meggie318 - NY - Sponsorships for Cutie, Coralie, Ramsay & Spiker
Melissa - NY  Donation
Martha & Grover, TX  For Spiker - Paw Prints, Donation & From Mr. Whiskers a Chicken $5
Friday Mary from Archabold - Lots of Kitty toys--they will love them! 
Brent T - Friend of Friday Mary - Donation

Alan & Elaine B - FL  in Memory of Little Kat, 40lb Precious Litter, Case of Fancy Feast, Case of Appetizers, 3 cases 24ct. Friskies, 1 case 32 ct. Friskies

Becky W/SnickersandInkysmom - Potty Bags, 5 pkgs Sheba Sticks, Mew Mix Soft Snackers, Bag of Purina One, Pkg of 3 Scotch Brite Sponges

Madisonpepper & Kitties-monthly Cat Lady Box - Kitty Toys: snowman & ??, 3 Winking Kitty Pens, Cat Mug, Zippered Kitty Hoodie

Francis S - ME, with Headlight, Daylight, Buglight & Starlight - Donation in memory of our Mod Schinns kitty Cleo

Markus is hanging in there! His respirations are almost where the vet wants them to be! At that time, once he is stabilized, there's a possibility of decreasing one of the meds.  He's eating and seems quite happy. 

Remember..if there's ever a mistake or an omission, please feel free to email me!

Just an FYI about John.  Many of you have noticed his one eye is very red.  Yes, you are seeing that correctly.  We are on the healing side of this now. He's eating, playing like crazy and is everyone's friend! The eye orbit appears to be intact so hoping that eye will continue to heal. He's a good sport and is so very happy. He's got a great purr. He's been on meds for this for over 2 1/2 weeks.

A week from this Saturday is our surgery day. I believe we will have all those not already spayed and neutered done that day, except perhaps for Bloom, Brielle and Bambi.  They are still a mite small.  Next week we will do a weight on all those having surgery.

An adoption! Don't you just love those big ole boy cats with the big feet?!!  That would be Adrikk.  And he has found a home!  He was adopted because he's so very much a big guy! He clicked with the family and off they went. He's going to be spending alot of time at their slider, watching the birds and squirrels that the family feeds!

We have more thanks to give! 
Phyllis B--donation to FFRC, just because!
Gusti--for Rita, when she gets adopted, a leggydew or biggydew and some toys
Helen C--donation to FFRC
Tsakani's new family--donationed blankets, pillowcases and towels
Carol B--for FFRC with Happy New Year wishes
Charlotte T--donation for Ramsay
Yvonne from Germany--donation for FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Karen C from CA--donatin to FFRC

Good update! Tracker is doing great in his new home!  It's always nice to hear how our cats and kittens are doing.

Here's some things going on for next week.
Jan. 15, Monday--our Advisory Board meeting
Jan. 17, Weds.--HumaneOhio surgery transport 
Jan. 18, Thurs.--Lucie (dental) and Shirley Mae (ear) are scheduled for surgery at Dr. P's
Jan. 20, Sat.--FFRC surgery day

Have a wonderful day!