Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday, December 13, 2019

A short blog but would like to keep you all updated on things. 

First, we lost yet another Covie yesterday. Our dear sweet Charlie passed away. He was 13 years old. Charlie arrived here at 1 1/2 years old, such a handsome boy. He's been with us for 11 1/2 years. A long time to have a friend but it's never enough. Charlie was fine at breakfast time (about 5 am) yesterday morning. All Covies were checked again at 9:00 and again at 11:30 and then at 2:00. He was found already passed, laying on the floor like he simply went to sleep. He will be very very missed. A friend just told me this morning when I expressed that I wasn't ready for him to go yet, was told ---it is having done your best for as long as you can, not so much the age. We as caretakers do our best for our cats and the cats always give their best back to us. Thank you for loving our Charlie boy.
Second....Zinie was taken to the vet's yesterday. As you know, she had that major hernia repair on 12/2. She seemed to do well for that immediate week---not 100% but she was recovering from a major surgery. Then on 12/9, she obviously was showing signs of not feeling well. Over a couple days, she spiked a high temp 3 times. She was on antibiotics, was given fluids twice and kept up on pain meds. On Thursday, her appetite was low. Dr. Darcy wanted to get an x-ray. The x-rays showed that she had aspiration pneumonia. Her lab Bands were high. It also showed her lungs were not against the chest wall as they should be--probably from a trauma. Something forceful. Could this have been a part of why she had this odd hernia? We do not know. Her middle right lung lobe is collapsed also. A good view of her heart was not able to be seen due to the density of the lungs. Zinie is back home here and is now on two antibiotics and two soreness meds. We will keep a sharp eye on her. If she doesn't eat or if spikes another temp, fluids will again be given. The volunteers and I will keep a sharp eye on her. She sure likes to be petted. 

Everything else is good here.  The kittens are well.  Cats are fun and good examples to the kitties.  Conii's cats are slowly adjusting. Thamba and Teddy Bear are growing and so silly.  

Did you know kindness reduces stress?  To be able to cope and overcome stressful situations, an act of being kind to others reduces the stress factor by far. This is because it allows you to pay less attention to yourself and your problems. ... The added bonus is the appreciation shown by the person receiving the act of kindness!  Derecho was asking me to pass his thought TWO extra kind things today! He is going to share his chicken and he will also cuddle a kitten today! He's such a good example! 

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Thursday, December 12, 2019

They have arrived--Conii's 3 cats from Florida.  They started their journey on Monday around 1pm and arrived here Tuesday about 7 pm.  These 3 cats have had alot going on their lives the last week.  First, their mama Conii passed, people in their home, an overnight trip to the vets, a long drive to get here and then an all new home.  Their blankies (all leggydews and biggeydews) arrived with them so we spread those around their room--the back Thumper's Room.  This will take awhile for them to adjust, so for now, they will stay in that room to relax and get to know us. 

Here's their info:
Alyssandrah--brown tiger/white, born 4/24/18, female
Gyovannah--grey tiger/white, born 4/12/18, female
Elliott--grey tiger/white, born 12/20/01, male (next week will be 18)  

Elliott is blind and deaf but is actually adjusting nicely. He has spent a lot of time walking slowly about the room, probably memorizing the layout. I think Elsie and Pania have sent him good thoughts of how to adjust! 

Time will help with their adjustment. There's been a lot of people in their room, just talking and feeding them and reassuring them that life is ok. 

We also had BOXES yesterday-------big thanks!
Kathy, Donnie & Critter in WV - For Ramsay: Hide & Play Toy Activity Tent
SeanG & Lena - 2 Cat Training Toys
Janet B - For the FFRC Humans  Box of 12 delicious Ruby Red Grapefruit-yum

Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 Cases 24ct Fancy Feast
JBond - Electronic Cat Toy--already being played with
Anony - Bugs & Nuts Bird Food!

Carri M - 3-16lb Bags Purina One Kitten, 3 Boxes Lickable Delicious Stew, Box of lovely European Cookies
Jobear22 - Christmas Card - Godfish Tunnel, Unicorn Tunnel, Shark Tunnel & a Scratch & Play Roller
Diane P - 14 Fleece Pillow Cases

LJ - Fleece Pillow Cases for Porchies
Gidge - for Kitty Christmas - Case of Kitten Fancy Feast
McKane - 5-32ct Cases Friskies, 

Dimwit - 16lb bag Purina One Kitten, 2-24ct cases Kitten Fancy Feast
Jane - 16 lb Bag Purina One Kitten, 30ct Case Fancy Feast, 2 Boxes Appetizers
IBKCFJJJ ( Itty Bitty Kitty Collective For Jingle Jangle Jubilation) - Letter to FFRC, Gift bags for FFRC Staff with lots of Goodies & Letter

Jody J - 10 Boxes - 12ct 9-Lives
Preakness - 4-40ct Cases Friskies (with help from mom Snoopy) & 36 cans 9-Lives
FaithyMD - 4 Boxes of Petit Fours that spell out Merry Christmas for Humans & Meowy Christmas Cheese Tray for the Kitties

Craig M  - Batteries for the Weather Emergency Radios
Anony - 2 cases Beef Baby Food for Cutie

Chiefted & Jean - Pretty Christmas Card
Janice & Randy P  FL - Christmas Card with Donation
Howardena (Nona's Friend)  NY - Christmas Card with Note & Donation for Spay & Neuter

Melissa L - Donation
Judy M - NH  Donation
Napoleon Insurance Co. - Chief Tapes

Carol DC - VA  Kitty Christmas Card  with Donation in memory of Tiny Toes
Dennis  FFRC Volunteer - Christmas Card
Walter & Nancy C - OH  Donation in memory of Martha M and her kitty Boots
Sonja Mc - Our Canada Mod - Zelda Christmas Card w/Note

MaryCate R - 5 Chicken $5 & Stamps
Reta Z - MI  Christmas Card with Donation
DiAnna A, Jim (adopted Sparky & Frisky) - Christmas Card with Donation for Medical & 2 Chicken $5 from their 98 yr old Grandmother
Judy B and her 13 kitties - FL  Christmas Card with Chicken $5

Barbara C - Christmas Card
Betty S - WI   Lots n Lots of useable Stamps
Martin M - UK  2020 Kitty Calendar  & 3-D Christmas Card

And a few more thanks!
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Eric S--donation to FFRC
Gloria Keckler--donation for Kitty Christmas
BobM--donation for Christmas, in support of Feliz Navidad Fund
Brooke L--donation to FFRC

The cats/kittens that were brought up to the Main Area are doing great.  Cashew is just everyone's friend! Ragsy is so sweet and so friendly. Chuckles is everywhere and is making lots of new friends. Giggles is still a bit shy but really opening up! They had their door opened to Paddy's Place a bit early but have done very well with interacting with the other cats and kittens.

The two littlest kittens are so cute and have such long fluffy fur. They are in the top two condos in the back. They had some exercise time in PawMart yesterday and loved it! They are little scamper-about-kittens!

It's cold here this morning--was 16 degrees. No worries about the outside animals though.  The horses and goat and donkey all have clean straw/wood chips to sleep in. There's red heat lamps in the barn, Firehouse, Covie, both sunporches and Porchie Haven--heat all around and readily used by the cats! 

Ramsay is here by my desk, busily giving himself a bath. Dune is right in front of me napping but with an extended paw on my hand. Janie is sleeping in the basket and is snoring! Lucy is in my lap. Spiker loves his bed right behind me and is deeply sleeping. Zelda is also here giving a morning bath to herself. And then there's Desmond and Donell running around my feet like the 2 silly kittens that they are. 

Tomorrow starts our Fun-Raiser, the last one for 2019.  We are madly trying to get the bills all paid and current before the end of the year.  It ends on Monday, the 16th, with BOXES at 2:00 followed by the drawing. 

Other dates:
12/13 to 16--Fun-Raiser
12/21--FFRC's big NEUTER surgery day for the public.  
12/24--a special Trivia
12/25--Merry Christmas! 

On the 12/21, the last surgery day for 2019, will determine whether we meet our 1200 spays/neuters for the year.  It's going to be close........very very close. 

You have probably already heard this but it has become one of my favorite things--In a world where you can be anything, be kind!   How so simple this can be and how so very happy it can make others!  

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Today at noon is a quickie Flash Sale--all about Christmas items!  Come join us on the cam.

We also have Trivia today!  That begins at 4:00 and guaranteed to be lots of fun!  As a special Christmas fun day, there will be another Trivia on Dec. 12th, Thursday also at 4:00.  Enjoy!

Yesterday was our HumaneOhio surgery day!  I love these days.  We sent up 33 cats. This amounted to 21 females and 12 males, including 3 of FFRC's.  This brings our total to 1135 cats and 3 dogs--1138.  My goal for 2019 is 1,200.  It's going to be very close.  Our next and last surgery day for 2019 is December 21, a Saturday.  It's an all male neuter cat day.  We are almost full--hoping to take reservations for 58 boy cats. Plus we have 2 FFRC spays to do.  IF 100% of the cats show up, that gives us 1198. We shall see how it turns out.

We have thanks to give----
\Charlotte T--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Deb F--donation to FFRC
Steph, Trevor--donation in honor of Angela who cares for their cats when on holiday and for her kindness

We have new kittens!
Giggles and Chuckles--arrived 12/6. Mary Braid, a vol, found them in her yard at nighttime. They are 12 weeks old with a birthday of 9/15/19.  Both are a bit shy but coming along. 
Giggles--white/muted calico, female
Chuckles--grey tiger/white, male

Ragsy--arrived 12/8. Another friend of FFRC found this one also in her yard, by himself.  He's a Domestic Long Hair (DLH), more white than black with a black tail.  Ears are both black/white.  Super friendly and playful. He is 6 months old with a birthday of 6/12/19. 

Teddy Bear and Thamba--arrived 12/9. They were born to a mama who we spayed yesterday. These two babies are 5 1/2 weeks old and needed to "move on" to FFRC a bit early. They are both eating very well. Both also have long fur.  Their birthday is 11/2/19.
Teddy Bear--brown tiger, male
Thamba--(pronounced Tom Ba), black/white with a white face. His name means rock or boulder, male
All above names are from the Name a Cat List.

Today is also the day that our friend, Conii G's 3 cats will arrive from Florida.  As was mentioned, Conii past away a week ago today. The family would like her cats to come to FFRC.  Their names are Elliott, Alyssandrah and Gyovannah.  They are being transported by a lady named Kim of Animal Transport.

We would like to move Cashew and Ragsy up to the Main Area and have Giggles and Chuckles in a double condo in the back Thumper's Room. Then move Teddy Bear and Thamba into the other double condo in the back.  That way, Conii's 3 cats can have the floor. I'm sure they will take a few days to acclimate here--they've had many changes in the past week.

Did you know that every interaction, be it how small, provides each of us an opportunity to have a positive impact on them and on your life?  It's really a neat thing--do something good for someone else and that feeling of goodness bounces back to you!  An act of kindness is a spontaneous gesture of goodwill towards a person, an animal or even nature! It really can turn into a gratifying and fun thing to do! And I am quite sure, each of the FFRC cats do this everyday.  Just today, I saw Derecho share his plate with Desmond!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Kitty Christmas was yesterday and it was simply amazing! A thousand thank yous are being sent.

The giant trailer arrived around 1:25. It gave me goosebumps to see it coming here to FFRC! Many thanks to Nicki and Ed for supplying this transportation. They are brother/sister that owns H E Rudy tricking. Both then pitched in to help empty the truck. And on top of that, they donated a huge amount of canned food for FFRC.

Opening all the boxes and packages was simply beyond wonderful.  We had 886 boxes--an astounding amount!  These boxes weighed in at 17,523 pounds--quite a load!  A mountain of thanks to each and every person who donated these boxes. 💚💗

I'd like to send a special thanks to Angie and Bill for all their hard work on this project--the first box arrived in August and since then, their garage became fuller and fuller with boxes! They also provided a meal Friday evening for the folks that came over to their house to help load up the truck. They also made countless trips to the stores for many of the items.

Another big thanks goes to Lynnette. She is an extraordinary help to me. She also helps me keep organized. She not only works here at FFRC but is a super good friend to me.

Here's just a few numbers:
186 bags of dry adult cat food
202 containers of kitty snackers
76 cases of baby food
209 bags of litter
18 gallons of Odoban
5000 9 inch plates
6800 6 inch plates
10 boxes of 33 gallon trash bags
60 cans of KMR
18 rolls of packing tape
192 boxes of packets of food
77 cases of kitten can food
434 cases of adult can food
64 cans of chicken
And the list goes on and on!

We also received medical supplies that will help us--Idexx test kit, distemper, rabies, bordetella and leukemia vaccines, Convenia, Bravecto, Clavamox, Capstar, Terramycin and Panacur--such a great help.  The cats and I are very grateful.

 Another wonderful gift---as you know, this is our 20th year for FFRC.  We did major reconstruction at the beginning of the year.  As of this week, the bills are all paid in full!  The reconstruction covered the removal of the Cat's Corner Room, the creation of the Paddy's Place, attic wiring, rewiring of electric, several cat doors, new ceiling lights, cat walks, storage shelving in the Stuff Room, the floor completely redone, cabinets, etc.  Many thanks to all involved in this project, from the planning to the paying!

Another awesome gift---our bill is paid in full at the vet's office. BIG thanks!  The bill was for $1,789.96--completely paid in full! Wow!  Plus........bonus!  A credit of $922.42.  And then our bumper uppers stepped in.  We had another $1,565.37 which makes our credit now at the vets----$2,487.79.  Amazing. A colossol of thanks for this!

As a way of thanks, we made a posterboard of a cat with so many involved in FFRC, that we are thankful for--
webmaster--Clay and Vaun make our website ( possible
administrators--keeps our facebook site clean and family friendly
local supporters--our community, including businesses
moderators--they moderate the cam chat. We want it family friendly
family--they are awesome, from Steve to our kids and grandkids--so supportive. Love them!
sponsors--to donator supporters and those that sponsor cats
lurkers--we love our cam lurkers
veterinarians/techs--without them we would not have the medical care these cats need.
video recorders--they provide the videos that so many enjoy

Kitty Christmas is one of the most exciting day of the year for FFRC.  We go from nearly empty shelves to being stocked and full.  The cats and I are extremely thankful.  Truly a day that should be called Thanksgiving Kitty Christmas!

And we have more thanks to give!  We had BOXES on Thursday---
JBond - for Ramsay, New Track Ball Toy, for Jacci, A Spa gift set For Volunteers--1 large pack of Rice Krispy Treats,  2 boxes of Belvita Crackers, Kashi dark chocolate grain bars, Popcorn, Pretzels, 3 (4) pack of large can Tuna, 2 boxes of Snack Pack Puddings, 2 large pack of Fig Newtons, 4 (3) packs of Dole Fruit Cups. For Kitties,---1 Case of Friskies,2 Cases of 9 Lives cans, 2 treat bags of  Apple Nuggets for horses, goat, and donkey.

Diane (Dilly Di) - 8 XL Teal Bath Towels from Kohl's, 2 large fleece pillow cases for the outside kitties. 

Jennifer R. (Tx) -  for Donell's new parents (when they are chosen), 2 wand toys from Cat Wanderer
Kim R. - Bag of new toys, 2 (10) packs of Squeeze Ups, 1 Case of Fancy Feast 
SeanG and Lena - 1 (10) pack of Squeeze Ups.

Sue T. (NC) - 2 CH Kitty Calendars, 1 for Jacci,  A Wall hanging with a Cat's  Story framed for Jacci, The Official FFRC CH Purple Commemorative Ribbon framed---love it!.  A stack of Kitty Comedic posters for Jacci to hang around the Center.and 2 Chicky $5 for Ramsay and Pania.

Judy Judy - 1 Case (30) L'il Soups.
Jean W. - 2 (40) Cases of Friskies cans, 2 large bags of Iams dry food.

Celie R. and Turbo - 1 Large Canister of Greenie Snacks, 2 Boxes of L'il Soups, 1 (12) pack of Delectable Stew, 1 (12) pack of Delectable Bisque,  4 (10) packs of Sqeeze Ups.
Nathan K. - 2 (12) Cases of 9Lives Cans.

Donna and Robert R.  and their gang (AZ) - Birthday card for Magic - gift card for PetSmart.
Barry and Lori P. (Iowa) - a Christmas postcard with picture of their kitties Calvin and Oscar.
Sue (MacNCheeseM) - donation in honor of Marilyn
Stephanie and Mike K. (Il.) - donation
Brian and Liz (NY) - donation
Florence L. and Jayne (Fla) - Chicky $5 donation
Maria and Miranda - (Sweden) - Christmas Card w/(4) Chicky $5,  a card for Magic's Birthday 
Jeanie and Dave A. (Oh) - donation from a once FFRC baby (Koda) who is now Charlie.
Julie and David (UK) - 3 D Christmas card. for Magic 5th Bday card w/2 Chicky $5, Special Birthday glitter card for Magic w/Chicky $5.
Ellen P. (Ia) - donation, add'tl donation for Janie.
Clark, Jessie and the rest - Bday card for Magic (5) w/Chicky $5, Bday card for Walter (7) w/Chicky $5.
Tearsfromadream - Pania, calendar
Martha C. and Mr. Whiskers - (Tx) - coupons, 2 Chicky  $5.
Elaine and Alan (Fla) - 2 Christmas cards for Jacci and the Center.
Diane N. (TweetiTweet) (Oh) - calendar
Johannah M. (Defiance) - donatioin
Jeanne S.(Fla) - donation for FelizNavidad Fund.
Jeanette (Scotland) - Bday card for Magic with 4 Chicky $5, a Christmas card

We had 2 more adoptions!  Trippadoo and Timax went to their new home together! They went into a home where they are the only cats and will be very well loved. I've already heard from them and it sounds like the kitties are settling in nicely. 

We also heard back from Pansaroo and Kaze's new family--both are blossoming and are love bugs. Kaze likes soft comfy spots to sleep and Pansaroo naps on the table with Lego pieces!  

Cashew, the new snowshoe lynx siamese is doing good. She's a quiet girl and absolutely loves to be petted. She is still hanging out in the back Thumper's Room.

Zinie is coming along.  She developed a fever and simply didn't feel good for a couple days. Antibiotics started and syringe feeding and fluids given. She's much better and looks perkier. Desmond and Donell's energy levels are very good--they are so playful and eating good.  

We have even more thanks to give!
David and Christine and their kitties--donation for the care of the cats and kitties
William M--donation for FFRC
Leanne & Mike--donation in honor of Magic's birthday!
Sean G & Lena--donation in honor of FFRC's Lena
Marie C--donation for the cats and kitties
Kittiesmom--donation in memory of Conii G
Yaseen E--donation for FFRC and Fio
Gusti--donation to welcome Cashew
James G--donation as a thank you for having the cams
Audrey & Gary P--donation in celebration of Magic's 5th birthday
Sandra H--donation for FFRC
Dorothy R--donation for FFRC, enjoys Coralie, Magic and Vernon
Catherine D--donation for a Merry Pawmess!!

We received word on Thursday that our dear friend of FFRC, Conii Gallagher had passed away on Tuesday. Conii was always such a compassionate person, giving to FFRC and others, a real kind hearted person. She had spent a nice Thanksgiving with her family. Her brother George has kept us updated. He or a family member will be coming soon to FFRC with Conii's cats to take over their care.  He also asked FFRC to care for her ashes. I am humbled that we are asked to care for Conii's beloved cats and for her ashes.  She will be so missed--always a kind friend.  Two boxes that we opened at Kitty Christmas were from Conii--always thinking of us. She's the person that sent all the peace poles for Catathon. Also the extra cute baby clothes and the lambie rocker.  

Please, in Conii's memory, do something kind today for another person or a pet.  She would like that. 

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Three more adoptions!  I so love these wonderful homes!
Lizzie--adopted 12/3.  This was an especially happy adoption. She belonged to a friend of mine who could no longer care for her. She found a home with a man who wants nothing more than to dote on her forever!

LuLu and Tingle--adopted 12/4. These two friends were adopted together. They went with a lady who has lots of time to devote to these two kittens. What alot of fun they will be for her!

The doors are all wide open this morning--front to back!  Basani, Desmond and Donell are already up and playing.  Basani is still not 100% and continues to recover from his HBC.  At the moment, he is cuddled up to Derecho and napping. Desmond and Donell are too busy playing with everyone.  Won't be long until Kimmie joins them!

Our volunteer Elizabeth came to the rescue of a cat that we have taken on.  She was told there was a cat in a bag in the town area.  The cat got out of the bag and went into hiding under some pallets.  Angie came then to help Elizabeth and Debbie was on her way to help too, when we received word that the cat was caught!  Why would anyone even think of tying a cat inside a bag?  No matter--that is something that person will have to deal with him/herself. 

This cat was brought here to FFRC last night. Wow, what a beauty and what a sweetie. She is a Snowshoe Lynx Siamese. She's also spayed (with an ear tip), full of fleas and worms, missing some incisors and is in need of a dental.  The fleas are gone. Worming protocol has been started. A bubble bath has done wonders cleaning her fur and skin. She cannot get enough petting and purrs so nicely.  Her name is Cashew, a Name a Cat name.  No age yet, but a full adult. 

We have thanks to give:
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Kimkost--donation for Giving Tuesday, to support the kitties
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Kellie and Bill P--donation to FFRC in memory of Dorene Patton
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Mary & Michelle LF--donation in memory of Dizzy and Rowland
Katherine E--donation to FFRC
Beth/eaglewatcher--donation for Giving Tuesday
Lu-Little & Benny--donation in memory of Rowland
BillieK--donation in memory of Covie Rowland

TWO more days till Kitty Christmas!  We are all so very excited, thrilled and simply cannot hardly wait for this most special day.  A day of Christmas for all the kitties and cats that will help us for some time to come! The cats have been brushing up on their Christmas songs! 

Yesterday we had our Flash Sale. Many thanks and thumbs up to our mods, donators of these items, chatters who purchased these items, Lynnette and Marcia and to those that tried to purchase but didn't get that opportunity.  We sure do appreciate you all.  Your items will be out the door asap!  And the other good news on this---this Flash Sale brought in $1,168.  Almost exactly the amount needed to pay for a batch of flea prevention we just purchased!!'s a wonderful thing. And there's all types of friendships. But all in all, it fills a void in helps us to be able to share with others, to confine in another, to know that you are "safe" with that person, it makes us feel that we have worth, helps us cope with traumas in our lives.  A friend can inspire us to live up to our best. A friend won't ask you to compromise your principles and will still care for you regardless of a difference of opinion.  I am grateful for YOUR friendship to all of us here at FFRC and for being a friend also to the organization. Friendship should be a solid thing--to be able to be yourself, to forgive and to appreciate that role in each other's lives.

And the cats............they are amazing!  They also have friendships with each other!  Sometimes they are awesome examples to follow. 

Take care, have a great day.  Short blog due to a busy day.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Wonderful news!  I've heard already from our two latest adoptions!
Chaps--from her new mama--haps is doing well.  He is a a bit skittish still but he is coming out, eating and using his litterbox.  He has started talking. He and I played a bit the first night. He wants love. He will com out and snuggle. He meows when I call him.  He is such a nice baby. All the cats are getting along.

Jewell Elizabeth--from her new mama--Her new name is Athena and she is settling in nicely. She has been exploring. She gets along with the dog great. Athena slept next to me which was really sweet.  She's eating well and using the litterbox fine. We are absolutely in love with her.

And this morning, Lizzie will be adopted! Another wonderful new home!

We had BOXES yesterday.  We so appreciate you.
Beth/Eaglewatcher == 6 large containers of  Friskies Party Mix Snacks for Derecho to share

Lisa in Mn == Case of 45 single serve Sheba, Case of Stew & Briskets Sheba Pate 
Denise & Elizabeth S from SC == Card, 8 packs of Snacker Sticks, folders, Christmas Hand Towels, Towel and oven mitt set, box tops, Buttermilk Pancake and Skillet set, 7 Pocket Folders , Janie dog Christmas ornament, 2 kitty ornaments 

Dim ==  50 ish , 1cc Syringes and 50ish 3cc Syringes 
Hopee 366 & Avon Cats in Ca == Case of FF Meat & Fish, Package of Delectable Squeeze UPs , 2 packs of Cat Toys, Case of Appetizer,  3 containers of Temptations, box of Broths, 2 40 Friskies,  

Ingrid Ju-IN-Ji  == 4 Cases of Baby Food 
Pat L/Plee in SC == Fabric Pieces , Small blankets, 2 boxes of Purrfectly Chicken  Fabric pieces to go to our cat toy maker and the small blankets can be used wherever needed.

Rose/sf6cats & Rich == Card & Donation ,  LARGE bag of Farmer Johns Butter Popcorn  😁
Brian C. == Yeowl CatNip , Yeowl Cat Nip Bananas, 2 cases of FF poultry and beef food, 12 purple towels 

Multi person Project, 5 Darn It Dolls

Sheri B == 15 Blankets -3 different designs!

Friend of FFRC  == 3 Cat Slings 
Michelle & Mary == Card & Donation for Feliz Navidad 
Pat/Tinkerbell == Card, Stickers & Donation 
Miss R A == Cross Stitch Xmas Ornaments 
Jackie W/Jwasbear  / Az == Card & 2 Chickie $5 
Steph & Trever == Card for Magic and 2 Chickie $5 
Tom C from Il == Card & Donation 
Anita G /Defiance == Card & Donation 
Judy R/ Fl == Card & Donation for Feliz Navidad
Allen & Elaine / Fl == Card, Stamps & Donation in Memory of LittleKat 
Paula N == Card

Anne M == Card & Fiver Friday Donation 

Remember, if I ever give out incorrect info, it's fine to email me and let me know!  Most things are easy fixes!

We took on a new kitten.  Her name is Kimmie, a Name a Cat name.  Kimmie is a sweet girl, a brown tiger with 4 white feet and chest.  She was found by a couple 4 weeks ago. She is one of the rare kittens that arrive with some vet work already done!  Her birthday is 8/27/19 and is 14 weeks old. She so loves people.

These sad news events are terribly hard to deal with. We lost a Covie, Rowland late last night.  He has been in the front Thumper's Room 3 times in the last 2 1/2 weeks. Rowland was 16 1/2 years old. We knew he was certainly showing his age--not very energetic, appetite off.  But, his pulse and respirations were good and so was his color and he still was eating. So, after 2 short stays, he went back out to his home, the Cove. Monday was different--he was brought up again and this time, more details could be found. His heart was "off", his respirations very fast, his back legs wouldn't work and he was very very tired.  Life was no longer fun and after a conversation with our vet, she felt that this was another cardiomyopathy and that he threw a saddleblock clot.  These decisions are very very hard. But, living with back legs that do not work and being made to live in an atmosphere that is totally not his home, is not the way for Rowland. He peacefully left us and we shall miss him terribly.  

Rowland arrived at FFRC as a 1 year old on 5/11/04.  His birthday was 5/11/03. He was such a lovey boy and so sweet and ornery!  He was one of the "rulers" of the Cove. His name was originally Rolland but we would also write Rowland too because when he would roll on the ground it would look like he was rowing! In 2005, before we had our Covie playground and THTJB, he was loose on the property. He was hit by a car, right in the parking lot and had to have a button surgery to correct his lip droopage. He also fractured his pelvis at that time. But, he healed quickly and resumed his place as one of the Covie bosses. Rowland was everyone's friend and would great all the visitors and love being in a lap.  We sure loved this boy. 

We have more thanks to give--
Rita DC--donation to FFRC, in memory of her sisters cat Tiny Toe. 
Ferole--donation in honor of Dooey!
Harm B--donation to FFRC
Shannan W--donation for FFRC

Kimkost--donation to FFRC to help towards the replacement of all the fire extinguishers here.  After talking to the fire chief, we realized our fire extinguishers had probably exceeded their time to be the most effective.  We have 15 of them and are replacing them for safety reasons. 

We had two more adoptions--Maggie and Sadie. I couldn't do these on cam or mention it until now.  They were adopted 12/2 to a family that has visited them a couple times. These two kittens were given to a different family member that has seen them from the cam and so wanted them!  The family made this possible for the young lady! I've already heard back and both kittens have settled in nicely. 

Today is Trivia day at 5:00 this afternoon.  The theme will be announced this afternoon!  Have fun. 

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Happy December month! 2020 is coming right up. 

We have had 2 more adoptions!
Chaps was chosen.........he made his sweet presence known to a lady who wants a cat that will be hers! We even gave her a jar of baby food to "anchor" her as his person.  We had a little incident when his carrier was picked up, with him in it.  The corners gave way and opened up and out he came. Scared him.  This is why we double check all crates. We use a lot of zip stripes just to make sure.  While I zipped his crate, his new mama went looking again for Chaps. And he was settled down and let her carry him again.  I am betting within a couple days, he's going to be firmly bonded with her!

Jewell Elizabeth also found a wonderful new mama.  It was so nice to see the great reaction of Jewell Elizabeth to her. They were to go to Chicago for the night and then continue on to Wisconsin today.  Such a great lady who was so excited about her new cat!

We have more adoptions coming up..........Sadie, Lizzie, LuLu, Timax, Trippadoo, Maggie

Tomorrow is our HumaneOhio surgery date! Hoping for a full truck to send up! .
Other upcoming dates:
Dec. 3, Tuesday........Trivia
Dec. 4, Weds............Flash Sale
Dec. 7, Sat................Kitty Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec. 9, Monday........Another HumaneOhio

Remember, we also are having a big MALE cat NEUTER day on Dec. 21, a Saturday. Please call our office weekdays 9-5 to schedule.  Neuters are $25.  This includes the surgery, vet physical, capstar, wormer and a 24 hour soreness med.  Other options will be Leukemia/Fiv tests ($20), Distemper vaccine ($10), Rabies ($10), Flea Prevention ($10). 

Calendar update!!  Friday Night Mary has again designed an FFRC cat/kitten calendar.  They are $20, includes shipping!  All are our very own stars!!  If interested, send in your paypal or check.  Be sure to note that it's for the 2020 calendar.  They will arrive with Mary this coming Friday. We will show them on cam but you are invited to go ahead an order now.  Many thanks, Mary!

We have thanks to give:
Tessa T--donation to FFRC
Lorene B--donation to FFRC
William K--donation to FFRC
Janet M--donation for FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation for Thanksgiving!
Mindy R--donation in honor of Schinn who cared for their cats while on vacation
Miranda G--donation to FFRC

We received our Amazon monthly check for September!  It was for $178.15.  This is FREE money, just for using FFRC's Amazon. It's so simple.......we'd love to have your help!  Just go to our website at  Click on WAYS TO HELP (on the blue bar).  Scroll down to Amazon, click. One more click----SHOP AT AMAZON.  This will take you to the Amazon site and FFRC gets a kick back!  Many thanks!

Basani is doing good!  He and Dolan and Desmond are on the floor together now in the back Thumper's Room.  All are on antibiotics and their food intake is being watched closely.  The two D boys are now starting to gain weight!  All 3 are so sweet.

Fio's other set of sutures are now removed! Fio is one determined boy. He loves to play with an upside down Lil Soup bowl--it makes noise and he can follow it.  He does real well going up and is now learning how to get down!  Our Jessie also continues to do great!  She told me she thought she was only 10, not 20.......that's how good she feels!  The Porchies, Covies, Barnies and Firehouse Cats are also doing good.  They enjoy their red heat lights--we have some for everyone! All the outside cats received 2 great turkey meals on Thanksgiving.

We have more thanks to give:
Ed W--36 cans of 9-Lives
Mr. Whiskers to Spiker, his friend--12 bags of dry food.  Spiker loves it!
Our 2 little friends--Riley--Bleach, can food, dry food, kitty toy and Brandi--dish soap, snackers, wand cat toy and dry food
Jean W, Teresa S, Jete, Posie & Major--2 large litters
Alan and Elaine, in memory of Little Cat--2 big bags of litter, 1 case appetizer, 5 cases of Friskies, 1 case of FF and one big case of Friskies

The kitties and cats received an early Christmas present from Anne and James!  It's a new tree tower complete with leaf branches!  They so love it.  They've been in it lots--I think they think they are wild cats climbing a big tree! Many thanks!

Dooie is a super wonderful cat!  He so wants his very own home.  He's 1 1/2 years old, neutered, vaccinated, wormed, vet checked, etc.  He's sweet, very handsome, friendly with people and cats and dogs. He's also excellent in a house.  Dooie is siamese mix with the most gorgeous blue eyes!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Weds., November 27, 2019

Hang on to your fur, your paws and your is windy out there.  Gusts in the 50's.  Rain earlier today but no other precipitation today.  

We had BOXES yesterday!  We sooooooo LOVE Boxes!  Many thanks.
Kathy H - Lots n Lots of Fleece to make blankies for FFRC Kitties
David & Pat - Photo Canvas of Rose & Iris by David
Cindy, Lindy & their special Peanut - Case of yummy Kitty food
Conii with Elliot, Alessandra & Giovanna - Christmas Tree House for kitties

Dilly Di - Feather toy for Fern, Tub and 4 bags kitty Snackers, Nutirsh Snacks for Janie, Stocking full of kitty toys, 4 Purple Purr Buddies, 2 pkgs balls, Lots of PipeCleaner Toys, Kickaroos, Pom Pom Toys, Snakes, Caterpillars, 2 XL Snakes (Fern loved his), Lots n Lots of toys & 35-40 Cups of Appetizers.  Blue Turbo Track & For Fio from Tazzy - Super Turbo Track

PiperJo - 4 Boxes of Whiskas
Ann in the UK - 8 gorgeous keychains with Kitties & Pawprints with beads  $15 each

SunnyJ - WA  Kitty Card - Stamps for Donna, Box Tops, M&M's for Lynnette, 2 towels for FFRC, 3 sets of Kitty Christmas Towels, Greeting Cards, 2 Glass Kitty Ornaments ( Farah & Paddy), 2 Hand towels & 2 Bath towels for FFRC, Tape, Greeting Cards, 2 glass meow feeding bowls, Cat Magnet, 2 Christmas Kitty glasses, Snowman Blankie & Santa Blankie

Kathy D - CA  2 Super Soft Blankies, Kitty Bath Towel
Marco - Germany - Bag of Foam Balls, 4 pkgs Kitty Snackers (Smile Toothies), 4 LED flashlights for a headband, Cleaning Wipes, Boxes My Star pkts, Salmon, Beef & Liver, 2 Boxes My Star Kitty Licks

Kathie, Donnie & Critters, Note with photos of her critters - WV - 12 paintable kitties for keychain, Book Markers $3 ea. or 5 for $13  Desmond & Donell, Desmond, Rosalind, Lena, Charnie Bear, Derecho & Fio.  24 Pocket Calendars 24 months with FFRC Kitties on the front/back covers  $10 each

Judy B - 2 Boxes Squeeze-ups
Auntie Napa - 2 Boxes Lil Soups for Pania & Friends
Michelle U - Kitty Card with Note - 2 magnets, 2 bags of Bondi Licks, Janie Treats, 6 Sheba Cups, 2 Kitty Advent Calendars (One for Pania--she insisted!), 2 Dog Advent Calendars.

Jeanette H - Scotland - Kitty Card  Leopard Kitty Bed (Coralie will approve!)  Kitty Tunnel (Kittys will have a party soon!) Pretty Purple Blanket
Brian C - case of 24 cans KMR, 48 cans extra soft Mom & Baby canned food
We've had another adoption!
Kenzel went to her new home. This family had come in several times to visit her. She was always a "melted kitten" in their arms! So happy for Kenzel.

Carnie Bear is doing so great. The new family says they love him and he is perfect.  He settled right in and is sleeping with them and is happy! 

Carolyn, who adopted Bertha 3 years ago is also doing great. Her name is now Sally.

Great news!  Our Pampered Chef party went super!  Melissa, who is the Pampered Chef consultant, sent a note.   "I did a party for Angie L to get items for FFRC.  I gave a white stone, tortilla warmer, a cookbook, mix and chop, silicone prep bowls. I also gave a check from a donation of the money from the show.  I donated $100.00 plus you got about $800.00 hostess free stuff (This will be used in our next Catathon!). So glad we could help out. Looking forward to another show in the spring."  Thanks, Melissa and Angie L and to all those that purchased items!

We took on a new kitten. His name is Basani, a Name a Cat name. A lady found him and brought him to FFRC.  He is a possible hit by car, his back legs were terribly sore and wobbly. He is also being treated for a slight URI.  It's like he has a slight neurological problem with his hips, legs and also for potty issues.  He was given antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and soreness meds.  Today............wonderful news!  He could tell he had to potty and actually pottied in his litterbox......progress!  Ohhhhh, we get so excited about good litterbox improvements!  Basani is super sweet.  He LOVES to be held and purrs constantly. He even kneads his little paws while he's sleeping!  Basani is a grey kitten with a white diamond and white tummy. His birthday is 9/2/19 and he arrived 11/25. He weighs 2.08, a bit thin but he's enjoying his meals! 

And we have more thanks to give!
Stephanie M--donation to FFRC
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
KM T--donation from the Aldrin Family, in memory of Michael Cromer
James W--donation for FFRC
Lila T--donationi for Basani
Anne L--donation in memory of Martin
Lu-Little & Benny--donation in memory of August, Dizzy and little Martin

Tomorrow morning we have an adoption!  Not positive which kitten will go yet, but the family is awesome and will take excellent care of whichever one they pick!

Saturday late morning, our sweet Jewel Elizabeth will be going to her new home. She will have a quiet home. The type of home that will let her blossom! So happy for her.

The 3 new kittens, Trippadoo, Weezie and Sita are doing great. They are now in the Main Area and have joined the crazy kittens in their play! So fun to watch. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  For my family, we will be going to my sister Patti's house! She loves to cook which is so nice! I am thankful for the volunteers who will be here tomorrow, a holiday, to watch over the cats and kittens. On an FFRC level, I am so grateful for all of our volunteers, our mods, our admins, our chatters and lurkers, our internet friends--our entire FFRCNation.  Never could there be a nicer, kinder, compassionate group of people.  And last but not least..........I am so grateful for each and every kitten and cat that is here. It is a true honor to care for them. They truly are such wonderful felines!  Have a very nice day tomorrow. Please know how grateful I am for each of you. 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Our Charnie Bear was adopted yesterday. He was here only 9 days and had at least 10 applications before I stopped taking any more!  He went to an awesome family that was so ready for a sweet, fluffy boy to love!  And now.....if we can only get that wonderful Dooey adopted!

I don't like these kind of times--too hard on the heart. As you know, we lost our August last week.
And now we have lost Dizzy. She passed away yesterday, 11/23. Dizzy arrived 8/13/19 from Dr. P's office. We knew she had severe stomatitis and was treated for that. About a month and a half ago, Dr. Darcy rechecked her and it was realized that she also had mouth cancer--and was progressive. Dizzy was checked again a couple weeks ago. We knew then it was just a matter of time. But, she surprised us all and ate really good for 2 weeks and actually gained weight. But yesterday, the cancer tissue interfered more with her swallowing. She didn't eat yesterday and last night had a trouble swallowing . It was time to let her go. She was held, kissed and left so peacefully. A hard loss. I'm glad she was with us as I feel she knew she was well loved.
We had also taken in a wee kitten yesterday, 3 1/2 weeks old with probable CH. He was born in a barn, a single kitten and his presence was not really known about until Saturday, yesterday. There apparently was a big cat fight in the barn which drew attention to this kitten by the family. The people there noticed his imbalance and brought him in. We named him Martin. The short time he was here, was a bit rough--he cried......alot. And he just didn't have much strength to nurse properly. He was kept warm, had his Purple Purring Mama and given formula, as he would permit. He passed away this morning, in the early hours as I was holding him.
Let's hope all goes more smoothly now. These are heartbreakers for sure. But, even knowing what is probably going to happen, FFRC is honored to take these kitties/cats in and at least show them the love that is in the world. Never do we want anything to pass without feeling that special love. 

We also took in 3 new kittens Friday. They were brought in because they could no longer live in the apartment complex that they were born at. All 3 are sweet, born 8/10/19 and are 15 weeks old. Their names came from the Name a Cat list. 
Sita--black with white diamond, armpits and tummy, female
Weezie--all black tiger, male
Trippadoo--black tiger and white, male
They are right now in the back Thumper's Room.  They are playful, healthy and happy kittens.   

And we have thanks to give.......
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Susan A--donation for Martin
Madisonpepper--donation for a blankie for Martin (which he did get)
Marie C--donation for Martin
BillieK--donation in memory of Covie August & Dizzy and for medical needs for Zini

Short blog.  Just enjoy your day and give your pets much love. 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Saturday, November 23, 2019

The kitties received an early Thanksgiving meal!  Thanks to Patrick and Vicki who baked a turkey just for the cats and kitties.  They have had snackers of turkey a couple times this week! And now, they have another special Thanksgiving meal for Thursday, from the Fur Haven Cats too! 

We had our Fun-Raiser on Weds.  It was awesome. Sometimes my thank yous are hard to say in the magnitude that I want them to be.  This FFRCNation that we have is amazing and so very supportive. You all make me want to do the very best that I can for each and everyone of these kitties and cats. I thank you for making it possible for what we do here.

This is the short version of our Fun-Raiser.  So sorry--I lost some of the info.

Item A--Larissa's 4 lovlies, 57 tickets, won by Ellie Sue
Item B--Aicok Breadmaker, 25 tickets, won by LJ--is for a vol. drawing!
Item C--Thomas Kinkaid, 15 tickets, won by Hattonboyz--is for a vol. drawing!
Item D--Pawprint Quilt--103 tickets, won by Ferole
Item E--Leafblower--39 tickets, won by Craig M
Item F--Fiber Optic Angel, 23 tickets, won by Joco
Item G--Warped Quilt, 103 tickets, won by Ruth D
Item H--iPad , 260 tickets, won by Kerswill

Our consolation prizes were drawn and already sent out!  The Grand Total, after bump ups, was a whopping $3,700!!!! The bumper-uppers are awesome! So happy and thankful. 

We had BOXES before the drawing---
Jeanette of Furr Haven--2 big bags of fresh homegrown catnip!!, 1 case Merrick Purrfect Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner for all the cats to share, 1 box of Tiki Broth pouches

StripeyD--super big heated water bowl (many thanks!), 3 packs of turbo scratcher refills, pack of coil spring toys for PawPaw and his friends, 3 cases of baby food

And we have more thanks--
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Martin M--donation for Dizzy
Sven W--donation for FFRC
Marie C--donation for where needed
Gusti--donation to help with electricity for the Covies, in memory of August

Fio had one set of sutures removed.  A couple more days and the other set will also be gone. He did a jump from the kuranda tower and landed square on!  Desmond and Donell are both gaining weight. And that little Donell is finally realizing that we are friends!

Zini, the newest grey/cream torti is now up and about in the Main Area. She's doing good--seems relaxed. Her surgery for that very large hernia has been changed a couple times.  It is now scheduled for December 2, a Monday. 

I wanted to give an update on Dizzy.  She has had two weeks here since Dr. Darcy saw her again. And they've been a good 2 weeks. Her appetite has been good, she has gained weight.  But the truth is also still there--her cancer in her mouth is growing. So........we've been doing good holding, petting, feeding and loving on her. 

All is good here.  The kittens are growing, the cats are happy, more adoptions coming up! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Weds., November 20, 2019

We have a NEW grand total for our Feliz Navidad/Fiver Friday!  It is officially at $11,800.00.  Absolutely awesome. Every single penny will be well used.  Thank you for this latest bumper-upper!

Elsie is doing wonderful in her new home. The travel to Colorado went smoothly--no problems anywhere along the line.  I've heard from Robin a couple times along with pictures.  Elsie has settled in beautifully.  This is another proof, that if these cats are given love, a good feeling about themselves and confidence, MOST of them can find their very own home! 

We had another adoption also. Our Dutchess went to her new home yesterday, 11/19.  Dutchess spent the far majority of her home in the front Thumper's Room. I have a feeling that she had been an outside cat but seemed to be enjoying an inside way of living.  A family came and saw her and thought they would really like to have her as their new pet. Her adoption took place where Dutchess was comfortable at---the Thumper's Room. They have a really nice wrap around enclosed porch that she will have access to, if she would like to. 

Fio is doing awesome.  Just a tiny bubble now on the right eye. And that is slowly going down.  Today he gets the sutures out from the left eye. He stays out now 24/7 and is doing just fine. Ornery, playful, confident.  What a great little guy.

The two littlest, Desmond and Donell are also doing great.  Growing, eating good. They both go in the double lower condo in the main area for night time.

Monday was our HumaneOhio spay/neuter day.  Our numbers were a bit lower than usual. We sent up 28 cats.  20 were females and 8 were males.  Our total so far for 2019 is 1061.

We had BOXES on Monday! We sure do love boxes!
Anonymous - A huge kitty couch with legs that will fit a number of kitties.  Came  with a big attached pillow cushion and a pocket for the remote ( ie.  snackers)  The kitties and cats (and Janie) already love it!

Kathy in WV - 3 New Purple Momma toys for kitty cuddling, a 25' extension  cord for the Shop Vac.
Becky H. - 2 New Purple Momma cuddlers.
Kathy831 - A box of 12 Utility Safety cutters.
Abby - 2 packets of Snackers,  1 bottle of Gel Bleach.

Jatcat - 1 Soft Bear huggie toy w/heater that glows in the dark, 1 New Purple Momma cuddler, 2 new Safety Utility Cutters.
Rebekah U. - 1 New Purple Momma cuddler.
Bill M. - from Gethsemini Monks, 3 different flavor blocks of fudge for Volunteers.

June (Painted Daisy) - 10 large pipe cleaner toys for kitties, Pizza toys, doughnut toys, washcloths, kitty clips, 2 boxes of stroopwaffles.

Kerswill -  (8) 2020 calendars, 8 Homemade Christmas Table Toppers, 8 Pr. Christmas Hot Pads, set of 4 Christmas Placemats, large assortment of Christmas cards.  All so beautiful.

Leo2CAF - in honor of his kitty Ginny - 4 different flavor canisters of Party Mix.
Jeremy and Diane H - Soft Plushy white rug/blanket.  The cats love it already!
Susan345 - several 2020 calendars, Cat brush, toys, Christmas cards, Day planner, stickers, gloves, lunch satchel, Audubon hiking sack.

Sheri B - Case of Royal Canin Mother and Baby pate cat food.
Rosalind and her wonderful family - 2020 Calendar, beautiful Christmas Card, pack of washcloths, 300 6" paper plates, Large Canister of Temptations snackers, (24) count Whiska packets, (30) count Fancy Feast Poultry and
   Beef, 45 Tall Kitchen Bags, Catch the Mouse Motion toy w/scratch pad.

Mr. Meow - all for our sweet Dizzy -  8 can of Friskies, 1 package of Meaty Bites, a donation for Dizzy, 2 packs of Churu snacks, a flat of stamps, Chicken and Rice formula food, 2 beds, 2 canisters of Greenie snacks, 2 canisters of Temptations snacks, Unicorn crinkle toy.

    Phil and Judy - donation
    Linda and Bill H. (Mich) - (2cats2love) - donation
    Joy and Don D. and their herd (NY) - donation
    Melissa (NY) - donation
    Mr. Meow -   donation to assist with medically challenges
    David H. - sponsorship donation for his gang.  
    Sue (MacNCheesemom) - donation
    Paula N. - donation.

We also have more thanks to give!
Diane/Gabel's mom--pop tabs, 48 friskies, L-lysine, 12 Fancy Feast and a donation
Mich & Vern--towels, tuna & chicken cans, yoga mat
Jobo & Jobo's mom--24 cans of 9-Lives
Judy & Phil--misc. cans of cat food, 2 bags Halo, 2 packages baby washclothes, post-it notes, 2 Clorox wipes, 2 PT, 4 scrub brushes.
From Priya & Gusti--container tidy cat litter
Barbara H--donation to FFRC

We have heard from Lorha's new family. Her new name is Holly. They say she is doing so good at fitting in. She's a loving purring machine and let's them know when she's hungry!

We have taken on a new adult cat. Her name is Zini, a Name a Cat name. She is a muted torti and is ever so nice. Her birthday is 10/14/18. She has the largest abdominal hernia we have ever seen, including our vet. She had been in a person's yard for a week. When they petted her, they noticed this huge hernia and asked if we could help her.  Her surgery is scheduled for this Monday. 

Charnie Bear is doing wonderful. He's up and about in the Main Area. Such a handsome guy. He seems very comfortable with the other cats and with people. 

Upcoming dates:
Today--2:00--BOXES, Fun-Raiser drawing and consolation prizes
Nov. 26---Trivia
Dec. 2---HumaneOhio surgery day
Dec 3.--Trivia
Dec. 4--Flash Sale--noon
Dec. 7--Kitty Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

We have our December surgery date also--it's the 21st, Saturday.  This will be a PUBLIC NEUTER DAY..  Neuters are $25.  We will also offer leukemia/fiv test, distemper and rabies vaccine and flea prevention. All cats will receive a free Capstar and wormer. Also an ear tip, if desired.  If you'd like to schedule your MALE cat, please call our office weekdays 9-5 at 419-393-2400. 

I have some sad news to pass along:
August, our CH Covie cat has made his way to The Rainbow Bridge.  He had a urinary plug that became very bad, very quickly.  I spoke to Dr. Darcy about different options, none of which were good.  Because he was outside and basically liked to stay away from people most of the time, it would be impossible to treat. To give him daily meds would not be a "thing" that August would like or tolerate. To add to the problem, we could not make sure that he only got the special food that he would be required to have. To bring him up to the main area was not an option--it was not his home and he would not be happy.  A PU (perineal urethrostomy) surgery was not agreeable either as it would still take care and would take careful watch and observation afterwards which was not something that would be feasible with him.  All in all, we did not want his life to be filled with medicines, special diet, change in his lifestyle--all things that August would not like. I am of the belief that we do not do things to a cat that would not be enjoyable to that cat.  August loved his life as a Covie. He and Jackson came to FFRC together. 

We also have an update on Matisse.  She is doing wonderful and is loved so very much. She just slipped right into their home and made it hers as well. I've also seen pictures of Aleesha and Applejack--they too look so comfortable and happy in their new home.

Just an FYI--our sweet Jewel Elizabeth is on hold and will be adopted on the 30th.

Join us today at 2:00 for BOXES and the drawing for our Fun-Raiser, followed by Consolation Prizes.  This fun-raiser will go towards our electric bill, the sewer bill and the propane bill.