Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Oh these kittens..........I've kept track.  14 different kittens off and on my desk.  They have pushed pens off, took off running with my notes on postie-notes, plugged up the printer (it's fixed), dumped my water/juice drink over the edge, laid on my phone so I couldn't find it, made many messages on my emails to others (sorry!), and bit my toes.  And do I still love them to pieces........yep!!

We had 3 more adoptions!
Kristoff left on 8/15--a great, happy home where he will have lots of fun. He's going to be an "only cat" and that's ok--lots of people love to go around.

Bolt left on 8/15--a real fun kitten. He will have 2 cats in his new home to make friends with. He snuggled right up to his new owner!

And then there's Eddie White--he left this morning. He went home with K-Kris, an FFRC friend. Yes, Eddie was said to be a resident. But....things happen, time changes things too.  Kris has loved Eddie White for a long time. This is a good thing. Eddie was emotionally ready to move to a new home. While we will miss him tremendously we also need to be happy for him.  Afterall, he "made it"--he has his very own home now.  And he will blossom even more.

Still more adoptions coming up!  Belle, for one, will leave this week!  Mr. McWiggles will leave later this week.

We had BOXES on Friday. I am always in awe of you folks--our supporters, our friends. You help us keep going.
April Catlover =  2 boxes of fancy feast single serve, 1 case(30) fancy feast seafood 
Kathy WV = 12 fancy feast  single serve
Susan245 = Pet stages wobble track   awesome fun for all the cats!

Anonymous Friend  = 4 boxes whiskas Perfectly Fish Pouches
Anonymous Friend  = 2 cases of Gerber ham baby food  for Dingy 
Sharon Z/KittykattLady =  2" and  4"  3 ring binders 

Brian C = 20 cases of Very Berry Juice, 2  10" Plexiglas  Donation Box
Dim = 2 cases of 24 Fancy Feast Kitten food,,. , Bag holder Rack, 1000 potty bags,
Anonymous = 8 cases of Baby Food  

Anonymous = YoYo Ball  
Cathy D/Ca -- Card and Donation for Kitty's needs
Marilyn and Terry = Card and $5 chickie dollars 
Joy & Don & the herd = Card and Donation 
David and Pat H -- Card and 5 Kitty Sponsorships ( hensley, vernon, coralie, magic,kiara )
Mellissa L/NY = Card and Donation 
Nancy O  = Donation 
Judy & Phil -- Note and  Donation 

And yet, there are more:
Marie C from UK--donation for FFRC
Deborah S--donation for FFRC
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation to help with the Catstock expenses
Lynne W--donation for FFRC

We're still working on the outside cats--getting vacc's, worming, ear cleaned, nails trimmed, brushing all done.  A few more each day!  Getting towards the bottom of the list!

So many black/white kittens! 11 of them---4 of Lena's kittens, Angelo and Angela, Belle's 4 kittens and Snuggzy.    And of course, Zelda too but she's not a kitten!

Our next Fun-Raiser is almost here!  It starts 8/20 and ends at 9:00 am on 8/23.  BOXES will be on that Friday at 2:00 followed by the Drawing!  Great items, once again!

Tomorrow, Monday, is our next HumaneOhio spay/neuter day.  Should be a busy check in/out. 

All is good here.  Kittens are healthy.  Adults are happy.  Short blog today. Wishing you a wonderful upcoming week.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thursday, August 15, 2019

What a busy week and this month is flying by.  We've had some sunshine, lots of humidity and rain to help with the grass and flowers.

We had a quickie Flash Sale yesterday! Many thanks to those that provided the items, the Flash Mods, Lynnette / Marcia  and to those that purchased the items.  Our kitty load and treatments has hit us hard and so this flash sale will help us with vaccines, syringes and worming medication.  Many thanks. We made almost $700 on this sale! This will be applied to those bills. 

We also have more thanks----
Robert M--donation to FFRC
Pamela C--donation for FFRC
Faithy G--donation to FFRC to help our spay/neuter program
Judy & Phil--donation for the kitties and cats

Remember Abel, now known as Blackjack? He is doing wonderful.  He's been in his new home 5 months now....doesn't seem possible. The new owner says it's the best decision he's ever made. Blackjack is spunky, loves to run around and play fetch! He also loves to cuddle. So happy about this.

It's interesting, in the last week, I've heard from most of the Abel litter. All are doing great. Plus, we had Sabel here this week for a toenail trim. She too looks so healthy and happy!

We've had 2 more adoptions!
Preslie left on 8/13. What a doll she is--so cuddly and sweet and was wanted by several people. She has a great new mama and I know she will be happy!

Mint left on 8/13. Mint needed a busy home and that is what she has.  Several older kids in the family, still at home that will give her lots of playtime. She came from Indiana and ended up back in Indiana!

Asia is doing much better. We have her on a 2-antibiotic combo.  Her leg is healing and the infection is much better.

Yesterday, we put Lena and kittens down on the floor of the back Thumper's Room.  The kittens stayed on their giant soft bed that was in the middle of the room.  But not mama Lena. She is doing so much better being petted while in the condo but when placed on the floor of the room, she reverted back to her "scared ways".  So......she is back in her condo.  She's comfortable, feels safe there and is happy. Time is on our side so we are patient with this process. Babies are very round and eyes are starting to open!

Our new CH cat has arrived from Dr. P's.  She had a dental on Tuesday--only had a few teeth removed but that did leave her toothless.  Not a problem for cats. While we fed her soft food for the first day, she dived into the bowl of dry food when we put her on the floor to exercise.  Cats are amazing. Like all cats and CH, her abilities are different from all others!  She's a bit of a head bobber and has legs that sometimes go every which way. Sweet personality, loves to be petted and is a happy girl. The clinic named her Dizzy, which I promised to keep as her name. She is placed at 8 years old.

We have taken on two new kittens.
Ula--female, brown tiger, ASH.  Her name is pronounced U-la  and it means strong as little bear.  She arrived after being found as a stray. Dehydrated, emaciated, anemic and needless to say, very skinny. Also came with a major load of fleas and a slight URI. She is now on antibiotics.  Such a sweet little girl. Her birthday is 6/12/19 which makes her 9 weeks old. She has a lot of filling out to do.  Fleas are gone and her appetite is improving.

Doris Ann--female, black/white. She has a past fractured tail with a good size kink in it. She also has an URI and is on antibiotics.  Her head is black, her chin is black and inbetween is a big white line, like a smile! Her birthday is 6/4/19 which makes her 10 weeks old. 

Both names are from Name a Cat list. They will be good friends once they get to be together. As they get stronger and healthier, they will be able to mend together.

We also have some adoptions coming up.  Two are today--Bolt's adoption is at 8:45 and Kristof is at 9:15.  Belle will probably be leaving next week. We have a couple more very good possibilities. More on those as soon as confirmed.

And then on Sunday we have a most extra special adoption.  Eddie White will be adopted and this will happen about 4:00 am.  He will be going to a good FFRC friend, Kris M.  This is going to be one of those very hard adoptions, but awesome at the same time. Kris will give him a wonderful home, lots of love, 2 other cats that will enjoy Eddie White, his KMR in the morning and evening, lots of beds and kuranda towers. He will keep his Eddie name.  Going to miss this sweet boy so very much.

This week we have been concentrating on preparations for Catstock and the outside cats.  We've done about 20 of them.........more to go though.  Each are getting their vaccination updates, worming, weight taken, toenails trimmed. ears cleaned and more grooming done.  Such great cats! We hope to have Dr. Darcy do their physicals soon too.

Mark your calendar........August 20-23 is our next fun-raiser.  The items for this sale are amazing!  More info soon as we put this together.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday, August 12, 2019

Paw Paw is happy!  You can just tell that he agrees with his new summer hair-do!

Asia is having a bit of trouble--has an infection in her pinned leg. Is on antibiotics.

The doors are wide open in the early morning so the Main Area kittens can become friends with the N litter and the E litter.  Soon, all will be up in the Main Area.  We will really have to do the kitty shuffle then! 

We had two more adoptions!
Airabelle left on 8/9. Her new home is in Indiana and now has a mama that works but is still home alot! Airabelle is one of those special Farrah kittens, who were born on the day our wonderful Farrah passed.  Such a beautiful calico.

Hatima was adopted on 8/10. She is our black/white mod. CH cat.  She went to a home here in Ohio. I've already heard from her new mom and things are going wonderful.  Hatima is happy and already has sniffed noses with Frank, her housefriend cat who is also a CH cat. The videos shows tons of fun toys for them and a happy Hatima exploring her new home! 

I love each and every one of these kittens and cats.  Some adoptions are easier than others, but all are happy adoptions in the way that these cats now have their very very own home! I don't let them out the door unless I'm convinced the home is awesome, the cat/kitten will adjust nicely and that there will be plenty of love. 

We did have a return yesterday.  Mr. McWiggles is  back--he's the Balinese that was adopted on 6/16.  He was returned as the owner had some personal issues to tend to. Mr. McWiggles is already up in the Main Area and is strolling about like he never left.  Such an absolutely gorgeous cat. 

We've also heard from the family that adopted Precious. Her new name is Salem. She likes to play alot and take naps on her mom. She is becoming acquainted with Smudge, the resident cat.

Lena, our Meijer mama cat, is doing very well.  She arrived 8/9/19 after months of trying to get her. Her story has been on facebook, so I'll just give you the update..........she loves head rubs, ear scratches and back scratches too! The 5 kittens were born 8/8 between a wall and a pop machine. Lena is named after Fred Meijer's wife who is 100 years old.  The employees of Defiance Meijer's gave her that name and we had to keep it! Her babies are as round as can be!  And they have names!
Aleesha--female, bl/wh, bl dot on chin
Aleeta--female, bl/wh, rt. cheek black, left cheek white
Avianna--female, black with a tiny white on tummy
Arwen--male, black/wh, wh nose, black chin
AppleJack--male, black/white, bl. nose with 2 black dots beside the nose!
All kitten names are from the Name a Cat list

We have thanks to give!
BIllie K--donation in memory of Cee Cee and to help with Asia's medical bill. And a donation for Lena and her five babies!
James R--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Charlotte T--donation for FFRC
Martin M from UK--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Bob & Denise W--donation in honor of the guests at Amy and Ed's post wedding party! Amy is the wonderful person who brought Alma. 

We are taking on a new cat from Dr. P's office. This tiger/torti came in on Friday to the vet's office and immediately was recognized as a "wobbly cat".  We really don't know if she is a CH cat or if she has possibly a vestibular/ear problem. But, we do know her teeth and gums are very bad. She's thin as she's not been able to eat comfortably. She was simply found in a backyard. How she got there is a mystery as her condition would not have allowed her to travel very far. No age has been determined, other than not young. Her dental will be tomorrow, Tuesday so please keep her in your good thoughts and prayers.  She'll be here at FFRC later in the day.

We have been busy sprucing things up outside! Kitty City is so pretty--has two layers of fresh white paint. We continue getting the FFRC sheds painted--we want them to last a long time. The gazebo has a fresh coat of protective seal. Sticks are picked up, fence lines cleaned up!  All in anticipation of Catstock. 

26 days to Catstock! 

Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday, August 9, 2019

As I told the volunteers and the mods: Yes, we did it. It's done. Paw-Paw is shaved. While a few volunteers have tried to groom him, he is not receptive to the idea. Paw-Paw can be very cranky for his grooms. His fur was all oily, his curly abdominal fur was becoming uncontrollable knotty. make it easier on him, he was shaved--a Lion Cut. He has a severe heart murmur and with him being an older cat, I feel he didn't have to have that grooming done if he didn't want it.......and he didn't. So......the deed is done. And he actually looks rather handsome. This morning he even had a spring in his step--must feel so good!

Asia is doing very well from her pinning of her leg.  Condo rest is necessary as it turns out, she did indeed fracture both the fibula and tibia. Once Dr. Darcy started the surgery, she realized both bones were broken.  The pinned tibia will give stability to the fibula.  She just needs a bit of time to take it easy.  Today, she will go in the double condo to give her a little room to stretch.  She's being a good patient! 

Wednesday was our first ever Tubathon!  It was fun and provided a fun-raiser for FFRC.  Many thanks to Tracie, our volunteer for all the items in the sale. And many thanks to those that purchased the tubs of goodies. Another thanks goes to our Flashy Mods, Lynnette and Marcia who are a big help.  This fun-raiser made $420 for FFRC!

We had 2 more adoptions.  Both Noosma and Levi went to their new homes together!  Their new mama waited 2 weeks for them as they had to have their spay/neuter done before leaving! Levi's name stays the same. Noosma is now known as Lucy.  I've already heard from their mom--she says, they are both little cuddle bugs and having fun!  More adoptions coming up!

We had BOXES yesterday.  YOU make a huge difference for FFRC--many thanks.
Yvette - Our visitor this week from Netherlands - Lots of yummy goodies for FFRC
Jane 90125 - UK  6-10ct bags of Real meat snackers, Lg. Bag Purina One Kitten
Dimwit - 6 bags of squishy kitty toys, Multi Use Comb for grooming, 2 Cases Fancy Feast, 5 Gal. Mr Clean

Debbie M - TX - Pretty Jewelry - 3 Rescue mom necklace/pendants, 3 CatMom Bracelets, 2 Cat Necklaces
Joey3100 - 2500 Sheets Printer Paper
Plee - 2 Lg Bags Purina One

Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 Cases Fancy Feast
Sunnie J - Bag of Party Mix,  3 Hand Towels 30+ washcloths, Bag Clips, Santa Socks, Pkg color Printer Paper, Cards w/envelopes< Meow Measuring Cups, Kitty Adoption Folders, Postie Notes, Batteries, Kitty Soup Mug and 2 ceramic kitty design little plates

Cait - Box of 1000 Potty Bags
Karen B - 2 Cases 12ct Lipton Tea
MadisonPepper/Marilyn with Madison, Charlie, Christmas, Michael & in memory of Pepper - 3 boxes full of a variety of cat food, Fancy Feast, Tiny Tiger, Hills, and more.

Doris/Hatmaker - Kitty Blankets made with the yarn donated by RCcat9
Barbara E - 8 Pretty Leggie Dews and 8 Beautiful Adoption Bas
Dianna D - Pretty Teal Rug
Karen B - 70 Bottle Gatorade

Annie G - Knitted Kitties made by a friend, one is Hope the other two for Flash Sale
Diane L - Photo of her kitty Chaseman with a Note
Sue/Macncheesndoodlesmom - Sponsorship for Marilyn

Liz B - OH Card with note & Donation
TearsFromADream - Donation toward Vet Bill
Sheila J--- 2 Flats of Stamps
Pilvi - Card with note and Pretty picture of Muru

And we have more thanks!
Donavon S--donation to FFRC for the care of the cats
Faithy--donation for our spay/neuter fund
Gusti--to help with Asia's surgery
Lynne,  Kitty & Murphy from UK--donation for our work with the cats and kittens. 

This week has seen most of the kittens and cats being weighed, toenails trimmed, ears cleaned and treatments all caught up. the outside cats!  They have been wormed now and are being groomed. Our goal is to get all of their toenails trimmed next! 

The farm animals are all doing good.  The horses are rotated between 4 different corrals so their grass keeps growing.  The ducks and geese have been doing lots of tub swimming and occasionally go down to the backwater for a big swim. They always come back the same day. Guineas, as always, are loud--lol! 

The N litter and the E litter are doing wonderful.  They are little play machines! And so cuddly. Won't be long until they come up to the Main Area.

All is good here.  Only 29 more days to Catstock! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Tomorrow............noon........on our kitty cam.....a fun Fun-Raiser!  It's called a Tubathon. And the reason is that all the items are in tubs! We have lots of tubs filled to overflowing, with super great items--all tubs have a specific theme., water fun, kitchen, Christmas, BBQ and lots more.  It's done as a Flash Sale....a fixed price for each tub.  When the mod's thumb goes up, you can try and get your name in first!  And'll be the receiver of that tub!  All tubs are $25 to $40.  Remember, all of our computer's are off a bit on time but the one that we go by is the FFRC computer time! 

Yesterday was an awesome day for our HumaneOhio spay/neuter day.  We sent up 54 cats--a wonderful amount! An all-time high for one day for FFRC!  This came to 38 females and 16 males, including 4 FFRC kittens. All the rest were public cats.  Our total now for 2019 is 744.  Our total a year ago for 2018 was 676. 

I realized something yesterday as we were doing our check-ins for this transport day. I'd like to explain.  FFRC takes an active role in spaying and neutering our community cats and surrounding area cats. We WANT to be a part of the solution to the over-population problem. I heard someone mention that this was a good fund-raiser for FFRC.  I want to be very clear on this---these spay/neuter days are NOT a fund-raiser.  FFRC makes zero money for this. In reality, we actually pay out.There are always those that are a bit short on cash--we fill in the difference. There are always those that cannot pay for a very much need flea treatment or for meds for sick cats--we fill in for that too. Sometimes people find strays, are willing to feed them but need help with spaying them. We try and help as much as we can on that. I try and find sponsors. There's always situations where FFRC helps the folks that bring cats in. All of the people that help with check-ins and check-outs are purely volunteers.

I'[d like to thank Lynnette, Gem, Donnajb, Becky M and Angie M for helping with the check-ins yesterday. It's alot of work checking in that many cats and kittens in a fairly short amount of time.'s worth it.  To get this many cats and kittens spayed/neutered is a very very good thing.

If interested in our low cost spay/neuter program thru HumaneOhio, call the office weekdays from 9-5 and we'll be happy to answer your questions and/or set up surgery appointment

We have thanks to give!
Yvonne vdk--donation to be used where needed
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to FFRC, in honor of Snoopybaby's birthday
Favela & Marie S--donation to FFRC, in honor of their daughter Maria for her birthday!

We have taken on 5 new kittens yesterday. Actually, we've known these kittens for weeks as they come in each Monday for a weigh-in.  They now will stay at FFRC.
The N litter:   birthday is 5/27/19
Noah--male, grey ASH
Nacoma--female, grey/slight torti 
These two kittens are actually siblings to Noosma!

The E litter:   birthday is 6/24/19
Elianna--female, grey ASH
Esteem--female, brown tiger
Echo--female--brown tiger and white  (has a white ring around neck and tummy)

All names are from our Name a Cat list.   These 5 kittens are super sweet, have been kitty-raised inside and given much love at their previous home.  They will be down on the floor today in the back Thumper's Room.

Update from our vet yesterday.  As you know, we took Asia and Cee Cee to Dr. Darcy's yesterday. Unfortunately, Cee Cee had to be put "to sleep".  It turns out she did indeed have a disorder that was life-threatening and could not be helped. No treatment would have saved her. This was devastating to learn.  I do know though that her week or so with us was very good--she felt our love, enjoyed being held and fussed over and even played a bit. There was no cure for this disorder. I'm glad she was here and enjoyed her time with us.

Asia--that sweet rascal did indeed fracture her rear left leg. Her tibia is fractured but the fibula is good, so that adds alot of stability to the leg.  She stayed all night at the vet's office so she would be there for a morning surgery. A pin will be inserted into her tibia and she will come back yet this afternoon. It's really amazing to me, that for 20 years of rescue, we had no injuries here. And now, in the last couple of months, we've had 2 factures.  Those ornery, so active, always flying around like crazy and leaping, jumping and having fun. Maybe we need to put up some stop signs?!

Just in case you're curious.....we are boarding two of our FFRC kittens that were adopted on 6/17.  Mercury and Marge are here for a few more days when their mom/dad will pick them up.  They are so very nice and playful. They are well loved but doing good while boarding, away from home.  They are Maggie's siblings and they have played some together this week.

Have a great day. Remember please........mark your calendar for Weds. noon for a very different Flash Sale! Let the fun begin!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Happy day to you all!  Cats rae happy and healthy.  Kitties are crazy, silly and just overjoyed with the fun of being a kitty! Never a dull moment around here! 

We had wonderful, marvelous, awesome BOXES on Friday.  My heart is always grateful---from sponges to cleaning soaps, from litter to can food, from dry food to snackers, from glass cleaner to volunteer snackers, from lysol wipes to paper other words, we are sooooo grateful for all of the supplies!
Diane & Michael T - NY   Happy 3rd Birthday Card for Spiker with a Note
Jeanne S - FL  Donation
BYK Ins. - Chief Tapes

Elaine & Alan - FL  in memory of Little Kat, Hand colored Card and Book Mark, photo of a tiny Key Deer, Flat of Stamps, donation in memory of Little Kat and donation in honor of Bridget, Holly & Gaby
Maria & Miranda - Sweden   Happy Birthday Card for Spiker, Hatima and Lucie with 3 Chicken $5
Don & Sandy - 2 boxes 40ct Friskies

Julie, Lindsay, Paige & Malony - Day visitors 2 toys, Kitty Tent, Snackers & Canned Food
Rich & Rose/RoseSF6Cats - Stained Glass Hummingbird for Eldoras house, Paper Towels, 21 cans Friskies, Magic Erasers, Kleenex, Clorox wipes, Dawn soap & Donation

Chris W - Day Visitor - Canned Food, Sardines, Ham, Bag of Cooked and deboned chicken, Kitty Wipes & Baby Food Recipe

Brian C & His beautiful Rascal who was 23 yrs old on Aug 1 a Photo of Beautiful Rascal
4 cases Baby Food, 10 cans Sardines, 3 cases KMR, Case of 2 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 cases Whiskas Purffectly Chicken, 25 cans Tuna, 19 Cans Chicken, 4 boxes Fancy Feast Broths, 24 Bisque Delectables, 2 Laser Lights, 2 Wand Toys, 2 bags of Catnip Mice, 3 Yeoooow Bananas, 12 Purple Hand Towels, Box 500 ct Kitty Wipes, Mug: You Can't Tell Me What to Do ( to use as you wish), 4 Gallons Tide, 12 Dial Liquid Soap, 5 tubs Mr Clean Erasers, AA Batteries, 16 Tubs Lysol Wipes, Huge tub of Peanut M&M's for Lynnette, 7 pkgs Nutter Butters, Huge Tub of Cheese Balls & 3 of Animal Crackers one for Donna, 3 tubs Maxwell House Coffee, 4 Boxes 36ct Cheez Its, 2 Tubs Pretzel Sticks, 4 Boxes 12ct Austin Crackers, 2 Boxes Honey Maid Graham Crackers, 2 Boxes Frito-Lays Variety Pack   Wow and super big thanks!

Katherine M with Chance, Smokie, Greg, Pye & Doggie Taffy - 24 Kitty Adoption Folders, Box of 30ct Soups, 3 Boxes 10ct Squeeze-Ups, Bag of Bonito Flakes, Case of 11oz KMR
Janet & Susan - Case of Fancy Feast
Jeremy & Diane - Case of Fancy Feast 2 Bags 22lb Kitten & Adult Purina One

Tweeti Tweet - Case of Baby Food
Dimwit - Pet Dream Bead, babies love this bed!, squishy soft Square Sherpa Bed, 2 Gallons of Mr Clean , 144 ping pong balls
Donna B - GA  7 Boxes 12ct Fancy Feast Kitten
Anony Friend - 2 Cases Baby Food

Tomorrow, Cee Cee and Asia will both head up to the vet's office.  Many thanks to Auntie Beth for taking them.  She will drop them off and they will spend the day. We will bring them back yet tomorrow.  Cee Cee will have lab work done.  Asia has a limp that is a bit concerning and will have that x-rayed. 

Belle and her 4 babies have made it up to the Main Area.......finally!  It took them a while to decide that it was ok to venture forth!  Belle is doing awesome--such a great cat. And of course, the babies have endless play friends now!  Chaps is still in the back Thumper's Room along with two kittens that we are boarding. They are Mercury and Marge, kittens from here, siblings to Maggie!  They too may decide to come up and play this week.

We've had 3  more adoptions!
Sydney left on 8/2--she went to my daughter Dawn and her family.  He has been non-stop playing and cuddling. He's also made friends with Jilly already (another FFRC cat).

Precious left on 8/2--she went to a wonderful home with a great mama.  Precious actually picked out her mama herself and made it clear she was the one to go home with her!

Disco left on 8/3--she also went to a happy home and will have another cat to make friends with. Such a gorgeous kitten! I'm very sure she's found a great home!

We have more thanks to give!
Julie B--donation to FFRC, in honor of Snoopybaby's birthday!
Katherine E--donation to FFRC
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC, use where needed
Reschke Store--donation to FFRC
Michelle--donation to FFRC, in honor of her Mom Mary's birthday!
David, Christine & kitties--donation to FFRC, for the care of the cats/kitties
Harm B--donation to FFRC
Shannan W--donation for FFRC
Burgundy--donation to FFRC, in honor of Snoopybaby's birthday!

Preparation for Catstock is progressing!  Catstock is September 7, Saturday. Maybe come fo the whole week, or more?!!  But, the Catstock itself is in the afternoon. The awesome band Strawberry Hill will be here and they are cool!  If you are here on Friday night, come join us for more fun! It's called Fire, Friendship, Food and a Movie!  We'll have a campfire, complete with s'mores, hot dogs and pudgy pies. That's right--a movie right here at our Shelter House, by the firepit!  It'll be on a big screen and be a family friendly movie! If you haven't made your reservations yet at a hotel, better call!  The more visitors, the better! 

And then there's the Catstock itself. Tons of food for lunch and supper! Fun things to do all afternoon but the best is meeting old and new friends! We'll also have a 50/50 drawing. You'll be able to see all the kitties and cats inside and visit the Covies as well. Our popular cat bingo is being planned too, along with some awesome prizes!

Just in case you need this info---our hotels of Defiance are:
Hampton Inn--419-784-1515
Holiday Inn Express--419-784-0782
Quality Inn--419-784-4900
Super 8--419-956-0841

There's also a The Inn on THird Street in Defiance--can book on line.

Tomorrow, Monday is our next Spay/Neuter day with HumaneOhio!  Bring 'em on--we want to do more and more spays and neuters!  Call 419-303-2400 for next available dates.

Have a great Sunday. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Last night was wonderful.  Shoney's of Defiance had invited us to their cruise thru, with FFRC being their organization for donations. The 50/50 they did produced $220.  Steve had his name drawn, so that was $110, which he turned around and donated to FFRC.  And then Shoney's donated their $110--so it was indeed a $220 donation! 

There were lots of cars and trucks there, including our FFRC catbug. It even had it's picture on the front page today, in color, along with our volunteers Megan, Connie and Bill.  Many thanks to Elizabeth for helping with this event too. 

We have thanks to give!  Know that you are appreciated.
Stephanie M--donation to FFRC
Lorene B--donation to FFRC
Reschke Store--donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji--donation for our spay/neuter program
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Piperjo--Whiskas Tender Bites
Dee Lap--donation in honor of Lucie's birthday
Jeremy H--donation to FFRC
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation in honor of Ramsay and in honor of Hatima's birthday
Lori U from IL--donation to FFRC
James W--donation for FFRC

Our Flash Sale was yesterday!  Many thanks to Mich and Vern for doing this sale. It had a super result--$1,468.  Thanks you to those who purchased the items and thank you to those that provided the items! And thanks to our Flashy Mods for your help.  It sure takes a group effort.

Starting to rev up for Catstock 2019--this is our 20th year of cat rescue that we'll be celebrating! 37 days left till our fun weekend! 

This coming Monday is our next Humane Ohio surgery day. Hoping for a full schedule! 

Belle and her kittens are doing wonderful. The kittens received another vaccine today. They are growing and just having so much fun! Hoping they will be brave enough to come out to the Main Area soon.  The D kittens are also growing. These are the 3 kittens that Auntie Peggy is fostering. Today they weighed 1 whole pound! 

CeeCee, an FFRC cat is back.  She is having a bit of medical issues and will be going to the vet's next week.  In the meantime, she's enjoying herself--eating fairly good. Today she was playing with some toys! She's our grey tiger/white girl. 

It's so wonderful to have our floor done. We all just love it. The only problem's so shiny sometimes it's hard to tell if it's wet or not! 

Something happened and we have not just a boatload of boxes, but a shipload of BOXES!  We will open them tomorrow, Friday at 2:00.  Bring your water, a comfortable chair and enjoy the opening of these awesome boxes! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

What a wonderful Fun-Raiser!  These Fun-Raisers make a huge difference to FFRC.  YOU make a giant different to FFRC and we are grateful.  Did you hear the cats last night?  I heard it in the house.....about midnight Derecho had everyone do a big high-paw-five as their way of saying thanks! 

Here's the results of the Fun-Raiser:
A.  IPad - donated by 20th Committee - $830   WINNER:  Fritzy3739

B  Kitty Decorated Sewing Chair on Wheels -  $260.00 WINNER:  Kizzimon 

C.  DefianceOPoly - 2 games donated by Faithy and LostGirl -$225  
                  WINNER 1 :  To be used in a vol. drawing by anonymous
                  WINNER 2 :   To be used in a vol. drawing, by anonymous

D.  45" Boxed Cat Tree - donated by Ruffles -$225  WINNER:  Cathy AO

E.  Collage Picture of FFRC Kitties-donated by Jody J.- $115 WINNER:  Tammy W.

F.  Caruth Statues (Hummingbird and Cat) - donated by Friday Mary -$190  WINNER: DonnaJB

G.  Kitchenaid Food Processor - donated by DonnaJB -$515  WINNER:  Madisonpepper

H.  FFRC CH Book - donated by Justme, written by Justme, Darkcat and Mudjie
    $320.00   WINNER:  Howard.

Total made =  $2680.00
                     - $ 830.00  (allocated to 20th Anniversary Committee)
Plus Bumps       250.00
Total After Bumps  $ 2100.00

Consolation Prizes were also drawn! 

We had BOXES right before the drawing---many many thanks for all items and for helping us to restock the cat food shelts!

Piperjo99 - 4 Boxes Whiskas Cups
Anne, Kevin & Bailey - UK  Box of Royal Canin & Fancy Feast Salmon Filets
Anony Friend- 8 Boxes Purrfectly Chicken

Roberta/oopsiepa - 2 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten
Denise & Elizabeth - 24 cans Fancy Feast,  10 Pkts Nutrish Purfectly Broth, 11 pkts Sheba Sticks, 8 Bags Party Mix Snackers, 2 pkgs Spring Toys, 18 Adoption Folders, 4 Laser Lights, 3 bags Crinkle Balls, Ping Pong Balls, Catnip toys, 6 Wash Cloths, 2 tablets Posties, Bag of clips, 3 pkgs Pens, 2 Kitty Tea Towels, Box Tops

Anony Friend - 12 Cans WeRuVa Anony, another 24 Cans WeRuVa, also BFF can food all for Barnies, Porchies & Covies and Firecats

Ju in ji - 4 Cases Baby Food
Anony Friend - 45 Cans Fancy Feast Variety
AthenasMom - 25 Adoption Folders

Lollymop - 2 De-Shedding combs
Sean & Lena - Sock Monkey for Lynnette
Stripey & Dave - 4 balls for the Turbo Tracks

For Hope - Life Jacket/ Harness in Pink
Janet, Jessica & Kitties - Netherlands - Memorial Card in memory of her Mother  We are so sorry for your loss--hugs. 
Janet & Susan - Case of Baby Food

KathyinWVA - Case of Fancy Feast
Plee - For FFRC 10 Pink kitty pillow cases with matching blanket, Horse blanket & multi color Hearts blanket
Anony  Friend- 12 Lg Cans Salmon

April--2 Cases Baby Food, Air Popcorn Popper
FFRC Kitties - 12 Tubs Lysol Wipes, 6 Tubs Clorox Wipes (such wonderful kitties!)
Anony Friend - For Dingie 2 Cases Ham Baby Food

MLS 6 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 4 Lg Bags Royal Canin Mom & Baby
Anony  Friend- 7 Cases Baby Food, 4 tubs lysol wipes, 6 cases FF kitten

Anony Friend- 24 Cans Chicken & 24 Cans Tuna, 45 Cans Fancy Feast, 2 jugs Tidy Scoop Litter

Alan & Elaine - FL  2 Bags 40lb Litter, 8 12pks of 9-Lives
Anony Friend- 8 16lb Bags Purina One

Sue/Macncheesendoodlesmom - Donation with Hugs for Alma, Derecho & Marilyn
Randy P - MD  Donation
Anony Friend - Box Tops
Michelle & Mary - NJ  Donation (to help with the A/C repair) & Coupon for Sheba

Tom C - IL  Donation
Suzanne E  FL - Donation
Carrie M  WI - Donation in honor of Catathon
Becky K  OH  Book Cherished Cats  written by Becky
Auntie Beth--two cooling bowls for the Porchies and Sunporch kitties to have cool water!

We had another 2 adoptions!
Dali was adopted on 7/27--went with April, to  Michigan for her new home! I've already heard from her and all is going good. April says: "She is such a love and loves to cuddle."  Her new name is Dublin.

Watson was adopted on 7/29. He now has a new mama and dad. When his dad came to check out this wonderful kitten, Watson about turned himself inside out to show that he approved of this event! 

We have more kittens on hold! Those that are hold are: Disco, Pierre, Preslie, Belle, Levi and Noosma.  We have families coming in soon to check out some of the other cats too.

Right now, all the kittens and cats are in the Main Area except for Belle and her 4 kittens and Chaps. They are still in the back Thumper's Room.  Each morning, the doors are left open (after breakfast) to let them have a choice when they'd like to come up to the Main Area.  Usually after a couple hours, the doors are then shut until the next day.  That way, we can keep track of those itty bitty kitties when people come. 

Only 39 days to Catstock!  Today, the tents and porta pots will be ordered! This year,  Catstock will also be a celebration of our 20 years! You are all invited to come and join us! 

And only ONE more day to our FLASH SALE!  It's tomorrow, Weds at 2:30 ish, with Mich and Vern!  Lots of items never seen before. Come one, come all! 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Thursday, July 25, 2019

What a change in the weather. Our air conditioners are now off (for a while, at least!) and the windows are all open wide. I love having the fresh air come in. 

The air conditioner for Paw-Mart, back and front Thumper's Room is now repaired. No bill yet, but it's working! United Heating, here in Defiance, always takes good care of us. Steve and I also have our a/c fixed now too.  We have had to have repairs also to the heating unit at the Cove.  The problem in the Cove is all the moisture--it even shorts out the electrical plugs.  Plus, our sulfur water has an effect on wirings.  About 3 weeks ago, we put in a good quality dehumidifier and it's making a difference.  It's unreal how much water is removed each day.  We have a hose that goes to the outside or we wouldn't be able to keep up with it!

The two new kittens are coming along. Both of their wounds are healing. Chaps is starting to lose his "worry" about things. He's now down on the floor with the rest of the kittens. You can tell he is relaxing day by day and will purr so nicely when held. Asia is extremely friendly. All it takes to get her to knead, is to look at her! 

We had another adoption! Claire went to her new home. Such a lovely little girl. She was long anticipated as she was picked out and put on hold long ago. 

The floor is coming along.  Monday was prep work and the first layer of coating with the blue seed put down. Tuesday, the excess seed was swept up and the first top coat put on.  Weds., another top coat was put on.  It looks awesome.  Today, the final coat, urethane is put on. And then we wait.  It has to be 100% dry before we move back in. But.....we're getting closer.  Most of the kittens are in the back and front Thumper's Room.  The adults are in the purple office and Kitty Kabana, along with a few teenager size kittens.  It's all a bit cramped but they, for the most part, are being good sports.  When the floor is completely dry, kitties and cats all will have free range once again in the Main Area.  

We had BOXES on Monday. Because we couldn't be in the Main Area, we moved the cam from the back Thumper's Room into Paw Mart and opened boxes!  We don't have sound on that cam, so we did it the "old fashion" way--writing on paper plates, like we did long ago!  Many thanks to you all for the wonderful supplies! 
Marco Support from Germany - Kitty Treat Calendars--Elsie, Hensley, Magic, Spiker and Hatima--they can share too!  7 boxes Liquid Treat pkts, 5 boxes Trixies Lick Sticks

Anony Gift for FFRC Horse WindChimes
Anony Case of Fancy Feast

Sean and Lena - 2 Boxes Whiskas 
Stacey E - Gorgeous Treasure Journals and book Journals for Jacci, Donna & Lynnette
KitKatLady - Case of Friskies

Justme - 2-65ft Cable for Catstock Cam
April - 2 Cases Baby Food
Kathryn M - 4 cases Fancy Feast

MiddieMom - 3 cases Baby Food
RCcat 9 - Quilt Majic Kit, Box full of Beautiful yarn & 5 Scrubbies
MommyMyrna - Beautiful hand made Shrouds for Burial of kitties.. People greatly appreciate these!
Paula N - 2 Fish Toys (the red is for Hope), 3 Bags Snackers, 7 pkts Kitten Bisque, 3 bage Puree, 12 jars Baby Food, 3 Meow Mix Cups, 20 cans Fancy Feast, 4 cans Friskies, Little Soup & Lots n Lots of Toys!

Rcatmom CO - 15 crocheted kitty afghans for Sales and FFRC  Very pretty!
Chuckles - 1350 6" Plates

And more thanks!
BillieK--donation to help with Chaps and Asia, for their wounds, vaccines
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Reschke Store--donation to FFRC
William M--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation for Chaps and Asia, for their meds
Marti W--donation for FFRC

Twkitty, visited on 7/12 and 13--cat shower curtain, wooden plaque, pewter cat photo frames (flash sale), plasticware, hand soap, TP, PT, vinegar, Dawn soap, 5-60 foam 6 inch plates, 120 lg foam plates, case of FF kitten, 4-pk Clorox wipes

Shelia H/Chuckles, visited on 7/12 and 13--donation for Chuckles to Name a Cat list
Kaylee, cousin and MIL visited--both girls donated to FFRC.  Kaylee's donation is in memory of their sweet Jonah, who passed 2 weeks ago. 

Remember our sweet Valenteen? She is now named Bella. Her new family says that  "she's full of energy and she and Zazzles play all day.  We love her so much! " 

On Saturday, once we get back to normal (whatever that is!! lol), we have a couple families coming in to visit the kittens.  We will also have an adoption--Dali will be going to her new MI home. 

This coming Weds, the 31st, Shoney's in Defiance will be having a cruise in car show. They have invited FFRC to be there and to sell water/gatorade, juice as a fundraiser! How so nice to be invited.  We have a few volunteers who have offered to help do this. We will also take the VW catbug there too! 

Our next HumaneOhio surgery date is August 5th. 

Have a super nice day--it's actually a bit cool here--what a difference in temps! 

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Yesterday was a busy day.  That was our FFRC surgery day. We did 4 spays and 8 neuters.  This gives us a grand total so far, for 2019 of 689.  That breaks down to 404 females and 285 males.

Our spays were: Preslie, Precious, Tinora and Kaze.
Our neuters were: Fern, Pierre, Sydney, Gunner, Pepper, Watson, Bolt and a public male.

Dr. Darcy also did some physicals. Elsie, Jessie, Kiara, Magic, Ramsay, Yaseen, Hope, Noosma, and Pania.  All were good.  Hope needs to continue on her antibiotics and we will also get Pania on a program for antibiotics for her sinuses.  

Many thanks to all involved in helping to do these FFRC surgery days. From pre-ops to surgeries to post-ops, the kittens are always well cared for and watched over.  And thanks too to Gusti who provided drinks on Saturday and to 

We had BOXES on Friday.  Lots of appreciation and thanks! 
Eric S -- Case (48) of Sheba Cuts 
Yvonne vdk -- 2 Case of 12 Gatorade 
Tweeti Tweet  -- Royal Canin, Mother / Baby - Case of (30)  Fancy Feast cat food 
Anonymous -- 8 Containers Lysol Wipes - Case of Fancy Feast food

Sheri B -- Jackpot Pop-Corn (24), Box of 13gal kitchen bags, 8 packs of AA Batteries, Utz Jumbo Snack Pack, Case of Gatorade(24)
Anonymous -- 8 boxes of Broths 
LJ --  2 Boxes of Sheba Perfect Portions - 6 boxes of Fancy Feast Kitten 

Mr.Whiskers - for Spiker -- 11 cases of 40 friskies(assorted)  - 12  large container of Temptations - 3 Boxes of Appetizers - 6 boxes (10 )  Delectable squeeze ups 

Karen B --  6 boxes of Soups - Case of 24 Friskies Tiny Treasure canned food
Anonymous -- 9 Boxes of Delectable Treats Kitten 
Kathy K --  2, 200 Foot Computer Cable for Catstock
Davinci Mom -- 5 Cases of Fancy Feast Classic Broths 

Mr. Meow -- Card with 6 $5 chickie Dollars 
Julie & Dave -- Birthday Cards For Lucie &  Spiker with 2  $5 Chickie monies

And more thanks!
Janet K--donation to FFRC
Bragg Shop--donation to FFRC
Debra T--donation for the kitties needs
Reschke Store--donation to FFRC

We have 4 more adoptions!
Tobias --adopted 7/18--was adopted to his new dad and I'm not sure which one is happier! His new dad has been so waiting for Tobias to come home with him.  A very happy adoption!

Minerva--adopted 7/19--was adopted into a wonderful home with 2 elderly dogs.  Such a beautiful kitten. She was picked out weeks ago!

PD--adopted 7/19--his new name is Thackery Binx.  He seemed like the perfect cat for this home. We've already heard that he is doing great.

Yaseen--adopted 7/20--her name will stay the same! Yaseen certainly approved of her new dad--was rubbing all over his legs, telling him that it was time to go home! 

Tomorrow is the big day--our floors will start the process of being re-done.  The floor has had some problems, probably from a problem when being mixed.  So....all will be ground down to the bottom again and start all over.  We can get thru this!  It's only 4 full days of inconvenience.  Kittens will be dispersed between the back area and the front area.  The front area will consist of the purple office and the Kitty Kabana.  The back area will be the Front and Back Thumper's Rooms.  Most of the adults will be in the Kitty Kabana area, with a few exceptions.  Today we will get organized--making sure that supplies are plentiful for each area.  We won't be able to walk on the main area for those 4 days.  This also includes June's Room, Kitty Campus and Paddy's Place.  

We're getting all treatments caught up and ahead of schedule a bit, to help us with this upcoming week. Today alone, we will do the second of 8 leukemia/fiv/heartworm tests.  

We have taken on 2 more kittens that needed some extra help and TLC---
Chaps--grey and white, male.  He is about 8 weeks old with a birthday of 5/29/19.  He arrived 7/17.  It appears he was a toss out of a car--has the typical abrasions on his face--nose, lips and inside of his mouth.  He's a bit shy but when you hold him, he can purr up a storm! Won't be long until he's on the floor in the back Thumper's Room to make some friends.

Asia--brown tiger with very slight torti markings, female. She is about 11 weeks old with a birthday of 5/3/19. She arrived 7/19.  She was found outside with lacerations/abrasions to her face too, typical of the toss out of the car.  She is pure happiness--in a state of purriness. And her front paws knead constantly, even when just walking. She would be a great friend for Chaps!

Yesterday was our very hot and very humid day. All air conditioners held up for which I am thankful for.  The house one is fixed but we're still on "borrowed time" with the one that does the PawMart, front and back Thumper's room--just waiting for parts.  Hoping everyone is staying cool--humans and pets.  

Take care and enjoy this awesome day! 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thursday, July 18, 2019

It's hot and humid.  Kitties and cats are comfortable here in the main rescue center.  The Porchies, Firecats, Covies and Barnies know where all the shade spots are. They have plenty of water. We are also freezing bowls of water to put into their waterbowls.  Ducks and geese are in their water pools.  

We had BOXES yesterday! Glorious boxes....we are grateful!
FaithyMD - 3 Tubs Temptation Snackers, Box 48ct. Sheba, 24 ct Friskies
Ju in ji - 2 Soft poofy beds, 2 Boxes Little Soups
KathyinWVa & Donnie with Critters - Pretty photo of Zelda, Route 66 Stickers for Cat Walk, Lots of BookMarks for variety of kitties $3

DaVincimom - 4 Box Little Soups, 80ct 13-gal Trash Bags, 3 Tubs Clorox Wipes
KimR - Kitty Card with lots of pretty bracelets, earrings and necklaces to been seen soon at Flash Sale & PawMart
Anony Friend--uiii 2 Cases Fancy Feast

AprilCat - Case 40ct Friskies, Reeses Miniatures
Judy B - OK  Puppy & Kitty Card 2 Theatre & Kitten Pillows for Jacci & Donna, Very Pretty Kitty Lap Quilt for FFRC 
Judy Judy - Box of Little Soups, 2 Boxes Squeeze-Ups,  4 bags Fancy Feast Snackers
2 Boxes of Nutrish Cups, 3 Shebas

Eric & Carrie - 15lb Turkey for FFRC Kitties, Coffee, Crackers, Adoption Folders, 25 Meow Mix Cups
Sandy A - 20 Laser Lights for Adoption Bags
Judeannlee & Phil - Tower Trac, 3 mice toys, 4 foam balls, 4 pkg 10ct coil toys, Bag of Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat

Brian C - 2 Cases Fancy Feast
Denise & Elizabeth - SC  5 Boxes Appetizers, Case 24ct Friskies
Flymom - Blue Buffalo Snackers for Janie, Box of Fancy Feast Broths

Anony Friend-- 8 sleeves 6" plates 
Barb E - 10 Very pretty Adoption Bags, 7 Leggydews 
Anony - Jumbo Lounge Scratcher
Eric & Vanessa - 2 Tubs Temptation Snackers, 12 pk of G2 Water

Marilyn & Terry B - Kitty Card with Chicken $5, Guinea Hen Card with Chicken $5
Fran T - TX  Hummingbird Card with Donation
Joy, the Herd and also Don (lol) - NY   Kitty Card with Donation

Clark, Jesse & The Rest of the Gang - Happy Birthdays to Lucas 14 Jul 2015, Timothy 15 Jul 2007 & Victor 15 Jul 2012 & 3 Chicken $5
Clark Jesse & The Rest of the Gang - Happy Birthdays to Zelda 15 Jul 2010 and Debut  with 2 Chicken $5

And more thanks to give!
Kathryn M--case  of paper towels!
Sylvia H--case of PResto paper towels!
Jennifer Fisher--made this donation for A Boy & a Shovel & A Mower, who shared his earnings to FFRC.  He is 11 years old and enjoys animals!

Deborah S--donation to FFRC
Patricia H--donation to FFRC in memory of sweet Fonzi
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation for FFRC, use where needed

Many thanks to JustMe who puts this all together.  It's really appreciated! I love seeing these videos, knowing these kitties are happy and have a home.

Today---alert!  alert!!  We are having a quickie Flash Sale to help the finances of the 20th committee.  This committee is working on the celebration of our 20 years and to pay for the 
renovations of the Rescue Center.  It's TODAY at noon.  We have two items--the cooling towels and the bowl warmers (yes, quite a contrast!)   Please join us on the cam.

We have a regular Flash Sale coming up too.  It's on July 31st with Mich and Vern. Lots of great items--most never seen in our flash sales before!  That one starts around 2:30.

And another date--our July Fun-Raiser will be July 26 to 29.  It ends at 9 am on the 29th.  BOXES will be at 3:00 with the drawing immediately after boxes!  The 8 items for this fun-raiser are spectacular! 

All the kittens are still in the Main Area.  Belle and her 4 kittens are still in the back Thumper's Room.  They are toddling about on the floor!  Yasheen is also in the back Thumper's Room.  Such two wonderful adult cats. 

We've had 2 more adoptions!
Collins was adopted 7/16.  He went to a young man that Collins definitely approved of!  He wasn't here long at all before his home was found. A super nice cat.

Amber also went to her new home. She went into a home where she has a new mama that is totally devoted to her!  She is even taking a couple days off so she can help Amber adjust to her new home.  

I have to tell you about Hope.  This girl is absolutely fearless.  She even has my Bonnie wrapped around her tail! Last night I was running my bubble bath.  She has been very interested in those bubbles.  This time she was able to jump up on the tiny ledge of the tub. And.......then over she went, right into the bubbles, head first.  I grabbed her tail and pulled her out--that's all that was sticking out of the bubbles.  She learned a big lesson--bubbles are only air and cannot be stepped on! She absolutely was not worried about this happening--it sure made me do a fast grab though!  She sat on a towel and simply gave herself a bath! 

I talked to Bruce of Hunt Flooring.  They are ready to go for Monday to redo our floor.  We will make plans to help this go smoothly--such as where each cat and kitten will be most happy at, the shop vacs placed for both sides of the Rescue Center.  Supplies--food, litter, towels, etc. will be well stocked.  Laundry will have to be done in the house.  Hoping to be fully able to move back in on Friday.  

Two adoptions today!  

Monday, July 15, 2019

Monday, July 15, 2019

Wow--we sent up 51 pets to HumaneOhio today!  This is 50 cats and 1 dog. This includes 6 kittens of FFRC.  The 50 cats break down to 37 females and 13 males. The 1 dog is a female.  This brings our 2019 total to 677 (this is 674 cats and 3 dogs)--400 spays and 277 neuters!  We're keeping on with this project of spaying and neutering!

This Saturday is our FFRC surgery day!  We tentatively have these spays on the list: Prelie, Precious, Tinora and possibly Belle scheduled for this date. The neuters are: Fern, Pierre, Sydney, Gunner, Pepper and Watson.  Physicals already scheduled are for: Elsie, Jessie, Kiara, Magic, Ramsay and Hope.

Hope is doing super great--she's got it--she knows how to eat from a plate now! And she sure does enjoy it. She's doing very good in the house and even knows where the litterboxes are already!

Mama Belle is doing great.  She's a good mama.  Her 4 look-alike kittens are toddling all over the two condos now!  They are just beginning to sample some "real" food.

Tinora's foot continues to heal--she barely has a limp. And she sure knows how to rock and roll! Her laceration on her front arm is almost healed--possibly may have a scar. Such a sweetie.

Yaseen is also doing super. Such a sweetie. And she's so good with the kittens. She is a good auntie cat to all of the kittens. She is now on hold.

We took in 2 new kittens.
Dali--a gorgeous female, grey tiger/white, medium fur. Dali is 12 weeks old, with a birthday of 4/19/19.  She was brought in by a volunteer who saw her cross our main street uptown, going from Meek's Pastry to the Cabin Fever.  And she didn't get hit by a car!  Super friendly and a constant purr-er! She arrived 7/12/19.

Collins--a handsome dark orange and white male, about 11 months old. A volunteer found him in her neighborhood. He's very kind and so friendly. His birthday is 8/9/19.  He arrived 7/13/19.

Both names are from the Name a Cat list.

We have thanks to give!
Pat P--our wonderful friend--2 cases of water
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Family that came in to adopt:  plates, gatorade, garbage bags, Mr. Clean, disinfectant wipes & Dawn soap
Judy & Phil--big batch of paper towels and toilet paper!!  Also a donation to FFRC. And a wonderful visit!
Anonymous Friend--24 cans kitten can, 20 Purely Fancy Feast, 10 Sheba sticks
Monroe's adopted family--12 pack PT, 3 packs wipes
Mom of 2 adoptions-Janelle & Janine--plush toy, scratch refill, 2 storage cubes, mouse toys, band-aids, 3 cases water, 2 pack paper, neosporin oint, 3 hand soaps, wipes, batteries & wipe-out and the most scrumptious cake and bakery items!  YUM!
Reschke Store--donation to FFRC
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Marie C--donation to FFRC

From the Willie Shirt Donations: 3 treat containers, 2-48 Friskies can, 3 tubs litter, 10 clorox wipes, 2 laundry soaps, 30 PT, 200 13 gal. bags, 1 gal. CLorox cleaner, 1 Dawn soap. 

Anonymous Friend--12 count of Bounty paper towels
Brian C--3 big bags of Purina One Kitten!

We've heard from Aladdin's new family. His new name is Oliver. The picture they sent is wonderful--shows a happy kitten. Remember when he was here, he was a bit shy and we worked alot on that. From the mom--"Thank you so much. He is such a love bug and we say every day how blessed we are that he picked us and how blessed that you rescued him and cared for him". 

Another repair bill coming up.  The air conditioner is not working (again) in Paw Mart and the back Thumper's Room.  The kittens are rather "flat", staying low to the floor.  We've just opened the doors from front to back, inviting them to the Main Area where it's cooler.

The Dodger truck also had a repair bill. It had become a bit unsafe to drive. It's all fixed now. We use this truck alot for supplies. Also for recycling our aluminum for FFRC. 

A week from today will begin the floor repair.  The entire Main Area, all rooms connected to that area plus the Welcome Room and bathroom will be completely stripped down and done all over again.  We will have 4 full days of being displaced here at FFRC, but we can do it!

Take care..........stay cool!  Sounds like we have a very hot and humid week coming up. We are also working on dates for our next Flash Sale (by Mich and Vern) and a Fun-Raiser!  As soon as we know these dates, we'll get them to you!