Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saturday, July 28, 2018

What a lovely day!  Cooler temps, lower humidity! The cats and kittens are enjoying all of the windows being opened! 

We had an adoption yesterday!  Pogo went to his new home with my granddaughter Ashlyn and her hubby Josh.  It's a good thing because it was becoming hard to resist that little boy for me!  Ashlyn told me today that he slept beside her and all is well.  

We had BOXES yesterday!  Your boxes to FFRC are important to us--they keep us supplied in so many ways! We are always grateful.

Floyd & Patty - 2 Boxes 2" stretch wrap bandages

Plee & Sandy - SC  wash cloths, 6 bags Kitty Snackers, bag of Janie Snackers, 24 pillowcases made by Plee, Yellow baby blanket, Paw Points

Mary D & Randi M - 2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten

Ellie & My 4 Cats  UK - 42 badge of the Residents of FFRC  3 of each kitty made by Ellie

Sandy & Don - Case 24ct Tropicana, 48 bottles of Water, Box of Quaker Chewey Snacks, Yoga Mat, Pretty Blue Kitty Cave Bed

Elaine & Alan in Memory of LittleKat  - Box of Appetizers, Case 32 ct Friskies, 3 Cases 24ct Friskies, 1 Box 24ct Fancy Feast, 2-40lb Bags Dr Elsies Litter

Kerswill, Tom, Shawnee & Domino - Kitty Plate (Looks like Freemont looking in the mirror), 2 Yard art Kitties made of tree and grape vine, 2 Owl Throws with pillow, Fox Cuddle Friend Throw with Pillow, 3 Kitty Crate Pads, Kitty Blanket,  Pee Pads, Kitty Stickers, Treat Ball, 2 - 2019 Calendars, Thank You Cards, Stickers & Friends Cards, 2 Child Aprons

Anony - 24ct Friskies, 2 tubs Dental Snackers, 24ct Fancy Feast, 16lb Bag Purina One

Nona - 3 Large 2018/2019 Calendars

Anony - Dental Treats, Case Fancy Feast Kitten, 30ct Fancy Feast, 12pk Medley, 16lb Bag Purina One

Jody J - Reeses PB cups

Stripey & David - 20 Cans of Tuna & 4 Tubs Lysol Wipes

Denise & Elizabeth S - SC  Kitty Card - Paw Print Blanket, 12 pocket folders, 2 bags Snackers, food, Sheba, Appetizers, Beyond food, 2 Boxes Broths, Lots n Lots of Kitty Toys, Cute Cat Hut, Sponges

Joy & Don D - NY  Kitty Card with Note & Donation
John & Mary D - Kitty Card w/Donation in honor of Molly Marshmallow
Susan - OH  Donation
Austin - OH Donation
James H - OH  Donation
J&J - PA  Kitty Card with Note & Chicken $5
Kathy D - CA  Kitty Card with Note & Donation
Julie & David - UK  Card Happy Birthday Spiker with Chicken $5

Day Visitor - Abbie, Brandi & Mom - Paper Towels, Toys, Wash Cloths, Treats, Baby Food, Kitten Food, Kitty Wipes, Bleach & Glass Cleaner

Visitors: Pictaso & Sunnie - For Magic Sticks Treats, For Lucie & Ramsay Lickies, Cat Toys, Snackers & a Dontaion for FFRC!

Visitors: Dave & Melanie (adopted Helga) Delicious Donuts, Popcorn, Baby Food and Box of 1cc syringes

Today is a grow up day for the farmyard!  The ducklings and mama will now be out 24/7. We won't pen them up anymore at night time. Babies are as big as mama!  Their night time pen will be moved to fresh grass today and the guinea keets will go into this pen. They are still quite small but growing daily. Their present pen is now too small!  A super weather day to move them out on the farmyard!

We've heard from Rowdy's new family--"Henry/Rowdy is doing great! Having lots of play time and cuddle time. He is using the litterbox just fine."  He has a cat friend there named Arlo.

And we have more thanks to give! 
Mudjie--donation for our spay/neuter fund
Janet M--donation to FFRC 
David & Christine P & their cats--donation for the care of the cats & kittens
Shirley W from OH--a donation to FFRC
Laurie G from ME--a donation to FFRC, in honor of Elizabeth's birthday
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Sandra C--donation to FFRC
Centra M--donation to FFRC in honor of Paddy Cakes

We took on 2 new kittens yesterday. 
Cherokee--a handsome light brown tiger & white.  He has 2 white front legs and a bib. He was found by himself with an injury. His right rear leg is swollen. Super friendly. Fleas 1/4.  Cherokee was named in memory of Nikka.  He had a bath and is now clean and flea free.  Very ornery and sweet! His birthday is 5/4/18--makes him 12 weeks old.

March--a sweet, special black male. He was born 5/22/18 which makes him 9 1/2 weeks old. Someone had put on FB that if no one came and got this kitten, they would toss him out. A wonderful young lady who has adopted from us went and rescued him and then brought him to FFRC. He has special needs. You see, his right rear leg is stiff as a board and cannot bend. He sometimes drops this leg which makes a sore on the underside. March also has a super kinked up tail--adds to his personality.  He brings back sweet memories of other kittens we have had with stiff rear legs.  He and Cherokee are becoming good friends. 

The 9 kittens in the back Thumper's Room are getting better and better.  We now leave all 9 down 24/7. They are growing stronger.  And playing!  Eventually we will put March and Cherokee in the back Thumper's Room too!

Take care. Have a wonderful summer. Pet lots of cats and help another one get spayed or neutered. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday, July 27, 2018

Kitties being adopted and kitties coming in! That's the life of a rescue center! And we love it!

We've had more adoptions!
Dot & Kadu--two brothers from Callisynne's litter went to their new home together!  They went with a lady who has lots of time to cuddle and play with these two boys! 

Sherry--went to a home with kids and another cat! I've already heard from them and sounds like Sherry fit right in and is happy and contented!

Rowdy--he went to a home with a mom and another cat. I have a feeling he and his new cat friend will be great buddies.  And such a wonderful new mom too! 

Be ready!  We have a terrific upcoming Flash Sale!  It's on Weds., August1st!  Very important--we are finally getting to that 4th box of Warp's and it's a doozy of a great box!  Lots of fun things for cats to play with!  Plus, there's many other items too!  Don't miss it! Mich will be here and ready to go about 2:31ish! 

This coming Monday is our next HumaneOhio spay/neuter date. We are booked very full.  Should be a very productive day (or I should say--unproductive day! lol).   This will be followed by another HumaneOhio on August 7th, Tuesday. 

The 4 fosters that auntie Peggy are caring for were here yesterday. They are ever so cute and have the orneriest faces! It's Cheerio, Doodle, Razzle and Zazzle--4 cuties.  They will spend a little more time with Auntie Peggy. Next week, we will get their first distemper vaccines in them.  They are feeling good. 

Cashew's little foot looks awesome.  It's amazing how it's healing.  But....we'll let Dr. Darcy decide what will be next, if anything.  We just want to make sure this shorter foot (due to that brake caliper) doesn't cause him pain.  Ximanga too is doing better.  As you probably know, she was showing alot of neutrological problems with all 4 legs.  We've just left her play and play and it truly seems to be working out of her. Her legs are stronger and don't want to buckle nearly as much as they were.  She is one tough little cookies and ever so sweet!

We have new kittens! 
Clowey--you already know about him but will give an update. His wounds from the car motor are healing. His eyes still have some scarring going on. His rear back legs that were infected from wounds are much better too as is his diarrhea! His rear leg is less swollen and he's putting a little weight on it. We're making progress. He's an ornery and sweet baby.

CeeCee--arrived 7/25.  Her birthday is 6/13/18.  She was found at a bank and is only 6 weeks old.  She had a horrible breathing pattern upon arrival. But, antibiotics are doing their job and this problem is so much better. We're still working on a severe case of earmites with her.  She and Clowey play like crazy! 

And then we took in 7 new kittens, all littermates--known as the School Kittens. They were found behind a school in another county.  First thing that happened was a bath--oh my--we had some very stinky kittens! They each were bubbled up twice to get them clean.  The poor babies had severe flea infestations--hundreds came off of these 7 and they are only 3 1/2 weeks old. All were anemic. They also shared a eye infection amongst themselves.  All had big round wormy tummies yet were thin. Even though they are so young, they actually dived right into a plate a food.  Antibiotics and eye ointments and good food have worked wonders already.  Their eyes have improved immensely--today all were open and had bright eyes.  They of course are being treated for worms. Today already they had an hour on the floor in the back Thumper's Room and wobbled around fairly well.  Here's their names:
Leah--calico, ears are gold & black, female
Imogene--grey/white, whisker pads are white, female 
Manfred--black with white tummy, male
Mr. Anderson--black with white tummy & chest, male
Lubani (LOO-Bonni)--black and white,  sm. white spot on back, male
Thapar--black tiger and white, wh splotch on back, male
Atticus--brown tiger, male
All these names are from our Name a Cat list! Many thanks!

I've heard from Satori and Vusiko's family.  All is good.  Satori is out and about and the two play together. They also both love the laser light. 

We have thanks to give! This rescue center appreciates all that is gifted to help us to make ends meet. 
Napa--donation in memory of Puddy 
Janet K--donation for support of FFRC
Gusti--donation for all the new babies to get healthy and happy
Anne L--donation to be used as needs, especially for the new kitties
Yvonne VDK--donation for the new kitties
Mark S--donation to go towards the care of the new kittens, including Clowey
David R--donation for outside cats and meds for Clowey
Carol D--donation in memory of our sweet girl, Tiny Toe 
Kelly L--donation for FFRC

I've been asked for an update on Steve.  He has 28 more days of his daily infusions. He's also doing labs twice weekly and physical therapy twice weekly.  This week he had 3 doctor appointments.  Next week, only 1!  We're hoping in 3 1/2 more weeks, he will be given his next surgery date and at that time, we're hoping that the new knee will be put in. But, before they will do that, they have to be very certain that the infection is gone. If not, another cement knee spacer will be put in for another 6 weeks.  We are still planning on our NC Outer Banks with our family -- leaving on September 28th.  It's a must!

It's coming up!  Our last day on Ustream is July 31st.  Right now, chatters can use both YouTube and Ustream. We are encouraging you though to use YouTube so you are comfortable with this change.  If you are experiencing any problems, please contact one of the moderators. They are there to help and guide you!  As a way of celebrating our last day on Ustream, CAPS are allowed on Ustream (not Youtube)! 

Annetta is doing wonderful! Remember it was felt that all of her eye cancer was not removed ---but, so far, so good. Not a sign of it. She so loves her stuffed little mouse that squeaks and will meow and meow at it!  Mitz was seen playing very intently with the Yeowww banana--rolling and rolling! It was nice to see her having fun.  Tilly Rose is a sweetie--she just loves to be petted and told she's a good girl.  

Only 43 more days to Catstock. It's all about peace, love and fun for the cats and for each other! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Wow! Wonderful BOXES yesterday.  It was like Christmas in July. So very much appreciated.  Each of these gifts/supplies help us here at FFRC! A million thanks!

Jody J: Box of 1000 plastic spoons

Sean G.:  Large Bag of Pania Flakes

Famousboys: 2 Boxes of Delectable Bisque,  1 chicken, 1 tuna

Jody:  Gift for Jacci and Steve to allowing them to do a little relaxing.  2 Movies:  "Jimanji" and "Lean on Pete"/  also 4 boxes of Popcorn--yummm
Anonymous:  4 Boxes of Delectable Bisque

Don and Sandy:  1 case of Assorted Sun Chips, Canister of Temptation Tuna snacks, 2 Catnip Bag Toys, Green Shag Rug Blankie,  Box of Assorted Cheetos, Doritos, Popcorn, Lays Chips, 6 Large Packs of Unscented Wipes, 4 Large Chlorox Wipes 

Ollie and Gene (Jazmyne):  2 cases of Fancy Feast Broths (Tuna, Shrimp, White Fish),  2 Large Bottles of Dawn Dish Washing Liquid, 1 pkg. Sponges, 3 Large Canisters of Temptation Chicken Snacks,  2 cases of Fancy Feast Chicken Variety

Anonymous:  Pizza Toy with Cheese, Red Pepper Attachments
Plee:  Lots beautiful handmade Pillow Cases (various patterns), 6 cases of 12 Sheba Perfect Portions.

Randi B. and Mary D. (Pa):  2 cases of Large Canned Tuna
Christy D.  (The Dennie Family):  Donation of 40 K Cups, 2 Laser Light Toys in lieu of adoption of a kitten fee (from another rescue!!) 

Anonymous:  4 cases of Appetizers, 2 cases of 32 Friskies, 1 case of 24 Friskies,
             1 case of 24 Gravy Sensations

Debby S. (Fla.):  2 Large Boxes filled with Handmade Afghans, Large and Baby sizes.  They are all beautiful.  For FFRC, adoption bags, Flash Sale, Fun-raisers!

Patricia L.:  2 cases of 48 Sheba Perfect Portions, 2 cases of Fancy Feast Broths,  4 Packs of BFF kitty food.

Annie and Debbie:  1 case of Broth, 3 Packs of (25) 30 gal. trash bags.
DaVincisMom:  Large Bag Royal Canin kitten dry food.
Judy and Phil:  Donation

Elaine and Alan:  Beautiful handmade card & donation in memory of  Little Kat
Frances T. :  Donation in Memory of Kittles her Maine Coon at the Rainbow Bridge
Marilyn and Terry:  Card and $5 Chicky Dollars
Julie and David:  Card for Lucie's Birthday, $5 Chickie Dollars.

Many thanks too to:
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Teena L--donation to FFRC
Andrew B from AZ--donation to FFRC
Leilah A--donation to FFRC
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Leona S--donation to FFRC for kitten from Putnam county

Derecho has been busy again! He's a whiz at these Giggles Videos! Many thanks to his manager too for helping him with this production!  Check it out at: 
 Please click the like/thumbs up button youtube as it helps generate more $$ for, it makes Derecho smile!  Double check out the beginning picture of the cat--love it!

Cashew is doing super!  His little injured foot is coming along. Doesn't seem to be as painful as it had been. And he sure knows how to zoom about.  Ximanga (which means cat!) is also doing great. That little girl has endless energy and thinks nothing of joining in on the big cats playing! Love her courageous attitude.

We've had 4 more adoptions!
Helga--was adopted 7/21.  Her new family says:  Helga had a good trip to her new home. She is a perfect angel. She scouted her new home for a couple hours and then played laser beam. She sticks to us like glue, always by our side and slept at the end of the bed. She is such a loving kitty, really glad she likes us.  Sounds like Helga adjusted quickly to her new home!

Crocus--was adopted 7/21.  Crocus went into a home where our Whitney had been adopted last year (our black/white adult).  I've seen pictures already and it sure looks like these two have bonded. They seem completely happy with being together and sharing their new home!

Bart & Pipkin--adopted 7/23.  Craig and Brenda had visited here about 2 weeks ago. They fell for these two cats and wanted to adopt! So.......they came back from Seattle yesterday to adopt!  We kept in touch the entire trip back to Seattle and both cats did very well.  No fussing--were good travelers.  They are now home safe and sound. I've seen pictures and it looks like they are doing just great! Make me happy! 

We have more adoptions today--if all goes smoothly, it'll be 9:00 and 3:00.  

Magic is stretched out on my desk.  So is Ramsay--he's here on top of the desk looking very pleased with himself! And Lucie is curled up in her round bed beside the desk.  Pogo is on top of the desk reaching down where the application adoption forms are. He's busy putting his toothmark (of approval!) on them! 

Gunner made his trip to Ashlyn and Josh's home. He's a happy horse. The move went great. They are only down the road about 8-10 minutes!  I saw Gunner again yesterday and he was happily rolling on the ground! 

Mark your calendar!  Catstock is now only 46 days away! Wow--that'll be here in no time.  Here's a bit about this year's Catstoack!  Strawberry Hill band will again join us and play their great songs from 1:00 to 4:00.  There will be lots of good grilling going on!  Plus a front fire ring for S'Mores and Pudgy Pies and lots of goodies to eat.  It's a time for Friends, Fun, Food and Enjoyment!  Coin join us for the friendship.  Enjoy the cats--spend as much time as you'd like petting, brushing and getting to know them!  The Covies too will be waiting for their share of attention!  There will be lots of visitors, chatters, lurkers here....come meet them all!  Also some good fun "stuff" to do--FFRC Cat BIngo, Corn Hole, 50/50 drawing, Grown up Chalk Fun and more!  Catstock has come to be where we all just "hang out" in peace, love and harmony.  Chit chat the day away visiting everyone and the cats.  And of coure, it's fun tod ress the part (if you'd like).  You can be a far out hippie for the day!  Come for the day, for the whole weekend, just come and have fun!  

Take care all.  A busy week ahead with the kitties and cats!  Enjoy!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday, July 21, 2018

We had some rain!  I think the cats even enjoyed watching it come down! I know the ducks and geese were sure having fun.  We sure did need that rain for the farmer's fields and for the yards.  Maverick (the horse) found a tiny mud puddle and rolled in it.  I always say give him a cup of mud and he'll be successful in rolling his big body all over in mud! 

We had 3 more adoptions! 
Rafiki went to a new home with other cats. I've already seen a picture and he really looks happy and contented. He has so much love to give--he's going to be a happy boy having his very own home!

Tristan & Bris--the twin brothers went to their new home together! So glad they got to go together.  This family too has other cats--these kittens will fit right in. Tristan & Bris are the two tigers with white socks.

Still more adoptions coming up!

We had BOXES on Thursday.  I am so very grateful for these gifts. It helps our cabinets, shelves and closets to stay stocked.  The cats and kittens too are thankful! 
Ollie the Hooligan & Gene the Monster - bag of RedFish gummies for Vols, 250 9" Plates
2 bags Dr. Elsies kittylitter

Hope - 4 boxes 6ct Appetizers, 2-12ct Boxes Broths, 2-20ct Boxes Appetizers
Rebkah U - 2-12 Boxes Broth
KittyKatLady - 1000 6" plates
DaVincimom - 2-80ct Boxes Hefty 13-gal Trash Bags, Box 16ct Broth
Debbi & Annie - 80 Hefty 13-gal Trash Bags, Box 16-ct Broths, 50 Appetizers
Love3Cats/Diana - Long, Pretty Teal Rug

Don & Sandy - 2 Soft Cuddly Kitty Beds, Plush Cozy Throw, Pretty very soft blankie, Blue round kitty bed, 24-ct Fancy Feast, Case Fancy Feast Kitten, Case Friskies, 2 12-ct boxes 9_Lives Box of Meow Mix Cups

Sunnie J - Happy 8th Birthday Zelda August 15th to share with her friends - Kitty Card with note, Party Mix Treats just for Zelda, 3 cans Tuna, 5 Cans chicken, For Flash Sale: Flamingo Beach Blanket, 2 Kitty Kitchen Towels, 50x60 Kitty Throw, Free & Clear Kitty Wipes, Lemonade/Raspberry for flavoring water, Sheet of Stamps

Renee B - PA - 9 Paw Points, Free Toy coupon, Purina One coupons, Card for Vols
Maggie - Michigan Visitor - Canned Food, Baby Food, Toys, Treats, Paper Plates & TP

Plus, we have more thanks!
Wendy C--donation for yummy snackers for Dingie
Judy & Jack Z--donation for FFRC, they enjoy the kittycams!
James C--donation to FFRC
BillieK--donation in memory of Annabelle & for a special treat for Dingie
Mark D & family--24 pk PT, 8 pk clorox wipes, 2 cases water
Samuel D--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation for a blankie and toys for Helgas adoption & for Jones' meds

Update on Gunner.  Gunner is my granddaughter's horse--the gold/white paint. He's been here a bit over a year. Recently, Ashlyn and her husband have moved and they now have a barn with a horse stall and a pasture. Gunner will be leaving tomorrow, Sunday afternoon.  He's a great horse and will be missed but knowing Ashlyn has her own horse on her own property is precious to me.  He will have many neighboring horses to see so he won't be lonely for another horse. 

We have names for the 4 latest kittens! These 4 kittens arrived on 7/18.  Unfortunately their mama was killed on the road. A couple saw that she was gone and knew where her kittens were--in a woodpile. So, they were brought to FFRC.  They are only 4 weeks old and arrived very hungry. Gobbled up their soft slurry food.  Here they are.........
Cheerio--Female, calico
Doodle--Male, grey/white
Zazzle--gold/white (twins, but he has a bit more white over hips)

When Peggy comes to volunteer, if she has any fosters she always brings them with her.  Cashew and Ximanga came and they stayed!  They are now in the Main Area. Both are doing great. Cashew's little front foot still remains a tiny problem--Dr. Darcy will look  at it again in a couple weeks.  

Auntie Peggy then took the 4 new ones home with her to foster for a couple weeks.  My schedule is so tight--this is a big help to me right now. But, all 4 are doing good and eating well on their own. I imagine they are getting quite spoiled--exactly what we want! 

I can give you a tentative list of kitties and cats that will be adopted--are on hold. Just keep in mind, things change sometimes.  The ones on tentative holds are: 
Bart & Pipkins together
Brinn & Wonder together
Neal & Virginia together
Helga (today late morning)
Callisynne & Tilly Rose together

Kitties and cats come in and they go out!  That's what we do........find wonderful, loving homes where we know they are well cared for.  Take care and have a wonderful weekend.  Still have some stray cats & kittens?  Now is the time to spay and neuter.  It truly does make a difference. We can't adopt our way out of the overpopulation numbers of cats, but we CAN spay/neuter our way out of this problem! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Weds., July 18, 2018

We had BOXES yesterday!  It was so good to get into box routine again! And it was very wonderful to see our friends and lots of new friends on the cam.   Many many thanks for the gifts for FFRC.
Ollie (Hooligan) & Gene (Monster) - 3 - Sleeves of Appetizers, 12ct Box of Broth
Karen B - 12 ct Box of Broth, 2 Tubs Temptation Snackers, Case 24 ct Appetizers

Eve S.  In memory of Nikka  Angel & Heart Suncatcher with Winter scene & Kitty Angel Statue for the Cove
Sean G - Case of Fancy Feast Kitten
Great Aunt Julie - 2 Bags of Pania Flakes
Angelica G - Brazil - Pretty Blanket, 2 rolls of Kitty Duct Tape, Sococo (cococnut) Candy, 2 hand towels with FFRC Logo Very Nice

Anony - 32 pgs Party Mix Chips, 20 bags of popcorn, 20 2 pks of Milano Cookies
KittyKatLady - 90-13 gal Glad Trash Bags
LJ323 ME - 2 boxes 12 ct Broth, 5 Boxes Appetizers
JodyJ - Peace Whirly Gig clings & a bag of toys, prizes and tatoos.

Dawn - Case of water
Leanne & Rita MI & Toronto - Kitty Blankie for Jacci, Pringles, Vinegar, Bleach, Candy, Popcorn, Kitten Food, Dish Soap, Cat Food, Maple Creme Cookies and a very beautiful super soft blanket for Jacci! 

Barb/PlebLady - 24 cans of Salmon
Annie & Debbie - 7 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 4 Bags Litter
David & Melanie D - Day visitors - Donation
Craig & Brenda - WA 8 tubs Clorox Wipes, 2 Bags Kitty Litter
Maggie N - TP, Snackers, Toys, 6" Plates, Baby Food, Tuna & Kitty Food
Melissa L NY - Donation

Laura H - OH with kitties Sunrise, Angel, Allie, Hannah & Widget -  Kitty Card Donation in memory of Dani P
Chris & Tori -- Catnip Plant, 24ct Case Fancy Feast, Bag of Purina One, Snackers, Litter & Donation

Also thanks to:
Katie S--3 packs mountain dew and 1 pack Lipton tea for the volunteers
Kathleen E--donation to FFRC, in hoor of Frank & Michele P. 

It's cooler today!  We actually had the windows open for a few hours this morning! The cats loved it. Many of them were lying in the windows.

An update and info on Annabelle.  Annabelle started her life here at FFRC many many years ago. At that time, I did not keep records, but we figure she's probably 19 years old. Her son is Dingy who is 18 years old.  They have been Barnies for years and years until about 3 years ago. At that time, they both came up towards the front and became Porchies in the Porchie Haven.  These two have always been inseparable.  They truly ate, slept, sunbathed together and even walked side by side.  About 2 1/2 weeks ago, Annabelle came up missing. We just knew that something was wrong so we went looking for her. She was under the #2 shed but appeared "ok".  No way could we get her.  Plus, while Dingie would let us pet, the only time we could pet Annabelle was in her beloved Porchie Haven.  We kept track of her and kept plenty of food and water along all the sheds. Then about a week ago, we could no longer find her.  During this time, Dingie would go in and out from the shed and visit his mama.  But when we could no longer see her, he started spending his time under the shelter house and in the welcome room porch.  

We all had a sinking feeling that she had passed away somewhere. But yesterday, that changed. She was spotted dragging herself trying to get under a different shed. Luckily, a volunteer happened to see her and made a spectacular dive and caught her.  She was in very poor condition. It's been so very hot.  She was brought in and was immediately given fluids.  Later last night she drank a little and ate a little by herself.  But......she could not use her rear legs and there was no anal sphincter tone. Something had happened to her.

This morning, Dingie came in and visited his mama for about 2 hours.  Then he was done and wanted back out which of course we let him go. First though, he received a major grooming. And a couple meals too!  But, it was obvious that Annabelle was not going to make it. She would only be happy outside. Regardless, her legs didn't work and she couldn't potty very well either. That is not a happy life for such a magnificent old cat. We respected her far more than to let her suffer. The decision was made to let her go to kitty heaven.  

This cat was awesome. She was loved very much. She had the life she wanted--out on the farm, with her son, could do whatever she wanted and whenever she wanted.  She was a friend to all of the other cats.  

So, while we will miss her, there's also a sense of peace that she is not suffering. Not suffering from her problems, from the heat, from not being able to be the cat she wanted to be. 

I feel very sure that Dingie told his mama goodbye.  He sniffed her all over, ate a meal with her and laid with her for a bit. That's when he was then ready to go back outside.  He's an oldster himself.  

Thank you for listening and reading her story. She was very important to us. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Our summer sure has been hot and humid. But all is fine for the cats.  The rescue center is air conditioned and they have plenty of fresh cool water.  The outside cats have many fans and tons of shade.  They are all doing good.

Farm news:  the ducklings are now almost as big as mama.  We have another duck sitting on a nest of eggs in the big red barn.  The Barnies are coming up and joining the Porchies for their breakfast. The guineas are growing fast.  In addition to their grain, they are getting cut up strawberries, veggies and grass with clover--these things are all chopped up fine for them. They can gobble them right up! The horses, donkey and goats are also doing good. They have fans inside the barn and shade outside. I'm sure they wish it would rain so their grass grows again!

We have thanks to give!  YOU are appreciated. 
Lurker Sam in NM--1000 of the 6 inch styro plates
Yvonne VDK--donation to be used where needed
Lynne W--donation for FFRC
Pamela C--donation for FFRC

Lana H--donation for FFRC
Helen C--donation for FFRC
Eaglewatcher--donation to FFRC, in honor of Megan, volunteer

Justin K--donation to FFRC
William M--donation to FFRC
Melvin S jr--donation to FFRC
James R--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation for FFRC

We've had several adoptions!
7/9--Satori and Vusiko were adopted together.  They went to a family that had visited twice in June. Because of their vacation, they waited to adopt these two adults till they got back.  Both are doing good. Satori is still some reserved but enjoys the windows overlooking their woods.  Vusiko is a charmer for them!

7/14--Zoie was adopted. She went with a teacher who has this whole summer to spend with Zoie! Zoie was so happy to have a human mama.

7/16--Livia was adopted. She went to her new home where she has a mama all to herself.  She was picked out a bit ago but had to wait for her spay to be done. I've already seen a picture--Livia explored the entire house and then settled into a cozy spot for a long nap!

7/16--Zoolove was adopted. She went with a young man that has waited for her to be spayed also. He's visited a few times. She will make a good friend to him. Her new name is Maggie.

Our next HumaneOhio surgery day is July 30th. The following dates for HumaneOhio will be July 30th, a Monday and August 7, a Tuesday.  August 8th will be Eddie White and Mitz dentals. 

I would like to thank everyone for your kindness, good thoughts and prayers in regards to Steve's surgery.  He now has his temporary cement spacer there where his knee was.  His days are busy with infusions that have to be done at the hospital each day.  He also has labs and physical therapy twice a week plus doctor appointments. These things are keeping us hopping.  If all goes well, his next new "real" knee will be done on September 4--that's our goal. 

Because of the time it takes to do these appointments and "mom care", I have slowed up a bit in taking incoming kittens and cats. It's just temporary. As soon as we get into a better schedule, we will again be taking on more.  

GIovanna is here by my desk, grooming. She is feeling much better after being treated for her stomatitis.  Lucie is in my lap--she's a great lap cat!  Zelda is snoozing away right in front of me. There's 8 kittens scurrying around playing with anyone that moves or any toy that comes into their view! Nyota too is watching them with interest! Asha has found a patch of sun--just right for bathtime! 

 Alma is doing wonderful--she has her area that she loves--her cubby, her big bed, her litterbox is close by as is her food and water.  And the tree is close enough she can grab it when she wants! 

Cutie has gained a bit of weight! She seems like such an "old soul". It's always interesting--she can spot an empty lap from anywhere and bee-lines it to the lap! Such a great girl.

More adoptions coming up. Some of the cats that are on hold are: Brinn & Wonder together, Neal & Virginia together, Pipkins & Bart together and Helga.We have a few others on tentative holds. 

Take care everyone! Thanks for your friendship and support.  We are having BOXES today at 4:00!  

Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday, July 9, 2018

20 more spays/neuters are accomplished! This time, it was here at FFRC. We did 11 FFRC boys and 7 girls. Plus, we had 2 public males.  This brings our total for 2018 to 593. Last year at this time, we had a total of 434. 

The girls that were spayed are: Livia, JoBella, Zoolove, Zurple, Prentyss, Chikandi and Crocus.   
The boys that were neutered are: Dot, Kadu, Sabu, Bart, Rafiki, Teg, Bris, Tristan, Pogo and Rowdy.

It was decided to hold for the next surgery time for Cashew--his leg/foot is still in the "undecision slot".  While it's healing beautifully, there is a certain amount of soreness to his foot.  We will know better in August. In the meantime, he's doing terrific!

We also did a repair on the hernia of Sherry.  She had had her spay/umbilical hernia repair done earlier last week at HO.  It was an easy fix but did requuire anesthetic and surgical intervention.  She's doing super. 

All physicals were good on the surgery kittens. We did not do any physicals in the Main Area on the cats.  None were due at this time.

We have thanks to give!  YOU are appreciated!
Yvonne VDK--case of Sparkling Juice, case of Gatorade Quenchers & case of FF Broth!
Jody626--2 two step stools. One for the end of the counter and one for inside a condo so kittens can climb!

Selena, Maggie, Michelle, Karen--visitors for weekend--baby food, 8 rolls PT, 2 snackers, 2 scratch boards, big & little plates

Arden B from IN--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to supply drinks in this very hot summer
VIcki R--visitor--4 bags dry food, 2 toys, 6 PT, 15 cans FF, 14 cans Friskies

The newest kitten Rafiki is doing great. At first he wasn't so sure what all these other kittens were about but he's doing so much better now and is beginning to play with them! He's a purr kitten. I love it when so many of these kittens just purr, even simply by looking at them!

We had an adoption! Sweet Batman went home with our volunteer Mary Braid. A super wonderful kitten that loves everyone!  I'm sure he's already fit right in and is a happy boy!

RIght now, here in the purple office, there are 7 kittens playing with peacock feathers.  They sure know how to have fun.  Brinn and Wonder are doing fantastic.  They had a rough start but both are making up for that now. I told them both that it's like they grow from night time to morning time! Both are doing great and are here playing too!

Camvie sure loves the Bella's Place/dog run. The guinea babies are in there, inside a giant pen. She is very good with them but so enjoys watching all the action.  If you can't find here, that's where she will be! 

Annetta continues to do well.  No sign of her cancer advancing. She still daily takes two different toy mice and carries them around, meowing very loudly. She's such a happy girl.

Here's an update about our 3 newest outside cats:
JOHN    black/white    DOB  8/26/17   Arrived at FFRC 12/1/17.   Adopted  2/10/18 but situation changed and had to come back to FFRC on 7/7/18.
John is black/white, super sweet and a polydactyl.  He's friends with everyone. He likes the big outdoors so we thought he would be a great addition to the Covies--he gets the outdoors and yet is safe. A puur boy! 

TOASTY    grey/white.  DOB  5/26/17.  Arrived at FFRC 6/9/18.  He came from an area with known cat predators and had been injured. Due to safety, he could not be returned there. After trying various ways to meet his happiness, he decided himself to become a Porchie! He's made friends and is out and about and is becoming a meeter/greeter!  Nice cat!

WINSTON     grey tiger  DOB  6/1/17   Arrived at FFRC 6/1/18.  He was found all by himself and seemed lost so he was brought to FFRC.  It was obvious his heart was outside, not inside. We tried him as a Porchie and he has fit right in. Very visible, comes when called and is very happy! Loves to talk to people too! 

If you come for a visit, you'll have to check these three boys out! 

Take care to everyone! And know that you are all appreciated.  Just a reminder:  Tomorrow is Steve's surgery. I won't be around too much this week so if you could go light on emails and messages (and problems! lol) that would be a big help to me! 

One of my daughters says this: "Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of humane change".  

Also:  "Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive".

I appreciate our FFRCNation. While we meet in many ways--here with visitors, chat, lurking, messages, etc., your friendship and kindness to one another is so appreciated. And especially while we are all learning the youtube ways, patience is so important. We can do this change.........I just know it. People like our FFRCNation has it in them to do this change and keep on going with us! Please take good care. 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday, July 6, 2018

Surgery day is tomorrow. It's an FFRC day!  We are always happy to have these! 
Tentatively, we have these girls scheduled: Livia, JoBella, Zoolove, Zurple, Prentyss, Chikandi and Crocus.  
The boys are: Dot, Kadu, Bart, Sabu, Teg, Rafiki, Bris, Tristan, Pogo, Rowdy and Cashew. 
We will also have Sherry's hernia incision checked as it seems a bit "pouchy".

This past Tuesday, was a Spay/Neuter day with HumaneOhio! We love these events too! We sent up 40 cats which broke down to 24 females and 16 males.  Plus, 1 male dog!  This makes our Grand total as of 7/3/18, 328 females and 243 males, which is 571. 

We also have had 3 vouchers recently for 3 male cats. our grand total is 574.

We have had 2 adoptions. Marie April left on Monday. She went to my sister and brother in law, Judy and Dave. They are volunteers on Tuesdays. She is doing very well and is exploring the whole house. She also has an outdoor porch enclosure!

We adopted Mars--such a great kitten. He went to a teacher who now has the whole summer off to enjoy Mars. She was so excited and Mars sure did like her!

We have lots of thanks to catch up on. With this week having a holiday, I've gotten behind in our thank yous, but please know you are very appreciated:
Heather & Ryan P--has adopted 3 kittens from FFRC.  Donation for the rescue center
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Shannon S--donation for the care of Victor & Jackson II & friends
Katie, Rob and furbaby Max--donation for special birthdays--Jacksn, August and Cutie
Leticia B--donation to FFRC
Melvin S Jr. --donation & wishing a happy 4th to everyone
DonnaB in GA--donation for Spiker and Coralie & hugs
Shannan W--donation to FFRC

This is really great! MaryAnn & Paul B from SC ride their bikes for FFRC.  They figure out a certain amount for each mile. For June, they rode 124 miles for FFRC and sent a donation!

Try this--you'll love it!  It's another Giggles Scene and it's now #26! Check it out at       Directed by Derecho. Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for FFRC.  And thanks to Derecho's Producer for helping him!

Farm news update:  the ducklings are growing quickly. All 10 follow their mama around like good ducklings should. It's fun to watch them gobbling up their food. They continue to be out loose all day and are penned up at night for safety.  The baby guineas are also growing. During the day their heat lamp is now turned off but switched back on for nighttime. They all sleep in one big huddle together!

The Barnies, Porchies, Firecats and Porchies are all doing good. They have made it thru a very hot and humid week. Sometimes they are stretched out in the sun and sometimes along the edge of the woods to stay cool. 

I also want to catch up on BOX thank yous from Tuesday evening. So many thanks to you.
Anony - 640 6" plates
Nona/nyc_birds - 2 of those wonderful Spin Mops
Anony - Case 24ct. Baby Food

Judeannlee & Phil -  boxes Fancy Feast Broths
Madisonpepper - Cat Lady Box - Kitty Card, Purrtoise Sunglasses, Chap Sticks, Cat Travel Bag, Sun catnip toys, Sunset Beach cat mat, Cat String Bag
K. B. - 6 pkts of Stew, 2 - 12ct boxes of sardines

Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 cases Fancy Feast
Yvonne VDK - 24 bottles Gatorade, 3 boxes Purrfectly Chicken, 2  boxes AAA batteries
Caitlin OT - 24 Rolls Sparkle Paper Towels

RascalBoots - 100 9" Plate, 3 Tubs Clorox Wipes, 20 pkts Fancy Feast Broth
Puppies95 - 2 boxes 24ct Fancy Feast Broth
Barbara E NC - Card with Note - 9 Leggy Dews, 9 cute Key Chains, Cat Tongs

Denise & Elizabeth S - NC  Thank You Card with Note, Popcorn & Soda cat toys, Sheba Sticks, 4 pkts Fancy Feast Fillets, 2 sets Pillow Cases, 2-Squeeze-Ups, 15 - Appetizers

Butterfly Class - Teacher & SNHEUVHS  Their Last Box with Letter - 1 framed kitty drawings, 2 Butterfly plaques, Shadow Box with Kitty Drawings, Key chains made with students drawings 

Annie G & Debbie M - 4 bags of Cat Litter
Susan C - OH  Donation
Jeanne S - Donation to Feliz Navidad

Michael & Cathy L - IN  Donation in memory of Barbara Hull
Brenda & Craig WA - Card with Stickers  Catnapple & Kliban Cat
Catlady Marie & The Magnificent 7: Jabberwocky, Phoenix, Ziva, Robie, Walter, Payton, Yogi & Singer.  Sent photo of her first two kitties who are now gone, Boo and Jonsalar

Michelle & Mary L - NJ  Kitty Card with letter

We have a Cat of Liberty and that cat is...............Ramsay! Yes, he had the most votes. He's proud to be this symbol of Liberty. Our Cat of Liberty fun-raiser was this afternoon and it was wonderful. Many thanks to the mods that organized this!  First, though came those wonderful BOXES!
Arthur R - UT  Fun Raiser - Beautiful Teal & White Afghan  many many stitches!
Hope366 - Albert or Angel Garden - Solar Paw Prints

Jatcat - Keyboard and mouse
Katie S - Red Dot Revenge Cat Toy & gift Card for Amazon

Puppies95 - Cozy micorplush kitty blanket, 8 wash cloths, 2 styles and 4 of each Angel Necklaces
Rugs 30x46  Blue & Pink

Great Aunt Julie - IA - 2 bags Pure Beef Snackers, SilverVine Sticks, 3 Eeeeeek Toys
TearsFromADream - 2 bags snackers for JanieCat, 6 boxes 12ct Meow Mix Cups

Sean G - 24 Bottle of G2
Lurker Sam - NM - 900 9" plates

Plee - SC  Coupons, 7 pillow cases, mini afghan for kitties, 1 blankie and 2 soft sheets, Red Poof for kitties
Rascalboots - Pania Flakes
Tom & Linda C - IL    Donation
Thanks to our Catetary for keeping notes for me!

And then the unveiling of the Cat of LIberty! Here's how the votes went which were shown up on a poster stand! We even had some write ins as write ins are purrfectly acceptable by law! 

Voting:  Annetta 7, Jessie 17, Coralie 34, Zelda 6, Vern 6, Jonsie 18, Asha 10, Lucie 18, Pania 9, Farrah 16, Kiara 11, Paddy Cakes 11, Paddy Purr 34, Alma 15, Spiker 28, Camvie 4, Hensley 8
Tie For 4th Place Derecho 36 & Magic 36
3rd Place: Cutie 57
2nd Place: Elsie 73
1st Place: Our Cat of Liberty Ramsay with 99 Votes!

596 Ticket at $5 = $2890
Bump Ups: Contessa in honor of husband Garys Birthday  $25, Anonymous - $85, Anonymous - $1000

Grand Total $4000  (this is all for our spay/neuter fund)

Winner of the Rosemary Afghan Janet S
Winner of the Sprocket Photo and fur from Ramsay - Gail Wi

Consolation prizes went to:  Yvonne VDK, KimKost, Kris Mat, Missy Sly, Faithy, Madisonpepper, love4cats, Straycatlady, BillyK, Mudjie for Donna, & Elaine & Alan

It was a great fun-raiser!  Many thanks to all that provided the votes, to Marcia and Lynnette for counting all the votes, to Rosemary for the beautiful afghan (from South Africa). and to the mods who helped with PR.'s not long until we go all the way over to youtube. It has already been activated some during each day to practice and to make the transition easier.  For those having issues in the switch, help will be provided--just ask a mod! They are learning quickly how to do this change and are eager to help you!

All the kittens are now up in the Main Area. They "anchored" themselves to Cat's Corner Room and then were soon out to explore the whole area. It didn't take them long to feel comfortable.  JoBella, Pogo, Prentyss, Rowdy and Batman are having fun!

Our littlest girl, Ximanga is going to spend a bit of time with Auntie Peggy while I'm so busy next week. She's just a little girl and needs some extra attention. She'll be back later. 

We've taken on a new kitten. His name is Rafiki (a Name a Cat name). He's a siamese boy and is having lots of fun making new friends. He arrived at 8 1/2 weeks old. His birthday is 5/6/18. He arrived on the 4th of July. Rafiki was inside a car motor and was discovered at a gas station. The car was jacked up. It took an hour to get Rafiki out safely. He's a sweet little boy who likes to talk!

The kittens are full of energy. And they have endless pits--that's what I tell them. They've been eating and growing right in front of my eyes! And then they play like crazy. Running, jumping, tackling, chewing on each other, chasing tails--it's constant motion! And then they crash and sleep for hours! So much fun. 

Take care and enjoy this weekend! 

Monday, July 2, 2018

Monday, July 2, 2018

It won't be long until Pogo, Batman, Rowdy, JoBella, Prentyss and Ximanga will be in the Main Area. We will most definitely have to do the kitten shuffle walk then! 

This morning starts another day of packing up items from Catathon. They are still being mailed out! 

Tomorrow is our next HumaneOhio. Today we will figure out if any of our kittens will tag along with the group going up to Toledo. We have a lot of kittens being looked at for adoption, but are not neutered/spayed yet due to not being of weight yet. We're working on that! Then we have this Saturday that hopefully we can get many of the kittens done! And of course, we'll have a few physicals too that need done.

Today starts our next Fun-Raiser.  It's a fun one too! One of the resident cats will be voted as Cat of Liberty! The residents have been grooming, brushing their teeth, fluffing up their fur and putting a big smile on for everyone!  As mentioned before, votes can come in now and ends at 9 am on Weds. with the drawing on 7/6 Thursday right after BOXES at 4:00. 

I'd like to explain something........why are we having a fun-raiser so soon after having Catathon.  There's a few reasons!  First, some of our mods have planned this fun-raiser.  To help with my load of work, they have taken this on and have organized everything. This particular fun-raiser has been in the works for quite some time. And that is why too, Paddy Purr is counted in the votes. The video was made way before he passed away unexpectedly. The video is awesome, also done by one of our mods. Yeah for our mods!

Another reason it was chosen to do this fun-raiser now is that we wanted it before we close out of ustream. YouTube will be new to all of us and we felt it was important to get this in, before we change over. That way we will have lots of practice before doing another one later!

And yet there's another reason. Many of you already know that my husband Steve has had a lot of problems with his knee. We've had many doctor appointments. I had mentioned previously that I would let you know what was going on. Now is the time.  So here is "Steve news":

 As we had thought, he has an infection in his knee and also in the bone marrow. There is no answer as to where the infection came from. Surgery is July 10, a Tuesday in Lima, Ohio. He will be in the hospital for 2-3 days. He will need an  iv antibiotic therapy starting surgery day for 6 weeks. They will do a culture during surgery. His knee and all parts will be removed and a temporary antibiotic cement spacer knee put in for 8 weeks. They can fine tune the antibiotic for this spacer right then during surgery. He will have some stability with the spacer but will have to wear a brace to keep it stable. As soon as 8 weeks is done, they will then remove the spacer and put in his new prosthetic knee (his 3rd).  That will involve another surgery and rehab. 

So, because of this, I am going to be extra busy helping him and my mom. But, this is another reason to get this fun-raiser done now. 

All is well here at FFRC.  Kittens are healthy. We are all surviving the intenseness of the heat and humidity. Mars and Zurple are on my lap with Spiker waiting in line! And then Lucie will follow!  They have their routines! 

Bert's tip of his tail is looking terrific! I'm betting Dr. Darcy will give him an A+!  This morning, since it's the first of the month, there's a lot of flea prevention to be given to the inside cats. We'll be working on that. 

I want to send out a big thanks to our volunteers. They are simply amazing people. Their compassion and giving of their time is tremendous. And they do all that they do with a smile! They really are the backbone to FFRC. 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy July!  I'd like to know where this year has gone--it's already half way over. We are having real high heat and humidity here. It's always interesting that although we are air-conditioned, the cats play their "flat cat" look. It's like they still "feel" that heat.  I'm thankful for our furnace and a/c that we were able to get a few years ago.

We have sent out truck loads of boxes this week from Catathon. Still have more to go but will finish up this week! We're slowly but surely getting Kitty City and the two storage sheds back in order! Soon, Paw-Mart will also be back in order!  We do all of our packing and shipping from there.

Here we go---we have thanks to give!  I am grateful!
Faithy (vol)--donation to FFRC
Kristy & Steve--family visiting FFRC, 36 pack cat food & snackers

Nona--2 spinner mops
Ann G from SC--donation to FFRC
Sara H--donation to FFRC
Jody626--donation to FFRC
Cendra M--donation for Paddy Cake
Janet M--donation for FFRC

Big dates coming up---July 10 Youtube chat is on to stay!  August 1st our ustream chat will cease to be. So.......we have been having practice sessions each day with youtube. Come join us--you'll get the hang of it. The mods are there to help!  It's going to be a good thing!
From the resident cats: Please help us with an upcoming spay/neuter Fun-Raiser! 
Please join us for the Red, White and Blue Fun Raiser!
When you purchase a ticket, you will have the opportunity to cast a vote for any of the resident cats to be crowned "Cat of Liberty"!
As with other Fun Raisers, each ticket or vote is $5.

The voting will begin at 12:00 a.m. July 2 and end at 9a.m. July 5th FFRC time. The drawings will be held on July 6th following Boxes.

All the tickets purchased will be eligible for the 1st place drawing. The prize is a spectacular Red, White & Blue Afghan by Rosemary. The second place will be a drawing of those that voted for the cat crowned "Cat of Liberty." This person will receive a Sprocket picture of the "Cat of Liberty" and a vial of their fur. We will also have drawings for some fun and exciting consolation prizes.

The donations from this Fun Raiser will go towards our Spay/Neuter Fund.
Thank You from all the FFRC Kitties!

Many of you know that FFRC gains if you purchase Amazon items thru our website!  Just click on the Amazon link and just go righ on ordering! FFRC gets a certain percent. We just received our April pay-back. It came to $211.57.   Wonderful!

We also had BOXES Thursday afternoon. We surely do thank you all.  These are the things that keep us afloat!
Dark Cat - ID  All in Pink!  Piggy dustpan, 3 piggy scrubbers variety, 2 pretty hand towels, 2 shopping bags, garden gloves and garden trowel  (will see in a flash sale!)

Sharon & Aidan L - Canada - Kitty Quillow made my his Mother in Law for a Fun Raiser
Donation for Magic & 4 Chickie $5

Vickie B - 3 lg bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
Angel -  96 6" plates 
Ann, Sean, Penn, Teller & Pixel - Memorial stone for Miss Muffin
Anonymous - 1000 6" Plates

Gusti - Germany - 2 cases 24ct Friskies, 2 12 ct cases 9-Lives, 2 Yeoooow Bananas, Bag of pom pom balls for Magic

Beth - Lg Kitty carrier for Fun Raiser
Tina - Pokie Dot Tunnel

Clark Jesse & The Rest - Happy 3rd Birthday Card (June 27th)  with Chickie $5
Marilyn & Terry B - Kitty Card and Chickie $5

Clint S, NHFurry & NHcatlady - NH  Kitty Card with Donation
Encounter Inc/Chiefs Grocery - Donation from Chief Tapes  $98.15

Many Thank Yous to Visitors
Jody636  Lot o Stuff
Roverly/Beverly, Roger, Peter & Joel - Lots n Lots of Baby Food

The kittens are all doing great. We have 2 surgery dates coming up in this next week. One is HumaneOhio and the other is here at FFRC.  We will get all of our kittens spayed/neutered that are 2 lbs and up--there's lots of them. 

We have 6 kittens on the floor in the back Thumper's Room.  The 4 kittens that Peggy had been fostering are now here to stay. We have those 4: Pogo, JoBella, Rowdy and Batman. Plus there's Prentyss and Ximanga.  They are one big happy family! 

Farm news:  our mama duck Oreo hatched out her ducklings. During the day, she and the ducklings scurry allover the farmyard eating bugs. At night, we put them back in their big pen for safety. We also have 15 new baby Guineahens. We have an assortment of lavender and purple ones!  They arrived at just one day old. In Bella's Place (the doggie outdoor pen) is a big pen they are growing up in.  All are doing fine but so so tiny yet. 

Nyota continues to do great! What a turn for her. As she healed, so did her spirit. She now knows we (as in humans) can be kind and loving and she is soaking that up! She is frequently here in the purple office. I'm glad as that means I can pet her alot!

Livia and Neal are playing with a pompom together! Sabu and Brinn get in on the action by running and jumping on them! Chikandi also goes streaking by with a coil toy in her mouth. Zurple is doing her usual--rubbing on my ankles. I then of course, pick her up which is what she wants--such a lovely sweet kitten. Wonder just jumped down from the third level of Kuranda onto Chikandi!  

Ramsay, Spiker and Lucie are here close by. They take turns being in my lap. 

All is good here. Kittens are growing like crazy. The adults are fun too! I love how they get so silly and run and tear around. Happy cats. Take care and enjoy this wonderful Sunday.