Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday, June 29

Four of our calicos were adopted today. Courtney, who is from Maine and has been visiting this week, left this morning with her precious cargo on board. She will arrive home tomorrow evening. In the meantime, Courtney will keep in touch with me by text as to how their trip is going. I will pass on her notes. She adopted Kitty Q, Catsparella, Maui and Courbet. 

Next week on Wedsnesday, Pixell will be spayed. We will also be taking Intrepid on the same day for his eye repair. The skin around his eye was badly cut by his accident. It was repaired once, but it didn't hold. Dr. Darcy will do a different surgery on his eye to close this up. So, these two will travel together next week. 

As many of you may know, Emaline has had a very poor past two days. This sweet girl just wants to be loved on. Her day is perfect when she can be in my lap or lay on me by my neck and shoulders. I thoroughly enjoy it. She becomes a velcro girl. Her medical problems sometimes gets the best of her. So, back to full treatment last night for her. This morning she is feeling better. I have promised her a good quality of life and I intend to keep my promise to her. Everyday is a different day for her. Her treatments are having to be done more often to keep her comfortable. Will keep you posted. 

Pumpkin and Bearta are play fighting by my feet--jump, spring and land on each other is the name of the game! Solee is playing with her spring. Seven cats are on the window ledge watching the birds. Pania is snoozing away in her favorite nap spot. Joyful let me pet her full strokes today! Butch loves to play with shoes. Navi and Zsa Zsa were napping together on the pink poof. 

We had BOXES last night! It was wonderful and we thank you!
Mayumi from Japan--2 dozen of TUlle/Cream of chicken food and a toy for kitties that plugs into a cell phone--can always have a toy handy to play with them!
Debra/kittymama2--24 count of TIKI cat wet food, box of Sharpie Pens, 2 packages of Life Essentials salmon snackers
Furkitty and CatHouze--about 4 dozen baby food jars
Donna G--6 bottles of bleach
David/wolfpatch--kitty card with kitties Nutmeg and friends from Last Chance Rescue, indoor/outdoor heated pet mat, 10 cat toys with feathers, 6 cases of Friskies, 1 case of KMR and the icing on the cake.........Chocolate cinnamon cookies!!!!!!!!!!  Very yummy!
Rob & Sarah P/romeosmom--nice letter from Romeo preparing for new siblings coming soon--Kohart and Danika. The letter definitely shows that this family is related to Neil!!! We loved the letter. Pop tabs for Kellen, coupons and snackers
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Jim and Kathy T from MO with Smokey and Cali--letter, pics of Smokey and Cali and a donation for Emaline
Tammy L/cassiecat from AZ--14 books of stamps
Susan TC from OH--donation
Caren F--a donation to FFRC, in memory of her friends little kitty "Dee" that passed away yesterday.
Connie K from Defiance--a donation to FFRC, in memory of her cat Larry

Remember to check Cantoncat's website at  Canton has been kind enough to put up the Future Names of Cats and the Sponsor a Cat, from the Catathon. Thank you so much for this, Canton. We're still working on getting all the names/sponsors to her, but if you don't see your name after a reasonable amount of time, don't hesitate to e-mail me!  

We've had a report from PetFinders. The top 13 cats that were viewed were: Keesha, Zelda, Karena, Octavia, Arden, Raza, Dove, Sara, Snappy, Tabitha, Goodness, Weeja and Whisk. 13 wonderful cats!

I'll let you in on a "happening" for my family! We have been searching for a second horse. As you may know, we returned Georgia to the rescue, due to behavior problems. I was very fearful that someone was going to get hurt. Because of the amount of people that visit, I couldn't take any more chances with her possibly hurting someone. I normally believe in "keeping forever", but in this case, people's safety was a real worry. But, today, we have a second horse coming that we are thrilled about. This horse is 17 years old, a gelding, extremely safe and a joy to ride. He will be arriving around 5:30, so BOXES are iffy! It depends on what's happening on the farmyard! 

Kenco and Tatiana are playing in the sunshine by my desk--tossing about a catnip banana. Fiona just strolled by with Sammie right behind her. They are quite the buddies. Zelda is on my desk. In the mornings, when I go in to feed the front Thumper Room's kittens, I flick on the porch light to wake up the Porchies. By the time I go out with their breakfast plates, all of them are there, looking pretty sleepy, but hungry! Yesterday the Covies had the run of the farmyard. 

The sleepies overtook these three kittens! Taken just this morning.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday, June 28

I've just counted--there's 14 cats on the window ledges in the Kitty Kabana room! They sure love watching the birds and the action of what's going on out there. Sometimes the peacocks visit, sometimes the porchies come over to sniff at them thru the screen. There was even a chipmunk a couple days ago that caused quite a big stir. Then I walked out to my desk and there were 4 kittens sleeping on the desk on top of all my paperwork. Add Kukster who was walking around on the floor and it makes for a pretty good morning!

We sent a lot of boxes and packages to the post office yesterday. Some of your Catathon items will soon be delivered. We will work full speed ahead, again today on them. If there's anyone "out there" who have not received your items from the last Day Sale, please e-mail me and let me know. Sometimes we slip up on an order and our goal is to get each one correct.

The 6 kittens are out loose in the back Thumper's Room. They are Toby, Pokie Dots, Dennis, Althea, Canto. Plus we still have Titoes in a top pen. The good news is, he ate a full breakfast by himself today. Wow--this has been a nasty virus, but I believe he's winning the battle. It's been a long, hard week for him, but he's tough. We noticed the last couple days that his breathing is easier, he groomed himself last night and nibbled a bit too by himself. He'll be in recovery mode for a few more days.

Little Canto continues to rest. He's been sleeping a lot and that's ok. Afterall, he's been thru a lot in the last week. He's able to bear a bit of weight on that pinned leg. He's in the front Thumper's Room, along with Merlyn, Intrepid and Camvie.  That Camvie--what a scamp she is. Now, when she's hungry, she climbs up onto the counter and sits beside her bowl of food. She won't eat it but she'll reach her little paw out to you, like --hey, I'm hungry, please feed me. So....we continue to feed her! Won't be long until she's figured out what to do. In the meantime, we're enjoying it!

We have thank yous to give:
Lawrence G--donation thru PayPal
Brad B from KY--donation thru PayPal
Gusti from Germany--donation thru PayPal for Camvie for food and meds, from her neighbour Gisela.
Carol (a friend of Courtney who is visiting) donated the Thomas Train wooden set and Annie Leibovitz book (we will use these for a Day Sale!), also printer paper, snackers, RC food, fancy feast, pet shampoo/condition, cat ped beds, Friskies

We will have BOXES tonight! I crashed last night and no way could I keep my eyes open! So, early to bed for me! But, we will have them tonight. We already have 6.

My heart has been full this week, trying to absorb fully the Catathon event. I am so very grateful for what has happened. So many people worked very hard for this event to take place--people here, people "out there" in cam land. I thank you with a full heart of gratitude. The kitties say they are also very very thankful!

Althea says: "I delcare this Toby to be my friend".

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Boxes here, packages there, tape over on the counter, labels on the table--there's stuff everywhere--clear up to shoulder high! Yep--we're packing up the Baskets and Big Ticket Items the the items that were sold for the $28 and under. It's organized chaos. And it's all in the new Mail Room! We are loving it. The counter isn't secure yet, but the cupboards and cabinets are in. We love it.

The back Thumper's Room is starting to come together too. The kittens back there are loving all the cabinets and boxes being everywhere--they are great mountains to climb. By the end of the day--all should be secure to the wall and we can finish filling them up with our supplies!

Our little Catmandu had his surgery yesterday. Poor fella had a really nasty break. But his rear leg now sports a pin and two wires. He;s on a big cushie to rest on so he's quite comfortable. This is a really nice kitten--will come to the front of his pen to be petted, even thou it's less than 24 hours after surgery.

Oh my goodness--there are kittens galore here on my desk, so it's THEIR fault this blog is so late! I do believe someone has sprinkled bonito flakes and catnip on the desktop. I need a kitty babysitter! Do I love it? You bet!

We had BOXES here last night and we are thoroughly grateful!
Debra M/kittymama2 from Arkansas--a case of paper towels
Conii--a big orthopedic pad bed for Kukster, who loves it already
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of Mega Temptation snackers
Caren F--snackers for volunteers--40 count cookies
Debbie & Jim from GA--card with Althea kitty--deluxe pet comb, snackers for the cats, ring toys, skunk, squirrel and forest cat nip toys, nyla bones for doggies, egg cartons for mail room and 2 jars of Blistex lip balm
Anonymous Friend from count Friskies
Arden & Charmaine--6 bottles of Tide HE for laundry and 2 boxes of Bounce
Lena D from WV--huge box of chucks pads
Joann/joco51--another big box of chucks pads
Ellen C from UT--donation
Octavia with help from a Wisconsin friend--4 packages of 9-Lives can food, lots of big styrofoam plates, 5 cans of squeeze cheese, cans of clams, salmon and 2 bags of sardines and a forever comfy foam/gel seat cushion! For Amy--note from her kitties, microwave lunches and a bag of Hershey Kisses.
Nancy D from OH--donation
Sarah & Rob P from MO--coupons
Alan Z from UT--donation
Swankitty & Ron--congratulations card to everyone
Courtney--from Maine, who is visiting us this week--Thomas Train wooden set and Annie Leibovitz photographers Life book (for Day Sale), printer paper x3, magic erasers, snackers, RC food, fancy feast, pet shampoo/conditioner, Friskies, Tid soap, cat pet beds
Billypogo & Bonnie who was here for the Catathon and adopted Gallant--Litter, Purex, kiten bags, RC dry food, small paper plates, baby wipes, bleach, cat snackers, KMR, cat toys, Fancy Feast, Appetizers, baby food, PT, Clorox Wipes, Dawn soap and vinegar

Our evening was wrapped up by a lovely poem, written by Widdletiger, about  Zelda Belda--so sweet of you and I dearly loved it!

Fiona--just about ready to tape a nap!  What a beauty. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weds., June 26

The cabinets, counters and cupboards are IN!!!  Yes, they really do exist. I was beginning to wonder. They have arrived and will be put together today. We will have lots of storage places for all the many items we need for the Mail/Store Room. I LOVE it.  And the extended Thumper's Room--what a great event! All of our medical things will be in one place--all organized so I don't have to hunt anymore. The laser equipment will also be in this room--will make it real easy to use. Our surgeries will be done here and the quarantine time too. But, to have a place for all our belongings--that is wonderful! I might just have to pull up a chair and watch every cabinet and cupboard being put in and enjoy it! Thanks to you all for helping to make this happen.

We will have BOXES tonight! Yeah! There's eight boxes right now by my desk and it's driving me nuts. None of them rattle, so I can't guess what's in them. I've shaken them several times! Tonight--6:00! 

Kukster is doing wonderful. He gets out of his pen 3-4 times a day, but under supervision as he mustn't jump. So far, he's behaving. This is a fragile fix and must have time to heal. Kukster is really a wonderful cat--so friendly. He'll curl up with the kittens on the poof to sleep with them.

Joline! Joline! She was almost doing cartwheels this morning! Her biopsy came back negative for cancer. I am so very thankful. It does show severe stomatitis though. This is a chronic, painful oral disease. Stoma means "mouth" and itis means "inflammation". It's thought to be an autoimmune issue. The feline immune system seems to overreact to dental plaque around a cat's teeth, triggering inflammation in the tissues of the mouth. It can appear as angry, red, swollen tissue. There is no cure, but we CAN and do treat it. There's various treatments that we use. We can also gauge how comfortable she is by watching her activity level (which this week is great!) and if she drools (which can mean her mouth hurts). We've dealt with this before and with the help of our vets will keep her comfortable. 

Gallant went to his new home with Billypogo and Bonnie yesterday. He has his flying wings now. You know, I love each and every cat here, but that Gallant boy was something extra special. The courage he showed each day of his treatments and his good attitude was nothing less than phenomenal. Gallant is a wonderful cat. Very hard to let that one go, but he's now in his new home. Thank you Billy and Bonnie. Gallant talked to Earth-Eyes who sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to me, from Gallant! Thank you so much. 

Camvie--what can I say about that sweetie? She's a speedy little ball of fur. Open the door and in she zooms. Open the other door and she zooms right on out. She thinks she's attached to our ankles. And all of this in a kitten less than 1 pound.She's still being syringe fed. I've told her she should be eating out of a dish by now, but that scamp....she actually laughed at me. So, we will continue to syringe feed her!

Butch, the newest black kitten has a really neat face-it's very angular. And his's long! He's a nice boy. A little unsure what those other 4 legged things are that want to play with him, but he's learning. 

Catmandu will go to the vet's today for his x-ray and then his surgery for repair of his rear right leg. He's such a dear--purrs and cuddles right into our hands. I know very well that that leg hurts, but he's on pain meds and is very tolerant. We gave him a bath yesterday and this morning I'll clip off the tar that's stuck to his fur. 

Little Titoes is slowly but surely recovering. He had the same virus that his sibling had that passed away. Just this morning, he was actually sleeping on his side which is a good indicator that breathing was easier for him. He's a determined boy!

We have thanks to give!
Gusti from Germany--a donation for a special blankie for Catmandu and to help with his soreness meds
Nancy/kerswill & Tom G--2 bags of Purina One kitten, case of Fancy Feast kitten, appetizers, orange cat bed, kitty chaise lounge, Jergens lotion, diabetic syringes, finch feeder sack
Gillian H from UK and from kitties Phoebe, Flo, Hugh and Louis--for Earth Angels 
Patricia Y/S--donation thru PayPal
Brooke B--for Derecho and for a special snackers for him
Diane F/hull286--a donation for FFRC and kisses to all the kitties!
Sir Gallant--a donation from him (!) for helping him get better! 

Olaf--one of our Porchie cats!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday,, June 25

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Catathon is done and was very successful and I am so very grateful. What an extra busy place this has been. We've had lots of visitors and some are still with us! It was so very nice to have our family, volunteers and webcam friends here! All in all, the Catathon went just fine. There's a couple changes we'll make for the next Catathon that we've already been thinking about. This week will be busy packing up the orders and getting them sent on their way. I am still on cloud 9 and once again, I am humbled by your support of this Rescue Center. 

We had some fun during the Catathon, with a visit from a dancing chicken doing a gangster song. We also sang two songs (made by cammer Holly) called I've been Workin' at the Rescue and also Young McMoss. We had our 7 volunteer drawings and the 7 pre-registered viewer drawings. Those items will also be sent out soon. We had some surprises along the way which added to the fun. I was told we at one time at 1,109 viewers watching the Catathon. 

The total is in! It's also a bit different than announced after the Catathon. The reason is it's much easier to add the figures in the peace and quiet of a home to make sure figures add up right! The Grand Total from the Catathon was $23,115. Then we added in the store sales, donations that came in afterwards that day and the pre-sale which all allowed us to add in another $16,492.  This GRAND TOTAL IS: $39,607.  Wow, fantastic, awesome!!!!!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this very successful Catathon! My promise to you is to use this money wisely and carefully. 

Here's an update on the cats and kittens:

Caliboo went to his new home with Val on Sunday. He will be a much loved kitten!
We are still waiting for Joline's biopsy reports which will likely come in today.
Little Camvie is awesome and is a blur of running on tiny spindly legs! She's still taking her syringe feedings and finally getting a little tummy on her.
Pania has her eye sutures removed--that incisional site looks great.
Intrepid now has his leg staples and his eye sutures removed. He may possibly have to have more surgery done on the eye, but we'll wait a bit and see. He's feeling better and looks healthier.
The URI for Merlyn is responding to medications and he's feeling better.
The 4 newbies--Althea, Pokie Dot, Dennis and Toby are doing great. Their energy level is good and they also are feeling better from their URI.

Then we have a few new ones that arrived yesterday.
Butch--a black, male kitten was found at a volunteer's place of work. She called and asked if we could take him in, as she couldn't get any work done because he was on her desk! So, Butch is here. He appears pretty healthy.
Canto--a gold/white kitten that we received a phone call about early in the morning. We went to the back of the Junior High School, and called him by Kitty, Kitty, Kitty.  Even before the second Kitty was called out, he was hollering his head off and running right to me! His poor throat is hoarse. Canto is a polydactyl (all 4 feet) and one of the sweetest kittens ever.
Catmandu--another gold/white kitten was found by a young girl who brought him in. Unfortunately he has a severely fractured rear leg that will require surgery. His appointment is tomorrow for x-rays and a surgery slot has already been given to him. His poor little leg hurts quite badly, so he's on soreness meds. This will also give us an extra day to beef him up a bit. A super nice, friendly cat. Just had the misfortune of meeting a car--he also has the telltale tire skids on his fur. 

There's a possibility that Gallant, Kitty Q, Catsparella, Maui and Ginger will be leaving yet this week.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do for FFRC. I love this rescue center and it means a lot to me to have your support. Each and every one of you are important to us. Thank you. 

Here's Judson--in the doorway to the Kitty Kabana Room, looking oh so sweet!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday, June 23

It's Catathon Day!!!!!!!!!  I can hardly believe it! I thank you for YOU--this has taken a huge group effort! 

We have posted this in our website:  








On to the Catathon!!!!!!!!  We're going to have some fun!
- See more at:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's tomorrow! It's tomorrow! Catathon is almost here! The Baskets are brimming full. The Big Ticket Items are all awesome! Lots of excitement around here. Visitors starting to roll in. Kitties and cats are all brushed and have their faces and paws washed (had their Friday night baths!). Tents are up. Porta Pots in place. Yard mowed. Barns clean and are awaiting visitors. Balloons coming today. Oh my--lots of stuff happening. It's one of those zooming busy days, but we love it! Thanks to you all out there for helping to make this possible!

The cats are wonderful! Kukster continues to do well. His leg is healing. The vet says no jumping for 3 weeks. So far, it's been 4 days and he's already looking like he'd like to come out. We'll work on assisted walk abouts next week! He's a loverbug for sure.

The 4 kittens in the extended Thumper's Room are feeling better too. They can run around and look like blurs. But when it's name time, they crash all in a heap. They are still on antibiotics for their upper respiratory infection. 

Doce, Snappy and Whisk are tussling big time right by my feat. A pile of black/white. They're fur shines in the sunshine. 

The Covies had their run-about yesterday on the farmyard. We are so happy, as the Feline Fieldhouse (one of the rooms of the Cove), finally had the concrete poured. Before we had 210 blocks in there, none really spaced evenly and very uneven. Now, it's smooth and even! So much easier to clean and walk in there. The Covies are smiling too! This was a project on the list way back in the early spring. 

We had BOXES last night. We all are grateful for your generosity.
Caren F--2 cases of Friskies and 7 bags of kitty snackers
Cheri B--The monthly Spoiled Rotten Club sent another box! Rattle toy, dental cleaner, 3 kinds of snacks, can of RC adult and a can of RC intense beauty!
Jatcat--100 ct laminating big sleeves and 20 laminating pockets
kittymama2--Mr. Clean, Windex, Scotch brite pads, 2 boxes Bounce, Box of Mr. Clean Erasers, 2 lg. bottles Dawn soap, 3 Clorox wipes
Catloverhere--grip soft nail trimmers, 18 jars of baby food
Susan345--big case of Bounty paper towels
Tigercat54/Great Auntie Julie--case of Purrfectly Fish and a free gift of a can of Fancy Feast
GirlCanChant/JenD--Thank you card, letting us know she's going into a monestary for 3 months--we wish you well. Also sent her sponsorship and Name a Future Cat donation
Lillian M/Xenamolina and fur babies--a belated birthday card--extra thanks!
Geekjen from TX--card and a nice note, picture of her kitty Murtha and a donation
Conii with Elliott--kitty card and nice note. Also sponsoring MORE kitties, LOTS of kitties, including barn kitties and porchies!
Lori R/Loricat13--an awesome, wonderul fabulous poster of many FFRC kitties and all things FFRC. It took 3 months of drawing this poster. A wonderful gift. The original and 4 copies. One copy will go in the FFRC basket for the Catathon You have a beautiful gift.
Cheryl S from MD--a PayPal donation in memory of her Aunt Cindy
Charmaine and Arden B from IN--PayPal donation for helping with the new 4 kittens

The energy of these cats is just wonderful. It's amazing to me the joy that these cats and kittens bring to me and our volunteers and visitors. For me, there's nothing better than to be involved in animal rescue (except for my family!). 

Derecho is on the floor watching Sara and Ratchet play over a feathery toy. He's probably waiting so he can snitch it! Little Pumpkin just ran and landed on the back of Bixley. Zelda is grooming while basking in a sunshine puddle on the floor. KittyQ and Ruthie Ann are both watching birds in the Kabana Room. 

See you at the Catathon! Check out our website for all the information!

Baby Neutral Basket #132, Round #6

Big TIcket Item  Baby Doll #2  Cutie Pie #215    Rounds #3 and #4

Big Ticket Item #234, Simon's Cat book (author signed it)  Rounds #5 & #6

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday, June 21

The surprise arrived! I was so nervous, because I was so hoping everyone would like the surprise. Many times over the last couple of years, people have asked for their very own t-shirts. We have volunteer shirts, so the webcammers have mentioned they would like their own shirt. Well.....that's what we did! They are just like the volunteer shirts, except the two places it says volunteers, it now says webcam viewers! They are a medium blue, very nice quality. We will get them in the Catathon's pre-order sales form today, complete with a picture of them. They come in sm, med., lg., x-lg., 2xlg, and 3xlg. Give us a bit of time this morning to work this out and then if you'd like to order one, we'll be ready! I'm so sorry--I wish I could give them away, but we do have to charge $20 (includes shipping).  Thanks ever so much for caring.

We now are two days away from the Catathon! Today is a very busy day. Hopefully, the cabinets, cupboards and counters will be in. If so, it'll take about 4 hours to install, then we can put things in their proper places. The Werlor (our big trash container) will be dumped so it'll be empty for a busy weekend. The two big tents will arrive this morning and be put up. Also the wonderful Porta-Pots will arrive. We will pretty them up with a bouquet of flowers! We will also make sure the 2 big screen tv's are ready for use for Sunday. Picnic tables will be put in place, benches to sit on and hopefully most of the last minute details will get done! Catathon..........we are almost ready!

We had BOXES last night! We are a grateful group here for your gifts. 
Anonymous--For the Catathon: Snowman wine stopper and a Berry Colander (collapsible)
Kittymama1/DebraM from AR--12 crocheted hot pads/wash cloths, 9 ruffles scarves in a variety of beautiful colors....these are for the Store and Day Sales.  Also a package of snackers for the cats.
Conii--wonderful Kabana wear vests for Derecho, Solee, Cozarelii and Walter--they will wear older styles today and tomorrow (lots of people will be holding them and want to keep the cats safe), but the new ones will go on them for Sunday.
Eaglespirit/Sally H from WI--special snackers for Sarah, Preakness, Joyful, Raza and Octavia. Gift for Damian and Kelly. Card with donation for leaf on the Giving Tree. Sponsorship for Joyful. Pictures of 17 FFRC cats, with really nice designs! Thanks, eaglespirit!
Anonymous Friend--2 sets of sheets, towel and wash cloths and bath mat for Kitty Kastle. For the Catathon--3 zoo animal pencils. 
Yvonne O--a visitor, lots of cartridges to recycle! 
LewBeth and Betsy, Catathon visititors!! Lots of things for FFRC--pretzels, can dog food, dog snackers, litter, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Cat Toys, Mr. Clean Erasers, hand sanitizers, Lysol Wipes, Laundry soap, Bounce, Capri sun drinks, Gatorade, cookies, PB crackers and candy bar, trash bags and kitchen bags. Wow--thanks!

The one thing that I am concerned about for the Catathon are the frequent ads showing up and that blue circle. Please know that we cannot control this--it is a Ustream issue, so I ask for your patience and understanding. Yes, the ads may get in the way of a last minute bid. Yes, that blue circle is a cause of irritation. But, please, this too shall pass and we will still be here! Remember, clicking to refresh after an ad will help! Sheriff Putter asked me to pass on that a requirement to Catathon-watching is patience! And you know....we must listen to our sweet Sheriff Putter! Thank you.

The next couple of days will be super busy, so please forgive me if I don't get all the e-mails answered. Be extra patient with the moderators and admins--they have a big job too to do for FFRC. The cats and kittens (well, not really the kittens) promised to be on their best behavior as our Catathon visitors arrive. Actually, I heard thru the grapevine that the kittens have planned some extra fast pace fun and games! And I'm also missing a whole container of Bonito flakes. I thought I smelled something fishy on Octavia's breath this morning, but she's not talking. Wonder what she has planned?! Remember the other Catathon's, Octavia made a grand entrance and displaced Big Ticket Items--she was so proud of herself!

Joline is sitting here beside me and she's looking quite happy. Hopefully today we will find the results of her mouth biopsies. Walter is curled up on my desk, taking a snooze. He looks so peaceful. Solee is here also, playing with her best toy--a coil spring. Doce is hanging over the perch doing the Badu-pose. Cutie is busy giving 3 kittens a bath. Life is good!

Painting  called Double Trouble, signed by artist.  Big Ticket Item #238, Round #5/6

Cat Basket #130, Round #6

Loads of Stickers! Basket #125, Round #5

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday, June 20

The kitties all took a mad dash out of Kabana Room yesterday. The reason--a big, giant, scary peacock was looking in the window at them and then sounded off. Scared the poor babies. They probably thought that strange thing was going to eat them! But their curiosity got the better of them and it didn't take them long to venture out again. Such brave hearts!

Three more days to the Catathon! We've added a new item to the Cathathon store. Thanks to Cantoncat, we now have the wonderful Putter Pouches added. These neat cell phone/money holders are awesome--a bit stretchy, has Putter's picture on the front and comes in Blue or Purple. An iphone 5 easily slips into the pouch. Check it out on the website! can still pre-register too. 

We had BOXES last night! We're ever so grateful.
Mary O/Merry_Marvin from CA--card, volunteer candy snacks, kitty snackers, sardines, tape gun and 4 rolls of refills, desk tape dispenser and 4 rolls of tape, orange kitty furry ball, 3 boxes of Papermate Pens. For Janet--sardines!
Connie S and Tookie--baby tunnel, 2 packages of crackers for Volunteers, case of Purrfectly Fish, tuna, 2 cans of Friskies, 2 PawPrint coupons, kitty snackers, and two cushie pillow covers.
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul canned food
Julie P/tigercat from IA--case of Purrfectly Chicken, 3 packages of Coil spring toys and a snacker bag that has LLysine in it! Also 2 BIG packages of paper towels and a case of TP
Catloverhere--18 jars of baby meat jars
Faith M--card.  For Janet--book "Make way for Ducklings", in memory of a Boston visit. 3 books for my grandkids to enjoy. Packing materials from bbmeg's ebay business, plus padded mailing envelopes, assorted types of mailing packing material, tubes, small boxes and a tape dispenser and refills. Meg is still thinking of us!
Sherry--for the Garden Basket for Catathon, seed starter, package of herbs, potting mix
Janet B--6 huge bottles of L-Lysine powder
Tara from OH--for me, a book "Tuesdays with Morrie". It's a wonderful book to read several times! 6 bags of kitty snackers. New cards for FFRC to send out--real cute music/hoops and yoyo ones!
JatCat--a Dell PC (extra thanks), plastic sheet protectors and 3 surge protectors
Roberta from Findlay, Day Visitor--cat snackers, bird feed, bird feeder, fresh catnip, thank you cards, Friskies cat food and a donation of a 5 tier Kuranda bed
Eric and Carrie/Lovemypets--Pate' cat food, dog food, boogie mat with catnip, lots of toys!, cat nip banana and cat treats 
Gusti--a PayPal donation for Kukster to cover a special Leggydew blankie and some of his painmeds.

We are so so hoping the cabinets/counters/cupboards come in today. If so, Dion says it'll just take 3-4 hours to install. 

The grass that was planted a week ago Sunday (needed from all the construction by the front sidewalk) is growing quickly! The sun helps and we've been watering it. 

We had a PetFinder report. The top 14 cats viewed were: Arden, Sara, Karena, Maui, Dove, Ratchet, Dahnay, Tabitha, Zelda, Polo, Snappy, Whisk, Keesha and Raza.

Today Gallant will have a few of his stitches out--this way we don't take them all out at the same time. His incisional area looks clean and healthy. We all have smiles about that wee Camvie! When her pen door is opened, she simply runs out. Doesn't seem to matter to her that there's "air" there. Usually she aims for an arm or shoulder, but today she just simply ran out. My hand was holding a plate of gruel, which she landed in! Still didn't bother her--she simply grabbed me and ran up to my shoulder! Her, Merlyn and Intrepid are such silly friends!

Kitty Q, Catsparella and Maui are doing great together. Kitty Q is a quiet girl, but so enjoys being petted. She loves to play now! Catsparella loves the sun and Maui is everyone's friend! These three calicos and baby Ginger are so nice.

Tabitha is a licker! Yep--she loves to lick skin! Face, arm, ankles--whatever! Such a nice cat. Our oldsters are doing great--all are feeling good and eating good. Who could ever resist Ada Jane's creaky meow or Magenta's silent stare? Not us! 

Remember too that in Round 7, the Big Ticket Items are a surprise! These items are guaranteed to be something you will love! 

Round #3, Laurel Burch Basket #2,  Basket #113

Round #4, Cat Home Decor, Basket #118

Pencil Etching Portrait of Zsa Zsa    Big Ticket Item #239   Round #5 and #6

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weds., June 20

Joline and Kukster are doing great! They made their trip to the vets yesterday. Joline should feel so much better as they found her remaining back teeth were not healthy. So, out they came. Her canines and incisors are left. We have had some concern with a tissue growth in her mouth, so two biopsies were taken. We should know the results by the end of the week. She ate last night for us and ate a decent breakfast! She's had a long acting antibiotic given. She's had lots of holding.

Kukster had an x-ray of his rear leg. It was determined that he could have this fracture pinned. It's a bit of a fragile pinning--no jumping at all for 3 weeks. That will be difficult, but can be done. Right now he is in Dodger's Pen. He ate a real good breakfast. We are keeping him on soreness meds. What a sweetie--he's not a complainer, just a purrer. Kukster loves to rub his face onto your face!

Oh my, these kittens are rascals today. They are into playing rough with each other. If one is crying for help and we break it up, only to see the one that was crying is now the "leaper on the pile kitten"! I think they are all instigators and love it!

Today will be a treatment day so we can get caught up on vaccinations, wormings, etc. We will also do a good bit of nail trimming too. They'll all be groomed this week. Afterall--we want them all gussied up for the Catathon and the visitors!

One of the very hardest parts of this Rescue is when we lose a kitten or a cat. It's very hard on me, as I myself am sad. Then it's hard because there's others that need to know this information--our volunteers and our webcam viewers. The reason I feel that it's important to pass this info on, is because you yourself are involved with FFRC--you KNOW these kittens and cats too. So, with a very heavy heart I need to let you know that we lost Tippytoe last night. She has not been feeling good for a number of days. We've treated appropriately, but as you know, with viruses, it's a hard world for these kittens. Their immune systems are not up to par yet and it's hard for some to fight it off. These viruses are my enemy and we go full speed in trying to keep our kittens healthy. She was held as she passed, which is somewhat a comfort. 

The Catathon is now FOUR days away. Are you ready? There's still time to pre-register. Go to our website and look for the link. It's easy! It's not necessary to be pre-registered, but it'll make it easier for the phone callers. While there on the site, check out the pictures and descriptions of the Baskets and Big Ticket Items. 

Remember that surprise I mentioned? Won't be much longer now. I should know more on Thursday and will let you all know about it as soon as I can! 

On Sunday, we had an adoption. Calidora went to a wonderful home! On Monday, EB and Vincent went to their new home together! Wonderful, loving homes for our kitties. We still have 13 more kittens on hold. They are: Gallant, Caliboo, Abbot, Pixel, Zsa Zsa.  Then we have a couple going out together. Kohart and Danika will be adopted together. Kitty Q, Catsparella, Maui and Ginger will be adopted together as will Fiona and Sammie. I'm very happy about all these upcoming adoptions.

Rufus and Bixley are tussling--each think they are the toughest. I just saw Melia go over and pounce on  both of them and scatter them. The girl wins! Kenco, Sammie and Fiona are fast asleep beside them, totally unaware there's a cat-fight going on beside them. Oh, the peace of the sleepyheads! 

Cookbooks were sent out last week. If you have not received yours, please don't hesitate to let me know--simply e-mail me and I'll check into it. If in the past, you had placed an order and things are still not right, let me know. We aim to have the orders correct. Thank you.

The sun is shining, the day is wonderful, the cats are happy and we have great volunteers and supporters. It's going to be a good day! 

Jamie Farr  LPGA  A one of a kind picture.  Big Ticket Item #225 in Rounds 3 and 4.

A pencil sketch of our Putter!  Big Ticket Item 219  Rounds 3 and 4

Pet Bunny Fun/Food Basket #123, in Round 4

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday, June 18

Oh my goodness--they're nothing but blurs. Kittens here, there and everywhere. Running, sprinting and jumping. Won't be long until they crash and nap. Sometimes it's dangerous for us humans to walk--it's they who crash into us!! Right now, Patches is attacking Theo. Hankster is chasing Theo's tail at the same time. Bixley is dragging around that furry tail toy, growling at it like it's alive. Cozarelli is on the ledge--very wobbly, but is extremely happy as he is bird watching. Kiko and Judson are having a go at each other. So much action going on!

Gallant's surgery area looks wonderful. I took the drain sutures out on Sunday. Simply put--it looks awesome. Dr. Darcy did a great job. He still has many sutures at the site--those will stay put for days yet. He's still wearing his collar but we take it off often to give him a neck rub and back rub.

Little Camvie is doing great. She is still being syringe fed, but is willingly taking her formula now. She's so sweet. When we open the pen door, she immediately comes out and gets onto our shoulders. We sure do love this! Her friend, Merlyn has a pudgy round tummy. It's so nice to see these two babies playing together.

Little Intrepid is a dear. He tries so hard! Part of the time he still circles tight, part of the time he walks straight. So, each day is a tiny improvement. His leg, eye and forehead wounds are healing. Intrepid is eating better today--yesterday was a slack day. He gobbled up his breakfast!

Our new cat, Kukster is a truly remarkable cat. First, he's a loverbug. Cannot get enough petting. Secondly, even though that leg is fractured, he does not complain. This is such a true nature of a cat. Today he will be going to the vet's. First, an x-ray will be done. There's a probable 3 different options that may be taken, per our vet's phone call last night. One--pin in.  Two--a FHO (femeral head ostectomy). Third--an amputation. So, we will see what happens this morning. 

We also have Joline traveling with Kukster. She will be going in to have a dental done. When she arrived, she had some teeth barely hanging on which we were able to just touch and they fell out. Today she will have a dental to remove all teeth behind the canine teeth. She has severe stomatitits, which is so so uncomfortable. Removing these teeth has been shown to really help these cats feel better. I am happy for her, as she will feel so much better. She was on my lap today at the computer.

Rufus is now attacking the furry tail. It's bigger than he is, but he's the winner! Cutie is in her glory--giving many kittens wet baths. We have to laugh, as sometimes they come up with a wet head from her. 

We're keeping positive thoughts here. The counters, cupboards and cabinets are not yet in for the new Mail Room and the extended Thumper's Room. We are so hoping they will be here on Thursday. It's cutting it close for them to be installed and everything organized before the Catathon, but that's ok. As long as they arrive. we come!  Just 5 more days! There's still time to pre-register. All the Big Ticket Items and Baskets are now up for your preview. Just go to our website and see it all and pre-register. The pre-registration stops at noon on Saturday. During the Catathon, all names will go into a drawing for a special storybook that Canton has made about FFRC cats! One name per Basket Round will be drawn. I'm very grateful to all the people who have donated the items for our Catathon. 

Thanks to these people who recently donated to PayPal:
Patrick B--donation for FFRC
Isabelle L--donation for FFRC, to help with Kukster
Gusti--donation for Big Al's Happy Birthday! 

We are still having a bit of trouble getting the names of the cats that you are Sponsoring or the names of the Name a Future Cat. If the form does not allow you to send it, simply e-mail me! We'll match the names up to your name. Remember to visit Canton's website at to see the running list of Future Names and the Sponsored cats. 

The YoYo afghan.  Big Ticket Item #230, in Round 5 and 6

Basket #116  Dog Basket   Round 3

Basket #134  Hello Kitty Basket  Round 6

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday, June 16

Go take a nap. Don't be climbing that high. Better fill your tummy now. No rough playing. Geesh, do these kittens not realize they just had surgery?!! We did 20 surgeries yesterday. The kittens don't remember it at all. They look at us like........what? I want to go play now. Oh well, might as well let them do their thing. They all look good this morning!

The boys were: Remison, VIncent, Theo, Whobe, Rufus, Kiko, Hankster, Caliboo and BIx. 
The girls were: Ginger, Zsa Zsa, Tatitiana, Danika, Temba, Courbet, Pumpkin, Calidora and Jemison.
Dr. Darcy also worked on Intrepid. His little eye lids were torn torn from his accident. She put a couple sutures to hold it together. She also looked at Pania. Her right eye was swollen again and this time it was hard. Time to remove it. Her surgery went beautifully and today she is already playing and acting just fine!

Dr. Darcy also did another assessment of Gallant. She thinks the sutures look good. We'll be removing the tension sutures very soon. The others stay in for a bit yet. He had yet another physical. Joline also had a physical. Stomatitis was confirmed, although we have it somewhat under control with meds. We will be makiing an appointment to have the remainder of her teeth removed. She only has a few left, but they need to go. She will feel much much better after this. Thanks to Joyce S/D for the pizza lunch!

After surgery, much more time was spent on the Catathon. The Baskets and Big Ticket Items are now in the order of their showing. Everything is lined up ready to go (almost). Check out the website--there is now lots of information regarding each Basket and each Big Ticket Item. We have a couple things to add, but the majority of the info is there for your viewing! Go to the main page of to pre-register and to check out all the items. Sorry, folks, we are now out of the Bondi Bands. We're trying to fix a little problem--we do NOT have 3xlg shirts available. I'm so sorry..

I would like to mention something about the Kitty Kastle. I know it has been a sore subject for some of you out there. Please remember this--the bottom line is, this is on our property, belongs to Steve and myself. Decisions regarding this are personal. I would never ever want to hurt anyone's feelings about Kitty Kastle. Last November, I made sure to announce that as of the end of May 2013, that I would no longer be taking reservations. The reason is that this was actually made over for my mom to live when the time was right. I do not know when that time will come, but I did not want to book a whole summer of reservations that I may have to cancel. Janet/Janak has been kind enough to come to FFRC to help with the overload of computer work. I appreciate her help and have offered her to stay at Kitty Kastle during her 5 week stay. My wish is that people would not criticize my decision on this. It makes sense for her to be on the property, close to FFRC where she is putting in many hours a day helping us.If we could only house everyone that wants to visit--I'd love that as we truly do love our visitors!  I trust that people will let this go, not be critical and be of support in regards to this decision.

Happy Birthday to Riley! Riley is 10 years old and is a Covie cat. A handsome black boy!

We had BOXES last night. FFRC is very grateful for this help!
Mayumi from Japan--24 packets of Tulle, a creamy chicken kitty food (Putter loves it too!)
PSW--Happy Catathon! A t-shirt that says "Keep Calm & Rescue On" Thanks!
Arden & Charmaine--box of 60 thirty gallon Hefty garbage bags
Anna Marie & Neil--for the Catathon--30 plus Keurig cups (to add to their basket)
Francois A/Littlefrank--card for Dina, gift for Kelly and Molly, gift for Paul, gift for Cheri. A card and ceramic kitty and kitty book mark for Jacci. Christmas decorations and tons of beads!
Susan B/Missmic from WV--Magnets: Home is not a home without a rescue Kitty" and volunteer tokens (thanks!).  For Albert's Garden--a sweet, resin kitty angel, a plaque: You left my life but will never leave my heart. A stone with paw prints: If love could have saved you, You would have lived forever. These items will go in Albert's Garden today.
Henry R Peeps and Oh My Guinness--a Happy Birthday card for Riley
Colleen P--coupons
Jatcat--plastic sleeves for signs and a Dell PC computer that Lynnette will now use and her original computer will go in the Mail Room. We now have 2 good computers for these needs!
Aunty Fi--a PayPal donation in memory of Meg

The Catopractor has been here again! He's worked on Intrepid three times now. Definitely walks sometimes in a straight line, sometimes in his circles, but is showing some improvement. This kitten was born to purr--such a happy boy. Camvie is still being syringe fed, but is now looking forward to her food! She's very slowly gaining a bit of weight. Merlyn is wonderful--is eating good and starting to coax Camvie into playing. Both are so tiny.

We took a new cat in last night. Poor fella was found in a yard. His name is Kukster (name by sponsor). He's 9 months old and is grey tiger and white. I have strong suspicions he was hit by a car. He has a bloody nose, very sore front legs and a severely fractured rear leg. As I was kneeling down in front of him thinking of how full we are, he reached up with his paw to my face. When I went lower to talk to him, he rubbed my face. Now, how in the world could you ever say no to that? Not a chance. So, he's in the new extended Thumper's Room. I'll call in tomorrow to see about surgery and x-rays. Kukster has gorgeous green eyes and knows how to use them! 

Remember the surprise I mentioned? Another hint--Friday you will know! Or maybe, just maybe on Thursday it may happen??

Basket #127, Nautical Basket #2

Basket #140, Keurig Coffee & Maker #2

Three of these!  Big Ticket ITems #203, #216 and #237  Chonicles of Zee & Zoey, autographed by author.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday, June 14

Who is crying? Where is that crying coming from? Yesterday there was a constant meowing of all sorts. We located the sound and found 4 kittens had climbed up the pole in the front office. They were looking over the edge, so pitifully. Couldn't figure out how to get down. Had to get a chair and get them down. It wasn't but 15 minutes later, they were up there again! So this time, we showed them how to get down--shelf by shelf so they could then jump on a desk. Now it's a game, climb up, jump down and do it again! We have such smart kitties!

Our little Camvie girl spent the night with the volunteer Peggy S. Hopefully today we can get enough blood to do that Fel. Leukemia/FIV test. Such a little sweeie. She's enjoying all the attention.

We also took in a new kitten last night. After being injured he was taken to our vets office. They thought his injuries were from a blunt force or a hit by car. His front right leg was opened quite dramatically and required staples to be put in. This little guy is about 10 weeks, but is a feather weight. So thin. He also has wounds to his head and eye. Unfortunately, he appears to be blind. We also have our suspicions that he is deaf. The blindness and deafness can possibly resolve by itself as the swelling goes down in his head. We syringe fed him at first, but this morning he started eating by himself! He can walk, but in very tight left handed circles. Hopefully all will come together with him as he heals.

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks to you.
Swankitty & Ron--For Billypogo (Gallants future dad) Book: Complete book of home remedies for your cat" and a card. For Gallant: long legged toy, jingle mice toys, cat snackers and 2 containers of Appetizers
PhilCleoNJ--case ofIndoor Adventure snackers
Patricia K from NY--a beautiful Passion Purple crocheted afghan (truly a beautiful piece of work)
Arden and Charmaine--4 cases of Fancy Feast, 4 cases of Friskies
Betz--thank you card, donation for Cutie and friends
Conii G from FL--card and donation to FFRC
Colleen P from CA--coupons
Neil--special letter and a donation for FFRC (thoroughly enjoyed your letter, Knee, errr, I mean Neil!)
JoAnn C--case of underpads for the kitties

Gallant is doing wonderful. His incisional area is a bit less swollen today. We've taken his collar off a few times to give him a back rub and neck rub, which he loves even more than food!!

I need to pass on this information. Very sadly, we lost one of our babies yesterday. Our sweet little Meg passed away. As many of you may know, she hasn't been feeling good this past week. What caused this? Sometimes we don't know. Sometimes it's labeled "failure to thrive". Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair. But, we loved her--that is the important thing. She was also loved by her mama-to-be too. Meg stopped eating about a week ago. We have been syringe feeding her but it's been difficult as she really didn't want us to feed her. Then she clamped her mouth shut and refused to let us feed her at all. She passed away snugged up to her mama, Catsparella. Thank you for loving her and caring. These are indeed the things that make rescue work so hard.

Camvie is negative! Camvie is negative! Peggy just brought her back, her fluid volume is up enough to get blood and she passed! Yeah! Now, on to getting her healthier. Her right eye is not healthy, but we're working on it. She also has a friend, which will be good for both kittens. The other kitten is a newbie, just came in this morning. He's white, male and has a couple grey splotches on his head. His name is Merlyn. He is a castoff at a trailer court. He also has eye issues, but we've already started working on that also.

Surgery is tomorrow! We had a weigh in yesterday. The rough draft of surgery kittens are--
Females: Ginger, Pumpkin, Calidora, Jemison, Zsa Zsa, Tatiana, Danika, Temba, Courbet
Males: Caliboo, Bix, Remison, Vincent, Theo, Judson, Whobe, Rufus, Kohart, Kiko
These are the probable kitties. Will be a busy day. Thanks to Joyce for the upcoming Pizza lunch.

Bird/Garden Basket #105

Laurel Birch Basket  #109

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday, June 13

The storm is over for us. I hope and pray that everyone fairs well with these summer storms. Our storm started about 10:30 last night, then blew up into a big storm. Lots of rain and hard wind. I checked on the cats several times and finally went to bed about 12:30. Steve stayed up an extra half hour just to check on things. By that time, things had died down. So....we're all safe and dry and not blown away. All the trees are up, we'll change the bedding in Cat's Cove again so they are dry, a few small branches to pick up, but we faired very well for which I am thankful. 

The new t-shirts have arrived! We'll be getting a picture of them in the store very soon They are very nice. The colors are aqua and a warm grey. They are very good quality. 

We had a report from PetFinders. Here are the top 13 kittens/cats that were viewed. Arden, Polo, Goodness, Ratchet, Whisk, Sara, Zelda, Dove, Maui, Keesha, Octavia, Ruthie Ann, Karena. Wonderful cats!

Please remember to vote for Friends of Felines Rescue Center at   It was brought to my attention yesterday that I should mention our zip code, which is needed to vote. A good idea! Our zip code is 43512.  Thanks for your vote. 

We had BOXES last night, but it was a bit different! Please forgive me in advance as I know the following list is not complete. In anticipation of the coming storm, I was trying to hurry so I could check the farm yard one more time before dark. Also, the sound was very bad last night and then the internet went down. All was not well in getting all the gifts noted. Please, if this is incorrect or for those that I missed, feel free to e-mail me ( so I can correct it!
Katzrkewl--Hoops n YoYo card and pic of her cat, Fun Dip candy, 2 cans of KMR, cat snackers, lots of wonderful kitty toys, 2 catnip sprays, dental chew, address/planner book, silver kitty necklace, towel and a pop up tent for the kitties. For the Catathon: kitty plate, writing book, Cat sign: Can't Have Just One, cat magnets, notebook, Seek a Boo cat toy.  For me a beautiful metal and purple stone cross, Hoops n YoYo tumbler, Laurel Burch purse and a book
Anonymous Friend--2 bags of Royal Canin baby cat dry food
Littlebit20/Charlene--case of Fancy Feast turkey kitten and a new bowl scratcher bed!
Annamarie--for the Catathon: an awesome Kureig Machine, kitty and doggie mugs, carousel for the kureig cups and lots of coffee
Jacksmom--a Hoops n YoYo card, kitty angel stake for Alberts Garden, glass cat mirror, kitty books, 4 beautiful cat frames, 3 big animal print blankies .  Janet says a big thanks for her tin of sardines and that she will share them with her friends! 
Gloria--a birthday card for Putter and a donation to FFRC
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Sould canned food (2 adult/2 kitten)
Anonymous Friend--boxes of scoopable Arm & Hammer 40 lbs.
Darla C--donation thru Paypal
Gusti from Germany--a blankie for Gallant and a blankie for volunteer Donna for taking Gallant to the vet.Barry S--a donation thru PayPal

Well, folks, that's all I have, but I know there was more at BOXES, when the net went down. I'm so sorry. Just e-mail me and we'll figure it out!  Thanks.

Gallant had his surgery yesterday. He did really good, just as expected. He has a lot of sutures, two different kinds. The area wasn't healing was removed and stitched together. Then with rubber drains, other holding stitches were put in to ease any tension on the main suture line. He has to wear his collar for a while. The holding stitches come out in 5 days, the others come out in 12 days. He's a bit swollen and bruised this morning, but he is doing good. What an awesome cat. He has endured so much and never with a grumble or growl. We just love him!

Won't be long until the Basket list and the Big Ticket Item list is on the website for you to view, complete with pictures and descriptions. Remember, anything that came in after the 5/20 date, may not show up in the picture as we started taking pics right away. We are so very grateful for these donated items for the Catathon. The Baskets and Big Ticket Items are awesome!

We have a surprise for all you webcam viewers, whether you are a chatter or a lurker!!  Want a hint?  It's something that some of you have asked me about several times!  That's all the hint you get!

Big  Ticket Item #222   Lucky Cat Series, artist Andrew Bell. Released 2 months ago. Android Mini Collectible

Basket #117   Men's/Golf Basket

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weds., June 12

Marching, marching marching closer to June 23, the Catathon! Are we ready yet? Nope!  Will we be ready?  Yep!  Are we looking forward to it?  You bet, big time!

We've been hearing about some upcoming bad weather for tonight. The weathermen/women have been calling it a Derecho Storm. But, we never know what Mother Nature is going to throw at us until it happens. But, we will be prepared as much as possible (minus a generator). Last year when we were hit with a Derecho storm, it was fierce, but we survived with much help from friends, volunteers and the community. Today we will make sure the office cats (Azar, Zavatar, Big Al) are inside. We'll put chairs away, take down the table umbrellas, be sure all farm water buckets are full, stock up on gallon water jugs today, etc.  Remember, if our electricity goes out, we also don't have water or land phones. But, keep in mind, whether we get bad weather or not, we'll be fine. We're a tough bunch here! If the cam goes down, it'll be ok. We'll get you up as soon as possible!

The 5 surgery kittens from college are now back--Kohart, Judson, EB, Bixby and Navi. They all did just fine and were retested for FIV/leukemia, microchipped, full fecal and lab work done and a physical. AP is still there. When Dr. Don brought the surgery kittens back, he then took Dahnay with him to college. Both AP and Dahnay will get full fecal and lab work done, x-rays, microchipped, physicals. They will be two nice cats for the students to practice their holding techniques.

Please remember to vote at   We are now in third place. The top 5 organizations will receive $1,000.  This is a short voting spree by The Animal Rescue Site.

Many thanks to:
Anna B--4 bags of scoopable litter
Beth/eaglewatcher--2 bags of scoopable litter
Joyce R from OH--donation to FFRC
Domingo F from Italy--donation to FFRC

Gallant will be spending the day at our vet's office. Dr. Darcy and Dr. Pettigrew will be evaluating him. When he first arrived at the end of December, the area that was burned was very very large. He has come a long long way.  the last little bit of healing is being stubborn--so off to the vets he goes. He will have surgery on this area which is about the size of a little finger. That section will be removed and the edges sewed together. Our hope and prayer is that the outer skin is tough enough to hold sutures. We are planning on getting Gallant back today. He'll probably spend the first night in June's Room.

Many of you have been asking me about a little kitten that is here. I normally do not mention cats or kittens until they have been tested, as you know. But, in this case, many of you already know as you've heard us talking. Yes, there is a little kitten in Thumper's Room. This little one, a female, arrived after someone found it in her yard--no mama, no siblings. Her name is Camvie. Know what that's for? Cam Viewers! Please keep in mind, she is not tested yet. The reason? so very thin, was so very dehydrated. She felt like a piece of paper when I picked her up. She's just today starting to take the syringe better. Fluids have been given to her daily. She's snug on a heater and pink blankies. She's a love but has a long way to go.

Please remember to pre-register for the Catathon! Simply go to our website  All of you who pre-register will have your name in a drawing and receive a very special booklet made by Cantoncat about some of the FFRC cats. Less than a dozen of these stories are printed and YOU could be a lucky winner. The winners will be drawn at each basket round of the catathon!

Please also check out the $28 and under items for the Catathon! You can order these items now. All packages will be sent out right away after the Catathon is over. The site is:   Lots of fun items and cool stuff!

Big Ticket Item 209   Two Loons Dryer Lint Picture

Basket 125   All Kinds of Sticker Basket

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday, June 11

Off to college we go! Yesterday we sent 4 boys and 1 girl to be neutered/spayed and one cat to go for the full physical "deal". Those that went for their surgeries are: Kohart, Judson, EB, Bixby and Navi. They will be coming back this evening. AP went yesterday too, for the students to learn on a calm cat, the techniques of cat handling. While there, she will get microchipped, have full lab and fecal work done, etc. We may send another adult up for tomorrow for a 2 day stay. Oh....these cats come back from college ever so smart and snappy! 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we had our concession fundraiser. Defiance has a major dance recital and we do the concessions for it. I believe this is our 4th year to do this. It keeps us busy, but it's a lot of fun too. We made $920.  What a wonderful event for us. I appreciate all the volunteers who took the time to be at the tables to help us.

The Cookbooks have arrived! How exciting. It took all day yesterday to pack, stuff, label and seal all the Cookbooks, but they are now ready to be sent to you! They will be on their way to you today! Thanks for your patience in receiving them. These are terrific books and are now available in our $28 and under sales for the Catathon. 

Our $28 and under pre-sales are now taking place. You can place your pre-order, but keep in mind that the items won't be mailed until after the Catathon. The reason is that we can save on postage by combining all of your items into one mailing! Just go to and check out what we are offering. Lots of items, all for $28 and under! 

Please vote for FFRC! The Animal Rescue Site is having a short 3 week contest with the top 5 winners each receiving $1,000. This also is exciting! Go to:   We are currently in 4th place. Please....put those fingers to voting power again! You may vote once a day. 

We had BOXES last night. Thanks galore is given to you!
Pauline/deptfordemans--card, 12 beautiful glass kittys, 5 glass hearts and 6 glass pendants--these are beautiful pieces of art and will be put up at a Day Sale. Thank you so much!
Geekjenn--2 three pack lysol wipes, 2 forty pound boxes of A&H litter
Oilsandgirl--2 cases Fancy Feast fish & shrimp, case of kitty wipes--864 of them!
Tigercat54/Julie P from TN--xlo bottle of hand sanitizer
Laura/Medic101--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Special Friend Hannah and her mom Jennifer from IN--card with dog and a hampster on his head and lots and lots of stickers!  For the Catathon Family Basket: boxes of candy, box of planters peanuts, buttered & kettle popcorn, 6 pk of 7-up, 6 pk of rootbeer and 4 DVD wonderful movies
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of KMR
Sandra B/angelwinks--Book: Heavenly Humor for a Cat Lovers Soul, big box of 13 gallont rashbags, 2 cases of Friskies Tuna
Holly W--For Coz, Solee and Walter, a card and their veryown personalized handmade blankets for each. These are awesome. Holly previously had made one for Derecho too, now they each have their own cuddle blanket!  For the Catathon: Yachet Club resort decorative house and a Kabana Birdhouse. For FFRC: tube of cat balls, wash cloths for kitties and a neat star master night light for the kitties, Hoops & YOYO card and a really neat Hoops & YoYo tumbler for me!! Gift for Farrah birthday--kitty card, snackers and toys. Gift for Derecho birthday--kitty card, snackers and toys. And a donation
Anna H from WA--book: Manual for Kittens and Strays, Why Cats Paint, The Silent Meow. For the Mail Room: stamps and priority mailers
Denise H from GA--card with donation for food, 7 bags of kitty snackers. For the Catathon: Hello Kitty items--lots of awesome things that will go with the Hello Kitty Basket (make up bag, barrettes, brush, pez toy, beauty set, etc.)
Teresa S, Jean W, Sparky and Lily--Sheriff Putter Birthday card and a donation
Trudy S from OH--donation
Patricia K from NY--coupons
Camille C from CA--coupons
Ruth L--Jack's momma and Ronnie--a thank you card to FFRC and staff for all the pictures and memories we've sent to Ruth. 
Annette B from NC---a wonderful, beautiful framed picture of Bondi for Bondi's Welcome Room Office! I LOVE it! 

Isn't it an absolutely wonderful thing how we as humans are different--every single one of us. Well, it's the same thing in the cat world. No matter how many thousands of cats that come our way,  not a one of them will be the same! It's a wonderful thing. But, because of that, it also brings a mass amount of cat personalities. We as humans don't always get along and neither do the cats.  Can you really imagine what we are asking of these cats? To come live in a community of many many other cats, to get along, to "play nice". It's a lot to ask of the cats and residents here. For the most part, the cats do just fine. So, when you see a couple of the cats squabble, or someone smacks someone else, or another cat chase down another one, just relax. Unless it's something fierce (which one of the mods will call me), it's all  a part of being alive. Please don't be judgemental or negative. We have built FFRC in the face of being positive!

The purple flower runneth over with kitties. I'm not sure what it is about the purple flower, but it always draws the kittens. Yesterday, I saw 7 kittens piled in at one time snoozing! On the floor was the red poof, with Bella in it and 2 kittens. I even saw Cutie bathing two kittens! Little Rufus was walking on the wheel yesterday with Paddy Cake sitting on the floor right beside the wheel, just watching. He was so patient. As soon as Rufus got off, on he went and zipped that wheel to full speed! I think he was showing off! 

Catathon Basket    Boys

Big Ticket Item  Charles Wycocki picture

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday, June 8

Zip, zoom, bam, whoosh---that's what these kittens are all about. I know they wake up in the mornings thinking--"Well, what can we do today to keep the volunteers on their toes? Let's zoom around their feet and make them dance!" We are constantly watching where we put her feet as these little kittens don't care who is in their way! They just run and run. Yesterday, I saw two kittens running full speed, straight at me, so I just stopped. Did they skirt around me? No--they both bounced off my ankles. Kept right on going!

Putter had a wonderful birthday--presents at night, lots of backrubs during the day, being shown to the cam at least 5-6 times and special treats. He's such a wonderful cat and we all love him!

We had another Running of the Covies yesterday! Actually we like to let the Covies have a full day of play out on the farmyard twice weekly. They truly do have so much fun. They love visitors. Our overnighter visitors Jim and Debbie from Georgia enjoyed watching the cats come barreling out of the Cove to play. Connie D, the afternoon volunteer, got them all back in and accounted for.

Judson's favorite way to take a nap is upside down, flat out on his back! Walter is here on my desk--rubbing and rubbing my arms. Little Hank and Hankster know how to FLY out of their pen when the door is open. It takes them maybe 1/2 of a second to be out, as soon as the door is open! Pumpkin and Kiko are good friends and enjoy playing together.

Our Catsparella was spayed yesterday. She did great. Her kittens were glad to see her. Soon after her return, she was napping with all 7 babies snugged up close to her. So sweet. Kitty Q is no longer in June's Room. She's found out that Kitty Campus Room is a fun place to hang out and her two kittens find her when they're want some cuddling.

We had BOXES last night--thanks, thanks, thanks!
Brookebosses from OH--overnight visitor--case of keurig cups Apple Cider & Hot Chocolate, box of 50 snack size candy, 2 bags of Reeses Pieces, bag of Purina One Kitten, box of 24 pkts Whiskas, 2 bags of kitty snackers, bag of kitty toys, 2 feather ball toys, catnip fish toy
Caren F--3 kitty play cubes--kitties love these!
Schinn--for Mr. Putter FFRC Moss Birthday--a card, IOUS b-day card (backrub). Basket full of Putter goodies--case of appetizers, 5 cans of Fancy Feast, Happy Hips salmon with glucosomine
Hannah from IN--our special friend--For Putters B-day--card with a sweet note, beautiful love chain, Can cheese, snacker treats, case of Friskies variety. Hannah also wrote a story that we read.
Tigercat54/Julie from TN--Keurig cups: Variety of Breakfast teas, 50 hot cups with lids
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feast Seafood Grilled, bag of Whiskas Dry, 4 bottles of antibacterial soap
Anonymous Friend--case of Huggies kitty wipes
From all the kitty babies to Ruthie Ann, Kitty Q and Catsparella--a thank you Mothers Day card
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Linda M from GA--donation and birthday card for Putter
Oilsandgirl--two 40 lb bags of Precious Litter
Judith M--donation in honor of Kiara and Putter's birthdays
Jatcat--bubble wrap, bubble mailers, 2 inch scotch tape--for the new Mail Room

Today is the 2nd day of our Concession Fundraiser for the Dance Recital. Last night went fine. Today we have two time slots (this morning and this evening). Sunday will be in the afternoon. Next Saturday, is our very big spay/neuter day. This Monday we will send a few more cats to College.

 Amish Basket for the Catathon

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday, June 8

Happy Birthday to Putter! Happy Birthday to Putter.........and many many more! Today is an extra special day as it is Putter's birthday. He's the Sheriff of the whole place and he's the boss. We all just love him so much. He's already had two backrubs this morning and I brought him out for the viewers to see him. He truly gives the best hugs of any cat I've ever known. He arrived here in June 2010--a very sad cat. He could barely walk due to the severe mats that kept his legs from mobility. I felt he had "lost is light in his eyes". We knew he was an oldster, but felt it very important to get those horrible mats removed as soon as possible. He was given a very light sedative to help him relax. I remember vividly three times I put the clippers down, thinking this was an impossible feat trying to save him--he was in such poor condition. Even though his color was bad, he kept breathing, so I kept on working on him. The end of the story is.......he's here, he's happy and we all love him to pieces. He has much slowness to his gait, but he gets where he wants to go and can still stare a hole right threw you (it means I'd like to be picked up again and loved on, which we always do!). Occasionally, Putter still wants to come out to the rescue center (he still can smack a kitten and seems to "need" to do this to be sure those whippersnappers know who is still the boss), but he does spend most of his time inside the house now. He's a well loved cat by us all!Putter is now 16 years old.

Have you pre-registered yet for the Catathon? You can do so up until noon on June 22. This simply helps us to have the information needed, in case you win a bid or buy something outright. Remember, we have 16 items that are $28 and under that will go on our website on Sunday for as a pre-sale! Here's an incentive! Our wonderful friend, Canton has written another story. It's called Sheriff Putter Saves The Day! It's an awesome story involving many of the FFRC cats. There's only 3 of these booklets "out there". But, we are producing 6 more--just for YOU! If you pre-register, your name will be included in a drawing. Once every basket session, we will pull a pre-registered name out of a box. That person will receive a copy of this latest FFRC story! Please know that your information will never be given to anyone else. We respect your privacy.

Doce is doing great. We're keeping a sharp eye on his hiney to see what happens. Next Saturday is our Surgery Day--here at the rescue center. It will be a very busy day. AP/Animal Planet is here on my desk. She willingly shares it with Zelda. Gallant continues full treatments on the remaining area of his burn. It will be re-evaluated next Saturday.

Several times a day, we have 100% of all the kittens out running about. We do put them back in their various rooms and Dodger's Pen a few times a day for an extra feeding, nap time or bedtime. It's very interesting sorting out the 7 that goes in Dodger's Pen, the 7 that goes in Cat's Corner Room, the 6 sometimes 7 that goes in June's Room. Whew--it's exhausting keeping them all straight, but we must! So far, we haven't had to do the neck bands, but if we get one more orangie in, it's a possibility!

We had BOXES last night! We are so beholden to you all. It's quite humbling to see all the boxes that arrive. I never take these things for granted and am always grateful.
Cheryl L/Cherylann275 from WA--24 count Friskies Pate, gallon of Mr. Clean Fabreeze and 2 big 40 lb boxes of Tidy Cat litter
Eaglewatcher64/Beth from IL--SEVEN cases of Friskies--a great variety
Furkitty/Ellen & Cathouze/Ellen from FL--6 cases of baby food--a big help!
Brenda Q--box of Purrfectly Fish and a case of Friskies gravy sensations
Tina F with Peppy & Calli--3 Xl containers of Clorox Wipes, 4 bottles of Tide HE and a case of Bounty paper towels
Dave, Bonnie and Michael--egg cartons (for packing) LOTS of knitted blankies for adoptions!, 2 stuffed toys for Thumpers Room for baby kittens, 5 buckets with candy/chalk for granddaughters & Livy, 5 flannel baby blankies, XL box of a variety of band aides, package of photo paper
RoseSF6cats with Marble, Checkers, Pitstop, Brownie, Blackie and Fluffy--3 decorative bird houses for Catathon, 3 baby hats for Kelly and Molly, tuxie bookmark. For the Catathon: stuffed Smurf Boy, Sonic & Tails, kitty with rattle, rattlesnake with rattle in tail
Tom & Betty W from VA and Samantha (who will be 16 years old on 6/15!)--kitty card and donation to be used where needed
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--birthday cards for Kiara & Cliff (these went up on the birthday door)
Jeanette M from OH--thank you card for helping with Melia and Malia and donation
Swankitty--kitty card for Gallant with a note
Isabelle H/BudnBits--Happy Birthday card for Sir Gallant of Orange. Prayers to St. Anthony will be said for his healing, for one whole year. And a donation for a special leggydew blankie for Gallant (he will pick it out himself by a visit to the Mail Room today!)
Kikimycat--birthday cards for Kiara, Cliff, Putter, each has their picture on it with a wonderful verse on the back.
Jim & Debbie, GA visitors yesterday and today--ladybug design puddler for butterflies for in the rock garden, handmade soap with flower in it, Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat Lunch box with: card, lotion, peppermint in a Peacock tin, a beautiful tiger eye/crystal necklace and earrings, "Cat" ball cap, magnetic book mark, crocheted kitty coaster (like Zelda), 2 stone tokensin a crocheted bag, sterling silver angel (beautiful). For the rescue center--keurigg coffees, 2 glycerin soaps, washcloths, a stuffed toy for the Kabana room, flutter balls, Eagle flubber dog toy, lots of other dog toys, "Angel Cats" book, BIG bag of kitty toys, cat collars and a donation to be used wherever needed. Wow!

Apparently The Animal Rescue Site is doing a test of how they will run their next contest. They are having a short 3 week of voting. We are involved! You can go to   There will be top five winners, each able to win $1,000. The reason they are doing this? They have set up a new system of monitoring votes--this is a very good thing. You can vote only once a day. Please vote!

Little Kohart is a sweetie of all sweeties. He loves to be held and closes his eyes half way while being petted. Such a lover. Bearta and litter are soooooooo cute--that little bit of extra fluff on them is so sweet. They cannot get enough petting! Whobe is an ornery boy--goes around and any group of kittens that are playing, he just joins right in. When they tire out, off he goes to another group! Fiona, Meg and Sammie have roundish tummies now! Yeah for round tummies!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday, June 6

Here a pee, there a pee, oops, and there's "something else". Oh well, it happens! Yes, we are very aware that we have a couple cats here that have "accidents". We know that Cozarelii loves to pee on rugs--he especially loves those blue rugs. We also know that Ada Jane truly enjoys peeing on the laundry, especially if it's still warm out of the dryer! And Bella--if you see her scooting by you a hundred miles an hour, you can be assured she's on her way to find a corner to do her daily "tootsie roll" job. Do we wish they didn't do this? Sure! Do we mind cleaning up after them? Certainly we do not mind. Keep in mind that these cats are residents and we are totally committed to their care, whatever direction that takes us in. And by the way.....they are very very sorry!

We received our Petfinder Reprt. The top 13 cats viewed were: Polo, Spruce, Karena, Ruthie Ann, Zelda, Tabitha, Goodness, Haylow, Arden, Keesha, Sara, Ratchet and Octavia.

The goods are delivered! Yes, the Pushie twins are now in their new home in Maine. Sounds like all is well. I chatted with Jan/Slickie this morning and she said they follow her around everywhere! Sounds perfect to me! Connie is still on her way back to Ohio. She spent last night in New York and should make it home today. I'm eternally grateful to Connie for making this long trip. I knew those PushieBabes were in the best hands, with Connie.

The cookbooks are in! The cookbooks are in! Yes, they have arrived and they are beautiful books. Colleen/Leenie did a superb job on them. Many thanks too to Sherry/Nikka, Linda/Goss, Sonja and Catherine for your part in helping Leenie with this huge job. We'll be packing and sending them very soon. How exciting!

There goes another layer of cardboard ring from the cardboard cat bowl bed. They love these beds to sleep in. Then for whatever reason, someone starts to chew on the edges. That's the beginning of the unrolling of the cardboard bed. It takes them days, and what fun they have doing it, but they will persist, layer after layer until it's completely disassembled. Cats.........what will they figure out next?! I saw something funny and had to laugh before I went and rescued them. Four of the little kittens--Melia, Malia, Titoes and Tippytoe climbed up the hemp pole, got to the very top, then froze. Meow, meow, meow--how on earth is the proper way for kittens to get down? Just holler your little heads off until someone comes by and lifts you down! It worked!

Today is Cliff's birthday. He is 5 years old now. Cliff arrived when he was 1 years old. His mama had passed away and his family asked if we would care for him. Cliff arrived as a "distant cat", wanting to stay away from us, but still enjoying the food and companionship of the cats. It took him a little while to realize that those chin scratches and ear rubs are really nice after all! He's a wonderful boy and we're glad he's here. Cliff is the only cat that I've known that has a cleft lip. It doesn't extend into the upper palate and does not cause any problems for him. He's our orange Porchie cat.

We had BOXES last night! LOTS of boxes, so we started early at 5:30! What a great time I had and also humbling. I am constantly amazed at you all "out there" that know our need and help us with this.
Gusti from Germany--donation for Joline for food & treatment and s donation in honor of the birthday cats Cliff and Kiara.
Renee C/jakesmeowmy --donation to be used wherever needed
PSW--donation to FFRC
AbbyTabbysMama--2 Kuranda beds for Cat's Cove, 4 cases of KMR 
Kenneth M--donation to FFRC
Deb11111-7 cases of Friskies--a variety
Maya--day visitor (Shelley's daughter)--2 bags of Purina One adult
Val & Shelley--day visitor--three 32 count cases of Friskies and 2 other cases of Friskies
Barbara B--8 cans of KMR
Susan 345--1 case of KMR
Auntie Julie P/tigercat--fish shaped scratcher, 2 cases of 2 inch Scotch packing tape and 3-pack Lysol
Newfiedogmom--Royal Canin Baby cat dry, 6 cans of KMR, 2 cases of Appetizers
Sandra B/Angelwinks--For the catathon--Hello Kitty Beach towel, 2 packs of Purrpads, Webkin (kitty), mouse unter toys, Cat kitchen brush FOr the dog Catathon basket: blankie, lots and wonderful doggie toys, slumber pad, mug with dog print, crate mat with bumpers. A Leopard skin poof, Temptation snackers and a Laurel Burch Travel bag/purse, kitty tumbler--extra thanks!
Sandra E--For the Catathon, a Hello Kitty beach towel. For ffrc-2 bags of Royal Canin (baby cat/kitten), case of Friskies tuna
Ellen/furkitty and Pat/cathouze from FL--case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp, 2 containers of Tide HE
Janet S & Toby & Harley from IA--for the Smurf Catathon Basket: 5 figures on blister pack, pack of die cast metal figures and 7 figures on blister packs--all collector items! Also a bag of Iams/kitten
Connie S--12 cans of KMR
Tom E--20 cans of KMR
Aleda--2 cases of KMR
Anonymous Friend--Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Litter/40 lbs.
MLS960/Linda--egg cartons (lots and lots) for our farm eggs and for packing in Mail Room!
Anonymous Friend--handmade Mirror (it's beautiful), handmade blankies for babies, Cozarelii, Solee & Walter, special blankie for Kellen to help with Doce, peacock files, bathmat for Kitty Kastle, kitty note cards, toys for Walter & Pania, white crocheted baby afghan. Cathathon--2 packs cupcake papers, baby snowman hat, cat Sitter DVD, purple & salmon floor mats
Jeannette B--another case of Evo for Gallant (to enhance his healing)-special thanks
Priscilla G/PrissyPurdue--2 cases of baby food, 2 cases of kitten can food
Penny B--3 hair clips that look like hats-yellow, pink & purple, 2 packages Glucosomine doggie treats, 1 case of Gravy Lovers, 1 case of Purrfectly Chicken, Iams Natural dry cat food
Justme0252--Box of Temptation snackers, bag of Royal Canin kitten dry, case of Tiki variety, case of Fancy Feast kitten can
Darlene M/kittygirl7--8 cans of KMR
Courtney and kitty cass from Maine--48 count Friskies Pate
Mike & Bonnie, day visitors from Wooster, OH--donation for FFRC needs and a beautiful wicker loveseat and plantstand! Thank you!
Tabbycatkid--a purple Immersion blender to help us make kitty gruel! 

Here's the latest construction news: mop boards are all the way in. We're waiting on the cabinets, cupboards and countertop to come in. The furnace guys were here all day yesterday. They'll be back again today. The air conditioner works! Today the furnace will be completed (hopefully won't need that for a long long time!). We are getting each of the two new rooms organized. It's hard to complete them until the cupboards/cabinets/counters arrive.

The walk thru gate is now complete, that hooks up with the new sidewalk that leads to the Cove. The stone is also now spread about and butted up to the sidewalk. The front sidewalk is not quite complete. We're trying to find someone who can come and grade the new dirt on top (it's very chunky yet) so we can seed and straw it. It's a work in progress!

We're working on organizing the Catathon Baskets and the Big Ticket Items. Jenni is also working on getting the pictures taken so everyone can see the Baskets and Big Ticket Items.  In addition to the picutres, you'll see a list of the contents of the baskets. Angie and Bill are writing the contents which is a big job. We've confirmed the two big tents, the porta pots, the computer guy that will help, the telephone company that will put in 8 extra lines and the confirmation of the big 50 inch TV that will show the Catathon. It's coming together! This Sunday is two weeks prior to the Catathon--that's the day the items that are $28 and under will go up for pre-sale! All you'll need to do is go to the website and click on the button!

Remember you can pre-register still for the Catathon. This is simple and can be done thru our website at  This simply saves us time when we're looking for your name and information to mail items to you. This information will NOT be shared with anyone else.

Oh, and by the way, Solee says she's very sorry in advance, because she potties sometimes inappropriately too! But, she's more polite than Cozarelii, as she does it off cam! Gotta love these cats!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday, June 4

Wow--what a day we had yesterday! Talk about a busy entire day and very productive. The electric was down for about 2 1/2 hours, but we now have juice to the new Mail Room and the extended Thumper's Room! So very nice to have the lights working now! The mop boards went on. As soon as that was done, we started moving things in. Shelves, lots of shelves, desk, pens, surgery equipment, Store inventory, tables--lots of things! It looks wonderful but we're not done yet. Have more painting to do, have to wait for cupboards, cabinets and counters to be put in next week. But, it's so very wonderful to be getting partially moved in.

We also had two adoptions--Polo and Goodness found a home together. They should do just fine and already had a phone call late last night. Both of the cats were napping on the back of the couch! That in itself made for a good day.

I wanted to let you know too that Doce is back. He had went home with Caryn and the girls on Friday. But, even before they left, his little bum was not right again. They still wanted him to go home with them, but he came back yesterday. This back and forth business is too hard on Kellen, Doce will be staying here as her cat. He will again have his bum checked by our vets, but it truly appears to be again, a "lax holding" of the anal sphincter muscles. This is something we really can't fix. So, he will be an FFRC/Kellen cat.

We also took in another cat on Sunday. This is an adult 2 1/2 year old calico Sphinx. Her owner has passed away. She was always vetted at Dr. P's where Chris T (a friend to FFRC) works at. It was always known that if this person passed away, Chris would take care of this cat, or if she was unable to, it would be a cat-friend to me as a permanent resident. So, Zecia is here. I have her in the house right now, so that she and I bond. I want her to know she has a new mama in her life and that she will be loved. She does show interest in coming out to the rescue center, so you may see her visiting!

We had BOXES last night! We are a grateful rescue center for these doantions!
Courtney T--three 12 packs of Friskies
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--12 cans of Tiki can food
Lois L--12 cans of liquid KMR
Jacksmom--2 cases of KMR liquid
Priscilla G--case of Appetizers, case of Friskies tuna/egg and a case of Friskies chicken
Hope--thank you card and a donation
Melissa B from OH--coupons
Laura/medic and Belinda/Lemon (overnight visitors)--Reese's Pieces (big bag), baby cereal, baby meat, kitty snackers, dog snackers, gallon water jugs, kitten can and a Pet Supply Plus gift card

Connie D (volunteer) is on her way with Pushkins and Pushkiss, to be delivered to Jan/Slickie in Maine. I heard from her when she was in Penns. and New York. More driving today with a delivery of the twins to their new home. I'm so thankful to Connie for offering to do this.

We also sent 3 cats to college yesterday. They are Weeja, Kitty Q and Whisk. They will be back on Thursday. This is a new week for the vet tech students and they will be learning techniques on how to hold a cat. They will FIV/leukemia test them again, do a full fecal on them, microchip and another full physical. This is at no charge to FFRC. Good experience for the cats and good experience for the students.

We have lots of cats and kittens on hold! So exciting to think of these cats having new wonderful homes. It's time to reveal the names of those that are on hold! Gallant, Abbott, Pixel, Bearta, Zsa Zsa Meg & Fiona (2 together), , Kitty Q & Catsparella & Maui & Ginger (all 4 together!),  EB & Vincent (2 together), Yeah for good adoptions!