Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday, September 30th

Our Walter boy is lost. What an awful, terrible thing. He apparently got out the door, by himself, somewhere between 5:00 and 5:15 am this morning. He was last seen in the front Thumper's Room. Please, please, if you live in Defiance area, help us find our boy.

This is what the flyers say:

LOST: Special Needs Grey Cat
Walter is a special cat with cerebellar hypoplasia. He's a "wobble cat"--can walk good, but has a "bobble head" at times and sometimes a wobby walk. Super friendly, but doesn't like being picked up for long, loves petting, can meow loudly. Walter is also DEAF.

He accidentally got out of his home, "Friends of Felines Rescue Center" at 14597 Power Dam Road in Defiance.

He is solid grey. He was wearing a collar with his name tag on, but it might've come off.

When he's napping, he sleeps very soundly. PLEASE, check under your cars, in your garages, in your sheds, on your porch. Walter has never been outside before.

Please help us find our boy. Call anytime with any information. REWARD.

419-769-1010   or  419-393-2400

We have had people out looking since 5:30 this morning. We're checking along the river, the house boundaries, the woods, everywhere. Please, keep an eye open for Walter. We love him so much and want him back safely. Prayers for Walter and his safe return. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday, September 29

Blink! Blink! Blink! That's what LillyAnn is doing to us. I call them "kitty kisses" when you look at a cat and they blink purposefully at you! LillyAnn's etube was pulled yesterday. She was given a light sedation, had the tube removed and then given her bubble bath. Her face looks much better as some of the scabs and old blood was finally able to be removed. Her upper palate fracture looks awesome and in place. Her major left lower jaw fracture feels firm! Her tongue still has a lot of sutures but I trimmed those to take off the bigger pieces that were poking her. She's curled up in her special bed and looks quite content. The best news of all is that she ate a bit of dry food last night! 

We had two adoptions yesterday but to the same home! Our wonderful Kenco and Tembo went to their new home together. They have a mom and dad that already loves them. I was so happy for the four of them!

This morning, 4 of our visitors left--Deb11111, northpolemn, wolfpatch and c1a1t1s1. It was wonderful to have these folks here--really enjoyed them. Also this afternoon, Felinetoyz will be leaving. She's been here for a week. It's amazing how easy it is to have such friendships with our visitors. As a bonus, they all just pitch right in and help!

We have so very many thanks to give. I always am fearful that I will miss giving a thanks. Wolfpatch said today, just say thanks for the "stuff"!! I loved that. A big big thanks for all the stuff that comes in! If I've made an error, feel free to e-mail me! 
Sean & Kara B--cat toys, cat treats, bag of dry cat food
Gem/Edna--2 cases Friskies (Magenta's favorites), 2 bags of Snackers, 2 bags of snackers too for the covies
Steve & Terry--case of Friskies, Clorox wipes, 9 inch plates, donuts for breakfast!, case of dog food, coffee & creamer and a donation for Paul and snackers for the volunteers
c1a1t1s1--baby food jars and Sheba can food
Ken & Marlane--paper towels, Friskies cans, case of Fancy Feast
Phil & Judy--paper towels, clorox wipes, scratcher pads, can food, coil toys and pop tabs for Kellen
Northpolemn--pink cat carrying crate, big bag of Friskies dry food
Warped in MN--2 packages blue mop heads
Deb11111--Dawn soap, Mr. Clean, OdoBan, big box 13 gal. trash bags, 1 gallon/1 quart ziplock bags, 12 cans cat food, lots of kleenex!, hand lotions, TP, hand towels, bleach, volunteer snacks, ping pong cat toys
Wolfpatch--lots and lots and lots of his delicious homemade cookies! 
Scott C--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Joan N--donation to FFRC,f thru PayPal
Judy S from VT--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Beth/eaglewatcher--two of those wonderful new litterboxes from Kattails Kat Kave. They're good quality, no lines on the bottom to trap the litter and nice and big! 

We received a Petfinder Report. The top 13 viewed cats were: Ginger, Archer, Dennis, Judson, Octavia, Kiko, Karena, Jemison, Navi, Weeja, Theo, Dahnay and Tatiana.

Paul is still at Hospice and receiving wonderful care. Yesterday the weather was so beautiful. We got a wheelchair, got him into it and went outside! It was wonderful and he so enjoyed it. Today is the day that we'll be bringing Paul's 6 cats here to live at FFRC. The back Thumper's Room is now ready for them. We also have LillyAnn there too. We put 2 Kuranda Towers in also for their sleeping pleasure! Paul knows his cats are coming and is content with this idea. Quite a few of the volunteers have been going in to visit with Paul. He's been enjoying this. 

The Covies will be out and about again today. Connie D is the expert Covie wrangler and easily gets them back into the Cove. The Porchies have been enjoying all the visitors. We have a table right outside the porch and when people sit and talk, they will come! 

Yesterday, we moved Viola and her kitties to June's Room. We have the door window panel open, so Viola can jump thru and go in and out as she wants. Works great. The kittens are playing with toys now! Buttons is now in Dodger's Pen. We opened her door to the pen this morning and she cruised about for about an hour.

In case you haven't seen it, this is the cat weathervane on top of the rescue center. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday, Sept. 28

Because of the extremely busy week, the Blogs were on a "time out". But, we need one today to help get people get up to date!

As you already know, Paul was back in the hospital for 3 days. He was in a liver diseased coma. Completely unresponsive. It was decided to have him transferred to Defiance's In-Patient Hospice Center. Yesterday, when the EMT's brought him in his room and got him comfortable in his bed, Paul started talking! I swear, you could've pushed me over with a feather--I was thrilled, happy, shocked and thankful! Wow! 

At this point, he falls easily back into a deep sleep but can be aroused when spoken to. He still has his very diseased liver and affected kidneys. As of this week, we were told that he is no longer able to be on the liver transplant list due to his overall health. So, we pray for Paul, be thankful for him and appreciate his care that he is given. I know Paul....if there's a way to push more time for himself, he will do it. We will continue to love this guy every day and take each day as it comes.

If you want to light a candle for Paul as many have, that's wonderful. The site that is being used is a peaceful, non cult site. The first candles were lit in May 2001. Since then 16,062,097 candles have been lit from 243 countries. It's just a way of showing concern and gratitude. No money is involved--just peaceful thoughts.

We also have heard back from Paddy Purr's biopsy. No cancer cells! It shows unnatural cell growth, but nothing harmful. The treatment? Simple--a probable one time dose of a steroid injection! Paddy Purr is hip-hip-hooray-ing as we are too! 

The ten kittens that house in Cat's Corner Room (Minto, Poppy, McSplish, McSplash, Daisy, Emily, Allie, Juby, Lorenzo and Bugg) are doing great. They get out a couple times a day to cruise about, but always spend their night times in their room.

Lorenzo is doing wonderful. He gets into the litterbox just fine by himself and is eating just fine by himself. He's a cuddle-bum! His sister Bugg is still a very busy girl and is truly everywhere exploring. 

Viola and her kittens are quickly outgrowing Dodger's Pen. Since Ming and Cozarelii no longer need June's Room, Viola and babes will be moving into this room. We'll figure out something so that Viola can still be out exploring during the day, but to keep the kittens in their room.

Buttons is also doing great. She will be moving up soon to stay in Dodger's Pen so she can start to fit in with the Main Area. She's such a beautiful calico. I finally have the note that was taped to her arm, asking for help for her. Very interesting.

The etube in LillyAnn will be removed this weekend. It's time. Dr. P says to go ahead and remove it and hopefully she'll start eating on her own. She'll get a very light sedation to do this and at the same time, I'll give her a warm sudsy bath. 

The other day I posted an incorrect address for our pet memorials. It should be

I have thank yous to give from earlier this week! A big thanks!
Halosmom & dad--donation in honor of Paul, to FFRC
Joyce D--provided the yummy pizza's for our past surgery day!
Christina/nibbiesmommy (kitties are Nibbies, Elvira, Lotus, Leeloo)--3 cases Purrfectly chicken (2 cases for center and 1 case for PJ )
Great Aunty Julie/tigercat54-an Aspenpet Attract-O-Mat tunnel for the kittens
Widdletigger--soft cozy purple bed for LillyAnn
Oilsandsgirl--2 cases KMR, kikaroo toy for bunny kicking kitties
Gloria K and son Geremy K--(their kitties Kiki and Peanut)--2 kitty beds, wand toy, nylon birdseed feed bag for Katie, shamwow, ball toy with tail, ball, pack of 50 Neat n'Dry potty pads, book James Harriet's Cat Stories, Mr. Clean erasers, pack of 50 extra large training pads, finger toy, Sheeba cat food for Magenta and a Frolicat "twitch" toy
Lisa/our baker friend--cookies!  bread!

From a webcam friend: Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is. The way to cope with it, is what makes the difference. 

Paul....our funny, compassionate, giving, wonderful friend!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday, September 24

Fall is definitely upon us.  Cooler evenings, leaves are turning and the cats are frisky! 

In the mornings, we take all 10 kittens from Cat's Corner Room and put them in the front office and Kitty Kabana Room for a couple hours. This gives them a chance to play, run full speed and get to know some of the other cats. It will make the transition into the Main Area much easier. Little Trusty that was the last to join the 10-gang is super nice. Such a purr box and a sweetie. He fits right in!

Kelly R has now arrived home safely. She left yesterday and now Laurie/Felinetoyz is here! What wonderful guests we have. Feline has already learned how to syringe feed Minto.  Also today Marlane will be arriving. She is the new mama to Beartoe. But, a friend will also be picked out for Beartoe, so she will be leaving on Weds. with two kitties! Feline has become the official Bella-Watcher and will take Bella out to scoot about outside--her favorite pastime. And the only cat allowed to do this!

I've heard back from Archer and Judson--both kittens are doing wonderful. Won't be much longer until Fiona and Sammie also will be heading to Maine. I've already heard from Paula Girl and Dahnay's family. All is well and happy!

Our two new arrivals, Lorenzo and Bugg are both doing great. Bugg is super active and is the explorer. Lorenzo is the littlest CH kitten and is also super friendly. He does quite well with his abilities. He knows what he wants and he knows how to accomplish it! 

We have taken in a new adult cat. She arrived with the name of Button and is 4 years old and a beautiful short haired calico. She was a stray, picked up along the highway by friends of ours. How do we know this information? Because she had a note taped to her leg. The note simply said that the grandma had passed away and now Button was in fast need of a new home. She was very patiently sitting on the white line of the highway, waiting for her ride and to be brought here! 

Viola's kittens are growing so fast. They are now almost 5 weeks old and active. We had to add a higher extension on the door so these kittens cannot get out. We would like to get them in a room soon, but the rooms are full. We'll figure something out for them! 

We had BOXES last night and have lots of gratitude to give--we appreciate you!
MaryAnn O/Merry_Marvine and Peanuts--a brown rug, and a framed painting by a local artist L Masterson. It's beautiful and I can't wait to hang it up!
Anonymous Friend--a memorial stone from, in memory of our sweet Spike. This will go in Albert's Garden.
Ellen/kikimycat--pictures of her kitty, sea shells from her vacation (some with names on them of kittens passed, for Albert's Garden), 2 beautiful sand dollars, cards for various cat's birthdays (hanging on the birthday door now), 3 autumn post-it notes, disney fridge peace magnet and a spoon to use for breakfast!!
Cathouze and Furkitty--29 jars of baby food meat
Great Aunt Julie/Tigercat54--two very soft sleeping mats/pads for the Cat's Corner Room
PSW--12 whimsical, extra cute, cat cookie jars. These are to be used in the store, Day Sale or whatever! They are really cute!
Faith/Fiona's and Sammie's new mom--donation from Faith with a thank you message from Fiona and Sammie, cat nip toy, beautiful mittens (made by her mom, 2 lobster shaped dog treats, chocolate beach stones for the volunteers, Ball Park mustard to help the sardines go down, clam shell shaped rock from Maine, Wild Maine Blueberry Syrup (for Steve's Sunday breakfasts!), Pink granite stone in memory of Catsperalla dn her babies, seedless raspberry jam. Wow! Love it all.
Tom P from NJ and Buddy and Ashley too--Halloween card
Jean K/BearMn--donation and card
Jatcat from CA--4 letter openers
Walmart--letter and check in appreciation of Pat's volunteer time at FFRC
Alan C--donation for FFRC
Tom & Nancy G/kerswill from MI--from Kona, Kerswell is donating a dollar for every time she got picked up by volunteers (came to $47!!)
Gem--20 global stamps
Anonymous friend--3 cases of Fancy Feast gravy lovers poultry and beef can
Phil and Judy (Sunday visitors)--paper towels, chlorox wipes, 15 cans of food, coil toys, pop tabs and sticky note pads 
Adrienne H/easterneyesNYC from NY--donation to FFRC
Gusti from Germany--to help with LillyAnn's vet bills and needs
Herta B from IN--donation to help with LillyAnn

LillyAnn is healing--ever so slowly, but has begun the process. I've been feeding her thru her e-tube 5 times daily, starting about 4:45 am.  She doesn't mind this. We've been putting her in the back Thumper's Room to walk about, but she is obviously a very very shy girl. Once out of her pen, she's not very receptive to human touching. This is all something we'll find an answer to later. Our first concern is getting her healed, getting the e-tube out and her eating by herself. She's a pretty girl.

This is LillyAnn. A beautiful marble orange/white cat. Her upper palate is fractured and is the left side of lower jaw. The impact caused her to almost bite her tongue in two.  But, she's "put back together" and is healing. She loves to have her head softly rubbed. The orange tube is her e-tube for feeding. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday, September 22

Surgery Day went just fine! No problems. Thanks to Dr. Darcy, Bonnie, Lynnette and Sue for their special help. Shannon was here to observe surgeries. Kelly and Mechelle helped with post-ops. So, we were all set. By suppertime all the cats were out in the main area already, cruising about. This was a busy day and alot was accomplished.

The spays that were done: Allie, Emily, Daisy, Camvi, Kwee, Puzzone, Rosi and Viola. These girls did great. After looking again at Puzzone's eye, it was decided to "wait and see". The eyeball itself has refilled with fluid and is not, we've decided to wait and see what happens! There's probably very little sight in that eye, but that's ok. Camvi also was thoroughly checked. Her loud breathing is coming from the head, not her lungs. She just may be a loud breather but she too is fine, just how she is. Viola went right back into her pen with her kitties, nursed them, jumped up on her shelf and took a long nap. She's already out and about this morning.

The boy neuters that were done: Bear, George, Juby, London, Meowzer, Mogo, Purrzer, Togo and Trusty. I had Goose on the schedule, but he was already done in August! These surgeries also went well. That little Trusty is some little kitten--absolutely is a loverbug! London was due for his second leukemia/FIV test which was done with negative results, so that is good.

Big Al's eye was also looked at. Dr. Darcy would like him to have ointment applied 2-3 times a day with an extra ingredient in it to help his eye. We'll keep a watch on his progress.

Paddy Purr also had his nose looked at. About a week ago, we noticed it was quite large and puffy. So, he was given a sedative and 2 sections of this growth was removed to have a biopsy done. His nose was stitched back up with 6 sutures. We'll know the results Wednesday afternoon. He looks good this morning and is eating good too.

We took in McFee yesterday. Dr. Darcy brought her along from the clinic to here. She has a name change and is now known as LillyAnn. She's such a sweetie, shy and unsure, but that's ok.  We can work with her. I imagine she has a horrible headache. She badly lacerated her tongue, has a fractured maxilla (the whole left side) and a fracture at the mid upper hard palate. She has an e-tube in place for feeding her. All nutrition is thru this tube. She's being fed 4-5 times daily. We have her on an anti-inflammatory and soreness meds.

We also had BOXES on Friday evening. Many thanks from me to you!
 Jackie M--nice note, big bag of Purina One Chicken & Rice for the adults
Joann P/joey3100--2 big bags of Temptation treats and 37 jars of baby food
Cheri B--Spoiled Rotten Box--2 neat packages of differentsnackers, cat dancer, Mouser toys, 2 cans of Perfect Bistro, calming treats and stickers with catnip!
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feast turkey
Great Aunt Julie/tigercats54--case of Friskies Pate, 2 cases of Friskies Gravy Sensations
Jacksmom--6 cases of baby food meat
Caren F--case of Fancy Feast turkey, case of Senior diet Salmon
Wendilin--card and a donation to be used as needed
Cathy O from FL--thank yu card from Willard, donation and pictures of Willard
Mamie--3 cases of baby food meat

We have a guest coming tomorrow that will be adopting Beartoe. While here, she will also find that perfect playmate for Beartoe! They will leave on Tuesday.

We had three adoptions yesterday! Theo was adopted and I do believe will be a very happy boy. Then Archer and Judson were adopted together! It's wonderful knowing our kittens and cats are going to wonderful, loving homes!

The latest Petfinder report is in!. The top 14 viewed cats were: Archer, Ginger, Navi, Kiko, Octavia, Dahnay, Raza, Tatiana, Kenco, Theo, WHobe, Arden, Judson and Jemison.

We have 3 vet numbers to pass out for area readers for low cost spay/neuter clinics: in Perrysburg    419-266-5607
HOPE in Fort Wayne, IN    260-420-7729
Poondview in Archbold (for October)  419-445-0207
Grab a cat and get him/her neutered/spayed!

Putter is pestering me. It seems that he has a message he would like to share with you all. "Before you speak, think: Is it necessary? Is it true? Is it kind? Will it hurt anyone? Will it improve on the silence?"
Putter took this quote from Sai Baba, guru. Thanks Putter for your good words.

This is the big sign that is painted (by Jenni F) on one of our walls in the rescue center. I've always loved it, especially because the cat is my Missy girl.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday, Sept. 20

Juby is making friends--everyday is easier for him. It's hard to think, but with this sweetie in a small pen, all alone for all his life, until he came here, it's probably "different" to have other cats around him. But, he's making friends everyday. There's less hissing and more joining in! And what a beauty, er, excuse me, handsome boy he is. His coat is shiny now and his colors are very vivid. 

Our two newbies are doing great--Lorenzo and Bugg. Little Bugg is everywhere--she loves to cruise about and make friends. Lorenzo is doing great too--very laid back brother. He and Bugg visited the main area twice yesterday for a short time. But, they've both spent a lot of time on the floor in the back Thumper's Room with the rest of the Kitty Gang. Well, to be accurate, Bugg is climbing everywhere--she is so inquisitive! Lorenzo gets up and moves about--he loves to play. 

Tomorrow is our surgery date. This is the tentative surgery schedule:
Spays: Allie, Emily, Daisy, Camvi, Kwee, Puzzone, Rosi and Viola
Castrations: Bear, GEorge, Goose, Juby, London, Meowzer, Mogo, Purrzer, Togo

There will also be a few physicals that we will have Dr. Darcy do.

I realize that Viola's kittens are only 4 1/2 weeks old and that we normally wait until kittens are 6 weeks old to spay the mama, but she is showing some signs of going into heat. Due to this, we're going to bump her surgery up. I actually saw a couple of the kittens trying to munch of her dry food! They are doing great and have that wonderful round tummy that we love to see in babies.

Many many thanks to Lucy P for a wonderful surprise gift for the cats. It's another wheel but it's very different from the one that we have out right now. Now, we'll have two wheels. This new one will probably go into Kitty Kabana Room. We want to get it moved today! We'll move the cam for you all to see it! Kiko is already wanting to go on it--we had him practice on it already. 

That Dovie girl is one awesome cat. I love her to pieces! She hangs out at my desk and on the Kuranda Tower beside my desk most of the day. She likes the window that is kept open to go in and out of the Kabana Room. She'll even reach out to people to be petted. She has really progressed! 

Many thanks to the following for their PayPal donations:
Aunty Fi--to cover a leggydew for Pat (volunteer/Thursday night, for FiFi's birthday). The remainder is to help with food for Paul's cats.
Schneider E from Russia--donation to FFRC
Silvia H from TX--donation in memory of Spike and Missy
FaithyMD from MD--donation in memory of Spike
Vincent S from PA--donation to FFRC
Bruce P--donation to FFRC
Holly W--a really nice t-shirt and a donation for FFRC

We spent quite a bit of time yesterday catching up, thanks to Lynnette, Kelly R and Martha L's help. We have the treatments almost caught up and all the surgery cats are now weighed. It's been such a busy week, I'm glad to get things caught up some what. 

Remember when our pipes froze 2-3 times last year? Our pump system is in a pit in the ground (ick) and the housing shed that covers it is in ruins. So, that's next on our list for improvements. This should help drastically with the pipes not freezing. We're going to tear down the old housing shed (it's small, only 5 x 6) and get a new one (a bit bigger 6 x 8) and bring up all the pump, pipes, the whole shebang of plumping up into this new housing shed. No wind should be able to get into it and so, will help with the freezing winter problems. Next, we have to work on those pipes that froze up in the Thumper's Room. I'm hearing tales of a rough winter and we need to try and reduce the freezing of all of our pipes.

If Zelda should come close enough to the cam, check out her new beautiful tag on her collar! Now she sports two--one is her ID tag and another is a beautiful trinket. 

I've just checked on McFee and she is doing pretty good. A bit sore so her soreness meds are continued. She's tolerating her tube feedings real well. Dr. Darcy will be bringing her tomorrow for FFRC to take in. 

In fb, by Pam R.  Love this! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday, Sept. 19 second blog

Second blog for today.  We are the FFRC Jo Ann C

What is the definition of “FFRC Nation”?
It is a married couple spending their day off driving hours and hours to bring a special kitten and his sister to Jacci so that they may have the best life possible on earth.
It is the owner of a no kill, no cage rescue center making sure a gravely ill cat is brought home from the vet and held in her arms as she allows him to pass to the Rainbow Bridge with his heart full up with love and caring.
It is the hundreds, nay thousands, of cammers all over the world taking the time and effort to send healing love, light and energy to an FFRC volunteer so he may have help surviving a health crisis.
It is a plea for help in chatters that will bring instant and unselfish responses of prayer, advice and love.
It is a volunteer driving days to another cammer to bring two adolescent feline brothers to their new Daddy.
It is people all over the world sending boxes and boxes of needed items to Jacci and FFRC, sometimes before even Jacci knows she needs the items.
It is moderators that spend countless hours to make sure the FFRC chat is the bestest in the whole world. 
It is the volunteers that work every day to clean, clean and clean some more to insure FFRC is worthy of the many souls that live there. 
It is these same volunteers that stop in the middle of a swipe of the mop to rub Derecho’s belly, bend down and be still when Ginger jumps up and nestles at the back of their neck and stop what they are doing to give Magenta another small bite of food for the eleventy-fourth time that day.
It is these same volunteers that, in each their own way, have become essential to the well-being of FFRC.
It is the visitors that are awed by the many wonderful feline creatures that come up to them and check them out for possible adoption material.  (Yes, the cats check the VISITORS out!)
It is the strangers that have stopped and picked up a cat hit by a car and brought them to Jacci because it is known that at FFRC, miracles are the rule, not the exception.
It is the community of Defiance that stands behind Jacci and helps her in whatever way they can.
It is the veterinarians around Defiance that accomplish the impossible against huge odds.
It is the monetary donations/donators that hold the bills at bay, who help Jacci and Steve sleep at night knowing their needs will be met, one way or another.
It is the endless creativity and selflessness of the many crafters that donate their projects for fund raisers.
It is Steve, Jacci’s husband, who supports her in her passion.
It is the families of both Jacci and Steve with their support as well.
It is the kitties themselves that seem to have spread the word about FFRC and how this is the place to be if you want the best life you could hope for.
It is you.  It is me.  It is them.  It is us.  This is The FFRC Nation. 

Thursday, Sept. 19

Paul is awake and aware! Such good news. While this is true though, his liver and kidney levels continue to decline. Not so good. The doctors, at this time, feel it's time to put Paul on the liver transplant list. He had over a gallon removed from his abdominal cavity yesterday, so that should help him feel better. He has a long way to go, but it was so very nice to be able to talk a bit yesterday. His cats are fine and still at home. 

Our dear Spike has passed away. On my way home from seeing Paul, I then stopped at the vet's office to talk to them about Spike. It was decided his diagnosis was something that he could not get better from--bone marrow cancer. He was a pretty tired boy when I picked him him. He rode all the way home beside me. I then took him into his favoritest place in the world--the Kitty Kabana Room. There, he was allowed to slip quietly over, while being held, into kitty heaven. I'm glad he was with us, glad he didn't die alone outside and glad that he allowed us into his life. He was a wonderful cat.

We have a super busy morning, playing catch-up. We need to get treatments current, the treatment board also caught up, weights taken on all surgeries for Saturday and a few baths need to be given  So, a very busy morning coming up.

We had BOXES last night! Such big thanks to you all--your hearts and compassion is awesome.
Ellen/Cathouze & Pat/Furkitty from FL--60 jars of baby food meat (Bella is greateful too!)
Susan345--case of 6 inch paper plates (1,000!)
Medic/Laura--case of Fancy Feast classic
Pat D (Billypogo's mom)--40 packets of Purrfectly Chicken
Liz G/Natureluver from TX--4 forty pounds of Precious Kitty litter--extra thanks!
Lannml--4 cases chicken & turkey baby food
Mamie friend--3 cases of baby food chicken
Courtney from ME--mom of our beautiful calicos. (KittyQ/Lacey,  Maui/Maddy,  Corbet/McKenzie,  Catsparella/Josie,  Althea/Allie and pictures of the kitties!--4 handtowels, 6 bath towels, 2 rugs--all colorful, pack of washcloths, 4 rolls packing tape, 2 packages 6 inch plates and 18 scratch free sponges
Deb11111--18 containers of Lysol wipes--we use alot of these!
Oilsandsgirl from Canada--2 cases of 600 kitty wipes and 24 large cans of Chicken of the Sea Tuna
Betz from PA--a spa day for Jacci (extra thanks, Betz--I'll thoroughly 100% enjoy this!)
Anonymous Friend-6 wonderful cases of baby food meat
Vickie B/nyckitty45 from NY--6 cases of baby food meat (our supply is growing!)
Little Bit--sent a memorial stone for Albert's Garden for Little Bit, our kitty
Sally M from CT--with letter "Story of making a difference in one life".  Thank you, Sally.
Sally & Ken H from NJ--with Cricket, Sabrina, Brandy & Elorie--note and a donation
Linda S from FL with Weya--note with a donation
Donna C from FL with Mamie & Cassie Cat--card with a wonderful note and a donation
Linda A from OH--card and a newspaper article about Puss n Boots (read it--it's great)
Sherry and David from NY--card with a note. 
Cheryl L from WA--Peace card and Irish Blessing pocket card
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes and coupons
Phyllis B/kittiesmom--lots of coupons

We've also had some PayPals that have been sent to us.  Thank you!
Anonymous Friend--donation in memory of Spike and Missy
Christine L from UK--donation in memory of Spike
William W from IA--donation for FFRC, in support of our work
Furkitty & Cathouze--donation in memory of Missy
Arden & Charmaine from IN--for helping the CH kitties
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation for FFRC
Donna S from MA--donation for anything Paul needs
Michelle & Vincent B from CT--donation for FFRC

Because of no blog for yesterday, we need to still give thanks for Tuesday's BOXES.
Conii with Elliott & Izabellah--kittypod lavender pillow (I LOVE it!)
Sonjamac Express Chew Chew from Canada--2 cases Friskies, for the kitties to get their round FFRC tum tums!
Oilsandsgirl--Diamond indoor dry food, case of Fuzzy Cat can, case of Fancy Feast, case of Science Diet kitty salmon (Magenta likes it too), 3 cases baby food, 2 bags All Mighty pacs HE detergent, 6 containers OLysol wipes, box of Mr. Clean Erasers, 4 bottles Tide HE detergent and 2000 six inch paper plates
Mary/midwestergirl & Michelle--a mountain of goodies and more purchased with garage sale proceeds. It was wonderful and much appreciated!
Sue S--case of Fancy Feast Classic can food
Liz G--40 lbs Precious cat litter
Littlefrank from Canada--postie notes, tablets, note cards, stuffed tiger cat for Juby, stuffed horse and squirrel for Teddy Bear & Little Bit, now to be shared with other babies, sticky tags, card for Carrie and Paul

We have two new little babies. They are 8 1/2 weeks old and have come from right over the Kentucky border. Angie and Bill drove there yesterday to pick them up for us. One is called Bugg, a torti, female and sure knows how to play! The second one is now called Lorenzo (after Angie/Bill), a gold tiger who has CH. Lorenzo reminds me alot of how Derecho was at his age. We tested them right away last night and both are negative. This morning they will get their bath and vaccinations, then spend a couple days in Thumper's Room to acclimate to us, with lots of TLC. They are really so very sweet. Welcome, Bugg and Lorenzo!

This Saturday is surgery day. We will be making our list this morning of who will be spayed/neutered, along with their weights today. We also will have a few physicals to do. Dr. Darcy is planning on bringing a gold/white cat with her for FFRC to take in and care for. This sweet cat was hit by a car yesterday and left on the road. Someone saw her and realized she was still alive. Her poor head got the impact of the car. Her upper palate is fractured as is her lower jaw. Her tongue was almost severed. Dr. P to the rescue with his phenomenal surgery skills. She's all put back together, complete with a feeding tube that's been inserted. She's unable to eat by herself right now due to the huge swelling of her tongue. Chris at Dr. P's has named her McFee. I got to see her yesterday as she was recovering from surgery. Such a pretty girl. Maybe around 8-9 months old.

Little Poppy continues to get stronger. She plays now and her energy level is pretty good. The littlest one, Minto is starting to eat a little by himself. Allie, Emily and Daisy are now good friends with all 4 of the youngest kittens. We will let Lorenzo and Bugg join this play-group and then there will be 9!

Viola has passed the test--she is a full fledged very caring mama cat now. It's so nice too that we can leave her pen door open so she can come and go as she pleases. She's very nice with the other cats--not mommy-cranky at all! Her kittens are starting to toddle about. 

Kwee started packing her bag to go to her new home, but I told her to hang on, it's too early yet! She's going to have a great home with Courtney. Kwee has to pick out a friend to go with her.  Next week Beartoe and a friend will also be leaving. 

I just want to thank you all for what you do for this Rescue Center. I would've never dreamt that such feelings of friendship, love and compassion could come thru the cam and chat and facebook, but it does. I see the chat--you are all so kind to each other. I see what the mods say--being so helpful to the chatters and so welcoming, the admins taking care of the facebook and guiding people, I see the sharing of pictures and feelings in facebook, I feel and sense the real compassion you have for the cats---all I can say is, is that the cats and I are proud to call you all friends. 

Taken by Mary C--in facebook   This is Merlyn.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday, September 17

Many of you probably already know that Paul is in the hospital. He collapsed yesterday morning. He first went to the local hospital and then was transferred to the hospital where his liver doctor is. It's still unclear as to what happened. Many doctors, many techs were in his room yesterday, evaluating and running tests. Today they will try and put together a picture of what happened and what to do now. Thank you for caring about Paul--he's an important and well loved person to FFRC. I'll keep you informed as the day goes on. Paul is in critical care, but is now stable.

Spike is also in the hospital at our vet's office. Dr. P is taking care of him. He has several things wrong with him. The thing that complicates the issue, is one treatment can aggravate the symptoms of another problem he is having. So, it's a very very delicate line. I'm only going to say this once--I understand there's some thought that I should've taken Spike in sooner. You know, I spend every single day here watching these cats, observing, making sure things are right, if I'm gone, the first thing I do coming in the door is start checking cats/kittens, talking to our vets, etc.  I had been in contact with our vets about Spike--that's why fluids was given three times last week. It wasn't until Friday that I thought things had changed somewhat. I had a personal issue to deal with on Friday (the death of my Missy cat), so I didn't take him in. I was assured yesterday that waiting until Monday did no harm to Spike. What he has, he has and it wouldn't have changed a thing. Spike is in critical care and we'll know more today. 

Let's keep our thoughts positive for Paul and for Spike. Prayers are always appreciated. 

Minto and Poppy are doing great. They are being moved to the back Thumper's Room today so they can play more. Minto is still so small, but by moving him, Walter won't be able to find him. Walter LOVES to chase Minto's tail.  It makes Minto cry which further causes interest to Walter. He's like a teenager, but with a kitten mindset! Oh, how we love this boy! 

Allie, Emily and Daisy are doing real good with their mama being gone. They're actually even more friendly. I did call the lady who adopted Dahnay and Paula Girl on the way home from the hospital yesterday. They are doing good. I swear the lady was smiling right thru the phone. Dahnay is indeed the lap cat that we thought she could be and Paula Girl will now sit on the couch nearby. 

We are going to be taking in two new kittens tomorrow. A new friend of FFRC has 4 kittens to place, one of which is a CH kitten. He is about 8 weeks old. It sounds like he may be a Derecho style CH cat. So he won't be lonesome, we are also going to take one of his sisters, to keep him company. Angie and Bill have the day off and so volunteered to go get them. My thanks. Connie D, another volunteer, is always very willing to make a road trip too for FFRC, which I so appreciate. You never know when we may have another long road trip to make and we'll go---Connnniieeeee--can you help us again?!! 

Yesterday when I was at the vet's office, I was thrilled to be able to visit with the black/white cat that has the 2 broken legs that we had here. The owner is taking care of her. Dr. P did one surgery last Monday and the second one last Weds. So, yesterday was her go home day. He did a superb job on her legs. I saw the before and after x-rays and the work that Dr. P did was phenomenal. 

This Saturday is our next surgery day. Dr. Darcy will be here. We should have quite a list of surgeries to do. 

No boxes last night--I was actually pretty tired from spending the day at the hospital. As soon as possible, we'll get those BOXES caught up. Probably Weds., and will probably start at 5:30! You'll have to have a pop/juice and a snack and sit back and watch, because there's quite a few of them!

All is fine here. The cats are ornery, kittens are crazy, volunteers are awesome and the guests that are here (Kelly R., Mary and Michelle) are wonderful! On to a happy day! 

Our Paul!  Always holding a cat! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday, September 15

These cats and kittens are crazy wild today! Running, playing, fussing, jumping--absolutely crazy. But, we sure do like that! Ming is even cruising about, with his tail as always, hugging the right side. He looks so happy! 

The 6 babies of Viola's have their identity now! Yeah--they are happy. They're also playing with each other. Not much cuter than chubber kitties on their back, with their legs in the air. Their birthdate is 8/21. 
Camilla, female, white/calico
Carlton, male, white with lots of black pokie dots
Clark, male, white with less black pokie dots
Cashel, male, all black
Clayton, male, grey tiger with white toes/throat
Callen, male, black tiger
Viola is doing awesome--she's still nursing them and she's cleaning them. She gets an A+ today!

Happy Birthday to 4 of our Covies. Charlie is now 6 years old. Honey is now 10 years old. LaDonna is now 6 years old. LeLe is 9 years old. 

We had BOXES last night. Big thanks to each of you--you are appreciated.
Arden & Charmaine--4 cases of Friskies, shredded chicken with gravy
Rebecca and her cat Willow--case of Fancy Feast classic, case of Chicken Soup adult cat
Ang Chu Fen--big bag of Purina One kitten
Janet A--big bag of Purina One Indoor, case of Fancy Feast classic, case of Fancy Feast kitten, case of Friskies Good morning, case of Friskies chicken bits and a case of Friskies salmon
Miss Bekkah's Corner--donation of cat toys--6 crocheted balls. Address:
Ellen/ABQcat--Happy 9th birthday card for LeLe and a Walmart gift card to share with her Covie friends!
Henry R Peeps and Oh My Guinness--sent 3 birthday cards, each with a birthday cash gift! One for Charlie, one for Honey and one for LaDonna and LeLe
Ladydoc--compliments of ladydoc--a portrait by Wanda of Doce for Kellen
Dawn E, volunteer--rhubarb pie for Beth/eaglewatcher
From the FFRC kitties--a beautiful bouquet of flower, with "love You Momma Jacci"  I LOVE it!
Justme0252--a donation to be used where needed
Elkskates--a donation in memory of all the kittens who have passed this year. Hugs to her cats Bridgette, Natasha and Savannah
Anonymous Friend--a donation for medical needs
Gusti--a donation for Kukster's birthday, for treats!
Midwesterngirl/Mary & Michelle--visitors for a few days!  Face wipes, stickers, paper plates, towels, PT, clorox wipes, water fountain, cat frame, bowls, cat snackers, tunnel, hand disinfectant, 2 cases of A/D, beautiful hand made scarves!, 100 of the 30 gallon trash bags, book-Making Rounds with Oscar. 

We have more names!Paul brought in 4 cats 2 weeks ago. The mama cat is known as Paula Girl. The 3 kittens are:
Allie, female, tiger with a golden dot on her forehead
Emily, female, tiger with a golden dot on right shoulder
Daisy, female, grey

Spike hasn't been feeling the best. This week, we've given him fluids three times. He has also lost a little bit of weight. to the vet's he goes. He has an appointment tomorrow morning with Dr. Pettigrew. He'll figure out what's going on with our Spike boy! 

We also had two adoptions today! Our wonderful Dahnay finally found her home along with Paula Girl. They went with a lady who has lots of time to baby these two adults. I decided today that I'd like to deliver these two special cats to their home. Both have a bit of a tendency to be shy and I just wanted to be sure they were comfortable. So, a short road trip and we were there! At first Paula Girl went under a chair to hide. And Dahnay stayed in my lap. After just a short bit of time, Dahnay was up on the couch and sitting fairly close to her new owner! After I coaxed Paula Girl out, she then found her spot on the window ledge, looking outside and seemed relaxed. Paula Girl spent lots of her time just relaxing in the window sills in the room that she's been in. I'll get an update tomorrow!

We also had an adoption yesterday! Navi found a home! She is going to be one spoiled kitten, which is just what we want! She went to a home with a gentleman that is home all day and really needed a kitten to sit in his lap and for him to play with! I think Navi will fit the need.

Our 2 Mc kittens, McSplish and McSplash are doing great. They are growing taller and rounder. I do believe if one stumbled, they would roll like a rubber ball! 

The 2 newest kittens now also have names! They are bunkmates now and really like to cuddle together. The tiny gold tiger, male is now known as Minto. The long hair female, black is now known as Poppy.  Minto's birthday is 8/21/13 and Poppy's birthday is 8/14/13. Minto arrived with so many fleas on her. Her appetite is fairly good and she has gained a few ounces already. 

In Facebook Chatters page, by Diana Catalina Ramos! I love it! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday, Sept. 13

This will be a short blog but it's important to me to get our thank yous in. We had BOXES last night, lots of boxes, of which we are very grateful for.

Susan/Schinn--for the covies September birthdays--kitty cube, big bag of Bonito flakes and a case of Fancy Feast
Widdletiger--3 big cans of KMR liquid and a bag of Royal Canin baby cat dry food
Linda S from AR--packet of kitty grass to grow, 17 cans of Friskies, Blue cans of can food, Blue cans of kitten can, powdered KMR, Blue WIlderness chicken dry food, 12 cans of Fancy Feast Delights, 6 bags of kitty snackers, Pounce snackers
Gusti--case of liquid KMR for the kittens
Jatcat & Sweetpea727--Logitech Orbit cam--this is wonderful as it's the same cam that we are currently using!
Arden & Charmaine--50 of the 30 gallon size trash bags
Beth/Eaglewatcher--magnetic lock for Octavia's Diner (we're betting in 4 days she will have it pried off!), 2 bottles of antibiotics for the kitties/cats, 6 cases of Friskies, bleach, viengar and lysol
Ellen/Furkitty & Pat/Cathouze from FL--lysol wipes, lysol cleaner, water and huge can of Tuna
Brenda M from CA--kitty card
Kelly R from CA--2 bags of Royal Canine baby, 2 cases of Royal Canin kitten cans, 2 cases of Royal Canin baby cans
Cindy Y/Missfiftiger from IN--kitty beds, baby wipes and snackers for volunteers
Kelly R from CA--2 big bags Royal Canin Kitty dry
Conii--a wonderful card that says Follow your heart--it knows the way.  Pictures of Elliott and Izabellah, Anchovie donation, Yeooow rainbows, sharks and banana catnip toys, big soft kitty blankie, smaller kitty blankie, figure 8 turbo trac toy (in Thumper's Room), vests for Cozi (orange) and Walter (purple), kitty scratcher with spring and ball toy, Giant scratch rat, Scratch n Shapes, 4 snoozy kitty beds, bow bed scratcher, Kong crinkle bed.
Elliott & Izabellah--KittyPod scratch house with toys and a Kitty Face KittyPod scratcher with toys (Ratchet demonstrated how to play on it first!)
Jim & Debbie from GA--card, stickers. Kitty/Doggie toys--really great toys that will be fun, Ring toys, collars, grooming comb, potty bags, Super Scratcher Fat Cat, Cupcakae papers and decorations and plates with kitties, 4 keychains, 2 mini oven mitts with kitties, kitty puzzle, note pads with neat pictures on them, 6 big bags of kitty snackers, 6 cans sardines, 2 cans salmon
Michlynn from MI--3 rugs, 2kitty beds, 2 cases (48 cans) Fancy Feast, 4 boxes of Sheba can food
Ruffles--2 boxes of kitty snackers
Jim H from Toledo,OH--donation to FFRC
Judy R/Farmgirl from FL--kitty card with note to FFRC Nation and 4 awesome envelopes. Envelope #1--box tops for education for Caryn, #2--Gift Card for Sam's Club. #3--2 Gift Cards for Lowe's. #4--Visa Gift Card
Susan B/missmic from WV--note, and for Zelda Belda Girl--a beautiful heart charm for her collar 
Janet & Tara--case of icees for the volunteers
Mike/sophieandlucy'sdad--lots of coupons

We also have some PayPal thank yous to give!
Anonymous Friend--donation to FFRC, in memory of David Will and Teddy Bear
Nigel W from UK--donation to FFRC
Vaun S from PA--donation for naming the mousie toy, Little Brown Guy (LBG)
FloppyJan/Janet M from FL--donation in memory of Teddy Bea, Little Bit & Dapper and everyone at the Rainbow Bridge
Adrienne N from UK--donation in memory of Teddy Bear for the medical fund
Kathleen E from UK--donation in memory of Teddy Bear
Deb B from GA--donation in memory of the 3 tiny babies that left this world. 
Pat & Ellen--donation to FFRC
Becky M (volunteer)--donation for whatever FFRC needs
眞鍋 眞佐子 --donation to FFRC
Sheila H--donation in memory of Little Bit and David Will for Feliz Navidad fund.
Brenda R from CA--donation for medical items for FFC
Carmela H from TX--donation to FFRC
Margaret H from NC--donation in memory of David Will
Gusti--donation For Fiona and Rosi, for whatever they need
Erin F from KS--a donation to FFRC
Ruth D from NC--a donation in memory of Little Bit's passing
Anonymous Friend--a donation in memory of Little Bits
菅原 和弘--donation to FFRC
John E from Canada--donation to FFRC

We have a Petfinder's report. The top 13 cats that were viewed are: Whobe, Ginger, Octavia, Dahnay, Raza, Navi, Tatiana, AP, Kiko, Sara, Jemison, Intrepid and Kukster.

Here's a good one from a chatter friend. 
My wife is a very adventurous cook. "How does this sound?" she called out from the kitchen. "Bonito, surimi and anchovies in a decadent,m sily broth."  
"Sound delicious," I hollered back. "Is that what we're having tonight?"
"No. I'm reading from this packet of cat food."

That's all folks for today. Have a wonderful weekend and always know that you are appreciated. Remember to give your pets an extra hug today.

Taken from Rebecca and Willow's facebook.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday, Sept. 12

This has been an extremely emotional week for us all. I have one more burden to add to it. Our sweet little Teddy Bear has passed away. Such sadness this has brought to us. We knew when Teddy Bear came in that his chance of survival was 5%. Unfortunately, we couldn't beat those odds. But, I can say, without a doubt, that his 11 days here he received so much love, healthy food and a flea free body, plus little kitty friends.

When I told the cam viewers this morning about Teddy Bear, I also said that for every death, for every extra effort event we weather thru, I try to find something good in it, something I can learn from or something to extra treasure. Every single day is a treasure and even in the most depths of sad things, there's treasures to find, to be thankful for.

In Teddy Bear's case, I believe it will heighten my attempt to remind people that fleas can kill. It's no small thing to a cat or a dog. They cannot get rid of them by themselves.If your pets have fleas--help them get rid of them. If your friends' pet has fleas, educate them. Sure they can be stubborn, but I tell people--declare war on those bugs. Treat the whole picture and help your pet. Remember, for every 5 fleas on a pet, that represents 100 in your house.

A webcam friend sent me an e-mail that I so appreciate. A point made:  "Will sad and trying things happen again? Yes, but you will continue onward not because you HAVE to but because you WANT to. You can turn tail and run. Why don't you? Because you truly believe in what you are doing". I thank you for these words. It's true--my "want to do" is HERE, right here at FFRC. I will have the pleasure of meeting this person soon for a visit and that person is going to get a hug from me!

In this past week, I had an interesting conversation with someone. She said--you really TALK to that cam--just stand by it and talk at it?  I said, of course I do. Then I went on to explain what it's all about. I said that there's REAL people on the "other side" of that cam. People with feelings, a real person that cares about this rescue center. Just because we can't SEE that group of people out there, we can FEEL them--their concern, their hugs, their love for the cats. And then I added--we are the FFRC Nation! (And later, I saw this person chatting with some of you on the cam!)

So......let's pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and continue the work that goes on here at FFRC! You all (family, volunteers, chatters, lurkers, moderators, admins, fb friends, etc.) have become very important to us. Yes, of course, the donations are so needed and so so important to us. But what is even more important is your friendship. I thank you for your support.

Here's what we're about:

The FFRC Nation by Faithy M  8/30/13

It started with Frustration, at all the cats in need
at all who were homeless, all who had no feed

And with a Realization, that she had room to spare
and skills enough to try to take some in her care

So set out in Dedication with support of family
She built a place of miracles we call FFRC

A growing Fascination as added up the years
Brought a slew of helpers, the wonderous volunteers

With growing Population, an idea struck a chord
To seek out new furever homes, A Cam might spread the word

The sudden Conflagration, sparked by the love of chatters
Brought in much more than homes, it brought in things that matter

It brought in such Donation of food, and goods and toys
Of cash and more important, sharing pains and joys

A place for Education of the plights of kittenkind
To care and spay and neuter with no cat left behind

With each new Addition, with each new home found
With each battle won or lost, the center gaining ground

And came a Revelation, each cat brought in a tale
And each one taught a lesson, each one, without fail

Derecho brought Determination, Gallent brought in bravery
Joyful brought forgiveness, Octavia brought banditry

I could go on and on and on, but its time for the Summation
From Jacci's thought to give hope, she grew this might Nation

We may not have a flag to wave, we certainly have no borders or sides
but what we have transends it all, a place where HOPE (and we) reside.

The FFRC Nation

Derecho as a baby. He's now a full adult and because of his determination, he leads what he calls a "normal" life!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weds., Sept. 11 3rd post for today

Sept. 11, Weds. 3rd blog for the day.

I feel I need to keep you up on what is happening with Teddy Bear. Yes, he had a 

great day yesterday. Remember our big worry is--what will happen when his body 

starts to grow and his red blood cells cannot keep up. Well, that is becoming an issue 

today. I have been talking daily with our vet about Teddy Bear.. Since he gained a 

few ounces in the last week, we were hopeful. On Monday, we had made a decision 

with our vet. If he's not remarkably better on Weds., the vet clinic would try to do a 

transfusion. Today his weight is down 2 ounces and he's off his feeding, really isn't 

too interested. 

So.......he's scheduled for 11:00 tomorrow for a transfusion. They will TRY to do this. 

His veins are tiny tiny. We don't have a lot to lose by trying. I know I was able to get 

3 drops of blood from him 1/2 week ago for his leukemia/FIV test, but to actually 

get sufficient blood into him is going to be difficult. Plus, no sedation, plus we don't 

want him to struggle. We also need to send a donor cat, which will be Whisk. He's 

good natured, has a good weight and is big. 

With cats, they do have blood types, but with a first transfusion, any cat can be 


I would like to add something about rescue work. I know some people want 

FFRC to be all peachy fine and no problems and that there's never any sickness or 

death. Well, I would love that too. I would dearly love that. Rescue work is not 

always easy. It can be hard grueling work. But, the benefits are wonderful--happy, 

healthy cats and kittens finding their forever homes. The purrs, the kitty kisses, the 

love given and received--it's priceless. And I wouldn't trade it for anything. My heart 

is broken so many times. It's hard to deal with the loss, hard to tell others and it's 

hard to have such a worry about the medical issues that we have to deal with. But, 

it's still my passion and I will keep on with it. 

I love rescue work, I invite you all to stick with us and to continue to love these cats 

and kittens. I realize this has been a tough week, so we need our cam friends, chat 

friends, fb friends even more. And send prayers and good thoughts for Teddy Bear.

Weds., Sept. 11 second blog for today

We have had very sad news today. The second test on David Will has come back with 

a very strong positive for leukemia. This is one of the very very few reasons that we 

euthanize here at FFRC. David Will has never been healthy during his month stay 

here. He's always held onto his cold/URI. He passed peacefully and quietly and was 

held and kissed. 

Now to explain. Of all the rescues/ shelters that I know of, we are the only ones that 

does a second leuk/fiv test, 4 weeks after the first one is done. THIS IS WHY WE DO 

IT--to catch those that get in under the first test. The antibodies have to build up 

enough to show up on the test. So, let's say if a cat has just contracted either of 

these dreaded diseases, they very well may show negative. But, by us then 

repeating the second test in 4 weeks, 95% of any cat that had it but it didn't show 

on first test, will now show positive on the second test. 

It's expensive to do this. The test kit for 30 tests is over $500. But, I dedicated this 

place to doing the best that we can medically for these cats and kittens and I aim to 

keep doing this. I've had some vets tell me the cost doesn't equate with the rare 

ones that we find positive on the second go-around. We've had probably 5 cats 

show positive on the second tests in 7 years. me, it's worth the expense to 

find this information out. Since we started this policy we have not had one single 

adoption where they have found out later that their cat is positive. 

Now......the worry about this. Yes, leukemia is very contagious. The sneezing, the 

sharing food--all of it is a concern. THAT IS WHY WE DO LEUKEMIA 

VACCINATIONS too. Not very many shelters/rescues do the leukemia vaccinations. 

We do. And this is exactly why. These vaccinations offer protection against leukemia 

virus--that's what it's designed to do. Granted, we cannot start them until the 

kittens are 10 weeks old, but we do it at 10 weeks and repeat the second one at 13 


Is it scary? You bet it is. But, my vets tell me over and over again--this rescue center 

is doing max on protection, cleaning, medical care. We have to depend on our 

vaccinations and our cleaning to get us thru, every single day. 

So....will I worry? Sure--I worry every day of every week about everything here. 

But, I don't want the viewers to worry. This is for me to take care of. all 

enjoy the kittens, let me do the rest. 

Please, let's just carry on with what we do here. Remember...we're an FFRC Nation 

and we can handle this. Do me a favor....let's not tell all the horrible leukemia stories 

that we all know about. Let's keep this in prospective. We are clean, we are 

vaccinated, we have prayers of health always being said and we try to keep the 

stress level as low as possible here. 

Please also don't ask about the possibility that we could've found a place to home 

him. If he was healthy, yes. But, this leukemia had a strong hold on him. Also, his 

test was very strong. 

Just know that we're on top of this. We've been thru this before. And we've 

survived it just fine. We'll do it again. Just offer your support, your prayers of peace 

and health--that's all we are asking for from this post. 

Thank you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail. I'm always 

open to questions. This FFRC Nation that we have created is strong and resourceful 

and can survive this.