Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday, September 24

Fall is definitely upon us.  Cooler evenings, leaves are turning and the cats are frisky! 

In the mornings, we take all 10 kittens from Cat's Corner Room and put them in the front office and Kitty Kabana Room for a couple hours. This gives them a chance to play, run full speed and get to know some of the other cats. It will make the transition into the Main Area much easier. Little Trusty that was the last to join the 10-gang is super nice. Such a purr box and a sweetie. He fits right in!

Kelly R has now arrived home safely. She left yesterday and now Laurie/Felinetoyz is here! What wonderful guests we have. Feline has already learned how to syringe feed Minto.  Also today Marlane will be arriving. She is the new mama to Beartoe. But, a friend will also be picked out for Beartoe, so she will be leaving on Weds. with two kitties! Feline has become the official Bella-Watcher and will take Bella out to scoot about outside--her favorite pastime. And the only cat allowed to do this!

I've heard back from Archer and Judson--both kittens are doing wonderful. Won't be much longer until Fiona and Sammie also will be heading to Maine. I've already heard from Paula Girl and Dahnay's family. All is well and happy!

Our two new arrivals, Lorenzo and Bugg are both doing great. Bugg is super active and is the explorer. Lorenzo is the littlest CH kitten and is also super friendly. He does quite well with his abilities. He knows what he wants and he knows how to accomplish it! 

We have taken in a new adult cat. She arrived with the name of Button and is 4 years old and a beautiful short haired calico. She was a stray, picked up along the highway by friends of ours. How do we know this information? Because she had a note taped to her leg. The note simply said that the grandma had passed away and now Button was in fast need of a new home. She was very patiently sitting on the white line of the highway, waiting for her ride and to be brought here! 

Viola's kittens are growing so fast. They are now almost 5 weeks old and active. We had to add a higher extension on the door so these kittens cannot get out. We would like to get them in a room soon, but the rooms are full. We'll figure something out for them! 

We had BOXES last night and have lots of gratitude to give--we appreciate you!
MaryAnn O/Merry_Marvine and Peanuts--a brown rug, and a framed painting by a local artist L Masterson. It's beautiful and I can't wait to hang it up!
Anonymous Friend--a memorial stone from www.petmemorials.com, in memory of our sweet Spike. This will go in Albert's Garden.
Ellen/kikimycat--pictures of her kitty, sea shells from her vacation (some with names on them of kittens passed, for Albert's Garden), 2 beautiful sand dollars, cards for various cat's birthdays (hanging on the birthday door now), 3 autumn post-it notes, disney fridge peace magnet and a spoon to use for breakfast!!
Cathouze and Furkitty--29 jars of baby food meat
Great Aunt Julie/Tigercat54--two very soft sleeping mats/pads for the Cat's Corner Room
PSW--12 whimsical, extra cute, cat cookie jars. These are to be used in the store, Day Sale or whatever! They are really cute!
Faith/Fiona's and Sammie's new mom--donation from Faith with a thank you message from Fiona and Sammie, cat nip toy, beautiful mittens (made by her mom, 2 lobster shaped dog treats, chocolate beach stones for the volunteers, Ball Park mustard to help the sardines go down, clam shell shaped rock from Maine, Wild Maine Blueberry Syrup (for Steve's Sunday breakfasts!), Pink granite stone in memory of Catsperalla dn her babies, seedless raspberry jam. Wow! Love it all.
Tom P from NJ and Buddy and Ashley too--Halloween card
Jean K/BearMn--donation and card
Jatcat from CA--4 letter openers
Walmart--letter and check in appreciation of Pat's volunteer time at FFRC
Alan C--donation for FFRC
Tom & Nancy G/kerswill from MI--from Kona, Kerswell is donating a dollar for every time she got picked up by volunteers (came to $47!!)
Gem--20 global stamps
Anonymous friend--3 cases of Fancy Feast gravy lovers poultry and beef can
Phil and Judy (Sunday visitors)--paper towels, chlorox wipes, 15 cans of food, coil toys, pop tabs and sticky note pads 
Adrienne H/easterneyesNYC from NY--donation to FFRC
Gusti from Germany--to help with LillyAnn's vet bills and needs
Herta B from IN--donation to help with LillyAnn

LillyAnn is healing--ever so slowly, but has begun the process. I've been feeding her thru her e-tube 5 times daily, starting about 4:45 am.  She doesn't mind this. We've been putting her in the back Thumper's Room to walk about, but she is obviously a very very shy girl. Once out of her pen, she's not very receptive to human touching. This is all something we'll find an answer to later. Our first concern is getting her healed, getting the e-tube out and her eating by herself. She's a pretty girl.

This is LillyAnn. A beautiful marble orange/white cat. Her upper palate is fractured and is the left side of lower jaw. The impact caused her to almost bite her tongue in two.  But, she's "put back together" and is healing. She loves to have her head softly rubbed. The orange tube is her e-tube for feeding.