Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday, September 9

Catstock is over and I loved every minute of it! Lots of people dressed up! The cats loved all the extra attention. The food was yummy, the band was awesome, the sky was sunny and no rain(!), lots of people, kids loved the games and tons of prizes were given away. The horses gave lots of horse rides, good friendships made, many webcam friends in attendance, lots of volunteers here to help. And the Horse Poo Bingo was a success! THe day ended with the arrival of 25 large pizzas!

Today will be busy. We still have guests here which we love! The porta-pots will be picked up, the tents taken down, all the games/prizes will be reorganized and put away. Tables put back in the shed, grounds checked for cleanliness (don't want anything to swallow a balloon!) and we need to wrap up the Bingo game!

Speaking of the Bingo game.......the goat saved the day! We first put Wilson in the fenced in area that we made for the Bingo layout. He didn't like being in there without his friend Mercy, so she was added. No poo though--remember they had been ridden all afternoon without any grazing. So, the donkey was added. Still no poo! After a while, the goat, Butter was added and he was the poo hero! He hit Square #18. Success!

We had 19 names on the Webcam board for #18. We had 3 names on the Volunteer/Moderator board. The board that we did for the Catstock day, had 4 names on square #18. The Webcam board sold 472 squares--isn't that just fantastic! The Volunteer/Moderator board sold 64 squares, but we had an anonymous donor give $400 so they could play for free! The board for the actual Catstock day sold, 93 squares. What a great, fun event! 

Strawberry Hill was superb. They played great music and have agreed to come back next year. I loved watching the kids dance! Parking was full to the point that we had to remove a section of the lower horse corral to open up more spots. That was a good problem! 

I'd like to thank everyone that was involved, which was everyone in one way or another! My family, the volunteers, the webcam viewers, the cam visitors, the moderators, the admins, the families that came--just so many people made this a success and I'm deeply grateful! It was wonderful to see so many people come to this event and have fun.

I have some other thank yous to give!
Sandra E--2  16 pound bags of Purina One Hairball dry food
Renee C--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Carol N/cn1919--A happy September donation for FFRC
Tina Ross--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Patty V/middiemom--big bag of Purina One Indoor, bag of Eukanuba Adult, Purina One Kitten dry, and Iams kitten dry
Leggygal--Blue Diamond Almonds, 2 boxes of Sees candy (we're sharing!)
Brooke/Brookebosse--lots of her world famous fudge!
Tara and Janet--Catstock visitors--big box of padded mailing envelopes, 2 beautiful afghans and packing bubble material
Wend H and Jenny S--Catstock visitors--cat house, cat bed, paper plates, paper towels
Rose6-Catstock visitor--windchines
Phil & Judith--Catstock visitors--lots of rugs and a big cat bed
Mary B3, Jim, Nina, Baby and Cody--a happy belated birthday card for Queen Bella and a donation
Ellen/Furkitty & Pat/CatHouze--Catstock visitors--2 more quillows, 2 "gallants" for granddaughters and a "Farrah" to keep! and a great squeaky mouse toy for the kitties
Nancy/kerswill and Tom, Catstock visitors--2 big bags of dry cat food, case of Friskies, 6 Fancy Feast, 9 Appetizers, cat toys, baby food, cat snackers, Meow Mix cups, Friskies can, felted kitten bed, big suede cat bed. For the volunteers: pack of chips assorted, applesauce cups, raisen boxes, lots of candy, folders, bandaids and 5 wonderful tokens. For Dogs, Horses, birds--2 suet squares, bucket of horse snackers, boxof doggie snackers

I am sure, beyond a doubt, in all the hubbub of Catstock activities, that I do not have all the thank yous accurate and for that I am very sorry. Please do know my heart is always full of gratitude for the help that we receive to keep this rescue center running.

We had another Petfinder report. The top 15 cats that were viewed are: Zelda (but she's adopted now!), Ginger, Tillytoe, Karena, Tatiana, Octavia, Rufus, Bix, Bixley, Preakness, Kiko, Ratchet, Toby, Archer and Raza. 

The 4 littlest kittens are doing awesome. That would be McSplish, McSplash, Little Bit and Teddy Bear. Yes, Teddy Bear is holding his own. We've been in touch with our vet frequently in regards to Teddy Bear. I do believe his tongue is showing a very slight, faint measure of pink! Progress, but still concerned. His activity level has increased. Four real cuties!

Viola thinks her kittens are pretty nice little beings now. She is nursing them just fine. We have been letting her out of her pen several times a day with the door open. She comes and goes as needed and seems much more content. We're still helping with the cleanliness job. 

Bella is sleeping in her poof. Solee had her birthday and had frequent snackers of her very favorite treat--the Royal Canin Baby Kitten morsels--oh my goodness, she loves these! Ming is feeling better--he had a bit of a rough week last week. Zelda is sporting her new tag on her purple collar--it says Zelda Belda Girl Moss. All is fine here at FFRC! 

Taken from Facebook Chatters Page!