Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weds., Sept. 11

May the memories of 9/11 always be honored and respected. For those feeling a personal loss, I'm so sorry. This event affected the entire USA. Actually, it affected the whole world. I pray for peace. 

We have flat cats. Yes, that's what a cat does when they're hot--stretch waaaay out on the ground to help stay cool. Yesterday I counted 4 flat cats on the sidewalks, all at one time. It got to 96 degrees yesterday and is suppose to be 92 today. While I love the heat, it's a bit much with the high humidity. Autumn will be upon us soon. 

It's been 5 days since we've had to bathe Viola's kittens! And they are still clean today! Viola is turning into an all around good mama. She is so laid back. Yesterday and already this morning, her pen door is left open and she just goes in and out as she pleases. She is a gentle girl.

The Covies are doing great. We usually let them out every Friday and Sunday. Connie D is an expert at getting them all back in again. They have 3 good fans blowing to help keep them cool. 

I love seeing the friendship that has developed between Ming and Cozarelii. So content. They are in the same room together every night. It's good for cats to have special friends.

We had BOXES last night. A big appreciation is in order! I DO appreciate you.
Conii--For volunteers: bags of variety Snyders Pretzels, 4 bags of snack size candy. For the kitties: 8 Mega bags kitty snackers, 2 big bags Party Mix snackers and 2 bags for the dogs!
TNS Antiques/Sheryl B--donation and 2 kitty plates with white kitties for day sale, auction, whatever! So cute!  Sheryl is a friend of Zsa Zsa's mama.
Cheryl L/CherylAnn275--kitty card, 3 packages of Misc. size stickie notes, 4 packages of Whiskas, 4 packages of Pounce snackers, 16 cans of Sheba/Fancy Feast, memorial stone for all our kitties. It says "Run Free...Go play with the angels."  Will go in Albert's Garden.
Susan B--Friskies can food, Party Mix snackers, 6 jars baby food, 2 kickeroo toys, stuffed Weeble Wobble mouse toy, 2 bags with assorted toys including a wand with changeable toys--really nice!  Susan also made special blankies with their names on it for Magenta, Cutie, Coz, Jersey, Farah, Putter, Paddys, Bella, Zelda, Walter, Ada Jane, Solee, Derecho, Kiara, Asha, Merri, Joyful. So very very nice!
Paula A/MissPaula72 from OK--kitty card with note, paper towels, baby food jars, 3 cans sardines, 5 packages kitty snackers and a bag of doggie snackers
Mayumi from Japan--2 boxes Tulle, tuna and chicken, 3 packets tuna, 16 packets of cute kleenex
From Catstock--someone left a really neat blue smurf mushroom kitty house. Any takers on this? The cats LOVE it!
Anonymous Friend--for Alberts garden--a memorial stone for Kway
Tom K from Defiance--Donation in memory of Elaine K
S Family from Defiance--Chief register tapes
Henry R Peeps and Oh My Guinness--a happy 3rd birthday card to Solee and the famous $5 bill!
Kikimycat--handmade birthday cards for Bella, Zavatar, Ming and Solee with pictures and a saying on each
Beth/eaglewatcher--6 cases of Friskies, various flavors, plates/silverware for Catstock, she also provided the beef sandwiches and buns
Tom L from OH--Chief register tapes
Nancy/Kerswill--Birthday card for Bella

Yesterday we had 2 more guests arrive. They are Michelle/crittercat and her husband Vincent. They will be staying until Friday. Beth/eaglewatcher is also still here. Beth is syringe feeding the babies during the day--a huge help!

Today we will be moving McSplash, McSplish and Teddy Bear to the big silver pen in the back Thumper's Room. They need to be together, since Teddy Bear lost his friend. The 4 cats that are already in this room are doing good. That's the mama cat and 3 kittens that Paul brought in. 

Merri LOVES to be carried around. Once you have her, she's reluctant to let you put her down. She has a wonderful way of reaching up to you to keep holding her! She and Jersey still spend some time together in the Kitty Campus Room.

The cats that are on hold are: Kwee, Sammie, Fiona and Beartoe. There's a couple others in the works, but not complete yet. 

Taken from FB, which was taken thru our cam. Our sweet Raza girl waiting to have her tummy rubbed!