Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday, Sept. 12

This has been an extremely emotional week for us all. I have one more burden to add to it. Our sweet little Teddy Bear has passed away. Such sadness this has brought to us. We knew when Teddy Bear came in that his chance of survival was 5%. Unfortunately, we couldn't beat those odds. But, I can say, without a doubt, that his 11 days here he received so much love, healthy food and a flea free body, plus little kitty friends.

When I told the cam viewers this morning about Teddy Bear, I also said that for every death, for every extra effort event we weather thru, I try to find something good in it, something I can learn from or something to extra treasure. Every single day is a treasure and even in the most depths of sad things, there's treasures to find, to be thankful for.

In Teddy Bear's case, I believe it will heighten my attempt to remind people that fleas can kill. It's no small thing to a cat or a dog. They cannot get rid of them by themselves.If your pets have fleas--help them get rid of them. If your friends' pet has fleas, educate them. Sure they can be stubborn, but I tell people--declare war on those bugs. Treat the whole picture and help your pet. Remember, for every 5 fleas on a pet, that represents 100 in your house.

A webcam friend sent me an e-mail that I so appreciate. A point made:  "Will sad and trying things happen again? Yes, but you will continue onward not because you HAVE to but because you WANT to. You can turn tail and run. Why don't you? Because you truly believe in what you are doing". I thank you for these words. It's true--my "want to do" is HERE, right here at FFRC. I will have the pleasure of meeting this person soon for a visit and that person is going to get a hug from me!

In this past week, I had an interesting conversation with someone. She said--you really TALK to that cam--just stand by it and talk at it?  I said, of course I do. Then I went on to explain what it's all about. I said that there's REAL people on the "other side" of that cam. People with feelings, a real person that cares about this rescue center. Just because we can't SEE that group of people out there, we can FEEL them--their concern, their hugs, their love for the cats. And then I added--we are the FFRC Nation! (And later, I saw this person chatting with some of you on the cam!)

So......let's pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and continue the work that goes on here at FFRC! You all (family, volunteers, chatters, lurkers, moderators, admins, fb friends, etc.) have become very important to us. Yes, of course, the donations are so needed and so so important to us. But what is even more important is your friendship. I thank you for your support.

Here's what we're about:

The FFRC Nation by Faithy M  8/30/13

It started with Frustration, at all the cats in need
at all who were homeless, all who had no feed

And with a Realization, that she had room to spare
and skills enough to try to take some in her care

So set out in Dedication with support of family
She built a place of miracles we call FFRC

A growing Fascination as added up the years
Brought a slew of helpers, the wonderous volunteers

With growing Population, an idea struck a chord
To seek out new furever homes, A Cam might spread the word

The sudden Conflagration, sparked by the love of chatters
Brought in much more than homes, it brought in things that matter

It brought in such Donation of food, and goods and toys
Of cash and more important, sharing pains and joys

A place for Education of the plights of kittenkind
To care and spay and neuter with no cat left behind

With each new Addition, with each new home found
With each battle won or lost, the center gaining ground

And came a Revelation, each cat brought in a tale
And each one taught a lesson, each one, without fail

Derecho brought Determination, Gallent brought in bravery
Joyful brought forgiveness, Octavia brought banditry

I could go on and on and on, but its time for the Summation
From Jacci's thought to give hope, she grew this might Nation

We may not have a flag to wave, we certainly have no borders or sides
but what we have transends it all, a place where HOPE (and we) reside.

The FFRC Nation

Derecho as a baby. He's now a full adult and because of his determination, he leads what he calls a "normal" life!