Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday, September 10

Pink, pink, pink!!  What's so great about pink, you ask?!!!  Well, when it's Teddy Bear's tongue, we're thrilled! Yes, our little boy has a light pink full tongue color today. And his energy level has grown. Now, we have to get him to where his RBC's can keep up with him growing.

McSplish and McSplash are great. Such tiny balls of fur.  They look like a tennis ball size of fur with 4 spindly legs running around! Appetite is good and play level is great. Kona too is improving and playing with the other kittens now. I was looking at Whobe today and was admiring his huge big eyes! I told him that I'm very happy that he's feeling good and is playing.

I also have a bit of sad news to pass on to you. Our little Little Bit passed away this morning. My goal is to give every single kitten and cat that comes our way, a chance to live. That's what we do. Unfortunately, sometimes, it's not meant to be a long life. So, we treasure the time we have, give the best care possible and love them to pieces. In Little Bit's case, he came from a rough very young life. We don't always know the health of the mamas too. He passed away while being held in a soft blankie. I know in my heart that he knew what love was and that's the most important thing. Thank you for caring about him.

Tents are down, porta pots hauled away, horse fence back to normal, games put away for the next time, paperwork getting done--yes, Catstock is over, but wow--we have some great memories! I do believe the cats were tuckered out yesterday, but today they're back to zipping around! Thank you for helping us make good memories!

I have more thank yous to give!
Barb & Ward S from Stryker--helped pay for the ad that was in the Archbold Buckeye newspaper, for Catstock.  They also gave an additional donation to FFRC.
Mary H from Archbold--helped pay for the ad that was in the Archbold Buckeye newspaper for Catstock
Judy & Phil L--40 pounds of cat litter, case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp
Kate E from UK--donation for an extra treat for Teddy Bear
Deb11111--donation to help cover costs on Catstock tents/porta pots!!

I so enjoy chatting on the kittycam with you folks. What I truly love to see is how you are all welcoming to other people, the kindness shown, the willingness to give information and just the general "niceness" of the group. Always makes me smile!

Ming was bathing Purrzer this morning! I just love that boy. I find myself calling him even though his hearing is poor. But tap him on the shoulder and he immediately looks at you with those awesome squinty eyes of his! He is a joy to have here!

Have you noticed too that we all talk to Walter? I get such a kick out of this. He has zero hearing yet we talk away to him! I think he's going to learn to lip-read! Sometimes he'll be at a door meowing and meowing (you've all heard that special meow that he has). Then if you tap him and he sees you, he is soooooo happy! Always makes me so happy to have him here.

Kareena--sweet kitten!