Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday, September 22

Surgery Day went just fine! No problems. Thanks to Dr. Darcy, Bonnie, Lynnette and Sue for their special help. Shannon was here to observe surgeries. Kelly and Mechelle helped with post-ops. So, we were all set. By suppertime all the cats were out in the main area already, cruising about. This was a busy day and alot was accomplished.

The spays that were done: Allie, Emily, Daisy, Camvi, Kwee, Puzzone, Rosi and Viola. These girls did great. After looking again at Puzzone's eye, it was decided to "wait and see". The eyeball itself has refilled with fluid and is not, we've decided to wait and see what happens! There's probably very little sight in that eye, but that's ok. Camvi also was thoroughly checked. Her loud breathing is coming from the head, not her lungs. She just may be a loud breather but she too is fine, just how she is. Viola went right back into her pen with her kitties, nursed them, jumped up on her shelf and took a long nap. She's already out and about this morning.

The boy neuters that were done: Bear, George, Juby, London, Meowzer, Mogo, Purrzer, Togo and Trusty. I had Goose on the schedule, but he was already done in August! These surgeries also went well. That little Trusty is some little kitten--absolutely is a loverbug! London was due for his second leukemia/FIV test which was done with negative results, so that is good.

Big Al's eye was also looked at. Dr. Darcy would like him to have ointment applied 2-3 times a day with an extra ingredient in it to help his eye. We'll keep a watch on his progress.

Paddy Purr also had his nose looked at. About a week ago, we noticed it was quite large and puffy. So, he was given a sedative and 2 sections of this growth was removed to have a biopsy done. His nose was stitched back up with 6 sutures. We'll know the results Wednesday afternoon. He looks good this morning and is eating good too.

We took in McFee yesterday. Dr. Darcy brought her along from the clinic to here. She has a name change and is now known as LillyAnn. She's such a sweetie, shy and unsure, but that's ok.  We can work with her. I imagine she has a horrible headache. She badly lacerated her tongue, has a fractured maxilla (the whole left side) and a fracture at the mid upper hard palate. She has an e-tube in place for feeding her. All nutrition is thru this tube. She's being fed 4-5 times daily. We have her on an anti-inflammatory and soreness meds.

We also had BOXES on Friday evening. Many thanks from me to you!
 Jackie M--nice note, big bag of Purina One Chicken & Rice for the adults
Joann P/joey3100--2 big bags of Temptation treats and 37 jars of baby food
Cheri B--Spoiled Rotten Box--2 neat packages of differentsnackers, cat dancer, Mouser toys, 2 cans of Perfect Bistro, calming treats and stickers with catnip!
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feast turkey
Great Aunt Julie/tigercats54--case of Friskies Pate, 2 cases of Friskies Gravy Sensations
Jacksmom--6 cases of baby food meat
Caren F--case of Fancy Feast turkey, case of Senior diet Salmon
Wendilin--card and a donation to be used as needed
Cathy O from FL--thank yu card from Willard, donation and pictures of Willard
Mamie--3 cases of baby food meat

We have a guest coming tomorrow that will be adopting Beartoe. While here, she will also find that perfect playmate for Beartoe! They will leave on Tuesday.

We had three adoptions yesterday! Theo was adopted and I do believe will be a very happy boy. Then Archer and Judson were adopted together! It's wonderful knowing our kittens and cats are going to wonderful, loving homes!

The latest Petfinder report is in!. The top 14 viewed cats were: Archer, Ginger, Navi, Kiko, Octavia, Dahnay, Raza, Tatiana, Kenco, Theo, WHobe, Arden, Judson and Jemison.

We have 3 vet numbers to pass out for area readers for low cost spay/neuter clinics: in Perrysburg    419-266-5607
HOPE in Fort Wayne, IN    260-420-7729
Poondview in Archbold (for October)  419-445-0207
Grab a cat and get him/her neutered/spayed!

Putter is pestering me. It seems that he has a message he would like to share with you all. "Before you speak, think: Is it necessary? Is it true? Is it kind? Will it hurt anyone? Will it improve on the silence?"
Putter took this quote from Sai Baba, guru. Thanks Putter for your good words.

This is the big sign that is painted (by Jenni F) on one of our walls in the rescue center. I've always loved it, especially because the cat is my Missy girl.