Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday, Sept. 19 second blog

Second blog for today.  We are the FFRC Jo Ann C

What is the definition of “FFRC Nation”?
It is a married couple spending their day off driving hours and hours to bring a special kitten and his sister to Jacci so that they may have the best life possible on earth.
It is the owner of a no kill, no cage rescue center making sure a gravely ill cat is brought home from the vet and held in her arms as she allows him to pass to the Rainbow Bridge with his heart full up with love and caring.
It is the hundreds, nay thousands, of cammers all over the world taking the time and effort to send healing love, light and energy to an FFRC volunteer so he may have help surviving a health crisis.
It is a plea for help in chatters that will bring instant and unselfish responses of prayer, advice and love.
It is a volunteer driving days to another cammer to bring two adolescent feline brothers to their new Daddy.
It is people all over the world sending boxes and boxes of needed items to Jacci and FFRC, sometimes before even Jacci knows she needs the items.
It is moderators that spend countless hours to make sure the FFRC chat is the bestest in the whole world. 
It is the volunteers that work every day to clean, clean and clean some more to insure FFRC is worthy of the many souls that live there. 
It is these same volunteers that stop in the middle of a swipe of the mop to rub Derecho’s belly, bend down and be still when Ginger jumps up and nestles at the back of their neck and stop what they are doing to give Magenta another small bite of food for the eleventy-fourth time that day.
It is these same volunteers that, in each their own way, have become essential to the well-being of FFRC.
It is the visitors that are awed by the many wonderful feline creatures that come up to them and check them out for possible adoption material.  (Yes, the cats check the VISITORS out!)
It is the strangers that have stopped and picked up a cat hit by a car and brought them to Jacci because it is known that at FFRC, miracles are the rule, not the exception.
It is the community of Defiance that stands behind Jacci and helps her in whatever way they can.
It is the veterinarians around Defiance that accomplish the impossible against huge odds.
It is the monetary donations/donators that hold the bills at bay, who help Jacci and Steve sleep at night knowing their needs will be met, one way or another.
It is the endless creativity and selflessness of the many crafters that donate their projects for fund raisers.
It is Steve, Jacci’s husband, who supports her in her passion.
It is the families of both Jacci and Steve with their support as well.
It is the kitties themselves that seem to have spread the word about FFRC and how this is the place to be if you want the best life you could hope for.
It is you.  It is me.  It is them.  It is us.  This is The FFRC Nation.