Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday, Sept. 20

Juby is making friends--everyday is easier for him. It's hard to think, but with this sweetie in a small pen, all alone for all his life, until he came here, it's probably "different" to have other cats around him. But, he's making friends everyday. There's less hissing and more joining in! And what a beauty, er, excuse me, handsome boy he is. His coat is shiny now and his colors are very vivid. 

Our two newbies are doing great--Lorenzo and Bugg. Little Bugg is everywhere--she loves to cruise about and make friends. Lorenzo is doing great too--very laid back brother. He and Bugg visited the main area twice yesterday for a short time. But, they've both spent a lot of time on the floor in the back Thumper's Room with the rest of the Kitty Gang. Well, to be accurate, Bugg is climbing everywhere--she is so inquisitive! Lorenzo gets up and moves about--he loves to play. 

Tomorrow is our surgery date. This is the tentative surgery schedule:
Spays: Allie, Emily, Daisy, Camvi, Kwee, Puzzone, Rosi and Viola
Castrations: Bear, GEorge, Goose, Juby, London, Meowzer, Mogo, Purrzer, Togo

There will also be a few physicals that we will have Dr. Darcy do.

I realize that Viola's kittens are only 4 1/2 weeks old and that we normally wait until kittens are 6 weeks old to spay the mama, but she is showing some signs of going into heat. Due to this, we're going to bump her surgery up. I actually saw a couple of the kittens trying to munch of her dry food! They are doing great and have that wonderful round tummy that we love to see in babies.

Many many thanks to Lucy P for a wonderful surprise gift for the cats. It's another wheel but it's very different from the one that we have out right now. Now, we'll have two wheels. This new one will probably go into Kitty Kabana Room. We want to get it moved today! We'll move the cam for you all to see it! Kiko is already wanting to go on it--we had him practice on it already. 

That Dovie girl is one awesome cat. I love her to pieces! She hangs out at my desk and on the Kuranda Tower beside my desk most of the day. She likes the window that is kept open to go in and out of the Kabana Room. She'll even reach out to people to be petted. She has really progressed! 

Many thanks to the following for their PayPal donations:
Aunty Fi--to cover a leggydew for Pat (volunteer/Thursday night, for FiFi's birthday). The remainder is to help with food for Paul's cats.
Schneider E from Russia--donation to FFRC
Silvia H from TX--donation in memory of Spike and Missy
FaithyMD from MD--donation in memory of Spike
Vincent S from PA--donation to FFRC
Bruce P--donation to FFRC
Holly W--a really nice t-shirt and a donation for FFRC

We spent quite a bit of time yesterday catching up, thanks to Lynnette, Kelly R and Martha L's help. We have the treatments almost caught up and all the surgery cats are now weighed. It's been such a busy week, I'm glad to get things caught up some what. 

Remember when our pipes froze 2-3 times last year? Our pump system is in a pit in the ground (ick) and the housing shed that covers it is in ruins. So, that's next on our list for improvements. This should help drastically with the pipes not freezing. We're going to tear down the old housing shed (it's small, only 5 x 6) and get a new one (a bit bigger 6 x 8) and bring up all the pump, pipes, the whole shebang of plumping up into this new housing shed. No wind should be able to get into it and so, will help with the freezing winter problems. Next, we have to work on those pipes that froze up in the Thumper's Room. I'm hearing tales of a rough winter and we need to try and reduce the freezing of all of our pipes.

If Zelda should come close enough to the cam, check out her new beautiful tag on her collar! Now she sports two--one is her ID tag and another is a beautiful trinket. 

I've just checked on McFee and she is doing pretty good. A bit sore so her soreness meds are continued. She's tolerating her tube feedings real well. Dr. Darcy will be bringing her tomorrow for FFRC to take in. 

In fb, by Pam R.  Love this!