Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday, June 30, 2017

We are still winding down from Catathon. This whole week has been spent getting the Catathon items out to folks. We are also getting the storage sheds back in order as we empty them out of the items. Hard to believe tomorrow is the first of July. This summer will go way too fast. Last night we received 2.4 inches of rain here---a good thing. And then this weekend will probably have fireworks going off so will have to be extra watchful of Kiara and Shamballie.

We have thanks to give to these wonderful friends!
Leggygal--she sent boxes of Leggydews and adoptions bags! Of course, they are beautiful! 
Brian B--donation to FFRC, to be used where needed
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Judy L--donation to FFRC and for Elsie for a shared Birthday!
Dawn/nokats--donation towards our spay/neuter program
Fran D--donation in honor of Elsie's birthday
Geremy K--donation in memory of Jolien
Melvin S, jr--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Nigel W from UK--donation to FFRC
Diana C.R. from S. America--donation in memory of Mason and Ethan to FFRC

Want to enjoy an awesome FFRC video? Check out the latest creation!       I do think you'll enjoy this!

We had an adoption on Tuesday. Sweet Breezy was adopted to a wonderful home! This family was very happy to have her join them. 

I've also seen pictures of Henry R Peeps and Nona in their new home--they have adjusted so quickly and are very happy.

I know I have not done BOXES this week (I have 2 in waiting).  I've been so busy catching up and I admit, ready to go in early at night! We'll get back to our routine soon enough!

We have a new baby kitten.  He's a gold tiger with white feet.  He's a gold tiger with white feet and he has a name...........Satori (a Name a Cat name)!  He was found inside a car motor with a bit of car oil on him. He also had fleas and a slight upper respiratory infection. He's feeling better today and is eating good. His birthday is 5/24/17, making him 5 weeks old. 

We also took on 5 itty babies. They are 3 1/2 weeks old. Their birthday is 6/4/17. They were discovered all alone and taken to Dr. P's office. They then asked if we could take them. They are still being syringe fed. Auntie Peggy S is taking care of them for right now. We have 4 boys and 1 girl.  They all weighed 12 ounces upon arrival here on 6/28.  Four of them are black/white and the fifth is a grey tiger/white. We'll get them named soon from our Name a Cat list! 

We also took on an oldster--her name is Binkerbell. She's a muted calico. Binkerbell (or can be called Binky) was removed from a very harmful/scary home. She also arrived with a nasty bite wound right below her left ear. I imagine it was from a dog that was in the home. She's ten years old with a birthday of 5/21/17. She's adjusting well and is out in the Welcome Room while she's healing and becoming acquainted with us.  She's a nice cat and I believe will open her heart to us and make friends.

Enjoy this upcoming weekend! And thanks for what you do for this Rescue Center! 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 post Catathon

I don't even know where to start in showing my gratitude for a phenomenal 2017 Catathon! This was our 7th Catathon.  Sunday was just an amazable day for FFRC.

I'll start by giving some info! That's always a good place to start.
Round 1--$1,772 
Round 2--$3,920
Round 3--$3,890
Round 4--$5,075
Round 5--$3,865
Round 6--$7,595
Round 7--$14,936 (includes the quad and double amounts)

This makes the total at: $41,053!!!!!!!!  (still makes my legs wobbly!)

The above for each round reflects Baskets, Big ticket items, Catributions, each "thing" for that particular Round.  And then we received more Catributions after the last round.  This brought our total to: ready for this?!   $42,575

We already started packing items up yesterday! The first load will go out this morning. This will take a bit of time to get everything out, but we have Lynnette and her crew working hard on it! 

We had a special visit by the LaChat ladies. They flew in purposely just to give their thanks to our FFRCNation for helping FFRC!

We will make our goals set for this Catathon! 
You helped us get those lights under the walkway!
You helped us get that cement pad under the Covies jungle gym
You helped us get that cement pad inside the Feeding Station
You helped us pay for that safety fence in the farmyard to keep our visitors safe
You helped us to get that Firehouse insulated for winter time
You helped us pay for the screened in Porch
You helped us put some money in the general account for operational cost needs

You helped us put some money in our spay/neuter program

Words are often inadequate to express my joy for your help. For sharing my dreams; for your invaluable help, support and patience, I say thank you. 

We also had the winners for the Fun-Raiser drawn thru-out the Catathon. And 17 great consolation prizes were given away. 

Sometimes when all the volunteers are busy doing all the million things that needs to be done here, I pause and watch. I am constantly amazed at their compassion.  Sometimes I peek in at the moderators and see what’s up. I am constantly amazed at their kindness to the chatters and their willingness to give so much time of themselves.  Sometimes I’ll scroll thru the FB FFRC pages and marvel at the way the admins keep it clean and family oriented.  Sometimes I reflect on our fundraisers and am in awe of what you supporters do for us. Sometimes I’ll check the cam chat and I see the kindness and the friendships that are there between the chatters.  At the same time, I realize how many lurkers we have that are there watching over us too.  Sometimes I go and check supplies to make sure we are okay in those needs and I once again am humbled by the generosity of the givers. Sometimes I walk around and see all the things that we have built here for the cats and I am filled with gratitude.  And then sometimes I like to reflect back on many of the cats and kittens that we have had here and it gives me much joy and satisfaction, knowing that we truly enjoy caring for these cats. The cats are what it’s all about—to give them a better life than what they had before. And all of this is being made possible by our FFRCNation & volunteers.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

You all know the saying It Takes A Village.  Well, I can vouch that it Takes A Village To Keep FFRC Going.  YOU all are part of that. There's so many levels of help that we receive takes us all to make us "work".  At the Catathon itself, there were over 45 people here for the afternoon. There were many of our mods/admins "out there" that worked behind scenes to make the Catathon happen. Every bid came from a supporter, whether you won the bid or not. 99% of the items in Catathon were donated by you folks "out there". Just a huge amount of people involved and I give you a huge amount of thanks! You all help us accomplish wonderful things here at FFRC.  

The cats have voted (and I agree with them!)---and since the cats have said this, it's true:  there is no better support group anywhere than our FFRCNation! We have a friendship that is real. We have compassion for the cats that is felt by each of them. We are a family of friends that truly care. We cover many miles around the world, yet are connected. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday, June 23, 2017

TWO more days to Catathon! Yesterday we had our phone trial with Arthur Phone Company--we have SEVEN phones ready for Sunday. They all work properly. Thanks to you all who called in to flood the lines so we could make sure all were working!

Our pre-registration is now over. We will make a copy of those records to help us with bid taking, calling the winners and sending items out. Monday morning bright and early, packages will already be in the process of packing and sending off!

Remember, you can still make bids even if you are not pre-registered.

Just so you know:  Minimum beginning bid for any item is $25.  Bidding amounts are minimum of $5 increments.

Highest bidder gets the Basket or Item! The winner will receive a call on Sunday to let them know. At the end of each round, a bell will sound.  If a call is in process and the bell rings, we will of course finish that call.

We have a special friendly competition in Round 7!

Winners of the Fun-Raisers will be drawn during the rounds with the consolation prizes being drawn in Round 7. Many thanks to Pat P, Marcia, Lynnette and Bill for counting all the tickets for the fun-raiser!

I got a registered letter this week---there is a possibility of a special guest appearance after Round 7. Keep your eyes open!

We had BOXES last evening and we are so grateful to you!
Thursday night Pat – broths and appetizers, 2 bags of dry food, and a blanket for a fun raiser consolation prizes.
Denise and Richard – bleach and paper towels
Ellen (Ellsiesue) – weight circles and check for fun raiser.
Diana C from Ohio – donation in memory of Fabio and Olaf (for outside cats), 3 mice and toys, cat treats, bowls, potty bags, case of fancy feast poultry and beef.
Declan (Bigsis)  Cat toys.  Hang over the door toys. These are for siblgings & friends of the Niners

And more thanks!
Sharon S--donation to FFRC
Billie K--donation for the latest new kittens, especiall medical care
Eric M--donation for Olaf, Fabio and Joline
Maite--donation for Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr
Gusti--donation in memory of sweet little Tess
Zoolove--donation to FFRC, for a successful Catathon!

Amelia & Meredith Canales--two wonderful sisters who held a lemonade stand to raise funds for the Rescue Center. I asked what they would like the money to go to and the answer was---anywhere it's needed. Two awesome girls.  Their total for us was $51.00!  A super good "job" by these two girls!  Many thanks.

You might have heard already, but our little Tess passed away night before last. We knew from the beginning that she may not make it. Her heart had such a bad murmur---our fear was that as she began growing, the heart would be more compromised.  She was eating very well and she was growing and had gained a half an ounce already. But, her heart couldn't support her. My comfort is that she was well loved and got to hae lots of kitty friends which she so enjoyed. Thanks for loving her already.

We had two adoptions yesterday~ Two more of the Niners went to a wonderful home! Nona and Henry R Peeps were adopted together to a wonderful couple. They are both so excited to have these two kitties in their homes. They will be well loved. Nona had been spayed at Dr. P's earlier this week.  

We also had a Niner adoption on Monday--Declan. Happy family, happy kitten--good adoption! He was our first of the Niners to find a home~

We had a cat returned yesterday. Her name is Grishko--a name for a dance shoe. Due to family separation, she needed to return. She was well cared for and will be much missed by her mom. She's settling in very well and is out and about in the front Thumper's Room already.  Won't be long until she is in the main area again. She's a long hair grey slight torti cat.

Breezy was taken to HumaneOhio yesterday for her spay, thanks to Angie M.  She and her sister Jackie P drove her there and also returned her last night. So kind of them to do this. Now Breezy can be adopted!

All the kittens are doing very well. After Catathon, we will work on getting all those kittens that are in the back Thumper's Room up here to the Main Area. 

We also took on another kitten too.  Her name is Emmasynne (a name a cat name). She is 7 weeks old, is gold and white. She was found on a country road, all by herself--no littermates or mama.  She is in the back Thumper's Room making friends. 

Rest up today and make sure your phone finger is ready for action on Sunday!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

FIVE days now until Catathon! How exciting--it's zipping right along!  We are very busy with the remaining things that need to be done.  

Thursday, the Arthur phone company will be here about 1:30.  They will work on the lines and then we will plug in the phones. Then........the fun begins! We will ask our viewers to flood the phone lines so we can make sure they are working properly for Sunday!  419-393-2400

We also have 15 large pizzas ordered for Sunday night, after Catathon.

Werlor's will come an extra day to dump our trash so we don't run out of space.

The big screen TV will arrive Friday afternoon---this will go under the shelter house for people to watch the Catathon.

Thursday will work on running off information on the pre-registrations

Saturday evening we will rearrange all the furniture in the Main Area to accomodate the tables, boards, chairs for Sunday.  We will also put up a couple tarps in the shelter house to "darken a corner" for the TV.  

Sunday morning the cams will be repositioned.  Kittens will be moved to the back Thumper's Room for safety. And many of the adults will be put in Kitty Kabana and Kitty Campus rooms. 

In the last week, we have taken on 5 new kittens. To make sure all info has been given, we will go over these 5 newbies:

Adalaide--female, beige/white.  Her birthday is 5/10/17. She was found at night by a volunteer. When called, Adalaide came running very quickly and wanted to be rescued! She is 5 weeks old. She had fleas but generally healthy.

DJ--female, black/white.  Her birthday is 4/29/17. She was found in the Cold Stone parking lot. It appears she may have gotten up in an engine as she has injuries to her abdomen and her left rear leg. Has a good size laceration plus the big pad on her paw has been almost removed.  She too had fleas. 
She is 7 weeks old. Her name is for Doce Junior as she has a face very similar to Doce's.

Zadie--female, grey tiger. Her birthday is 3/22/17. She was found on someone's property, all by herself two weeks ago. They kept her and then decided they could not keep her.  She had several ticks on her. She is 11 weeks old.

Lisa--female, siamese. Her birthday is 5/1/17. She was found alongside a county road, all by herself and was ready to be saved. She is 7 weeks old. Lisa was absolutely starved--so so hungry. Her first plate of food was attacked with much eagerness to eat. A real sweetie.

Tess--female, white persian. Her birthday is 5/7/17.  We have seen this kitten a few times before she was relinquished to FFRC. Dr. Darcy did an examine and discovered a significant heart murmur. She is very very tiny for her age--weighing only 8 ounces upon arrival. She is 6 weeks old. We are syringe feeding her. She craves the attention of the other kittens and is adjusting nicely. Last night she started taking food herself a little bit! Hoping her heart murmur won't have a big bearing on her life. 

We have several more kittens on hold! Some of these kittens should be leaving us soon.  

We had ENVELOPES last night! We are grateful to you!
Anonymous Friend - Chief Tapes
Frances T & Kittle - TX  Butterfly card & Donation
Samantha--our Friday volunteer--donation to FFRC

Clark, Jesse & The Rest - - Chicken Bucks Card with 4 Chicken $5
Happy 5th Birthday Coralie  12 June 2012
Happy 4th Birthday PB Covie  13 June 2013
Happy 3rd Birthday Vern 14 Jun 2013
Happy 3rd Birthday Middy Covie  15 June 2013

Please remember---it helps us alot if you pre-register for Catathon. It doesn't mean you HAVE to bid---but just in case you do! It reduces the time you will be on the phone with us.  

You can go to our website at to pre-register and to view all the items involved in Catathon!  Remember too--we are currently doing our Catathon Fun-Raiser! It ends Weds. morning at 9:00 am.  To view those items, a video will run periodically on the cam, plus info is on our various facebook sites.  Thanks so much!

Short blog--today will keep us hopping! Enjoy this beautiful day! 


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The official countdown has begun. We have 8 days now until Catathon. This next week will be very busy getting the last details done. An exciting time for FFRC.

Remember you can still pre-resgister for the Catathon. We'd like to have all the pre-registrations done on June 22. That way it gives us time to get these records ready for the big day! You can go to our website at and check out the pre registration info. This doesn't mean you have to make any bids--it just shortens the time on the phone should you call in for bids! To call those bids in, you simply use the regular phone number---419-393-2400!

Tomorrow, Sunday is the first day of the Catathon Fun-Raiser! Watch on our cam and facebook pages for info. We have 10 awesome items for this fun-raiser. The ticket money will be added to our Catathon totals each round. We will have 2 winning tickets drawn for Rounds 2,3,4,5,6.  And in the 7th round, we will draw names for the wonderful consolation prizes!  

This Thursday Arthur Phone Company will be coming to get the 7 phone lines in place for the Catathon! After they have everything connected, we will do as we've done in years past---ask you, the viewers, to call us. We need lots of callers to do this so we flood the lines and make sure all our lines, connections and phones work!  When it's time, we'll give you the thumbs up to call in!  We won't have time to chat---just a quick response and good bye--that way we can keep calls coming in to check them! 

Friday we will have a big screen TV coming to be used in the Shelter House. This is for viewing of friends that are watching from there. Rent-A-Center will be bringing the TV and picking it up free of charge. And no charge for the rental either! Thanks Rent-A-Center!

Yes, only 8 more days. Be sure to take some time to view all the items involved in the Catathon. Every item is wonderful and donated by our FFRCNation!  Many thanks. You can view every round and every item by going to our website at

Just wanted to repeat what our goals are for the Catathon! As you know, this is our biggest fundraiser of the year! 
Lights under walkway--very dark there
4-4 foot resin tables
6 big recycle containers
Window in Dog Room--Camvi wants some natural light!
Screen In the Porch
Liability Insurance due
Cement pad under the Covies jungle gym
Cement pad inside the Feeding Station
Fence to protect visitors on farm yard--very important due to Mercy's blindness
Insulate Firehouse for the cats
Operational cost needs--much needed

Please know that every penny will be used wisely!

We had BOXES yesterday! YOU are appreciated!
Justme - IA - Happy 3rd B-Day Vern!  2-Boxes Squeeze Ups Delectables plus a System Recovery  Kit
Billie K - 3 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat, and 2 Cases Royal Canin wet food for Babies
Vicki B - 6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
Janice K - OH  Large Box of pillow cases, condo pads & crate pads
Amy G - Tsakani's rescue person - A small afghan, rug and paper towels
Joey3100 - 32 rolls Brawny Paper Towels
Plee - 36 Fancy Feast Broths Variety
Anony - Coupons
Tracy L - OH  Coupons
Art & Moe S - IL  Thank You Card
Annette/Furhavenkitties-- 2 more toys for Vesta & Vester for adoption basket
Jan from Hawaii--donation in memory of Joline, Olaf and Fabio
Fran D--donation to FFRC, in honor of Vernon's birthday

Need a good laugh for the day?! Don't forget to check out the FFRC Giggles Videos. We're so sure you'll enjoy these! And then share them with your friends!  Many thanks to JustMe, SonJa and Dawnstar for making this possible. Here are the 5 Giggle Videos:

We had an adoption yesterday! The first of the Niners has found a home. Declan went to his new home. Lots of love there for him! More adoptions coming up! 

Have a wonderful weekend! I know I am! My granddaughter Ashlyn is marrying Josh today! 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Steve and I are back from a quick 2 day off.  We had a very good time--relaxed, read half a book and enjoyed the flea market and downtown little stores. But, as always, so nice to get back home and see my mom, the cats and the farmyard animals. 

I have thanks to give from BOXES on Monday evening. You are appreciated.
Zoolove/Pam T - 1 case of babyfood
Keiko - CA  Kitty bed that looks like a slice of bread , 3 bags of Bonito Flakes, one is for Elizabeth and kitties, case of sardines
PJ_Panda & Bad Kitty - 3 bags of Bonito Flakes
Elaine & Alan B - FL  - 3 cases 24 ct. Friskies, 1 case 32 ct.Friskies, 1 box of Fancy Feast, 1 Box Appetizers
Lannml - 3 bags Bonito Flakes
Donna B & kitty - GA  in honor of Coralie's Birthday - 8 new comfy beds, 2 Tubs Party Mix
Velma T - Canada - Donation for Catathon Help
Wanda - Certificate for FunRaiser/Raffle  worth $125 for graphite or $200 for color drawing.
Don & Joy D NY - Kitty Card & Note  with Kitites--Donation
Melissa L - NY  Donation
Susan W/Susiecat - NJ and Lucy and Charlie - Card, 5 Weight circles, Coupons & Chicken $5
Judyanlee--2000 of 6 inch plates

We also have more thanks to give:
Kathy M--donation in memory or Olaf and Fabio to FFRC
Wanda E--donation to FFRC for a portrait order
Virginia H--doantion in memory of Joline, Olaf and Fabio
Gusti--donation in memory of Joline
Fran D--doantion in honor of Coralie's birthday
Lana H--donation to FFRC
David W from CO--donation to FFRC in memory of Joline, Olaf and Fabio
Brenda R--donation in memory of Joline, Olaf, and Fabio
Lu-little and Benny--donation for Joline, Olaf and Fabio
BillieK--donation in memory of Fabio, Olaf and Joline
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Mudjie--donation for the Feliz Navidad Fund in memory of her Henry R Peeps

While Steve and I was at Shipshewana, I was able to purchase a beautiful windchime in his memory by Fran.  It will be put up today, in the Angel Garden. I will so enjoy hearing these chimes from my kitchen window. Still miss that boy so much. 

I also had some donations for Olaf and Fabio. I simply didn't know what to do and it actually was hard for me to even think about. And then an idea came to me---these Porchies so love the visitors--to sit in their laps and to enjoy their company. So, we bought a beautiful glider bench--visitors can sit there at our table area and hold the Porchies. This bench will last forever as it's made with recycled plastics. A tag will be made with Olaf and Fabio's names on it.  A tag will also be made for Big All and put on the new porch area where he loved to be.

And now an update on the dog situation: There were actually two dogs involved in the incident with Olaf and Fabio.  Both dogs are now back in their home--one country road behind Power Dam Rd. They are normally never out loose but escaped and caused quite a bit of damage in their time being loose.  I am so grateful for our volunteers. For two nights after the incident, we had volunteers here during the night time, standing guard---protecting our Porchies. They had a schedule ready to go on for days. But now that the dogs are confined, that won't be needed. The hearts of these volunteers are tremendous. As hard as the deaths have been to us all, I would like you all to "let this go".  It won't do any of us any good to harbor ill thoughts on the dogs or the owner. It's over and hopefully will never ever happen again. 

Mama Dandelion Hope is in the main area part of the time. She is doing great---what a sweetie. Her kittens will hopefully be up in the Main Area soon.  Cinnamon, Paislie and Helga are up in the Main Area also. You may mistake them for 3 rolly balls but they are indeed kittens! Their tums are very round! 

Remember to pre-register for Catathon! It sure helps on the day of Catathon, should you bid on an item. We don't have to get as much information on the phone and that speeds things up!  If you pre-register, that doesn't mean you HAVE to bid---it's for just in case you want to! You can pre-register until 5:00 on June 22.

We are now TEN days to Catathon and counting! View the SCHEDULE & CATALOG--it's available to check out! All the baskets, the big big ticket items, the big ticket items, the small big ticket items  are right there for your viewing pleasure. Each are organized into their Rounds. Pictures were taken by Jen C and the descriptions were done by SonJa.…/catathon-2017-schedule-catalog/       Grab a cup of drink, a snack and read all about it! 

June 18 to 21---more Catathon dates! This is when our Catathon Fun-Raiser begins! We have ten wonderful items in it.  The drawing for this will be done during the Catathon on the 25th. Some exciting times coming up! Here are the items for the Catathon Fun-Raiser--we'll give you the official sneak-peak! Peace Pole (Kindness Matters, 6 foot), Canon EOS Rebel with TONS of extras, iPd Pro 128 gb's, Kuranda Tower 6 level, Harlequin large framed picture, Nanny Cam, Nintendo Mario Kart 8 WII U, Troyer Amish Baasket, 40 inch Smart LED LG TV, Cook Companion Kitchen with many many items. 

I got the official phone call from Bev of SaveARescue! We will indeed receive 800 pounds of Blackwood dry food---a much needed item for us. This was a great opportunity for us---YOU all made this possible by your votes and I thank you.  Please, for the next 6 months, FFRC will not enter this contest. That gives you an opportunity to vote for a rescue of your choice!  

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday, June 11, 2017

June FFRC surgery day is done. A light surgery day but we were able to do many of the physicals needed. 
Spayed were: Oh My Goodness, Vesta, Isabella Bird, Nellie Bly, Dandelion Hope
Neutered were: Adare and Vester 
We also neutered a stray cat that a volunteer brought in. 

And we had another male. He is actually now staying at FFRC.  His name is Tsakani. It's pronounced Sa-Kane and it means happy.He's a black/white cat that was hit on the road and was thought to be dead. But, a friend of FFRC saw a little movement of his head and stopped and rescued him. She took him straight to Dr. P's office and an x-ray was done. His left elbow was crushed and not fixable. So yesterday, we not only neutered him but amputated that leg. He's a real sweetie and loves to talk and be petted. He's still recovering from yesterday, is on soreness meds but will be out soon as he is very social. Welcome Tsakani.

This brought our numbers to 5 spays and 4 neuters yesterday. Our total number now is: 224 spays and 163 neuters with a grand total of 387. 

We also did many physicals. Misty, Vernon, Blueberry, Bonnie, Camvie, Magic, Jessie, Elsie, Cutie, Farrah and Seymour.  These physicals were all good with no notations. We also did a few more:
Asha--upper left K9 enamel defect, will watch
Zelda--right inguinal hernia---will watch
Felicity--fractured upper left k-9   will watch
Lucy Ann--has lost a couple teeth, no problem
Pippi--mild tartar-most removed
All in all, the physicals went great.

We are also still doing the Dance concessins. We have 3 of the 4 time slots done. It's hot but selling lots of water. Have to watch the chocolate that it doesn't melt (keeping in coolers). We have our 4th time slot this afternoon and then we can come up with a total for this fundraiser. 

Many many thanks to all the volunteers that help us with the surgery recovery and with the dance recital. We could not do these things without your help.

Many thanks too to Gusti for the drinks for surgery, to Joyce D for the pizzas and an anonymous friend for goodies--all to help us thru this busy weekend. 

And now to explain this particularly horrible day we have had: Next to telling you all about Truckers death, this is the hardest. We had a devastating thing happen last night.  I’ve thought--how can I lesson this blow, but simply---there is no way to sugar coat this. We lost Fabio and Olaf last night.  I also played with the idea of a “soft death” but I cannot do that either, as I need to be honest with you all. I found Olaf this morning at breakfast—still dark out, our usual routine. He was in the sunporch, already gone.  And minutes later I found Fabio by the Werlor, already gone too.  Both had passed from injuries. Both had slobbery fur. That is the hardest thing of all.  I have found out that there was a dog spotted outside the Kitty Kabana window around 1:00 am—with the nose up to the screen.  It was there about 30 seconds. I can only assume that this is what happened to our two cats—the dog.  The dog is described as a lab size, yellowish/brown fur with perhaps a bit of white, with possibly a collar on.

I have made 45 pamphlets that have been passed up and down Power Dam Road already.  Letting people know 2 things---be careful for your cats and that this dog is obviously loose at times and that if this dog is seen, the dog warden should be called for “running at large”.  All the neighbors spoken to were very sympathetic and promised to keep an eye out for this dog and to be extra cautious with their cats.

We will now close those Kabana windows at night.  I feel the firehouse/barn cats and Covies are safe.  It would be extremely difficult for a dog to enter the farmyard due to all the fencing we have along the property lines.

I feel we should bring Mew in at night—he is old and slow. Many of the Porchies are skittish or leery and probably hard to catch for a dog—Annabelle, Caeser, Cliff, Sargent, Zippy, Middy, Spotty. 

The mods will be watching both the Bella cam/dog run and the Kabana for a strange dog and will call me immediately if spotted---even at night.

I don’t know what else to do. Sure, we could cage them all up, but that is not the life of a Porchie and would make for very unhappy cats.

This whole thing has just devastated me. I pray this never happens again. The loss of these two awesome cats is very very hard.  I have to just think that even though their end was tragic that they were both so loved and cared for.

And to add to this, our Joline is now in peaceful heaven.  Her cancerous growth grew rapidly and the last two days she started to struggle.  She went quietly, peacefully and with a hug and a kiss.  She is one of the most gentlest cats we’ve ever had. I will always remember this patient, loving cat. All she wanted was to be loved and to give love. Thank you for taking care of her. 

A very emotionally hard weekend. I thank you all for your support and the love you have for our FFRC cats.  Steve and I will be gone Tuesday and Weds.  We have had these two days planned for just a little while. I have my mom covered for her care and the rescue center. It's time to take a little break. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

Hang on to your hat--it's going to be a crazy weekend. Tomorrow is our FFRC surgery date. We have approximately 8-10 cats to spay/neuter. Plus physicals plus some public coming in that we want to help with their cats.

And today, Saturday and Sunday is our Concession Days with the Dance Recital. Tonight and tomorrow morning are the rehearsals and the dance performances are Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. A very busy 3 days for this. 

Thanks to all the volunteers helping with the surgery day and the concessions--it takes alot of people to make these events happen. 

We had BOXES last night. YOU are appreciated!
 Angie M--volunteer--a whole bundle of  Pee Pads
Mr. & Mrs Medic 101 - 2 cases Fancy Feast
Jukeannlee & Phil - 10 boxes of Kleenex, 8 rolls Paper Towels, 3 tubs Clorox Wipes, 4 pkgs Kitty Wipes, Lg bottle Germ-X, 2 tubs Snackers, 3 boxes appetizers, 2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten
Beth/Eaglewatcher - 2 cases Royal Canin Baby Cat 
LJ323 - 4 boxes of Broths for Jolene and friends
Heather & Family--10 bottles Dawn soap, volunteer candy, box of kitty wipes. Also, Stephanie, her daughter made a beautiful pottery dish all by herself for the kittens and cats to enjoy. 
Julie & David - UK  Happy 3rd Birthday Card for Vern, with Chicken $5
Clark, Jesse & The Rest--Happy 9th Birthday Card for Cliff 6 with Chicken $5 and Happy 10th Birthday Card Kiara with Chicken $5
Thomas W--donation to FFRC
Gill H from UK--donation to FFRC in honour of Elizabeth's adoption of Merri!
Jatcat--a bug zapper--we're working on keeping that bug population down!

Wow--can you imagine 78,855 votes? That is simply amazing and a whole lot of votes! I thank you for each and every one of those votes!  YOU have made this possible. We are awaiting official word that we came in second place!  SaveARescue will be starting a new contest again soon. My wish is that for this next contest, FFRC plays a back seat. Please....put your vote on your second favorite pet rescue! Thanks.

My jitters are starting to come---we have only 16 days to Catathon. Oh my---it's getting closer! Please remember that it helps us if you pre-register! This saves time on the phone when you place your bid! The link is:    You can also go to our website at and get all the information on Catathon--the rounds, the baskets and all the items involved, along with a picture and description! 

Here are some of the things we hope to accomplish with the Catathon:
Lights under walkway--very dark there
4-4 foot resin tables
6 big recycle containers
Window in Dog Room--Camvi wants some natural light!
Screen In the Porch
Liability Insurance due
Cement pad under the Covies jungle gym
Cement pad inside the Feeding Station
Fence to protect visitors on farm yard--very important due to Mercy's blindness
Insulate Firehouse for the cats
Operational cost needs--much needed

We have 4 more ferals that have been trapped, thanks to Mary Braid.  A mama (who actually is fairly friendly) and 3 kittens that are indeed feral. This family will be making a trip to HumaneOhio where they will be spayed/neutered and then placed on a farm that has already been approved. Thanks Mary for helping this family. 

Happy day to you all. Know that each of you are appreciated by FFRC! 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hi Ho, Hi Ho--off to the vets we go! This morning was wonderful! We sent 27 cats and 1 dog to HumaneOhio for their spays/neuters! We always hope for more but because many of these cats are outside and wildish, we never get 100%. But, we're always happy sending any amount up to HumaneOhio! We had 18 females and 9 male cats and 1 male dog. All outside cats now also receive a complimentary Rabies Vaccine.  They will be returning to FFRC about 5:30 ish to be picked up by their owners.

Our total numbers are now at 374 cats that we've helped with their spays/neuters.  That breaks down to 219 females and 159 males. Plus 2 dogs!  

This Saturday is our FFRC surgery date. Tentatively, the spays we have are: Oh My Goodness, Vesta, Luella, Isabella Bird, Nellie Bly and Dandelion Hope.  The boys are: Adare and Vester. And we have physicals too to do. 

We had ENVELOPES last night! Many thanks to you!
Catsmomtobe/Julia R from Germany--a beautiful handmade thank you card with FFRC kitties
Linda & Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Jeanne S from FL--donation for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Johns Mansville in Defiance--$250 donation 
LInda/MLS--2 books of forever stamps

 Plus....more thanks to give!
Marelize from South Africa--donation to FFRC
Michael JW--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation for drinks for surgery and summer time
Eartheyes--donation to FFRCX--to help fill some gaps!
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Dvid D--donation to FFRC
Makesmeowmy--a June donation
Herta B from IN--donation to FFRC
Nona--to help with spays/neuters of Connie's TNR project

Would you by chance have a ferret or know someone who does? If so, visiting this website will give you lots of great information:

As many of you know, we are on extra alert for Joline. Her cancer spot in her mouth is very fast growing. She is on 2 different meds, one of which is a soreness med.  I promised her long ago---no pain and that is what we shall do.  Each day is a treasure and each day we evaluate her. She's getting anything she needs and wants of course.

We seem to have two kittens that have hidden angel wings---they fly like the wind. Little Isabella Bird and Bubble Buddy both are door escapees. This morning, in the dark, I was tracking Isabella Bird out on the driveway. The little stinker escaped and took off like she knew exactly where she was going. Of course, once she heard a big scary noise (made by me), she turned around and hightailed it back to the door!  They both act so innocent then. Sure gives us lots of chuckles.

Mama Dandelion Hope and her 5 kittens are coming along. We ask people to go back to the Thumper's Room and pet, talk, groom, play with these kittens. Cinnamon, Paislie and Helga are there too and so their sweetness is also helping. 

Goldidots, Sloan and Odetta are rolling each other around on the floor. They look like one big ball of fluff! So much fun. Mama Kismit is watching their silliness from above on a Kuranda tower.  Declan, Nona, Vesta and Oh My Guinness are also rocking and rolling--all after one fussy play ball. Looks more like a slobberball right now! 

The Covies received an extra good brushing and combing out by 3 new volunteers yesterday. I believe today they will get another go-around--getting all their wintery fur removed. 

This weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday is also our big concession date with the dance recital. This is a fund-raiser for FFRC and a fun way to see lots of people and to get FFRC's name "out there". 

Take care and have a great day.  Oh my goodness--it's only 19 days to Catathon! 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017

What drama! Agnes arrived at FFRC Friday evening stating she wanted to adopt a cat from us. Welllll, after hearing some of her answers to cat care, I went to retrieve our information packet to give her. And when I came back to the Main Area, Agnes was GONE.  Turns out, she slipped Merri in her arms and disappeared out the door, unknown to me. Just about that same time, Elizabeth comes in the door asking where Merri was. We looked and looked--no Merri. Then I spied Agnes again and she was HOLDING MERRI. Well, that cane of hers went around Agnes's neck and she was brought back inside the Rescue Center. Merri was scooped up by Elizabeth who stated--no more shenanigans-Merri was going home with her!!!!!!!  

And so we had one of the happiest adoptions ever! Merri latched on to Elizabeth and Elizabeth latched on to Merri from the very beginning of time here. I've seen pics already and notes from Elizabeth--all is wonderful and happy!  And many thanks to Agnes for her appearance!

We have thanks to give!
Rita/wiscatmom--6 cases of water
Tabbycat and Lauren--lots of bottles of vinegar 
Shannon S--donation for the care of Victor, Markus, Leonard, Jackson and all of their friends. Plus to help with Markus's dental bill.
Tom W--donation in honor of Merri being adopted by Elizabeth!
Faithy/vol--donation to FFRC
Nona--donation to the Spay/Neuter fund in honor of Miss Agnes
Lauren F--donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji--donation to FFRC, to be used wherever needed
Kittiesmom--donation to FFRC
Donna B from GA--donation for Spiker and Coralie

Have you checked out the updated FFRC's PawMart store? We took out the retired items and added new items! You can go to our website ( and click on PAWMART.  Many thanks to Vaun for doing this update.

Do you shop Amazon?  Remember, you can go to our website and click on WAYS TO HELP.  Scroll down and click on AMAZON.  Everytime you shop this way, FFRC gets a bit of a kick back! We just received $410.21 for the shopping done in March! That's like free money to us! Many thanks. 

Nellie Bly, our young adult with the rear leg "healed" injuries is such a sweet girl. She spends most of her time in the Welcome Room. But one little touch to her brings out a major purr. She loves to have her ears rubbed. 

We have grown again. Connie D has worked very hard at catching some of the neighborhood unclaimed cats and kittens. Our motto "spay and neuter those cats!" still continues! First, she brought in Kismit with her 5 white calico kittens (Harry is not a calico though!). Kismit had a kitten last year who is now an adult, still in that same neighborhood and had a litter of 5 of her own. This past week a determined Connie made it her business to catch that mama and the 5 kittens (with the help of a neighborhood girl). Two days ago, she caught the first 3 of those babies. Yesterday morning, another one was caught. Last night she was able to get mama and the last kitten! That makes 100% capture of these 2 mamas and 10 kittens.  

Here's the breakdown of these latest ones:
Dandelion Hope--Mama--white/black 
Jefferson--male--black tiger, no white
Jaam--male--black tiger, white feet
Clover--female--tiger, calico, 4 white feet & bib
The Idaho (The Ida for short!)--female--calico  bl nose & rt muzzle
Mama Dandeliion's birthday is 5/12/16. The babies birthday is 5/4/17.  

Cinnamon, Paislie and Helga have made friends with Jefferson, Jaam and Clover. They spent quite a bit of time yesterday together in their playpen -- visible to people to help them to know that people are good. Soon, we will reunite all of Dandelion's kittens!

Today we will be putting Dandelion and her 6 kittens together in the back Thumper's Room. We will even let Kismit come and see her daughter Dandelion. The other 3 kittens (Cinnamon, Paislie and Helga) will also visit.  But........soon, they will all be up in the Main Area. We just want everyone to get reacquainted! 

We are launched!!!!!  You'll need to visit our website again ( We have two major things going on:   (many thanks to Vaun and Clay for all this work!)

PREREGISTRATION is now on! It sure helps on the day of Catathon, should you bid on an item. We don't have to get as much information on the phone and that speeds things up!  If you pre-register, that doesn't mean you HAVE to bid---it's for just in case you want to! You can pre-register until 5:00 on June 22. 

View the SCHEDULE & CATALOG--it's now available to check out! All the baskets, the big big ticket items, the big ticket items, the small big ticket items  are right there for your viewing pleasure. Each are organized into their Rounds. Pictures were taken by Jen C and the descriptions were done by SonJa.…/catathon-2017-schedule-catalog/

One thing---as you view these items, if you notice anything amiss, please don't hesitate to email me about it.   Catathon is now a mere 21 days away! Enjoy the website! 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday to Seymour! He has a special visitor here for a couple days--his Auntie Rita. She is of course doting on him which he loves!

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you all!
Andrew S. - (brother of Hannah, son of Connie)  3 boxes of Dog Treats.
Hannah S.  2 blankets for the kitties.
Judy and Phil:  2 bottles of soap, 2 Paper Towels, 1 Large Pack of Napkins,
                       1 Large container of Twizzlers, 2 Chlorox Wipes, Paper Cups,
                       3 Dish Brushes.
Diane -  Blanket, HE liquid detergent, Vitamins, and Chief Tapes.
Angie and her 2 children:  Children won money for winning Cutest Pet
                        Contest and bought supplies for FFRC.  1 Large Dry
                        Cat Food Bag, 2 Large Litters, Bag of Cat Toys, and Snackers.
Doohiggy (Phyllis W.) -  3 Large Bags of Precious Cat Litter.
Rita (visitor) brought for Nancy and Gordie:  A book "Encyclopedia of the Cat."
                        Ginger Snaps for the horses, Snacks for volunteers, Gummy 
                        Worms, Black Twizzlers, Cherry Twizzlers, Peanut Butter Ritz
                         Bits, Ritz Thin Chips.  Enchanted Garden "Do you Believe" 
                         Plaque, 2 Cases of Water, 4 Gallons of Bleach, Refrigerator
                         Magnets, 11 Soy Candles different fragrances.
Anonymous from Amazon:   Hidden Cats Coloring Book
Cat Black (our wonderful Mod Darkcat)  for Jacci: Peacock Windchimes, 2 Bags
                         Ghiardelli Chocolates
           FOR MOD BASKET (CATATHON),  Book "Neighborhood Sharks" and a
                          Bonita Sunset Lighthouse Mug.
Robin H. and kitties:  1 Case of Fancy Feast Fish and Shrimp, 1 Case of Friskies
                              Pate Turkey and Giblets, and 1 Large Container of Party Mix
Margreet Gosses (our wonderful Mod Cita)  for Jacci: 1 Box of 36 Stroopwaffles,
                           1 Box of 150 Stroopwaffles for Volunteers and Visitors.
                            FOR MOD BASKET (CATATHON) 1 Box of 36 Stroopwaffles.
Deptford Denmans:   18 Handmade Glass Kitties (lots of different colors), 4 Glass
                              Hearts, and 4 Glass Robins. Super wonderful artist!
Andrea F. from Cal.:  Purina Circles, A Donation to Trucker's Fund.
Diana C. from Ohio:  Donation for wherever it's needed.
Jan (Farmgirl):     Flash Sale + Shipping  (you may want to delete this)
Plee :    50 PawPoints
Deb11111:   New Coleman 10 x 10 Pop up Tent for Dance Concession 

Madisonpepper--donation to FFRC
Linda T--4 boxes of 1 ml syringes
NYCbird--donation for support of Nona and for Nyla's spay
Maite from Spain--donation in honor of Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr
Yaiza-Moon and Sonia-Paws from Spain--donation in memory of Trucker

We've heard from Anayaa's new mama! Her new name is Andromeda and she is doing great. She's a very happy cat. Her and Annabell (the other housecat) are good friends! So good to hear this.

Remember our wonderful Hamilton? He was adopted about a year ago. His new name is Solaire. The family says it's hard to imagine their family before him! The picture they sent is wonderful---shows Solaire and their son napping together.

Fabio and Rory went to the vets yesterday for their dental. Rory had x-rays, dental cleaning, 7 major teeth extracted and 2 minor teeth extracted.  Fabio had x-rays, dental cleaning, 7 major teeth extracted and 3 minor teeth extracted.  Both are on soreness meds and antibiotics. They both spent the night here inside the Rescue Center but went back out to their areas early this morning. 

We also sent Nellie Bly too with the boys yesterday. She had x-rays of her back legs and pelvis.  Here is the report:  "Her left leg seems fixed in extension at the knee. The distal femur doesn't look normal and there is a small bony fragment near joint capsule on the left knee.  Both hips appear subluxated -- barely sitting in the pelvis and there is a lot of arthritis in both hip joints. We had discussed FHO's (femoral head ostectomy) but may need to consider amputation of left rear leg because the knee doesn't bend."  When Dr. Darcy comes on the 10th for surgery, we will further talk about this.  At this point, I am not in favor of the leg amputation because that means all of her rear weight will then be on an already compromised right leg.  I do not feel she is in pain--definitely has a very strange gait but she has learned to manage how to get around fairly nicely. So for now, we're in a holding pattern for her while she is still acclimating to FFRC.

Farm news:  mama duck is doing great. She has 7 ducklings.  She had started with more but hasn't lost any in the last week. They are growing and you better believe when she quacks, they listen!  Benny, the newest horse that was a rescue, is doing wonderful. He's peaceful and seems very content. He's out on grass every day with the other 3 horses. He's had a saddle on and has been lunged once in the round pen. He's a bit "rusty" on this but we feel he's remembering the things he was taught at a younger age. He's a nice boy with good manners.  His wounds continue to heal. 

I believe we may have an adoption Friday about 5:00.  I'm not real sure of the details but hoping an adoption will go thru. May be interesting to watch this one!

A few upcoming June dates for FFRC:
June 4 to 22--Catathon pre-registration
June 4--hoping to have the preview of all the Cathathon rounds on the website (
June 6--HumaneOhio's surgery 
June 9, 10, 11--we do the concessions for Defiance's dance recital
June 10--FFRC surgery 
June 17--my granddaughter Ashlyn's wedding!!
June 18-21--Catathon's Fun-Raiser
June 25--Catathon!!!! 

This month looks like it will go way too fast. Take care to everyone and enjoy this wonderful day.