Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday to Seymour! He has a special visitor here for a couple days--his Auntie Rita. She is of course doting on him which he loves!

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you all!
Andrew S. - (brother of Hannah, son of Connie)  3 boxes of Dog Treats.
Hannah S.  2 blankets for the kitties.
Judy and Phil:  2 bottles of soap, 2 Paper Towels, 1 Large Pack of Napkins,
                       1 Large container of Twizzlers, 2 Chlorox Wipes, Paper Cups,
                       3 Dish Brushes.
Diane -  Blanket, HE liquid detergent, Vitamins, and Chief Tapes.
Angie and her 2 children:  Children won money for winning Cutest Pet
                        Contest and bought supplies for FFRC.  1 Large Dry
                        Cat Food Bag, 2 Large Litters, Bag of Cat Toys, and Snackers.
Doohiggy (Phyllis W.) -  3 Large Bags of Precious Cat Litter.
Rita (visitor) brought for Nancy and Gordie:  A book "Encyclopedia of the Cat."
                        Ginger Snaps for the horses, Snacks for volunteers, Gummy 
                        Worms, Black Twizzlers, Cherry Twizzlers, Peanut Butter Ritz
                         Bits, Ritz Thin Chips.  Enchanted Garden "Do you Believe" 
                         Plaque, 2 Cases of Water, 4 Gallons of Bleach, Refrigerator
                         Magnets, 11 Soy Candles different fragrances.
Anonymous from Amazon:   Hidden Cats Coloring Book
Cat Black (our wonderful Mod Darkcat)  for Jacci: Peacock Windchimes, 2 Bags
                         Ghiardelli Chocolates
           FOR MOD BASKET (CATATHON),  Book "Neighborhood Sharks" and a
                          Bonita Sunset Lighthouse Mug.
Robin H. and kitties:  1 Case of Fancy Feast Fish and Shrimp, 1 Case of Friskies
                              Pate Turkey and Giblets, and 1 Large Container of Party Mix
Margreet Gosses (our wonderful Mod Cita)  for Jacci: 1 Box of 36 Stroopwaffles,
                           1 Box of 150 Stroopwaffles for Volunteers and Visitors.
                            FOR MOD BASKET (CATATHON) 1 Box of 36 Stroopwaffles.
Deptford Denmans:   18 Handmade Glass Kitties (lots of different colors), 4 Glass
                              Hearts, and 4 Glass Robins. Super wonderful artist!
Andrea F. from Cal.:  Purina Circles, A Donation to Trucker's Fund.
Diana C. from Ohio:  Donation for wherever it's needed.
Jan (Farmgirl):     Flash Sale + Shipping  (you may want to delete this)
Plee :    50 PawPoints
Deb11111:   New Coleman 10 x 10 Pop up Tent for Dance Concession 

Madisonpepper--donation to FFRC
Linda T--4 boxes of 1 ml syringes
NYCbird--donation for support of Nona and for Nyla's spay
Maite from Spain--donation in honor of Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr
Yaiza-Moon and Sonia-Paws from Spain--donation in memory of Trucker

We've heard from Anayaa's new mama! Her new name is Andromeda and she is doing great. She's a very happy cat. Her and Annabell (the other housecat) are good friends! So good to hear this.

Remember our wonderful Hamilton? He was adopted about a year ago. His new name is Solaire. The family says it's hard to imagine their family before him! The picture they sent is wonderful---shows Solaire and their son napping together.

Fabio and Rory went to the vets yesterday for their dental. Rory had x-rays, dental cleaning, 7 major teeth extracted and 2 minor teeth extracted.  Fabio had x-rays, dental cleaning, 7 major teeth extracted and 3 minor teeth extracted.  Both are on soreness meds and antibiotics. They both spent the night here inside the Rescue Center but went back out to their areas early this morning. 

We also sent Nellie Bly too with the boys yesterday. She had x-rays of her back legs and pelvis.  Here is the report:  "Her left leg seems fixed in extension at the knee. The distal femur doesn't look normal and there is a small bony fragment near joint capsule on the left knee.  Both hips appear subluxated -- barely sitting in the pelvis and there is a lot of arthritis in both hip joints. We had discussed FHO's (femoral head ostectomy) but may need to consider amputation of left rear leg because the knee doesn't bend."  When Dr. Darcy comes on the 10th for surgery, we will further talk about this.  At this point, I am not in favor of the leg amputation because that means all of her rear weight will then be on an already compromised right leg.  I do not feel she is in pain--definitely has a very strange gait but she has learned to manage how to get around fairly nicely. So for now, we're in a holding pattern for her while she is still acclimating to FFRC.

Farm news:  mama duck is doing great. She has 7 ducklings.  She had started with more but hasn't lost any in the last week. They are growing and you better believe when she quacks, they listen!  Benny, the newest horse that was a rescue, is doing wonderful. He's peaceful and seems very content. He's out on grass every day with the other 3 horses. He's had a saddle on and has been lunged once in the round pen. He's a bit "rusty" on this but we feel he's remembering the things he was taught at a younger age. He's a nice boy with good manners.  His wounds continue to heal. 

I believe we may have an adoption Friday about 5:00.  I'm not real sure of the details but hoping an adoption will go thru. May be interesting to watch this one!

A few upcoming June dates for FFRC:
June 4 to 22--Catathon pre-registration
June 4--hoping to have the preview of all the Cathathon rounds on the website (
June 6--HumaneOhio's surgery 
June 9, 10, 11--we do the concessions for Defiance's dance recital
June 10--FFRC surgery 
June 17--my granddaughter Ashlyn's wedding!!
June 18-21--Catathon's Fun-Raiser
June 25--Catathon!!!! 

This month looks like it will go way too fast. Take care to everyone and enjoy this wonderful day.