Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday, June 11, 2017

June FFRC surgery day is done. A light surgery day but we were able to do many of the physicals needed. 
Spayed were: Oh My Goodness, Vesta, Isabella Bird, Nellie Bly, Dandelion Hope
Neutered were: Adare and Vester 
We also neutered a stray cat that a volunteer brought in. 

And we had another male. He is actually now staying at FFRC.  His name is Tsakani. It's pronounced Sa-Kane and it means happy.He's a black/white cat that was hit on the road and was thought to be dead. But, a friend of FFRC saw a little movement of his head and stopped and rescued him. She took him straight to Dr. P's office and an x-ray was done. His left elbow was crushed and not fixable. So yesterday, we not only neutered him but amputated that leg. He's a real sweetie and loves to talk and be petted. He's still recovering from yesterday, is on soreness meds but will be out soon as he is very social. Welcome Tsakani.

This brought our numbers to 5 spays and 4 neuters yesterday. Our total number now is: 224 spays and 163 neuters with a grand total of 387. 

We also did many physicals. Misty, Vernon, Blueberry, Bonnie, Camvie, Magic, Jessie, Elsie, Cutie, Farrah and Seymour.  These physicals were all good with no notations. We also did a few more:
Asha--upper left K9 enamel defect, will watch
Zelda--right inguinal hernia---will watch
Felicity--fractured upper left k-9   will watch
Lucy Ann--has lost a couple teeth, no problem
Pippi--mild tartar-most removed
All in all, the physicals went great.

We are also still doing the Dance concessins. We have 3 of the 4 time slots done. It's hot but selling lots of water. Have to watch the chocolate that it doesn't melt (keeping in coolers). We have our 4th time slot this afternoon and then we can come up with a total for this fundraiser. 

Many many thanks to all the volunteers that help us with the surgery recovery and with the dance recital. We could not do these things without your help.

Many thanks too to Gusti for the drinks for surgery, to Joyce D for the pizzas and an anonymous friend for goodies--all to help us thru this busy weekend. 

And now to explain this particularly horrible day we have had: Next to telling you all about Truckers death, this is the hardest. We had a devastating thing happen last night.  I’ve thought--how can I lesson this blow, but simply---there is no way to sugar coat this. We lost Fabio and Olaf last night.  I also played with the idea of a “soft death” but I cannot do that either, as I need to be honest with you all. I found Olaf this morning at breakfast—still dark out, our usual routine. He was in the sunporch, already gone.  And minutes later I found Fabio by the Werlor, already gone too.  Both had passed from injuries. Both had slobbery fur. That is the hardest thing of all.  I have found out that there was a dog spotted outside the Kitty Kabana window around 1:00 am—with the nose up to the screen.  It was there about 30 seconds. I can only assume that this is what happened to our two cats—the dog.  The dog is described as a lab size, yellowish/brown fur with perhaps a bit of white, with possibly a collar on.

I have made 45 pamphlets that have been passed up and down Power Dam Road already.  Letting people know 2 things---be careful for your cats and that this dog is obviously loose at times and that if this dog is seen, the dog warden should be called for “running at large”.  All the neighbors spoken to were very sympathetic and promised to keep an eye out for this dog and to be extra cautious with their cats.

We will now close those Kabana windows at night.  I feel the firehouse/barn cats and Covies are safe.  It would be extremely difficult for a dog to enter the farmyard due to all the fencing we have along the property lines.

I feel we should bring Mew in at night—he is old and slow. Many of the Porchies are skittish or leery and probably hard to catch for a dog—Annabelle, Caeser, Cliff, Sargent, Zippy, Middy, Spotty. 

The mods will be watching both the Bella cam/dog run and the Kabana for a strange dog and will call me immediately if spotted---even at night.

I don’t know what else to do. Sure, we could cage them all up, but that is not the life of a Porchie and would make for very unhappy cats.

This whole thing has just devastated me. I pray this never happens again. The loss of these two awesome cats is very very hard.  I have to just think that even though their end was tragic that they were both so loved and cared for.

And to add to this, our Joline is now in peaceful heaven.  Her cancerous growth grew rapidly and the last two days she started to struggle.  She went quietly, peacefully and with a hug and a kiss.  She is one of the most gentlest cats we’ve ever had. I will always remember this patient, loving cat. All she wanted was to be loved and to give love. Thank you for taking care of her. 

A very emotionally hard weekend. I thank you all for your support and the love you have for our FFRC cats.  Steve and I will be gone Tuesday and Weds.  We have had these two days planned for just a little while. I have my mom covered for her care and the rescue center. It's time to take a little break.