Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

FIVE days now until Catathon! How exciting--it's zipping right along!  We are very busy with the remaining things that need to be done.  

Thursday, the Arthur phone company will be here about 1:30.  They will work on the lines and then we will plug in the phones. Then........the fun begins! We will ask our viewers to flood the phone lines so we can make sure they are working properly for Sunday!  419-393-2400

We also have 15 large pizzas ordered for Sunday night, after Catathon.

Werlor's will come an extra day to dump our trash so we don't run out of space.

The big screen TV will arrive Friday afternoon---this will go under the shelter house for people to watch the Catathon.

Thursday will work on running off information on the pre-registrations

Saturday evening we will rearrange all the furniture in the Main Area to accomodate the tables, boards, chairs for Sunday.  We will also put up a couple tarps in the shelter house to "darken a corner" for the TV.  

Sunday morning the cams will be repositioned.  Kittens will be moved to the back Thumper's Room for safety. And many of the adults will be put in Kitty Kabana and Kitty Campus rooms. 

In the last week, we have taken on 5 new kittens. To make sure all info has been given, we will go over these 5 newbies:

Adalaide--female, beige/white.  Her birthday is 5/10/17. She was found at night by a volunteer. When called, Adalaide came running very quickly and wanted to be rescued! She is 5 weeks old. She had fleas but generally healthy.

DJ--female, black/white.  Her birthday is 4/29/17. She was found in the Cold Stone parking lot. It appears she may have gotten up in an engine as she has injuries to her abdomen and her left rear leg. Has a good size laceration plus the big pad on her paw has been almost removed.  She too had fleas. 
She is 7 weeks old. Her name is for Doce Junior as she has a face very similar to Doce's.

Zadie--female, grey tiger. Her birthday is 3/22/17. She was found on someone's property, all by herself two weeks ago. They kept her and then decided they could not keep her.  She had several ticks on her. She is 11 weeks old.

Lisa--female, siamese. Her birthday is 5/1/17. She was found alongside a county road, all by herself and was ready to be saved. She is 7 weeks old. Lisa was absolutely starved--so so hungry. Her first plate of food was attacked with much eagerness to eat. A real sweetie.

Tess--female, white persian. Her birthday is 5/7/17.  We have seen this kitten a few times before she was relinquished to FFRC. Dr. Darcy did an examine and discovered a significant heart murmur. She is very very tiny for her age--weighing only 8 ounces upon arrival. She is 6 weeks old. We are syringe feeding her. She craves the attention of the other kittens and is adjusting nicely. Last night she started taking food herself a little bit! Hoping her heart murmur won't have a big bearing on her life. 

We have several more kittens on hold! Some of these kittens should be leaving us soon.  

We had ENVELOPES last night! We are grateful to you!
Anonymous Friend - Chief Tapes
Frances T & Kittle - TX  Butterfly card & Donation
Samantha--our Friday volunteer--donation to FFRC

Clark, Jesse & The Rest - - Chicken Bucks Card with 4 Chicken $5
Happy 5th Birthday Coralie  12 June 2012
Happy 4th Birthday PB Covie  13 June 2013
Happy 3rd Birthday Vern 14 Jun 2013
Happy 3rd Birthday Middy Covie  15 June 2013

Please remember---it helps us alot if you pre-register for Catathon. It doesn't mean you HAVE to bid---but just in case you do! It reduces the time you will be on the phone with us.  

You can go to our website at fofrescue.org to pre-register and to view all the items involved in Catathon!  Remember too--we are currently doing our Catathon Fun-Raiser! It ends Weds. morning at 9:00 am.  To view those items, a video will run periodically on the cam, plus info is on our various facebook sites.  Thanks so much!

Short blog--today will keep us hopping! Enjoy this beautiful day!