Thursday, May 31, 2012

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Thursday, May 31

Talk about high energy--that's this place! The kittens are either eating, sleeping like logs or running around with bursts of constant energy! It's fun, just to even sit, and watch all the action. I always find it very interesting, the interactions they have with one another. Even as busy as these kittens are with play, they always gladly accept all the petting and hugs we give them!

Nemo is getting braver. After days of having her pen door open, she's decided to come out a wee bit. She absolutely loves the hammock in her Dodger's Pen. And she makes it known when it's time to pet her--she'll do a long meow and turn over to have her belly rubbed. She's a sweetie.

Sugar Plum is having a great time. She likes to hang out in the front office when the kittens are playing. She'll go from 1 group to another, playing with them. I believe she's still a kitten at heart, just like Queenie is. Queenie is a play machine--loves each and every toy. Bomber loves any of the toys with feathers--he grabs it and puts it in his mouth, then runs. This of course, causes 3-4 kittens to chase him! Never a dull moment around here.

Our organizing the Catathon continued yesterday. Angie is helping a lot to get those baskets and table sale items together. Very soon, we will have more information in our website regarding the catathon, like how to pre-register, why it's a good idea to pre-register, general information. In our flickr account, you will see one of the sets is called Catathon Auction Items. In this set, we will have individual pictures of the baskets with descriptions. There will also be the Big Ticket Items as well. We have tons of awesome items that will go on the Sale Table--we'll get some pictures of this too. Keep in mind though, the Sale Table will be out for the public to purchase these items. Our goal for this Catathon is to help us pay for some of the Parking Lot's concrete.

Floria, Faleen, Faleena, Raymond, Raymondo and Miler are now out and about with the rest of the kittens. Tonight starts the first night where all kittens will be out all night together! That should add some action to the already busyness!

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks from me to you.
Judy L/judeanlee--For the Catathon (from the Animal Rescue Site): 3 prs of shortie socks with purple paw prints, mug with paw prints, 2 stickers saying "One cat just leads to another", T-shirt XL called Kitty Parade, 2 cat magnets
Mary/mudgie--For FFRC: paw points, gift for Gregg, Cat Lint roller for Dee, bandages, triple antibiotic ointment, Oreos cookies!, volunteer treats, cat toys, nail clippers, cat toys, little book for our little bathroom, snacks for Big Al & friends, baby wipes, special snackers for the June cat birthday cats (Big Al, Riley, Simone, Putter, Cliff), new pillowcases, cast iron hooks that spell out FFRC
For the Catathon: A Spa Basket--large bath towel, hand towel and cloth, body wash, body lotion, purple brush (we have a purple theme going here too!), nexxus shampoo & conditioner, Olay products, bath & shower cloths, 2 colorful pillows,Revlon lipstick, nail polish, fingernail brush, combs, eye makeup, nail file, purple hair dryer, "Pampered toes". Also for the Catathon: large scentsy stuffed cat with scent packages, small scentsy stuffed cat with scent packages, kitty picture, calculator, bandages, light up balloons, stickers
John H--dry cat food, a case of Friskies Medley, Case of Whisker Lickins cat treats and a case of Party mix treats
Audrey G--for the Catathon: Victoria Secrets Blue Bikini, size Med., Victoria Secrets sundress, XL John Deere T-shirt, Colin Stewart Sandals, size 6B, teddy bear frame, a Duck Dolls Heirloom Doll "Kathleen", 2 big plush kitty cats sets that are of a plush cat with a very soft throw.
Jodi M from MI--6 cases of Friskies and a case of baby cat canned food (Royal Canin)
Jenni (volunteer)--her husband has donated 3 autographed Nascar Drivers cards (Tony Stewart, Richard Petty & Mark Martin) and a nascar car
Leenie--10 giant packages of styrofoam plates
Kristen & Robert B--a letter from Gelato and Tiramisu
Rose/rosesf6cat: a poem of Putter "What Putter would Say" very sweet!
Amy V (adopted from FFRC)--beautiful coasters and 2 awesome picture frames
Jennifer L from CA--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Cookbooks will arrive very soon. As soon as that happens, we'll be shipping them out asap! The tons of litter arrives Friday! I believe we're ready for this delivery. We'll be taking some pictures of this huge event!

I've had a chance to read Canton's Director's Cut of stories that have never been out there in "cyber space". They are phenomenal! They will be added to Canton's Porchie and Covie stories that will be for sale at the Catathon.

Filbert, sporting his 1 non-eye look--so much better than before his surgery!

Shaling--mama to many at FFRC

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weds., May 30

Busy times are here. Kitties are everywhere, playing, running, napping and having fun. We had an adoption on Sunday. Pansy Mae went to her new home. We've already heard from the new family and all is well! Pansy Mae loves them very much and is already napping on laps. She also let a 5 year old grandson carry her around and then received kisses from the 2 year old granddaughter! What a lucky cat!

We had another 2 adoptions that are going good. Purresa and Dunakin were adopted together. Sunday morning, I took them into Kitty City, to see if Purresa would get along with Dunakin without the kittens around, so Purresa wouldn't be in "mommy mode". A couple had come about 3 weeks ago and liked the 2 of them, as they have always been fond of short haired black cats. I was holding my breath, but all is well. Heard from the family 2 times now and people and cats are getting along just fine. I'm so thankful for that...a good home for 2 wonderful cats.

Our new kitten, Bomber, is doing awesome. He's now out and about with the rest of the kitty crew. His toes are quite astounding--he has a fistful on each foot! What a great personality. The 4 black and 1 black/white litter are out also quite a bit now. They also have names! The 2 girls are Faleen and Faleena. The 2 boys are Raymond and Raymondo. The black/white (female) is Floria. Five very sweet kittens. All 4 black kittens are absolutely identical. So, Faleena and Raymondo have a bit of a shaved patch on their tummies to tell all 4 of them apart.

The new t-shirts for FFRC will be in very soon. We'll keep you posted, in case you are interested. Three neat colors--apple green, raspberry and lake (blue/grey). On the front, it says: Life is Great. Cats make it better. Also has 3 small pictures--a cat face, ball of yarn and a pawprint. On the back, is says: Friends of Felines' Rescue Center with the address on it. These shirts are of very good quality. They come in sizes small to 3XLG. As soon as they come in, I will show you them on the webcam. If you'd like to order, you can then send an order thru PayPal (no need to also e-mail me if payment is thru PayPal) or if by check will need to do an e-mail to hold a shirt for you.

We had BOXES last night! I'm a very grateful person for your support.
Susan G--2 Yeowww! catnip bananas & 4 replacement scratchers for the cat track
KellyR from CA--we received the Fruit of the Month from Harry and David--big, giant, sweet strawberries!
Erika M from Hong Kong---q-tips, post it notes, glow in the dark collar for Farrah for her birthday and sponges. A hug and kiss was delivered to Farrah for you!
Dianne E from AZ--For the Catathon: basket, note cards in decorative box, butterfly container, moose business card holder, thank you cut out butterfly, M&M candy machine and M&M's to put in it, and a beautiful collector plate of a Himalayan, called "Purrfect Poinsettia"
Michelle H/catcruzer from FL--For the Catathon: 2 handcrafted purses made of Candy Wrappers from MExico, 1 small/1 big, kitty soap dish, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and shower curtain rod hooks--all kitty design. Also Florida salt water taffy and Florida rum cake
Cindy H/MNSnowy from MN--For the Catathon: Picture frame with "love" on it, a vintage 1987 Fancy Feast Christmas ornament, kitty Welcome sign. Also wash cloths for the center and a YoYo gift bag! She also sent a stack of Tabby Cat Dollars I can use for letters!
Jatcat from CA--6 cat food can covers, mouse holder (yeah, no more broken mousies!), batteries and a new Dell mouse
Darkcat--For the Catathon: lots and lots and lots of various Hello Kitty items! Everything from treasure boxes, soap dish, lunch boxes, puzzle, rings, hairbands to a Hello Kitty satchel filled with fun items for a birthday party! A basket of fun!
Lynn S from TN--For the center: purple rug, lots of 13 gallon trash bags, purple bath towels, shipping tape, dry cat food, dog snackers, 300 plates, Mr. Clean magic erasers, Einstein treat, case of Fancy Feast, 2 boxes of Whiskas perfectly chicken, sardines and 24 pads of postie notes. For the Catathon: a beautiful hand painted cat figurine, San Diego zoo key chains, and a reversible cat picture on a stand (very neat!) Also sent pics of her kitties-Cara Mia, Dexie Doodles, & Ernie
Gail R/tuxkitty from LA--For the Catathon: 4 Lefton cat figurines, 3 siamese cat figurines, 1 colorful Cancum Pottery cat figurine & 3 ceramic baskets decorated with flowers & cats
Leenie50 from Alaska--many wonderful, very interesting items for an Alaskan basket for the Catathon--fish batter, Alaskan smoked salmon, salmon dip, wildberry tea, blue berry jelly, sour dough pancake mix, polar bear smoochies, many more items that are all Alaskan themed! Other items included: 2 scarves, hand quilted table runner, 5 Charles Wysocki journals, blue plate from Denmark, blue/white teacup and saucer from Denmark, cat platter, 2 framed pictures, zanie mice
DeEtte--her "lost" box was found, right here, safe and sound all the time. Again, so sorry, DeEtte for causing you to worry. Another wonderful basket for the Catathon of Laurel Burch items: dog tapestry throw and pillow, 2 silk cat scarves, Morrocan Horse purse, cosmetic bag and tote, feline family throw and pillow, cat purse, 6 magnets, bookmarks--these are all Laurel Burch items--just beautiful. Also 2 candles that are flameless (Road to a Friends House and Mother & Daughter) and the batteries for them, kitty treats, an assortment of LB greeting cards.
Eleanor F/elskates--a card and a bracelet for Jacci--Live, Love, Meow (I love it)
Rose/RoseSF6cat from Iowa--2 Isabel Bloom Cat Figuries. One called Pounce, the other is called Littlest Cat. Both beautiful.

We are starting the big task of organizing things for the Catathon. Please know that we may "mix and match" items to make complete baskets. ALL items that have been sent WILL be involved in the catathon, either in the auction or on the table for sale items. I am deeply appreciative of all the support. Most folks, in their letters and notes, have mentioned that it's okay to use any item in any way that will be most advantageous to the Catathon. It's going to be an exciting event!
Bomber--showing off his extra toes. Most cats have 18 toes, this sweet boy has 26 toes.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday, May 27

Happy Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to all those who served for our country and the families that supported them.

We have so much enjoyed our weekend visitors--Donna and Kelly of 2 Loons Jewelry. They will be leaving today. Yesterday, they gave a "tour" of their jewelry line, including the FFRC necklaces. Very nice products with very good pictures of our FFRC cats. They have a great line of jewelry. For each FFRC pendant they sell, we receive a donation from them! Their website is: Check it out, you'll love their jewelry.

Nemo, the black cat with the fish hook that was embedded in the jaw is doing so much better. The wound is healing and so is her "afraid soul". She is now in Dodger's Pen and LOVES to be petted. Connie D and Judy S, 2 volunteers petted and petted her on Friday and reassured her that life was good. She now is not afraid and likes the attention. She also loves the hammock in her pen!

I have Purrby and Purrkins on my desk (and Zelda of course)--they seem to think this is their kitten playground and of course are making quite a mess with my paperwork. It's no wonder it takes me forever to get things in the computer--always have to backtrack and correct things! But, then, that's the fun of having kittens!

Dollianna is all back to her normal self. She's playing, strolling about and eating good. But, she certainly enjoys the good life. The fluffier and prettier the bed is, the more she likes it. She wants to lead a very pampered life, which she deserves!

We took in a new kitten yesterday. He's a male, black white, about 11 weeks old. He was in danger of having a hawk get him--was being dive-bombed by the hawks. He's most unusual as he is a polydactyl--a kitten with extra toes. We get polys in, but not with this many extra toes. A normal cat has 18 toes, he has 26 toes! He's such a love--a real sweetie. His name is Bomber.

We are now back on the Parking Lot--happy day. It is so nice to have the parking lot open again--no more parking on the yard, across the road or in danger of cars being hit. The barricade is down! Now, we're ready for a heavy rain to double check Kitty City--no more flooding for this building.

We had BOXES last night. Thanks to Connie D, Kelly and Donna for their help--Donna was the catetary and Connie and Kelly put things away. I would also like to thank Sigrid for the many times she has helped with boxtime. She keeps me on track and knows where everything goes.

Aunti Fi--gave me a Twinkle pendant from the 2 Loons Jewelry (I love it)
Bantry--3 boxes for Connie>a CHICKEN stuffed animal (name must be cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck!), Happy HEN treats for chickens and CHICKEN of the sea (for Octavia by Connie). Thanks Bantry--you know how to add to our fun with Connie!
Nancy S/walkerconan from PA--case of Fancy Feast chicken, case of fancy feast poultry
Christine M--a gift, case of Whiskas Temptations, Four cases of Fancy Feast and a case of Party Mix kitty treats
Jane B/fritziebrd from PA--towel Catathon: hand-crocheted cat cushies--2 sets purple and 2 sets orange and a hand-crocheted black and white kitty. Very nice work!
Cat-Go-Round Wheel Company--sent new pads for the wheel FREE, to replace the worn out ones.
Anonymous-Too from CA--For Catathon: Douglas Cuddle Company--awesome stuffed cats: Peaches (yellow/orange tabby), Tug-of-my-Heart (black/white), Davey (brown tier and white), Sweet Puzzles (calico) and a black one. All are plush, super soft. This anonymous had also sent those awesome Boyd's Bears
Leenie--sent the padded envelopes for mailing out the cookbooks
Irene/ladydoc--For the catathon: food products from Western New York. For baskets called Tweet Treats & Hot in Buffalo Dinner treats.Also included were Christmas items--2 table runners, placemats, 3 lazer-cut banners, a doily, 4 fall placemats, 2 floral placemats, wall hangings and a cat door mat. There were 4 beautiful wreaths--blue/green egg for Easter, an amorylis wreath, bittersweet & fall leaves wreath, and a hydrangea flower wreath.
Susan TC from Defiance--a donation to FFRC
Michael G from MI--coupons
Diane (volunteer) a wonderful box full of blankets and bed mats for the cats--all colors, shapes and designs. Thanks Diane for volunteering and all your wonderful work.
Isabel L from Canada--Catathon: Collectors items--2 Energizer Bunny banks and shampoos & soaps for Kitty Kastle
Amber H and her 4 kids--Catathon: basketfull of baby items, Hello Kitty stuffed toys and pocketbook, charm bracelet, Mary Messenger Bear, Book & Recorder, children's sunglasses, color pencils, sticker book & a Scratch magic kit.
PJ-a webcam friend--sent a box of tote bags with the FFRC logo on them. Wonderful product which will be sold at the Catathon.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support.

We also received a box of 100 (with another 100 on its way) of Canton's stories called Cats beyond the Center's Walls. These are her awesome (and famous) stories of the sunporch cat/kitty city cats/cat's cove cats. They will be sold at the Catathon.

Kitty Campus Room 3
A view of Kitty Campus Room

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday, May 25

Tomorrow this time, we will be on the Parking Lot! Today, we have 2 visitors arriving. They are Kelly and Donna (2 Loons). They will be staying until Sunday. Tomorrow, on Saturday, at 11:00, they will be showing to all the webcammers, their jewelry line with a special FFRC line. Come watch--maybe you'll see something you'd like to order. FFRC benefits from each sale.

Dollianna is feeling better-she is now up and around and playing! That is so good to see. I've come to the conclusion, she decided she was going to take her post-op surgery rest for all she could get! She loves cushie beds and truly enjoys sinking right into them! She is on a confirmed hold now.

It happened--County caught his morning fly! One of the kittens wanted to "help" him, but County made sure this was HIS event--no kitties welcome for the hunt-down. Purrdue and Emma Lou are tousling like wild tigers on the rug. Their energy level is amazing. Buttons is on a box right above, watching them, like she doesn't understand WHY they want to act like that! And of course, Queenie is there playing with them. Truly an adult with a kitty heart.

We've heard from Shelley about Boku and Boomer--all is well there. Much loved kitties and the introduction to their 2 resident cats is going pretty good. We love hearing back from our adoptive families.

Yesterday the cats had access to their outdoor porch enclosure. I went out to visit them and there were 18 cats and kittens there! They love the sunshine and watching the birds at the bird feeders. Badu also loves it out there--she takes a whole shelf just lounging.

We had 2 teachers visit us yesterday, from the IEC school, in Jewel (Independent Education Center). The students voted on helping FFRC this year, by doing fundraisers for us! Some of the projects they did were: they made bracelets, Valentine decorated suckers, a talent show and made/sold Puppychow. Yesterday, we were given their donation. Such an awesome thing these students did---thank you very much!

Emaline is at a good place right now with all of her medical issues. Her inflammation problems are taking a break! Spruce and Linden kittens are wrestling maniacs. Farrah continues to do good with her reduced seizure dose. We will continue to monitor her.

We took in a new cat, night before last. She's a black, young cat named Nemo. She was found dragging a fishing pole behind her, with the hook stuck at the far back of her mouth. With Sylvia/Gentlesong and Steve's help (one held the tongue, one held a strong light), we were able to remove the hook. The hook part itself had to be removed from the outside of her jaw, while the remainder was removed from the inside of her mouth--it was STUCK in there. But, she's doing great. I feel she's truly been an outside cat and is not very comfortable being inside. But, we'll "test" her out and see what we can do for her to help her be more comfortable.

We had BOXES last night! Wow--I'm just overwhelmed by all the support. Thank you.
Aunty Fi--3 boxes of Hello Kitty Bandages (yes, we DO use those cute bandaids here for our many scratches, etc.!)
Mary C/Midwesterngirl from IL--From The Animal Rescue Site: a "cat mom" necklace, cat sticker, a neat cat kitty wallet/clutch, and a neat Cat doll that's dressed and has pantaloons! We also received a picture of her 3 kittens.
Cheryl L/momreadz from PA--For the rescue center: crocheted catghans in various sizes and colors--so nice. She has 3 rescue cats.
Rebecca from UK and Willow--a beautiful purple bath robe, very soft, for the Catathon
Faith M from MA (sister of BBMeg)--a card, 2 copies of the Prayer for Protection, 2 hand embroidered Pillows (one for Jacci and one for the Catathon) The catathon pillow is called the Paddy Pillow. For FFRC: K-cups, iced tea mixes
Tamar B/TBR9718--For the catathon: 7 t-shirts all from the Cafe Press. One is a pink one that says Foster Mom" on it, for volunteer Martha L. The others have various sayings: Cat Rescuere, Love, Foster, Save, Rescue, Spare Love, Foster, Adopt, It takes a village to help homeless cats. Wonderful shirts.
Kimberly B/Wyliesmom from CA--For the Catathon: 2 new make up bags and 4 cat books that are wonderful. We also had pictures of her cats--Wylie, Cowboy & Trooper.
Marge Gmom/Glynismom--For the Catathon: for a Leslie Ann Ivory basket: pillow, books, laptop/writing desk, tray, collectible cats, cat music box, towels with cats on them, a cat sun catcher, and various pieces of cat jewelry.
Sharon T from CA--3 bags of Royal Canin Dry baby food, a case of Friskies Pouches and a case of Fancy Feast kitten
Amanda/McLurker--a tracker ball toy for FFRC. For the Catathon: white basket with 4 different china teacups and saucers, a round box with 6 beautiful cups and saucer sets--exceptionally pretty detail
Beverly G--Catathon items: "Talking Cat" toy, magnets, kissing magnetic cats salt & pepper shakers, pet health record books, snowman, scentsy warmer, asian poppy diffuser, a large tote bag, metal santa sign, book, picutre of cats, picture holder book, Country Commandments sign, a gourd cat, a stuffed moocow and a hand painted cat rock. Also some Reeses' Pieces and laugh/memory stones. We also got to see pics of her Miss Kitty and Bob, in a letter about their story.
NancyL/luv4cats--coupons and Alaska magnets
Pat L from KA--coupons
Colleen P from CA--personal card
Carol, Corky & Tami--for the Catathon: an original signed screen scipt from Nora Effron's "When Harry met Sally", a Face Production. This is a SIGNED script by Billy Crystal who played Harry. Awesome!

That Dahney loves her kitties so much. She is forever "mama calling" them and they will come running to her. Such a wonderful thing to see. Yesterday though, she did something different. She was way up top on the green catwalk and called her kittens. There they went--all 5 of them, up the furniture, to the loft, to the catwalk. And then they were PLAYING up there that high. I watched them for awhile--they were having so much fun and no one fell!
Two of Dahney kittens--the D litter.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday, May 24

Happy day--it's getting closer to being able to use the parking lot. On Saturday, that barricade is coming down. Can't wait to drive on it. It's been a long, almost 2 weeks of everyone finding a place to park. I think we should have a Parking Lot Party in celebration. Maybe I'll have to just go out and have a can of sardines, with the Sunporch cats, to celebrate!

It's very peaceful here at the moment. Tummies are full, grooming is done and naps are going on. It's always interesting to walk around when so many are napping and see who is with who. They definitely pick their buddies. County was just at the door again, seeing if there were any flies to catch. It's become quite a game for him! Yesterday when we opened the window to the outdoor enclosure, Octavia was at it again--rolling up those cobwebs with her tongue and eating it. She obviously loves doing this!

Iams Company was here yesterday. They delivered TWO pallets of dry adult cat food. What a blessing for us. This is a tremendous help to the Rescue Center. We also heard from The World's Best Litter. They will be delivering the load of litter on June 1st. That will also be a very great day for us.

We had a visit from the Red Hat Ladies yesterday. We enjoyed having them. They each brought the rescue center some supplies. After visiting the cats and kittens inside (and having lots of pictures taken!), I took them out to Cat's Cove, which they enjoyed, as did the cats! We closed their visit with a tour of the farm grounds.

Our guests Gentlesong (Sylvia) and Leslie will be leaving today. We have so much enjoyed their visit. They both helped with several projects yesterday. This Friday, the Two Loons ladies, Kelly and Donna will be here. We have a CHANGE OF TIME for their jewelry show. Instead of 1:00 on Saturday, it will be 11:00. They will show their beautiful jewelry, including their FFRC line. Can't wait!

We had BOXES last night. Your support is overhelming to me. I would like to say a big thank you to you all.
Ron & Mary C--a pink Bath & Body basket for the Catathon
Di/TippyNTraylor & Ashley--For the Rescue Center:tunnel toy, treats for ALL the cats, Kurig coffe, drink mixes and treats for the volunteers, Bubblegum for Judy S, BBQ sauces for Steve. For Kitty Kastle: 2 glycerin soaps. For the Catathon: cat collars, frame, cat planter, Arch groomer, cat bubbles
Sylvia/Gentlesong--bonito flakes, baby food, sardines, treats for dogs, Einstein, cat toys, volunteer treats, postage stamps, baby wipes
Colleen P/CollenMP from CA--card and coupons, sardines, kitty treats, pill pockets for Farrah. For the Catathon--many pieces of beautiful jewlery--bracelets & necklaces
Karen D/ButterflyKSD from Iowa--a very nice letter, potty pads, catnip spray and a beautiful handmade fold fish rug that her Grandma made
Gittee--special food for Cutie--fancy feast and friskies (Cutie said she'd share!)
D'Lee--case of Tiki Cat Gourmet food for Bondi, Putter, others
Diane M (volunteer) & Pat L from Kansas--a huge wonderful box full of cushie covers, hand crocheted covers, little blankies, many colors and sizes. Such hard work that you both did!
Donez M/PQLover--Einie treats, a Willow tree Angel (for Jacci), postage stamps, Friskies, vita gravy, kitty milk, doggie treats, baby food meat, and yummy Volunteer treats! For the Catathon: kitten figurine, "Meow Rock, wooden decorative cat, a 3D kitten picture in frame, orange cat statue, cat magnet, animal rescue site pin, Christmas Dog ornament, business card cat holder, Cat Quotes Book in a box, Heart wood Creek Cat Ornament
Emily B from PA--paper towels, baby cereal, Guard Cat On Duty Sign, paper tablet, cat guard sign, baby food, 5 cases Fancy Feast & Whiskas, Meow Mix toppers, Lysol wipes, q-tips, postienote dispenser, Mr. Clean wipes, paper plates and bowls, dogie treats, cat toys, cat treats, a Frolic Cat laser light, Frolic cat teaser, handmade cat toys, hand crocheted bed pads, scratch tunnel. The cats are already playing with the laser toy!
Connie S/WarpedinMC--100 adoption bags with pawprints (we use these to send items home with each adoption)
Skeetokins--Arm & Hammer Scoopable litter
Rebecca & Willow--towel for FFRC. For the Catathon: a young girl basket items--shoulder bag with lots of bling, with head band, makeup, stetch headband, scarf with bling, emery boards, color gems, jewelry, bangles, hair bowls, lots of fun "girly" items
Judy B--coupons and a donation
Janak--2 postcards from her trip
Sonjamac--postcard for Hannah and FFRC from her trip

I would like to give a special thanks and hug to Sandra E who sent the most wonderful book to me. It's an FFRC Cats Book, with a picture of Putter on the front. A lovely saying is on the first page, followed by full pictures of Our Tree of Giving, picture of our entry sign, Magentta, Octavia, Ada Jane, Zelda, Cutie, Asha, Paddy Cake, Paddy Purr, Bella, Farrah, Kiara, Badu, Emaline, Twinkle with her monkey, Tonio and a picture of our kitty angel in the garden. I am so grateful for this treasure. Big thanks to Nikkaross who provided these wonderful photos.

The black and black/white kittens and Miler are doing great. Such good eaters--it's amazing. Sugar Plum continues to take care of them. She gets a whole jar of baby food each day for helping with this litter.

Azar loves the meowww catnip bananas--wraps himself around that toy! Macallan and Filbert have been napping together. Pansy Mae loves it inside the house--she's great at "sneaking" in--she leaves soon and will be so happy to have her very own home. Little Martha Ann and Larrymore sure know they're siblings--they are always crazy with play--2 real fun kittens to watch.
Zelda--has a heartfull of love to give in exchange for her very own home!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weds., May 23

There's 18 cats here in the office with me--they are either grooming themselves or taking a nap. They look so contented. All is well here. Bondi is also in the office with me and just ate some more of the breakfast food. Even though she still looks frail, she has a tiny bit of flesh on her now. She seems to be a happy cat here, which I'm glad for.
We have 2 visitors that arrived yesterday--Gentlesong (Sylvia) and a friend of hers, Leslie. They will be here 2 nights and will be leaving tomorrow morning. We sure are enjoying their visit.
Yesterday, I placed an order that we will have in time for the Catathon. Kelly/Skeetokins is the one who came up with this idea--and it's a good one! It's 2 different items--a bumper sticker and also a car magnet. They both say the same thing. It has our logo on it and a picture of Sheriff Putter, along with a saying about Spaying and Neutering. Very nice! We'll show them to you on the cam when they arrive.
That Azar--what a sweetheart of a cat. He will come up to us, pat and pat to have you pet him. He will also lay his big head right in your hand for a rub. He's magnificent. County caught a fly yesterday at the door screen. He's sitting there right now again, probably in hopes of another fly coming by!
Check out Petfinders--Jenni has been adding new pictures and updating other pictures. Today, I will be putting in new information also.
Since Steve & I went to the movies last night, we did not do boxes. We will do boxes tonight though! I would like to thank 2 donations that came:
Gusti from Germany--a donation thru PayPal, designated to help with Dollianna's surgery
Tara B from OH--a donation thru PayPal
Dollianna is doing better today, since her spay on Monday. She's had a bit of trouble with her recovery--just slow, that's all. But, today she seems to be getting back to normal. This is one very sweet cat. Patishka is also doing much better today. We have now opened her pen door for her to cruise.
We put Shaling and her 10 kittens in Cat's Corner Room since it's a bigger room--they need room to cruise and things to climb on! All are doing great. We moved the "gold litter family" to June's Room. But, their door is now open and they're cruising about.
Our black/black & white litter that is in the Thumper's Room, along with Miler and their foster mama Sugar Plum are doing great. If you step into this room, you will immediately have all kittens velcroed to your legs! They love to be held and kissed.
They will have names soon.
Remember that contest we had earlier about Sheriff Putter Sez? You probably already know, but the winning saying was, "Go ahead...make my day. Adopt a stray today". We have made post it notes and notepads with this saying and are using them here in the rescue center. The person that submitted that saying is: thesixofus! Thanks to everyone who participated. Six--I'll be sending you a mailing so you can have a copy of the post-its and the notepads!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday, May22

What a wonderful day. The birds are chirping since early morning, the cats are happy and the kittens are crazy! Makes for a good day. Putter is sitting here by my desk, just sitting here, so I can pet him and keep him chin rubbed. Zelda and Jaina are fast asleep on the desk and Cutie is sleeping on the cushie that's just left of the desk.

I would like to give you an update on Sequoia. Sadly, he passed away yesterday afternoon. His injuries were too severe. But, he passed away very peacefully. We have Sugar Plum in Thumper's Room with all the kittens yesterday--she has been loving being a mama to these kittens. When I went in to again check on Sequoia, it was obvious that he was leaving us. I went to pick him up to hold him for this process, but Sugar Plum beat me to it. She went over to him, curled up and had Sequoia snug right between her paws and tummy. She then proceeded to bathe him. That is exactly what she was doing when he passed away. And....that was it for Sugar Plum--she got up and went back to the other kittens. can people possibly say that animals don't care about things--of course they do.

Dollianna and Patishka were at the vet's yesterday and were spayed. Both are a bit punky yet, but today will be a good day for them, I believe. Both are napping right now. We actually have a hold on Dollianna, but she won't be leaving until the first of June.

Azar is making up for lost time. He LOVES to eat. This is going to be a very big cat when he's filled out his skinny self! What a wonderful personality he has also. Farrah is doing great so far on her reduced med dosage. She had a bit of an off time this morning, but I don't feel it was seizure related. Time will tell. We weighed lots of the cats and kittens yesterday. All the kittens have gained weight. Cutie, has lost a fair amount. Her vet physical was good last week, other than a kidney was pretty small. We'll keep our eye on her.

The peacocks are strutting by the office door. There are 6 cats crowding around the door to watch the parade. All it would take is for one of the peahens to do the "peacock scream", and I know, the cats would run like crazy.

We had BOXES last night. The generosity is astounding and my gratitude is high.
Mary & Ron--donated a wonderful "pink" theme basket--all Bath & Body products related
Michlyn/Lynns from MI--coupons, 2 seed bars for Einie, rainbow and banana Yeowww catnip toys, other cat toys, cat treats and some cat packet food
Annette B & Elsie from NC--a card and can of salmon for Rory's birthday (which he will get today) and a wonderful Octavia letter and a special treat for her
GermanSiggi from FL--coupons and a cat Garden flag for the Center
Carol N from PA-- a beautiful kitty throw blanket for the Catathon
Kelly R from CA--coupons, 2 big boxes of litter, 2 cases of Medley food, a case of Appetizers, 2 cases of Fancy Feast classic, Royal Canin dry baby kitty food
Patricia K from MY--coupons, a sticker box for Hannah, pop tabs for Kellen, and a gorgeous hand crocheted torquoise afghan
Octavia from FFRC (with help from her friend!)--lots of cans of Friskies, a bunch of kitty treats, 3 cans of can cheese, smoked almonds & pretzels (which the volunteers will love), 5 packages of big paper plates and little paper plates, many cans of salmon, tuna. The special box was filled with sardines! I do believe Octavia was making a statement that she wants to keep the supply of what she considers special foods, all stocked!
Rebecca & Willow from UK--towels & catnip toys for FFRC. For the Catathon: tinker bell shirt, princess pillow, Hello Kitty book, stampers and stamp pads, Hello Kitty nail police, draw string bag. For Bondi: a Kangaroo toy and Yogurt treats. For Catathon: men's size XL Beatles shirt. For Christmas basket: towel, pot holders set, stickers. And a book for Kitty Kastle
Annette L from MI--a donation for FFRC
Sonjamac--sticky note sandal pad
Carol, Corky & Tami from CA--For the Catathon: Gnomeo & Juliet blue ray DVD, signed picture of Elton John, Elton John t-shirt, Elton John Rocket Man 2012 tour shirt, Elton John Rocket Man 2012 Tour Hoodie, Flashing glasses, Elton John "Don't go breaking my heart" Black t-shirt, 52nd Grammy Awards water bottle from the Hilton, Elton John DVD, the Red Piano Las Vegas show & music. A wonderful basket, this will make!

My brother-in-law, Dave will be making us 2 HUGE 3-dimensional wood cats for the front yard. One cat will be laying/one will be sitting. We can use these to draw people's attention and to show their various signs of "Please spay and neuter", or "Catathon is June 24", etc. This will be fun. We'll keep you posted with the progress.

Bondi had another good day yesterday. She's eating real good and strolling about a bit more. Just talked to the contractors--they would really prefer us to wait the full 14 days for the parking lot, not just 10 days. So...we will abide by their call. Sure was hoping to drive on it today. But, it's only a few more days.
Not much longer until we can use the new parking lot!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday, May 21

What a busy weekend. Saturday had visitors and lots of kittens to take care of. Sunday we also had visitors. The day to day work is tremendous with the high volume of kittens. I'm very thankful that the kittens and cats' health has continued to be great. Working with this many kittens, it's so important to keep on top of any little sneeze, eye problem, etc.

Our weekend visitor was Bantry. She stayed in Kitty Kastle. Bantry is from MA and is a moderator on our webcam chat. We sure enjoyed her visit. Putter especially loves her.

Roga and Glady are doing great in their new home--lots of playing and loving going on there! That's the ultimate ending that we want--happy families and happy cats and kittens in their very own homes!

We have taken in more kittens. On Saturday night, about midnight, Steve heard a pitiful meow coming from the parking lot. We got our flashlights and went out. I didn't even have to barely say a "here kitty kitty", when this little brown tiger boy comes running across the concrete as fast as those tiny legs could carry him, wailing at the top of his lungs. Crying and crying, telling us "all about it". Steve named him Miler, because that probably seemed like running miles to get to us. He's been tested, wormed, bathed, etc., and is in Thumper's Room.

We also took in another little wee one on Saturday morning. Bantry named him Sequoia because he's such a brave kitten and hopefully will grow big and strong. This little babe was shook by another cat. This has resulted in "shaken kitten syndrome"--yep, just like in humans, the injuries are similar. Head/neurological problems. His little head is torked severely due to neck vertebrae damage. We have him on anti-inflammatory meds and soreness meds. He seems a little better than upon arrival, but yesteday he did experience several seizures. So...we are going day to day with him. He can sure purr though. He's also in Thumper's Room for company.

Thumper's Room also holds 5 other kittens that have been returned to us after being fostered by Martha, our volunteer. They are black/white and 4 blacks, all possibly medium hair length. Their mama was killed. Talk about a lot of action in Thumper's Room--it's crazy in there! 7 kittens, all around the same age--6 weeks. If you go in there and sit on the floor with them, your legs will be covered in kitties!

Bondi--what a joy! She definitely has a mind of her own, which we love. She may grumble at you if you hold her too long, but purrs her head off with all the petting you can give. She's better, has gained a little weight and is out and about during the day. Still very frail, but getting stronger as her appetite improves.

Today, our Dollianna will be going to the vet's to be spayed. She is in heat, so it's important to get her surgery done. This is an awesome cat--such a sweetie, is a fun cat and loves people. We will also be sending Patishka along to be spayed. Want to get her done before she goes into heat. Patishka is the calico cat that lost all her kittens due to fleas. She's slowly becoming more interested in what's going on here in the Rescue Center.

Thanks to Val and Shelley & Mya H who came Saturday (to adopt their 2 kittens): they donated treats to the volunteers and 2 cases of Friskies cat food. Shelley also shared pictures of her 2 resident cats at home--very nice looking cats.
Thanks also to Carol N--a memorial donation made to FFRC thru PayPal

Just ONE more day until we get to use the Parking Lot--I cannot wait. It's been a long 10 days of waiting and parking wherever we can find a spot. I so much appreciate that Parking Lot! When we have visitors that are familiar with FFRC, I always show them the new Storage Room--I love it and want to share how wonderful it is. It's so organized and I can find everything I need now without rooting thru cabinets and cupbaords and closets! Thanks to all for making this possible!

Please remember to continue voting for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site: We are still in first place and need to maintain this lead to June 17th to win the $5,000. Thanks for your votes--it means a lot to this Rescue Center.
Putter requested a picture of him for today!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday, May 19

We had 3 adoptions yesterday! Jax left in the morning to a dad and his son. Jax was so comfortable laying in the son's arms--he knew this was a good thing for him! Now, all the original 12 kittens are either spoken for or already adopted. Last night, Glady and Roga left with my daughter/Christy and her family. They live in Fort Wayne and are now officially my grandkitties!

We have good news on Peeps and Meadow, the 2 cats that were returned on Thursday. They are back in their home! The mama has been able to work it out so she can have her cats back. Both of the cats were beyond thrilled to see her yesterday--mama and the 2 cats had a very joyous reunion. I'm so happy for all 3 of them.

Bondi is sleeping on my desk as I'm working here. She's been up several times now. She looks, oh so frail, but she manages and prefers to get up here by herself. She also, after some trying, can get up on a chair. Doesn't want help, wants to do it herself. Such an amazing cat. No vomiting now for 2 full days.

Ernestine, Queenie, Emaline and Asha are laying to the left of the desk. I think they are waiting for the window to be opened to the outdoor enclosure. Napping, but keeping an eye on the window! It's suppose to be in the high 80's today.

Dollianna (muted calico Persian) is now moved up to Patience's Pen. I'm sure sometime today her door will be open for her to cruise about. Her appointment is Monday for her spay. I believe she'll adjust quickly--she seems to be a clown. Loves people, loves to investigate, no fear and sure enjoys playing.

We have a visitor at Kitty Kastle for the weekend. It's Bantry, her real name is Jenn. Bantry is from MA. We are so glad to have her here for a visit! Bantry is also one of our kittycam moderators.

June's Room now has 10 kittens in there, along with Shaling. We have Shaling's 5 kittens and the 5 woody/tree kittens. Shaling is awesome--she's welcoming all of them and cleaning them with a fine tooth tongue! That room is hopping busy with activity.
They are all eating good.

We had BOXES last night! What fun. Truly appreciate these donations. I also appreciate the moral support, your votes and prayers for FFRC!

Cyndilu & Dave--2 Hot Chilies dancing cat hanging dish towels, a maroon Poncho, a medium size afghan and a large granny style gorgeous afghan quilt. Dave crochets and does an excellent job. Just beautiful work.
EclectickatsNY/Karen & Dave--For the Catathon: "Tea for Two" baskets, 2 beautiful cups and saucers, 2 boxes herbal teas, Milano cookies, Pepperidge farm lemon cookies. Also sent 3 awesome cat collectors plates: Peaches & Cream, Jingle Bells and Walters' Window. The artist is Thaddeus Krumeich/Uncle Tags. They have a certificate of authenticity.
Jenn/Bantry--kitty "canoe" bed==kitties will love this
D'Lee--a case of Tiki Cat Gourmet Food and a case of Tiki seafood (will try on Bondi and the oldsters)
Kelly R from CA--2 cases of Fancy Feast Grilled and a bag of Royal Canin Baby Cat Dry food
Leenie--2 boxes of Friskies, 2 large bags of Temptation snacks, 1 box of Fancy Feast medleys
Cathi B from TX--a donation made thru PayPal for our greatest needs

Good news! In Leenie's box, there was a lot of the brown crinkly packing paper which the cats had last night--Paddy Pee, oops, I mean Paddy Cake didn't potty on it. And he didn't potty on the wheel last night! We had a heart to heart talk--Paddy, me and also Sheriff Putter was involved in this pep talk.

Hannah's birthday
This blog is dedicated to our special friend, Hannah who was celebrating her 10th birthday. She received all of your cards and was happy to have them! Hannah and her mom keep in touch with us by e-mail. Notice Hannah's cake and shirt--both FFRC related. She LOVES Putter and the Paddys.
THIS is why we do our kittycam--to bring joy (by our cats and kittens) into the lives of those who love cats. I'm honored to have Hannah as our friend. I know there are many others "out there" who are home bound that love our cam. We are privileged to be a part of your lives.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday, May 18

We are kitten and cat overrunneth! Yesterday we had 9 cats in Thumper's Room. This morning though, we've "rearranged" a little bit. The 4 plus 1 other one are now moved to Dodger's Pen. Shaling and kits are now in June's Room to give them more space to play. We always have a progression that we follow. In another week, Shaling's kittens will get their first vaccination. These 4 plus 1 kittens will be named after trees, since the 4 were found in a wood pile. The 1, is a white/gold that was found in a yard. The 4 are all dark tiger/whites. And they are ALL boys.

We also took in a full blooded persian yesterday. She's a dilute calico (cream, grey and white) and is a year old. She has her fur cut pretty short, but it'll grow out and show off her beauty. Her name is Dollianna. Such a sweet girl.

We also took in a stray cat that's been hanging out at a volunteer's neighborhood. This is a young, big male cat--probably only 8 months old. He's grey tiger & white. (He looks a lot like Peterson.) His name is Azar, for Azar Big Boy restaurant. He is one nice boy--loves to be petted, seems to be very laid back.

We also took back 2 cats that belonged to a person that could no longer keep them. Remember, our policy is that if they can no longer keep their pet that was adopted from FFRC, that they must be returned here. I'm always grateful for that being done, if something happens and they no longer can be kept. One is black (Peeps) and one is a long hair torti (Meadow). Both nice cats.

All else is great here. We're down another day of waiting to use the parking lot. I'm almost in to counting the seconds! Can't wait to use the parking lot again. It looks good and with this wonderful weather, I'm sure it's drying quicker.

Preakness is rolling on the rug beside me, with a Yeowww catnip rainbow under her chin. We gave a bath today to both Penn and Teller. Their fur looked like they needed another bubble bath. Queenie is laying on the desk with me. Pansy Mae spent the night in the house--she LOVES being in there. She'll be a wonderful house cat for her upcoming adoption! Buttons needs a home--she would also be another great couch loving cat!

We had BOXES last night. It's simply amazing the support you all show. It's astounding to me and I'm very grateful.
Anonymous, from Petco--a case of Fancy Feast Appetizers (any claimers? let me know)
Jatcat from CA--2 new box cutters, plus replacement blades
We are not sure of the donor of this: 12 jars of baby food (any claimers?)
Tom P from NJ--pop tabs for Kellen, for the Catathon or FFRC: a sign that says "Cats Welcome" A really neat sign!
Cobbis--a case of Friskies Variety Pack (chicken)
Connie G/Conii from FL and Madison & Elliot: a wonderful note, catnip toys, treats for volunteers. For the Catathon: XXL Catitude Tshirt, a black/white cats t-shirt size Med, a red catfinated tshirt, coffee mug of cats, 2 cat tote bags, cat night light, 2 Whimsey cats with bling, fur collar, big whiskers, Boyds Bear Sneaky cat figurine, Box full of lovely jewelry, 3 large clear glass cat figurines and a donation for FFRC
Christine P/Raven652 from CA--a letter, boxes of Nips for volunteers, stuffed cow toy, stuffed cat, pink heart pillow 2 blankets, paw pillow & and catbed. For the Catathon: cat toys, cat magnets, cat spring toy, 3 heart necklaces
Lois S and Val/Kismet--orange afghan. For the Catathon: crocheted hot pads, poncho, shoulder bag, large stuffed bunny, raccoon, lion and puppy (we're talking LARGE!).
Dewitty--pictures of the Dewitt cats Amer and Pete and a letter. Contents for 2 baskets for Catathon: many many items, all dog related, including a dog bed that will be divided up and made into 2 baskets. Plus a cat furniture modular systems Gym City that is 6 boxes altogether that make up a GIANT cat gym toy.
Nancy/Kerswill from MI--for FFRC: Fancy Feast Appetizers, Fancy Feast case, Kitty treats, Hello Kitty bandages, antibacterial ointment, kitty wipes, Laundry additives and a Twinkle night time toy, place mats. For the Catathon: desk box with note cards (hand painted pastels), wooden paper clip holder, 2 different picture frames with florals, note holder, crocheted Rock paper weights, 2 piece storage cutes (Hello Kitty), 2 hanging dish towels, place mats, blue jean nip packs, frog blankets. Also sent a donation to FFRC. Thanks for the peacock t-shirt!
CarolO from CA--coupons plus a donation for FFRC
EllenC from UTah, a donation for FFFRC
Gail/Tuxkitty --card with a donation and pics of tux cat and spaniel who is 11. Tuxie was a Hurricane Katrina rescue
Shannon O in WI--a donation thru PayPal
Carla C--a donation thru Paypal, in memory of Roy, her beloved cockatiel. She would like to ask everyone to light a candle for him and to hug your loved ones an extra time in memory of Roy
Alan B from UT--a donation to FFRC
From the Cats--a Mother's Day card!

On the shelf by Dodger's Pen, there are 5 cats lined up shoulder to shoulder, watching the bird feeders. Such good friends! It's interesting to see as the sunlight travels around the inside of the Rescue Center, how the cats move their nap areas to follow that sunbeam.

The 6 baby chicks that we are raising, have to come inside each evening till the nights get warmer and bigger feathers come in. The peep-peep from these chicks is very interesting to the kittens. All ears forward! Bondi is holding her own. She loves to lay on the cat furniture and always responds with a chirp for us. Sure would like to know her past history.
FFRC Interior 12
Oh what fun it is in the Rescue Center!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday, May 17

We have more kittens being adopted soon. This Friday early evening, my daughter/Christy will be coming to adopt Glady and Roga. Such 2 sweetie kitties. That makes them my grandkitties! Also on Sunday, Shelley will be coming to take Boku and Boomer home. She's going to have a lively house--these are 2 fun loving kitties!
Pansy Mae will also soon be going to her new home.

Yesterday we had another adoption. Maxaroni went to his new home. The couple that adopted him also has a hold on Emma Lou. Emma Lou must wait until she's spayed to go with them. We heard from the family that adopted Cannoli and Tamara--they LOVE them! Cannoli's new name is Cutie Pie and Tamara is now called Cuddles.

Have you checked out all the new pictures on the FFRC flickr site? You can go to our website, then click on the flickr tag. There's also more of the Paddy's World Tour. If you were one of the fortunate people that received Paddy for a visit, and we don't have your pictures up, please resend them to me and we'll get them added. Thanks.

We took in a new adult calico cat yesterday. Within this past week, she had 5 kittens, who have all passed away. I normally do not give out much of the hard/sad news of things that happen here, but this story needs to be said. This sweet girl was covered in fleas, which then also spread to the kittens. Kittens and cats can and do die from over flea infestation. It depletes their red blood cells to the point that the body cannot reproduce enough of them to keep up with the loss. Please, check your pets. If you find fleas, help your pet. They cannot get rid of fleas by themselves. These kittens didn't need to die.

Please remember to vote at The Animal Rescue Site. We continue to keep our #1 position, but need to maintain it. Voting ends June 17, so we have weeks yet to keep our spot. This would mean a $5,000 check for FFRC!

We had 3 surgeries done yesterday. Shaling and Ginny were both spayed and did just fine. Both were out and about last night. Our porchie cat, Big Al had the most detailed surgery. He had several tumors removed from his ear. Then in checking the other ear, a complete block was found and removed. Poor boy, probably has a headache today after this. He needs daily drops in both ears for a week. He's feeling good though and ate a good breakfast.

We had lots of BOXES last night! What fun. Our appreciation runs deep. Some items were for FFRC, some for Kitty Kastle and the Catathon. This is a huge help to us.
Linda S--3 cases of Royal Canin Baby cat canned food & 3 bags of Royal Canin Baby dry food
Leenie--4 boxes of of Whiskas Poultry pouches
Kelly R from CA/littleonemine--10 packages of Fancy Feast Appetizers, 2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
Charlotte M/Brutus4--from Canada--pill pockets for Farrah,cat nip pellets, 2 Gideon Bibles (one for purse & one for Kitty Kastle), catnip toys, hot chocolate mixes for Kitty Kastle For the Catathon: Pansy Cat Figurines, Cat Christmas ornaments, 2 cat books, book mark, scrap booking material, 6 glass & gold cat figurines, 2 cat figurines with pansies on them, 2 glass black/white cat figurines. Also a card and poem from Brutus!
Gecko/Barbara F--4 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
German Siggi--Halo cat food Sampler pack (will try on Bondi)
Carol, Corky and Tammy--3 cases of Fancy Feast.
D'Lee--10 cans of CatSure milk (for oldsters)
KimKost from MI--For the Catathon: 5 pairs hand knitted socks/slippers, Detroit Tshirt, Kitten book (would be great for visitor/volunteer's bathroom!), Sweet Pea Diffuser set, 9 boxes of party Votive candles Lilac reed diffuser. Jewelry: earings, Love Life necklace, Blessing necklace. For FFRC: 5 packets of tuna
Hummerfan/GwenCooper--cat toys, breakaway color, kitty toys, note cards, photo album, pillowcases, toys for Einie. For the Catathon: Stitch & Paint Craft project, cat trivet, framed picture (3 cats in library) named Mischief
Anna Marie, Neil & Vixen/Shep from MO--pop tabs for Kellen, dog & kitty treats, Meow Mix pate toppers. For the Catathon: a cool cat shaped decorative fan, 3 cat home healthcare kits (1 is for Farrah), 2 throws that say: Kittens are Angels with Whiskers, and another throw with 7 kittens on it
Marilyn S from NJ--50 packets of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Lynn S--3 rugs--colorful stripes, lime green and turquoise
Jeanette B & Furrhaven Kitties: FRESH cat nip, badminton birdies for FFRC, cats cove, special cans of food for Bondi and a PAWS Newsletter
Joanne P from PA--a donation thru PayPal

Purrby, Jax, Purrgeon and Larrymore are here in the office, stalking one another and leaping in the air. The energy they have.......wish we could bottle it! Kiara is sitting up watching them like she has no idea why they would want to be so crazy. To add to the commotion, Denniston and Durell are running around with a feather toy amongst the other kitties. Purrkins is sitting IN the big cat food bowl--it's all his! Never a dull moment here!
Here's the pretty girl--Ginny. She has adjusted quickly to being here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weds, May 16

We have 3 surgeries scheduled for today. Since Ginny went into full heat, we need to get her spayed (all the cats are looking at her like she's a very very strange cat!). So, while we're doing her, we might as well go ahead and get Shaling done. We had run out of time on our surgery day this past Saturday, so we'll get them done today at the vet's office. We're also going to send Big Al (a porchie cat) up too. We've been treating his ear, but it's time now to get that tumor removed from it. He'll feel so much better. He's an awesome cat.

We have two of the foster kittens back at FFRC. A volunteer, Martha L has had them for several weeks. One is a female (dark tiger/white) named Martha Ann and the other is a male (grey/white) named Larrymore. These are the 2 kittens that Mary C and her husband had rescued and fostered for a while when they were wee little kittens. They've also adopted several cats from FFRC. Thanks to both families for being a part of these kitten's rescue. Martha Ann and Larrymore will be out and about again today.

Bondi came out of her pen this morning on her own will! She spied a Yeowww catnip banana and has been all over it--rubbing, rolling and drooling! Sounds like a happy cat to me!

Here in the office, Penn and Teller are on one side of the door and 3 little kittens are on the other. They're playing "footsie" under the door with each other. Dee was here yesterday and gave the cats their Tuesday grooming, massage and roll-off with her roller. They turn and twist for her to reach all their parts--they love it.

Starting this Friday, the Kitty Kastle will have guests in it for the following 2 weeks. Different guests/different times. What fun for us. We are so looking forward to our webcam friend's visits.

Remember to mark your calendar for May 26th, at 1:00 on the webcam. Our friends 2 Loons of twoloonsjewelry will be here for the weekend. They will show you their beautiful jewelry at that time. Lots of our ffrc cats are featured on their jewelry!

We will be hearing soon about the delivery of the cat litter. It'll be after we're allowed to drive on the parking lot (we're still all parking across the road by the river and in the front yard). It'll be so easy to unload it--drive right up to the door almost to Kitty City and wheel it on the nice smooth cement (instead of stones). We've been told that storing this much in Kitty City will not further "sink" the building.

Asha is laying here beside me. She is and always will be a special cat. She loves to be groomed and will even butt-in on other cats being groomed. Emaline's eyes are doing better. We had a bit of a set back a couple days ago, but now she's doing better again. She is starting to do her licking of her legs again, so we'll treat her for that as well today.

This isn't cat related, but have to tell you something that happened yesterday. A friend brought over a young hen and 2 baby chicks for us (what a surprise!). So, I thought the webcam friends would like to see them before we took them out to the farmyard. As I was holding the hen, I heard and felt something--a big splat on the floor. I thought she had pottied, but no, it was an egg! She laid an egg right in front of the cam. I think we all got a big laugh out of that! So, a new hen, 2 baby chicks and 6 more baby chicks coming today. Caryn and her kids incubated eggs and got to watch them hatch. Now, they will come to Grandma's house.

I would like to give thanks to:
Aunty Gitte--a PayPal donation for Cutie (will get something special just for her)

If I ever neglect or miss a name or gift, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail about it. I would appreciate it.

We have heard from the family that adopted Cannoli and Tamara--they are both doing great.
Lord Nelson
Here is Paddy with Lord Nelson on his World Tour. Check out the story of his tour on our website--there's a picture & link to take you there. Also see some of the pictures of his tour on FFRC's flickr page. The flickr page is still being worked on.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday, May 15

What a crazy day we had outside again yesterday. The construction guy was back and sawed very loooooong lines into the concrete-a whole day process. LOTS of dust flying all over the place. Then the telephone company was here all day--yep, more digging. They are putting in fiber optic lines along our road. So, more ditch digging going on yesterday and today. Oh, for a day with no loud outside noise (except for the peacocks)!

Purresa and Purr kittens spent the night out of their room last night. Dahney and her D kittens also were out last night. They did great. Shaling and her kittens are doing super too. That litter is still in Dodger's Pen, but those little rascally kittens have figured out how to crawl out of the high sides. Down, they plop on the cushioned bench we put in front of the doorway area. Then they've figured out how to get back into the pen. The first one to do this was Fayth, the little calico kitten. Such an adventure for them. They are so little yet--they will be just 5 weeks old this Friday.

Boomer is "helping" me type. I've had to go back and delete many mistakes, thanks to him! Such a sweet boy. We've heard from Angie & Bill who adopted Hoops and YoYo. All is great--they have a very busy and active home now! Durell and Dolan are also instigators--they love to chase and chew on the tails of the other kittens. Then they run!

Daymo, Emma Lou and Ida Lou spent their first night out of their pen last night. These 3 kittens are in a constant state of play! Such a nice looking litter too. Our 3 oldsters are feeling good. All 3 have been maintaining their weight. Putter has
perfected the "stare down" and gives it to the kittens all the time. It's fun to watch the interaction between the adults and the kittens.

We have new t-shirts ordered for FFRC. There will be 3 colors: lake (a soft grey), raspberry and green. They'll be in the first of June. Unfortunately, we could only get sizes from small to 2XL. When they arrive, I'll show them to you. If anyone is interested at that time, we'll get them in the
mail to you.

We've heard from the family that adopted Dixon. His new name is Milano and he's doing great. Already getting along good with their Oreo cat.

We had BOXES last night. We're receiving items for the Catathon too. It won't be long until we start organizing the baskets and figuring out what items go in the baskets, which ones will be sold individually for the auction and which ones will be sold on the tables that will be here for our visitors at the Catathon. I am deeply grateful for each and every item that we receive for the Catathon and for FFRC's use. IF you are interested in sending anything for the Catathon, please have it here by June 1st. At that time, we will be going full-force on plans!

Abigail C/Chia_Me--card, treats for volunteers, toys for kitties, laser toy with batteries, hedgehog squeaker. For the Catathon: cat magnets, earings, notecards and a really nice t-shirt
Butterflylady/Lisa--purple pawprint jewelry and a t-shirt from The Animal Rescue Site for the Catathon
Tazsmom--toner for the copier, large post its, bright colored paper
Jo91150--cactus pear jelly, a horse hair cat key chain, nut tray and a beautiful woven basket. These items will join the other southwestern items she sent for the Catathon
Cathi B from TX--3 cases of Fancy Feast
Marsha R from FL--card, 2 bath, 3 hand and 2 wash towels (all green)
Lillian from CT--a Danbury Mint cat figurine for the Catathon
Jacqui C from MD--a feline aerosol chamber (to dispense the aerosol meds)
German Siggi--stickers, coupons, doormat, chicken ht for a cat (we'll show Connie), 2 grass plants, a wonderful window perch and an absolutely gorgeous lamp (for the Catathon)
Herta B--2 signed, limited editions of 2 cats, one called "Buster" and the other called "Making the Rounds". The artist sent these to us himself, who is Drew Strouble. His site is Herta made this possible!
Michelle L/Crittercat--mothers day donation and a very nice letter.
Susan/Shinn81--coupons, card & a neat cat prayer
Cheryl L from WA--card for volunteers, mothers day card and stickers & bookmarker
Patmack01--card, coupons, letter and pictures of her Callie cat.
From FFRC fur kids--cash and story about sneaking out to send this card! Putter & Paddy in cahoots together! Big Al, Zelda, Badu, County and others were also involved.
Queen Bella--mothers day card
Filbert--mothers day card
Heather R--a thank you note along with a donation and a Visa gift card She also sent 2 clear pet food dishes with a needlepoint cat on the bottom of each bowl. She also sent a beautiful picture of 2 cats, needlepoint, with many wonderful colors.

Glady is playing on the floor with a feather toy. And, along comes Roga! Jumping straight in the air is the way to play today! So much fun to watching them. Jaina is now joining the fun. A 3 ring circus, with Paddy Cake rushing by them which results in Glady falling over. Oh, it's never a dull moment here!
FiFi, after a hard, fun time playing!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, May 14

What an awesome day--grand central adoptions!! I loved it--it's one of those things that is wonderful and sad both at the same time. We had 7 adoptions from the original 12 that we bottle fed.

Those that were adopted: Hoops and YoYo went together. Gelato and Tiramisu were adopted together. Cannoli and Tamara went to their new home together. Dixon also was adopted.

We also have 4 more of these 12 kittens spoken for. Boku and Boomer are on hold together. Glady and Roga are also on hold together to go to the same home! That just leaves Jax who is unspoken for.

Now, the next group of kitten babies are coming up the rank! It won't be long until Purresa and Dahney's kittens will be neutered/spayed and available for adoptions.

Bondi is doing better! What a great thing. She ate about 4-5 plates of food yesterday and has already eaten a good breakfast this morning. She is now out of her pen and is sleeping in the big red marshmallow poof here in the office. It's just wonderful. We'll keep on loving on her and tending to her needs.

We have some thank yous to give:
Barb F from IA--a donation thru PayPal
Kerry S from FL--a donation thru PayPal
Marilyn B from IL--a donation thru PayPal

We have an update on the Florida cat. I got another call from the rescue organization that we've been in touch with. Good news! Pete-Pete is actually doing quite well right where he is at. Here's the story: a group of cats have been living under a section of buildings. These cats have been fed twice daily for a long time and have an organization that has been doing this care. The buildings have been scheduled to be torn down. Last week, the main building that housed these cats was torn down. This is where we made the contact about Pete-Pete after hearing that he may need a rescue to help him. The organization was very happy to have a place for Pete-Pete to go to. But, after a couple days, it was realized that he really is quite fine. The businesses in that area have even offered to be sure he gets fed twice a day. He's been checked on and seems to have adjusted to a new, close by area. So...all is fine with Pete-Pete. He is OK!! What I would like to say about this experience is a huge, gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who was concerned about him, who sent me e-mails with offers to help and offers to organize a rescue. This just once again, shows me the compassion and love that our supporters have. You're a great bunch of people!
Here's Bella's and Putter's plaques! They are beautiful. They are hanging on the outside wall of our Welcome Room.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day to you all! What a great day. I always figure we're all mom's/dad's to all the cats and kittens here!

Wow--what a day we had yesterday! It was our surgery and Volunteer Wellness Day for their cats and dogs. In the morning, Dr. Darci did the needed surgeries for FFRC here at the Rescue Center. In one half hour we can turn our front office into a surgery room, complete with everything needed!

The boys that were done are: Boku, Boomer, Gelato, Hoops, Jax, Dixon, Roga, Maxaroni and Densmore. The girl kittens done were: YoYo, Glady, Tamara, Tiramisu and Cannoli. The girl adults were: Purresa and Dahnay. We ran out of time to do Shaling. Since she has the youngest kittens, she was going to be last on the list. We'll get her done soon. I am already in the process of setting up the next surgery date.

Dr. Darci also examined a couple FFRC cats. She gave a physical to Ginny--she's doing great. Bondi had an examination also. Darci agreed we have an oldster cat in Bondi, along with probably kidney issues. We will work hard at keeping those issues under control, help her to gain weight, but most importantly is to give her a super great quality of life.

The Volunteer Wellness Clinic went great. We ended up having almost 50 dogs and cats come here (all belonging to our volunteers) for examinations, vaccinations, worming, heartworm tests, etc. all at reduced costs. I'm thrilled we could do this for our volunteers. They have a bunch of great pets!

We also had an adoption yesterday! Grominique went to her new home. Her new dad came in, saw Grommy and that was it--she was the cat for him. I do believe the feeling was mutual. She kept reaching up to him for more petting! It was wonderful.

A big thanks to all that helped yesterday: Dr. Darci, Bonnie, Sue B, Lynnette, Jodi, Judy S, Connie K, Sigrid, Gregg, Paul, Connie D, Angie and Bill. I'm grateful for the time, compassion and love you give to the Rescue Center.

We will also have a few adoptions today, as some of our original 12 kittens will be leaving for their new homes. How exciting for them and their new families.

Parking lot/Project Noah update: the last of the concrete was poured by the end of Friday evening. Now, the waiting begins. Yesterday was Day 1 for the 10-14 days we must wait until we can drive on it. Can't wait for that day to come. In the meantime, we're parking in the front yard.

Sun Porch Cat Cliff
Here's Cliff, one of the Porchies. He's laughing at me in this picture as I was so worried about him yesterday. He did not come to breakfast. We checked sheds, everywhere and couldn't find him. I was so worried. Turns out he was all snug, safe and sound inside Kitty City, in the mansion piece of furniture that QueenofKings and her hubby donated to FFRC. We were all glad to see him. He must've decided that was the best place to stay on such a busy day.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday, May 11

Hello to all of our blog friends! There are 8 kittens running "amuck" here in the front office with me! I love it, even if it's a bit distracting as they run around my chair and climb up my leg. Putter is here, looking at them like he thinks they've gone nuts! He's so easy to read his face. Queenie is also here--watching all the activity. Emaline is on the big red marshmallow bed. She enjoys the kittens, except for when they want to play with her tail!

We will be moving the 3 newbie kittens up today and put them in Patience's Pen. Bondi will also probably come up to the main area. We've had all 4 out and about in Thumper's Room and they are getting along fine. Bondi is still a worry--has gained a bit of weight, but ever so slowly.

Angel Kisses is a love. What a totally different kitten she is. She will even raise her chin up in greeting to us. She loves to be petted. The healthier she gets, the shinier her coat becomes. Shaling and Purresa's kittens will be out and about again all day today.

Parking Lot/Project Noah--the work continues. As they get closer to the end of the parking lot, the less parking spots we have! We're now all parking in the front yard or neighbor's yard. Hopefully they can get more parking places available across the road for us to be able to use, for Saturday. It's so interesting to watch that concrete come down the shute and fill in such huge areas. Then to see them roll, shake and sweep the concrete smooth. They sure are experts!

I would like to say a big thanks again to our volunteers--they truly are an awesome group of people. Their compassion, dedication and the time they give is astounding. Each and every one of them is important to this Rescue Center.

Please keep voting for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site. We are trying to keep that first place anchored so can can win $5,000! I am currently working on getting the Paddy's Traveling Notes ready to put in our website! Watch for it at: Also check out our Flickr link on our website. Lots of new pictures being added that were taken by Jen and Nikka!

We had BOXES last night! Love this saying: "There is no such thing as a self-made person. You will reach your goals only with the help of others." Many heartfelt thanks to you all for your support.
Mike/sophieandlucysdad--coupons and a box FULL of kitty treats.Also a picture of Sophie & Lucy--very nice looking cats.
Bradley S--for Filbert P Kitty--donation to FFRC to help with Filbert's medical bills, 20 cans of sardines and Kitty Toys (Filbert P is for "Poofy"!)
From the Furry, Furless & Feather babies--a gift to me for Mother's Day! (white citrus products)
Mudjie--for the Catathon: variety of teas, coffee's & cocoas, Laurel Burch Mug, beaded bookmarks, suncatchers, pawrprint key chaints, a beautiful ceramic figure of a girl holding her kitty, blue glass cat, Red Teapot w/kitty to go with a matchngmug, 6 piece pet grooming kit, Puss & Boots DVD, cat frame, Laurel Burch Bag, socks, eye glass case, black/white kitty salt/pepper shakers, kitty wind spinner, purple apron, docorator red swirl lamp & Laurel Burch earrings and shirt.
Mudjie--for FFRC: bandaids, lots of sharpie pens, treats for the volunteers, kitty toys, post it notes, cat food pouches
TokTub--4 cases of baby food (Bella & Kiara especially says thanks!)
JoanneW--for the Catathon: Southwestern minature wire baaket & art vessel, Manin the Maze Decal, Bundle of sage, Pecan Cinn Roll Crunch mix and a bottle of Prickly Pear Salad Dressing. This will go with the other items she sent and will be a basket!
BBMeg--cat treats, aluminum cast kitty dish (for the Catathon), classic cats note cards, cat note cards, sardines, pink cat note cards, kitty treats, 28 cans of can cat food
CathyS--for the Catathon: wooden cat sculpture brought from Columbia, made with Indonesian wood
Barb C/Laeo--a card and donation to help with Angel Kisses medical expenses
Card for Jacci from all the Kitties and Einstein
Ryan & his Aunt Patty--paper reams, white out, highliters, clorox wipes, cat treats, posties, kitty wipes, can cat and paper towels (we enjoyed your visit)
LindaM--a card and a donation
Tookie & family--a card (Tookie was an ffrc kitten)
Mudjie--birthday card for Rory with $$ for goodies!
Pierce from OH--a donation for FFRC
Theresa H from IN--a donation for FFRC
I am so grateful for this support. This is what truly makes a difference for FFRC.

Cyrilla is so curious about the kittens that are playing. Her whiskers are forward, her ears are can just tell that she would like to join them! Maybe tomorrow.....

Penn and Teller are rough-housers. They play hard, run fast and are full speed ahead. So much fun to watch them. They are very good with the kittens. Kiara has been sleeping alot this week--it's her way of dealing with the noisy concrete trucks. She doesn't like all the racket.

Paddy World Tour
Here's Paddy after he's returned from his World Tour, along with his friend TC (Traveling Companion) and little Tigger who they adopted from a rescue center! Check out the other friends above them, welcoming them home!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday, May 10

The surgery list is made and ready for Saturday. We have 8 boy kittens (possibly 9--depends on the weight) and then 5 girl kittens. We will also have the 3 adult mamas spayed. A very busy morning.

The 3 little kittens in Thumper's Room are doing great. They are Daymo, Emma Lou and Ida Lou. They came in a little worried about life, but are settling down now and enjoying chin rubs.

We have 7 kittens with our volunteer Martha L. Two of them are already eating good by themselves. Within another 1-2 weeks, the other 5 should also be eating on their own. Then they will come back to the Rescue Center.

We also had another 4 kittens arrive here yesterday, by a friend and webcam viewer, Deb. She found these 4 babies at her work. They are also bottle fed kittens. At the beginning of baby season, we had time to hand feed all these little ones. But, now that we are super busy, there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. So...these 4 kittens are also placed, but with a REAL CAT MAMA! All are tested and are negative. After they are self-sufficient, they too will make their way back to the rescue center.

I love Thumper's Room. We have had a very healthy spring here with the cats and kittens. I do believe Thumper's Room helps a lot, along with good cleaning. Thumper's Room is our quarantine room. Please note that until kittens and cats are tested, we prefer not to mention these incoming cats and kittens. It's just a safety precaution.

Parking Lot Project/Project Noah--work continues yet today. They are trying to get all the concrete poured by the end of Friday so it can all start curing. Lots to do today and tomorrow. The slope looks great, especially around Kitty City. DUring this construction time, we are not opening the window to their outdoor porch enclosure--too dusy and too scary for them.

We had BOXES last night (2 nights worth!)
Pat--sent Pill Pockets for Farrah and Temptation treats for the cats' snackers
Medic 101--sent 2 cases of Fancy Feast
D'Lee K--cans of CatSure (a supplement for Bondi) She had it for breakfast.
Bradley S from WA--sent 6 Yeowww catnip Bananas, for Filbert (who loves these), but he will share them too!
Kimberly G in CA--a sweatshirt "What part of Meow don't you understand?" for the Catathon, size large. Really cute!
TippyNTraylor--cat treats, appetizers, chicken card holder for Connie, a peacock card holder, washcloths, chicken salt & pepper shakers, a kitty bank, Mickey Mouse gelatin molds, chocolate Oreos for Sigrid, stickers, kitty & fishbowl salt & pepper shakers, 2 cat holders, a bag for Kitty Kastle (to hold plastic bags). Some of these items are for the Catathon.
Donna M/mkmouse--Mickey Mouse auto emblems, Disney postcard, Disney bracelets, Mickey Mouse character bands, 2 crystal Disney keychains, a wonderful castiron cat plant holder, and an antique Mickey Mouse stand (from 1931). She also sent a Hoops & YoYo Don't Push button! Can never have too much fun!
Lorraine L/LLwriter--sent canned Tiki & Weruva cat food for Bondi to try
Pam W--4 "Got Fish?" mats-can be placed under cat food bowls, 3 are for the Catathon
Bonnie M--cat treats, volunteer treats, MeowMix can food and a case of Friskies
D'Ette--sent an awesome box for the Catathon, will be called a "Kids Summer Fun" basket--full of various fun items--bubble wands, super soakers, big bubble bucket, beach towels, kites, sand toys, beach tote bag, bug net, bug carriers, Mad Libs, water bombs, magnifying glass, crayons, card games, stickers, crayolas and a Zoku (makes great frozen fun treats). Also sent McDonald's gift certificates for the Catathon!
Annette B in NC--Royal Canin baby can food (kittens LOVE this)
cjcat in PA--new and gently-used items for the sale table at the Catathon-- men's shirt & 2 womens t-shirts (new), an awesome stuffed bear toy, and 2 high-end purses.
Marsha R--sent 2 cordless vacuums from Black & Decker (great for pet fur)--we'll be extra super clean!
Linda C and her cat Maize from Scotland--3 bags of Roy Canin baby dry food (they so love these little pebbles of food)
Emmalee and Cheryl G/catwomangates--a nice note from Emmalee, paper plates, q-tips, blanket, wobble toy, baby food, volunteer treats, hand lotion, 2 rugs, handsoap, cat toys, Dawn soap, babywipes
(they will be coming for a visit in July!)
Calicocat--Mother's Day card with coupons and a donation to FFRC
John & Pat K & their 4 cats Gracie, Reese, Coribet & Alan Rickman--donation for the parking lot/Project Noah
Janet L & cat Kitty Boo--a donation to FFRC
Judy L/judeanlee from OH--a donation to FFRC
Linda M from GA--a donation to FFRC
Barbara C from GA--a donation to FFRC
The Furr Haven Kitties & their mom sent a very nice card
Pat K from NY--a donation to FFRC
Donez M fro VA--a donation to FFRC
Caroline L from United Kingdom--a PayPal donation to FFRC
Nancy L from IL--a PayPal donation to FFRC
Cheryl G/abbytabbysmama from TN--a PayPal donation to FFRC

Emaline's eye continues to look better every day. Farrah is still seizure-free, even with the reduced PB dose. We will watch and wait for a couple months. Buttons is a lover cat--she needs a home! What a nice girl she is. And she LOVES boxes. Grominique and Macallan are good friends--they like to run together and play hard with each other.

Even the peacocks on our farmyard say: PLEASE get those cats spayed & neutered!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weds., May 9

Parking Lot/Project Noah--wow, a lot was done yesterday. A drainage pipe has been placed around Kitty City to drain into one of the catch basins. Lots of forms and bars were placed for the incoming cement today. Tons of stones removed, but every stone will be put to good use! The guys are going to also level an area across the road--we have property there along the river and will create 3-4 more parking spots with the stone. The remainder of the stone will be used to make a driving path to the big red barn. No more sinking into the wet ground to deliver hay and supplies. This is a long project--more days of digging, leveling and forming in the parking lot with cement being poured into each section. When all done, there will be no driving on the parking lot for 10 days. Wasn't expecting that, but we'll deal with it. I'm beginning to feel safer about not losing Kitty City. There is a 5 inch slant from both sides of the driveway to the middle of the parking lot (it's just a gradual slant) so the rain will go into all the catch basins.

Bondi ate during the night! She had a pretty good fill. Wasn't too interested in her breakfast, but that's ok. She's pottying just fine and loves to have her head rubbed. She's a chirper! I love that.

All the kittens and cats are doing great. We're a healthy bunch of felines here. I'm so grateful for that. The Purr kittens and the D kittens are now out and about most of the days. They still go in their rooms at night. A few adoptions of the "12 kittens" will begin on Sunday, IF they are feeling fine from their surgeries on Saturday.

Yesterday was a crazy day--I called it a zoo here! Ran out of time and wasn't able to do boxes last night, but we WILL have boxes tonight! There's 7 boxes from yesterday already. Fun!

Please keep voting at The Animal Rescue Site. We've dropped a few points, and sure don't want to lose our lead. The voting continues until 6/17. Thank you--each and every vote is important. We have an ad in our local Crescent-News paper today, Friday and Sunday asking for voting help.

Filbert is doing great from his surgery. His mouth full of sutures isn't bothering him as much today and he ate a good breakfast. He's such a great cat. I love seeing him when he's all sprawled out on the floor, so relaxed. Wherever he wants to nap, he just plops down!

We will be putting the Sunporch Cats in Kitty City today as the cement starts being poured. I wouldn't mind some catprints on the cement, but I don't think the contractors would appreciate thousands of kitty paw-prints over all of it!

Kiara rediscovered her love of warm laundry. She was buried under a mountain of fresh laundry--all toasty warm. Cutie is doing wonderful. She seems to be enjoying the kittens and will give them a bath. Emaline is in her mama-mode again--lots of bathing going on for her too, to the kittens.
Roga & Boomer
Roga and Boomer--friendship love

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday, May8

We had kitties everywhere yesterday! We opened the door to June's Room (Purresa & kittens) AND to Cat's Corner Room (Dahnay & the D kittens). At first, the D kits were not too interested in coming out, but then Dolan and Durell got adventurous and left the room. Darilyn was next. She decided she was a speedy girl and just kept running and running! They were all having so much fun, we left the doors open the entire day. At night though, we put them back in their room so they could have mommy-time. Today again, the doors will be open! We are indeed having to do the kitty-shuffle walk now.

Shaling's kittens are also becoming more active. I saw Mercy looking over the pen door with Obadiah right behind her. We will need to move them into a room fairly soon. Penn and Teller are completely at home now. They always find each other to rock and roll with! They've made lots of friends with the other cats and kittens also. Tiramisu and Cannoli continue to make us laugh--they are forever finding those furry balls and carrying them around, just daring anyone to try and take it from them. So cute.

Parking Lot/Project Noah--today is suppose to be a big work day here. The Amish men and our regular construction guys will be here to start framing in the parking lot.

Filbert had his surgeries yesterday. Poor fella had a long day. The first surgery started at noon and the second surgery was done at 3:00. A long day, but he's doing good this morning. His eye had to be completely removed due to the condition of all the tissue of the eye and surrounding area. This is a good thing as it will keep those eye infections away. His sutures will come out in 10 days. Then he had his dental--7 major extractions along with dental tartar removed. His pearly whites are indeed white now! We'll baby him along these next couple days, but I think he'll be feeling real good very soon.

We had BOXES last night!
D'Lee K--sent 2 cases of Indoor Friskies & 2 boxes of Friskies Gravy Sensations. She had also sent a case of beef baby food last week for Bella.
WendiB--4 cases of Friskies Meaty Bits Packs
JudithB in WA--a donation for the outside kitties, information from MEOW cat rescue, Fancy Feast, kitty toy, Boomerang Buddy catnip toy and a Hoops & YoYo Magic 8 ball with extra batteries (fun toy!), and a very nice letter
JillR27--Bonito flakes, case of Fancy Feast, case of Fancy Feast packets, case of Fancy Feast Kitten & a box of Appetizers
SharonT--bag of Royal Canin Oral Sensitive dry food (to try on the oldsters)
NancyL in WI--coupons
Selkie & Blue (siamese friends)--coaster for Kitty Castle and a card
NancyD in OH--donation to FFRC
Miyumi in Japan--a beautiful postcard
TerriE from NC--Mother's Day card and letter from Emaline
JoyceD in NC--a card with a donation for kitty food and a case of baby food meat
Irene H/BuddyBo from NC--a nice card

Maxaroni is out of his pen also and acts like he's always been here. It only took him about a half hour to start exploring everywhere. He is such a sweetie. Bondi is still hanging in there, parts of days are good, other parts she's very tired. But, she's willing to try, so we are also. This morning, she was sitting up and chirped to us!

The PADDY TRAVEL BOX is back! It left here on 10/5/11, so this turned out to be a 7 month trip! I was very excited to get Paddy back! When he returned, we got to see his new friend, TC (traveling companion). She is a gold stripped cat with a pearl necklace! On their last visit in Canada, the 2 of them went to an animal shelter and picked out a little friend, called Tigger (a little grey/black striped kitten). So now we have a Paddy Family! What fun. I will, as soon as I can, put together all their traveling information in our website. Paddy went many thousands of miles on his World Adventure!
Love this picture of Badu. She loves to knead and suck on fluffy blankies! Even though she acts so tough sometimes, we KNOW she has a soft side!