Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday, May 19

We had 3 adoptions yesterday! Jax left in the morning to a dad and his son. Jax was so comfortable laying in the son's arms--he knew this was a good thing for him! Now, all the original 12 kittens are either spoken for or already adopted. Last night, Glady and Roga left with my daughter/Christy and her family. They live in Fort Wayne and are now officially my grandkitties!

We have good news on Peeps and Meadow, the 2 cats that were returned on Thursday. They are back in their home! The mama has been able to work it out so she can have her cats back. Both of the cats were beyond thrilled to see her yesterday--mama and the 2 cats had a very joyous reunion. I'm so happy for all 3 of them.

Bondi is sleeping on my desk as I'm working here. She's been up several times now. She looks, oh so frail, but she manages and prefers to get up here by herself. She also, after some trying, can get up on a chair. Doesn't want help, wants to do it herself. Such an amazing cat. No vomiting now for 2 full days.

Ernestine, Queenie, Emaline and Asha are laying to the left of the desk. I think they are waiting for the window to be opened to the outdoor enclosure. Napping, but keeping an eye on the window! It's suppose to be in the high 80's today.

Dollianna (muted calico Persian) is now moved up to Patience's Pen. I'm sure sometime today her door will be open for her to cruise about. Her appointment is Monday for her spay. I believe she'll adjust quickly--she seems to be a clown. Loves people, loves to investigate, no fear and sure enjoys playing.

We have a visitor at Kitty Kastle for the weekend. It's Bantry, her real name is Jenn. Bantry is from MA. We are so glad to have her here for a visit! Bantry is also one of our kittycam moderators.

June's Room now has 10 kittens in there, along with Shaling. We have Shaling's 5 kittens and the 5 woody/tree kittens. Shaling is awesome--she's welcoming all of them and cleaning them with a fine tooth tongue! That room is hopping busy with activity.
They are all eating good.

We had BOXES last night! What fun. Truly appreciate these donations. I also appreciate the moral support, your votes and prayers for FFRC!

Cyndilu & Dave--2 Hot Chilies dancing cat hanging dish towels, a maroon Poncho, a medium size afghan and a large granny style gorgeous afghan quilt. Dave crochets and does an excellent job. Just beautiful work.
EclectickatsNY/Karen & Dave--For the Catathon: "Tea for Two" baskets, 2 beautiful cups and saucers, 2 boxes herbal teas, Milano cookies, Pepperidge farm lemon cookies. Also sent 3 awesome cat collectors plates: Peaches & Cream, Jingle Bells and Walters' Window. The artist is Thaddeus Krumeich/Uncle Tags. They have a certificate of authenticity.
Jenn/Bantry--kitty "canoe" bed==kitties will love this
D'Lee--a case of Tiki Cat Gourmet Food and a case of Tiki seafood (will try on Bondi and the oldsters)
Kelly R from CA--2 cases of Fancy Feast Grilled and a bag of Royal Canin Baby Cat Dry food
Leenie--2 boxes of Friskies, 2 large bags of Temptation snacks, 1 box of Fancy Feast medleys
Cathi B from TX--a donation made thru PayPal for our greatest needs

Good news! In Leenie's box, there was a lot of the brown crinkly packing paper which the cats had last night--Paddy Pee, oops, I mean Paddy Cake didn't potty on it. And he didn't potty on the wheel last night! We had a heart to heart talk--Paddy, me and also Sheriff Putter was involved in this pep talk.

Hannah's birthday
This blog is dedicated to our special friend, Hannah who was celebrating her 10th birthday. She received all of your cards and was happy to have them! Hannah and her mom keep in touch with us by e-mail. Notice Hannah's cake and shirt--both FFRC related. She LOVES Putter and the Paddys.
THIS is why we do our kittycam--to bring joy (by our cats and kittens) into the lives of those who love cats. I'm honored to have Hannah as our friend. I know there are many others "out there" who are home bound that love our cam. We are privileged to be a part of your lives.