Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday, May 11

Hello to all of our blog friends! There are 8 kittens running "amuck" here in the front office with me! I love it, even if it's a bit distracting as they run around my chair and climb up my leg. Putter is here, looking at them like he thinks they've gone nuts! He's so easy to read his face. Queenie is also here--watching all the activity. Emaline is on the big red marshmallow bed. She enjoys the kittens, except for when they want to play with her tail!

We will be moving the 3 newbie kittens up today and put them in Patience's Pen. Bondi will also probably come up to the main area. We've had all 4 out and about in Thumper's Room and they are getting along fine. Bondi is still a worry--has gained a bit of weight, but ever so slowly.

Angel Kisses is a love. What a totally different kitten she is. She will even raise her chin up in greeting to us. She loves to be petted. The healthier she gets, the shinier her coat becomes. Shaling and Purresa's kittens will be out and about again all day today.

Parking Lot/Project Noah--the work continues. As they get closer to the end of the parking lot, the less parking spots we have! We're now all parking in the front yard or neighbor's yard. Hopefully they can get more parking places available across the road for us to be able to use, for Saturday. It's so interesting to watch that concrete come down the shute and fill in such huge areas. Then to see them roll, shake and sweep the concrete smooth. They sure are experts!

I would like to say a big thanks again to our volunteers--they truly are an awesome group of people. Their compassion, dedication and the time they give is astounding. Each and every one of them is important to this Rescue Center.

Please keep voting for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site. We are trying to keep that first place anchored so can can win $5,000! I am currently working on getting the Paddy's Traveling Notes ready to put in our website! Watch for it at: Also check out our Flickr link on our website. Lots of new pictures being added that were taken by Jen and Nikka!

We had BOXES last night! Love this saying: "There is no such thing as a self-made person. You will reach your goals only with the help of others." Many heartfelt thanks to you all for your support.
Mike/sophieandlucysdad--coupons and a box FULL of kitty treats.Also a picture of Sophie & Lucy--very nice looking cats.
Bradley S--for Filbert P Kitty--donation to FFRC to help with Filbert's medical bills, 20 cans of sardines and Kitty Toys (Filbert P is for "Poofy"!)
From the Furry, Furless & Feather babies--a gift to me for Mother's Day! (white citrus products)
Mudjie--for the Catathon: variety of teas, coffee's & cocoas, Laurel Burch Mug, beaded bookmarks, suncatchers, pawrprint key chaints, a beautiful ceramic figure of a girl holding her kitty, blue glass cat, Red Teapot w/kitty to go with a matchngmug, 6 piece pet grooming kit, Puss & Boots DVD, cat frame, Laurel Burch Bag, socks, eye glass case, black/white kitty salt/pepper shakers, kitty wind spinner, purple apron, docorator red swirl lamp & Laurel Burch earrings and shirt.
Mudjie--for FFRC: bandaids, lots of sharpie pens, treats for the volunteers, kitty toys, post it notes, cat food pouches
TokTub--4 cases of baby food (Bella & Kiara especially says thanks!)
JoanneW--for the Catathon: Southwestern minature wire baaket & art vessel, Manin the Maze Decal, Bundle of sage, Pecan Cinn Roll Crunch mix and a bottle of Prickly Pear Salad Dressing. This will go with the other items she sent and will be a basket!
BBMeg--cat treats, aluminum cast kitty dish (for the Catathon), classic cats note cards, cat note cards, sardines, pink cat note cards, kitty treats, 28 cans of can cat food
CathyS--for the Catathon: wooden cat sculpture brought from Columbia, made with Indonesian wood
Barb C/Laeo--a card and donation to help with Angel Kisses medical expenses
Card for Jacci from all the Kitties and Einstein
Ryan & his Aunt Patty--paper reams, white out, highliters, clorox wipes, cat treats, posties, kitty wipes, can cat and paper towels (we enjoyed your visit)
LindaM--a card and a donation
Tookie & family--a card (Tookie was an ffrc kitten)
Mudjie--birthday card for Rory with $$ for goodies!
Pierce from OH--a donation for FFRC
Theresa H from IN--a donation for FFRC
I am so grateful for this support. This is what truly makes a difference for FFRC.

Cyrilla is so curious about the kittens that are playing. Her whiskers are forward, her ears are can just tell that she would like to join them! Maybe tomorrow.....

Penn and Teller are rough-housers. They play hard, run fast and are full speed ahead. So much fun to watch them. They are very good with the kittens. Kiara has been sleeping alot this week--it's her way of dealing with the noisy concrete trucks. She doesn't like all the racket.

Paddy World Tour
Here's Paddy after he's returned from his World Tour, along with his friend TC (Traveling Companion) and little Tigger who they adopted from a rescue center! Check out the other friends above them, welcoming them home!