Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day to you all! What a great day. I always figure we're all mom's/dad's to all the cats and kittens here!

Wow--what a day we had yesterday! It was our surgery and Volunteer Wellness Day for their cats and dogs. In the morning, Dr. Darci did the needed surgeries for FFRC here at the Rescue Center. In one half hour we can turn our front office into a surgery room, complete with everything needed!

The boys that were done are: Boku, Boomer, Gelato, Hoops, Jax, Dixon, Roga, Maxaroni and Densmore. The girl kittens done were: YoYo, Glady, Tamara, Tiramisu and Cannoli. The girl adults were: Purresa and Dahnay. We ran out of time to do Shaling. Since she has the youngest kittens, she was going to be last on the list. We'll get her done soon. I am already in the process of setting up the next surgery date.

Dr. Darci also examined a couple FFRC cats. She gave a physical to Ginny--she's doing great. Bondi had an examination also. Darci agreed we have an oldster cat in Bondi, along with probably kidney issues. We will work hard at keeping those issues under control, help her to gain weight, but most importantly is to give her a super great quality of life.

The Volunteer Wellness Clinic went great. We ended up having almost 50 dogs and cats come here (all belonging to our volunteers) for examinations, vaccinations, worming, heartworm tests, etc. all at reduced costs. I'm thrilled we could do this for our volunteers. They have a bunch of great pets!

We also had an adoption yesterday! Grominique went to her new home. Her new dad came in, saw Grommy and that was it--she was the cat for him. I do believe the feeling was mutual. She kept reaching up to him for more petting! It was wonderful.

A big thanks to all that helped yesterday: Dr. Darci, Bonnie, Sue B, Lynnette, Jodi, Judy S, Connie K, Sigrid, Gregg, Paul, Connie D, Angie and Bill. I'm grateful for the time, compassion and love you give to the Rescue Center.

We will also have a few adoptions today, as some of our original 12 kittens will be leaving for their new homes. How exciting for them and their new families.

Parking lot/Project Noah update: the last of the concrete was poured by the end of Friday evening. Now, the waiting begins. Yesterday was Day 1 for the 10-14 days we must wait until we can drive on it. Can't wait for that day to come. In the meantime, we're parking in the front yard.

Sun Porch Cat Cliff
Here's Cliff, one of the Porchies. He's laughing at me in this picture as I was so worried about him yesterday. He did not come to breakfast. We checked sheds, everywhere and couldn't find him. I was so worried. Turns out he was all snug, safe and sound inside Kitty City, in the mansion piece of furniture that QueenofKings and her hubby donated to FFRC. We were all glad to see him. He must've decided that was the best place to stay on such a busy day.