Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weds., May 23

There's 18 cats here in the office with me--they are either grooming themselves or taking a nap. They look so contented. All is well here. Bondi is also in the office with me and just ate some more of the breakfast food. Even though she still looks frail, she has a tiny bit of flesh on her now. She seems to be a happy cat here, which I'm glad for.
We have 2 visitors that arrived yesterday--Gentlesong (Sylvia) and a friend of hers, Leslie. They will be here 2 nights and will be leaving tomorrow morning. We sure are enjoying their visit.
Yesterday, I placed an order that we will have in time for the Catathon. Kelly/Skeetokins is the one who came up with this idea--and it's a good one! It's 2 different items--a bumper sticker and also a car magnet. They both say the same thing. It has our logo on it and a picture of Sheriff Putter, along with a saying about Spaying and Neutering. Very nice! We'll show them to you on the cam when they arrive.
That Azar--what a sweetheart of a cat. He will come up to us, pat and pat to have you pet him. He will also lay his big head right in your hand for a rub. He's magnificent. County caught a fly yesterday at the door screen. He's sitting there right now again, probably in hopes of another fly coming by!
Check out Petfinders--Jenni has been adding new pictures and updating other pictures. Today, I will be putting in new information also.
Since Steve & I went to the movies last night, we did not do boxes. We will do boxes tonight though! I would like to thank 2 donations that came:
Gusti from Germany--a donation thru PayPal, designated to help with Dollianna's surgery
Tara B from OH--a donation thru PayPal
Dollianna is doing better today, since her spay on Monday. She's had a bit of trouble with her recovery--just slow, that's all. But, today she seems to be getting back to normal. This is one very sweet cat. Patishka is also doing much better today. We have now opened her pen door for her to cruise.
We put Shaling and her 10 kittens in Cat's Corner Room since it's a bigger room--they need room to cruise and things to climb on! All are doing great. We moved the "gold litter family" to June's Room. But, their door is now open and they're cruising about.
Our black/black & white litter that is in the Thumper's Room, along with Miler and their foster mama Sugar Plum are doing great. If you step into this room, you will immediately have all kittens velcroed to your legs! They love to be held and kissed.
They will have names soon.
Remember that contest we had earlier about Sheriff Putter Sez? You probably already know, but the winning saying was, "Go ahead...make my day. Adopt a stray today". We have made post it notes and notepads with this saying and are using them here in the rescue center. The person that submitted that saying is: thesixofus! Thanks to everyone who participated. Six--I'll be sending you a mailing so you can have a copy of the post-its and the notepads!