Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday, May 24

Happy day--it's getting closer to being able to use the parking lot. On Saturday, that barricade is coming down. Can't wait to drive on it. It's been a long, almost 2 weeks of everyone finding a place to park. I think we should have a Parking Lot Party in celebration. Maybe I'll have to just go out and have a can of sardines, with the Sunporch cats, to celebrate!

It's very peaceful here at the moment. Tummies are full, grooming is done and naps are going on. It's always interesting to walk around when so many are napping and see who is with who. They definitely pick their buddies. County was just at the door again, seeing if there were any flies to catch. It's become quite a game for him! Yesterday when we opened the window to the outdoor enclosure, Octavia was at it again--rolling up those cobwebs with her tongue and eating it. She obviously loves doing this!

Iams Company was here yesterday. They delivered TWO pallets of dry adult cat food. What a blessing for us. This is a tremendous help to the Rescue Center. We also heard from The World's Best Litter. They will be delivering the load of litter on June 1st. That will also be a very great day for us.

We had a visit from the Red Hat Ladies yesterday. We enjoyed having them. They each brought the rescue center some supplies. After visiting the cats and kittens inside (and having lots of pictures taken!), I took them out to Cat's Cove, which they enjoyed, as did the cats! We closed their visit with a tour of the farm grounds.

Our guests Gentlesong (Sylvia) and Leslie will be leaving today. We have so much enjoyed their visit. They both helped with several projects yesterday. This Friday, the Two Loons ladies, Kelly and Donna will be here. We have a CHANGE OF TIME for their jewelry show. Instead of 1:00 on Saturday, it will be 11:00. They will show their beautiful jewelry, including their FFRC line. Can't wait!

We had BOXES last night. Your support is overhelming to me. I would like to say a big thank you to you all.
Ron & Mary C--a pink Bath & Body basket for the Catathon
Di/TippyNTraylor & Ashley--For the Rescue Center:tunnel toy, treats for ALL the cats, Kurig coffe, drink mixes and treats for the volunteers, Bubblegum for Judy S, BBQ sauces for Steve. For Kitty Kastle: 2 glycerin soaps. For the Catathon: cat collars, frame, cat planter, Arch groomer, cat bubbles
Sylvia/Gentlesong--bonito flakes, baby food, sardines, treats for dogs, Einstein, cat toys, volunteer treats, postage stamps, baby wipes
Colleen P/CollenMP from CA--card and coupons, sardines, kitty treats, pill pockets for Farrah. For the Catathon--many pieces of beautiful jewlery--bracelets & necklaces
Karen D/ButterflyKSD from Iowa--a very nice letter, potty pads, catnip spray and a beautiful handmade fold fish rug that her Grandma made
Gittee--special food for Cutie--fancy feast and friskies (Cutie said she'd share!)
D'Lee--case of Tiki Cat Gourmet food for Bondi, Putter, others
Diane M (volunteer) & Pat L from Kansas--a huge wonderful box full of cushie covers, hand crocheted covers, little blankies, many colors and sizes. Such hard work that you both did!
Donez M/PQLover--Einie treats, a Willow tree Angel (for Jacci), postage stamps, Friskies, vita gravy, kitty milk, doggie treats, baby food meat, and yummy Volunteer treats! For the Catathon: kitten figurine, "Meow Rock, wooden decorative cat, a 3D kitten picture in frame, orange cat statue, cat magnet, animal rescue site pin, Christmas Dog ornament, business card cat holder, Cat Quotes Book in a box, Heart wood Creek Cat Ornament
Emily B from PA--paper towels, baby cereal, Guard Cat On Duty Sign, paper tablet, cat guard sign, baby food, 5 cases Fancy Feast & Whiskas, Meow Mix toppers, Lysol wipes, q-tips, postienote dispenser, Mr. Clean wipes, paper plates and bowls, dogie treats, cat toys, cat treats, a Frolic Cat laser light, Frolic cat teaser, handmade cat toys, hand crocheted bed pads, scratch tunnel. The cats are already playing with the laser toy!
Connie S/WarpedinMC--100 adoption bags with pawprints (we use these to send items home with each adoption)
Skeetokins--Arm & Hammer Scoopable litter
Rebecca & Willow--towel for FFRC. For the Catathon: a young girl basket items--shoulder bag with lots of bling, with head band, makeup, stetch headband, scarf with bling, emery boards, color gems, jewelry, bangles, hair bowls, lots of fun "girly" items
Judy B--coupons and a donation
Janak--2 postcards from her trip
Sonjamac--postcard for Hannah and FFRC from her trip

I would like to give a special thanks and hug to Sandra E who sent the most wonderful book to me. It's an FFRC Cats Book, with a picture of Putter on the front. A lovely saying is on the first page, followed by full pictures of Our Tree of Giving, picture of our entry sign, Magentta, Octavia, Ada Jane, Zelda, Cutie, Asha, Paddy Cake, Paddy Purr, Bella, Farrah, Kiara, Badu, Emaline, Twinkle with her monkey, Tonio and a picture of our kitty angel in the garden. I am so grateful for this treasure. Big thanks to Nikkaross who provided these wonderful photos.

The black and black/white kittens and Miler are doing great. Such good eaters--it's amazing. Sugar Plum continues to take care of them. She gets a whole jar of baby food each day for helping with this litter.

Azar loves the meowww catnip bananas--wraps himself around that toy! Macallan and Filbert have been napping together. Pansy Mae loves it inside the house--she's great at "sneaking" in--she leaves soon and will be so happy to have her very own home. Little Martha Ann and Larrymore sure know they're siblings--they are always crazy with play--2 real fun kittens to watch.
Zelda--has a heartfull of love to give in exchange for her very own home!