Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday, May8

We had kitties everywhere yesterday! We opened the door to June's Room (Purresa & kittens) AND to Cat's Corner Room (Dahnay & the D kittens). At first, the D kits were not too interested in coming out, but then Dolan and Durell got adventurous and left the room. Darilyn was next. She decided she was a speedy girl and just kept running and running! They were all having so much fun, we left the doors open the entire day. At night though, we put them back in their room so they could have mommy-time. Today again, the doors will be open! We are indeed having to do the kitty-shuffle walk now.

Shaling's kittens are also becoming more active. I saw Mercy looking over the pen door with Obadiah right behind her. We will need to move them into a room fairly soon. Penn and Teller are completely at home now. They always find each other to rock and roll with! They've made lots of friends with the other cats and kittens also. Tiramisu and Cannoli continue to make us laugh--they are forever finding those furry balls and carrying them around, just daring anyone to try and take it from them. So cute.

Parking Lot/Project Noah--today is suppose to be a big work day here. The Amish men and our regular construction guys will be here to start framing in the parking lot.

Filbert had his surgeries yesterday. Poor fella had a long day. The first surgery started at noon and the second surgery was done at 3:00. A long day, but he's doing good this morning. His eye had to be completely removed due to the condition of all the tissue of the eye and surrounding area. This is a good thing as it will keep those eye infections away. His sutures will come out in 10 days. Then he had his dental--7 major extractions along with dental tartar removed. His pearly whites are indeed white now! We'll baby him along these next couple days, but I think he'll be feeling real good very soon.

We had BOXES last night!
D'Lee K--sent 2 cases of Indoor Friskies & 2 boxes of Friskies Gravy Sensations. She had also sent a case of beef baby food last week for Bella.
WendiB--4 cases of Friskies Meaty Bits Packs
JudithB in WA--a donation for the outside kitties, information from MEOW cat rescue, Fancy Feast, kitty toy, Boomerang Buddy catnip toy and a Hoops & YoYo Magic 8 ball with extra batteries (fun toy!), and a very nice letter
JillR27--Bonito flakes, case of Fancy Feast, case of Fancy Feast packets, case of Fancy Feast Kitten & a box of Appetizers
SharonT--bag of Royal Canin Oral Sensitive dry food (to try on the oldsters)
NancyL in WI--coupons
Selkie & Blue (siamese friends)--coaster for Kitty Castle and a card
NancyD in OH--donation to FFRC
Miyumi in Japan--a beautiful postcard
TerriE from NC--Mother's Day card and letter from Emaline
JoyceD in NC--a card with a donation for kitty food and a case of baby food meat
Irene H/BuddyBo from NC--a nice card

Maxaroni is out of his pen also and acts like he's always been here. It only took him about a half hour to start exploring everywhere. He is such a sweetie. Bondi is still hanging in there, parts of days are good, other parts she's very tired. But, she's willing to try, so we are also. This morning, she was sitting up and chirped to us!

The PADDY TRAVEL BOX is back! It left here on 10/5/11, so this turned out to be a 7 month trip! I was very excited to get Paddy back! When he returned, we got to see his new friend, TC (traveling companion). She is a gold stripped cat with a pearl necklace! On their last visit in Canada, the 2 of them went to an animal shelter and picked out a little friend, called Tigger (a little grey/black striped kitten). So now we have a Paddy Family! What fun. I will, as soon as I can, put together all their traveling information in our website. Paddy went many thousands of miles on his World Adventure!
Love this picture of Badu. She loves to knead and suck on fluffy blankies! Even though she acts so tough sometimes, we KNOW she has a soft side!