Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday, May 31

Talk about high energy--that's this place! The kittens are either eating, sleeping like logs or running around with bursts of constant energy! It's fun, just to even sit, and watch all the action. I always find it very interesting, the interactions they have with one another. Even as busy as these kittens are with play, they always gladly accept all the petting and hugs we give them!

Nemo is getting braver. After days of having her pen door open, she's decided to come out a wee bit. She absolutely loves the hammock in her Dodger's Pen. And she makes it known when it's time to pet her--she'll do a long meow and turn over to have her belly rubbed. She's a sweetie.

Sugar Plum is having a great time. She likes to hang out in the front office when the kittens are playing. She'll go from 1 group to another, playing with them. I believe she's still a kitten at heart, just like Queenie is. Queenie is a play machine--loves each and every toy. Bomber loves any of the toys with feathers--he grabs it and puts it in his mouth, then runs. This of course, causes 3-4 kittens to chase him! Never a dull moment around here.

Our organizing the Catathon continued yesterday. Angie is helping a lot to get those baskets and table sale items together. Very soon, we will have more information in our website regarding the catathon, like how to pre-register, why it's a good idea to pre-register, general information. In our flickr account, you will see one of the sets is called Catathon Auction Items. In this set, we will have individual pictures of the baskets with descriptions. There will also be the Big Ticket Items as well. We have tons of awesome items that will go on the Sale Table--we'll get some pictures of this too. Keep in mind though, the Sale Table will be out for the public to purchase these items. Our goal for this Catathon is to help us pay for some of the Parking Lot's concrete.

Floria, Faleen, Faleena, Raymond, Raymondo and Miler are now out and about with the rest of the kittens. Tonight starts the first night where all kittens will be out all night together! That should add some action to the already busyness!

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks from me to you.
Judy L/judeanlee--For the Catathon (from the Animal Rescue Site): 3 prs of shortie socks with purple paw prints, mug with paw prints, 2 stickers saying "One cat just leads to another", T-shirt XL called Kitty Parade, 2 cat magnets
Mary/mudgie--For FFRC: paw points, gift for Gregg, Cat Lint roller for Dee, bandages, triple antibiotic ointment, Oreos cookies!, volunteer treats, cat toys, nail clippers, cat toys, little book for our little bathroom, snacks for Big Al & friends, baby wipes, special snackers for the June cat birthday cats (Big Al, Riley, Simone, Putter, Cliff), new pillowcases, cast iron hooks that spell out FFRC
For the Catathon: A Spa Basket--large bath towel, hand towel and cloth, body wash, body lotion, purple brush (we have a purple theme going here too!), nexxus shampoo & conditioner, Olay products, bath & shower cloths, 2 colorful pillows,Revlon lipstick, nail polish, fingernail brush, combs, eye makeup, nail file, purple hair dryer, "Pampered toes". Also for the Catathon: large scentsy stuffed cat with scent packages, small scentsy stuffed cat with scent packages, kitty picture, calculator, bandages, light up balloons, stickers
John H--dry cat food, a case of Friskies Medley, Case of Whisker Lickins cat treats and a case of Party mix treats
Audrey G--for the Catathon: Victoria Secrets Blue Bikini, size Med., Victoria Secrets sundress, XL John Deere T-shirt, Colin Stewart Sandals, size 6B, teddy bear frame, a Duck Dolls Heirloom Doll "Kathleen", 2 big plush kitty cats sets that are of a plush cat with a very soft throw.
Jodi M from MI--6 cases of Friskies and a case of baby cat canned food (Royal Canin)
Jenni (volunteer)--her husband has donated 3 autographed Nascar Drivers cards (Tony Stewart, Richard Petty & Mark Martin) and a nascar car
Leenie--10 giant packages of styrofoam plates
Kristen & Robert B--a letter from Gelato and Tiramisu
Rose/rosesf6cat: a poem of Putter "What Putter would Say" very sweet!
Amy V (adopted from FFRC)--beautiful coasters and 2 awesome picture frames
Jennifer L from CA--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Cookbooks will arrive very soon. As soon as that happens, we'll be shipping them out asap! The tons of litter arrives Friday! I believe we're ready for this delivery. We'll be taking some pictures of this huge event!

I've had a chance to read Canton's Director's Cut of stories that have never been out there in "cyber space". They are phenomenal! They will be added to Canton's Porchie and Covie stories that will be for sale at the Catathon.

Filbert, sporting his 1 non-eye look--so much better than before his surgery!

Shaling--mama to many at FFRC