Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday, May 1

Have some news for you all. As many of you know, we found the 3rd white cat yesterday. Last night, after boxes, Steve, Sigrid and I went back to check the traps, and there she was--in one of the traps. Jubilation that she was caught. It was a very rainy and somewhat cold day for her yesterday. In just those 5 days of being on her own, she was bone thin and very very scared of people already. I'm sure she is the sister to Penn and Teller--they are identical.

But, sadly, I have devastating news for you. She tested positive--very very strong positive for FIV--meaning she probably has had this disease for at least 4-5 weeks. Leukemia is devasting and easily spread, but FIV can only be spread by a deep bite wound. I retested Penn and Teller and they again are negative. They of course (as ALL of our cats and kittens are) will be retested again in 4 weeks. Just because they're sibs, doesn't mean they have FIV. IT MUST BE THRU A BITE WOUND. Here, for the safety of the rescue center, we cannot keep an FIV positive cat. I know some people have had FIV cats live for years, but my first responsibility is to protect the cats and kittens we already have here.We humanely let her go to heaven, with love and dignity. She was also very sick with this disease--showing a severe URI (upper respiratory infection), ulcerated eye, severe gingivitis, poor immune system. It wouldn't have been long till she went full tilt with this disease. I'm heartbroken over this, very very sad today. But, the good part of it is this--1) she will not die an agonizing death due to FIV and 2) she was warm and fed and 3) she will not spread this to another cat. I'm so so sorry. So.....we carry on, and continue to give the best medical care that we can to all of our cats.

Our 4 cats that were at the vet's office yesterday are doing good. Magentta had her remaining teeth pulled except for her 2 lower k-9's and a few incisors. County had 6 teeth pulled. Putter and Farrah both had a k-9 tooth removed. All had dental tartar removed. Again, I would like to tell you thanks for the success of Fiver Friday. Yesterday, even with our big discount, the vet bill was almost $1,000. These were major dentals and took much time. I'm grateful to be able to pay this bill.

We had BOXES yesterday! It was so wonderful and fun to get back in the swing again. I'm grateful for your support.
Mayumi from Japan--chicken bonito flakes, Muscat tea, Japanese tea mix, postcard, KitKat "world Variety", 2 kitty grooming brushes, 2 cans of Japanese sardines and 3 real western kitty hats for the Sheriff and his 2 Deputies!
Shelley & Val and Maya--(visited Saturday) brought a sample kitty mousepad--may make these for the catathon with FFRC residents, volunteer snacks, Friskies pate and a beautiful Bradford Exchange Limited Edition Decorative Plate (Little Rascals) for the Catathon
EclecticKatz, David and their kitties Buddy, Gracie, Bonnie, Kody and Harley--office supplies, markers, post it notes, rules paper clips, volunteer snacks and candy, tuna, chicken, salmon and sardines for the cats
Colleen/leenie50 and her kitties Dhana, Weasley, Samson and Delila--Charles Wysocki pillow and a 70-53 throw and 2 awesome cat books for the catathon
SusanG/susan345--3 Dolly Dingle Dolls (these are neat--have cat faces and are so sweet) for the catathon
Twiggysmom--3 sham Wow mops and lots of shammies
Dorothy in CA-a big bag of dried sardines
Mamie4--an awesome group of items for the catathon, with a tea theme: 6 homeGoods teacups, and plates (beautiful), Music from the TeaLands CD, Lemon poppyseed & Cocoa Chocolate Chip Scones baking mixes, Pawprint creamer & sugar bowl, Green Tea, a ceramic tea pot with a handmade tea dozy and matching coasters, Mighty Leaf tea collection, Cats in Tea jammies (size l), KitCat Klock and a wooden box with assorted teas and 2 kitty angel posters that we'll get framed!
Kelly/loon2--kitty treats for Cat's Cove and FFRC, volunteer treats--animal crackers (chocolate and vanilla)
PeggyK/bamagirl153--a money donation, pop tabs for Kellen, cross-stitch Christmas ornaments, beautiful handmade doll clothes to fit 16-18 inch dolls, handmade Moravian star pillow with lace tatting (made by her mom), and 3 neat cat books. These Christmas items will be put in the Christmas catathon basket!
CatLover14--a basket for the catathon--a collection by Debra Jordan-Bryan items--floormat, cat bowl, garden flag, a beautiful throw and a cookie jar, all with the same design and 2 wine glasses with pawprints

I'd like to extend a huge thank you for your support. It means the world to me and I'm grateful. The items for the Catathon will help us tremendously also.

The news today (and I hope it comes true!) is that the construction guys will be done today. We then have to seal the floor and paint the trim and ceiling. I have boxes packed and lined up at the door! How exciting.

We also took in a new gold tiger mama and her 5 kittens. These kittens and mama had the real possibility of being fed to some dogs. How can people live with these decisions they make? They have been tested--FIV, heartworm and leukemia and are negative. They've also been wormed and given a capstar. Sadly, they were too filthy for even a flea to live on them. It took 2 baths each to get them clean--very dirty, very oily. They were not given food, just scrapes of meat occasionally. Mama had to find the food needed. Mama was bone thin. I thought they all had major eye infections, but it is a simple conjunctivitis from the dirt on their face. To see their white be white and not grey was a thrill. We all 4 boys (all gold and white) and 1 girl (calico). To hear them all purr, lumped together with big tummies and clean is a real thrill. Kittens are about 6 weeks old.

We have some awesome news! I've heard from Maximillion's new family--all is well and happy. Hettie's new mama has also called and all is wonderful there. Pansy Mae is on hold and will be adopted on Friday! The person who rescued Teller will adopt Pansy Mae.

Now that it's May 1st, the 12 kittens can be put on hold. These are the kittens now on hold: Boku & Boomer (together), Tamara & Glady (together),Gelato and Tiramisu (together), Hoops & YoYo (together)and Dixon. I'm thrilled with these upcoming adoptions!
Pansy Mae
Pansy Mae has a new homes and will be adopted soon!