Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday, May 10

The surgery list is made and ready for Saturday. We have 8 boy kittens (possibly 9--depends on the weight) and then 5 girl kittens. We will also have the 3 adult mamas spayed. A very busy morning.

The 3 little kittens in Thumper's Room are doing great. They are Daymo, Emma Lou and Ida Lou. They came in a little worried about life, but are settling down now and enjoying chin rubs.

We have 7 kittens with our volunteer Martha L. Two of them are already eating good by themselves. Within another 1-2 weeks, the other 5 should also be eating on their own. Then they will come back to the Rescue Center.

We also had another 4 kittens arrive here yesterday, by a friend and webcam viewer, Deb. She found these 4 babies at her work. They are also bottle fed kittens. At the beginning of baby season, we had time to hand feed all these little ones. But, now that we are super busy, there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. So...these 4 kittens are also placed, but with a REAL CAT MAMA! All are tested and are negative. After they are self-sufficient, they too will make their way back to the rescue center.

I love Thumper's Room. We have had a very healthy spring here with the cats and kittens. I do believe Thumper's Room helps a lot, along with good cleaning. Thumper's Room is our quarantine room. Please note that until kittens and cats are tested, we prefer not to mention these incoming cats and kittens. It's just a safety precaution.

Parking Lot Project/Project Noah--work continues yet today. They are trying to get all the concrete poured by the end of Friday so it can all start curing. Lots to do today and tomorrow. The slope looks great, especially around Kitty City. DUring this construction time, we are not opening the window to their outdoor porch enclosure--too dusy and too scary for them.

We had BOXES last night (2 nights worth!)
Pat--sent Pill Pockets for Farrah and Temptation treats for the cats' snackers
Medic 101--sent 2 cases of Fancy Feast
D'Lee K--cans of CatSure (a supplement for Bondi) She had it for breakfast.
Bradley S from WA--sent 6 Yeowww catnip Bananas, for Filbert (who loves these), but he will share them too!
Kimberly G in CA--a sweatshirt "What part of Meow don't you understand?" for the Catathon, size large. Really cute!
TippyNTraylor--cat treats, appetizers, chicken card holder for Connie, a peacock card holder, washcloths, chicken salt & pepper shakers, a kitty bank, Mickey Mouse gelatin molds, chocolate Oreos for Sigrid, stickers, kitty & fishbowl salt & pepper shakers, 2 cat holders, a bag for Kitty Kastle (to hold plastic bags). Some of these items are for the Catathon.
Donna M/mkmouse--Mickey Mouse auto emblems, Disney postcard, Disney bracelets, Mickey Mouse character bands, 2 crystal Disney keychains, a wonderful castiron cat plant holder, and an antique Mickey Mouse stand (from 1931). She also sent a Hoops & YoYo Don't Push button! Can never have too much fun!
Lorraine L/LLwriter--sent canned Tiki & Weruva cat food for Bondi to try
Pam W--4 "Got Fish?" mats-can be placed under cat food bowls, 3 are for the Catathon
Bonnie M--cat treats, volunteer treats, MeowMix can food and a case of Friskies
D'Ette--sent an awesome box for the Catathon, will be called a "Kids Summer Fun" basket--full of various fun items--bubble wands, super soakers, big bubble bucket, beach towels, kites, sand toys, beach tote bag, bug net, bug carriers, Mad Libs, water bombs, magnifying glass, crayons, card games, stickers, crayolas and a Zoku (makes great frozen fun treats). Also sent McDonald's gift certificates for the Catathon!
Annette B in NC--Royal Canin baby can food (kittens LOVE this)
cjcat in PA--new and gently-used items for the sale table at the Catathon-- men's shirt & 2 womens t-shirts (new), an awesome stuffed bear toy, and 2 high-end purses.
Marsha R--sent 2 cordless vacuums from Black & Decker (great for pet fur)--we'll be extra super clean!
Linda C and her cat Maize from Scotland--3 bags of Roy Canin baby dry food (they so love these little pebbles of food)
Emmalee and Cheryl G/catwomangates--a nice note from Emmalee, paper plates, q-tips, blanket, wobble toy, baby food, volunteer treats, hand lotion, 2 rugs, handsoap, cat toys, Dawn soap, babywipes
(they will be coming for a visit in July!)
Calicocat--Mother's Day card with coupons and a donation to FFRC
John & Pat K & their 4 cats Gracie, Reese, Coribet & Alan Rickman--donation for the parking lot/Project Noah
Janet L & cat Kitty Boo--a donation to FFRC
Judy L/judeanlee from OH--a donation to FFRC
Linda M from GA--a donation to FFRC
Barbara C from GA--a donation to FFRC
The Furr Haven Kitties & their mom sent a very nice card
Pat K from NY--a donation to FFRC
Donez M fro VA--a donation to FFRC
Caroline L from United Kingdom--a PayPal donation to FFRC
Nancy L from IL--a PayPal donation to FFRC
Cheryl G/abbytabbysmama from TN--a PayPal donation to FFRC

Emaline's eye continues to look better every day. Farrah is still seizure-free, even with the reduced PB dose. We will watch and wait for a couple months. Buttons is a lover cat--she needs a home! What a nice girl she is. And she LOVES boxes. Grominique and Macallan are good friends--they like to run together and play hard with each other.

Even the peacocks on our farmyard say: PLEASE get those cats spayed & neutered!