Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday, May 6

I'm sitting here at the desk and there's a basket full of kittens beside me on the floor--6 kittens (of the 12) piled up napping. They sure look cute and innocent when sleeping, but watch out when they wake up! We're talking about some real ornery kittens!

I would like to thank Hey Kitty Kitty store for donating a portion of each April sale to FFRC. We received a PayPal payment from them yesterday for $75. I sure appreciate this. So nice of this store to pick a cat organization monthly to help.

Parking lot project/Project Noah--this entire weekend, we have a soaker hose on the very long line where the drain pipes are leading from 1 catch basin to another to the river. The construction guys want it compacted as much as possible (where they had dug at). So, water will do it! It's already sinking 5-7 inches in some places. The next phase begins on Tuesday.

I've had a couple people say they can't find the posts on our FFRC Rescue facebook page. Go down just a little ways, in the middle is a box that says Post by Others. Click on that, go to the "posts by others" and it'll bring up the recent posts.

We are also adding a new set of pics to our Flickr page called Pics for Cell Phone. We have 4 added already--Bella, Gelato, Hoops & Anony. You can go on there and put them in your cell phone--they're just the right size. Very soon, more of Nikka's pictures will also be added to another new set.

We had a new adult cat come in yesterday. She was found by a sister of a volunteer, Angie. She is a white calico--looks a lot like Merci. Very sweet. Her bath will be given this morning, but is already wormed, capstarred and tested (negative!). She has some kind of yellow goo all over her--can't tell what it is. Her name is Ginny for the sister who found her.

We also had 3 new kittens brought in last night, by another volunteer, Connie D. She went to a store where they had these poor babes in a metal cage, no water, no litterbox with a Free Sign on the cage. This so irritates me, because they've done this several times before over the years. GET THE MAMA SPAYED. Connie left some literature with the store. Anyhow, these 3 sweeties are here. A "butterfly" black tiger/white, a black with white toes, a black/white with a black triangular nose (looks a lot like Sepp who is Octavia's brother). They have been wormed, capstarred and tested (negative!). They are about 6-7 weeks old.

We had BOXES last night. So thankful as we were in special need of these supplies!
Cathi B--3 cases of baby meat food
Lois L--3 cases of baby meat food
Anonymous--6 cases of baby meat food
Mike (Sophie & Lucy's Dad)--coupons
Amy D--coupons
Sophie & Blue (my siamese friends)--a $5 for the past Fiver Friday
Teresa & Carol F--donation for the Parking Lot (they stopped by for a visit yesterday)

All is fine here. Cats are happy. Kittens are silly and fun! I'm off to give the 4 newbies a bath. Have a great Sunday.
Inside Cat's Cove, by the door that goes to the walkway to Feline Fieldhouse (the second building of Cat's Cove). In the walkway, they can lay on the grass/ground and have 100% view of the farmyard area. It's about a 30 foot long walkway that let's them go to the Feline Fieldhouse.