Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weds, May 16

We have 3 surgeries scheduled for today. Since Ginny went into full heat, we need to get her spayed (all the cats are looking at her like she's a very very strange cat!). So, while we're doing her, we might as well go ahead and get Shaling done. We had run out of time on our surgery day this past Saturday, so we'll get them done today at the vet's office. We're also going to send Big Al (a porchie cat) up too. We've been treating his ear, but it's time now to get that tumor removed from it. He'll feel so much better. He's an awesome cat.

We have two of the foster kittens back at FFRC. A volunteer, Martha L has had them for several weeks. One is a female (dark tiger/white) named Martha Ann and the other is a male (grey/white) named Larrymore. These are the 2 kittens that Mary C and her husband had rescued and fostered for a while when they were wee little kittens. They've also adopted several cats from FFRC. Thanks to both families for being a part of these kitten's rescue. Martha Ann and Larrymore will be out and about again today.

Bondi came out of her pen this morning on her own will! She spied a Yeowww catnip banana and has been all over it--rubbing, rolling and drooling! Sounds like a happy cat to me!

Here in the office, Penn and Teller are on one side of the door and 3 little kittens are on the other. They're playing "footsie" under the door with each other. Dee was here yesterday and gave the cats their Tuesday grooming, massage and roll-off with her roller. They turn and twist for her to reach all their parts--they love it.

Starting this Friday, the Kitty Kastle will have guests in it for the following 2 weeks. Different guests/different times. What fun for us. We are so looking forward to our webcam friend's visits.

Remember to mark your calendar for May 26th, at 1:00 on the webcam. Our friends 2 Loons of twoloonsjewelry will be here for the weekend. They will show you their beautiful jewelry at that time. Lots of our ffrc cats are featured on their jewelry!

We will be hearing soon about the delivery of the cat litter. It'll be after we're allowed to drive on the parking lot (we're still all parking across the road by the river and in the front yard). It'll be so easy to unload it--drive right up to the door almost to Kitty City and wheel it on the nice smooth cement (instead of stones). We've been told that storing this much in Kitty City will not further "sink" the building.

Asha is laying here beside me. She is and always will be a special cat. She loves to be groomed and will even butt-in on other cats being groomed. Emaline's eyes are doing better. We had a bit of a set back a couple days ago, but now she's doing better again. She is starting to do her licking of her legs again, so we'll treat her for that as well today.

This isn't cat related, but have to tell you something that happened yesterday. A friend brought over a young hen and 2 baby chicks for us (what a surprise!). So, I thought the webcam friends would like to see them before we took them out to the farmyard. As I was holding the hen, I heard and felt something--a big splat on the floor. I thought she had pottied, but no, it was an egg! She laid an egg right in front of the cam. I think we all got a big laugh out of that! So, a new hen, 2 baby chicks and 6 more baby chicks coming today. Caryn and her kids incubated eggs and got to watch them hatch. Now, they will come to Grandma's house.

I would like to give thanks to:
Aunty Gitte--a PayPal donation for Cutie (will get something special just for her)

If I ever neglect or miss a name or gift, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail about it. I would appreciate it.

We have heard from the family that adopted Cannoli and Tamara--they are both doing great.
Lord Nelson
Here is Paddy with Lord Nelson on his World Tour. Check out the story of his tour on our website--there's a picture & link to take you there. Also see some of the pictures of his tour on FFRC's flickr page. The flickr page is still being worked on.