Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday, May 5

Wow--this week has been a very busy week indeed. I want to first apologize for something. Usually if I say I am going to do something, I do it. But, I have gotten terribly behind this week and am attempting to catch up! Give me time and I'll get all those things that I've intended and said I would do, done! Thanks for understanding.

Next Saturday, the 12th, in the morning is our big surgery day here at the Rescue Center. The group of 12 kittens that are crazily running around, will all be spayed and neutered. We will also spay the 2 mamas--Shaling and Purresa. The 5 D gold/white kittens and their mama will also go on the surgery schedule IF their health (and weight for the kittens) is up to it. Safety is our first concern. The afternoon will be even busier--as we have many of the volunteers that will be bringing in their cats and dogs for physicals, vaccinations, etc. A truly interesting day coming up!

The guys were working on the parking lot yesterday. All 3 catch basins and lines to it connecting to the river is now in place. They will start again on Tuesday. I LOVE the new Storage Room--it is just wonderful! More boxes are labeled, hope to get this done today. The volunteers and I LOVE it. We took the cabinet that's been in Cat's Corner Room out, so now the kitties have even more room. Lots of the extra stuff that was in June's Room is now out--so much nicer. We are becoming super organized!

Cutie has been here, there and everywhere today--she is really into checking everything out today! Zelda has been sprawling all over my desk. It seems like I have a million pieces of paper (needed items, of course!) on my desk, all UNDER her. I told her this morning, I need a desk just for her to nap on! She just blinked at me.
Raza has been playing with the kittens--I think she's more comfortable with kittens than with cats.

FiFi is doing wonderful. Her vision is definitely improved and you can tell she loves it. She's is growing and looks very healthy. Queenie is so interesting. I really think she thinks she's a kitten at heart--she's always playing. Putter is feeling back to his good old self. There couldn't possibly be another cat in the world that has the Putter Stare.

Our sweet Bondi had a rough day yesterday. Very very quiet, obviously not feeling well and vomited quite a few times. I've pulled all her can food and have given her nausea meds (by injection), SQ fluids and a "feel better" pill. We also moved her from Patience's Pen to Condo #1, still here in the main area where I can keep an eye on her. She obviously feels better this morning, as she wants petted again. She had more fluids given this morning. We'll keep you all posted.

We had BOXES last night!
Wendy B--a nice note and a case of Friskies & 10 packages of baby/kitty wipes
Germansiggi--with a note, and bookmarks. For the Catathon: glittery sentimental noteholders, a wooden shoe picture fram and a beautiful cat pin
DeWitty--a donation for FFRC
Betz57--sent a card and a donation for 2 cookbooks--1 for Lisa & 1 for Stacey
Charlotte M--a donation for FFRC
Nancy L/Wisconsin--coupons
Martha W--donation for FFRC
Patricia M from IL--donation for FFRC
Anonymous--a donation to FFRC for the parking lot
A donation from Japan thru PayPal for FFRC
Thank you all for your support and believing in this Rescue Center. It means a lot to me. Hey--I found this today and LOVE it! "One doesn't know, till one is a bit at odds with the world, how much one's friends who believe in one, means to that person" by D.H. Lawrence. Thanks to all you webcam friends for being our friend.

Please continue to vote. We've slipped a little bit so need those votes! We're still holding a fairly good #1 lead, but want to stay there. Thank you for those votes!
Ernestine on her favorite climbing treehouse.