Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday, May 15

What a crazy day we had outside again yesterday. The construction guy was back and sawed very loooooong lines into the concrete-a whole day process. LOTS of dust flying all over the place. Then the telephone company was here all day--yep, more digging. They are putting in fiber optic lines along our road. So, more ditch digging going on yesterday and today. Oh, for a day with no loud outside noise (except for the peacocks)!

Purresa and Purr kittens spent the night out of their room last night. Dahney and her D kittens also were out last night. They did great. Shaling and her kittens are doing super too. That litter is still in Dodger's Pen, but those little rascally kittens have figured out how to crawl out of the high sides. Down, they plop on the cushioned bench we put in front of the doorway area. Then they've figured out how to get back into the pen. The first one to do this was Fayth, the little calico kitten. Such an adventure for them. They are so little yet--they will be just 5 weeks old this Friday.

Boomer is "helping" me type. I've had to go back and delete many mistakes, thanks to him! Such a sweet boy. We've heard from Angie & Bill who adopted Hoops and YoYo. All is great--they have a very busy and active home now! Durell and Dolan are also instigators--they love to chase and chew on the tails of the other kittens. Then they run!

Daymo, Emma Lou and Ida Lou spent their first night out of their pen last night. These 3 kittens are in a constant state of play! Such a nice looking litter too. Our 3 oldsters are feeling good. All 3 have been maintaining their weight. Putter has
perfected the "stare down" and gives it to the kittens all the time. It's fun to watch the interaction between the adults and the kittens.

We have new t-shirts ordered for FFRC. There will be 3 colors: lake (a soft grey), raspberry and green. They'll be in the first of June. Unfortunately, we could only get sizes from small to 2XL. When they arrive, I'll show them to you. If anyone is interested at that time, we'll get them in the
mail to you.

We've heard from the family that adopted Dixon. His new name is Milano and he's doing great. Already getting along good with their Oreo cat.

We had BOXES last night. We're receiving items for the Catathon too. It won't be long until we start organizing the baskets and figuring out what items go in the baskets, which ones will be sold individually for the auction and which ones will be sold on the tables that will be here for our visitors at the Catathon. I am deeply grateful for each and every item that we receive for the Catathon and for FFRC's use. IF you are interested in sending anything for the Catathon, please have it here by June 1st. At that time, we will be going full-force on plans!

Abigail C/Chia_Me--card, treats for volunteers, toys for kitties, laser toy with batteries, hedgehog squeaker. For the Catathon: cat magnets, earings, notecards and a really nice t-shirt
Butterflylady/Lisa--purple pawprint jewelry and a t-shirt from The Animal Rescue Site for the Catathon
Tazsmom--toner for the copier, large post its, bright colored paper
Jo91150--cactus pear jelly, a horse hair cat key chain, nut tray and a beautiful woven basket. These items will join the other southwestern items she sent for the Catathon
Cathi B from TX--3 cases of Fancy Feast
Marsha R from FL--card, 2 bath, 3 hand and 2 wash towels (all green)
Lillian from CT--a Danbury Mint cat figurine for the Catathon
Jacqui C from MD--a feline aerosol chamber (to dispense the aerosol meds)
German Siggi--stickers, coupons, doormat, chicken ht for a cat (we'll show Connie), 2 grass plants, a wonderful window perch and an absolutely gorgeous lamp (for the Catathon)
Herta B--2 signed, limited editions of 2 cats, one called "Buster" and the other called "Making the Rounds". The artist sent these to us himself, who is Drew Strouble. His site is Catmandrew.com Herta made this possible!
Michelle L/Crittercat--mothers day donation and a very nice letter.
Susan/Shinn81--coupons, card & a neat cat prayer
Cheryl L from WA--card for volunteers, mothers day card and stickers & bookmarker
Patmack01--card, coupons, letter and pictures of her Callie cat.
From FFRC fur kids--cash and story about sneaking out to send this card! Putter & Paddy in cahoots together! Big Al, Zelda, Badu, County and others were also involved.
Queen Bella--mothers day card
Filbert--mothers day card
Heather R--a thank you note along with a donation and a Visa gift card She also sent 2 clear pet food dishes with a needlepoint cat on the bottom of each bowl. She also sent a beautiful picture of 2 cats, needlepoint, with many wonderful colors.

Glady is playing on the floor with a feather toy. And, along comes Roga! Jumping straight in the air is the way to play today! So much fun to watching them. Jaina is now joining the fun. A 3 ring circus, with Paddy Cake rushing by them which results in Glady falling over. Oh, it's never a dull moment here!
FiFi, after a hard, fun time playing!