Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday, May 18

We are kitten and cat overrunneth! Yesterday we had 9 cats in Thumper's Room. This morning though, we've "rearranged" a little bit. The 4 plus 1 other one are now moved to Dodger's Pen. Shaling and kits are now in June's Room to give them more space to play. We always have a progression that we follow. In another week, Shaling's kittens will get their first vaccination. These 4 plus 1 kittens will be named after trees, since the 4 were found in a wood pile. The 1, is a white/gold that was found in a yard. The 4 are all dark tiger/whites. And they are ALL boys.

We also took in a full blooded persian yesterday. She's a dilute calico (cream, grey and white) and is a year old. She has her fur cut pretty short, but it'll grow out and show off her beauty. Her name is Dollianna. Such a sweet girl.

We also took in a stray cat that's been hanging out at a volunteer's neighborhood. This is a young, big male cat--probably only 8 months old. He's grey tiger & white. (He looks a lot like Peterson.) His name is Azar, for Azar Big Boy restaurant. He is one nice boy--loves to be petted, seems to be very laid back.

We also took back 2 cats that belonged to a person that could no longer keep them. Remember, our policy is that if they can no longer keep their pet that was adopted from FFRC, that they must be returned here. I'm always grateful for that being done, if something happens and they no longer can be kept. One is black (Peeps) and one is a long hair torti (Meadow). Both nice cats.

All else is great here. We're down another day of waiting to use the parking lot. I'm almost in to counting the seconds! Can't wait to use the parking lot again. It looks good and with this wonderful weather, I'm sure it's drying quicker.

Preakness is rolling on the rug beside me, with a Yeowww catnip rainbow under her chin. We gave a bath today to both Penn and Teller. Their fur looked like they needed another bubble bath. Queenie is laying on the desk with me. Pansy Mae spent the night in the house--she LOVES being in there. She'll be a wonderful house cat for her upcoming adoption! Buttons needs a home--she would also be another great couch loving cat!

We had BOXES last night. It's simply amazing the support you all show. It's astounding to me and I'm very grateful.
Anonymous, from Petco--a case of Fancy Feast Appetizers (any claimers? let me know)
Jatcat from CA--2 new box cutters, plus replacement blades
We are not sure of the donor of this: 12 jars of baby food (any claimers?)
Tom P from NJ--pop tabs for Kellen, for the Catathon or FFRC: a sign that says "Cats Welcome" A really neat sign!
Cobbis--a case of Friskies Variety Pack (chicken)
Connie G/Conii from FL and Madison & Elliot: a wonderful note, catnip toys, treats for volunteers. For the Catathon: XXL Catitude Tshirt, a black/white cats t-shirt size Med, a red catfinated tshirt, coffee mug of cats, 2 cat tote bags, cat night light, 2 Whimsey cats with bling, fur collar, big whiskers, Boyds Bear Sneaky cat figurine, Box full of lovely jewelry, 3 large clear glass cat figurines and a donation for FFRC
Christine P/Raven652 from CA--a letter, boxes of Nips for volunteers, stuffed cow toy, stuffed cat, pink heart pillow 2 blankets, paw pillow & and catbed. For the Catathon: cat toys, cat magnets, cat spring toy, 3 heart necklaces
Lois S and Val/Kismet--orange afghan. For the Catathon: crocheted hot pads, poncho, shoulder bag, large stuffed bunny, raccoon, lion and puppy (we're talking LARGE!).
Dewitty--pictures of the Dewitt cats Amer and Pete and a letter. Contents for 2 baskets for Catathon: many many items, all dog related, including a dog bed that will be divided up and made into 2 baskets. Plus a cat furniture modular systems Gym City that is 6 boxes altogether that make up a GIANT cat gym toy.
Nancy/Kerswill from MI--for FFRC: Fancy Feast Appetizers, Fancy Feast case, Kitty treats, Hello Kitty bandages, antibacterial ointment, kitty wipes, Laundry additives and a Twinkle night time toy, place mats. For the Catathon: desk box with note cards (hand painted pastels), wooden paper clip holder, 2 different picture frames with florals, note holder, crocheted Rock paper weights, 2 piece storage cutes (Hello Kitty), 2 hanging dish towels, place mats, blue jean nip packs, frog blankets. Also sent a donation to FFRC. Thanks for the peacock t-shirt!
CarolO from CA--coupons plus a donation for FFRC
EllenC from UTah, a donation for FFFRC
Gail/Tuxkitty --card with a donation and pics of tux cat and spaniel who is 11. Tuxie was a Hurricane Katrina rescue
Shannon O in WI--a donation thru PayPal
Carla C--a donation thru Paypal, in memory of Roy, her beloved cockatiel. She would like to ask everyone to light a candle for him and to hug your loved ones an extra time in memory of Roy
Alan B from UT--a donation to FFRC
From the Cats--a Mother's Day card!

On the shelf by Dodger's Pen, there are 5 cats lined up shoulder to shoulder, watching the bird feeders. Such good friends! It's interesting to see as the sunlight travels around the inside of the Rescue Center, how the cats move their nap areas to follow that sunbeam.

The 6 baby chicks that we are raising, have to come inside each evening till the nights get warmer and bigger feathers come in. The peep-peep from these chicks is very interesting to the kittens. All ears forward! Bondi is holding her own. She loves to lay on the cat furniture and always responds with a chirp for us. Sure would like to know her past history.
FFRC Interior 12
Oh what fun it is in the Rescue Center!