Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday, May 17

We have more kittens being adopted soon. This Friday early evening, my daughter/Christy will be coming to adopt Glady and Roga. Such 2 sweetie kitties. That makes them my grandkitties! Also on Sunday, Shelley will be coming to take Boku and Boomer home. She's going to have a lively house--these are 2 fun loving kitties!
Pansy Mae will also soon be going to her new home.

Yesterday we had another adoption. Maxaroni went to his new home. The couple that adopted him also has a hold on Emma Lou. Emma Lou must wait until she's spayed to go with them. We heard from the family that adopted Cannoli and Tamara--they LOVE them! Cannoli's new name is Cutie Pie and Tamara is now called Cuddles.

Have you checked out all the new pictures on the FFRC flickr site? You can go to our website, then click on the flickr tag. There's also more of the Paddy's World Tour. If you were one of the fortunate people that received Paddy for a visit, and we don't have your pictures up, please resend them to me and we'll get them added. Thanks.

We took in a new adult calico cat yesterday. Within this past week, she had 5 kittens, who have all passed away. I normally do not give out much of the hard/sad news of things that happen here, but this story needs to be said. This sweet girl was covered in fleas, which then also spread to the kittens. Kittens and cats can and do die from over flea infestation. It depletes their red blood cells to the point that the body cannot reproduce enough of them to keep up with the loss. Please, check your pets. If you find fleas, help your pet. They cannot get rid of fleas by themselves. These kittens didn't need to die.

Please remember to vote at The Animal Rescue Site. We continue to keep our #1 position, but need to maintain it. Voting ends June 17, so we have weeks yet to keep our spot. This would mean a $5,000 check for FFRC!

We had 3 surgeries done yesterday. Shaling and Ginny were both spayed and did just fine. Both were out and about last night. Our porchie cat, Big Al had the most detailed surgery. He had several tumors removed from his ear. Then in checking the other ear, a complete block was found and removed. Poor boy, probably has a headache today after this. He needs daily drops in both ears for a week. He's feeling good though and ate a good breakfast.

We had lots of BOXES last night! What fun. Our appreciation runs deep. Some items were for FFRC, some for Kitty Kastle and the Catathon. This is a huge help to us.
Linda S--3 cases of Royal Canin Baby cat canned food & 3 bags of Royal Canin Baby dry food
Leenie--4 boxes of of Whiskas Poultry pouches
Kelly R from CA/littleonemine--10 packages of Fancy Feast Appetizers, 2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
Charlotte M/Brutus4--from Canada--pill pockets for Farrah,cat nip pellets, 2 Gideon Bibles (one for purse & one for Kitty Kastle), catnip toys, hot chocolate mixes for Kitty Kastle For the Catathon: Pansy Cat Figurines, Cat Christmas ornaments, 2 cat books, book mark, scrap booking material, 6 glass & gold cat figurines, 2 cat figurines with pansies on them, 2 glass black/white cat figurines. Also a card and poem from Brutus!
Gecko/Barbara F--4 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
German Siggi--Halo cat food Sampler pack (will try on Bondi)
Carol, Corky and Tammy--3 cases of Fancy Feast.
D'Lee--10 cans of CatSure milk (for oldsters)
KimKost from MI--For the Catathon: 5 pairs hand knitted socks/slippers, Detroit Tshirt, Kitten book (would be great for visitor/volunteer's bathroom!), Sweet Pea Diffuser set, 9 boxes of party Votive candles Lilac reed diffuser. Jewelry: earings, Love Life necklace, Blessing necklace. For FFRC: 5 packets of tuna
Hummerfan/GwenCooper--cat toys, breakaway color, kitty toys, note cards, photo album, pillowcases, toys for Einie. For the Catathon: Stitch & Paint Craft project, cat trivet, framed picture (3 cats in library) named Mischief
Anna Marie, Neil & Vixen/Shep from MO--pop tabs for Kellen, dog & kitty treats, Meow Mix pate toppers. For the Catathon: a cool cat shaped decorative fan, 3 cat home healthcare kits (1 is for Farrah), 2 throws that say: Kittens are Angels with Whiskers, and another throw with 7 kittens on it
Marilyn S from NJ--50 packets of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Lynn S--3 rugs--colorful stripes, lime green and turquoise
Jeanette B & Furrhaven Kitties: FRESH cat nip, badminton birdies for FFRC, cats cove, special cans of food for Bondi and a PAWS Newsletter
Joanne P from PA--a donation thru PayPal

Purrby, Jax, Purrgeon and Larrymore are here in the office, stalking one another and leaping in the air. The energy they have.......wish we could bottle it! Kiara is sitting up watching them like she has no idea why they would want to be so crazy. To add to the commotion, Denniston and Durell are running around with a feather toy amongst the other kitties. Purrkins is sitting IN the big cat food bowl--it's all his! Never a dull moment here!
Here's the pretty girl--Ginny. She has adjusted quickly to being here.