Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weds., May 30

Busy times are here. Kitties are everywhere, playing, running, napping and having fun. We had an adoption on Sunday. Pansy Mae went to her new home. We've already heard from the new family and all is well! Pansy Mae loves them very much and is already napping on laps. She also let a 5 year old grandson carry her around and then received kisses from the 2 year old granddaughter! What a lucky cat!

We had another 2 adoptions that are going good. Purresa and Dunakin were adopted together. Sunday morning, I took them into Kitty City, to see if Purresa would get along with Dunakin without the kittens around, so Purresa wouldn't be in "mommy mode". A couple had come about 3 weeks ago and liked the 2 of them, as they have always been fond of short haired black cats. I was holding my breath, but all is well. Heard from the family 2 times now and people and cats are getting along just fine. I'm so thankful for that...a good home for 2 wonderful cats.

Our new kitten, Bomber, is doing awesome. He's now out and about with the rest of the kitty crew. His toes are quite astounding--he has a fistful on each foot! What a great personality. The 4 black and 1 black/white litter are out also quite a bit now. They also have names! The 2 girls are Faleen and Faleena. The 2 boys are Raymond and Raymondo. The black/white (female) is Floria. Five very sweet kittens. All 4 black kittens are absolutely identical. So, Faleena and Raymondo have a bit of a shaved patch on their tummies to tell all 4 of them apart.

The new t-shirts for FFRC will be in very soon. We'll keep you posted, in case you are interested. Three neat colors--apple green, raspberry and lake (blue/grey). On the front, it says: Life is Great. Cats make it better. Also has 3 small pictures--a cat face, ball of yarn and a pawprint. On the back, is says: Friends of Felines' Rescue Center with the address on it. These shirts are of very good quality. They come in sizes small to 3XLG. As soon as they come in, I will show you them on the webcam. If you'd like to order, you can then send an order thru PayPal (no need to also e-mail me if payment is thru PayPal) or if by check will need to do an e-mail to hold a shirt for you.

We had BOXES last night! I'm a very grateful person for your support.
Susan G--2 Yeowww! catnip bananas & 4 replacement scratchers for the cat track
KellyR from CA--we received the Fruit of the Month from Harry and David--big, giant, sweet strawberries!
Erika M from Hong Kong---q-tips, post it notes, glow in the dark collar for Farrah for her birthday and sponges. A hug and kiss was delivered to Farrah for you!
Dianne E from AZ--For the Catathon: basket, note cards in decorative box, butterfly container, moose business card holder, thank you cut out butterfly, M&M candy machine and M&M's to put in it, and a beautiful collector plate of a Himalayan, called "Purrfect Poinsettia"
Michelle H/catcruzer from FL--For the Catathon: 2 handcrafted purses made of Candy Wrappers from MExico, 1 small/1 big, kitty soap dish, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and shower curtain rod hooks--all kitty design. Also Florida salt water taffy and Florida rum cake
Cindy H/MNSnowy from MN--For the Catathon: Picture frame with "love" on it, a vintage 1987 Fancy Feast Christmas ornament, kitty Welcome sign. Also wash cloths for the center and a YoYo gift bag! She also sent a stack of Tabby Cat Dollars I can use for letters!
Jatcat from CA--6 cat food can covers, mouse holder (yeah, no more broken mousies!), batteries and a new Dell mouse
Darkcat--For the Catathon: lots and lots and lots of various Hello Kitty items! Everything from treasure boxes, soap dish, lunch boxes, puzzle, rings, hairbands to a Hello Kitty satchel filled with fun items for a birthday party! A basket of fun!
Lynn S from TN--For the center: purple rug, lots of 13 gallon trash bags, purple bath towels, shipping tape, dry cat food, dog snackers, 300 plates, Mr. Clean magic erasers, Einstein treat, case of Fancy Feast, 2 boxes of Whiskas perfectly chicken, sardines and 24 pads of postie notes. For the Catathon: a beautiful hand painted cat figurine, San Diego zoo key chains, and a reversible cat picture on a stand (very neat!) Also sent pics of her kitties-Cara Mia, Dexie Doodles, & Ernie
Gail R/tuxkitty from LA--For the Catathon: 4 Lefton cat figurines, 3 siamese cat figurines, 1 colorful Cancum Pottery cat figurine & 3 ceramic baskets decorated with flowers & cats
Leenie50 from Alaska--many wonderful, very interesting items for an Alaskan basket for the Catathon--fish batter, Alaskan smoked salmon, salmon dip, wildberry tea, blue berry jelly, sour dough pancake mix, polar bear smoochies, many more items that are all Alaskan themed! Other items included: 2 scarves, hand quilted table runner, 5 Charles Wysocki journals, blue plate from Denmark, blue/white teacup and saucer from Denmark, cat platter, 2 framed pictures, zanie mice
DeEtte--her "lost" box was found, right here, safe and sound all the time. Again, so sorry, DeEtte for causing you to worry. Another wonderful basket for the Catathon of Laurel Burch items: dog tapestry throw and pillow, 2 silk cat scarves, Morrocan Horse purse, cosmetic bag and tote, feline family throw and pillow, cat purse, 6 magnets, bookmarks--these are all Laurel Burch items--just beautiful. Also 2 candles that are flameless (Road to a Friends House and Mother & Daughter) and the batteries for them, kitty treats, an assortment of LB greeting cards.
Eleanor F/elskates--a card and a bracelet for Jacci--Live, Love, Meow (I love it)
Rose/RoseSF6cat from Iowa--2 Isabel Bloom Cat Figuries. One called Pounce, the other is called Littlest Cat. Both beautiful.

We are starting the big task of organizing things for the Catathon. Please know that we may "mix and match" items to make complete baskets. ALL items that have been sent WILL be involved in the catathon, either in the auction or on the table for sale items. I am deeply appreciative of all the support. Most folks, in their letters and notes, have mentioned that it's okay to use any item in any way that will be most advantageous to the Catathon. It's going to be an exciting event!
Bomber--showing off his extra toes. Most cats have 18 toes, this sweet boy has 26 toes.