Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday, May 21

What a busy weekend. Saturday had visitors and lots of kittens to take care of. Sunday we also had visitors. The day to day work is tremendous with the high volume of kittens. I'm very thankful that the kittens and cats' health has continued to be great. Working with this many kittens, it's so important to keep on top of any little sneeze, eye problem, etc.

Our weekend visitor was Bantry. She stayed in Kitty Kastle. Bantry is from MA and is a moderator on our webcam chat. We sure enjoyed her visit. Putter especially loves her.

Roga and Glady are doing great in their new home--lots of playing and loving going on there! That's the ultimate ending that we want--happy families and happy cats and kittens in their very own homes!

We have taken in more kittens. On Saturday night, about midnight, Steve heard a pitiful meow coming from the parking lot. We got our flashlights and went out. I didn't even have to barely say a "here kitty kitty", when this little brown tiger boy comes running across the concrete as fast as those tiny legs could carry him, wailing at the top of his lungs. Crying and crying, telling us "all about it". Steve named him Miler, because that probably seemed like running miles to get to us. He's been tested, wormed, bathed, etc., and is in Thumper's Room.

We also took in another little wee one on Saturday morning. Bantry named him Sequoia because he's such a brave kitten and hopefully will grow big and strong. This little babe was shook by another cat. This has resulted in "shaken kitten syndrome"--yep, just like in humans, the injuries are similar. Head/neurological problems. His little head is torked severely due to neck vertebrae damage. We have him on anti-inflammatory meds and soreness meds. He seems a little better than upon arrival, but yesteday he did experience several seizures. So...we are going day to day with him. He can sure purr though. He's also in Thumper's Room for company.

Thumper's Room also holds 5 other kittens that have been returned to us after being fostered by Martha, our volunteer. They are black/white and 4 blacks, all possibly medium hair length. Their mama was killed. Talk about a lot of action in Thumper's Room--it's crazy in there! 7 kittens, all around the same age--6 weeks. If you go in there and sit on the floor with them, your legs will be covered in kitties!

Bondi--what a joy! She definitely has a mind of her own, which we love. She may grumble at you if you hold her too long, but purrs her head off with all the petting you can give. She's better, has gained a little weight and is out and about during the day. Still very frail, but getting stronger as her appetite improves.

Today, our Dollianna will be going to the vet's to be spayed. She is in heat, so it's important to get her surgery done. This is an awesome cat--such a sweetie, is a fun cat and loves people. We will also be sending Patishka along to be spayed. Want to get her done before she goes into heat. Patishka is the calico cat that lost all her kittens due to fleas. She's slowly becoming more interested in what's going on here in the Rescue Center.

Thanks to Val and Shelley & Mya H who came Saturday (to adopt their 2 kittens): they donated treats to the volunteers and 2 cases of Friskies cat food. Shelley also shared pictures of her 2 resident cats at home--very nice looking cats.
Thanks also to Carol N--a memorial donation made to FFRC thru PayPal

Just ONE more day until we get to use the Parking Lot--I cannot wait. It's been a long 10 days of waiting and parking wherever we can find a spot. I so much appreciate that Parking Lot! When we have visitors that are familiar with FFRC, I always show them the new Storage Room--I love it and want to share how wonderful it is. It's so organized and I can find everything I need now without rooting thru cabinets and cupbaords and closets! Thanks to all for making this possible!

Please remember to continue voting for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site: We are still in first place and need to maintain this lead to June 17th to win the $5,000. Thanks for your votes--it means a lot to this Rescue Center.
Putter requested a picture of him for today!