Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday, May22

What a wonderful day. The birds are chirping since early morning, the cats are happy and the kittens are crazy! Makes for a good day. Putter is sitting here by my desk, just sitting here, so I can pet him and keep him chin rubbed. Zelda and Jaina are fast asleep on the desk and Cutie is sleeping on the cushie that's just left of the desk.

I would like to give you an update on Sequoia. Sadly, he passed away yesterday afternoon. His injuries were too severe. But, he passed away very peacefully. We have Sugar Plum in Thumper's Room with all the kittens yesterday--she has been loving being a mama to these kittens. When I went in to again check on Sequoia, it was obvious that he was leaving us. I went to pick him up to hold him for this process, but Sugar Plum beat me to it. She went over to him, curled up and had Sequoia snug right between her paws and tummy. She then proceeded to bathe him. That is exactly what she was doing when he passed away. And....that was it for Sugar Plum--she got up and went back to the other kittens. Now....how can people possibly say that animals don't care about things--of course they do.

Dollianna and Patishka were at the vet's yesterday and were spayed. Both are a bit punky yet, but today will be a good day for them, I believe. Both are napping right now. We actually have a hold on Dollianna, but she won't be leaving until the first of June.

Azar is making up for lost time. He LOVES to eat. This is going to be a very big cat when he's filled out his skinny self! What a wonderful personality he has also. Farrah is doing great so far on her reduced med dosage. She had a bit of an off time this morning, but I don't feel it was seizure related. Time will tell. We weighed lots of the cats and kittens yesterday. All the kittens have gained weight. Cutie, has lost a fair amount. Her vet physical was good last week, other than a kidney was pretty small. We'll keep our eye on her.

The peacocks are strutting by the office door. There are 6 cats crowding around the door to watch the parade. All it would take is for one of the peahens to do the "peacock scream", and I know, the cats would run like crazy.

We had BOXES last night. The generosity is astounding and my gratitude is high.
Mary & Ron--donated a wonderful "pink" theme basket--all Bath & Body products related
Michlyn/Lynns from MI--coupons, 2 seed bars for Einie, rainbow and banana Yeowww catnip toys, other cat toys, cat treats and some cat packet food
Annette B & Elsie from NC--a card and can of salmon for Rory's birthday (which he will get today) and a wonderful Octavia letter and a special treat for her
GermanSiggi from FL--coupons and a cat Garden flag for the Center
Carol N from PA-- a beautiful kitty throw blanket for the Catathon
Kelly R from CA--coupons, 2 big boxes of litter, 2 cases of Medley food, a case of Appetizers, 2 cases of Fancy Feast classic, Royal Canin dry baby kitty food
Patricia K from MY--coupons, a sticker box for Hannah, pop tabs for Kellen, and a gorgeous hand crocheted torquoise afghan
Octavia from FFRC (with help from her friend!)--lots of cans of Friskies, a bunch of kitty treats, 3 cans of can cheese, smoked almonds & pretzels (which the volunteers will love), 5 packages of big paper plates and little paper plates, many cans of salmon, tuna. The special box was filled with sardines! I do believe Octavia was making a statement that she wants to keep the supply of what she considers special foods, all stocked!
Rebecca & Willow from UK--towels & catnip toys for FFRC. For the Catathon: tinker bell shirt, princess pillow, Hello Kitty book, stampers and stamp pads, Hello Kitty nail police, draw string bag. For Bondi: a Kangaroo toy and Yogurt treats. For Catathon: men's size XL Beatles shirt. For Christmas basket: towel, pot holders set, stickers. And a book for Kitty Kastle
Annette L from MI--a donation for FFRC
Sonjamac--sticky note sandal pad
Carol, Corky & Tami from CA--For the Catathon: Gnomeo & Juliet blue ray DVD, signed picture of Elton John, Elton John t-shirt, Elton John Rocket Man 2012 tour shirt, Elton John Rocket Man 2012 Tour Hoodie, Flashing glasses, Elton John "Don't go breaking my heart" Black t-shirt, 52nd Grammy Awards water bottle from the Hilton, Elton John DVD, the Red Piano Las Vegas show & music. A wonderful basket, this will make!

My brother-in-law, Dave will be making us 2 HUGE 3-dimensional wood cats for the front yard. One cat will be laying/one will be sitting. We can use these to draw people's attention and to show their various signs of "Please spay and neuter", or "Catathon is June 24", etc. This will be fun. We'll keep you posted with the progress.

Bondi had another good day yesterday. She's eating real good and strolling about a bit more. Just talked to the contractors--they would really prefer us to wait the full 14 days for the parking lot, not just 10 days. So...we will abide by their call. Sure was hoping to drive on it today. But, it's only a few more days.
Not much longer until we can use the new parking lot!