Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weds., May 9

Parking Lot/Project Noah--wow, a lot was done yesterday. A drainage pipe has been placed around Kitty City to drain into one of the catch basins. Lots of forms and bars were placed for the incoming cement today. Tons of stones removed, but every stone will be put to good use! The guys are going to also level an area across the road--we have property there along the river and will create 3-4 more parking spots with the stone. The remainder of the stone will be used to make a driving path to the big red barn. No more sinking into the wet ground to deliver hay and supplies. This is a long project--more days of digging, leveling and forming in the parking lot with cement being poured into each section. When all done, there will be no driving on the parking lot for 10 days. Wasn't expecting that, but we'll deal with it. I'm beginning to feel safer about not losing Kitty City. There is a 5 inch slant from both sides of the driveway to the middle of the parking lot (it's just a gradual slant) so the rain will go into all the catch basins.

Bondi ate during the night! She had a pretty good fill. Wasn't too interested in her breakfast, but that's ok. She's pottying just fine and loves to have her head rubbed. She's a chirper! I love that.

All the kittens and cats are doing great. We're a healthy bunch of felines here. I'm so grateful for that. The Purr kittens and the D kittens are now out and about most of the days. They still go in their rooms at night. A few adoptions of the "12 kittens" will begin on Sunday, IF they are feeling fine from their surgeries on Saturday.

Yesterday was a crazy day--I called it a zoo here! Ran out of time and wasn't able to do boxes last night, but we WILL have boxes tonight! There's 7 boxes from yesterday already. Fun!

Please keep voting at The Animal Rescue Site. We've dropped a few points, and sure don't want to lose our lead. The voting continues until 6/17. Thank you--each and every vote is important. We have an ad in our local Crescent-News paper today, Friday and Sunday asking for voting help.

Filbert is doing great from his surgery. His mouth full of sutures isn't bothering him as much today and he ate a good breakfast. He's such a great cat. I love seeing him when he's all sprawled out on the floor, so relaxed. Wherever he wants to nap, he just plops down!

We will be putting the Sunporch Cats in Kitty City today as the cement starts being poured. I wouldn't mind some catprints on the cement, but I don't think the contractors would appreciate thousands of kitty paw-prints over all of it!

Kiara rediscovered her love of warm laundry. She was buried under a mountain of fresh laundry--all toasty warm. Cutie is doing wonderful. She seems to be enjoying the kittens and will give them a bath. Emaline is in her mama-mode again--lots of bathing going on for her too, to the kittens.
Roga & Boomer
Roga and Boomer--friendship love