Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday, May 30

If you're looking for FFRC, you may not find us. We are being buried in cottonwood still.  This may last another week.  Pretty but very hard to keep things clean. It gets inside everything. Fabio was napping in the sun yesterday and woke up to a white body of fuzzies! Water bowls are coated with cotton.  It keeps the cats entertained watching it out the windows, especially when a gust of wind picks up a pile of it and blows it around! 

Work continues on the Catathon! Jenni was here most of yesterday taking pictures! Thanks, Jenni! Here's some more info for the Baskets in Round 1 and 2:
Round 1
BAS 100     Adult Coloring Fun & more fun coloring items!
BAS 101     Books!
BAS 102     Cat for Owner #1
BAS 103     Crafts
BAS 104     Hello Kitty
BAS 105     Peacock

Round 2
BAS 107     Baby Boy
BAS 108     Boy Fun
BAS 109     Camping Fun #1
BAS 110     Crochet/Knitting
BAS 111      Sewing
BAS 112     Wizard of Oz

We had BOXES on Saturday evening!  Big thanks to you!
Deb11111 & Jatcat--iPad Air for the Tech Raffle (in July)
Selma & Scott--visitors--Bunch of Stuff (bunch of thanks to you!)
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy 1st Birthday to Gustave & the chicken $5
Beth/eaglewatcher--was here for the week!  Air Compressor & power washer (both needed and much appreciated!)
Janet M--donation to FFRC

I have some sad news to pass on. We have lost our little precious Mimi. She is the little black CH sister to Nathaniel. She was brought to us because she wasn't very healthy. We were able to get her to eat again but she never really was 100%. She was so tiny compared to Nathaniel. She passed quietly and peacefully--warm and knowing she was loved. Nathaniel, I feel, misses her. Starting today, I will put him in the back Thumper's Room for short periods for the company of the other kittens. At this point, I would have to say that his CH is heavy moderate or severe. He rolls alot and also falls over frequently. But.......this little baby has determination galore. He will learn as he gets bigger how to do things that benefit his mobility. And just maybe, he'll have a talk with Derecho and Alma. 

The kittens in the back Thumper's Room are doing terrific now. Whew---that was a tough one. They are eating with a desire to catch up on the ounces that they lost! And their activity level is wonderful. Nap, eat and play---that is their life right now and they are enjoying it! Chloe is the ultimate mama--she loves them all. But not so much does she care for Poppy anymore. So, most of the time, Chloe is with the babies. Poppy LOVES it here in the Main Area where you may frequently see her on the cam. She's a superr sweet girl. She goes back sometimes to check the babies out and then comes back up front. 

Sea Turtle is doing great. She loves all the Mail Room/PawMart visitors. She's also been out in Bella's Place a few times too. Pippi continues to be a play-your-heart-out girl! She loves every toy and anything that moves. She is tolerating the other cats much better---that gets better every day. Meow, who came from here a couple years ago and is now boarding for a couple months is doing wonderful. She looks like Farrah, but no collar. She has adjusted to being here just fine but I know she will be so happy to have her mom/dad back home. Vivienne is doing wonderful--she is playing and acting like a kitten! Another sweet cat! Her fur is growing back and her hip is healing from her surgery. 

Two of our cats went to the vets last Weds. for their dentals.  Olaf (Porchie) 5 teeth extractions. Paddy Cake had 2 teeth removed. He continues to have a 4 out of 6 heart murmur but with showing no symptoms of it. This is something we watch and will continue to have frequent checks on his heart. Both are doing great.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday, May 28

It's a beautiful day! Sun is shining, although it's snowing here! lol  The cottonwood trees are once again blowing millions of cottonwood "thingiies" in the air. Looks like it's going to be inches deep soon! The beauty of having our cottonwood grove of trees!

And it's Trucker's birthday! He is now 2 years old! That sweet boy has taught me alot in his 2 years. He is a boy with pure determination. And with that determination, fun and great things can happen. He is a happy boy and he KNOWS that he is well loved by many, especially by his mama! 

And Tabitha just had a birthday too--she is now 4 years old. She still loves her papertowels and jumping thru the open door of June's Room to spend some alone time in there. It's her private get-away! A real sweetie girl.

Eagle Rare Life begins again on 5/31.  This year we'd like to participate from the beginning, although FFRC came in, in the top 30 overall last year.  There's already a story and picture ready to be submitted.  We'll keep you posted more about this soon. 

This next Friday, Saturday, Sunday is our Dance Recital Concession dates. FFRC does all of the concessions for this 3 day event. We have the shopping done and just about ready!

We had BOXES on Thursday evening! Super big thanks to you all!

Boudicca - CATATHON - kitty paper clips
Anony Friend-- FFRC: crinkle tunnel for babies, 2 lamb chop toys, Kitty note cards, 2 pkg pipe cleaners, measuring tape for FFRC & Mich  4 magnetic frames for whatever you want.   CATHATHON:  Boys: Spiderman trunks and t-shirt  Girls: bathing suit, Tutu with tank top, 4 movies, Crystal fabric paints with 2 t-shirts, Kitty key chain & 2 kitty key blanks, 1 dog key blank, Book on Crocheting, tape measure
Mudjie/Mod  TX - Catstock bus!  CATATHON:  3 movies, Baby Boy shirt, shorts and a foo foo holder, Baby Girls: Sweatshirt, shorts & a foo foo holder  For Mods: 2 jars spicy pickles, Peach Habanero jam, jerky, Best Little *** House in Texas, Willie Nelson CD
Scott & Cathy/svcathy - CA  FFRC: Variety of K-cups, cat butt magnets, popcorn chewing gum for Jacci   CATATHON Mod:  Sharkie the Sharks mascot, book: Men with Cats, Kitten tea infuser, Sonoma Coounty Goodies: teas, orange, cherry & cabernet preserves, 3 jars of different suaces, Taylor Made organic coffee, High Voltage coffee & Sonoma Roast, Coffee knee socks     Any Basket:Fuzzy Wuzzy kitty coin bank.
Chery L - CATATHON Girls: pink ballerina jammies, 3 pr socks, crib blanket, 2 burp cloths, T-shirt & Kitty pants, flower T-shirt & pants  Kitty shirt & Pants.  Boys - Crib blanket, 2 burp cloths, Dinosaur sweatshirt, monkey jammies, plaid shirt, t-shirt and 2 pr. pants
Widdletigger/Elizabeth - Admin  24 rolls of paper Towels  Happy Birthday Tabitha! 
David & JUlie from UK- Happy 2nd Birthday Trucker!  his own personal scratcher couch & tower scratcher
Sara S - Donation in the name of Ronald R of CT
Mike/Sophieandlucysdad - MI  Coupons
James G - Defiance - Donation in memory of Ada A
Dorothy C - MD - Donation
Clark, Jesee and the Rest - FL  Happy 4th Birthday Tabitha (May 26)  Chicken $5 & Paper Towels $5   Happy 2nd Birthday Trucker (May 28)  Chicken $5
Pat C Tursday Vol - 6 crocheted dish cloths, Jingle Balls, Doggie snackers, Baby food
Dave S - 3 lg. bags Purina One
Dew & Joco - 4 cases Friskies, 10 gal Vinegar , kitty snackers, lots of baby food, Appetizers, tuna and chicken cans,4 cases Friskies---great visitors!
Debbie/LostGirl--12 cans of Salmon

We have these thanks to give too!  
Yaiza-moon, Sonia-paws--donation in honor of Trucker's Birthday
Fran D from FL--donation for HB Trucker, use donation however needed
Gusti--donation in honor of Edna and Trucker's HB!
Nona from NY--donation for the spay/neuter fund, in honor of Peggy S, our fosterer and in memory of Charles

And another BIG, GIANT thanks to Brent and Jenny from Canada. They loaded up Brent's car for SonJa to bring here to FFRC. Wow--lots of wonderful things! For the Catathon: charcoal BBQ grill & also a Smoker.  For the 2 camping baskets--a table top grill for each.  Plus, many things for FFRC including bleach, 2 wonderful First Aid Kits, volunteer snackers, cleaning supplies, disposable gloves, lysol wipes, paper towels---so many wonderful items! Thanks, Brent and Jenny.  Hugs to your FFRC cats! 

Update on Pippi--she is a playing cat machine! Everything is a cat toy to her. She especially loves to play with the mop head (as it is being used) and also the sweeper wand. And those Ming-Strings--she can play with 4 of them at one time. What a nut! 

Many of you may know that our little kittens in the back Thumper's Room has had a rough week.  They picked up a virus--some were only slightly sick while others were very sick.  I believe I can safely say though that they are all doing much much better the last 2 days. Starting on Thursday, we gave fluids to those that were dehydrated, soreness meds to all of them and also antibiotics to all, including the mamas.  We were also syringe feeding all that needed it. I am thrilled to say that all are eating on their own now and with gusto!  That is so so nice to see! And today they are playing hard again. Love these babies!

Peggy's foster kittens are here today. They are doing great--busy kittens--eating good, playing lots! 

Hensley had a rough day yesterday---he had another major seizure. This makes 2 of them now in 10 days. So.........per our vet, he is now on PB's along with Farrah.  We are on high alert to observe him.  He's napping right now beside me---such a great boy. 

We had an adoption!  Tryphosa found herself a new mama--Dewitty from our chat. Tryphosa seems to be adjusting very well and is starting to make friends with her new house cat friend. She "worked" Dewitty ever so sweetly! 

We are working hard on Catathon. Jenni was here all day yesterday taking pictures of the different baskets. This is a week long project for her. We are very grateful for her taking a week off of work to do this for Catathon. 

Here's some Catathon tidbits!

We have 3 BIG BIG TICKET ITEMS that will stay up on the block starting Round 1 thru 6.  They are:
Afghan---Well, Hello There!  (black/white)
2,4,6 ft Peace Poles--a Garden pole, Healing Garden pole and a Plant Happiness pole
Harlequin Cats--set of 3 artworks

Here's the Big Ticket Items for Rounds 1 and 2:

BT 200:  "Stray Cats" picture 16 x 13
BT 201:   Cooking with Lodge Cookware
Silicone hot handle holder, purple
Glass cover, 10 1/4
Glass cover, 10 1/2 square
Logic 5-qt double dutch over
Logic square grill pan,10 1/2
Logic Chef Skillet 10 
BT202: Afghan - Purple Cat on the Fence 84x58
BT203: American Girl Doll (Lea Clark) and lots of accessories
BT204: Putter Plaque 12x12

We'll keep giving you information on the Catathon.  It's only 22 days away now!  As it gets closer too, we will have videos for you to see all the items in Catathon. And info will also be put on the facebook pages. 

Take care everyone and have a wonderful holiday weekend. This is a holiday to remember those who have died while serving our country.  


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Friday, May 26

This place has been hopping busy! Wonderful visitors!  Getting much done on Catathon. Feeding the two baby Ch kittens. Taking care of the babies in the back Thumper's Room.  Getting ready for the Dance Recital Concessions. 

I saw a picture of Phineus in his new home--looks happy! Kieffer is doing awesome in his new home too--playing a lot! Veronica is settled in and purrs easily. 

We had BOXES on Monday, 5/23.   YOU are appreciated! 

Anony #12  - CATATHON:  Book: Devoted, Doggie treats, and Squirrel toy
Susan 345 - a wonderful book!
Annette B - CATATHON: 5 Movies & some great family games 
Bouddicea - CATATHON: Kitty postie note holder, paw print measuring spoons, Kitty tape dispenser, Kitty postie note pointers, Cat Hiney magnet
Napa/Donna Mod - 2 computer cables and an Microsoft HD webcam for FFRC
Bianca/Mod - Catathon Mod Basket: Seattle Starbucks: 1 bags coffee, Seattle mug, Starbucks Tumbler
Herta--Catathon: 2 framed original signed prints by Drew Struble Living the High Life & Nap Time
Darkcat - CA  CATATHON Mod Basket: Banana the Slug T-Shirt from UC Santa Cruz 
(here's the scoop on Sammy--Sammy the Slugs is UC Santa Cruz’s biggest, and slimmest, fan! You can spot this Mighty Mollusk cheering the UCSC Athletics programs at home events & UCSC event. He is very active for charities and has helped raise funds for the Santa Cruz Veterans Center.) Also---2 bags Ghiardelli Chocolates, California Stuffed Crab, Starbucks California Mug with Santa Cruz and other  special Cali places.
Vickie/Clarksmom:  CATATHON: Wizard of Oz - magnets, 3 Plates, Tinman, Scarcrow & Dorothy Plates
Mike & Gwen R/patchesmommy - FL  - Box tops, pop tabs and box tops, Milk rings for cats, 3 cans Sardines, Lots of microwave bowls.
Frank & Michelle - Saturday visitors   13 gals Water
Dewitty - 6 cans Hills Science Diet IBS, Hills Science Diet Dry IBS, 4 bags doggie treats     CATATHON:  2 puzzles, 4 Boarder Collie prints, heart and angels Christmas ornament, Books: Cup of Christmas Tea, Feeling Good, 
  Rescue, Painting by Dan Campbell - Stray Cats--beautiful! Day Sale--cat on a fence purse by Wendylin,  Pop tabs for Kellen,  Angel windchimes for the garden
Joco/JoAnn - 100 bags of her famously delicious Puff Corn
Joyce - OH   Painting of 3 kittys & flowers by Joyce
MKmouse Mod - 2 bags Fruit Gems, 40 lb Precious Litter, 16 lb bag Purina One
Pippi's other mom Allison - 2 cat carriers, paper towels, cat litter, paper plates, and some Fancy Feast
Jatcat - CA    2 Safety Cutters
Plee--coupons & paw points
LJ323 - 16 Flat cats variety of colors and all with names,  Rainbow stripey blanket
Lostgirl--Catathon:  4 placemats & folding tray for Breakfast Basket

We also have more thanks to give!
Brenda R from VA--donation to be used as needed. 
Kathy L--donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji--donation to help with little Djak
Pat/beadheadsdad--donation to cover the wonderful adoption blankies!

Nathaniel and Mimi are doing good.  Mimi still shows some "off-ness" at times where it causes concern. But, she is eating fairly good--much better than when she first arrived.  Just from observing at this young age, it appears that both are moderate CH kittens, with Mimi having a bit better control. Both are sweet and love attention.

Big thanks to Peggy for taking care of our foster kittens. Unfortunately, we did lose one of the kittens. We now have names for them.
Bellissima--calico, 4 white paws, female
Kevin--brown tiger with white, male
Amelia--black tiger, no white, female
Schinn--light orange, no white, male
Hamilton--darker orange, no white, stripe down back, male
Sarge--dark orange, 4 white feet, male

The kittens in the back Thumper's Room are just such a sweet load of kittens. Mamas Chloe and Poppy are wonderful and so kind. There are a few kittens that we are worried about--have lost a few ounces. We have been syringe feeding some of them. It's always an extra worry about 5-6 weeks of age--their immunities that they have received from mama quickly drop at this age. We are keeping close tabs on them.

The Cove, The House that Jonah Built and the Playground all look nice. At any time cats can be seen running about and enjoying their great space.  It's been a year now since we did the Playground and THTJB.  It's been a wonderful addition for the Covies. So much safer! 

Pippi, the white CH cat that MKmouse brought from New Jersey is now here and doing wonderful. We got her vaccines caught up while she adjusted to the Cat's Corner Room. She is a busy girl--loves to play and run. She made it clear she was ready to come out into the Main Area---sticking her paws under the door clear up to her armpits!  Before the door was latched open, she was out and about! Her CH shows in her head bobs and "jittery" body muscle twitches.  Her mobility is great. What a sweet girl. She absolutely loves to play!

We are thrilled beyond thrilled to have our new surgical monitor. The other one we had was great but unfortunately we could not get accurate readings on it. It will be used at a clinic where the bigger pets (dogs) can use it accurately.  The new monitor is wonderful, easy to use and is a touch screen.  I'm so thankful this was possible to have here at FFRC.

Our area called Bella's Place/dog kennel for Janie and Cammie is being well received by the cats that are allowed out there. It's safe, sunny and fun.  There's been several times when there's 5 cats out there at a time! 

Just to help you with the June calendar!
June 6--Transport Spay/Neuter Event with HumaneOhio
June 10, 11 and 12--Dance Recital (we do the concessions!)
June 12-15--Catathon Raffle
June 15--2 dentals at vet's office
June 19--CATATHON!!
June 22--2 dentals at vet's office
June 25--FFRC's surgery date

That should keep us busy for a while!

We also had an adoption this morning. Tryphosa is on her way to her new home with Dewitty! So happy for both Chris and Tryphosa.  They should arrive early evening. I know Chris will keep us updated! 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 21, Saturday

FOUR adoptions so far! 
Mendy went to her new home yesterday! So happy for her---she went into a wonderful home where they were so ready to have her!  
Veronica---we had success! Took some phone calls but we found a home for her. She's been staying in my upstairs bedroom and has been ever so sweet. Such a beauty. She's in a home all by herself so I'm sure she will be very happy! The queen of the house!  
Phineus--this morning, our handsome Phineus go to his new home. We knew he wouldn't be here very long. His new mama knew as soon as she held him that he was the one! 
Kieffer--he also left this morning. He went with Dawn E, our Monday volunteer. He joins Nance who was adopted a few years ago.  A happy home!

We had wonderful BOXES last night!
Great Aunt Julie - IA   CATATHON:  Cat point markers, Cast Iron Cooking Book   For FFRC:  1,000 safety pins, a Gazillion Sale tags!
Gusti --2 metal non-skid bowls, 2 cases Fancy Feast, 3 Temptation Snackers, bag of Doggie snackers
Jim & Debbie - GA   14 pkts of potty bags, pop tabs for Kellen, 6 bags of Temptation snackers,
  3 bags of Ring toys, crocheted kitty toys
CATATHON: 2 zippered Kitty pouches,  2 Puzzles  850 piece Art Poster & 1000 piece Chat Noir poster
Tinker Bell & Tasha--Happy Birthday Derecho - Donation for Chicken to share with friends
Little Kat w/Elaine & Allen/Alan- Card with note & Joke   Donation of Little Cats allowance
Eaglewatcher/Beth - IL  CATATHON:  3 Kids Books: No Matter What, Are You My Baby, Sheep Go to Sleep
  Pink Sweater & hat for baby girl & 2 pr of booties white & blue, made by Beth,  1 Puzzles 1000 piece Quilt & 1000 piece Socks & Kittens, Lavender salve for Jacci.
Bagobear/Vixanna - Peacock card, 16 rolls 2" packing tape, 12 Cotton Crate Pads, 3 - Totes - 1 Mickey Mouse and 2 Kitty ones with fabric from Mayumi,  2 Hello Kitty Quilts37x52 an 2 sets of Hello Kitty pillowcases
MLS - Note   32 count Frito Lays chips variety, whiskers from Snickie, Box Tops for Caryn,  7 cans Sheba & Fancy Feast, 2 boxes of Orville Redenbacher popcorn
Ferole - OH   CATATHON: 11x14 on canvas Peaceful Pathways, 8x10:  Double Tulip, Magnolia, Sunlite Tulips, 12x18 on canvas Tulips, slate 5x7 African violets,  Framed 10x12 Water scene, 12 " square acrylic yellow rhododendrium,  2 boxes of Note Cards, Slat & 2 sets of coasters with nature scenes, FFRC Tote.. All with photos taken by Ferole and FFRC Bottle opener
Leggygal/Peggy - CA   Adoption blankets donated by Clark, Jesse &* Bedheadsdad , 15 leggies for adoptions   Pillowcase sets, Biggies, Blankets--lots of great items!  CATATHON:  Laurel Burch Blanket & Peacock Blanket
Conii - CATATHON - 2' - 4' & 6' Garden Peacepoles   6 ft--Garden pole, 4 ft pole--Healing Garden and the 3 ft is the Plant Happiness pole  These will be with the Catathon!

Are your feet tired?  If you're a ResQwalker, they should be! We have walked enough miles that it would equal the distance around the earth at the equator! That's a lot of miles and I thank you for each one! We are right now in 12th place. We have raised $391.17 cents for FFRC, just by walking, jogging and riding a bike! It's free, good for the cats and good for YOU! 

MKmouse picked up our Bonni cat in NJ yesterday. MK is keeping her at her home for the weekend and will be leaving on Monday morning to get to Defiance. Estimated time of arrival is approximately 7-8 pm.  MK gave a report--she loves to play, is sweet and is exploring the house. She has lots of energy and is eating good.  Because we already have another Bonnie, her new name is Pippi, a Name a Cat name. We're all excited to meet Pippi!

We have names for our 2 new CH babies--they are Name a Cat names! The orange one is now Nathaniel. The black one is Cagney. A wonderful thing happened this morning for their meals. Little Cagney who is so much tinier than Nathaniel ate as good as his big brother! Not once, but twice! Won't be long until he catches up. It's hard to determine the level of their CH yet---we will wait until they are a bit bigger. 

A fun way to start the day---go cattle rustling! Yep--SonJa and I went and helped a farmer neighbor down the road get his 8 young cows back in their pasture. They escaped thru a break in the fence and had to be walked quite a distance back to a gate. Something fun to add to a list of adventures! 

Another Volunteer Profile:
Bill L
How long have you been at FFRC?  Involved for about 16 years
How did you find FFRC? Jacci found me before FFRC started to look at a fox when she was a wildlife rescurer
How many pets do you have at home? We have 6 cats, all from FFRC & Elizabeth has 2 cats
Do you have a hobby?  Backpacking and watching sports
What are some of the best things you like about helping at FFRC? Making the cats feel better and petting the cats.
Can you mention an experience here at FFRC that was extra funny or special meaning?  Connie D--need I say more?!  Special meaning--Catathon 1--I could not believe the support we got that day, then I realized the power of the FFRCNation. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday, May 20--30 days till Catathon!

The sun was shining most of the day yesterday. Grass and trees are green and so pretty! And no rain.  This weekend, Steve and I will get things set up down at the backwater. No flooding this year! We're excited about this.

I have to apologize---I've gotten terribly behind in giving thanks. Just been an extra busy week. So, we will do major catch up here because it's very important to give thanks.  Until Catathon, we will do BOXES at 5:30 to help with getting me in the house a tad bit early.  Also, if you notice errors, don't hesitate to let me know!  

BOXES Weds. evening:

Gusti --2 small metal no slip bowls, case of baby food, 3 pk of clorox wipes
Romeosmom/Sarah & Rob P - CATATHON:  Peacock Basket:  pillow, watering can, crystal necklace, set of 4 - 17 oz wine glasses scarf with peacock colors  Party Mix Snackers
Zoolove/Pam T  - Case of Nellies laundry soap
Victoria & Carlos & kitty Abby-- 6 cases Fancy Feast
Josh & Ilana w/Ally & Smudge - GA   Donation
Tippy, Traylor & Ashley Too--Happy 7th Birthday Card for Farrah & Tuna!
Annette L - MI with kitties--Donation in memory of Honey, Buddy, Otis & Sassy
Straycatlady/Sandra E - CATATHON  Movie
Eaglewatcher/Beth - IL - Kindle paperwhite/Tech Raffle  250 6 inch foam plates
Gemini_angel Mod: CATATHON: Plush Blanket
LJ323 - 3 cases 24 ct. Friskies   2 cases 32 ct Friskies
Vickie B - 6 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat
Anonymous Friend- 4 - 40 lb bags of Precious Litter
Anonymous Friend--79 piece studeo art set, lots of colored sand for art projects

BOXES Thurs. evening:

 Kathy M/MinnKitty w/photos of Misha, Chauncey, Freya and Zoe the Dog  CATATHON:  Doggie basket: Lamb Chop toy, 2 Tennis balls, 4 bags variety snackers, Bentoball for treats  Folders for FFRC
Vickie B --Bunches of CIAO Chicken & Tuna Filets and Creamy Cat Bondi Licks 
Gusti --3 cans Lysol Wipers, 2 cases baby food
ScooterKitty/Janet B - w/ Sadie & Gracie   CATATHON:  5 sleeves Kitty Buttons, Crochet ring, Suet Bird Feeder, 2 note pads, Kitty frame, 2 Kitchen towels
Pat C Thursday Vol  - 6 crocheted dish cloths
Eaglewatcher/Beth - IL    Kindle Paperwhite for Tech Raffle
Lorcat/Lori & sister Kattpurrson - a hand made Book of Cats with some FFRC kitties in it!   Awesome!  For Catathon.
Zoolove/Pam T - CATATHON  Games: Pay Day &  Connect 4 Puzzles:  Wysocki, Peaceful slumber, Country Autumn,   12 piece wood puzzle for small child.
Friday Mary from Archabold - 12 spatulas & 2 large bath towels
MsnSnowy -CATATHON: Rolling Backpack, Gardeners Bucket Bag with tools, Tailgate/Picknic insulated bag with utinsils,  Book: I Love You All The Same
Lostgirl - 7 gals Odoban
Anonymous Friend - Chief Tapes
Sophieandlucysdad/Mike - MI  - coupons
Macncheesemom - Card with Donation
Bill & Audrey G - NC  Card with Donation to the Feliz Navidad Fund in memory of their mom Blanche FFRC watcher

And more thanks!
Gusti--for the spay/neuter program in memory of Big Al's birthday.
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Pilvi--donation in honor of Derecho and his birthday.
Ellen H/ABQcat/Jeromy H from NM--donation in memory of their cat, Alex who recently passed. He would have been 20 on his next birthday this month.

Finally.....the weather cooperated and Ashlyn was able to blast the Cove clean from the winter's dirt!  It looks wonderful. It took just minutes of the door being open for the cats to go in and reclaim their beloved Cove. Their playground looks good.  New stone was put around the entire hundreds of feet of fencing---they like to run on this! They sure do love their jungle gym too!

We took in a new kitten two days ago --he's medium to long hair grey tiger, cute as a cuddle bug and about  8 1/2 weeks old. His name is Thandi (name a cat name), pronounced Tan-dee. He is a sweetie and is now in the main area.  He is right now napping under a cushie. I'm sure he will make friends with Helen and Kieffer.

Yesterday, we took in 2 kittens (4 weeks old). They do have a mama and owner IS getting her spayed ASAP. She had a litter of 4, 1 died at birth, 1 shortly later. The 2 left appear to be CH babies. One is gold tiger, one is black. Gold is maybe mild-mod. Not sure yet on the black one. But....the owners checked us out, which I loved. They wanted to be sure these kittens would be cared for. They brought the kittens here for care. I think the 2 babies were a bit much for them to care for as the mama didn't continue their care. A bit worried about the little black one---very small. They've been tested, wormed and capstarred.  Each day will help as we help them get stronger and bigger. 

Today is the day that our moderator and friend, MKMouse will be picking up our new incoming CH cat.  Her name is Bonni (for now).  MK will keep her over this weekend at her home and then make the journey here on Monday.  I'm sure she'll send us pics and give Bonni kisses from us all! 

The kittens in the back Thumper's Room are doing good.  Veronica is doing much better now that she is separated from Cleo and Poppy.  The kittens are playing, climbing and learning to run. All tummies are round and full! They are doing really good eating on their own. They are using Poppy and Cleo as "foo-foo" mamas as their milk is pretty much dried up. All is good in their world! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday, May 17--where has this month gone?!

Yesterday was our surgery day. A great day. Anytime we can add more to our spayed/neutered count, I'm happy! 

We have now done 218 spays/neuters--114 girls and 104 boys.  Our next Transport Day is June 6, a Monday.  We hope to book 35 so we have a for sure 30 coming in. The one after that will be July 5, a Tuesday because of the holiday.

Yesterday, we had 2 public female cats and 2 male public cats that we did. And then we did 2 extra boy kittens--Dr. Darcy had a mama cat that belongs to someone. We told them we would take the 2 kittens if they get mama spayed, which we did!  We also spayed Veronica, Poppy and Helen.  We neutered Kieffer. Then we tackled the tails--Chloe's, Magic and Trucker. They all did just fine and recovery went smoothly.  

Trucker and Magic were out and about this morning but are now in June's Room taking a bit of an encouraged nap.  We would like their tails to heal without any problems, which is what we expect.  Chloe is doing wonderful as are the 2 spayed mamas.  Helen and Kieffer are all over the place!

The 2 new kittens are ever so cute! Both boys, about 8 1/2 weeks old.  The roundish gray one is called Theron (rhymes with heron).  The other one is a siamese fella, named Phineas (fin-e-us).  Names are from the Name a Cat list. Both are absolutely cute but a tiny bit shy. We have them in Dodger's Pen today so they are getting lots of petting and talking to.  They are already coming up to us and rolling over to have their tummies rubbed. By the way, their mama is black and she has a home!  They spent the night with their new friends Dakota, Helen and Kieffer.  

We had BOXES last night! I am overwhelmed with the support you all give us. It warms the heart and I am grateful. 
FaithyMD - OH  CATATHON Stuff for Kitchen , Garden &* Doggie basket
Phil & Judeeann - IN  Stuff!
Sandra E/Straycatlady  CATATHON  5 Movies
Sue T/Superpurr45 - NB - CATATHON or Raffle Drawer for 36 Keurig pods & a Keurig Elite brewer
Annette20 CATATHON  or FFRC kitties 3 bottles of OPI, Doris Day nail polish,   Pirate Ship, Zebra play mat with toys, bag of misc. toys, snacker roller, Bella horsehoe shaped kitty groomer, S shaped scratcher
Anony - CATATHON   2 colorful metal hanging fish, Hummer feeder, hummer necter kit, Bird Feeder Kit, Solar bird feeder    Kitty Feather mask, Giant Glasses, Frisbee, Pool rackets, Water Launcher,  Room difuser, Sea Shell soap, Lilac Sachet, 3 Puzzles, 3 Word search books,  Mickey Mouse playing cards

Larrissa - Netherlands  Artist Extraordinaire!  With help from LJ, NY, & Lostgirl--
Trinket box with painted flowers, Paint dyed, 6 sided Kitty Treasure box, 3 painted bowls, orange kitty, grey tiger kitty & Calico kitties are the center of a flower,  Stuff holder with Country kitty motif, 4 Trinket box w/ removable magnets: paw print w/moon kitty, Walter Walter, Walter w/ Black Harlequin w/Sevaun, Lion w/FFRC Nation, Black Harlequin w/Double Paddys, Framed Feather painting inspiration for the Country & City Cat motifs
2 Kleenex boxes Country Cats & City Cats,   Trinket Box  Ode to All Cats,  Shutter frame with kitty drawing inside
Derecho photo box with Country Cat motif, Trinket box with Sevaun,  Walter Walter Walter heat ornament, Tea Box with lying down Harlequin cat, Harlequin Tray, Grey Kitty Tea box & Grey Kitty tray.  All are just beautiful items! 

We have more thanks to give!
Billie K--donation for Happy Birthday Farrah & Derecho donation
Julie B--donation for Catathon to help!
Ju-in-ji--donation for Derecho's birthday
Sharon S from IL--donation to help cover some extra expenses from surgery events
Heather H--donation in honor of her mom/dad's 46th anniversary--Judy and Phil!
Brendan D--donation to FFRC
Mona C/CT--donation in honor of her friend Ron R's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Ron

Unfortunately, we have had to take Veronica out of the back Thumper's Room.  Last week she went after Sea Turtle and then Joline.  This morning we had a very bad situation with her going after Poppy.  We've been seeing this coming---each day becoming a bit more ready to "do battle". She really hasn't done too much with her kittens lately, so it's a good time to remove her from this situation. I have her in an upstairs bedroom and am actively looking for a home with no other cats. She will settle down in a quiet atmosphere.

Miau, our boarder, is doing wonderful. She is relaxed, playing and sure enjoying being on the move. Shawnee has been playing with toys in the purple office---so nice to see this happening! Janessa is back to being Janessa--she's on the breakfast counter again helping and yesterday she chewed on a box! 

We had a problem with Hensley this morning. His usual routine is to take a nice long nap in the purple office, on a single kuranda bed beside my desk. He suddenly leapt off his bed and went into a full blown seizure. Poor baby. Was so worried for him.  I immediately got a blanket all around him to keep his head safe. It took a while until he finally settled down. We have him in a pen right now for a long nap and then he will come out. I've let Dr. Darcy know but I highly doubt we would put him on seizure meds for just one seizure.  Will keep a sharp eye on him.

Trucker and Magic are doing wonderful. They've been out and about this morning. Both are on soreness meds as is Chloe for a few days, as well as antibiotics. Vivienne is out and about, under somewhat a watchful eye! She is allowed out but would prefer her not get too wound up. She's doing really well--starting to move that hip. And what a beauty! 

Next week we are taking on another CH cat that needs a home. I've mentioned her before---she is 7-8 months old, all white, a mild-mod CH cat and is in NJ.  Our wonderful friend and moderator, MKmouse lives close by. She will pick up Bonni on Friday, keep her for the weekend and then travel on Monday. Big thanks to MK for doing this for us! 

I just checked--Dakota is way way up high taking a nap--he was told to stay low this morning. He's a rascally boy.  And just saw Vivienne--she didn't listen either--she's napping on another high shelf. Those cats---they promise to listen, but don't! Gotta love them. By the way---Hensley is sound asleep. As soon as he wakes, we'll see if he'd like to come out and join everyone again. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday, May 15

Wow---what a great day yesterday was. We were able to get 31 physicals done on the outside cats. We weren't 100% on all of the outside cats but doing 31 was terrific! Here's a "nutshell" of who we did: 
PORCHIES:  Fabio, Cliff, Mew, Olaf, Azar, Zavatar, Whiskers, JimmyJames/JJ, Ceasar
Mom's Cat--Shamballie
COVIES: Mayor Anony, Lele, Leonard, Muffin, Oliver, Rowland, Rory, Sevaun, SoyBoy, Sylvan, Timothy, Barkey, Markie, Jackson, Victor
BARNIES: Kerry, Dude, Momma, Stripe, Grayby (the new grey tiger)

We're still missing about 11 cats but will continue to get them done.  All of the above received their physical from Dr. Darcy. We then gave them their distemper update vaccine, a wormer and applied Frontline to each. The findings:  all in good health. A few ears had wax and were cleaned. 

There's a few that needs a dental: Ceasar, Olaf, Mew, Oliver, Rowland and Rory. Ceasar's is more extensive but we think the others will be pretty mild dentals. Cliff has 1 incisor that we'd like to pull, here at FFRC. It is starting to ride up in where his cleft lip is. 

I've been concerned that Vivienne wasn't up to par---running a fever, not eating. I did give her fluids yesterday morning early.  We also started her on a "nausea cocktail"--it's a triple combo of an anti-nausea, stomach protector and an appetite stimulant. Seems to be working as she is now eating. Hoping we can get her back out tomorrow. It's important that she starts using that rear leg. 

We do have hard news on Cleo. Dr. Darcy confirmed that she does have a tumor in her head. It's not operable. She is already at the stage where it's causing a head tilt for Cleo. We do have her on soreness meds---started those early last week. For now, we will love her and feed her and do whatever she wants of us. But, there will come a time soon that we will help her cross over to the Bridge. I have never believed in waiting to the last minute to help a pet pass. Thank you for loving her and caring about her. 

We have many thanks to give. I'm so sorry I've gotten behind. Please know you are appreciated! 
BOXES Thursday, 5/12
Butterfly Class - Belgium  Birthday Card for Derecho from Y, K, S, N, K, E, N, S, H, S & Teacher, 2 FFRC logos by Kids with Derecho on it, Kitty snackers, 5 Happy Birthday Derecho Cards, Kitty Afghan for Derecho
Anony Friend-- CATATHON: 2 Adult Coloring books,  3 cans of Lysol wipes
Anony Freiend--CATATHON:  MIckey & MInnie Mouse Tote
Justme & Purple Mods - Microsoft Surface 3  Electronic Equipment Raffle
Anony Friend--Tub Temptation snackers, Lg. Bag Purina One
Jeannette/FurHavenKitties - CATATHON: Camping Cookbook , Kitty photo frame, Doggie photo frame Cast Iron skillet cookbook, 2 cast iron scrapers, 3 kitty spatulas, 2 bubble kits, Kitty kitchen scrubby holder, Kitty spoon rest, 3 skein yarn
Snoopybaby/Maria Kitty Card w/note CATATHON - Snoopy basket: Thank You Cards, Hanging card holder, Tote, Shirt, Peanuts color, read & stickers, ceramic mug, 2 ceramic food bowls, Hot Dog Toaster, Nesting food containers, Sno Cone maker, Cupcake Kit, Flying Ace game, Plush Throw, Back Pack w/pencil box.
Teresa IN - Donation
Janice K - OH & Quilting Club - Pillow cases & Cage Quilt 
Pat Thurs. Vol - 5 dish cloths
Mls - 12 gals  vinegar

BOXES Friday, 5/13
Jo603/Joanna - NH     4 bags snackers,  CATATHON:  Mickey Mouse Bat & Ball, Hedgehog doggie toy, Paddle with bubbles, 2-750 piece Wysocki puzzles, Bubbles/long wand, Box of Frozen themed Jelly Beans, Kitty shoulder bag, Mickey Matching Game,  Origami kit, 4 pretty topped pencils,   Nursery Rhyme embroidery kit, , purple pokie dot key chain, Yankee Candle room infuser,  4 colored markers, Lenox crystal bud vase, Lemon zester & veggie ribbon cutters, Make-Up kit,  Some awesome books for the book basket, Wood Kitty puzzle box
Eaglewatcher/Beth - IL  CATATHON: Finti Kindle cover
Dottie & Nate - CATATHON   2 - moccasin kits for the Craft basket
Joco/JoAnn - PawMart:  new editon of stories #8  and more of 6 & 7--$10 each
Timsprincess/PeggyS - CATATHON:  Breakfast basket:  GC to Walmart, pink basket, 4 pink bowels, pink bag clip, pink spoons, Better Oats Apron, 3 bags of dry cereal and 6 individual cereals variety
Brandon S - 0H - Donation
Clark Jessie & The Rest - FL  Happy 3rd Birthday  Camvie (May 17, 2013)  Chicken $5
Kristy M - MN - Happy Birthday Derecho - Donation in honor of Derecho
Lois & Val S - WI  Happy Birthday card

BOXES, Saturday, 5/14
Beth/Eaglewatcher - IL  3 cases Friskies & 3 cases Friskies in honor of Derecho's Birthday
Gusti/Rose - -2 bags Precious Cat Litter & case of Friskies
Billie K/BKarg - CATATHON 86 piece Art Set for Craft Basket
JoAnn/jz_nyc - NY    8 bags of snackers, CATATHON: Hello Kitty: 2 nail sets, pencils & playing cards                  Word Find, Minons, Disney Princess & Star Wars coloring fun,
Pablo- Pies from Buds in Defiance - 2 Strawberry & a peanut butter 
Anony - Peace Pole for Computer Raffle
Mich & Vern - MI   2 cases Appetizers, 2 - 32 count cases of Friskies
June/Painteddaisy   STUFF!
Ellie Sue - NY  CATATHON:  Variety of beautiful yarns  Bag of yarn for LJ
Web Cam Lurker - NJ   3 pkg Frontline, 2 Visa GC   CATATHON:  Games: Family Guy Clue & Operation with a Family Guy Tote,  Movies:  Family Guy Trilogy and 8 other movies variety
Char and her kitty Missy from Biloxi--- Mother's day card to volunteers and a donation
Vickie B--3 boxes of Woolzies dry balls
Lostgirl--Catathon: For the  Peacock basket-- decorative pouch for note cards and note cards, peacock mirror, music box with a pretty soap

If there's ever a name that I have forgotten or an email that I have not answered, please feel free to let me know. There's so much that goes on here that sometimes things are missed. Thank you.

Tomorrow is our FFRC surgery day. Because of the number of surgeries we have for our own cats, we are only able to take in a few of the public cats.  Here's the scoop:
1 public spay, 1 public neuter
Plus Dr. Darcy will be bringing 2 kittens that need neutered--not sure if boys/girls yet
For FFRC:  Poppy (spay), Veronica (spay), Helen (spay), Kieffer (neuter). Then we have 3 tails: Trucker, Magic and Chloe.
Dr. Darcy has already looked at these tails and has her plan for these cats. 

Because we need to use the back Thumper's Room as our surgery room tomorrow, we will be moving the 3 mamas and all the babies to the Kitty Kabana Room. The window that goes to the purple office will be closed, as will the door in between the two rooms and the little cat door. This way, they can have the Kabana all to themselves. You'll have to watch them on the other kittycam! 

If you've been seeing Farrah limping, you are correct.  Dr. Darcy has already looked at her. It's felt that she has not fractured her rear left leg, but it is indeed very sore. Farrah has always had a "clumsiness" about herself (don't tell her I said that!). She has probably taken a fall. She is on 2 different soreness meds. Because of the discomfort, she has been resting a lot and being still, which is what we want. Cage rest doesn't work for Farrah--she becomes frantic and very upset. Our sweet girl should heal with rest.

I think that covers most things for now. Have a beautiful day! 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday, May 12

Our 3 surgery cats did just fine! Abe, Asha and Felicity made the trip. Big thanks to Donna and Larry for being our transport people!  

Abe had his upper 2 canines removed--both were fractured. According to the x-rays, it looks like he might've had a fracture of his lower jaw at some point. This must have been in his first year of life, as his past mama had him since he was about a year old and nothing was on his record from her in regards to a jaw fracture.  But....the fracture is fine--has healed nicely and causes no trouble. Except.....he now needs additional kisses a day to make up for his discomfort when this happened! He told me he required that!  Good Abey Baby boy.

Asha had just one extraction--a lower premolar on her right side. She also had a little tartar removed. She did just great.

Vivienne also did just fine. Her FHO (femoral head ostectomy) was done. Dr. Darcy said nothing more was needed other than the removal of that femoral head---everything else looked good!  She will be on cage rest a few days, then will be out and about under some supervision. Exercise is good for that hip. She's been napping quite a bit since her return. And that is ok.

We had BOXES last night!! We are grateful people here for your help!
Anonymous friend--Catathon: Mickey Mouse beach towel
Beth/eaglewatcher-Catathon: Coleman Dinnerware for 4, Picnic backpack with dinnerware! 
Nancepants, Mod--Catathon: Maryland Gift bucket--stuffed crab, variety of spices, crab salsa
Katie L from Canada--Catathon--4 pkg cat hiney gum (so funny!), Cat hiney salt/pepper set
Contessa--kitty couch scratcher with catnip
Lostgirl--Catathon:  4 books--great reading material! 
Betz--HB, Walter! Hide & Play toy to share with Seymour & 3 cat nip toys. For Catathon: blue & pink leather bag filled with Bath & Body goodies, including soaps, candle, body mist, lotion!
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--HB to Rory (5), Farrah (7), Derecho (4), Sarge (3) & chicken $5's.
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Roberta L from OH--donation to FFRC

The heap of kittens in the back Thumper's Room have lost 2 of their pools---they have graduated to blankets and rugs! They simply don't "stay put" anymore! All 3 mamas are wonderful, but Chloe is especially willing to help any and all of the kitties to a meal! Reeves likes to make flying leaps. The 5 white babies are getting to be stronger walkers. Violet the white kitten that was wobbly is better--barely any wobbles noticed! Ozzie still has wild hair! Genevieve is so pretty.

Monday when we have our surgery day, we will bring the 3 mamas and all their kitties up to the Kitty Kabana room.  We will close the door, the cat door and the window so they have the entire room to themselves. They will have some fun! 

38 more days till Catathon! Oh my goodness---it's getting closer! We are so excited and have been working hard on this event. Fun times coming! 

Remember to keep those shoes a'walkin'---we need the miles for ResQwalk!

Samson Wolf is in a home!!  I felt that he was having a little issue again with his tail and poo.  So, to keep track, I had to put him in a double condo pen. He was ok there, but he wanted OUT OUT OUT!!  But with him being out, I couldn't track his poo.  What a delimna. So.....he is with a friend of mine. She has no other cats, wanted to help, he can be in the whole house and she and he are very happy with this arrangement!   All is good. He likes to lounge on the back of the couch. I have a strong feeling he will be a keeper. He's a wonderful boy---so full of sweetness and love.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10, Tuesday

Alma played forever this morning with her catnip rope toy. The second she left it, Abe was on it! They're share-buddies! Everyday, Alma takes a bit of time to climb her palmtree that we have right by her area. She still does those special meows to let us know when she wants a specific thing--she communicates really well! 

It's still coldish and rainy. As soon as we get a warm, no rain day, the Cove will get it's opening blasting-clean job. Then the door will stay open and the Covies can also go in and out of their Cove as they please. Yesterday, when there was a bit of sunshine, there were 6 of them on their large jungle gym--they certainly love this!

Miau is out and about. She made it clear this morning that she was ready to explore. As soon as the door was opened, she came out. It will still take her a couple days to feel at ease. Janessa is doing much better! She was up on the counter this morning for breakfast and is feeling back to being at home again--much more relaxed. She was even playing with Dakota this morning.

We had BOXES last night. I'm so grateful and also for the help with the Catathon items. Lostgirl--Catathon: 3 hardback books, peacock pillow, peacock necklace & a book necklace
Anonymous Friend--Catathon: Minnie Mouse toothbrush & flatware set. Mickey Mouse flatware set & jelly bean dispenser. Princess Book with stamps & colored pencils. 
Annette/ABCats & Jeannette/Furr Haven Kitties--sister help!  Catathon: Santa puzzle. Plus a stepping stone or wall hanging "You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye" with Bella's name on it.  Love this.
Dianna & Amy from OH--kitty snackers, 2 cans tuna, salmon can, 8 cans Fancy Feast, 6 hars baby food, paper plates
Sonja A/DizzyD--Catathon: soft comfy book readers wrap.  A kitty card and cute band-aids
MKmouse, our Mod!--Catathon: 2 bags Stroopwafels, troll doll, 2 mickey flower pot mugs, 2016 Flower Festival Butterfly ornament
Cheryl L from WA--Kitty card. Catathon: 2 amish style aprons (that Cheryl made), kitty pillowcases (for bed basket), Christmas pop up display. Frozen puzzle, magic towels, play pack. Mickey popcorn bags, games with stickers. Beverly Lewis book for Jacci
Gina/catlvr14--Catathon: puzzle, Frozen puzzle, Princess Crayons, Star Wars Crayons, 2 animal rescue coloring books, cat hiney cozie, doggie treats, Panda food storage baby containers, Lion baby bib, Hello Kitty toothbrush, Yardley Lavender soap, 365 journal
Pat L/plee--3 cases Fancy Feast, 1 case Friskies
Clark, Jesse & the Rest--Happy Birthdays to Blake & Grady, Azar and Roland.  4 of the $5 chicken money too!
Zoolove/Pam--case of baby food. Catathon: a wonderful laptop & printer!!  Also 3 garden stones, hummingbird/flower stakes, hummingbird wind spinner, 2 lighted garden stones, 2 kitten in a shoe for garden, 2 flameless candles, Christmas balls, lighted NOEL with cardinals, 2 sparkle lights to shine on house, Vera Bradley Tote, 2 nesting kitchen bowls
Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Margaret D from CT--donation in memory of TinyToes
Tracy from Bryan--donation to FFRC
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
David W from CO--a very special thanks to you for your donation to help with FFRC's needs
Renee C from Canada--donation to FFRC to be used where needed.

Hensley and Vernon have been using June's Room as their sleeping/take-it-easy area and they like it! There's a big quilt on the floor--good for snuggling. Now, when Vivienne comes back from her surgery tomorrow, we can keep her in the big Dodger's Pen for a while during her recuperation. I keep telling her to go run and play today! She should do just fine!

Dakota, Elsie and Camvie are playing with an empty bottle on the floor--it moves and they move with it in unison! But, Dakota is in the lead! Shawnee is sitting on a Kuranda Tower up high overlooking the play action. 

As you probably know, next Monday we have our own FFRC surgeries to do.
Here are our scheduled cats.  We will only be doing 1 male cat and 1 female cat for the public. The reason is that this is our busy time of year for FFRC and we need to get all of our surgeries done.  These are scheduled:
Chloe--remove damaged tail
Trucker and Magic too.
And now....let's talk about tails!  Chloe's tail has multiple fractures that has caused her to have a very kinked up tail. She will do much better when it is removed and then it also won't bother her anymore.  We also have Trucker and Magic scheduled to dock their tails--they will be removed but will leave a bit of the tail on each.  I talked about this last week at boxes one night. The reason we are electing to do this is quite simple--Trucker has zero feeling in his tail. Magic has almost zero feeling in his. They both have had their tails stepped on so many times but without any feeling--they are not aware of it.  The real issue comes down to cleanliness. As clean as we are here, there are times when there is poo, pee and puke (yep, the famous 3 P's) on the floor. Both of their tails travel right into these 3 P's. It is then dragged on their tails to other parts of the Rescue Center. It's a matter of health and hygiene. They do not use their tails for balance. They do not even raise their tails up at all--they simply drag behind them. Our vet has talked to me about this quite some time ago and I am now on board with this. I have spent much time watching and observing--they really are tails that are completely useless to them. For sanitary sake, this will be better. Plus, neither one enjoys having their tails washed--it's a battle. Also, when Keana gets a bit bigger, her injured tail will also be docked--her tail had been injured at a very young age--it now doubles back on itself. We will probably do this at the time of her spay. 

Paddy Purr and Lucy Ann are laying on the desk. Hensley is laying in my lap. Joyful is at the top of the desk and Asha is behind me on a Kuranda Tower. From where I sit, I can see Miau--she is looking out the Kabana window! All is peaceful. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday, May 9

Do you remember Miau? She is a white cat that was adopted quite a while back. Her mom/dad are from China and they are going back to visit their families for 2 months. So....Miau is here for a vacation too! She is beautiful and has been taken great care of! She is in Dodger's Pen for a couple days until she re-acclimates and then she will be back out with the other cats. She looks just like Farrah but with no collar. 

We had BOXES on Friday night---thanks bunches!
Napa our moderator--a new, wonderful, wide lens HD cam!! It's in the back Thumper's Room!
Linda/Goss & John L--3 bags of snackers and some can food
RoseSF6cats--Catathon: 2 cross stitch projects, coloring book
Phil & Judy--donation to Feliz Navidad
Helen N from OH--donation to FFRC
Conii with Elliott & Izabellah--Catathon: for the Spa basket--2 boxes of wonderful items--some lavendar, some vanilla fragrances--soaps, perfune, cream, body mist, heat pack--wonderful!
Leanne from Canada--3 drawings from students!. 3 boxes maple cookies, Orange kit kat, coffee crisps treats.  For Catathon: 2 pink bear hats with mittens, doggie hat with mittens, 2 nubby nibblers, coloring puzzle, magnets, memo pad with pads. For Frozen: pencil & socks, cereal bowls. Hello Kitty: puzzle, tumbler, plates & flatware
Donnajb--8 bags of scoopable litter!
Gusti--donation to be put towards Catathon!
Michael JW--donation to FFRC
Thomas W--donation to FFRC

The new cam from Napa is now in the back Thumper's Room--gives a wonderful, sharp view of the kittens! The kittens now are all over the place---sometimes grouped in in their own litter groups and sometimes in a big "clump" of furriness!  All are doing good, as are the mamas.

Djak, Bonnie, Sanford and Wendell are still nesting with Chloe quite a bit---they are the youngest. Ozzie is everywhere--he likes the moving tails of the other kittens! Dominic too is very active. The 5 white kittens are ever so cute. I love it when they get on their backs and wave their little feet!

Just an FYI--there is concern about Cleo. You may have noticed that her discharge from her eye and nose has changed, plus she has a bit of a bulging area about her face. I've talked to our vet about this---it's possible that there is a growth there. We have her on soreness meds. She is eating good yet. Dr. Darcy will take a look at her again on Saturday.

Here are some upcoming dates for FFRC:
5/11--3 surgeries for vet's office: Abe & Asha goes for dentals. Vivienne will go for her OFH .
5/14--Dr. Darcy will come and do many physicals--FireCats, Porchies, Covies & Barnies
5/16--FFRC's surgery day. Because we have so many of our own surgeries, there will be very few public surgeries.
5/18--2 surgeries for vet's office: PaddyCake and Zelda

I have been asked as to what the funds for Catathon will go towards. We are still discussing what needs are first. We do know for sure that a certain amount will be allocated for the General Operating Needs. This is always something that we need (helps with many different avenues for FFRC).  We also need to tackle the problem for The House that Jonah Built. The heating situation last winter was not sufficient. We cannot do the same kind of heat this year as last year---it is unsafe.  We also need an electric line to go to the FireHouse. I am not comfortable with an extension cord traveling from the Cove to the FireHouse. This too is not safe. So, these two items will be tackled first. 

Have you noticed Polly out and about quite a bit? She no longer goes in a pen for the night time. She is actually very active. I saw her playing yesterday which thrilled me.  You might also be seeing Joyful up in the Main Area.  She decided last Friday that she would like to come and explore more! She's still been going out to her Welcome Room some but seems to be thoroughly enjoying the Main Area! 

We have a wall inside the house that will be painted soon. So.......the volunteers and my family have been adding their artwork before the painting begins. On the wall are numerous wonderful messages! I have so enjoyed it. Here are 2 of those messages:

Learn to love without condition.
Talk without bad intention.
Give without any reason.
And most of all, care for people without any expectation.


Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth.

Have a great day!